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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. i'm andrea roane. thank you for joining us. in campaign 23016 with -- 2016 with 13 days left hillary clinton is celebrating her 69th birthday today at a get out the vote rally in florida where donald trump holds a narrow lead.
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ceremony for his newest luxury hotel on pennsylvania avenue in the shadow of the white house. and this evening he travels to north carolina. we got the latest now from craig boswell. >> reporter: donald trump is opening his brand new luxury hotel here in washington, d.c.. the morning ceremony at trump international hotel also provided a stage for some protestors. >> it's up to the trump organization who gets to stand on this public plaza. >> reporter: trump's sh comes as early voting is underway in many states. >> there are 13 days left. most americans are going cast their votes on election day. and we never are going to win this election because enthusiasm, momentum. >> reporter: the new hotel is less than a mile from the white house but the route from here to the oval office could go through florida. >> the path would be much harder without florida and that's why you are going to see him but we're going to win florida so it's not even part of the calculation. >> reporter: the latest poll in
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lead is within the survey's margin of error. hillary clinton has two stops in florida today. where she's urging supporters to take advantage of the early voting. >> it's going to be a close election. pay no attention to the polls. don't get -- don't get complacent. because we've got to turn people out. >> reporter: clinton's staff surprised her with a cake to celebrate her 69th birthday. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> and secretary clinton early birthday gift last night from adele. the british singer who is not a citizen and can't vote urged florida voters to support clinton. clinton just happened to be attending the concert when adele gave her the endorsement. donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame was destroyed this morning by a man dressed as city construction workers wielding a sledge hammer and pick ax. it happened on hollywood boulevard near the dolby theater. his star was dedicated in 2007 and police are investigating
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any arrests. this is the latest in a string of attacks on trump's entertainment star. before you head to the polls on election day, make sure you know the rules when it comes to taking selfies. experts say the ballot box selfie could create problems in the upcoming election season because in some states it's illegal. take justin timberlake for example. he posted this picture to instagram after voting in memphis. problem is, taking photos in polling places in tennessee is forbidden. to the concept of the secret ballots. people are not going to bribe you to vote one way or the other because you can't prove that's how you voted. the danger is vote buying and vote coercion. >> at least 18 other states have laws that ban it. in some states the laws are unclear or allow for pictures of mail-in ballots. in d.c., pictures are discouraged but there's no ban. ballot selfies are legal in virginia and maryland the issue there is unclear.
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information in virginia, maryland and district download the free wusa9 app. new at noon, a nanny in prince george's county is arrested in connection with the death of a baby girl. 66-year-old lorime vodosa faces charges of first degree murder and first degree child abuse. she was caring for the infant on monday and that's when police say the child was rushed to the hospital after becoming unresponsive. asphyxiation and ruled a homicide. d.c. police want you to take a good look at this video and see if you recognize this person of interest in an attempted armed robbery. it happened last thursday at the wells fargo bank on pennsylvania avenue in southeast. the man pass a note demanding money while stating he has a gun. then he pulls out a semiautomatic before running away. no money was stolen. we're told the person of
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6'0" tall and was seen wearing a dallas cowboys' baseball cap. calling it unacceptable, defense secretary ashe carter has suspended all efforts to collect reimbursement from california national guardsmen who may have received incentive bonuses improperly. as brook silva-braga reports the move is the first in a series of actions to ensure fair treatment to the guard members. >> reporter: defense secretary ash carter announced a pause in the pentagon's effort improperly given to some california national guard members. writing while some soldiers knew or should have known they were inohm jill for benefits they were claiming many others did not. we will have a process that puts as little burden as possible on any soldier who received the at the same time. during the wars in afghanistan and iraq, soldiers were offered incentives to reinlist.
