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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  October 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thursday, where polls showed a tight race. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt and dishonest person ever to seek the office of the president. >> trump also added he would accept the outcome of the election if he wins. but he added,. >> but i would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result. >> during wednesday's presidential debate, trump accept the outcome. >> i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> reporter: the candidates also sparred over the economy, fighting isis and manufacturing. >> i sat in my parm today. from a very beautiful hotel down the street. >> reporter: clinon and trump will come face to face again tonight to roast each other at the annual charity inner here in new york. >> the trump campaign is also
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day. purina, virginia said trump groped her at the u.s. open in 1998. >> perhaps he will label me as just another "nasty woman." >> the trump campaign calls her claim and those of other accusers, "fictional stories ." marlie hall, cbs news, new york. what did you think about the debate and today's reaction? log onto our facebook page and who came forward to accuse donald trump of sexual misconduct. karina virginia said donald trump grabbed her arm and touched her breast when she was leaving the u.s. open in 1998. she spoke to the media, with noted attorney gloria allred on her side. >> mr. trump, perhaps you do
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to me so many years ago [ crying ] but i can assure you, i remember you and what you did to me as though it was yesterday. >> 10 women have now come forward to say donald trump groped, kissed or touched them in a sexual manner. he dismisses the allegations as, quote, all today extended the deadline to register to vote in virginia. the original deadline was last monday. but after this, the online system crashed. people registered to vote, now have until tomorrow. a voter advocacy group sued the state, seeking that election. the commission says his office will notify new voters and they can register online or by mail
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information in the district. download our free wusa 9 app. you'll find all of the information in our politics section. today, congresswoman gabby giffords is healthy enough to lead a campaign to reign in gun violence. she's pushing for hillary clinton and what she calls sensible gun reform. >> hello. >> hello, how are you? >> pretty good, how are you? >> almost six years after a gunman shot her in the head, gabby giffords nebullent voight voice brightens the -- voice brightens the sunshine. >> how do you feel? >> really good. >> reporter: giffords is on a 14-state, 42-day, national bus tour. urging voters to support politicians who endorse gun
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protection, including hillary clinton. >> we must never stop fighting. fight, fight, fight, fight. [ applause ] >> i am a very strong supporter of the second amendment. >> reporter: donald trump counters that gun rights are under siege in the u.s. his supporters have protested, outside democratic campaign offices in virginia, saying they're defending their rights to open carry. >> the only threat is ignorance. and ignorance will bring fear. >> i'm very proud to ha >> reporter: but giffords said the vast majority of americans support reasonable gun valley. >> reporter: giffords actually opposed handgun restrictions when she was in congress. she and her husband owned guns, but since the shooting at a grocery store meeting and since her long recovery, she's become one of the most potent
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or republicans, everyone. >> reporter: giffords rarely gives one on one introduce anymore. last night, she tweeted, speaking is difficult for me. but come january, i want to say these two words, "madame president." in potomac falls, bruce leshan. wusa 9. >> gabby giffords also went back with her husband, for tougher gun restrictions. keeping guns out of the hands of abusers and the mentally ill. bricker confessed the shooting death of miriam sade adebayo outside of a store. she was a university of maryland grawho worked at a healthcare company. bricker was an ex-con with a criminal record.
