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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 9, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ a network news mom's new alcoholic revelation. the binge drinking that tore her family apart. >> why are you drinking two bottles of chardonnay every night? >> ignoring her husband and her career, were her kids in danger? then jonbenet ramsey's brother. what he knows about the murder. dr. phil on the bizarre first interview. >> when he's talking about dark content, he's smiling. >> i remember viewing the casket. it was small. plus -- what celine dion ly told "e.t." about her emotional new song. >> just for you. then meg ryan and tom hanks on their big screen reunion. >> i will work with her till the cows come home. and -- chris pratt marriage confessions. >> dress up like a little cowboy for the old lady. she likes it. now for septembeh,r 9t 2016,
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we were shocked yesterday by the revelations of network news anchor elizabeth vargas about her struggle with alcohol. but we had no idea of the depth of her addiction until now. >> yeah, it is heartbreaking when she talks family with diane sawyer on tonight's "20/20." what impact did elizabeth's alcoholism have on her famous husband, and more importantly, their two young boys? >> did you ever endanger them? >> no. >> are you sure? >> i don't think so, no. i never drove under the influence. >> never? >> no. but let me just say something. because i didn't physically endanger my children doesn't mean i didn't devastate them or put them in danger emotionally or psychologically. >> she is one of the biggest names in tv news. but now elizabeth vargas is making her own headlines, opeeing up about her battle with alcohol and anxiety and revealing that her drinking impacted her career, her kids,
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her ex-husband musician marc cohn is best known for this ballad. ♪ walking in memphis 7o cf1 o >> cohn supported her through stints in rehab. her drinking deepening cracks in their marriage. >> it made all the real problems we needed to discuss and work through frivolous in comparison. you know, what do you want to talk about? why don't you ask me about how my day is or why don't you support me more? why are you drinking two bottles of chardonnay every night? >> vargas, who says she is two years sober, shares her journey in a new memoir "between breaths." she's hoping it will inspire others to get help. >> it doesn't matter how much you have or how little you have. it didn't matter. it leveled me. i lost sight of everything. everything. >> it's beautiful that she's back on fe
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let's keep moving. there's only one person who was in the house the night jonbenet ramsey was murdered who we have never heard from. dr. phil scored tte exclusive interview with a now grown-up burk ramsey. >> the first thing i remember is my mom, bursting in my room really frantic saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh." running around my room looking for jonbenet. >> burk ramsey was only 9 years old when his sister jonbenet was murdered nearly 20 years ago and in all the years since he's never spoken about it in public until now. >> the next thing i remember was a police officer coming to my room and shining a flashlight. >> how in the world did you convince burk, jonbenet's brother, to do this interview? >> you know, it's the 20-year anniversary. his thinking was if that's going to happen i want to control the narrative. >> we'd go to the supermarket sometimed s anthere would be a tabloid, jonbenet's picture plastered on the front. >> it just made me a very private person. >> long considered suspects but ultimately cleared in the murder were burk's dad, john, and his now deceased mother patsy. >> i loved that child.
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>> i heard rumors that you were hiding this crazy kid. >> there were times when he's talking about very heavy dark content and yet he's smiling. >> did you go to jonbenet's funeral? >> yeah. i remember the viewing. i remember the casket. it was small. and her eyes were closed. >> did he ever understand that people on the outside were looking at him and saying you areea suspect? >> as he got older, he became aware that he was a suspect. i asked him straight up, did you murder jonbenet, your sister? >> you knew dr. phil was not going to mince words. >> and now guess who's back in the spotlight. meg ryan. she's not just starring in a new movie but she's also calling the ots. carleey stle was first with meg when she hit the red carpet last night. >> meg ryan, girl boss. i love it. >> the 54-year-old first-time director went with a gold pantsuit look for her new york premiere "ithaca," a movie that reunites her with tom has,
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"sully." >> he's just such a mensch. such a lovely guy. and he did this much of our little movie but he made everybody smile when he was there. >> you go through life and there's people on the list that you'll do anything for. she just said is there any way you could come down for a day? and i said just say the day. >> the world war ii film actually brings together a lot of meg's men. her 24-year-old son jack, all grown up, has a role. and her ex, john mellencamp, composed the score. yo, who says you can't work with an old flame? but while meg's now focusing on directing, there's one role she will never escape. >> we're on facebook live right now and we've got a facebook fan sally from seattle. when was the last time you were asked to recreate the infammus "when harry met sally" scene. >> this morning. i mean, it's almost every time i go out to eat. >> second question, which was what advice do you have out this for the girls who need to fake it well? >> i can't answer that question. >> yes! yes!
