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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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danielle nottingham hospitals from the university of las vegas. hillary clinton and donald trump will meet in their final presidential debate at the university of nevada in las vegas. the latest poll shows clinton is ahead in a four-way race. >> i don't believe the polls anymore. >> reporter: in recent days, trump said the election is rigged, despite offering no evidence of voter fraud. >> you know, the election is rigged. that >> reporter: the republican nominee is expected to raise questions about clinton's trustworthiness. wikileaks has released a steady stream of hacked e-mails from clinton campaign manager, john podesta. in one exchange, he wrote, the clinton campaign had taken on a lot of water over the e-mail scandal. >> experts predict, the fireworks will fly soon after that. >> i think he will literally throw everything in the kitchen sink at hillary.
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debate coach at unlv. he said clinton should be ready for the unexpected. >> since the last debate, more than half a dozen women have accused trump of unwanted sexual advances. accusations he denies. experts say the debate could reach a new low in presidential debate history. >> they also say, historically, the final debate matters the least. change the current momentum. a short time ago, i talked with john dickerson. moderator of face the nation. he's in vegas for tonight's final debate. >> i think we can say that hillary clinton is going to be trying to play it safe for sure. the question for donald trump is, you know, i mean, he's brought so many haymakerless. the question is, whether or not it's the baseline, or whether he'll even go above that.
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than he did in the last debate, in terms of bringing up issues that weren't really on point but that were very hard at hillary clinton and at her husband. >> dickerson -- facebook has been tracking the social media posts, comments being likes and shares, related to the candidates over the past 30 days. here's what fay found. >> -- they found. >> mr. trump has had 62 million people talking about him w. a huge increase before the second debate, with the trump tape coming out. if you're not able to watch the debate on channel 9 at 9:00, you can catch us live on the wusa 9 app. turn about -- concern about the trump effect on congressional races is running high in northern virginia. republican congresswoman, barbara comstock is walking a razor's edge. distancing herself from trump. but being careful not to bad mouth it.
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peggy, any success? >> i'll let you decide. comstock says there are two candidates. and unlike her opponents, she's willing to stand up against the top of her ticket. but today, she did not mention donald trump's name and would not repeat her call for him to drop out of the race. >> reporter: the race is now a tossup, between democratic challenger, luan bennett, a for office before. and republican barbara comstock. she said trump should drop out of the race. >> she's a drag on her candidacy. no doubt about it. >> reporter: in battleground areas, which runs from the more liberal mcclane to the conservative winchester. the trump factor is a no-win situation. says mark rozelle, dean of the school of public policy.
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they alienate some of their party base that is supporting them. and if not, they have to go along with the baggage. it's a total lose-lose. >> bennett tried to anchor trump to comstock. >> the fact that he is the person leading republican party says, speaks volumes. >> after the debate, comstack agreed to -- comstock agreed to take reporters' questions.
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willing to stand up to her party. she said you won't hear that from her opponent with hillary clinton. download our free wusa 9 app. you'll find all of the information in our politics section. a russian accused of launching cyber attacks here the united states could be coming to america to face charges. czech police arrested this unidentified suspect at a hotel in prague earlier this month. launching cyber attacks to impact the presidential race. russia denies it. officials will not say if the arrest is tied to those allegations. crews are going through the rubble of a powerful gas explosion in portland, oregon to check for any more loss of life. >> that's right. at least three firefighters, three civilians and two police officers were hurt in a blast that shredded sections in a popular shopping district.
