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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, october 25, 2016. welcome to cbs "this morning." just two weeks to go until election day. hillary clinton shifts her strategy f donald trump launches his own nightly website. posting live videos on the run. oklahoma a hunt for a man also accused of wounding two police officers. and accident on a river raft kills two people at australia's biggest theme park. >> we begin with today's
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donald trump is rigged. >> the latest polls are rigged. >> the people who control the political power can rig polls. >> you see these phony polls, and the media, they can wield absolute would youer over your life. >> afll o this rhetoric is starting to whip up the crowds at these rallies. >> obama care pyholicolders take a major blow. sharply next year. >> pushing towards the campaign. >> mosul a strike. >> in oklahoma, a massive manhunt under way for a man suspect ed of murder. >> and [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ].
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>> and a runaway car. the car rolled away. all that -- ni>> uversities and in front of the crowd this evening. >> the touchdown ends in defeat. >> and all that matters -- >> a cubs man but donned a yankees cap. >> ihes tre n wear? okay. there's one hat. there's one hat. there's one. >> on cbs "this morning." >> president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. exclamation poin point @realdonaldtrump. @realdonaldtrump, at least i will go down as a president. >> "this morning"'s "eye-opener"
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let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to cbs "this morning." the race is two weeks away. focusing on two states that will decide who is our next president. hillary clinton and donald trump will both campaign today in florida. that state has 29 electoral votes. >> and clinton i others. elizabeth warren picked up the nasty woman from last week's debate and used it on the republican nominee. in white plains, new york, will clinton will soon take off for florida. nancy cordes, good morning. >> reporter: when the race first began, clinton was reluctant to draw too much attention to her gender, to imply the people should vote for her because she is a woman, but with just two weeks to go, she is flipping the script and her top women
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the sisterhood to see her through. >> maybe it is a bit of a woman thing, because we make lists. >> reporter: in new hampshire, clinton argued she'd make a great multitasker in chief. she campaigned with three women lawmakers. >> get this, donald, nasty women are tough. >> reporter: including senator elizabeth warren. >> he thinks that because he has a mouth full of tic tacs that he can force himself on any woman within groping distance. well, i've got news for you, donald trump -- women have had it with guys like you. >> reporter: all of clinton's top allies are making the same case, from first lady michelle obama. >> that's why he demeans and humiliates women as if we're objects. >> reporter: to president obama, who during a late-night interview was asked about trump's now infamous "access hollywood" tapes. > i think that's one of those
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office somewhere had that video, it would be a problem for -- >> a problem. >> and he's not running for president. >> reporter: the trump campaign isn't conceding, blanketing the rally with women for trump signs as trump tries to wield his numbers higher. >> i think we're doing better with women than men, frankly. >> reporter: since mid-october, clinton gained 12 points and trump's lost 16 women, and clinton has made women's issues a key part of her closing argument. >> if you believe women and girls should be treated with dignity and respect and that women should be able to make our own health care decisions and that marriage equality should be protected, then you have to vote. >> reporter: clinton is also spending more time in these closing weeks campaigning for women. just in the past three days she has visited new hampshire and pennsylvania. two battleground states where
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where women, democratic women, are locked in closer races for the senate, gayle. >> all right. thank you, nancy. donald trump is spinning his third straight day in florida. major garrett is in tampa where trump held a rally last night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump and his advisers don't believe in the polls certainly not the bad ones, but they do believe in large enthusiastic crowds. the ones in florida are a far better indicator where this race is on the horse race, but turning supporters into voters takes organization, and on that score, the trump campaign is still playing catch-up. donald trump entertained a ruckus crowd of thousands in tampa. >> i love my second home. i love florida. >> reporter: touting a select group of national polls showing him slightly ahead. >> we're leading. number one. >> reporter: and again questioning hillary clinton's
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wrongdoing. >> we have to investigate the investigation, folks. our system is rigged. she never had a chance of being convicted. >> reporter: florida polling show trump trailing. so before he hit the stage, surrogates practically begged supporters to register, volunteer and vote. >> hey -- all them signs y'all got, they don't mean nothing if you don't vote. >> we need these thousands of people to push harder for t >> we must double and triple our efforts to make sure donald trump gets elected. >> reporter: the evening rally was trump's fifth sunshine state stop of the day. part of a frantic effort to capture 29 crucial electoral votes. >> i think we're going to win florida big. i think we're going to bin florida big. >> reporter: at a meeting with florida farmers trump weeded out polls that show he's facing a big loss to clinton. >> they call them dark polls.
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>> reporter: trump's campaign also debuted a new lightly live streaming web show on facebook feeding speculation about a postelection trump tv network. >> let me just say unequivocally, we will win. >> reporter: trump hit other battleground states through talk radio, again dismissing new accusations of sexual misconduct. >> she's a porn star. you know, this one that came out recently, he grabbed me, and he grabbed me on the arm. oh, i'm sure she's never been grabbed before, and they make it >> reporter: there is no shortage of self-confidence within the trump campaign, but that it confidence may only be skin deep. one example, trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence is being sent to utah to campaign. now, republicans haven't lost utah since 1964 and polls there are tight showing anxiety within the trump campaign about holding on to that republican state. >> thanks. chief correspondent for the "new
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good morning. >> hi, charlie. >> if this race is closer than the polls say, what would be causing it to be that? >> well, i think people, a lot of trump supporters are looking for permission structure to cast a protest vote, even some independent voters and others who want to cast a protest vote. trump has been a vehicle for protest votes throughout the primary, a lot of polls indicate, and a grievance candidate to a lot of people and especially people that tonight feel he can win. >> not a vote to win but a vote to protest. >> correct. >> he talk answer phony and dark polls. that he has different polls that indicate different numbers. one of his people said we are sure we're going to win in florida? what do you make of this? >> candidates always not in the lead talk how the polls are wrong. their internal polls are better and our crowds are amazing, i'm seeing things no one else can
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loud, raucous -- >> president obama is still talking about those crowds. >> yes. there is historical precedent taking hold in the last weeks. trump, however is a bit of an x factor candidate. his crowds genuinely are hump and continue to be huge. really no drop-off there, and there's also, you just don't -- polls aralities more iffy this time around, because you just don't know what trump voters are distrust to begin with. >> nancy reported on the female factor. hillary clinton now talking about win campaigning for some of the female senators using senator elizabeth warren. what we're watching in florida is an uptick in women in early voting and absentee voting. is there evidence they're turning out in larger numbers than expected? >> well, if there's an uptick in them you have to think according to polling now, many are voting for hillary clinton.