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most 6500 california guard soldiers for repayment. about $2 million has been collect -- $22 million has been collected so far. >> it's dumbfounding. >> reporter: robert richmond served in afghanistan and iraq. when he didn't pay back the bonus hi says the guard reported the debt to credit agencies. >> it felt like betrayal and i want nothing more than to not resolve it for myself but for every soldier that's got that letter. >> ryan said it was an injustice. the house committee announced an investigation and congress is promising to pass legislation to help. the pentagon's decisions on each case are due in july. brook silva-braga for cbs fuzz, new york. -- news, new york. >> many of you on social media thinks this stinks, kimberly tweets -- dirty ginger writes --
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can screw over our veterans even more. wait, i know. military bonus. and finally, skdavis tweeted unspeakable outraging over learning of military bonus clawback. how is this possible? stop the insanity. we'd love to here what you think. you can go to any of the wusa9 social media pages and join the conversation. a man is dead after being hit by a u-haul in northeast washington. it happened overnight at the intersection of and fourth street. we're told the driver of the u- haul stayed on the scene. no word on the victim's identity at this hour, we are working right now to get more information on exactly what happened. the two men seen here brawling on a boat head to court today. you may remember this now viral video. the incident happened while they were out on maryland's chop tank river. the fight apparently broke out when one of the men removed an antenna attached to the rental boat and hit the other man with
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the fight caused $3,000 in damages and both men are charged with assault. a big agreement is in the works that will mark a major milestone for the old walter reed medical center site in northwest. the u.s. army is set to transfer 66 acres to the district allowing for construction to begin on the development project. d.c. mayor bowser is set to sign the agreement at a ceremony at 1:00 today. also beginning today, bikes are banned at arlington national cemetery. it's a big disappointment for those who love to ride in the cemetery but hilary lanes reports. >> reporter: now there's an exception to the rule. if you have family members who are buried at the cemetery, you are allowed to bike through. you just need an official pass every time you visit. if you're just biking through for fun, you'll no longer be able to do that. >> we're here and don't have a car. so our -- our mode of transportation is the metro or bikes. >> reporter: so when mike and
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beauty of arlington national cemetery, there's only one way to do it. on their bikes. >> hadn't been through the cemetery and thought it would be a historic and a memorable place. >> reporter: but beginning today, they'll no longer be able to ride their bikes through the cemetery. bikes are now banned. making mike feel -- >> a little sad. >> reporter: officials say some bicyclists who ride through the cemetery have been disturbing grieving family members. around 30 funerals take place at the cemetery each day. authorities alay and people share the same roads which could be dangerous. >> their rules were made for with reason. >> so we respect that. >> reporter: and there was another rule that goes into effect today at the cemetery, pets are no longer allowed on the property. in the newsroom, hilary lane, wusa9. >> not everyone is happy about the new rules. the petition is circulating online asking for the army to reopen the cemetery to bikers.
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this is some of the coldest weather we've had so far this season. meteorologist howard bernstein is here with your first alert forecast. and the alert about a freeze we had last night. upper 0s in a few spots like warrenton and martinsburg. >> 41 in town and the diehard runners and bikers will tell you it's hardly ever too cool. so these temperatures this morning maybe but this afternoon is fine. we're in the 50s and most spots. tracking the storm system bringing rain to chicago and detroit. and columbus our north but tomorrow it's going to be this front which brings us a chance for some rain showers in the afternoon and evening. so tomorrow is going to be yellow weather alert day. we'll be fine in the morning. temperatures now, still holding on to 49 in reston and we're up to 53 at dulles and at national and college park. north beach is 54 with up in rockville a comfortable 53 degrees. so this afternoon, mid upper 50s. might see 60 in one or two spots but sunshine fading
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and the winds are fairly comfortable too. 5 miles per hour give or take. tomorrow morning we have some clouds. in the afternoon the showers develop here. and that could impact the afternoon rush and in the evening plans and you can actually get a look at that futurecast along with our videocast and our news coors anytime anywhere on the wusa9 app. i hope it's an the smart phone. thanks howard. coming up, how living if big cities could have an adverse impact on your heart's health. but first, terrorist fears. find out isis extremists could be among
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the news at noon tonights with the war on isis -- continues with the war on isis. they are deploying around suburbs of mosul ahead of a push to retake the city from isis. as holly williams reports if northern iraq, u.s. led -- from northern iraq, u.s. led troops are moving civilians away from
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mosul, these -- micelle, these forces have the town surrounded. these refugees are fleeing a nearby village. where they lived under isis for two years. [ speaking foreign language ] >> they deprived us of everything said this man. there was only praying. getting up and praying and that's it. >> reporter: around 9,000 people have fled their homes since this offensive began according to the u. n.. there are fears aly isis fighters could use the exodus to escape or launch terror ait cans. -- attacks. at this camp, housing some refugees from mosul, they separate the men on arrival to interrogate them. these men told us they welcome it because they fled here to be safe. but ahmet who came from the south is accused of being an isis fighter. [ speaking foreign language ] he admits his father and two
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but ad a .that he did not -- adamant that he did not. why did you know now? whiny -- flee now? why not before? >> we heard there was an amnesty for people even if they had family members in isis he said. so i came to find out. >> reporter: he will only be allowed to join the other refugees if he can prove that he's innocent. planting its fighters among desperate people in order to wreak for violence is a tactic that isis will find hard to resist. holly williams, cbs news, northern iraq. >> vickry is key to iraqi forces because that's what isis makes the chemical weapons it uses in its attacks. a carjacker's harrowing run from capture ends violently and it's all caught on camera in las vegas. it happened last week but officials just releases the video to the public. it shows javier moon owe attacking a woman -- moon owe attacking a -- munoz attacking a woman and then driving off
