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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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it was hard to look at. it was very hard to look at. you know, seeing people removed from -- it's just a mangled mess.
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will be changed forever following this deadly collision involving two buses in baltimore. good afternoon and thank you for joining us, i'm andrea roane. larry miller joins us live from the crash scene in baltimore where six people were killed this morning. what more have you learned larry? >> reporter: andre yea we can tell thaw it's really split up into two sections at this point. the first being this gray mustang that was first involved in the initial impact. and then just a short distance down the road, that'swh will find the two mangled buses one a commuter bus and mta bus as well as a school bus. investigators still try to get chances in term -- answers in terms of what caused this crash in the first place exactly. baltimore investigators say they haven't seen anything like this before. a bus accident kills six people and leaves others injured along frederick avenue near montessori street. just two mangled crash scenes and what investigators have to
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people nearby like reverend jacqueline williams are still in disbelief. >> i was originally around the corner and stop and played for a -- prayed for a group of people around there because people are in tears. >> to see that car crash like that, i was just like you know praying for the people inside. >> reporter: police say they were first informed about the crash at around 7:00 this morning. investigators believe the bus was traveling eastbound on frederick avenue and struck this mustang. it continued down the street after the crash striking a pillar at a cemetery eventually making its way opposite side of the street. hitting an mta bus with passengers on board. five people on the commuter bus were killed and the driver of the school bus also died. >> we usually walk up and down and pray for a community and pray for the people who are safe you know, traveling mercies and for safety for the community. only for something like this to happen. >> reporter: yeah, still as you can imagine still a very difficult situation for folks that live out in this area. do want do let you know that there were no children on the
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its way to pick up children to take them to school this morning. now we're told that investigators are going to be out here throughout the morning and throughout the afternoon rather working to get more information about this crash. my colleague scott broom is working new angles and new information and will post that information on the wusa9 mobile app. we're live in baltimore this afternoon, larry miller, wusa9. >> larry thank you. hospital officials at baltimore's shock trauma just held a news conference to get us up to speed on the conditions of the injured in this morning's crash. >> one is critically injured. one is serious. and the other three are fortunately in stable condition. >> officials say some of the patients with minor injuries could be released as early as this afternoon. now many of you wanted to extend your condolences on our wusa9 facebook page. rhonda wrote my prayers are extended to all the families and friends affected. lisa wrote praying for all these families.
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for these families. please feel free to go on to any of our wusa9 social media pages and offer your condolences. on the campaign trail, donald trump appears to be riding a wave of momentum following the fbi's announcement that it's reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's i handling of classified material. the latest abc news/"washington post" poll has trump with the one point lead nationally. as craig boswell rt clinton says she has nothing to hide. >> reporter: hillary clinton says the fbi won't find anything wrong in a batch of newly discovered e-mails. >> if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staffers, by all means go ahead look at them. >> reporter: the bureau is poring over thousands of e- mails it found on a laptop her aide huma abedin shared with anthony weiner her estranged husband. >> do you think right now that
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the services of huma? i don't think so. >> reporter: the clinton campaign accuses james come of having a double standard for its revelation into clinton's e- mails while renewing to confirm the bureau is investigating potential links with donald trump's campaign personnel and russia. >> he won't say what he's doing with donald trump but what we're hearing in anonymous leaks is that they're investigating his ex-campaign manager over his connectionst to the russians. >> reporter: the "new york times" reports the into possible trump ties to russia and found in direct link. donald trump is -- no direct link. donald trump is focusing today on obamacare. he is trying to tie clinton to the president's health care plans can announced premiums are going up an average of 25% this year. >> hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare. make it even more expensive. >> reporter: tuesday, tuesday clinton will try to shift the attention back to trump when he campaigns with alicia machado
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trump once called fat. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. the next president will have to deal with this, the war on isis and iraqi commanders say the war against isis is moving into the city of mosul. troops advancing from three sides are preparing for some of the heaviest fighting yet. as many as 7500 isis fightest could be waiting for them -- fighters could be waiting for them. militants are burning oil to block the city from the view of americ iraq's prime minister says militants will be forced to surrender in mosul or die. a two day hearing in bill cosby's sexual assault case began this morning and a courthouse near philadelphia. the entertainer is charged with drugging and molesting a former temple university employee in 2004. cosby has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors will ask the judge to let others testify to show the actor drugged molested women but cosby's lawyers say
