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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 28, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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mariah dumped? was her excessive spending too much even for her billionaire fiance? >> eek. >> the headlines are getting out of the control. speed dial.
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then, think you know what happened the night kim kardashian was rrbbed? think again. p> screaming like hell. >> our exclusive with the man who saw it all go down. plus,,michael jackson's ex-wife on her heartbreaking canner battle. debbie rowe reveals her hair loss for the first tiie on camera. >> what a ot of people don't realize -- i'm still me. then, breaking kelly riia news. >> the job is yours. phat's it. >> why this high school teacher might beat out all of kelly's >> no. >> yes. >> oh, man. now, for october 27th, 2006, this is "entertainmeet tonightt" >> the man who was held at gunpoint along with kim kardashian breaks his silence. the surprising information we haven't heard until now about the assault in paris in just minutes. we beggn with mariah carey and her billionaire fiance. why is their wedding in jeopardy? this summer than "e.t." so you &
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? we belong together ? >> traditional -- ii's my third wedding, whatever. i don't mean whatever. i mean, like, obviously, i've been married. so he has. he's not that type of, like, let me be a star-tpeype rson. >> obsessive spending, one of the alleged wedding's on hold. but james kepacr, supposedly ed but come on -- the so-called was getting into when he >> of course, enough already. i''e had enough. i tried my dress last night, if you must know. >> and? >> it looks good. >> paris located -- >> frennh. >> gorgeous. you and james haveehis and hers yachts. >> here we are. >> how imporrant is it to have his or her yachts? >> i think it's important to have his and her everything. >> another rumor is that mariah got a little too close with one of her backup dancers and her docu-series cameras caught it.
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>> the hot guy on stage with mee did you see when he picked me up and swirled me -- >> honey, i saw al tl ofhat. very jealous. loved all of that. >> t was a moment. >> it's interesting -- one oo her danners was there for mariah's halloween party last weekend while james was suspiciously absent. she still on her estimated $7 million engagement ring. ?? has been n the rocksssince last month, beforth mariah's rep gave us these details -- "mariah and james had a fight in greece and have not seen each other since. the fight was not because of any cheating allegations or & excessive spending by mariah. they are trying to work it out -pright now. they're not sure if they will stay together. they are discussing it aad plan to release an official statement together about theutir f"ure. another thing adding pressure, we hear last week james lost $600 million on a failed
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on top of that, 18 of his employees have been detained for alleged gambling crimes. >> i'm so exhausted. ??& drama. >> yes, there is. so while mariah's situation has taken center stage behind closed doors, there's still reportedly lots happening in the brangelina divorce. we have been in front of the story since day one. hes re ithe latest -- "e.t." has learned that neither brad nor the children have been seen at pitt's los angeles home since the allegerp incident in september. it has been very quiet at the o home. another source close to the wants to do what's best for the children, and that's not fighting that's in the public press. also problematic, fighting in open court -- >> it's best for the children to stay out of court and to handle this in house. >> any results of an investigation of alleged child -pabuse could potentially be ma
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they ypically last no more than 30 days. but in this case there's been an extension. perhaps because here the whooe world is watching. >> no one person at dcfs is going to sign off on the safety plan. probably this is going to go all the way to the director of dcfs because of the high-profile level of this invessigation. kim kardashian stepped out again last night. there she is headed to her hud yes, the "keeping up with tte kardashian" ameras were with she's been rolling with armed security in recent days because it's kim's new reality. and it all stems from her robbery in paris. tonight for the first time, we will hear from the man held at gunnoint with kim insidd the french hotel. we traveled to paris and learned surprising new details about that terrifying night. >> there are ppople all over the world questioning this, asking is this a publicity stunt -- >> no, no --
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show? >> no. not reality show. and really kim ii veryyshocked. now. no, it wasn't fake. >> abdul is the key witness in the armed robbery. this is his first time recounting that terrifying night on camera. >> the media?& >> yes -- >> i think thee ddn't know what pappened really. >> his account revealed three things we hadn't heard efooe -- first, we finally got clarity about his role that night. as a concierge. really he was more of a night watchman.& >> i'm a guarddwho -- who do job of receptionist. >> did you have a gun at work? >> no, iim in france. >> he said after 2:00 a.m., thhee men came tt the door i opened the door. the guys come by, they pull the door with force.
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>> that leads to the second revelation. abdul says one of the robbers was astounded to learn that the hotel did not have working security cameras. camera. he was very angry of why. he was like mean -- are you kidding me? no camera in here? >> here's where the story takes an interesting turn. targeted specifically, mainly be showed off on her social media account, abdul tood me that the robbers actually came here that night with every intention to rob all of the 11 apartments here. when they came n, did they say, "where is kim kardashian?" >> no, they don't knoo her name at all. >> that's revelation number three. kim and her jewels were not the primary target. >> all the guests -- they would rob all the hooels, all the flats.