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this, trump is giving a lot to work with. even this thing about the adult film star today didn't get a lot of traction, but actually say -- i mean that sends a message. >> and talking about this. now elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, if hillary clinton is elected, how much will they want to draw her to the left? >> quite a bit. that's a story worth watching. i mean, i think beginning november 9th. so we'll see. i mean, again, she has to win first. they're focused on that, but, yeah. thto a republican part split are a little overshadowing what will you a serious split in the democratic party. >> a lot of stories to watch november 9th. >> there will be. i'm going to take a little bit of a nap. >> thanks, mark. >> thanks, everyone. bring you all the results as they come in two weeks from today. election night coverage starts tuesday november 8th at 7:00 p.m. eastern. 6:00 central. you can watch all day on a streaming network.
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when it's all over. two more weeks? millions face a huge increase in obama care and insurance premium choices. the cost of health care next year will increase by an average of 25% hitting consumers in 39 states. major carriers are dropping out in some markets. about one in five consumers will be able to choose from only one provider. government numbers so about 2.5 million americans not currently enrolled could be eligible for subsidies to offset cost week. >> a big story. >> it is. a massive police search is underway this morning for an oklahoma man suspected of killing two people and wounding two officers during a violent crime spree. 38-year-old michael vance jr. appeared to taunt police posting live videos on facebook. omar villafranca is in wellston, northeast of oklahoma city whip the latest on the manhunt. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is where the initial shooting with police happened on sunday night.
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expected to be okay. now, police say vance was shot in the shoulder, but somehow managed to steal a police officer's truck, head down that road and allegedly kill his aunt and uncle, and along the way, he started posting videos to facebook live. >> this is more intense than i thought it was going to be. >> reporter: michael vance took to facebook from inside a stolen police pickup. authorities say he took the car after pulling a high-powered rifle on officerstt question him. >> the gentleman came out with an ak-47 and just opened fire on everybody. >> two gunshot victims shot in the leg and foot area. both patients are conscious. >> reporter: vance wanted on charges of child sexual abuse was also shot in the battle. >> let me tell you, it hurts. it sucks. >> reporter: then carjacked this man and his pregnant wife. >> got about right here. our car's parked right here. he's got an assault rifle.
7:14 am
shrapnel when vance opened fire. >> my boyfriend said, get down, get down. so i got done but had already been shot. >> reporter: at some point vance post add second video from inside another vehicle. showing off his rifle. >> letting y'all know, look, this is real. see? that's a [ bleep ] gun. >> reporter: authorities say vance made his way to the home of his aunt and uncle less than ten miles from the initial shoot-out with police. according to vance's arrest ronald w wilks and wounds found attempting to sever his head, and his aunt with multiple stab wounds. he has a medical condition and may try to spread sdreez. >> wah tount know what's up next? stay tuned to your local news. >> reporter: vance is still on the run. he's actually a suspect in
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from here. and because of those threats that he made on facebook live, some members of his family are in protective custody. charlie? >> omar, thanks. surveillance video captured a violent scene on temple university's campus in philadelphia. a mob attacked and beat college students friday. the teens had coordinated a meetup on instagram. a police officer also assaulted. officers say a 16-year-old punched a police horse in the face. a freak theme park accident in australia has killed four people overnight. it happened when a river rapids ride malfunctioned at dream world park on australia's east coast. american olympic gold medal runner matthew says he had just gotten off the ride minutes earlier. our australian partner is outside the park. jade, what happened? good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. so far we know there were two
7:16 am
victims in their 30s and early 40s. it's still unclear what caused the ride to break down. >> we are deeply shocked and saddened by this, and our hearts and our thoughts go to the families involved. >> reporter: horror at one of australia's most popular parks. police say just after 2:00 p.m. the thunder river rapids ride at dream world malfunctioned's two ejected from their structure. >> obviously, kids onboard screaming while their mom was like -- trapped under. >> reporter: staff park personnel tried perform first-aid on the victims before paramedics aprived. >> rying to determine how this tragic incident occurened add i am able to kweshl four adults lost their lives as a result of the incident. >> reporter: billed as a family-friendly ride, the thunder river rapids reaches
7:17 am
aen hour and sits riders as young as 2 years old. >> on the ride this morning, being quite a tame ride our kids would be fine with it or the australian prime minister promising a thorough investigation. >> theme parks are a place for family fun and happiness. not tragedy. >> reporter: the park will remain closed today with park officials working with authorities to establish what happened. police say they're not a o any other issues with the ride. norah? >> from australia, thank you so much. isis claims that carried out a deadly attack on a police academy in pakistan. at least 59 people were killed. officials say the gun battle lasted four hours and ended when the attackers detonated their suicide vests. isis posted this photo of the alleged gunman. the united states says progress in the american back offensive towards the iraq city of mosul will slow down as it
7:18 am
american officials say an area larger than new york city has already been recaptured from isis. holly williams shows the scene outside the town of bashqa, eight miles from mosul. >> reporter: up against a usual gorilla attack gorilla -- griuerrilla attack b retaken, it is uninhabited. its residents fled two years ago when isis first moved in. in contrast, around 1 million civilians in mosul and this is expecting a surge of refugees when the fighting moves into the city. meanwhile, isis is launching new assaults outside the territory it still controls. the extremist released a new video apparently showing an
7:19 am
sunday. about 200 miles west of baghdad, and that fighting is ongoing according to a u.s. official. the first week of the offensive has been the most intense wave of u.s. coalition air strikes since they began two uniques ago. dropping 1,700 munitions. but as the battle closes in on mosul city, launching air strikes will become more difficult without risking massive civilian casualties. for cbs "this morning," >> if you drive a new pickup truck be careful when it gets dark. a new study says headlights on
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>> announcer: this national weather report, sponsored by listerine. bring out the bold. some people in ohio say this campaign is driving them crazy.