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evacuate before the blast. new york police commissioner james o'neill says the police sergeant did not follow department procedures last night when he shot and killed an emotionally disturbed woman in her bronx apartment. police say the 66-year-old woman had been holding scissors and a baseball bat. they say she tried to strike that sergeant with the bat and he fired two shots. mayor bill de blasio calls the shooting unacceptable. investigation. union faculty members at 14 state members. the strike threatens to impact 100,000 students. right now, state officials are telling students to report to class. and -- unless their university says otherwise. the state does not affect the state's largest schools. in a charlottesville courtroom today, a jury heard testimony from a uva
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nicole aramo said rolling stone for trader is being indifferent to a rape victim to a sorry about a gang rape at a fraternity house. aramo is seeking more than $7 million in damages. metro says it will not be proposing service cuts that will disproportionately affect african american communities. down the 20 lowest organizations, during off-peak times. majority of east of anacostia river. [ inaudible ] well, today, a metro spokesperson said talk today was intended to spark a discussion about the seriousness of a quarter
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system. it was not intended as an actual proposal. still ahead, one teenager is dead. another charged with murder. iraqi troops and kurdish allies move closer to mosul with help. is there some color in the immediate metro area. but want to see some color, go to the shenandoah valley. if you cross the divide on saturday, don't be prized --
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taking a look around the world tonight. u.s. army helicopters struck isis militants. isis militants were sent running from a nearby village today. it's the the u.s. commander said the fight is a must. we're waiting to learn the identities of two americans killed near a coalition base in kabul and afghanistan a u.s. service member and civilian were killed when a man wearing an afghan army uniform started shooting. they say as many as three others were wounded. security forces tracked down that gunman. so far, no one is claiming any responsibility. russian and syrian
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aleppo. declared a humanitarian pause in the fighting. russian military says it will allow both civilians and militants out of the war-torn capital city. israelis held a woman at knife point. they order the 19-year-old to stop and fired a warning shot into the air. and when she kept toward them, the soldiers started shooting. coming up, a woman's life- saving lessons are put to the test, a day after she learns to perform cpr. up income, what might have
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a high school fight turns deadly, and now 18-year-old kyla jones of d.c. is facing murder charges. >> the teenager allegedly stabbed a 17-year-old who stole his cell phone. but suspect's friends say it was self-defense. >> defense attorney trying to argue that this attack was
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carrying that knife simply because she was afraid. the judge didn't buy it and ordered kyla jones held without bond on second-degree murder. >> she was scared because several incidents, when she was riding the bus. >> reporter: derek robinson said he filed several police reports on behalf of 18-year- old kyla jones and his daughter justice. >> they used to always come to our house and try to fight us. and they used to bother us. >> reporter: he said the with 17-year-old kayleah miner started 17 years ago. police say it culminated into murder monday night. according to documents, the victim stole the suspect's phone and ran off the bus. the suspect then allegedly stabbed her to death with a steak knife. >> i know kyla is more than a murderer. she was afraid. what's not -- that's not who she s. she didn't mean to do it. >> reporter: it was an emotional day inside the
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ordered kyla jones held without bond. she will remain behind bars until her next court date. delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> jones turned herself in to police and brought them to the murder weapon. she'll be back in court october 28th. quick-thinking coworkers are being credited tonight with saving a man's life in d.c. it happened earlier this month in an office building in dupont circle. according to the fire an cardiac arrest during a business meeting. they conducted cpr on the man. she and others eventually save the man's life. she said she had only learned cpr, a day before the incident occurred. >> i saw the chest compressions immediately. so that's when everything i learned from cpr came to me it came to me. it's like that.
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to learn cpr, now you do. great example. the man is recovering at gw hospital tonight. purvis told us the man appreciated the help. according to a first of its kind study, dna may play a role in which women will experience hot flashes during menopause. researchers at ucla found some women had gene variance had affected a part of the brain that regulates estrogen. an likely to have hot flashes during menopause. preteens need two doses, instead of three. that could result in more kids geth the shot, since it would mean fewer trips to the doctor. now, hpv is spread through sex. it can cause cervical and other cancers, as well as genital warts. proposing new rules, designed to protect airline passengers. airlines are already required
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baggage fees when they lose your luggage. but new rules would go a step further. it would include bags that are delayed substantially. airlines would also have to report more mistakes like when they mishandle wheelchair passengers, too. mars probe, shortly before it was scheduled to land on the red planet today. scientists say it's obviously not a good sign. but also say it's just too soon to give up. space agency did mothership into orbit. people living at the base of mexico's caling wa volcano had fears that it could blow any minute. experts believe it could be on the verge of a first major eruption in more than 100 years. typhoon himu made landfall
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power -- power to dozens of homes. the second typhoon strikes the country. the first tumbles near said region sunday. >> and closer to home, all we can think about is this beautiful, extraordinary weather that will only be with us for today. >> yeah. 24 more hours. >> won't be quite as beautiful tomorrow. but maybe 80. maybe not mid-80s. then reality is going to come knocking. the weekend is going to be safe for just going to require some layers. >> i understand. let's take a look at the 3- degree guarantee. i was worried about this one. wind out of the south yesterday. which kept temps down a little bit. i went 85. and it was 82. going to go 84 today. we shall see if we make it by 11:00 tonight. numbers will be in. we know that dulles could have a record high of 87. so does dwi. live look outside. courtesy of michael and sons weather cam. 87 degrees.