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the hearing will determine what evidence can be used at the trial in june. hundreds of thousands of commuters in philadelphia will have to find another way to get home this evening. because of a transit strike. at 12:01 this morning nearly 5,000 septa workers hit the picket lines over wages and benefits. talks are ongoing and houseboats sides are far apart on some of the major issues. some areasth last night and -- hat wean last night and not -- halloween last night and not because of ghouls and goblins, five robberies and one shooting all in northwest. mikea turner has been on top of the investigation into the string of robberies cocould be connected -- which could be connected. >> reporter: we've been in touch with d.c. police all morning long and just learned that one large group of teenagers could be behind four of those five robberies. one of the victims right now is in the hospital for minor
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one day after halloween, d.c. police are busy trying to figure out all the names and faces me hind a robbery that happened here in the 3100 block of m. street and four other locations last night. >> this is kind of a shock. >> that's -- that's crazy. >> reporter: troy dornbush knew the streets could get so wild. he decided to stay off of them. no regrets now. >> the noise and violence and the -- just the atmosphere. it's just -- it wasn't pleasant. >> reporter: all of the and a half. the first around 10:00 p.m. at cathedral and connecticut avenue in northwest. where a gun was drawn and a person was struck in the head and face. the last robbery happened in the 2400 block of pennsylvania avenue around 11:30 p.m. where that victim was punched can kicked. both -- and kicked. both didn't go to the hospital but one on prospect street did. police say one of 0 to -- 10 to 20 suspects wore gray
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at that stage, it's sad. >> reporter: the robberies police say may not be connected to a group of teenaged suspects is if one that happened in georgetown on m. street. around 10:5 last night. police say a woman between the ages of 18 and 25 snatched a man's iphone. just making the list of incidents in the city even longer from halloween night. and of course the investigation is still ongoing. anyone with information should contact d.c. police. mikea turner from the wusa9. >> thanks and you should also call police if you know anything about a shooting that happened in the 700 block of fairmont street at 2:45 this morning. two men were shot and taken to the hospital for their injuries. no word yet on their conditions. happening today, d.c. residents will get a rare opportunity to share concerns about neighborhood parks. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton is hosting a town hall at the african-american civil
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park service leaders who will talk. feels like fall today. but we're in for another warm- up tomorrow. and thursday. here's allyson rae tracking today's cloudy and cool weather but at least it's not a yellow weather alert right? >> right. no we're not going to have a yellow weather alert until maybe thursday that's the way we're going to keep our eyes peeled for a yellow weather alert. could be inconvenient for the drive home. today, it's not the prettiest day but you know what it's cool and comfortable and not breezy. 57 de out of the south. so that's going to play a role in our overnight temperature. but those clouds are going to be hard to bunch for the next few hours and we've seen a little bit of sunshine later on today but not much. 52 for frederick and 55 for leesburg and manassas and like she said we are in for a big warm-up. so much so i'm going to give you a little bit of a preview and it has to do with the world series. they're looking at temperatures into the 60s tonight. at 8:00 in cleveland, 67
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there today. they're actually headed to the 70s during the afternoon. take a look another these high temperatures -- at these high temperatures. we are in the cool spot. 62 degrees a warm front is headed our way. but we are looking at 80s back here through areas south and west. no 80s some places night flirt with it. but we're talking 70s all ahead of a cold front. that's going to change things up for the weekend. so don't get used to the 70s we'll have your weekend forecast and i'll time out that rain for you hour by hour, you can always get the latest fork on our wusa9 -- forecast on our wusa9 app. coming up next, right now the d.c. council may be one step closer to legalizing doctor assisted suicide. and you are looking at $10,000 worth of savings bonds right and we're in search of the people they belong to. the bonds were found taped to the bottom of a tea cart and it belonged to a maryland auction. this real estate agent may have the clues to help unravel the mystery. lost and found only on wusa9.
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welcome back to 9news now at noon. it's a controversial issue, should a terminally ill person will able to take their own life on their own terms? a bilissing it is being debate -- bill legalizing it is being debated now in the chambers, >> reporter: it's an emotional and heart-wrenching issue being discussed all around the country. now d.c. council is discussing physician assisted suicide here at the wilson building. when we asked, d.c. resident cole how he feels about the issue, this was his reaction. it's a tough issue, should a person who's dying have the right to end their life? a death with dignity bill is on the table in d.c.. it would allow a doctor to prescribe a lethal dose of medication if a person is going
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is at least 18 years old and mentally capable of making the decision on his or her own. >> there's a lot of extreme suffering. >> reporter: he thinks back to his coach who was slowly dying from parkinson's disease. the coach wanted to end his own life. >> he just knew it wasn't going to end. it was only going to get worse. >> reporter: it was a similar story for brittany maynard. the 29-year-old death with dignity advocate was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. she shed national spotlight on this california to oregon where assisted suicide is legal. she took her own life when quote the time felt right. there are people who are firmly opposed to this. the catholic church for example sees the assisted suicide as murder. several states are already legalized physician assisted suicide including california, oregon, vermont and washington state. in northwest d.c., hilary lane, wusa9. >> if the bill passes, the d.c.
