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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you think muslims will make? >> the real difference. their commitment for their faith , their community is absolutely so differential and it will make a positive difference towards hillary clinton. >> kahn's message, to get out the muslim vote hit home. >> it's great to have him here. >> you get mr. met mr. kahn how did that go? >> i'm so happy to see him live. >> his influence is a lot in the community because of the country. >> i'm fired up. i'm going to vote deft initely. >> he spent the day with top democratics campaigning for lou ann bennett. he spoke to rans in sterling. >> as a veteran i found when i watched him at the democratic convention so touched by how heartfelt he was about supporting hillary clinton who supports our veterans.
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endorse any candidate and invited the republican to come and speak as well. peggy fox, wusa 9. the trump campaign is targeting pennsylvania for a late battleground push. that's because unlike some of these other states like north carolina and florida there is no early voting here. republicans have coveted pennsylvania every year since the l back in 1998. trump is convinced his fired up supporters in this arena are the key to him winning. the supporters started to line up this afternoon outside of this arena 6 hours before the event was scheduled to begin. some drove from maryland, west virginia and georgia to be here. it's part of the movement that trump said he's creating. if trump is going to win on tuesday
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the folks we spoke to here said the level of enthusiasm in this state is different than 4 years ago. >> everybody is tired of 8 years of obama and exactly what they say, 4 more years of hillary and she's a beast. >> i say the polls are wrong because pennsylvania is trump country. >> now republican sources i talked to said trump's focus in pennsylvania makes a lot of sense because he h if he's going to be president. he faces the same math problem here that republicans before him have faced, how to over come what is expected big democratic numbers in pittsburgh and philadelphia. reporting live, wusa 9. >> we are in the home stretch now. this is the last day for early voting in the district. it
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same day registration is also available. virginia residents have until tomorrow to cast their absentee ballots. early voting deadline has expired in maryland. >> the wusa 9 app is a great way to stay on top of this election. we have the voters guide and breaking political news at your fingertips. a maryland driver just dodged a bullet literally. this is the second incident of first that happened last night in virginia. pete monteen is live with the latest in prince george's county. pete. >> reporter: only 12 hours apart these two adam. i just spoke to police and they're still investigating tonight. they say there's no clear connection between these two incidents right now. at least luckily in this latest incident nobody was hurt. >> the latest shooting police say was just before the beltway
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>> it's unimaginable to me that that would happen. >> police say it was just after midnight a woman in a nissan was trying to merge on to the outer loop. police say a man in a blue minivan sped up and slowed down, keeping her from getting over. police say then he pulled out a gun. >> people don't value life. i mean, several -- you know, letting someone over, you pull out a gun, people don't value life. >> the victim saidhe police later found a bullet did hit her car. no one got hurt. the victim pulled into a near by parking lot and called 911. >> it's scary. it's very scary. >> this is similar to a story on thursday. a man's car window busted out near fairfax. his 4-month-old baby in the backseat. he said it started with beltway bullying near national harbor. >> it's terrible. it's horrible. what the world is today is horrible. >> that's one of the reasons why i take the back streets.
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relaxed. so, you know, it's -- it's a lot and i'm glad everybody turned out okay. >> reporter: no arrests yet. police still interviewing the victim tonight. they say there are no cameras near here making their investigation a little bit tougher. live pete monteen, wusa 9. >> thank you, pete. state police asking for tips on the shootings. if you can make tips anonymously. to new york now. a police sergeant is dead another hospitalized after being shot in the bronx. they responded to a call for home invasion and found a car that matched the suspect's description when they approached the car there was an exchange of gunfire. the surviving sergeant was hit in the leg, the suspect
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nicole aramo filed a $7.5 deformation suit in response to a story about a brutal gang rape on campus against the new york times. she said she was portrayed as trying to sweep the rape allegation understood under-- underneath the rug to protect the school. now for the latest on the double bus crash in baltimore. found mechanical issues. police released the name of the sixth and final victim of the crash. 46-year-old paty martinez was one of five people who died on that mta bus when it was struck by a school bus on tuesday. the driver of the school bus, 67-year-old glen shapel was also killed. he was not authorized to drive a bus.
