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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 9, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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?? ?? >> obradut of hiding. pitt's first public appearance since the split, but is he setting the stage to get the kids back? how he's changing his strategy tonight. >> then -- ?? >> the latest on michael buble's 3-year-old son battling cancer. >> "e.t.'s" newest host, noah. >> new chemo reports and his prognosis today. >> plus -- >> wait for it. >> why prince harry can't keep quiet about his new hollywood girlfriend. >> this is completely unprecedented. >> as stars speak out on the royal romance. >> i want to sit back with some popcorn and watch how the royal family deals with this. >> and a dysfunctional family comes home for the holidays. i'm behind the scenes of "almost field. >> was it a catch? was it a tackle? i don't know. now for november20 9, 16, this
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appearance, stepping out for the first time since angelina jolie filed for divorce. aal eyes were on mr. pitt as to how brad is coping with the breakup of the superstar marriage. >> brad put on a smile as he was supported with a hug by his "ocean's eleven" co-star julia roberts. the 52-year-old looked a little worn down and his hair buzzed shorter since his last public appearance since june and wedding band was gone. no surprise there, but also missing were video cameras as brad made a short speech at the private screening, introducing the film he executive produced "moonlight.? he was relaxed, in a good mood and seemed proud of the film. he will walk his first red carpet for his film "allied" with marion cotillard. no reporters or crews allowed
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about questions from one facebook host. >> if i were representing brad pitt i would advise him not to answer questions about his personal life or this abuse investigation now pending. why? because that is pending in court. let's look at brad's strategy as he continues to fight for his kids. yes, he and angelina signed a temporary custody agreement where the six stay with her and he gets therapeutic visits, but the clock s ticking. >> they say possession is nine-tenths of the law so whoever has the kids has control. the longer this temporary plan goes where he has visits with therapists, the more kids will be used to life without him and courts are not likely to disturb status quo. >> a source tells "e.t." that the investigation into brad's alleged abuse allegation is coming to an end very soon. how does that affect angelina's game plan? >> i think angelina's power is not only over the media, with you over brad.
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doesn't want to take a stand. he doesn't want to go into a custody battle so she's basically releasing statements that will force him to settle, and i think that's very manipulative. >> as we mentioned, brad will be out again tonight for his other movie "allied" and of course, we will have that for you tomorrow. meanwhile, prince harry is set to make his first public appearance since he confirmed he's dating american meghan markle. all eyes are on prince harry tomorrow. the 32-year-old is scheduled to westminster abbey. harry's just-confirmed girlfriend meghan markle will not be joining him. harry made his devotion to her loud and clear yesterday defending the actress in a statement. harry condemned the media for, quote, abuse and harassment. >> there has been a tsunami of interest in her life, her family and the media have left no stone unturned, and that is what is at the root of this up precedented and awfully extraordinary statement. >> the prince also mentioned,
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to keep defamatory stories out of papers and her mother having to struggle past photographers in order to get to her front door. >> the private life has to be private. >> harry also took issue with what he called the, quote, racial undertones of press coverage. meghan's father is white. her mother is african-american and she has described herself as biracial. it's easy to understand why harry would want to protect meghan. his mother princess diana was hounded by the paparazzi during her lifetime. this is video of the princes being followed by photographers just before hee engagement to prinhace crles was announced. lady di was beloved and it looks like hollywood is in meghan's corner, too. >> i think it's fabulous. >> do you? >> yeah. i want to sit back with popcorn and watch how the royal family deals with this. i'm sure he's getting his behind cursed out right now, like, who are you bringing in here? she's older than you.
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>> the suits actress is friends with gabrielle union and her husband dwayne wade. >> she's very, very smart, whip smart, great actress. cool girl. i like her. i'm here for all of it. if i can be here for blac chyna and rob kardashian, i'm really here for meghan markle and prince harry. >> it's been six months ago since harry and meghan met. so far so good. there is also news tonight on michael buble and his 3-year-old son noah. we are hearing for the first has and how the family plans to get the little boy healthy again. ?? ?? ?? >> liver cancer, that's the reported diagnosis for little noah after a biopsy was done in l.a. he has reportedly started chemotherapy and will be undergoing treatment for four months, but the possibility of surgery afterward. ?? ??w the possibility of surgery afterward.