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is locked up for killing their own infant son. and i have to actual, they -- tell you, they are hard to hear. antoine petty had been driving a hearst. penny and his wife are accused of killing their 3-month-old son in september. and burying him in some woods behind parkdale high school. court documents available today, say petty took the baby onto the balcony at the couple's green belt parm. and he punched the try to get the baby to stop crying. and the baby died. and the couple put the body for a full day, allegedly ferreted on september 22nd. they will be in court for the first time tomorrow. green light for a new hospital in prince george's county. plans call for a new one to be
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the new facility would replace prince george's hospital center in cheverly. the new hospital should be open in 2020. we're saying goodbye to our beloved bao bao. the national zoo's 3-year-old giant panda is heading back to the homeland of china, by the year of 2017. bao bao will make that move before turning 4. that is when all cubs born at the zoo must return to the china wildlife conservation association for its breeding program. and the national zoo has helped to increase the panda population. fans know that bao bao needs to go, but admit it's very hard to say goodbye. >> i'm very upset that she has to leave. we come here all the time to see her. >> kind of watched her grow up? >> yeah. she's part of our family. it's sad. i wish she could say. >> and the bao bao merchandise at the zoo gift shop ask on
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just like the giant panda. >> so hard to say goodbye. sounds like a song. >> i know. so cute. still ahead on wusa 9news. a cease-fire in syria. but is it having any impact? we'll explain. got to 85 today. now, temps in the mid- to upper 70s. still 81 in leesburg. and say goodbye. these are the last of the 80s we'll see this week. and potentially this entire
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the syrian army says a russian-backed cease-fire is in effect in aleppo. they said the army has opened exit corridors to allow people in those rebel-controlled areas to leave. but 250,000 civilians trapped inside that area are so far the united nations has criticized those unilateral cease-fires, they can only be affect federal they're combined with humanitarian aid, for those who do not want to leave. people fleeing the iraqi city of mosul are arriving in a refugee camp in northeastern syria. eight groups say 5,000 people have arrived in a camp over the last few days. and it is just not equipped to handle all of those people. meanwhile, the offensive to
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fight to recapture his country's second largest city is going more quickly than expected. >> what's disgusting is this. >> union busting. >> what's disgusting? >> union busting. >> here in the u.s. faculties with some 14 schools now walking the picket line. over 5,000 people striking. salaries, healthcare. coming up on wusa 9. president obama travels to florida to make a new push for the affordable care act. some are getting their say
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federal prosecutors laid out their case today against harold martin. he's the glen burnie, maryland man. arrested on charges of stealing classified information. martin was the national
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of classified data dwarves the amount of classified information. president obama head toss the white house to kick off an effort to get more under the healthcare plan. under the affordable care act. >> the president credited the healthcare overhaul, with reducing the numb uninsured americans, boosting preventive care and slowing the rise in healthcare prices. >> another $ -- 20 million americans now know the security of financial health insurance. >> but the president also acknowledged what he called growing pains as insurers pulled out of unprofitable markets. and that has led to major spikes in unsubsidized premiums.
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outcome of november's election. to virginia now. the latest in the defamation lawsuit against rolling stone magazine. the reporter who wrote a discredited story about a gang rape at the university of virginia took the witness stand today. sabrina erdly was asked why she didn't raise more questions about the story from the alleged victim, only identified as jackie in the article. she said jackie's details changing didn't because it takes time for trauma victims to come forward with all the details. suing $7 -- for $7 million for its portrayal of her in the article. >> metro is planning to slash it permanently for your safety. pete muntean is live to tell us about what people are saying about this.
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they say metro needs to get its act together. the same sentiment being echoed inside right now during a hearing with passionate testimony. it's been going on since 12:30 this afternoon. this is the first and only time metro riders can take their concerns straight to the board about proposed late-night service cuts. metro is already closing at midnight for its massive safety overhaul. now it wants even more time to make fixes. four early closing options are on the table. but riders here ca ben't come permanent. >> when we need you, we need you. >> we feel you have failed to weigh community concerns sufficiently for the community metro. >> we feel it's not fair. >> metro's general manager says this needs to happen. he says his crews need more time to workover night. -- work overnight. though he admitted to me, he could make a better hearing of
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it's anticipated more folks will trickle in as the workday ends. live outside metro headquarters, pete muntean, wusa 9. late yesterday, d.c. mayor bowser asked to reconsider the late-night service cuts. she, of course, said metro needs to make a better case for all of this. and i think that's what they're hearing, too. >> a lot of stakeholders in this, too. >> weatherwise, party is about over, guys. >> okay. >> hates to break it they -- 80s are gone. they may be gone for the rest of the year. we could get to 80 in november. but we'll be hard-pressed, at least the rest of this month to get to it. hope you enjoyed it. it's just about over. clouds here and there. we should be dry. and then tonight, we'll fall down into the 60s. and back to reality and then some here as we head toward the weekend. tomorrow, 73. that will be a midday high. i want you to be prepared for 60s, rain and cooler
