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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. and thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. two weeks from today, americans will decide between hillary clinton and donald trump. for president. early voting is already begun in florida where both candidates are campaigning today. this is trump's second day in
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close the polling gap that has him three points behind clinton in the sunshine state. [ applause ] >> reporter: donald trump touted the diversity of his employees outside of his doral golf course in florida tuesday morning. >> 80% of them are hispanic. [ cheering and applause ] s. >> there are his third straighted day in the strait and early voting is already underway. the moms are packed. >> nobody knows how they're voting but they seem to have trump stickers and trump hats >> reporter: roughly 57% of florida's vote is expected to come from early voting. and 1.2 million ballots have been cast already. trump needs florida's 29 electoral votes but to get there he needs to win back republican holdouts. >> he's still got this 20% of republicans that call them the reluctant republicans. largely women, largely suburban women. >> reporter: hillary clinton is calling for civility in making her pitch to those reluctant
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respectfully. we have disagree without being disagreeable. >> reporter: but massachusetts senator elizabeth warren campaigning with clinton attacked trump in new hampshire monday. >> he thinks that because he has a mouthful of tic-tacs that he can force himself on any women within groping distance. [ booing ] i got news for you donald trump. women have had it with guys like you. >> reporter: chintop will also be campaigning in florida this afternoon. th her with a three point lead over trump in the state. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> the trump cap pain may say -- campaign may say it's defendant they will bin with you now -- confident they will win but now having to defend traditionally republican states. mike pence will be campaigning in the republican stronghold on utah thursday after polls there showed trump with just a narrow lead. and here's a quick look at what some of you have to say about the election on social media.
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the first woman president. and ctp hillary writes real donald trump lost 1 billion dollars running a casino? can you really trust him to run tremendous? finally a -- country? finally a tweet -- we'd love to hear what you think. hop on to one of our wusa9 social media pages and join the conversation. your conversation. students across the country have picked their next president in a mock election. they've correctly predicted the winner for nearly a quarter century. the student broadcaster channel 1 news held the nationwide mock election with nearly 300,000 students casting their ballots. since 1992, fourth through 12 grade voters have accurate lit predicted the outcome. what makes the students so good as predicting the winner? >> i think young people in
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their parents vote and their community votes. it's been an unpredictable election. >> in the end students chose hillary clinton over donald trump 47% to 14%. the top concerns? terrorism, education and gun control. the fierce battle to regain control of mosul from isis could take weeks, maybe months. u. n. officials say it depends on how much resistance they face from the 3,000 to 5,000 militants believed to still be hi. holly williams is with troops in northern iraq taking on isis. >> reporter: kurdish forces are still clearing the city just over there. and they're up against the usual isis guerilla tactics, homemadic motionives and tunnels and suicide bombers: like most of the towns and villages retaken so far, it's uninhabited. its residents fled two years ago when isis first moved in.
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million civilians in mosul. and this region is expecting a surge of refugees when the fighting moves into the city. meanwhile, isis is launching new assaults outside the territory it still controls. [ sound of gunfire ] flush the extremists have released a new video apparently showing an attack on the town on sunday. that's about 200 miles west of baghdad be that fighting is ongoing according to a u.s. official. the first week of the mosul intense wave of u.s. coalition air strikes since they began two years ago. dropping 1700 munitions. but as this battle closes in on mosul city, launching air strikes will become more difficult. without risking massive civilian casualties. holly williams, cbs news, near mosul. iraq has asked turkish troops to leave since they were not given permission to enter
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is refusing insisting it will play a role in retaking mosul from isis. one person and a gunman are dead after a workplace shooting in roanoke. three others were hurt when shots rang out just after 6:00 this morning. authorities say the gunman was either a current or former employee at the freight car america plant. right now police are sweeping the facility looking for explosives. prince george's county police are investigating a robbery near the university of maryland. it happened on around 11:30 p.m. a woman who does not attend the university says she was walking down the street when three men ambushed her threw her to the ground and took off with her belongings. the men then got into a car last seen driving west on calvert road. the victim suffered minor injuries. the woman portray in the now discredited "rolling stone" mag seen story says the account of her rape described in the article is what she believed quote to be true at the time.