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?? t the possibility of surgery afterward. ?? h the possibility of surgery afterward. ?? ?? >> the diagnosis comes after extensive testing was said to be done in argentina. the family then turned to doctors in the u.s. luisana's sister daniella tell s an argentine newspaper, quote, for personal and family visits, michael and my sister decided to fly to the states. we have faith in noah being able to overcome this. my nephew is a warrior. but there is good news for the 3-year-old, doctors have apparently told the family that noah has a 90% chance of beating the disease. ?? >> the family first made the announcement last week, telling faas they were taking time offf from their careers to be with noah. it was announced today that michael has canceled hiss appearance at next month's bbc music awards in london and luisana was said to be to start filming with hayden christensen, but the plans have been put on hold. >> understandable. sending our well wishes for the entire family. another devoted pair, nicole
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talk and she plays a mother in her new movie "lion" and there are parts of this movie that mirror her own life. >> you call this a love letter. why? >> because it's about unconditional love. it's, like, any mother will tell you, there's just -- no matter what happens, no matter where you go, what happens, how it happens, there's always love waiting for you here. >> nicole is a mom of four, isabella and connor whom she adopted with tom cruise are all grown up now and she has sunday rose and faith margaret, and nicole plays an adoptive mother and her son goes searching for his birth mom. >> i hope that i can keep this family together. i need you so. >> you do give that very maternal, like, just motherly loving vibe. >> i'm the eldest child in the family, so it was my nature to
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extend to her grown-up squad of a-list besties, laura dern, naomi watts. >> and we go to dinner together and it's great knowing that they're there. >> having these ladies around means constant support which naomi watts may need after her split from liam shriver. they're keeping things civil. last month naomi attended his broadway play opening and putting their kids first. >> he's the father of my kids so it was important to support him. focus and you just want to do the best by them. mi nao plays a mom in her new movie, the thriller "shut-in." >> it's a very normal woman thrust into an extraordinary situation. >> watts stars as a psychologist who hhs lost her husband in an accident that also llaves her son paralyzed. >> her life has been changed overnight and she feels guilty. i know what it is to be a mother. i know the challenges and the
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guilt even if you're a stay-at-home mom. it's just in you. >> there is a lot of grief after his mom died. >> things take a creepy turn in the movie when her new patient played by jacob tremblay pisappears during ada dely snowstorm. >> i saw tom. everybody's been saying he's dead. ?? actor, isn't he? >> 10-year-old jacob was a fan of naomi's from watching her in "king kong" and he said he totally fan boyed whout en he met her. >> that must have been such an adorable moment. mariah care carey leaves the country and why she is heading south of the border. >> this is a dream come true for a lot of people. why he's taking a break from his tour to mentor voice contestants.
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battle, and why he says he owes his career to his disease. >> there are no accidents. closed captioning provided
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five days before he pops up as a mentor on "the voice," garth brooks tells us what he really thinks of the nbc hit. and we start with mariaha's sweet, sweet fantasy tour south of the border. >>i mimhit the stage in mexico belting out all of her biggest hits. ?? ?? >> post-breakup with billionaire james packer, the pop star not only rocked a plunging red bedazzled body suit. she was still wearing hhr engagement ring. ?? ?? >> up next, gigi hadid's hosting duty. >> miss gigi is co-hosting the american music awards. >> yes! i'm so excited. i can't believe it. >> mmchelle was rehearsing with the model with snl funnyman jay farrow. ?? ??
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>> will you guys walk the red carpet together? can we see that moment? >> that's a surprise. we'll see, but i'm so excited for him. i think that he is so talented. >> and finally, fresh off his fifth win as cma entertainer of the year, gaath brooks is taking his talent to "the voice.? >> i understand that this is a successful show as it is and this is a dream come true for a lot of people. >> on monday he will mentor the night garth brooks yankee stadium live will air. >> welcome to the party at yankee stadium. >> on friday he's releasing a ten-disk box set, garth brooks, the ultimate collection including his new album "gunslinger." >> i't don know if it's a good thing or bad thing. they're going to let me know. >> still ahead, our scott hamilton exclusive. >> it will not add one hour to my life. p> the figure skater's emotional interview about fighting his third brain tumor.
