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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the ones in his audience today. at the summit today, a candidate who rarely talks about his faith vowing to defend a christian culture he says is under attack. >> a trump administration, our christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended like you have never seen before. >> donald trump trumpeting his new education plan heavy on school choice and vowing to appoint more supreme court justices in the mold of conservative catholic scalia. >> this means you have to get out and vote on november 8. you didn't vote four years ago. you didn't vote. >> with a likely north korean yanira teslas night keeping national security issues in the spotlight trump blamed the test on clinton's policies as secretary of state
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no alternative plan. his campaign manager tells charlie rose trump's plan for dealing with north korea is a secret. >> he would make sure he would never use it. >> how? >> he is not going to reveal all his plans. he has made that very clear. >> reporter: trump doubled down on his embrace of russia and the leader vladimir putin vowing to work with any nation that wants to take on isis. >> that includes russia if they want to join us on knocking out isis that is just fine as far as i am concerned. >> reporter: trump's embrace of putin has divided him against the republican party. today it was marco rubio calling him an autocrat and dictator and saying he does not agree with donald trump about supporting him. >> thank you. hillary clinton in the meantime was in new york where she met with a group of national security experts. more than 50 republican
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trump will make america less safe. they included the former homeland security secretary and richard fon taken, a former policy adviser to john mccane. hillary clinton says she has the support of 110 retired generals and admirals. for the latest from the campaign trail and election alerts during the home stretch of the presidential race, download our free wusa9 app. on the steps of the u.s. capitol, a rare bipartisan moment to remember a moment that affects us all. members of the house, republicans and democrats, gathered to honor victims of 9/11 and to mark sunday's 15th anniversary of a day that changed washington and the world. >> we lived through that terrible day, and we will never forget that terrible day. today though we are not here to relive that tragedy. we are here to
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to honor its memory. >> house members bowed their heads in a moment of silence and broke into song with a rendition of god bless america. house of representatives passed a bill today that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia for the alleged role in the attacks. 15 of 19 hijackers were saudi citizens. the obama administration has been trying to stop the bill for months. saudi arabia denies any role in the attacks. the white house has not said if president obama will veto the bill. have you ever thought back to something terrible that's happened to you or ones you love and struggled with what you might have done differently? that's what von alex of lees burg has done for years. he was an airline station agent at dulles and checked two of the hijackers on the plane they crashed into the pentagon. he has been haunted by it since and for years blamed
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>> people were saying maybe you ought to talk to people. maybe you ought to get into group therapy. who you do you go to group therapy where you are the one that caused it? how do you sit with people that have lost family members and lost friends and co-workers and say oh, you know, i was there that day and i put them on the aircraft? for a long time i just felt there was nowhere for me. >> alex says talking and writing about feelings of guilt have helped him through it and so has going to work at the department of homeland security. on sunday, he will ride his motorcycle from dulles to the pentagon 9/11 memorial where he will walk among benches of people he knew and others he checked in and he will remember. eight minute cell phone video convinced a local judge to release a 19 year old fairfax county park employee accused of killing a wedding caterer. he was set free on bond after a hearing th
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in self defense when he fatally stabbed johns at a park in general 'tilly last month. the young man's defense attorney said the video captured bonds being verbally and physically threatened in the minutes leading to the stabbing. >> i am going to knock you out. >> [bleep] >> oh, you stabbed me. >> police! police! >> the eight minute video begins as people are cleaning up after the wedding. several people are heard insulting bonds and vowing to get him fired. one woman said he ruined the wedding. guests complained he cut off the power at the reception before the bride and groom shared the first dance. evan williams of upper marlboro was at atlantic and third southeast when he was wounded. he managed to drive
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fire house but died at the hospital. >> reporter: family and friends woke up to the awful news that 29 year old evan williams was shot and killed while driving to work. an uncle tells philly he williams' mother is incredibly heart broken and still in shock that her son is gone. it was like any other day, the 29 year old security guard evan williams was in his car driving to work near atlantic and third in southeast d.c. when shots were fired. >> we hear shots all the time, you know. there has been a lot around here. >> reporter: one of the shots went through the car and hit williams. he managed to drive two more blocks to this fire station where he then got out and collapsed. williams was rushed to the hospital and died there. >> shouldn't take a vigil for everybody to step up. >> reporter: a woman in the car was not hit by bullets but detectives say another person in the area was and was hospitalized for minor injuries. police are investigating and say williams was t
