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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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our news captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, november 2nd. six days until the presidential lex. this is the "cbs morning news." latest national poll means a shift in tone and strategy from hillary clinton, looking for every last vote in crucial battleground states. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. with clinton's camp spending more money in ads in states she should be winning, donald trump
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unlikely source. democrats who have already voted for clinton. >> this is a good time to make an important public service announcement. you can change your vote to donald trump and we will make america great again. okay? good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. less than a weekil the momentum. hillary clinton has been forced to pump money into states she thought she had locked up, and both sides continue to go at it over news that the fbi is, again, looking at clinton's e-mail practices. in a "the washington post"/abc news national poll trump leads clinton by a percentage point.
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may. >> hillary clinton will head to first half and arizona today while donald trump campaigns in the crucial state of florida. the stakes remain high for clinton as she tries to put the focus back on trump instead of the fbi''s renewed investigation into her private e-mail server. hoch capped a whil wind push through florida on tuesday firing back against protesters. >> we are not going backward. we are going forwards! keep the focus on rival donald trump. >> he does not respect women. >> reporter: campaigning with former miss universe alicia machado in dade county, clinton lashed out over trump's treatment over women. >> he showed us who he is. let us show him on tuesday who we are. >> reporter: the democratic nominee has been targeting female voters as she tries to move past the fbi's renewed
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clinton in ohio yesterday. >> has she made mistakes? of course. so have i p.m. but she is a fundamentally, good, and decent person who knows what she is doing and will be an outstanding president. >> hillary is not the victim. >> reporter: looking for a path to 270 electoral votes, trump has been campaigning in heavily democratic states. in wisconsin yesterday, he had a message for early voters. >> wisconsin isne o of several early ballot. you can change your vote to donald trump. we will make america great again, okay. >> reporter: the trump campaign is spending $25 million in ad buys in several battleground states and clinton's campaign battled with ad buys in virginia, michigan and new mexico. in a surprise move yesterday, the fbi released documented
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in 2001. clinton's spokesman called the decision as odd. >> hena daniels in new york, thank you so much, hena. it's reported when fbi director james comey informed congress about the new inquiry that may pertain to hillary clinton's e-mails he not only broke a longstanding policy but one followed as late as this summer. two cases. one involved donald trump's then forty's secretive business dealings with ukraine and second on hillary clinton's donors to the clinton foundation. he went against not issuing subpoenas so close to the election. a battleground tracking poll look at this. 50% of democrats say it won't affect their vote. 47% of republicans say the same.
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hamilton county have picked the winner of the last four presidential leelections and fo some, the e-mail controversy is part of the equation. >> i lot of the corruption i saw in hillary clinton is coming oun the news right now, and it's a big part of why i'm not willing to support her. >> i couldn't, on good consciousness, vote for donald trump. i just couldn't do it. >> ohio, with its 18 electoral votes, is a key state for bot candidates. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will talk to minnesota senator al franken about the tightening presidential race. overseas now. for the first time in more than two years, iraqi troops have set foot in the city of mosul. iraqi special forces reached the outskirts of the isis-controlled city. the latest push in the now two-week campaign to retake iraq's second largest city. iraqi troops have retaken the
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stiff resistance and house-to-house fighting to gain full control could take months. oklahoma police released dramatic video of the shoot-out with murder suspect michael vance. the video shows vance driving a truck being chased by a state trooper on sunday. the trooper fires his rifle through his windshield. vance was wanted for killing two relatives and shooting three law eventually, vance gets out of the truck as troopers continue to fire, killing him. the trial of a former south carolina police officer charged in the murder of walter scott, an unarmed black driver, resumes today. cell phone video captured scott being shot and killed last year. officers for officer michael slager want the video kept out of trial.