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she was having trouble remembering the details of her assault because she has post- traumatic stress disorder. she told "rolling stone" she was gang raped by seven men at the university of virginia as part of a frat initiation. a police investigation later found no evidence to back up jackie's claims. as halloween inches closer, authorities say it's important to stay safe while trick-or- treating. the sex offender registries for the district, maryland and virgia offenders organized by county, zip code and types of offenses. that way you can know which houses to avoid to have a fun and safe halloween. a man is dead and the suspect still out there after a home invasion in montgomery county. it happened just before 10:00 last night in a single family home in gaithersburg. mikea turner was at the scene today where homicide detectives were investigating. >> reporter: this is the home here where motorcycle county police say -- montgomery county
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and left. police got a call about a shooting monday night at this home in the 7900 block of muncaster mill road. when they got there they found a man inside suffering from a gunshot wound. police say he passed away before he reached the hospital. his killer is still on the loose and that makes neighbors like william fall who lives by nervous. he just moved across the street a week ago. >> i just moved last sunday. and -- you know, i i bought, this house -- i asked if everything was okay. they told me yes. it's a good neighborhood. you know, i don't know if i'm staying here or not. >> reporter: it's still very early in the investigation. anyone with information is asked to contact montgomery county police. reporting from montgomery county, mikea turner, wusa9. >> and at this point, county police tell us they're still working to find the gunman. now this is october weather. breezy and cool. however, we may be in for a
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here's first alert meteorologist howard bernstein tracking our forecast. >> yeah we're going to be all over the place the next six, seven days, today kind of typical october day. the breezes have been gusting over 0 miles per hour at times -- 30 miles per hour at times and noontime temperatures in the 50s and even a few spots at 63-degrees like national. i don't think too much warmer because some cooler air is moving in and you can almost see the clouds that are just inching down out of pennsylvania in toward northern maryland. the breeze today but as high pressure builds in, the winds will go light to near calm tonight. and that'sng cold night. in fact temperatures today topping out in the low 60s and upper 50s by 6:00 and low 50s by 9:00. overnight lows in the 30s and 0s. north and west of us, west of the blue ridge, frederick county, i-70 north, that's a freeze watch for torrent. that's a frost -- tonight. that's a frost advisory on the eastern shore. if you have any plants you care about that are sensitive, cover them up or get them inside. we'll come back and talk about
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like septemberlike weather for the coming weekend. get that forecast anytime anywhere on the wusa9 app. please download it if you haven't. andrea? thanks howard. coming up, authorities are trying to figure out what caused an amusement park ride to break down sending passengers flying from their seats and killing four people. [ sound >> but first, a passenger takes pot shots at a police officer during a wild late night chase. next, what sparked the shooting
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shots fired. >> hard to believe but no one was hurt during the run and gun police battle that was caught on camera.
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the driver of the white suv when the passenger in the suv started shooting. the officer had a civilian passenger in his cruiser who was just along for the ride. the lieutenant says the gunman fired more than a dozen shots. >> three rounds at the vehicle. two of them hit the windshield. and the third round struck the rear passenger tire. which blew it out and that's kind of how the vehicle got disabled can couldn't continue -- and couldn't continue. >> with that still no one was hurt but the suspec away. they could face attempted murder charges once police catch them. so what was supposed to be a fun time outing turned deadly when a ride malfunctioned at an amusement park on australia crease east coast. jade codic from the australian partner network 0 is outside -- 10 is outside the park with the latest. >> we are deeply shock asked saddened by this and our hearts
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australia's most popular parks. just after 2:00 p.m. the thunder river rapids ride at dream world malfunctioned. another two caught inside the structure and two were ejected from the raft. >> and obviously the kids on board screaming while their mum was like trapped under. >> reporter: park personnel tried to performing first aid on the victims before paramedics arrived. >> we are now working together with the park to try and determine how this tragic incident has occurr. this point that four adult persons have lost their lives as a result of the incident. >> reporter: still the family- friendly ride, the thunder river rapids reaches speeds of just under 30 miles an hour. and accepts riders as young as 2 years old. >> probably the first ride we went on this morning, we thought a tame ride and our kids would be fine with it. >> reporter: australian prime minister turnbull promised there would be a thorough
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for family fun. and happiness. not tragedy. >> reporter: the park will remain closed today as park officials work with authorities to establish exactly what happened. but police say they're not abare of any other -- aware of any other issues with the ride. >> that was jade codic reporting from outside dream world park in australia. there have been several incidents at that park that have required first responders. including a helicopter crash and a ride that got stuck midair. well, it may be the helicopterlike aircraft in america. now there are plans to destroy the gyrocopter the florida man landed on the u.s. capitol lawn last year. capitol police say the aircraft will be in the garbage heap within weeks. douglas hughes was forced to forfeit if copter when he pleaded guilty to operating it without a license. he was sentenced to four months in prison forfeited property can be sold but capitol police say it would have been inappropriate to sell the