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first ad? >> probably like 7:03. >> 7:03? >> yeah. >> that soon. >> yeah, that soon. yeah. >> minutes ahead we ask voters at the center of the battleground blitz if all of those commercials and phone calls are changing anybody's mind. the news is back in the morning right here on cbs "this morning." then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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long suffering indian fans say this it their year for the
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barack obama is the nickelback of presidents. >> obama couldn't negotiate getting a whopper without pickles. >> barack obama dances like how his jeans look. you know, this jeans thing. this is so many years ago. come on. my mom bought new conditioner and it sucks it isn't even conditioning my hair. i blame obama. barack obama, bro, do you even lift? well, i lifted the ban on cuban cigars. that's worth something. >> his timing is good. seems to have a lot of fun with mean tweets. techniques it all in stride.
7:31 am
ohio. the crucial battleground state flooded with political messages's we'll show you how voters there are responding. plus more than bragging rights, our stake in the world series. the cubs and indians will try to end generations of sports misery for fans ahead. how cleveland is ready to ride the wave of new-found success. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the "los angeles times" says congress knew two years ago about bonuses from u.s. national guard veterans but did not convene. a senior guard official in california says members of the state's delegation were told about it. the pentagon asked california guard members to pay back thousands of dollars claiming some bonuses were paid improperly. >> figure out a way to make that right. that is so wrong. >> i know. jan crawford first reported this yesterday, and you saw the presidential candidate weigh in on this issue.
7:32 am
both of them said, that's wrong. that's wrong. >> work that one out. time reports on the deadly toll of cigarette smoking. a new study says more than 167,000 cancer deaths in this country were caused by smoking in 2014. that's about 29% of total cancer deaths. >> the "new york times" reports on a shake-up in the justice department investigation into the death of eric garner. garner died in 2014 after a new york city police put him in a choke hold to subdue him. the "timsa investigators has been replaced with agents from outside new york. the overhaul could jump-start efforts to seek criminal charges. no charges were brought against the officer. and where presidential candidates are spending most of their cash. donald trump is reportedly focusing on nevada, colorado and florida. hillary clinton is spending more in nevada, florida and ohio. mark strassmann is in euclid, ohio, outside cleveland. some voters there stopped
7:33 am
mark, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. i mean, all the signs in neighborhoods like this one, trump, clinton, clinton, trump. a siege going on for weeks and those polarized by the candidates agree on one thing -- they're sick of it. >> that is not who we are as americans. >> reporter: on average, throughout ohio -- >> together we'll make america great again. >> reporter: ads for donald trump -- >> through the years >> reporter: or hillary clinton, run on local television every three minutes. >> you have to job. >> in hillary clinton's america -- >> this is my way of life. >> reporter: more than 54,000 of them since june. >> overwhelming with ads. overwhelming with calls. overwhelming with nonstop political stuff. >> reporter: linda merriam is a registered independent. bettie drake a democrat who leans conservative.
7:34 am
first ad? >> probably 6:03. >> reporter: and heard them all day long. >> yes. it's amoizing. >> reporter: turn off the tv? they've tried. [ knock on door ] >> reporter: these campaigns -- >> i work for the hillary clinton campaign. >> reporter: will hunt you down. you get calls all day long from numbers you don't recognize? >> right, yep. >> reporter: robocalls? >> robocalls. >> reporter: and then as if on cue -- this has been going on for a year -- [ phone what do you think that phone call was? >> i think a robocall. >> reporter: how often do you get these? >> every day. >> reporter: lots of campaign mail shows up. sometimes strangers stop by. >> from the clinton campaign. >> reporter: what did you do? >> actually my husband chased her away. >> i'm donald trump. >> and i approve this message. >> reporter: does this kind of blitz work? >> no. >> reporter: professor justin buickler teaches political science at case western university. >> which you have as many ads
7:35 am
marginal benefit of every additional ad is basically nothing. >> reporter: over the last four months the two campaigns spent more thanes 3 $$32 million in a. >> reporter: nothing anybody said changed your mind? >> no. >> reporter: a lot of noise for nothing. >> it is. >> a lot of noise for nothing. stays-wide clinton ads outnumber trump ad actually go for trump. linda merriam still thinking about it. much more focused on something else, the world series, game one right here in cleveland. game one. indian/cubs. >> relief from the game, however, my guess, political ads during that game given high viewership. >> and i bet they're all united on that one. thank you, mark. and cubs fans are gearing up
7:36 am
inside harry caray's in chicago. an early morning crowd is counting down to game one. >> well, that's an early -- >> wonder what they're drinking already? >> be ready by the time the game comes around. >> the cubs well-known record to futility stretches back more than a century and also generations since cleveland celebrated a world series win. inside cleveland's progressive field, home of the indians where fans are looking to work on a comeback year. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes. first pitch is expected to happen right there, after 8:00 tonight. but the world series isn't the only hot ticket in town. right across the street tonight, the cleveland cavaliers launch their new season after they receive their championship rings for the first nba title in franchise history. clevelanders are hoping the indians have similar good fortune. >> what's up, shelly? >> reporter: sports fans across northeast ohio. >> i felt good about this season all the way along.