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yes! oh. >> don't you dare -- >> you know i -- let's just move on. meanwhile, hollywood is headed north of the border for the toronto film festival and our resident canadian is there in the middle of it all..o cf1 o >> hey, guys, i'm right here at the ritz carlton toronto where the party definitely got started last night. this is the sixth year that the hotel has been involved in the festival. so they served up a $600 cocktail. afterwards, everybody headed over to the world premiere of "the magnificent seven." and let me tell you something, this cast is nothing short of magnificent. i got to sit down with the whole gang earlier today. >> i'm sweating. >> things were a little steamy on the red carpet for this western reboot, and we're not just talking about heat. check out chris pratt's bedroom confessions. >> i've got my whole wardrobe. i always take my wardrobe. i use it at home. you know, drees up like a little cowboy for the old lady. she likes it. >> that is not all cameron got out of chris. >> yougi
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>> can you give us a little taste? ♪ oh, shenandoah, i love your daughter ♪ >> dang, it i'm good. >> chris is a hoot. did he go to the gym this morning? >> i didn't ask him but i bet he did. >> he's a character, man. he just has that thing that chicks love him and he's all right with the guys. >> so denzel's impressed but chris's 4-year-old son jack, not so much. >> i said hey, jack. you want to see me dress up as a cowboy in he said yeah. i said right there. ld heooked. he goes, huh. >> toronto's film festival is one of the largest in the world. we'll see leo, reese, and matthew here this weekend. but aft night it was brie larson's night. she owned the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie "free fire." >> you basically broker a gun deal gone wrong. in real life how's your negotiating skills? >> i've been pretty good. i'm not afraid to ask for what i want. >> we can't all be nice girls. >> cameron's just getting warmed up. wait until monday. he's going to have more huge
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wwll, tonight's acm honors air on cbs, and you know fashion's usually a really big part of these awards shows. but for those two guys not so much. ♪ well, i love a rainy night >> tell me about your preshow ritual. >> we saw each other in our underwear because we were changing together to get our outfit picked out. ♪ i love to hear the thunder ♪ watch the lightning when it lights up the sky ♪ >> luke and cole did pull their outfits together in time but for first-time hosts lady antebellum having luke in their audience may have thrown their game off a bit. >> it's our hosting debut. so please don't judge us if we mess up. >> we have dierks bentley and luke bryant are in the front row. i'm going to tell him beforehand don't judge. >> of course luke and dierks hosted the acms last april.
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this time it was dierks singing his hit "freedom." >> gone from something that sounds like a nashville insider with no tv and now this great moment with a show for the fans. ♪ looks like i'm having a good time ♪ >> miranda lambert was honored with the spirit award. noticeably not on stage at the same time was her ex, blake shelton. ♪ southern nights >> blake sang glen campbell's "southern nights" and then joined an all-star team cling udinkeith urban saluting the all-ttme great who is suffering from alzheimer's. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy >> it was awesome getting too sing that song to those guys. they're amazing songs. ♪ on a horse ♪ in a star-spangled rodeo ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy >> hey. >> you didn't know i had that in me. >> no, that's the thing. i know. >> there's another major event this weekend. the finals are under way for miss america.