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another car dealership to steal another car and is fatally shot by place. two women stealing if a church this anaheim, california. it happened during last sunday's sermon. the pair walked away with $300, a check $300 which was a donation for the family of a former pastor who died a few weeks ago. and we're learning new information about a deadly theme park accident in australia. we told you about this yesterday. authorities are now saying two killed. four people did die in the accident at the dream world park. park footage shows a ride was ending when two rafts collided. police say one slipped backwards and tossed some riders backward on to a conveyor belt. the two children who shared the raft with the victims were thrown clear. they managed to escape. >> in terms of how they escaped. maybe through the providence of god or somebody. but it seems from what i've seen, almost a miracle that
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for anything i'm thankful for that. >> police say dream world will remain closed as a crime scene for two or three days. charges could follow including criminal negligence. it appears the world's first driverless beer delivery was a success. anheuser busch sent the tractor- trailer full of 45,000 cans on a journey thousand colorado -- through colorado all by itself. it traveled 120 miles with the professional truck driver on board just in case. the an driving technology more often in the future. colorado transportation officials believe driverless cars could reduce the number of traffic fatalities. >> in the future where cars and trucks can drive themselves i they'ren is going to be safer -- i think everybody is going to be safer. >> aside from a human driver in the cab of the truck, colorado state police also escorted the rig on its delivery and what did you say about this story howard? >> i'll drink to that. >> let's hope it reduces traffic accidents too. >> that's a really important
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if they're not going to be distracted and not get tired. >> it's certain weather conditions probably not advisable. because you've got the other drivers who are still out there. >> exactly but i think once they get to level five autonomy and you read up on that, yeah i want one. so -- >> okay all right. you want the weather, the heater turned on in your car. a little bit. little cool out there but you know for late october we could be doing a whole lot worse. here's a look at the morning lows because andrea you asked about them earlier. temperatures down in the montgomery there was a hard frost up by us. and temperatures down to 0 in gaithersburg -- 30 in gaithersburg and frederick and also manassas. south and east we stay barely above freezing although look at cambridge they got into the freezing mark and really not a bad afternoon at all. michael & son weather camera looking good. but generally sunny out there with a few high clouds mix in from time to time. upper 50s to might be 60 in one or two spots this afternoon. and then 50s this evening. we won't be nearly as chilly
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now tomorrow, those clouds will end up producing a few showers in the afternoon and evening. tomorrow is going to be yellow weather alert day. behind that system, breezy and mild and dry on friday. back 60, 65 in that range. warm, 60s and probably 70s both saturday and sunday for the weekend with a chance of a shower sunday. and right now monday, halloween day that looks sweet. around here. with temperaturens well into the 60s. right now 53 in town and we have 50 martinsburg and 55 down in on the oakland still 45. but generally a fairly nice day out there. with that 53 as i said at national. one thing too the winds east northeast only 3 miles an hour. so a nice light wind. two systems i'm tracking, this one on the west coast. another big storm here. last time we had a big storm on the west coast we had the 70s right? got really warm. well, that's going to happen again over the weekend. this system though that's what's coming for tomorrow afternoon. so on the futurecast, clouds from time to time this afternoon. well, you know limit the
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to rain. tomorrow morning, we start out mostly cloudy and stay mostly cloudy: we'll be okay i think through midday and then in the afternoon some showers develop. come across us in a few waves into the evening hours can then by -- and then by midnight if not sooner we'll clear out from the north and west. can that will bring in the drier air still seasonably cool on friday. our forecast then the next three days, today. 59 degrees. pleasantly cool. winds you know east northeast at about 5, 7 miles per hour. no big deal there. 40s tonight. not30s but the -- 40s with the clouds around. tomorrow dry start some afternoon showers and 65. friday 64 but the sun will be out and it will be a little breezy. the weekend, saturday looks awesome. temperatures 74 and could be an afternoon shower sunday and right now monday looks nice. highs in the upper 60s and back november starts with a high of 74. and we'll be back with more in
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topping today reese health alert experts linked pollution to hearted disease. a new study in the american heart association journal suggests that tiny pieces of solid or liquid pollution can damage blood vessels, they tracked 72 healthy nonsmoking ad from car -- winters and found the pollution increased their risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes. researchers working on an experimental drug for alzheimer's disease say it's preventing inflammation in the brain linked to the disease. the drug known as ntrx 07 also removes abnormal protein clumps that can cause inflammation and
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rubbed inside a newborn's mouth an hour after birth can lower the baby's risk of low blood sugar. nearly one in three infants at risk which raise a risk of impaired nervous system development. currently doctors treat it with formula which can make it harder to establish breast- feeding. when we come back one final fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever.
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, protests outside the ribbon cutting of the brand new trump hotel here in washington. we'll the latest also on the nanny charged in the death of a baby in prince george's county and the clock is ticking for residents to leave a temple hills condo complex that's in the dark and deep in debt.
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upper 50s. tomorrow some afternoon and evening showers 65 and looks like a really nice weekend for the most part although a chance of an afternoon shower and trick or treating that looks good too on monday. >> that's it for wusa9 news.
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