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found chained up in a metal container. kayla brown vanished in august with her boyfriend. now authorities are digging into several other missing person cases in the area. brown was found thursday morning after a sex crime investigator went to the property and heard her cries for help. >> it was pretty emotional to say the least when she was found, especially, you know, when she was chained like a dog. she had a chain around her neck. >> police arrested the owner, 45-year-old todd colhap. he's an excon registered as a sex offender. he was con victory for the defense -- convicted of kidnapping a teenager in 1997. guilty on all counts in the bridge gate case. two former aids to new jersey governor
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jam on the george washington bridge because of a plan. they carry prison terms of up to 20 years. they are scheduled to be sentenced in february. driving making their way from dc to woodbridge are hoping for a faster commute home th evening compare today this -- this evening compared to this morning. this was the scene around 5:30. a tractor trailer lost its load of marble. the access road and the right lane we b trailer to crash. we are just getting started here on wusa 9 news at 5:00. topper. >> for now i still have my marbles. the high school football forecast, just about perfect. temperatures are going to fall quickly. 61 at 5:00, down to 55 at 7:00 and right around 50, even some upper 40s in the suburbs around 8:00 or 9:00. i think a sweatshirt is a good idea. we will come back and take you through the weekend
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nica at prince george's county hospital. they call in the big guns to get to the bottom of a potentially deadly bacteria. >> what the presidential candidates need to do in the last few days. >> a former playboy play mate charged after body shaming a woman at a los angeles gym. >> and tonight at 11:00 a dc man's surj e search -- search for his father is with andrea mccarren's help he's going to meet his father for the first time.
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after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig.
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it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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it's beautiful today. >> yeah, beautiful, gorgeous. >> are you going to be to keep that this weekend? >> this is going to be a chamber commerce weekend this weekend. it's like we're in weather over time. places across the country people are wearing heavy coats. temperatures are closer to average today. no 80s. monday at 11:00 we'll talk about wearing coats and how much snow is going to fall, when it's going to fall, if we'd have a white christmas, all that good stuff. we'll see you at 11:00. uarantee. we got to get back in the grove so to speak. i think we're going to be okay today. we went 65 for a high. we are 7406 of the last 80. that's my fault because i missed the last two days. of course we donate money to autism speaks when i'm wrong so that's okay. a live outside from the michael and son weather camera. 63 right now, dew points in the mid 40s. that's a
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in the 30s in the suburbs no doubt. a nice stretch of weather on the way. the mid 60s tomorrow, the upper 60s on sunday and monday. we still think election day will be the nice experts say the obesity rate -- nicest day of the week. we are in the ball park but on the plus side so to speak. right know we don't have a drop on the 7-day forecast. at 10:00 tonight if you're going out, you know, dinner and a movie, whatever, the upper 40s by 10:00 in 46 in gaithersburg, 48 in silver spring, 48 in bowie. by morning some 30s. even by 7:00, 38 in frederick, 37 in cumberland. the good news is dry air cools off quickly and heating up quickly. so we are back to 58 by lunchtime. 57 manasus and 58 in fredericksburg. by the evening at 5:00 the low to mid 60s across the board.