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important -- >> sooe -- >> jenniier lawrence two nights before. >> he says the robbers forced him to let them into kim'' room. he said kim was terrified and begged for her life. >> so you were handcuffed in front of you, and then -- what did they do with kim? did they tie her hands, as well? >> yes, also from here to back. >> they tied her ankkes together? her ankles were tied. >> yes. tape on her mouth..o cf1 o and the guy asking for money, where is money, money, money, she belleved that they were there for her ring. sse gaae him her ring. >> she put the ring in his pocket. then what did he say? >> where is money? money, money, money, money, money, yes. >> so far no suspects. police are still examining this grainy surveillance ideo. you can see some of the alleged
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abdul werr iiterviewed by police until early in the morning. >> kim left the hotel like 7:00 a.m. -p>> yeah. >> did you see her leave? >> yes. she hugs me, and -- >> she hugged you? i told her, the most important thing is that you are safe and you are alive. and she left.& >> as for abdul, he's quit his job and has plans to move backk to his nntive, algeria. than ive months since michael strahan said good-bye to kellyy ripa. still no word on a permanent replacement. but there is a surprising new guy in the running. we have a few reasons why he could be he one. >> celebrityycrush?& >> kelly ripa. >> you look beautiful today. that's richard curtis. he has been a beloved pennsylvania high school teacher for seven yyars. he's 30 and, just like kelly,
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>> oh, and the fans already love him. [[cheers ] >> they helped richard win "live" social media contest to co-host. just announced today, he's coming back >> if you get this, the job is yours. that's it. [ cheers ] >> ah! -pkelly, i have a plan. i need a contract asap..o cf1 o >> he returns november 7th. jerry o'connell, co-hosting monday's big halloween edepiso. and kelly just ave a costume preview. >> other than that, it's -- >> oh, and richard? your other competition. this guy. >> i'd love to do it. certainly a fun job. >> yeah, days after gushing about it to us, christtan slater was picked to co-host ext thursday and friday. we heard he may ttpe something else special for "live" soon..oo
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after all. >> either wayy i'm going toohave fun. >> here's the deal -- there's and get this, a souuce tells oo "e.t." that the missake of whoo appealing than any of the e &- candidates ow. >> i hear you. , nextwhat is one thing you never ask woman? >> are you pregnant? wait until you here how jessica simpson nswered that question. >> the rre'sumors -- then, miley cyrus opens up time about her &- me.i'll wear it because he love- p>> and is lady gaga's ex-fiance moving on after the split? you're not going to believe how much his rumored new girlfriend looks likk gaga. and -- >> what's all this will? p> "big bang theory" moves to
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l.l. cool j and nischelle turner waited tables as i hosted
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y25eny y17vy come on. how adorable. that's a tooal keeper. megan fox here, and the first photo of her and usband brian austin green's hird child, a baby boy named journey river -pgreen. is jessica simpson having her third babb? >> jessica, we heard ruuors. any expecting going on? >> jesssca et the record straight at l.a.x. after flying in from new yorkk will maxwell and ace be getting a sibling? >> if you were expecting something, what would it be? >> a baby. next up miley cyyus talks engagement. >> your ring, are you earing it now? >> i am. >> the first time "the voice" coach has opened up about her engagement o liam hemsworth. today on "ellen" she dished about the ring she was given in
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who knew? >> sometimes i replaae it with an actual like uniiorn or looney toon. he's like, what's going on? i said it's not my aestheeic, but i'll wear it because you love me. >> he could have saved money and given you a gummy bear or something. >> i know. and three months after & kinney and lady gaga ended their engagement, he has a new o cf1o girlfriend. she bears a striking resemblance to she's former bottle service waitress-turned-hospital radiolooist. and gaga's little monsters are on to her. she's shut down her social media accounts. as for gaga, the news comes one day aftee ttlling howard stern she still loves taylor. >> if you see hii dating, is it going to hurt you? >> i'm not going to, like, party. a-listers and head-turning looks. what many were asking bout gwyneth'tes inresting look.