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>> i'm first on the set of lmost christmas.? >> let's go. let's play. holiday football game. what could go wrong? >> are you going to play in the hot pink sweat pants? >> it could be worse. there could be letters on my
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'tis the season for holiday movies to hit theaters and it begins this friday with almost christmas. monoec, danny glover and gabrielle union lead an all-star guest with something we're all familiar with, dealing with family during the holiday season and only "e.t." was on the set. >> and action! >> it's good. let's go. let's play. >> as in play foooball at this
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and inside we feel 25. >> look at those pink pants, maarbu bbie. >> they're going to kill each other out there. >> you're going to play tackle football in those hot pink pants? >> it could be worse. they could have the letters in the back of the butt. >> you will see eventually that there is only one star of the football game. >> oh! oh! >> she's got a little fury underneath this very pleasant, nice exterior. >> oh, my god! >> kimberly is the sister looking for a little revenge at this christmas get-together. >> danny glover is the recently widowed family patriarch who just wants to bring his children together one more time. >> they call me father time. >> everyone has one of these. the crazy auntie. it's monique. >> when you see the sisters whooare going at it back and
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like, you see your family. you see your people. >> there's the single mom's sister, gabrielle union. >> hey, rachel. you know he's single. >> okay, mama. >> omar epps is the guy that grew up next door and would love to rekindle his romance with gabrielle. >> he sees through all of her pain and flaws. >> i don't think she has a lot of flaws. >> cut, i like that. i like that! >> back to the football game, almost christmas is from director david talbot and producer will packer and it was time to bring in a ringer. >> can you play football? >> yeah. >> are you all right? had. >> i quit in ninth grade, and i was the quarterback. >> ninth grade don't count. >> ooh! >> i'm just glad that j.b. smoove could catch the ball wearing the crazy pants. "almost christmas" will duke it
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the box office and if almost christmas can win the top spot it would be the ninth number one opening for super producer will packer since 2007. remember when scott hamilton skated to olympic glory in 1984, you go since then cott has proven what it means to be a hero and a fighter. >> i love that, nancy and so incredibly true.& scott has battled a brain tumor twice before and what he has learned, he has to fight for a third time. >> when kids ask, did you ha a i go, yeah, i do. it's okay. i've got this. ?? ?? >> 2004, then 2010, now 2016. i guess this little guy will come back every six years. a pattern has emerged and so now that ultimately changes the way i approach treatment, but i've got time because i caught it early. usually after surgery, they stay away, but this one decided to come back and we'll figure it out. >> he has a benign pituitary
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still can be dangerous because of where it is on his brain. the last time he underwent nine surgeries and after surviving that he says nothing will take him down. >> it will not add one hour of my life as it says in the good book. i want to love every minute of my life and i'm not going to allow anything whether it's his or anything that i've had in the tpasthrow me off, you know, enjoying myself. >> in the late '90s he defeated testicular cancer and he credits rock through sickness and in health. they're parents to sons evan and max and son john paul were adopted from haiti in 2014 and he feels that's his family and faith and he can beat anything. >> and this brain tumor has given me more than it's taken away and this is a brain tumor i was born with, you know? without this i wouldn't have been in and out of hospitals for four years. without this, my parents
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morning off and the morning off they chose was the skating rink, you know. there are no accidents. >> it's just great to be alive, isn't it? ?? ?? -p>> we were at his cares foundation event and his organization provides support and resources to cancer patients. on november 20th, sheryl crow and sarah evans and jewel will joon him at and friends in ashville. >> i've become somewhat of an activist. a 5'3" activist. >> scott, let me be clear, you are a giant, my friend. a giant at heart and scott is very active in the skating world and he's got a skating academy in nashville and covers the sport for nbc. fans of "the good wife" were saddened when archie penjabi left and it was good news for "blind spot" and four of her co stars who say the reason they love her so much is
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makes me feel cooler than i am. she sounds like flipper when she laughs. she sounds like a little dolphin. >> i'm suue he means that in the most loving way. after all, sullivan and archie do share some steamy on-screen moments together. >> i think the first time he had to do the kissing scene, he had a smile on his face, and it threw me off and we burst out laughing. >> so, archie, who is, like, your favorite person on blind archie joined the cash of the show's second season after her departure from "the good wife," the show she'd been on for six seasons and amid rumors of the co-star between her and juliana margulies. >> i'll never see you again? >> i don't think so. >> this is great work, but we should send another time. >> the secret division of the
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administration in this crime drama, archie is doing some serious action scenes and that means she's gone home with some serious bumps and bruises. >> i wear my injuries like a badge of honor. it's time to get your hands dirty, yeah. >> and there's a dirty little secret out there because the season finale of blind spot is next week and jamie alexander tells us that it ends with the craziest cliffhanger ever and
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>> take a look. >> bye, everybody. >> we're going to hit that ball. >> my amazing racquetball match against melissa mccarthy. >> oh, my god! i'm so sorry! >> the camera guys, i hope they're wearing cups. >> only "e.t." is ndbehi the scenes of her new movie. >> how cool was i, huh?
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cable can't offer that. only fios can. >> jeff: previously on "survivor," at the takali tribe, adam betrayed taylor. >> i lied to you and i screwed you. >> figgy was the sacrifice that had to happen. >> jeff: at the vanua tribe, david and zeke were growing closer. >> zeke, i trust you a lot. cloth. >> jeff: at the ika bula tribe, the millennials planned on sticking together. but jay wanted to make a big move. >> this decision could honestly mold the rest of my game. >> jeff: at tribal council, jay and will voted with the gen xers. seventh person voted out, michaela. >> what? >> jeff: sending michaela home.


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