7:37 am
series is a milestone. >> this is just the greatest week possibly in the history of cleveland sports. >> now like a regular sports town, you win a title every once in a while. >> reporter: this d.j. knows firsthand the misery that haunted the fan base over a half century saying the cavaliers winning an nba title -- >> it's over, it's over! the cavaliers are nba champions! cleveland's long sports nightmare has ended. >> reporter: and ending a 52-year-old chon helped change the attitude of the town. >> this city is going through a sports renaissance. >> reporter: it's a little different. isn't it? >> folks in town are getting used to the idea this town can win things. >> reporter: the last time they won a world series. 1948. 16 years later, the browns won the nfl championship. what followed, one of the longest droughts in professional sports history. >> the florida marlins have won
7:38 am
of heartbreaking moments. >> fumbled the ball and denver roved. >> puts the shot in the air. good. the game's over. >> i'm going to take my talents to south beach and join the miami heat. >> all of you! >> reporter: when hollywood came looking for an underdog baseball story, one team fit the bill. >> just a bit outside. >> we don't even expect you to be good, just watchable. >> reporter: comedian native mike is a long suffering sports fan. his youtube video satirizing seen by millions. >> the national perception of us we are sad here all the time because we don't have sports championships or haven't until recently. this is a great town. a great city. always has been. it's cool that the rest of the nation is catching on and seeing it and getting to look at it in a positive light. >> reporter: as you might imagine, tickets are hard to
7:39 am
$3,900. norah? >> wow. >> and what i hear, don, that's a steal. people want to go to this game. herd lebron james will send ice cream trucks to the cleveland park for people. you can't help but feel happy for both cities. both of them. such a long time coming. >> yeah, fun. >> and for those who live in new york and other places, a moment to recognize how great these cities are. >> yes. >> like cleveland. >> yes. >> sports does that. brings out the best in everybody. >> it does indeed. a new study shines a on how pickup trucks perform in headlight tests. ahead, how a watchdog group's ratings of lights could impact the way vehicles are built. and we invite you to subscribe to our new cbs "this morning" podcast on itunes and apple the podcast app. hear cbs "this morning" news correspondent holly williams and her team describe how they cover a war from the front lines. they explain what a reporter brings to war zones and the
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families. an important podcast.
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a new report this morning criticizes the performance of headlights on most pickup trucks. the insurance institute for highway safety looked up 11 pickups equipped with 23 different headlights options. it found just one earned top marks. another ranked kris van cleave is in washington with one of the trucks that received a poor rating. kris, good morning. >> reporter: women, good morning. the f-150 is one of the highest rated trucks for safety but when it comes to the headlights even with the l.e.d. option it was deemed inadequate in all test scenarios and there's concern about many of the vehicles the institute tested that in researchers' minds simply don't give enough light to a driver going freeway speed to spot an object down the road and avoid
7:45 am
the video on the top of your screen is a road lit by what the insurance institute for highway safety says is a well-performing headlight. s the l.e.d. optionen the 2017 honda ridge line. the bottom is from a 20916 chevy colorado with headlights that were rated poor and performed the worst of those tested. >> you probably shouldn't be driving faster than about 35 miles an hour with the low beams on this pickup. you don't have time to see what you need to see able to avoid a crash. >> good. we can begin testing. >> reporter: the first year the insurance institute tested headlight performance and has consistently found they underperform. out of 63 vehicles, mid-sized sedans, small suvs and now pickups with 152 different headlight options only two scored the top or good rating. the ridge line and the toyota prius v with the upgraded l.e.d.
7:46 am
they thought was a pretty good job designing the headlight but maybe not pay as much attention how it was installed, might not have been aimed properly. >> reporter: auto makers are listening now, says motor trend editor-in-chief ed lowe. >> they're going to have to change course and probably upgrade a lot of their products, because as this standard gets rolled in the safety protocol, it could affect sales. >> reporter: tom evans owns a dodge ram pickup. two of options scored poor. the other, margin'sal. evans uses fog lights to compensate. >> not as effective as they could or should be for being h.i.d.s that they are. >> reporter: ford tells cbs "this morning" safety is one of its highest priorities. fiat chrysler makes the ram and says the test does not align with regulatory requirements adding its vehicles meet or exceed those requirements.
7:47 am
said they are making changes and could be because next year to get the highest safety ranking possible the headlights have to perform well. gayle? >> headlights, it's a good thing. we all need good headlights at work. thank you, kris. ahead, have you ever driven a car at night and turned off headlights just to see what would happen? >> no, gayle. i haven't. >> i did that when i was younger. just to see. and you quickly turn them back on. young and foolish. >> the new cars, the high beam probing by itself. >> good information. >> still have that sense of adventure? >> no. gotten very boring in my old age. ahead why police need an escort. >> so flirtatious the way you asked that. did you feel that, gayle? did you feel that? >> yeah. i feel it. >> that same sense of adventure. why police need to escort a
7:48 am
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning. it's tuesday, october 25, 2016. welcome back to cbs "this morning." there is more real news ahead, including donald trump warning voters not to trust the polls. we'll look at his cbs news elections director anthony salvanto. first, here's today's "eyene-oper" at 8:00. >> clinton reluctant to draw too much attention to her gender but it flipping the script. >>al dond trump and his advisers don't believe in the polls's what they do believe in are large, enthusiastic crowds. >> didn't make up all of this? >> candidates not in the lead always talk how the poll, ron. their internal polls are bettern
8:01 am
better. >> that's what dukakis said. >> yes. >> fsorce still clearing bashiqa and up against the usual guerrilla attack used by . isis >> shot but somehow managed to steal a police officer the truck and started posting videos to facebook live. >> first pitch is expected to happen right there shortly after 8:00 tonight. >> the two teams have a combined 176 years without a championship. to put that in perspective, that is almost as l [ laughter ] >> president obama last week said that this year's election is like daunte's inferno. that's fine. as long as it doesn't turn into a disco inferno. ? >> no matter who wins, rhythm loses.