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group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on the police training center there. more than 30 police trainees were killed and another 100 people were wounded. it happened in the city of queta near the border of afghanistan. officials say one attacker was killed by security forces. another two detonated explosives. it appears the suspected killer on the run is using his facebook page to taunt police hot on his trail. michael vance is afternooned for the kill relatives and shooting two oklahoma city police officers. both officers are expected to survive the shooting which happened sunday. he allegedly took off in their patrol car and he's also suspected of shooting a fifth person at a convenience store yesterday. police in portland, maine riased a man -- arrested a man dressed as a tree. they say he is 30-year-old asher woodworth and he's charged with obstructing the public way after he blocked traffic at a major
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reportedly said he just wanted to see how people would react. okay. several hundred dollars may not seem like a lot of money, but for nearly 90 students at an american elementary school in southern iowa, it meant they could eat lunch again. that's because a local businessman dug into his own pocket to pay overdue lunch balances, what inspired jeremy fenton to be so generous? >> you know, my mortgage is paid off. i've got a little i'm not you know, a rich person. but i have some extra and i thought well, you know, it's good. it's giving back to people. i find it hard to believe that in this day and age that there are kids that go hungry. and it's just unfathomable to me that should even happen in this day and age. >> pot only does his donation cover the overdue balances he gave a little extra to make
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time to catch up financially. good samaritans. >> you know a little the -- little acts can mean so much. >> like we have the youngster who saw the picture of another child in louisiana suffering from the flooding. who raised nearly $4,000 in his parents' drove 800 miles to give them toys and donations and whatever. this is the stories we love to tell. >> they inspire all of us we would hope. hey weather-wise let's tell you about the allergy index. we deal with them at times. you know the mold is not bad as we look at it you can see and we got low on the tree pollen and grass is absent and weeds but the mold is moderate. the reason is all the decaying leaves. so the fall leaves is pretty as they are, do end up conspiring to produce mold spores here. all right, our day planner, sunny and breezy and perhaps a few more clouds well north of us and northern maryland. temperatures topping out in the lower 60s here and then we'll fall into the 50s by oh 6:00, 7:00. by the way next weekend, as we get to the second sunday i
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go back, we were falling back to standard time. weather headlines on this sunny tuesday afternoon. frost and freeze in spots tonight. that will be north and west and showers by thursday afternoon. so we'll go with the yellow weather alert for thursday afternoon. and evening. breezy and dry on friday. and the final weekend of october? 60s and sever. yeah there's -- 70s. yeah there's a chance of a shower later on sunday but it's going to be mild. eastern shore you have a frost advisory west of the blue ridge and generally i-70 north. that's a freeze watch have some damage to some sensitive plants, frost also. if it's not going to be a freeze warning it will likely be a frost advisory. some cloudiness in pennsylvania and been a few sprinkles here and now just drifting down into areas mostly north of interstate 70 here in maryland. and a few into the mountains. otherwise lots of sunshine. and a very pretty afternoon breezy though and temperatures are running from the mid 50s in hagerstown to 60 in cull pupper and d.c. is 61 and waldorf 56 and we have 58 in prince
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the clouds in the north. 61 in town and winds are gusting at 0 at national. -- 20 at national. definitely will be a breezy afternoon. lots of weather for the central and western u.s. this will be bringing us that shower threat here as we get into thursday. and with the storminess out west that's going to force the warmth here by the weekend. in the short-term high pressure builds in and we'll have a calm night in most spots tonight. that's why chilly and then tomorrow a few more clouds in the afternoon. after a sunny start looking pretty good out there. into thursday this is when the clouds increase and by afternoon and evening notice the showers here. yeah that was some snow early on well across northern pennsylvania and new york state. this should be clearing out of here by thursday night. our forecast then the next three days including today? 62 this afternoon. sunny breezy can cool can be -- and cool. low 30s in the outer suburbs. 509 on wednesday. a few more clouds in the afternoon than the morning. and then thursday, afternoon and evening showers. could even get a rumble of thunder 64.
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breezy. 70 on saturday i think mid 70s on sunday with the late shower threat. and halloween still looks pretty good with highs in the upper 60s. sting around, we've -- fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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topping today's health alert, new research in jana's internal medicine shows cigarettes contribute to more than one in four cancer deaths in the united states. the rate highest among men in southern states where smoking is more common in tobacco control policies are less strict. the american cancer society found the highest rate is among men in arkansas. kentucky had the highest rate among women at 9%. the lowest rates were in utah.
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aftermath of a natural disaster. researchers found that relocation to temporary shelters after a major disaster can speed up cognitive decline among vulnerable people. we will have one final check of the forecast, fall-
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, montgomery county police search for a killer who shot a man during a home invasion. red line riders will soon be impacted by the nest round of metro's work and a brand new k- 9 team has a great first day on the job. looking pretty good this afternoon. just a little bit breezy ask controller tomorrow some afternoon -- and cooler tomorrow and some afternoon
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the weekend. though 70 to 75 and still nice on halloween. i think we could have a shower later sunday, sunday night. >> that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00. until then, have a great afternoon. we'll see you tomorrow. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comme ] fferently. we guarantee to make switching easier. here's justin, one of our techs. wow. you're right on time. he showed up on time, as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. okay, you guys are all set. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake?
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