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and continues this morning. investigators are now trying to figure out if he suffered some sort of medical emergency. >> reporter: no children on board the bus with a bus that dli collided with another bus. the driver of the school bus died. >> the yellow school bus was going to pick up its first student a few blocks from here elementary. >> reporter: the impact sheared off the side of a bus and scatterering debris all over the road. >> this was a gruesome process of removing bodies. all six people were dead on the scene. >> reporter: investigators say the bus struck the rear of a mustang, then hit a concrete pillar, before veering into oncoming traffic, right into the
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was inside the vehicle the bus first hit. >> i'm bruised and banged up. mentally, it will take a while to get myself together. >> reporter: investigators say it will take a lot of resources to figure out what exactly triggered the crash. a hearing concerning bill cosby's sexual assault trial is expected to resume today in pennsylvania. cosby is charged in a decade-old case involving a former temple university basketball manager. consensual. cosby's lawyers want the judge to keep a damaging deposition from an old lawsuit out of the trial because cosby agreed to answer questions after being assured he would not be charged. the case is expected to go to trial in june. to quote a great baseball mind, it ain't over until it's over. the chicago cubs have roared back from a 3-1 world eries deficit to force a winner take all game tonight in cleveland.
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cubs have forced a game seven. >> the cubs crushed the indians 9-3. shortstop addison russell smashed a record and hit a grand slam and brought in six runs. >> obviously, tomorrow an opportunity to break that record. we have been doing this all year. been breaking records and putting new history into history books. >> tonight is the 38th winner take all game coming up on the "morning news." inside the white house. a peek at the stylish private quarters of the obama family. even better than the real thing? bono becomes the first man to be honored on a list for women. this is the "cbs morning news." (vo) stank face. an expression of disgust caused by inadequate litter
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? our house ? with just weeks left before they move out, the obamas offer a look how they decorated the white house. their interior decorator said simple elegance defined the family's choices. exclusive photos of their living quarters will be published on election day. gramour names its first man of the year. and the wife of a mass shooter speaks out. thos the wife of the orlando nightclub killer tells "the new york times" she was unaware of his plans for the massacre. the interview was first given by noor salman. she said mateen wsecretive and often beat her.
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doesn't think he did it intentionally. the ninth child in washington state with a rare illness. one child has died and two of the children had a nerve illness similar to polio called afm. doctors do not know its cause or how to prevent. it "the washington post" reports th roman catholic church will never have female priests. the pope commented yesterday to reporters traveling on a plane with him. glamour has named bono as the first woman of the year. bono has created a campaign to help the world's poorest women called "poverty is sexist."
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brewer is making ale from waters from clouds. it is rich in minimals. the water was gathered by an airborne device carrying a turbine and condenser. still to come, why you should movie your glasses for the next picture. and a pilot announces a surprise annoce >> she is on board and i want to
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we're gonna live forever! here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. so now that i have your complete attention, will you marry me? >> a qantas proposes to his girlfriend during a flight. passengers applauded. she said yes. on the cbs "moneywatch," new passport photo rules and passports arrive early. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and
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expected to keep interest rates as is when it wraps up a two-day policy meeting today. most analysts expect a rate hike after the election at the december meeting. tightening of the election has investors on edge and stocks finished broadly lower yesterday. the dow lost 105 points and the s&p finished 14 points lower. the nasdaq down 35. you can no longer wear glasses for a passport photo. the new rule applies for renewals and pictures for new passports. last year, photos of poor qualification and those were on hold. glasses were the biggest problem. >> reporter: uber cut a deal with a car sharing service with general motors. uber drivers can rent gm cars on a weekly basis. gm announced a deal in march with lyft. now the uber deal will operate
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stubhub wants to find how badly people want to attend tonight's world series finale. you can get into progressive field game seven between the cubs and the indians if you're you'll be out only $1,045 but for a club level seat for all of the food and drinks you want, they are asking for about 50 grand! >> not much of a deal there. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. i have a only 23 days left until black friday but you don't have to wait until the day after thanksgiving to cash in on the holiday sales. deals on amazon, including everything from coats to engagement rings are under way and retailers like walmart, target, and office depot are offering pre-black friday price cuts. still ahead, retrodiet. grains eaten long ago are making a modern day comeback. we will show you why they have caught on. something you love, en you have
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. nutritionists are taking a new look at some very old foods. weijia jiang gets a taste of ancient grains. >> we are making a tuesday can >> reporter: not long ago, she had never heard of farrow but these days she cooks with it several times a week. >> one cup of water to two cups of farrow. >> reporter: the grains haven't been over the last several hundred years and packed with nutrients than other grains. >> a lot of them are higher in protein than wheat and have different vitamins and minerals
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iron, vitamin c., magnesium. >> reporter: a diet knnutritiont says they are popping up on store shelves and many are gluten-free making them easier to digest. >> you use them like rice and pasta. you can bulk up stew or soup recipes with the grains as well. some of t going into salads as well. >> reporter: she says the grains are easy to prepare and tasty. good nutrition is her top priority after being diagnosed with medically knmelanoma a yea and a half ago s. she hopes it will protect her health. weijia jiang, cbs news,
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the top mistake contact lens makers are making. or wearing, rather. i'm anne-marie green. and this is the "cbs morning news."