8:02 am
>> what music were they listening to? got it. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. election day is two weeks from today. early voting under way in more than 30 states. donald trump held a series of large rallies yesterday in florida, in another battleground state, hillary clinton campaigned in new hampshire. >> they attacked each other but also talked about specific policies they would fight for if elected. >> we're going to make affordable child care so nobody income for child care. we're going to work for paid family leave. >> tariffs on companies that outsource american jobs. the companies leave, they fire their employees. we're not going to let it happen any longer. >> we're going to close the loopholes. we're going to end the fact that millionaires can pay a lower tax rate than a nurse or a teacher or a police officer.
8:03 am
middle-class families. a big one. >> public colleges and institutions, tuition-free for any family making under $125,000 a year. >> and school choice, which the labor unions, the unions don't want to allow, and we're going to end common core and bring our education local. >> of course, i want you to vote for all of us, but more than that, i want you to vote for your hope for our future. >> there has never been a political phenomena like what we're doing right now, and we're all part of it, and we have to finish it off. so get out and vote. >> hillary clinton and donald trump will both campaign today in florida. we are near the end of an unconventional election, but as usual, the polls are becoming a bigger part of the story. the most's recent cbs news
8:04 am
over donald trump. in context, examined 40 years of cbs news polls to look at other races two to three weeks before the election. >> at this time back in 1976, jamie carter led gerald ford by five points. nothing compared to bill clinton in 1992. this 17-point advantage over then president george h.w. bush dwarfs hillary clinton's margin. in 2000, george w. bush led al gore by two points one. close of the elections in modern american history. eight years later barack obama held a comfortable lead over john mccain. and anthony salvanto is with us. the point is the cbs news polls have been pretty accurate. >> yeah. done okay. >> done okay. look, the trump campaign put out a memo yesterday. in part to raise money, were ut in it it said if trump wins new hampshire, colorado or pennsylvania, he could win the election and recent polls show him ahead in iowa, ohio, maine,
8:05 am
carolina. how does that memo square with the truth and data we've seen out there? >> he's down. down in most of those states and down on the electoral college overall but doesn't mean he's out. voters in polls tell you what they're going to do. we've seen it over history, over time. we find donald trump's voters are willing to talk about voting for donald trump. they're proud of it and telling it to pollsters. telling their friends and family and not shy about it. they're showing up. the other thing is, though, they say they think donald trump is talking about the issues and topics that he wants to talk about, not what they want to hear about. that's changing washington, the economy, a place to go -- >> no secret trump vote not showing up in polls? >> no. millions of dollars have come in. you see that he doesn't have a
8:06 am
most voters voted in past elections. they've talked about rallies a new set of voters to come out and vote for him. that hasn't shown up yet. >> when there is a change in the last two weeks generally what happens and what causes it? voters coming home to their natural political place? or is it some outside event? >> yes. coming home is a big part of it here. donald trump has been down with republicans relative to how well hillary clinton has done with democrats. she's got nine in ten democrats even after the whole sanders fight back and forth she's rallied her base. he has 20% of republicans, calling them the reluctant republicans. largely women, largely suburban women. running ten points down in state after state especially college educated women. reluctant to come to his side. if he can rally that base back to him then he gets a lot closer. >> so much talk after this race is over, hillary clinton has already won. isn't there a danger for her team to become overcomfort and
8:07 am
with the territory of being a pollster. both sides wants to say you're wrong. the winning side doesn't want their voters to be com plcom ple meplace -- complacent. a turnout ish i for hillary clinton. the democrats will rely on turnout. >> can he turn it around? >> can we talk about texas. >> sure. >> early voting begun. what are we seeing there? >> texas is a g exactly that kind of yu7 underperformance with college educated white voters, white men and women. donald trump is still winning them, but not by the margins republicans typically do. that's made this race close. >> and latinos? >> latinos who say they are very moat valuat motivated, can't wait to vote. >> within the margin of error? >> it is, but i'm not sure that
8:08 am
it gets but still that closeness tells a story, charlie. >> yes. interesting because i think that texas stays republican. but i do think it's interesting how that state could trend purple in upcoming presidential elections. >> right. >> start to tilt. >> like north carolina did. >> exactly. people thought that -- >> the texas girl and the north carolina boy. >> right. >> issues has matters series tomorrow looking at the supreme court under the next president. two favorite lawyers will be great. facingoff against each other in bush versus gore. the case that decided the 2000 election. and fewer choices when obama care open enrollment begins. the government says the cost of mid-level health plans next year increase by an average of 25%. that will hit consumers in 39 states. major carriers are dropping out in some markets. about one in five consumers will
8:09 am
provider. government numbers show about 2.5 million americans not currently enrolled could be eligible for subsidies to offset cost increases. >> we need a bigger understanding why this is happening. >> sure do. >> because the idea was not only to spread coverage around, but that by spreading the coverage around, not only help people get nor preventative care and bring costs down. instead, premiums are skyrocketing. >> what happened? >> and who's profiting on or the way the law set up, failed? an interesting story. >> true. the 8-year-old daughter of a california police officer killed in the line of duty received a moving escort when she returned to school. >> hi, vanessa! hi. how ya doing? >> good. >> good? >> good morning. look. all your uncles came to take you to school this morning. i want to introduce you to everybody here. come on.
