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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon.
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flower branch apartment natural gas explosion that killed seven people in silver spring back in august. stephanie ramirez joins us from washington gas headquarters in northwest where details of a lawsuit were laid out. stephanie? >> andrea, good morning. good afternoon i should say. today attorneys filed two lawsuits flaming the flower branch -- naming the flower branch apartments company k management and the ken i'm in front of -- company i'm in front of. washington gas, today survivors helping them made the announcement here clearly to mike a statement and an attorney with bailey and glasser says one of the complaints is a class action lawsuit. the other represents about 30 people who were either injured or who died in the deadly silver spring natural gas explosion that killed seven people and injured at least 25. it also displaced more than 150 people last august according to attorneys. many of those displaced stood up here today to say they are
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management and washington gas of a long history of neglect. >> asking for justice, we're asking for substantial damages and we're asking for safety reforms at washington gas and at k management. >> i don't want to see that place again. because my mind is no good. like i lose my property. all my property. just my back -- after work, this thing happened. so i am -- i need help. i ness attorneys tell me they actually had a hard time getting the information they needed as they were trying to put together these two lawsuits. they hope this will actually help get some answers. i've got both lawsuits now we're going through it and have more for you later on wusa9 today. in northwest d.c., stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> thank you stephanie. attorneys say both lawsuits have been filed with d.c. superior court no dollar amount has been outlined. today police are expected
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that killed six people and injured ten in baltimore. this happened yesterday as a school bus was traveling on frederick avenue early in the morning when it hit a car and then traveled down the road. it traveled down the load and hit an mta commuter bus. in children were bonn -- no children were on the bus at the time of the crash but the driver was two blocks away from making the first pickup of the morning. neighbors are frustrated in one about a lack of bus service. evan talked to neighbors along 14th street who are having trouble getting to work. >> reporter: the growth along the 14th street corridor has been tremendous. in fact in the last five years, there have been some 7,000 new businesses in-between 10,000 and 20,000 new residents. now many neighbors want the bus service to follow suit. >> i live just like a little
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and my office is right around there. >> reporter: rebecca is showing us the bus line that goes from her home to her office, while that's far more direct than any other way. she often avoids it when she because it takes too long. >> the bus is either it doesn't come very often or it stops every single block on both the way there and the way home. and it just takes like 40 minutes even with not a lot of traffic. >> reporter: these are concerns shared by many in the community. that's why they've been calling for more pus services including -- bus services inclg >> it can be really frustrating, sometimes people end up driving you know the mile up the street where we can easily take the bus because it's going to be 25 minutes before the bus comes. >> reporter: metro looked at the issue. in 2012 they proposed a series of solutions, the hangup so far has been funding. >> it's frustrating. >> reporter: the service should be a priority because of that growth in the area. >> the 7,000 new businesses in this corridor in the lasttive years, they pay tax -- five years, they pay taxes, the 20,000 new residents pay taxes
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where are the taxes going? >> reporter: now many of neighbors have band together to try -- banned together to try to get more bus service, they have a facebook group called 14th street bus riders alliance. now it was created just over two ekes ago and already -- weeks ago and already they have almost over 100 members. evan oz lough, wusa9. >> and more commuters woes this time in philadelphia where transit workers remain on the picket line for a second day. the union that represents septa's bus drivers and train operators rejected the first agency immediately to end the strike. it affects buses and trolleys and subway lines and forcing nearly 900,000 commuters to find other transportation. officials say roads during this morning's commute were more congested than usual. bill cosby is back in a pennsylvania courtroom for a second day of pretrial motions in his sexual assault case. the 79-year-old entertainer is charged with drugging and molesting former temple
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his lawyers are asking that the deposition cosby gave in a 2005 civil lawsuit not be admitted as evidence in this trial. cosby says a former prosecutor promised him that the deposition would never be used against him? any criminal proceeding. police captured the man suspected in the ambush kilnings of two des moines area police officers. they say 46-year-old scott michael gr custody without incident. the first officer was found by fellow officers responding to the scene. 20 minutes later another was gunned gown two mills away. police have yet to release the names of the dead officers and schools in the area are still closed today. we are just six days afrom electing our next president and -- from electing our next president and today the candidates are crisscrossing the country to make their next case to voters, craig boswell