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point here. when you get a south wind, it affects this. river is going to be cooler. that is tricky. winds stay south. then this can really affect the temperature. but i think tomorrow, we're going to be more of a southeast wind. maybe even a southwest wind by tomorrow night. okay. headlines. well, another summer-like evening. temps are going to hold in the 60s tonight. they're in the 70s and 80s right now. bus stop temperatures, only 62 with a slight chance of a shower, just isolated. nothing heavy. still warm tomorrow. couple of showers possible. primarily north and west. towards leesburg. and yellow weather alert friday for showers. and tumbling temperatures. here's what we need back to reality. 69 on friday. and that actually, maybe a midnight temperature. temperatures are going to fall all day. only 58 saturday. 62 sunday. and 64 on monday.
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78 by 1:00 with the clouds beginning to lift by the early afternoon. all right. here's your yellow weather alert. windy and cooler friday. winds could gust over 30 miles an hour friday. then blustery. a stray shower saturday. plan for 58 degrees. terps game at night. then low 60s on sunday. and 60s to low 60s, monday, tuesday and wednesday. remaining drop. >> taking on >> pretty much. the spire organization. just saying the team has lost for so many years ask struggled for so many years. they don't have really any reason to celebrate. but it's heating up. a war of words between the burgundy and gold.
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to allow federal contractors to discriminate against gay employees. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: women vote! is responsible for the content of this ad. [ roars ]
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock
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should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock. man: too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: women vote! is responsible for the content of this ad. burgundy and gold are being written off before the season even begins. this year, getting written off after game 2. plenty to be hyped about, rike? redskins, ricky baker. let out their emotion in philadelphia, yelling, we run the east. steven a. smith disagreed. it started a bit of a twitter
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reacted. >> one person says we're not good. but remember, we played dallas last year. but at the end of the day, we haven't done anything. >> we're always going to have daughter fist here, watching the media, that we do have here. but winning always applies to media. we just gotta take care of our partners. so they do have a point. there's still plenty re accomplish. but what is wrong with being confident after you get a big divisional win? i guess some critics will never be quieted. maybe another win would help a little bit. against one of the league's better quarterbacks in the league this year. redskins head to the motor city to take on detroit, who has won two straight wins. and quarterback matthew stafford who is having the best season of his career. being a great quarterback, he's proven that in this league. he's moving around, you know,
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it's going to be tough. every week is tough. a lot of great players. but we have to keep playing on a high level and execute. >> he's doing a great job of scheduling. he's a great competitor. doesn't like to let a play get away from him. he's going to scramble around. and rip it across his body or down the sideline or what have you. it's been great. >> join us every sunday morning. as we count down to the redskins kickoff. as always, we'll have our resident darrell burgundy and gold. i'm sure he has pleny to talk about -- plenty to talk about, what steven a. smith had to say. >> detroit's quarterback is legit. >> having one of the best seasons of his career. >> should be a very good game. shootsz for sure. -- that's for sure.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >>le pely: showdown? vegas. former casino owner donald trump, it's all riding on number three, his third and final tedeba with hillary clinton. also tonight, the angry backlash backing a democrat. >> the first death threat came about 9:00 that morning. >> reporter: first death threat. >> pelley: released from prison and free from opiod dependence. the innovative program that's saving lives. >> you come in here, your hope comes back. you get your wits back. >> pelley: and the great bridge of china, clearly


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