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this that much harder. today they gather inside their home remembering the young man they all knew and loved as neighbors who heard the gun shots speak out and say they don't want anymore victims. >> i don't know why it is starting to peak this bad but it needs to end. >> the family plans to spend much of the evening together and they're working on funeral plans. >> arrests have been -- no arrests have been made and police are still investigating. a man died hours ago after falling from some scaffolding. the man was doing repair work to a building on main street. it was one of the main structures or many structures damaged in last month's flooding. police say the death appears to be accidental. the man's identity will be released after the next of kin has been notified. alarming allegations tonight from a d.c. public school. at least three roosevelt senior high sc
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are accused of assaulting one of their teammates last month and recording that attack on a cell phone. the athletes allegedly surrounded the 15 year old victim, stripped his clothing, and launched into the attack. sources say at a minimum his naked body was slapped. investigators are calling this a sexual assault. d.c. public schools issued a statement saying it does not accept such behavior and that has placed relevant staff on administrative leave and suspended students involved. in the district, a police report spells out a very unusual crime. take a listen. the crime is theft. the description of what was taken is french fries. an officer with the city says he was dining out at the italian restaurant when an intoxicated woman helped herself to the food on his plate. he reportedly told her to stop or she would be arrested. after she took a third french fry from his plate e
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woman is facing theft charges tonight. that's a woman who wanted to get arrested. >> she was drunk. still ahead, high anxiety, tourists trapped in cable cars above the alps. that story is ahead. tomorrow will be the end of our september heat wave. get ready. we go back to the mid 90s with 95 downtown, 94 lees burg, 93 frederick. when we come back we'll track a couple showers
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built for business. terrifying moments for dozens of tourists trapped in cable cars dangling over the french alps. almost 10,000 feet in the air, the cars run and french mountain experts were needed to rescue 2/3 of the tourists. bad weather forced another 25 trapped people to wait it out huddled up in the gondolas for the night. >> we spent about ten hours in the cable car. it was really quite an experience. >> the remaining 45 tourists were safely brought down this morning. they had been in the cable cars that offer spectacular views of western europe's tallest mountains and the deep valleys below. there was more high wired drama but is
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texas the driver of a toyota four runner drove off the side of a parking garage. the only thing preventing the suv from falling are tension cables. the driver says the only thing that saved him from falling out of the vehicle was his seat belt. the man scrambled to safety and crews are working to get the car down. an urgent warning for owners of the new samsung smart phone. owners are told to turn them off immediately because the the batteries can catch fire. the warning is too late for a florida man. he says his phone burst into flames over the labor day weekend and did this to his jeep grand cherokee. >> that's the last thought in my head, that a brand new device, something as simple as a phone is going to burn my car or my house. >> yikes! samsung recalled the smart phones in ten countries last week
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note 7s catching fire or exploding were confirmed. the company is urging you if you've got one of these, bring them back and exchange them for a new one. >> if you have any kind of cell phone, be careful with the battery. still to come, investigators in france say they've foiled another terrorist attack, this time by women. details are ahead. >> dramatic video featuring charles county rescuers that helped to save a family trapped inside a burning car.
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we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. cigntogether, all the way. un security council scheduled an emergency meeting on north korea's latest weapons test. it says it successfully tested a nuclear war head designed to be mounted on a ballistic rocket. the explosion triggered a magnitude 5.3 earthquake at the test site. the white house and governments of south korea, japan, even china were quick to condemn the action. >> everybody shares concerns and are trying to still to monitor, find out precisely >>at took place.
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nuclear test not only violates un security council resolution and it also raises concerns a north korea is a step closer to building a nuclear war head capable of reaching u.s. mainland. investigators in france say a failed attack near notre dame cathedral was spearheaded by a group of women dedicated to isis. the plot involved a car loaded with gas canisters belonging to the father of one of the women. she stabbed a police officer with a knife and was shot in the leg in a raid south of paris last night. france's interior minister says it was a race against time to find the women before they were given time to strike. a man with ties to isis was also arrested. a federal judge denied a request from a tribe to stop construction on a controversial pipeline near a reservation in north dakota. they argue the pipeline can impact their drinking water.