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planning a big rally in arizona tonight a state that hasn't voted for a democrat since her husband won there in 1996. >> he moves on to insult all latinos. >> reporter: spell out the differences between her and donald trump. her campaign released new television ads aimed at getting latino voters to the polls. >> latinos go to the polls. greater than ever. >> reporter: the exam pain has expanded its ad buy into states it previously thought were safe. such as new me, michigan, and virginia. the clinton campaign insists the new ads aren't because they're concerned about tight new poll numbers. but donald trump's camp is sensing an opening created by the latest turn will hillary clintonnest i -- in hurricane's e-mail problem. trump campaigned -- hillary clinton's e-mail problem. trump campaigned tuesday night and urged voters to reconsider their vote for hillary clinton. >> you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great again okay? >> reporter: the trump cap pain leaves the polls are off by as
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secret supporters will vote for the gop nominee. cbs news election director anthony sal vante tells "cbs this morning" that than happened yet. >> what we're seeing is people that haven't voted before coming out but the idea there are republicans who don't typically vote who are coming out we're not seeing that yet in the early voting. >> reporter: trump will hold a few rallies in the battleground state of florida today. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house -- news, the white house. warmer temperatures the next few days, here's howard bernstein with the latest on the forecast. >> yeah, pretty incredible fall we've had so far. couple of cool spells and another one here in a few days but today, more of really the pattern above average temperatures. thanks to high pressure. not only aloft but at the surface. winds have turned to the south and this front which isn't moving much through chicago and detroit it will be here by tomorrow afternoon. so ahead of it though, some very mild air. in fact you can see already we're at 63, charlottesville 73
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tour north and west -- to our north and east. 60s and 70s to the west southwest. that's going to be moving many for the afternoon. the day planner a fine afternoon i hope you can find the time just to get outside and enjoy it. or this evening with highs in the mid possibly upper sever in a few -- 70s in a few spots and it won't be nearly as chilly tonight with lows in the 50s to low 60s and it really looks pretty good here. i will be back in a few minutes and talk about why tomorrow is a possible yellow weather alert day. and just to let me remind you that if you can never join us that. you can still follow us and take us with you with the wusa9 app. for all the very latest weather, news and headlines. there. all right andrea see you in a few. howard thank you. you can call them gentrified greens, coming up find out why some are blasting neiman marcus for selling a dish for a hefty sum when it only costs a few dollars to make yourself. and for two days wusa9 and this maryland woman have been on a journey. we've been trying to find the rightful owner of these
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to the 1970s. we found the daughter of the couple who likely bought those bonds. tonight at # 5:00 we discover the -- 1 it's we discover the heart -- 11:00 we discover the heart-breaking reason why the bonds were hidden in the tea cart for years, whose money is this, tonight on wusa9 news at
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a shocking ov child's backpack at moten elementary school in southeast d.c.. yesterday, a preschooler showed up with more than just books in her bag. it was a loaded handgun found. ma kia tern you are was at the -- mikea turner was at the school today. >> reporter: that preschooler showed up to moten elementary yesterday a security guard found that loaded weapon in that child's backpack. took it and gave it to police.
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the letter explained that around 9:30 tuesday morning the weapon was found and said there was quote no immediate threat to the school. parents were still bothered to hear this. >> i think it's terrible and i think it's sad because it's bad enough what our kids go through just going to school. >> reporter: is a spokesperson won't comment on the incident because it's under investigation. however, d.c. police tells wusa9 that school security noticed the weapon when the 3- year-old reached for something in their backpack right in front of them. the officer found a loaded 9- millimeter handgun. it's unclear how the gun ended up in the child's backpack. >> you as a parent should know what's in your child's book back every day. >> reporter: the child's 31- year-old father has been arrested and faces several charges including recklessly endangering a child's physical, mental and emotional health. reporting from southeast, mikea turner, wusa9. a georgia teen is
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right leg amputated. 13-year-old thomas had to have his leg removed after reportedly being body slammed by his school's behavorial specialist. school officials say bryant mosley was hired to teach kids how to manage aggressive behavior but in september, mosley allegedly slammed the teen three-times and seriously injured the boy's legs. the school district is reviewing the incident. new jersey officials are suing a private preschool for discrimination. alle s down syndrome because she was not potty trained. the suit claims the chester brook academy violated state law which requires schools to provide accommodations for people with disabilities. it argues the preschool unfairly imposed astrict deadline for the girl to be potty train asked then kicked out -- trained and then kicked her out when he didn't meet it. almost almost has -- larry
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headlines. we'll keep going. colonial pipeline is trying to restart a major gas line in alabama that brings fuel to millions of people in the south and northeast. as hena daniels reports, the explosion is having a ripple effect at gas stations in the south. >> reporter: as the fire from the alabama pipeline explosion burns for another day, the fear of a fuel shortage and the pike in gas prices is already settling in across the southeast. >> this is the second time i filled up today and i'm going to go >> it shoot down a vital gas line that supplies fuel to millions stretching from the gulf coast to new england. while one of the two lines is up and running, colonial says the otherline could be shut down until the weekend. >> this could very quickly become a major outage that could be lasting several weeks instead of days and it could be -- much worse than what we saw in september. >> reporter: in september, more than 250,000 gallons of gasoline leaked from the same pipeline.