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cumberland and 63 downtown. that's pretty good. so that's pretty mild everywhere. the mid 60s in the valley. by 9:00 temperatures fall off but not crazy told -- cold tomorrow night. 59 downtown at 9:00 and notice it's clear. this is strictly a temperature forecast. 49 in manasus and maybe 53 in fairfax by then. for tonight clear and colder, 36 to 46. winds will dien northwestern at 10. by morning, okay, a chilly start but, wow, 36 to 60 by lunchtime. winds still northwest at 10. the good news tomorrow, it may feel a little warmer because we won't have the breezes from today. most sunnily, beautiful. high temperatures around 65 and winds western at about 10. a reminder, enjoy your extra hour of sleep saturday night. before you go to bed saturday night turn your clocks back one hour
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if your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. that's a good habit every 6 months. the day planner goes like that, 55 by 11:00 and 61 just picture perfect by 1:00. sunday gorgeous, 68. we're in great shape for the heart walk. a little chilly saturday morning but nice and great shape also for the ravens game. beautiful on monday, the upper 60s as well. election day, wow, 70. mid 60s on wednesday. the upper 60s on thursday. the low 60s on friday. this is the time t and do some out door painting because we don't have a drop on the 7-day forecast. >> thank you, top. this is day four of the transit strike in philadelphia. this walk out has crippled the commute for thousands of people working in and around the city and now the transit agency has filed an injunction to force the employee to go back to work. there's a concern this strike could have a big impact on election day. we cannot stray too far can
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the presidential election. joining us now with expert insight face the nation host john dickerson. what would you say that each candidate has to over come if they're going to win on tuesday? >> well, in terms of the broad thing they have to over come for donald trump he has to over come or had to over come in the curse of his campaign people's fears about him and whether he has the temperament and judgement to be president. hillary clinton had to over come her trust deficit fo big issue. it's not a big issue for all voters. we found in our polling that close to 30% of clinton voters don't find her truth worthy. on election day they have to over come weakness in their base. so hillary clinton has to turn out younger voters and african-americans and donald trump has to turn out suburban republicans. those are the tactical hurdles they have to over come in terms of getting out the vote. >> you know, in terms of casual conversation are we able to say on tuesday this election is going to come down to x? is
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>> well, i mean, we can just -- we can steady ourself with the old cliche that it comes down to turn out. it's a cliche in part because it's true. that means that both sides have to get their voters out. that's important because most of the voters will be partisans, not people undecided but people signed up for a team and vote for that team reliably. as a candidate if you can turn out the people who are in your team already and just get them to to polls that's really the major >> finally, john, we are traveling with donald trump in hershey, pennsylvania tonight. is the race there as tight as north carolina and florida, the battle ground states? >> well, it's tricky to look at the polls. basically the polls show pennsylvania a little bit more of a stretch for donald trump than north carolina or florida which are a little bit closer. but really because polling and margin of error it's
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reach for him than the other two states. in pennsylvania is a competitive state and there's also been republicans go in late in the cycle thinking it's gettable but they haven't won it since 1988. we'll see if it's a repeat of that or if he's able to do something new here. >> time is run ning out. john dickerson, thank you for your time. the curse is gone. it's time to party. >> oh, and they didn't either. chicago cubs had a toast to the town and dpans came out in drove -- fans came out in droves to celebrate their championship. this broke a 108-year drought. they edged the d cleveland indians 8-7. a new book by meghan kelly is revealing new allegations of sexual harassment by her
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sexual favors. now in the upcoming book called settle for more, kelly said she refused all of the advances from the former fox news ceo. he was eventually forced to resign after being sued by gretchen carlson. carlson received $20 million in a settlement with the network. it's the playboy model who took a photo of a naked woman in a gym locker room that's been charged with invasion of privacy. >> not the best moment of sister hood a 29-year-old dani matters faced widespread criticism after she shared the photo of the caption, if i can't unsee this you can't either. she later apologized and deleted her social media account. samsung reveals defective machines that are supposed to wash your clothes after one of them broke a man's jaw. >> it's a speaker that can control all of the gadgets in
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subway mitch man jared fogle. >> the last jobs report before next week's election shows the u.s. economy added 161,000 jobs pushing the unemployment rate
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the search is over for two missing teens in ash burg. the 15-year-olds were found safe together this morning. they were first reported missing yesterday. the teens are now reunited with their families. it was a swift fall for jared fogle but the scrutiny has taken a toll on his ex-wife as well. >> she's out following a turbulent year. it started in 2015 when the fbi showed up at his door looking for if her husband was a pedophile. they found it. he was convicted. >> he had two lives going on. he was home with the kids and i are in one life and out on the road in a different life and he
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separate. >> now, she believes that subway did know something about this secret life of her ex-husband. she's actually suing is chain for negligence saying the company was alerted to potential problems with fogle three times before his arrest. in tonight's consumer alert the troubles for samsung continue. the company is now recalling nearly 3 million top loading washers. here's the problem, it has excessive vibration and causing the top washer. 34 model numbers are include in this recall. samsung has nine injuries, including one person's whose jaw was broken when the top flew off. call samsung toll free or go to their website for more information. two dozen drug companies and some executives could soon face criminal charges.