8:10 am
father's fellow palm springs officers came to pick up vanessa veega calls themselves her uncles, her father, jose gil vega killed two weeks ago, just months from retirement. the officers took vanessa all the way to her class before saying good-bye and wishing her a good day. just a reminder of family and always looking ought for one another. >> always a human behind those stories. and just the fact they wanted to make sure she was okay. off to a good >> go vanessa. used to hearing too much salt in your food is a really bad thing. ahead, why the mineral is becoming popular therapy to help treat respiratory problems. >> here's an opportunity to be a little bit more pro active. maybe reduce the amount of medication that you're currently taking. reducing the amount of attacks. >> michelle miller goes inside a so-called salt room to look at its apparent benefits, and why
8:11 am
8:12 am
women, he sold about 300 million books across the world. ahead, author john grisham is in our green room with what inspires his new book exploring corruption and gambling. you're watching cbs "this morning." for millions of baby boomers there's a virus out there. a virus that's serious, like hiv, but it hasn't been talked about much. virus that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. that's because hep c can hide in your body silently for years, even decades, without symptoms and it's not tested for in routine blood work. if left untreated, hep c can cause liver damage, even liver cancer. but there's important information for us:
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8:14 am
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8:16 am
in today's "morning round" can salt help people with respiratory problems breathe nor easily? around 275 dry salt therapy rooms opened up in canada, too. advocates say they treat everything from colds to asthma. michelle mill sir in a salt room in dobbs ferry, new york, with what doctors say. michelle, never heard of a salt good morning to you. >> reporter: and neither did i before this story. good morning. well, people who run these salt therapy rooms take pure salt like this and grind it into tiny little particles to then circulate into rooms like this. well, they say it fights toxins and opens up the airways, but many medical professionals aren't quite ready to recommend this form of treatment to their patients yet. >> they just relax here and breathe in.
8:17 am
>> reporter: ellen patrick invited us into one of salt rooms she owns in the new york city area where salt covers the floor, lines the walls and flows through the air. her website claims halo therapy as it's known can help alleviate symptoms of a variety of conditions. >> asthma, copd, sinus infections, colds, flus. >> reporter: and what does salt do to impact that? >> salt has natural healing qualitieic antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-viral. >> reporter: pull monologists like this doctor often have patients inhale high concentrations of salt with a number beaux leiser. >> essentially it actually helps kind of clear sue kreegss and mucous from the air waives. >> reporter: the salt helps thin out mucous in air waives making it easier to cough out but warns people with asthma should check with their doctors before
8:18 am
increase the risk of an attack amongst some patients. >> i don't see a medical utility for this, and i do see potential for harm. >> reporter: what do you say to doctors who have raised a concern? >> well, i think they should -- doctors raising concerns should look at the studies. >> reporter: numerous studies overseas explored the benefits of halo therapy including one from israel earlier this month which found salt rooms may have some beneficial effects in mild asthmatic children. yet research in the u.s. is lacking. the american lung association reports there are no evidence-based findings to create guidelines for salt therapy. >> i've been doing this for about six months now. >> reporter: but for some with asthma, like antonio, the results are already in. >> it's helped the in terms of first activity, i've notice add difference. i don't get at winded as quickly. so it's definitely helped in
8:19 am
seeking treatments in the poll ash salt mines since the mid-1800s. these rooms are designed to simulate those. >> would you call this a form of alternative medicine? >> this is not alternative medicine. it's complementary medicine to be used in conjunction with your doctor's care and whatever medication you are currently using. >> reporter: so a typical visit to a room like this will cost you anywhere between $35 to for a session lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. there are even therapies open like this for children and they conduct yoga classes in some of these rooms, too. norah? >> a multipurpose room. >> yeah. do you feel like licking the walls, michelle? i love salt. >> reporter: i do taste a little salt in the air. >> i saw you laying on the bed. did it help you? did it help? >> reporter: ah, you know, i didn't spend that much time
8:20 am
so to speak. i cannot speak to it. >> all right. >> mental image. going to stick in my mind like gayle. >> i love salt. >> i love salt, too. >> it's bad for you. i know. >> i know. if you had to choose between salt and butter, which would you choose? >> oh, norah. >> oh! >> i know. that's good, right? >> melted butter. >> i know. nothing better. >> yes. >> love it. thank you, michelle. an 8-year-old boy is on a flood victims he had never met hundreds of miles from his hone. home, you're watching cbs "this morning." >> announcer: . >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
8:21 am
good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common,
8:22 am
ke symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist.
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8:24 am
an 8-year-old south carolina boy knows the power of giving. raised $4,000 for flood victims he inspired after seeing this picture after flooding in louisiana. cameron and his family drove to deliver the money, toys and supplies and ethan's mom was overcome. >> it's not every day that a kid -- wants to help. and your momma's raising you right. >> when you do good things --
8:25 am
remain friends forever. >> i believe it.
8:26 am
8:27 am
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>>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta.
8:30 am
? ah, ah ? ga, ga, oo-la-la ? >> going to do the super bowl what comes to your mind? >> hey, gaga. >> what's up? >> it's from the nfl. what are you doing early next year? >> oh, my gosh. are you giving me the super bowl? >> yes. amazingly you even knew that, from that little bit of information. ? oh-oh, oh-oh ? oh-oh-oh ? caught in a ? ah, ah- ?