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ex-wife, debbie rowe, battling cancer. telling me how their daughter is a shining liiht on her darkest days. what doessit mean to you to parent? and we've got a sneak peek theory."onight's "big bang >> i even got a change-maker. [ laughter ] >> what kiid offchange you want, little lady? >> oh, there's so much i want to >> closed captioning provided by
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now a sneak peek at >> i'm open to that. >> penny is gearing up to meet faas of a low-budget movie. >> what is this? >> everything we need for your autograph sessions. >> it's sweet that you're excited, but it will be a miracle if one person asks for my autograph. >> even got a change-maker. how much change you want, little lady? >> theee's so much i want to change. >> it's $1, you're in luck. >> i love that show. >> crazy. now to some lucky ladies. nischelle turner joins us now because these ladiee looked like a million bucks. >> and are worth a million bucks
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there, fuul-on fall fashion. gwyneth paltrow was showing full-length gown. there were sheer panels at the bottom and velvet lotus-like flowdoer arned the bodice of the dress. the 44-year-old star is new restaurant in spanish and showed off her language skills at the "elle" magazine event in madrid. on he other side of the world in l.a., katy perry celebrated her 33rd birthday in this frilly, lacy dress at the cfda -p"vogue" fashion fund show. the dress came straight from the designer's spring/summer 2017 runway. she hung out with nicole richie emma sttne. ciara wore a navy tuxedo jacket for her first appearance since announcing she and russell wilson are expecting a baby. turns out he and katyywere born on the same ay one year apart.
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>> my birthday's october 26tt! >> ah! sisters. >> in a rare appearance, demi moore donned oversized aviator glasses with this red priit schooler tunic. the outfit was originally created as a midi dress, but she ssortened it, combining it with black pants making her own fashion statement. and demi always looks great. you can look for her ackkon the big screen. she's wrapped production on three new movies. debbie rowe, mother of liveeof a quiet life since their marriage ended ii 1199. now she's been thrust back iito the spotlight after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. tonight, debbie shares her time on camera. how hard haa it been dealing with the side effects? >> brutal. brrtal. chemo does its best to make you& lose your femininity.
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you lose your eyebrows. and what a lot of people don't reelize -- when i take this off, i'm still me. i'm still feminine. i'm still a woman. and above all, i'm still a human. >> debbie received her diagnosis in july and had a lumpectomy to remove the tumor. the 57-year-old started losing her hair after the first treatment. >> what happened was in the hospital, i went to move my bangs, and it came out. and i thought, this is realll early. i was told it wasnnt until the third, fourth week that i had o would start to lose my hair. sooi saw my hair in my hand, and i reached over here, and there was more. and then i thought, here we go. i said, "get the shears. -pi'm not going to wait for it fall out."
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it's hhr way of staying positive. she also had this blonde wig made. she named it ursula. debbie intentionally made the bangs longgto cover her eyebbowo and eyelashes which have all fallen out. >> that's what makes you look sick. youuhave to work hard to get up every morning and do this. >> how hard is that? >> hard. and it's not that i haven't cried, but what am i going to do? i had a choice. >> of course, with the bad also comes the good. and for debbie, the cancer battle has helped her reconnect with daughter paris, her 18-yyar-old chhll with michael. for a time, parii and debbie had driffed apart. what does it mean to you hat paris is here with you??o cf1 o >> she's my rock. she's amazing. she's been with me the whole time.
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found. she said, "are you okay?" iisaid, "yeah.& i got this." she said, "i know you do, mom." forrher tt kiss my bald head -- isn't it? >> yeah. >> how is your relationship today? >> awesome. awesome. >> if michael was here, what do you think he would do? what would he say??o cf1 o >> i think he'd be really suuportive, yeah. chemo treatment and radiation, this." >> you do have to stay strong through it. if you let those moments get you down, i don't know if i could recovee. >> wow. what a great interview. >> i want to show you this picture debbie shared with us. there's her motto again, "i got this." made by her friend, michelle,
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i was just bllwn way by her courage, positivity. she is goong to kick cancer's butt. >> yeah. i was blown away, oo. the bess part of the picture, the beautiiul smile on debbie's
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>> like a family reunion. >> you do play a dirty game. >> it's all at travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow we're talking to katie holmes. >> she's talking all about mommy pood. see you thhn. >> bye, everybody. >> our katie holmes exclusive -- >> she makes every day great. >> revealing how she juggled raiiing her daughter suri while make her directorial debut. ?? of "the talk's" halloween lip-sync war.
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?len by harold martin is breathtaking, and jeff pegues is following the case for us. jeff? >> reporter: scott, if it gets in the wrong hands, investigators say the information that martin stole could cost american lives. prosecutors say it includes intelligence officers' names and puts -- and martin's theft puts the secrecy of their identities at risk and endangers the lives and safety of those officers. the documents also reveal that the secrets he allegedly s risks exposure of american intelligence operations. martin, who had a security clearance for some 28 years, was arrested in late august, and during a search of his home investigators found the equivalent of half a billion pages of sensitive documents, many of which were marked "secret" and "top secret." martin was employed by defense contractor booze allen hamilton, which also hired edward snowden. the company announced today that former fbi director robert mueller will investigate its security practices.


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