5:25 pm
investigation into price fixing. the feds say competing companies worked together to keep the prices higher. prosecutors could bring charges before the end of the year. it can wake you up, tell the weather forecast and control all the smart gadgets in your home. google's new home smart speaker all powered by google search finally hits the 's $129 and comes 2 amazon launched a speaker. awesome she wanted was a parking space to help her son get out of their customized van but what she received was anything but helpful. >> a local man arrested because of isis. >> what is causing the bacteria
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includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ?? stand by me ?? a critically ill premee is being treated for infection they got at the prince george's county hospital. that's from hospital officials telling us that this afternoon. >> it is the first admission from the hospital officials that their battle is probably linked to deaths. scott broom is live at prince george's hospital center to tell us about this remarkable late day press conference.
5:29 pm
this week as the neonatal intensive care unit has been shut down for the second time since august. hospital officials told us this afternoon they called in the u.s. center for decide control to get to the bottom of this because they're mist fied. >> all of us want to know and understand how could it impact our nicu a second time. how and why did this happen? >> mystery at the prince george's hospital center. >> we have no the source of this newest presence. >> the nicu shut down for the second time since august after a potentially deadly bacteria was detected in two critically ill premie infants. one is being treated while the other is showing no sign of ill effects. >> let there be no doubt the safety of our patients is our
5:30 pm
experts from the u.s. centers of decide control to help solve the mystery. why are infants infected when the lab tests are not turning up bacteria, especially in the water system when that's the suspected source. the system has been flushed. >> we are puzzled given that we did the water treatments, we exceed expectations for surveillance and infti are with this situation. >> hospital officials also admitted today it's likely that two babies died in the previous out breaks of the bacteria earlier this year. >> can you say for sure? unfortunately no. we may never know conclusively. >> reporter: we heard there from the director of nursing at the hospital and also the ceo of hospital operators, dimension healthcare.
5:31 pm
possible they did not pick up the signs of this bacteria infection earlier this year and they may not have acted fast enough. reporting live at the prince george's hospital center, scott broom, wusa 9. >> thank you, scott. the two babies were a mong eight critically ill children who died in the prince george's hospital center since january. an alexandria man is now charged with helping the state. mohammad quese appeared in court this morning. the 26-year-old walked away from isis in northern iraq and arrested by kurdish forces. she's charged with providing support to the islamic state. at one point he told isis he would be a suicide bomber and participated in isis-based religious training. the man suspected in the armed robbery of two falls church businesses are arrested at a motel.
5:32 pm
surrendered hours after robbing on exxon gas station on broad street and the 7-eleven on south washington street this morning. two clerks at the 7-eleven were taken to the hospital after being injured. that -- they are expected to be okay. this next story was brought to our attention but one of our facebook followers. >> she was outraged by what she viewed as an injustice to her centerville, virginia neighbor who has a child with special needs. andrea mccarren has more ou >> reporter: a sing le mom is doing the best she can for her 19-year-old son jawon a die-hard washington redskins fan. when they teamed up with the community to give him a life-changing gift she never expected this. >> i felt blessed to have that van. >> her positive spirit in the face of disease has inspired the community.