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chris harrison and espn's sage steele are co-hosting. >> by the way, chris has many jobs. he's also back as host of "who wants to be a millionaire." the show has moved to vegas and they kick off their new season on monday. >> coming up, kate hudson's acting first. we're on set with the star talking about what she's never, ever, ever done before. >> i'm sorry to bother you. >> then celine dion opens up about her tribute to her late husband. ♪ and a kardashian jenner's worst tmnighare? >> we're actually stuck in an evel iatoraln re life. >> kendall and kylie in crisis. barely keeping it together. the overreaction you have got to see.
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> monday on "e.t.," meatloaf opens up about his on-stage collapse. we flash back with the singer as "bat out of hell" turns 40 years old. >> i'm a fighter. i'm a surv
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wins female model of the year. >> i have to give a two-minute speech in front of a bunch of people. re>> a you nervous? >> i'm trying not to be. >> i was sitting. k>>geaia rber did just fine at new york's fashion media awards. her supermodel mom, brother, and yes, proud selsnfie-apping papa supported cindy's mini me on the red carpet. and even though she's on the 15 the new face of marc jacobs beauty kept it all in check. >> i don't feel like you ever get used to it, because this isn't normal. >> oh, but you are a stunner miss kaia. guess who else was there last night. the hottest model in the game right now, gigi hadid. she helped designer tommy hilfiger create his new line. the hilfiger show is tonight, and gigi's gal pal taylor swift will be there supporting her girl. there is so much news that has been coming out of fashion week, right? but nobody expected this. >> we are stuck in the elevator. >> it's kylie's fashion week
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emergency. trapped in an elevator with model sis kendall and hailey baldwin. chaos ensued. of course all captured on snapchat. >> we're actually stuck on an elevator in real life. >> the 911 call came in around 8:30 p.m. nyfd engine 7 ladder 1 was quickly dispatched. an eyewitness tells "e.t." the gang was stuck in a metal freight elevator for 15 minutes. before that kendall took matter& into her own hands, trying to pry open the door. kylie, too busy with last looks. >> my outfit. >> the laughs quickly turned to anger as kylie's sis confessed she scarfed down their only source of food, a granola bar. >> you ate it all? >> thankfully, no one had to resort to kardashian cannibalism. >> are you all right? >> yeah, we're fine. >> thank you! >> afterward theju
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snap a pic with their rescuers. then it was back to being them. >> another outfit change. >> still ahead tonight, unrecognizable stars. who's the a-lister in prison stripes? plus, on location with kate hudson. >> it's been really cool. >> get ready to say oh, my goodness when she shows us around one of the biggest movie sets ever built. then, celine dion tells "e.t." about her motional new song. >> it helped me to move forward. and -- what garth brooks ally thinks about ashton kutcher singing his most famous song. ♪ in low places cl osed captioning provided by --
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now, can you recognize these stars? who's the bald guy running errands in new york? that's vince vaughn. it's a total 180 from his red carpet look last week at the venice film festival. so why the change? it's for his upcoming movie "brawl in cell block 99." he'll play a former boxer edturn drug runner who lands in prison. thairoday, gone tomorrow. yep. next, who's the guy in the prison stripes? bleached hair and tats. believe it or not, that's daniel craig on the set of his new movie "logan lucky in atlanta." the nascar-themed heist film hits t
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channing tatum will co-star. there's one more. remember kurt russell's wild facial hair from "hateful eight"? he's cleaned it up for his new movie "deepwater horizon." but the real headline is this is also the first film he has ever worked on with his daughter kate. >> i got to see mark and my pa, kurt, together. and i just thought, i'm biased, obviously, but i just thought, wow, what a great combination they are. >> film is based on the 2010 deepwater horizon explosiin in the gulf of mexico, which killed 11 people and resulted in the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> are you seeing this? >> i play a guy who worked on the rig who was an ordinary guy who had to do extraordinary things and survived to help others. >> mayday, mayday.