8:31 am
on his wish list. see their full performance tonight on "the late, late show" right here on cbs. >> how many gazillion views is that going to get? >> to get lady gaga, fun. >> "saturday night live" had its highest rating when she was on? >> her and tom hanks. highest rating ever and it is laugh out loud fun pip haven't seen it, worth a look-see. >> a reason they booked her for the super bowl. >> that's right. welcome back to cbs "this morning." she's that good and more. coming up this half john grisham. studying casinos for his new book. hello, john grisham in the green room. you look like an ad for a life well-lived. you look great. somebody show john grisham's shoes, blue suede shoes. >> right. >> we'll discuss his new novel called "the whistler." >> he's from elvis country. >> nice. >> and actor dermot mulroney plays a surgeon in the new cbs
8:32 am
ahead, why he says the role is personal for him. and time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the "washington post" reports on tesla falling to near the bottom of a new survey on car's reliability. ranking 25 of 29. complaining about malfunctions, also concern about tesla's autopilot function. a tesla spokesperson said the company has resolves many issues since the survey was conducted. "the boston globe" tom brady's forceful domestic violence, rarely sharing personal views. initially suspending a player who abused his then wife for just one game. >> i grew up with three sisters, and i was very fortunate to learn from a loving father and a loving mother how to treat and respect women, and i have a daughter of my own, and domestic violence is a horrible issue. any type of abuse or bullying,
8:33 am
themselves, fise themselves, i have no respect for that. >> brady says the nfl should handle the issue and answer you know i'm a tom brady patriot fan, as you know -- >> others are speaking out about this. >> because it's a problem in the nfl. >> such a forceful manner. another reason for norah to love tom brady. >> we all love tom brady. >> we do. >> greatest quarterback of all-time. >> and any other player who speaks out on this. >> right. and a cleveland indian steve barton's some cubs fans holding on. chicago lost the 2003 pennant because partman reached for a foul ball a cubs' fielder might have caught. from chicago, grew up mere bartman and says, chicago should forgive mr. bartman and let him make the ceremonial first pitch. what are the chances of that happening, guys? >> i don't know. >> i like the idea of it. >> what time's the game start tonight?
8:34 am
studio. 8:00. >> good to know. john grisham considering a master storyteller, worldwide, sold about 300 million copies of his books since the "pelican brief" in 1992. grisham had 28 consecutive new york best-sellers, fiction. >> the next one called "the whistler" involving a crooked judge, gambling, millions in stolen cash. table. good morning. welcome, and you came with money. >> because we bet on the duke/carolina basketball game and he won. >> let's see it. >> a standing bet -- gambling a lot. going to casinos. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> i'll get it back. i'll get it back. >> hold it up. >> don't get -- >> real? >> don't spend it -- i have to take this with me, get it tested. >> your new book, you focused on
8:35 am
>> indian casinos gross more money that are regular commercial casinos. 250 around the country and some are massive, they're huge. they print money. and nobody -- >> that's a lot of cash. >> therefore -- >> 90% of all money is in cash and unregulated. nobody's watching. don't pay taxes, no oversight. not saying there's corruption, but a perfect storm for corruption. >> you thought what for this story? >> well, i wanted to write ab about -- i started character. i wanted to have a character who might be a recurring character. i can come back for future books, maybe. >> lacy stoll. >> like her. >> charged with investigating allegations of judicial corruption in the state of florida. every state has an agency that is charged with -- you know, that duty. she goes after crooked judges. there aren't many in this country. we have a very good record in this country. >> you're intrigued by the idea of corruption.
8:36 am
come on. this is a best-seller. thriller, suspense. you need corruption and somebody taking money, dead bodies. come on. >> there's a couple dead bodies. >> fiction. >> and a sexy, smart, determined investigator prosecutor. >> yeah. that's not easy for me to do. i have trouble -- >> you create the character or go to your wife and say, give me some help? >> i created the character but got a lot of help from her. >> renee always weighs in? >> yeah. sometimes more than she should. she pen and no shortage of opinions. go through that process every year, but always says i don't know how to write good, strong female characters. >> my point. >> i can't think like a woman, charlie. you know? it's not natural, but i tried, and i like lacy -- >> shakespeare could. >> i'm not shakespeare. >> he -- >> he didn't sell that much either. >> i like lacy, too. >> done good overall. >> and off your high horse or
8:37 am
>> i try to write two types of books. first, take an issue, wrongful convictions or the death penalty, whatever, and i weave a n novel around that. the readers gets caught up in the story and also the eschew a -- issue and maybe learns something. rene says, stop preaching, get off your soap box and just provide a legal thriller. pure entertainment. that's what "the no social issue involved. >> you like to do that? >> yeah. probably overdo that. can't be too intrusive with your politicians. >> what is this basketball? >> articles i prepared to say in this season everybody is ranked duke number one. realize, carolina will probably upset them at some point. >> charlie, i concede. you win the preseason. okay? we have playoffs in college basketball called march madness. the final four, tar heels there,
8:38 am
>> we have playoffs. wait until march. >> i don't want to bore the country. >> we have a standing bet on every game. >> okay. >> tar heels and blue devils. >> so because -- >> back to "the whistler." >> norah, because -- we're on the gambling casino. >>y love this book. >> how did you carry out your research? >> i got inside a casino. >> you did? >> yeah. fascinating. >> had to learn it? >> yeah. i had learned enough. how the cash comes in. how it's counted. >> yout >> count teams in a room with cameras zoomed in. professional cameras count the cash, there's so much of it and i think easy to skim some. rake it off to the side. there's just so much cash that comes into a casino. >> why are they different than casinos in las vegas or -- how? >> sovereign nations. >> i know that. why does that make them more profitable? don't have to pay taxes or because -- >> for sure. no taxes, that's a lot of money right there. no one knows how much they make.
8:39 am
understand changed after ppeopl weighed in. one way to go. heard from other people, rene and company, okay, give it another -- >> a major character who's not sufficiently taken care of at the end of the book, and that's the way i wrote it, and rerene -- >> what happens? >> rene wanted a different ed ending, so did my editor. i went back and changed it. >> don't give it away. >> i won't. a bet between you and charlie rose, i got to goh grisham. >> number 29. on the best-seller list. right? >> number one for the -- >> i mean, number one for the 29th time. >> that's what i meant, yes. >> hasn't hitting number one yet. we think it will be number one. >> it's going to be. >> i bet $100 it will hit number one. >> i'm not betting. okay? you already picked my pockets once this morning. >> congratulations. >> that's what we do here at cbs "this morning." help make things number one. >> my pleasure.