5:33 pm
as have the washington redskins and other athletes. >> it's upsetting and overwhelming. >> his custom van from local businesses needs a parking space wider than this one. >> so it falls about 3 feet short. >> 16 feet wide to get him in and out. >> it's just heard. -- it's just hard. it's really hard to have this happen. >> when they approached lake side management she was told if she didn't like it there she ul they already designated a reserved parking space for her. >> this is supposed to be my face but somebody is here. >> in fact, this car has not moved in months. the owner is believed to be out of the country. >> this is the only spot where the wheelchair can come in and out. >> we checked with the national housing alliance. >> if the tenant has an accommodation if the housing
5:34 pm
then it would be considered unlawful. >> when he asked her about this the management company insisted there was no legal requirement and they banned us from the property. >> we had to wheel him into the street to load him in the van. >> they had a change of heart after we are intervened. she now has a van access and parking space she requested. >> i'm so excited and so happy. >> reporter: the manager ment company si parking spot and they're creating a path for his wheelchair to visit the lake on the property. the apartment has already been updated to include more accessible features and remember that car parked in her reserved spot? it's been towed away. leslie. >> that's what this is all about, andrea. good job. if you know of a barrier to someone with a disability take a photograph or shoot a short video and e-mail it to us at
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check it out. that is what our no barriers project is all ability. singer michael boblay makes a heartbreaking announcement in a facebook post. he revealed his son is battling cancer. noah is just 3 years old. he and his wife are putting their careers on hold to take care of their son. he didn't say what kind of cancer noah has or what stage it's in. alert what if there was a way for pregnant women to influence their unborn baby's birthday. a new study said there is. researchers tested urine samples of more than 800 pregnant women. the samples revealed several birth weight indicators they can control including vitamin d, exercise and diet. they said
5:36 pm
difference in the third trimester. >> if we can intervene we will be able to help ensure a healthy birth weight. >> low and abnormal birth ways have been linked to chronic diseases like obesity and type ii diabetes. doctors hope this test is another tool for new mom to give their baby as healthy start. trending now, why access mila is lashing out ott hollywood hollywood. >> the hamilton style salute to the cubs. >> temperatures are going to fall quickly. 45 downtowns but 35 in the suburbs. 37 in woodbridge for lows over night. weep -- we'll come back and talk about how the temperatures respond over the weekend and
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okay. let's get to what is trending tonight. an open letter from actress mila kunis
5:40 pm
sexists. she is recounting one instance where a producer told her she didn't pose seminude for a men's magazine she would never work in hollywood again. she said no and that worked out fine for her. a successful actress. dave chapel is back and slated to host snl a week from saturday. he will be joined by a tribe called quest. >> that's going to be a dynamic por you know it. also getting a lot of clicks, actor tracey morgan. >> last night he said that he forgives that walmart driver who almost kdille 2 him years ago. >> i forgave him and i'm not mad at him anymore. you know who is mad at him? all my white neighbors. he won't be living next door to me.
5:41 pm
lambo but driving 30 miles per hour so all his neighbors can see him. >> i would do the same thing. >> hey. check me out. remember me in all right -- remember me? so check this out, students at the university of oregon, it's a frozen pumpkin. and it's smashed into bits. that's what happens when you throw a frozen pumpkin off a roof and record it from a multitude of angles. >> love that editing. >> before that the pumpkin was fahrenheit with liquid nitrogen. that's the kind of class i should have taken. >> yeah. >> man stuff. throwing stuff off a roof. >> that could be anybody stuff. >> that just feel s like man stuff. not that you would be excluded. the love continues tonight for the chicago cubs. >> take a look as the cast of hamilton gives a big shout out
5:42 pm
>> the cubs won the world series. >> ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> and the cubs tribute was part of a curtain call after last night's show. what fun. >> very nice. so it was a special day for a group of young caps fans. the team's practice facility, their story on the way if sports -- in >> right after the break voters look for comfort on election day. [ roars ]
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let's check out some tweets from the campaign trail. from is not rewarded for running the most devicive campaign in history. trump said if obama worked as hard on straightening out our country as he did trying to protect and elect hillary we would all be better off. a 30-year veteran of the maryland general assembly is calling it quit.