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gusting maybe 20, 30 miles an hour. saturday, 59. could be a shower. windy. it is going to be brisk on saturday. les winds sunday and monday. as you saw, after tomorrow, all of those delays were below average. still 79 in town. cooler on the bay. 81 in petersburg. even cumberland and hagerstown are still close to 81 degrees. warm spot, believe it or not. in town, sun setting few minutes. a few clouds out there. still mild. 79. dew points at 70. that's ridiculous for october. this is stuff we normally see, july, august, early september. so a very sticky air mass. warm air is here. strong cold front. showers and storms mainly in the afternoon tomorrow. and a much cooler weekend. and that's a severe thunderstorm watch. 11:00. down to garrett county and much of central and western pennsylvania. we'll watch the future cast quiet tonight. tomorrow morning, looks like we
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on, from west to east, and early afternoon, start to see the showers and storms approaching. out ahead of it, we'll make it into the lower 70s the way it looks for highs. possibly mid-70s in a few spots if the rain holds off. then look at this, though. 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. look at the rain. we are going to have scattered showers, windy and cool conditions. sorry about that. i know you've had a good run so far. and then as we get to saturday morning, we may have a co back end of this storm system. especially north and east. much different here. and if you're a fan of october weather. finally it's coming. 60 tonight. mild and muggy. partly to mostly cloudy. tomorrow morning, we'll number the 60s. we could see a shower west late. as temperatures in the lower 70s. in the afternoon, 66 west to 74 east. we will have temperatures falling behind that front. maybe even a few storms behind that front. but i'm not expecting any
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alert. afternoon and evening nighttime going to be messy. windy and cooler with a stray shower. breezy at times, sunday, 64. a little front monday may give us a sprinkle at 66. then back to the upper 50s and low 60s, but dry, tuesday through thursday. >> yeah. we like the fall weather. >> yeah. >> we've all got new stuff to break out. >> we are ready. >> and our teams are on the road. that's how they do sometimes. capitols are in the sunshine state, hoping to keep their dreams alive. anbu to be in motor city. they hope to extend their road win. stay with us.
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on issues that matter to northern virginia, barbara comstock and donald trump have a lot in common. bill o'reilly: overturn roe v. wade; that's a specific thing that you would do? trump: well, overturn or overturn... comstock: i think roe v. wade should be overturned. trump and comstock. trump: i'm totally for defunding. we shouldn't be giving to planned parenthood. while comstock voted five times to defund planned parenthood. northern virginia, we need luann bennett. standing up to trump and comstock.
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be honest. when washington started the season, 0-2, didn't you find yourself saying, here we go again? the burgundy and gold tricked us all, ripping offer a string of four straight wins. they hope to make it 5 in detroit sunday. with that win, they would start the season 3-0, on the road for the first time since 1999. and it would be their 6th straight road win. they'll face the lions team that averages 363 offensiv josh norman and the rest of the defense are look at this game as a good test of their mettle. >> it's going to be a good task for our defense. going to be a good opportunity to see what we're made of. going against a good offense like them. they have guys that can pose threats if we don't, you know, take care of it. but at the same time, i'm looking forward to a good matchup. a good game. >> get your pregame fix with
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hear from head coach john grudden, players. and hall-of-famer, darrell greene. caps are on the road, too, taking their 2-0-1 record to florida for a game with the panthers. it's early in the season for the team who had the best record in the league last year. but exited after the last round of the play-offs. they continued to grind in the regular season, but sustaining good play and playing deep into the post season are the they returning to do that with the addition. he reminds us, they will keep their eyes on the prize. >> we set a certain standard here. more than any team in the national hockey league in the regular seen. we want to -- regular season. we want to do it in the play- offs now. i think there's great things happening here in washington. but we want to achieve greatness. and greatness is just the ultimate. and that's our goal.
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>> yeah. we all want to. >> were you one of those people who were raising their hands, 0- 2, here we go again. >> and gruden. >> they managed to turn that around. >> hopefully they can sustain that. >> we can't sustain the warmth. that is the thing that is going to go away. enjoy the evening with the temps in the 60s. tomorrow, the morning will be okay. might even squeak lunchtime dry. and then in the afternoon and evening. wet, colder, windy. going to be kind of raw, i think, r tomorrow night. i don't like that word raw. but that's what i'm thinking. saturday looks blustery. isolated showers. but we know that navy, howard and maryland all have home games. and dryer, sunday and monday. >> wusa 9news at 6:00. cbs is next. >> that's right. and bruce will be on for off grip with bruce johnson at
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: will he or won't he? >> of course, i would accept a clear election result... >> pelley: but trump reserves the right to challenge the election. also tonight, after the debate, >> i am a hillary srtuppoaner, d yet, if i said that i did not have concerns i'd be lying. >> pelley: the skyrocketing cost of plastic. interest rates on store credit cards hit record highs. >> this is one of the riskiest forms of credit out there. >> pelley: and a letter that arrives just ahet t right time with a message for america.


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