8:40 am
today. actor dermot mulroney play as surgeon in the new cbs drama "pure genius." mulroney is in our toyota green
8:41 am
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8:44 am
and the world is cold ? i will feel aglow just thinking of you ? and the way you look tonight ? >> ooh. that's actor dermot mulroney. starred opposite julia roberts in "my best friend's wetting" nearly 20 years ago. first acting role, "since of innocence" in 19 70 movies. mulroney returns to cbs in the new drama "pure genius" playing a surgeon enlisted by a tech billionaire to work in a cutting-edge hospital. >> you okay? >> knew scan of margo's heart. >> hmm. >> it's worse. i don't know if i can do it. >> you're the best there is. you'll nail it. >> this isn't programming a computer.
8:45 am
the tumor, and a million ways it could go wrong. my scalpel misses, puncture her heart. lost marge other and the baby. >> what if i could give you 1 million chances to get it right. >> wow? >> hmm. >> a nice clip to pull. >> yeah. all right. we welcome -- >> great. >> great to have you here. >> good morning. >> this is like a new play on a medical drama because you're in a tech community. >> yeah. the idea with "pure that this tech billionaire, our story, decided to use his money for the sake of good and opens a hospital for free and will take on anybody who's got an interesting case. so that we can -- integrate new technology and new medical apparatus and procedures, and so it's -- it's a show about the very cutting edge of medicine today. >> and the people who come there
8:46 am
>> yes. usually they're a hard case of some sort or something that's interesting to us as doctors, or the, the sort of tech billionaire who's trying to change the world. >> notice he says, "us" as doctors? >> yeah, well, we have -- >> first time you played a doctor. >> it is, and i'm having a great time doing it and i say us, because we are a team of doctors and an ensemble test i'm having a thrill working with. >> trying to figure out the tech parse of me thinks he's an arrogant jerk and the other part a really good guy trying to do good. is that what you want the audience, go back and forth? >> part of what makes the show interesting, for certain. he'll draw you in, but you're not sure you want to be there. augustus plays james bell. we become great friends. in the episode of our first season i think that very question becomes really fascinating and less whether you
8:47 am
>> i love the tech part of 9 show. everything that happens there is really real. there are real illnesses, real diseases, but fascinating to see how you incorporate detechnolog in the show. >> i want to do what i saw in "pure genius." >> i guarantee you, this will happen. on thursday night at 10:00 for the foreseeable future, and friday morning people are going to be calling their doctor saying, hey, can we get that for my grandma. >> i believe >> and katehams is it? >> yeah. >> the idea came from his own experience in a hospital with his wife? >> yes. i believe, and his father as well, and just as far as i'm concerned, jason kateham is the best or one of the best that pulls people's characters in out in this stories. known for parenthood" friday nid lights" and many other successful shows. we're in great hands and you're,
8:48 am
medical drama and intrigued by the tech angle, but really what you'll be watching is human stories with these great characters that he's created. >> can we talk about you coming back to cbs? because you started here 30 years ago's show that picture of when you were younger. love what you just said to your wife. dermot said, hey, babe, look at me. >> yeah. >> that's when i was young. a great shot. >> there we are. 22 years old. just -- just fell off the turnip truck and cbs said, come on, you , only took them 30 years to have me back. so -- >> did you get tingly when you walked into the cbs building? >> i really did. obviously it's a privilege to be here today with, with you. so -- and i can say it, cbs has really taken this show under their wing and given us a great deal of resources and great actors that come in to guest star and we're really thrilled by the way the production's going. >> and you're also in "mozart in the jungle."
8:49 am
season, for which they won the golden globe. >> a surprising -- >> it is. >> there's a clip here. you see i'm -- >> you actually play the cello? >> i'm a cellist. you see this, that's me, pre-recorded. i'm playing back to myself, basically. and i play a famous world renowned cellist, and then appear again. >> and he can actually play. >> do you get cast in a role like that do they say they' or by chance? >> came about somewhat organically. i know the guys who run the show, roman and jason. known for years and years. >> we want to push your show, m >>hursday night at 10:00, cbs, right here, the finest medical
8:50 am
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the broadway smash hit is coming to washington, d.c. and we have a special live performance. >> and show is taking over washington, d.c. and meagan is live in the stables with a live look. >> this is great day
8:59 am
washington. >> we are. i'm racking my brain on what i should be for halloween. are you going to dress up for the show? >> it tonight matter because i've finished my first bag of halloween candy, i did it all by myself. it didn't take me one day, it was one week. i need to buy another bag. >> i think maybe i should be a did -- you're going to be and panda, i want to be someone popular, i'm going to be popular, i always wanted to be a popular. what's my costume? it's a surprise, you're going to have to find out. >> i was going to try to be beyonce and i couldn't find the jump suit and the good hair and i thought people won't like me. but, my dog, he'll be a
9:00 am
every year, i spent $40 on the costume. >> great inspiration there. you're going to be a pumpkin, i was like that last year, what's going on mom? >> leslie my little boy will be a construction worker. >> you didn't do your costume yet? >> i'm putting it together. >> you are? >> i'm putting it together. >> chris that is what you're going to do. >> you didn't say okay fine. you said i'm going to -- whatever that word was. >> halloween is less than a week away. you might be thinking not only about your costume like me, but one for your pet. but, there is chile, that's march cothe pumpkin. these are some of our viewers' pets in their costumes. very fashionable for the


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