5:46 pm
job but no longer that has the strength it demands. he was known as the dean of african-american lawmakers. he has four days left. just four days left. are you suffering from election exhaustion? some people in the district are planning ways to destress post election. >> i bet i can guess a couple of ways. debra is live by the national cathedralhe have special services after te -- after the election. >> reporter: adam and leslie they are. they're going to focus on healing and reconciliation. if going to church isn't your thing i spoke to several people who have other ideas in mind. >> i'll have a nice glass of wine. >> at one west dupont sickle wine and liquor they are busy and will be getting bier on election day.
5:47 pm
for them to come after the election on tuesday. >> 6 of 10 members are feeling exhausted by election coverage. seiko therapist dr. smith said it's more like 100%. >> every single day i have so many patients who are talking about this issue. >> i find them being drawn to finding a space to chill out. >> alex hall's job is already stressed out dcers to relax. >> one thing to do is clasp hands behind the back, inhale and open up the chest. >> this is hard. >> squeeze and let it go. hold the shoulders down. stop holding the weight of the world on your shoulders. you just have to breathe but do it slower. >> breathing in kind of? >> yeah. and then you can go
5:48 pm
store. >> [laughter] >> i didn't say that. >> reporter: novice day , alex. that research poll took place in july before many of the most devicive moments. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, debra. mark your calendars, we are record-breaking super moon on november 13th and 14th. nasa said the upcoming full moon is the closest full moon to earth since 1948. the full moon won't come this close again for another 18 years. a super moon occurs when the moon is slightly closer to earth than normal. topper. >> it can look like 16% bigger so it makes a little bit of a difference. 1948 the last time the cleveland indians won the world series.
5:49 pm
ed out kind of good and nice if they won. i'm happy this the cubs won anyway. let's take about the live look outside. finally getting a little bit of color here. this is pretty nice. they are muted because we had a dry september and august for that matter they are muted. what a great evening. still 63. the dew points in the 30s. again, that's a good indication of how low we can go tonight. winds are still out of the north at 16 but they will subside and diminish over night. so we have clear skies, calm winds, low humidity. that's going to be a wow, each day the temperatures rebound nicely. the mid 60s tomorrow, the upper 60s on sunday and monday. 70 for election day and 64 on wednesday. we are dry all the way through wednesday. speaking of election day, i mean, i think it's going to be quiet across the lower 48. no big storms anywhere. the weather is going to cooperate. at 10:00 the weather is going to cooperate too. temperatures in the 40s.