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ancient sites. it is being built by a texas company. the tribe says it will appeal the ruling. >> a family of five survived a fiery crash thanks to a team of officers, firefighters, and a good samaritan. charles county sheriffs department released this video of last friday's rescue. three adults and two toddlers were pulled to safety. the family car struck a tree and burst into flames. >> even if i wasn't a police officer and i was driving by, it's the right thing to do. you see somebody that needs help, you don't think. yeah, it's dangerous but you don't think about it until afterward. >> the officers who helped with the rescue combined have only five years with the sheriffs department. one family is in the hospital with severe burns. >> kudos to the officers. in washington organizers pulling the leg from the triathlon. participants will be required to swim in
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is the problem. water conditions in the river do not meet safety standards for full body human contact. the biking and running portions are still on. it will be underway sunday morning at 7:00 on ohio drive. people looking for something less demanding can head to upper marlboro. that's where the prince georges county fair is in are way. the morning anchor mike hydeck was there and saw face painting, clowns, farm animals keeping the kids entertained. it is open through sunday and runs until 10:00 tonight, 11:00 to 10:00 saturday and 11:00 to 6:00 on sunday. >> you never get too old for a county fair. >> i am going tomorrow around noon. >> yay! >> track me down some funnel cake. >> it's going to be hot. >> it is going to be toasty. the heat index will be over 100 but the good news is tomorrow is the last day of the september heat wave. let's talk about days in the 90s.
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here considering we had none in may and a few in june. we are up to 55 days with highs of 90 90 or higher. we had 67 days in the 90s in 2010 and also in 1980. our average is 36. we passed that a long time ago. speaking of the fair, forecast is 96 tomorrow and isolated storms. i wouldn't worry about it. sunday, a couple showers are possible. i wouldn't spend much time worrying about it. temperatures are going up to 85 on sunday. that's going to feel nice. there is the national cathedral. it is still 92 with dew points in the mid 70s. that is very uncomfortable. radar over the past hour, we had showers heading their way toward eastern louden county and fairfax county. they kind of died out. now we have more showers building to the north of winchester along i-81. these may not
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this storm now toward cross winchester, to of e east of berry ville. these unlike the earlier ones are moving more to the north and east so they could head to charleston at 6:37 if they hold together. i give a 40% chance of holding it together. warm and muggy tonight, a true summer night. very hot tomorrow with the heat index over 100, isolated afternoon storms saturday. keep your outdoor plans. nice sunday and pleasantly warm. some clouds can linger but still a good day. 10:00 tonight, toasty and 85 downtown, 82 in silver spring. by morning we are in the 70s. by -- the day planner goes like this, 78 at 7:00, back to 89 at 11:00 and 93 at 1:00 p.m. supped is pleasantly warm. i have to give a couple showers early in the morning and mid 80s, low 80s monday.
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y23wpy y5yy the phillies as they resume their series here tonight after 7:00, in an hour or so, maryland 1-0 fresh off the victory over howard at home is on the road friday night lights
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to take on florida international university. the head coach is picking up his first win last saturday but this will be a different animal for the ter pins. feeling good, they had six different guys rush for touchdowns in the victory over howard. tonight they're on the road against a feisty fiu team. >> we have the same amount of practices, same amount of time. it will be cool to have played on friday. should be exciting. >> that's what football is about, being able to be put into adverse situations and see how you respond as a player. during the big time events, that's what we train for, being able to respond the same way as if it was a home game. >> red skins, another day of practice as they continue to be ready for monday nitrogens pittsburgh steelers. that will be at fed ex field. skins, pretty much everybody is healthy and that's a good sign for the skins. matt jones running back was practicing the last couple days. the red s
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night. >> just regular football, just like playing on sunday, just like playing on thursday, you know. obviously you've got more eyes on you being that you are probably the only game on. once you take all the access out of the situation, it's just football. >> do not miss sunday morning at 11:30 am, the debut of game on on sunday morning as we get you set for the red skins and steelers. we'll take a look around the rest of the nfl sunday morning at 11:30 on wusa9. that's the latest right here. nats and phillies are at 7:00. >> we are going with the home team, right. >>
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