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all the way down the street. last time that we didn't get a delivery for like three days, people were actually fighting over here over a gas. i hospital it doesn't go that crazy. >> reporter: a piece of equipment hit the pipeline monday sparking the blast, killing one and injuring several others. hena daniels, cbs news. the governor of alabama declared state of emergency to ease restrictions on gasoline truck drivers. a beautiful day neighborhood. more changes though coming our way. >> we should not be this warm this time of year. but a few people are complaining about it. >> uh-huh. very nice. >> a couple. there can't be pleasing everybody we know that. hey tonight if you look liking up. a neat thing going on here. around 7:15 if you look in the southwest sky you are going to see a little sliver of the moon. that's the waxing crescent moon. you will also below it see saturn to the left you will
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and upper left of that mars going to be out there. three planets can the chrisn't -- and the crescent moon 7:15 and we should have the skies for that. nice day to be out on the boat in the potomac huh? look how flat the river looks right now. the afternoon is going to have sunshine and winds out of the south generally 5, 8, maybe 10 miles per hour. not too much of a breeze and that will help push temperatures into the sever. we should be -- 70s. we should be in the low to mid- 60s this time of blear with the 7:00 reeding at -- reading at 68 morning. 50s and low 60s. our weather headlines on this wednesday is going to be warm through tomorrow. we have a front coming tomorrow. so we have to watch out for a few showers maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. into the early evening. possibly a yellow weather alert we're still monitoring that. we have not gone there yet. but be advised tomorrow afternoon has some showers in the forecast. much cooler weekend. clocks go back saturday night at the sunday morning. we go back to standard time. so we fall back at least we gain an hour of sleep and it's going to be dry through at
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last 24 hours running about 5 to 10 warmer than at this time yesterday. as much as 15 warmer in charlottesville. but they're hitting 73 right now orange up to 72. we're at 63. 64 down in reedville and waldorf and on the way in annapolis and even the shenandoah valley northern part of the valley still in the mid 50s. but winchester 68 degrees, a beauty in washington on the michael & son weather camera. 63 with the south-southeast wind at 6. that wind goes a little bit more south-southwest off the land national just -- shoot up. to the northwest we get another storm system. we have one in front of that, see those clouds here? that jet streaming across the plains. the jet stream is like a seesaw and it rises in the east and high pressure is in control aloft so we get a nice warm-up. until the front comes through. and that front tomorrow morning is passing cleveland and buffalo. by midday, it's passed pittsburgh but not quite to morgantown and cumberland.
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have some showers start here, here we are at 4:00. by 6:30 a couple of showers in the metro area with the bulk of them though south of town with the front. and as we get towards you know 8:00, 9:00 we start to see some clearing with cooler air moving in. and back to normal. let's say or maybe just slightly below for a day or two. 77 this afternoon. much warmer. 6 # second quarter tonight with 50 -- 62 tonight with o oohs in the suburbs -- 50s in the suburbs. mornings okay it's the afternoon we have to watch out for showers are possible thunder. breezy can cooler friday 5. and over the weekend seasonably cool and looks nice for the heart walk at the national mall saturday morning which impassing. join me. -- i'm emceeing, join me. and nice weather right through election day. . here's a look at the morning in 60 seconds. >> the lead is back to seven. >> one last time for the series title tonight. cleveland game seven the cubs brought out the big stick. >> continue our breaking news coverage out of iowa this
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style attack. >> we hope we find him before anybody else gets hurt. >> you just see a blur and all of a sudden the impact. >> ntsb investigators will continue to find out what cause tad deadly school bus crash that happened yesterday. in connection with that gas explosion that rocked the silver spring community, at 10:00 a.m. families of the victims will hold a press conference. all about growth. >> 7,000 more businesses residents and now they want the bus service to follow suit. sunshine is here to stay today. so enjoy it. by friday we're dropping about 20 degrees from 80 on thursday to about 60 on friday. the fast five though still looks about the same. just a little bit of a slowdown. no accidents. how are you? >> how are you? >> shoutout to jennifer jones. she won $1,000 yesterday. she's from upper marlboro. you can be a winner too.
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. and i approve this message. and that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back of course at 5:00 and we want the thank the
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honors class from thurgood marshall middle school for joining us this afternoon. they were a great audience. you have a great day and a
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