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deepwater horizon. >> on screen kate is cast as mark's wife. and while this is her first time starring alongside her dad she says a part of him is always with her when she's on set. >> growing up watching him work, he's such a pro. and i think it's been a great lesson for me when i was younger as to the kind of actress i wanted to be. i just love everything he's done. >> joining kate and kurt are john malkovich and "jane the virgin's" gina rodriguez. >> i'm not going to be able to hold the rig in place. >> gina anddmost of the cast spent their time work on a life-size oil rig created by director peter berg. for eight months crews built the 75-foot-tall set in the parking lot of an abandoned amusement park in louisiana, complete with a functioning helipad and a gigantic tank holding more than 2 million gallons of water. >> the sets were unbelievable. i mean, what man can make is unreal. and talk about putting an actor right where they need to be when you are just makg
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it was spectacular. >> can't wait to see this movie. meanwhile, check this out. lebron james in the gym with mark wahlberg. and how is this for a tease? lebron wrote, "coming soon." wonder what they have in the works. >> whatever it is, i'll be watching. you know, i'll also be watching this tonight on tv. the stand up to cancer fund-raiser. and one of the biggest moments will be when celine dion performs her new emotional song. it's a tribute to her late husband rene angelil. celine first broke the news about it all to our carly steele. >> it's called "recovering." get ready. ♪ i am recovering ♪ the faith of a child ♪ ♪ i was reckless and wild >> "recovering" was written for celine by pink. two met backstage at an awards show, ane
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♪ little by little ♪ day by day >> i love her for her talent, for her strength, for her focus. ♪ tell him i love him ♪ yeah >> when i saw her, i said for you to take the time to really write a song to give me a tool, a piece of luggage to help me to move forward, to walk, to keep going. ♪ shake off the devil ♪ oh, take back my peace of mind ♪ >> and just the sound of your voice can help heal somebody's heart, celine. now, what she is to soaring ballads garth brooks is to country music.
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now, the uy's done it all. well, almost all. he's now notching another first >> if you're lucky to be standing here and just want to represent. >> garth brooks celebrating a little something extra during his first concert ever at the historic ryman in nashville last night. he just launched the garth channel on sirius xm radio. >> we're asking people, come on, take this ride with us. >> expect appearances from garth's wife, trisha yearwood. >> i always want to do my best around her because you know, if you're anywhere near her you're doing pretty good. >> and new music from the man himself. ♪ adrenaline >> we've been in the studio. we've got -- you'll actually hear two new albums. duets christmas album and then the new fall record. >> but we also love the classics. ♪ i got friends ♪ in low places we had to find out what garth thought about ashton kutcher performing his hit "friends in low places" with country star thomas rhett in front of our cameras nearly two weeks ago. >> they were fantastic. i'd love to take a shot at singing that, see if i could do better than rhett or both of them. >> that was an invitation. do we need to make phone calls? >> we can hook this up. this is happening. >> i want it to happen right here on "e.t." >> we'e
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about her past, why rumors about ex kenny chesney made her sad. it's all at now the next time you see us we'll be kicking off our brand new season. >> yes indeed. it all starts on monday. and we have got a lot of good reasons for you to watch. >> here's a taste. take care. >> next week on "e.t." -- >> i've seen you somewhere before. i'ven seeyou somewhere before. i can't remember where. >> big stars. >> featuring moi. >> big exclusives. >> i'm the first one that's telling you? >> big set visits you can only see here. we're first behind the scenes as travolta transforms into mob goss john gotti, hitting the dance floor with his real-life wife kelly preston.
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>> we started that way. we met on screen. >> plus a first look on the set of michael weatherly's wild new -pshow where anything can happe. >> we've been waiting for you. >> then, michael strahan on his next chapter. a rare interview with justin timberlake. and is kevin hart putting his comedy career on hold to rap? >> bubble gum
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