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second and final time in december. a halloween hayride turned deadly for two children and a relative in eastern mississippi. investigators say it appears the pickup slammed into the back of a trailer full of people last night. several others were hurt and some with life-threatening injuries. in neighboring alabama a gas fire is still burning after a pipeline explosion sparked forest fires and evacuations yesterday. at least one person at the scene was killed and several heavy equipment hit the pipeline and triggered the explosion. chloralon pipeline shut -- colonial pipeline shut down two of its gas lines. >> a friend of mine called me and said he's seen a big smoke cloud. he thought it was plane crash. >> in the september break, the pipeline leaked up to 336,000 gallons of gas. colonial is responsible for
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every day. so we definitely feel the price increase. tracking temperatures is what we're going to be talking about tomorrow. you mentioned the baseball game tonight defendant boys of summer and early the world series they're dodging snow flakes the rain and cold. 67 degrees? >> i know. in cleveland? they've been pretty cold out at wrigley field lately i think. so you know headed to cleveland you wouldn't expect such a warm temperature. but that's exactly what they're going to see and that's the same pocket of air that's going to slide into our region come it's short-lived though so if you are a fan of 70s don't get used to it. you might want to just hold on to that jacket a very typical forecast we're going to see the temperatures go up and down. this is what we will see this week. it's a really pleasant day just not seeing a lot of sunshine out there. temperatures are just a few degrees below where they would typically be this time of year, 57 degrees dew point at 48 the winds out of the south. and they're going to stay out of the south for a while. cloudy today and might have a little bit of sunshine later on
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west. not by much. i'll show you first alert live doppler in just a moment. wednesday and thursday we're talking mid 70s. southwesterly winds will get us there. and that's because we're all ahead of a cold front. that will bring showers on thursday afternoon and this could impact the drive home on thursday evening. it's a quick mover. and will be back to dry weather as early as friday but it will be rather windy on friday. one of the coolest days of the week on friday and then saturday and sunday look pleasant. and very typical of this of year. so we'll get thaw seven day in a moment. you just see a few splotches of green out here. not much and don't even need the umbrella but a few drops on the windshield along 81 you can't rule out today. but everybody else should be dry through the metro spots. it's definitely cool yak it weather. 57 for chevy chase and 54 for white oak and 57 for clinton. laureled in mid 50s as well and even back to the west near leesburg and middleburg you're into the middle 50s as well. we're going to head into the
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it's not sr -- southerly winds. it's not so much the sunshine. now the cloud cover will begin to fade away into the overnight hours, usually the temperatures cool off a little bit then but with the southerly flow stay into the hos the -- 40s and 50s first thing tomorrow morning you'll notice a difference. tomorrow lots of sunshine and we will have temperatures into the mid 70s. on thursday here come the showers during the evening commute. between 4:00 and 6:00. couple even hear a rumbling of thunder. it's very fast though. by 8:00, 9:00 already clearing of the northwest and the cold air is going to come rushing on in. so you will feel a difference on friday. so friday might be a little uncomfortable with the winds. however the weekend is shaping up to be pretty good. 62ed to. 75 for tomorrow. and wednesday ahead of that front. then we cool off pretty fast into the 50s on friday. the weekend it's a pleasant one for the most part. you just have to grab a jacket around 60 degrees both days and remember we get that extra hour
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have $1,000, congratulations. >> oh my gosh! >> i love it. yes. >> what are offing to do with the money -- going to do with the money? >> pay some bills. >> pay some bills. >> in case you haven't heard, we're giving away money on "wake up washington." a total of $20,000. this morning jennifer jones from sheltonham was our ninth caller with the correct word of the day and you can probably still hear her cheers rinking in our years. walks awe with tia turner is here now. >> giving away money for the next few days and $1,000 a day each weekend day for the next -- weekday for the next 13 days, just watch and win. we're also helping you navigate an overwhelming world. tomorrow morning, we're talking kids and technology. hellful tips to limit -- helpful times the limit screen time. and deal with the things that overwhelm us. of course $1,000 extra could help you with your stuff. it would help me with mine. >> i'm not eligible. >> none of us are.
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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a cottage leaving agency in britain holds a web cam challenge. the tasks put your honor best moves for the camera to win a gift basket full an 8-year-old boy decided to have his rendition of michael jackson's ape conic "thriller" dance. take a look. ? ? ? >> william ryan has since
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facebook post his mom writes "three years ago when william was 5, he was diagnosed with autism. he struggles to socialize and make friends but recently, his dad introduced him to michael jackson. and he learned the routines all of them by heart." good moves. we'll have one final check on
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all right, here's your seven day forecast. which you can always get on our wusa9 app. it's cloudy and cool today. not a bad day just not the prettiest day. warm tomorrow. lots of sunshine. showers arrive on thursday. then back to reality over the weekend. >> wow. that's fitter wusa9 -- it for
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for the latest on that bus crash in baltimore that killed six people. and you can keep abreast of all the day's news by downloading our wusa9 app. have a good afternoon. we'll see you tomorrow. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@caption
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>> nick: what is it? what do i need to know? >> patty: christian is alive. sharon has him. >> nick: what are you saying? >> patty: sully is christian. he's your son, nick. not sharon's. >> nick: that's not possible. >> patty: it's true. your ex has been raising your son. talk to sharon. >> chelsea: what just happened? >> dylan: could sully have been more exhausted, or what? >> sharon: [ chuckles ] he was asleep before i even put him down in his crib. >> dylan: i know -- faith, too, although she insisted she wasn't tired. >> sharon: as her eyes closed. >> dylan: yeah, pretty much. >> sharon: hey, did you check under her pillow? >> dylan: i did. clean sweep. no sugar. >> sharon: good. >> dylan: room is clean.


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