5:50 pm
fairfax by 10 10:00. in the morning 39 in gaithersburg and 42 in bowie about about 38 in mannasus. they rebound quickly. look at the temperatures, almost 60 by noon. in cumberland and hagerstown the mid 50s. that's pretty nice. by about this time tomorrow evening 63 downtown, 60 in gaithersburg, 64 in fredericksburg. by tomorrow night i guess a coat is tomorrow night but chilly enough if you're out late, it's saturday night after all. 51 in gaithersburg saturday night at 9:30 and 56 downtown, the upper 40s well north and west. so day planner speaking of 40s, we start in the 40s downtown. 55 at 11:00. pefrt perfect -- perfect for the heart walk. sunday 68 and gorgeous for the ravens. 68 and beautiful on
5:51 pm
election day the warmest day of the week. low 60s on friday. i mean, this is the week to make some hay so to speak or do out door painting, fertilizingor or rake -- fertilizing or raking the leaves before they become wet. now game on sports with frank hammerhand brought to you by xfinity. >> talk about playing the big maryland and coach d.j. durkin visiting number three michigan tomorrow afternoon in ann arbor. just 2 years ago they beat michigan but times have certainly change. michigan have become a power house. the coach served on harbaugh's staff last season. >> i want to go and play against the best and see how you
5:52 pm
certainly understand what they're capable of and that's what makes it fun. that's what you want to -- you know, you want to play in these types of games. i believe you come to be part of this conference. capitals putting big sunshine in the lives of kids fighting cancer. the little hockey fans got to meet their favorite capitals as part of hockey fights cancer. amazing effort to raise awareness and was there to help make the kids's dreams a reality. practice and then fun in the lock room after wards with the entire capitals team. >> they've invited 24 wish kids and their families to come out and meet the players, to skate and have a day of fun >> -- a day of fun. >> for years they are at the
5:53 pm
this is great of the capitals. >> all these kids get to go to the game against florida tomorrow at the voneriz center. >> how fun. >> thank you, frank . coming up after 6:00, hillary clinton and donald trump stick to the states they believe will make them president of the united states. >> a local world war ii veterans will celebrate veteran's day the same way he has for decades. >> coming up at 6:30 on the cbs evening news, inside moscow
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5:56 pm
on veteran's day around gab arnold gab -- or -- arnold gabriel will be honoring the vets. >> i was waste high if water. -- waist high in water. >> there's not many vets to member what it was like to land in normandy on d day. >> did you think you were going to survive that day? >> no. i was scared to death. >> gabriel as a 19-year-old machine gunner. he said no words nor movie can describe the carnage. >> watch private ryan and
5:57 pm
>> he marched across europe to germanny with his two buddies, rent ri and -- henry and johnnie. >> a shell hit the trench where they were sheltered. >> my two buddies, they will remain with me forever >> how he returned home and dealed with the mental anguish that we now call post-traumatic stress. when the korean war broke out gabriel volunteered again, this time as a conductor for the air force base. >> for 34 years gabriel was a military band director. he played with some of the biggest
5:58 pm
green. the brons -- the bronze starch -- star. >> it was years after he retired that he fulfilled the promise he made to his buddies in the fox hole. he met the son who lost his dad. >> we hugged. he said would you be my dad. i didn't have to answer. >> gabriel still conducts he already has one for the 80th anniversary of d-day when he will be 100. in alexandria, bruce lashan, wusa 9. >> next thursday the french embassy will give gabriel one of the highest honors, the legion of honor. right now at 6:00 with just four days left in the presidential race clinton and
5:59 pm
pennsylvania and we are live in hershey. >> new york, texas and virginia are sited as a potential site of a terror attack the day before election day. >> the jury funds two former aids of new jersey governor chris christie intentionally tied up traffic on the world's busiest bridge as an act of political revenge. i'm leslie foster. >> i'm bruce johnson heading into the final weekend before election day the presidential race could come at getting the voters to the polls on tuesday. hillary clinton is trying to hold on to the blue states, donald trump will need to sweep the battle ground states and at least one of those blue states. on the campaign trail today, clinton is rallying voters in pittsburgh and detroit. trump is campaigning in new hampshire, ohio and hershey, pennsylvania. jarrett is live from
6:00 pm
interesting. republicans target it for a late campaign push. the last year they won it in 1988. trump is convinced the time will be different in part because of the intensity of his support here. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are each targeting the keystone state in the election's final days. the state has 20 electoral votes. hillary clinton said donald trump's temperment disqualified him. >> he has being mean to people. >> trump used the fbi's investigation into the e-mails against her hoping to turn off uncommitted voters there. >> how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her e-mails. >> to win in pennsylvania trump needs to turn his big crowds like this one into big vote margin outside the city. >> i don't think she's going to win pennsylvania. >> among the thousands we found many voters not from the


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