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new this morning, folks in northwest are complaining about the bus service and now fighting for an express lane. and a beautiful wednesday. outside is where you want to do
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and the cubbies do it again, staying alive. the world series goes to game seven after last night's win over the cleveland indians. but first, the weather with allyson rae. i can't believe 70s, really? >> i can't believe we're going into game seven and headed to the 70s today. very warm and very sunny today. we are starting off on the cool side. one thing this morning, i'm going to be watching fog developing this morning, not seeing hi though. 56 degrees. winds are out of the south and that will keep us mild today. today we're sunny, warm, dry, the winds aren't strong. tomorrow, different story, quite windy and storms. so today is the day to enjoy anything you want to do outside, maybe the last few days before we get to chilly weather. 50 for leesburg. we are headed to the upper 70s. look to the west, the 50s are
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good morning, allyson. looking at overnight construction and one accident as well on 66. the one accident we have in the westbound nelas right at the dulles connecting road, not seeing delays though. there is some paving on the outer loop of the beltway at annapolis road. it is slow toward 50. larry -- ellen, thank you newsroom. breaking news out of china. state media confirming that all 33 coalminers trapped afterren explosion this week have been found dead. the blast -- trapped after an explosion this week have been found dead. the blast happened on monday. local authorities are still trying to find out the cause of the explosion. well, turning to baltimore right now, police are expected to release the names of the victims in a deadly bus crash
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and injured 10. a school bus was traveling on frederick avenue when it hit a gray mustang and continued down street hitting a pillar and then hit a mta commuter bus. witnesses recall what they saw happen. >> he couldn't stop. >> i start running up to the bus, and it was terrible. there was a woman. the windshield was down on her. i looked over to the bus driver, i couldn'tl he was severely hurt. >> well, no children were on the bus at the time of the crash. the bus was just two blocks away from making the first pick- up of the morning. and happening today many south carolina, the trial of an expolice officer charged with killing an unarmed black man. he shot and killed walter scott back in april 2015 as he ran from a traffic stop. the shooting was captured on cellphone video and that video
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he is claiming self-defense. if convicted, the former cop could face up to 30 years in prison. back to you. >> thank you. that's a quick look at what's going on. >> wednesday is here and the news at 4:30 starts right now. shaping up to be a gorgeous day here in the dmv, but enjoy it while you can. we're good morning. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm mike hydeck. >> maybe a little warm for had this time of year but you cannot not enjoy this. the winds don't let up. 56 for washington. 51 for springfield. so we are warmer than we were at this time yesterday. personally, i still think it's maybe jacket weather but you will be able to shed the jacket
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70 for leesburg. through 5:30 still in the 70s. sunshine still across the board. as we head through the even, 8:00, more mild with the southerly winds in place and then tomorrow, everything starts to change. 67 degrees by noon. the sunshine, it's here to stay today. so enjoy. we will track some showers and thunderstorms for thursday coming up in a little bit. ellen, over to you. 29 has some construction going on. might slow you down a little bit southbound right at cherry hill road. not seeing delays but that should pick up within the next half hour. and 66 westbound at the dulles connector road, if you're headed to the airport, heads up. no delays yet. we will watch and see when that accident does clear. and the paving at the outer loop at annapolis road, so by 450 here, there are delays as you approach 450 but nothing


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