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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello and thank you for joining us on wusa 9 at noon on
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the political future tops our news. president elect donald trump is- - >> president elect donald trump tweeted he has a busy day planned today working on administration plans inside trump tower but across the country police were busy through the night as anti trump demonstrators staged another round of disruptive protest. police in portland, oregon fired rubber bullets and arrested 2 >> >> they declared a protest a riot. after blaming the arrest on professional protestors insighted by the media trump credited them this morning for having passion for our country. trump's transition team will be relocating to washington when he will take the oath of office ten weeks from today. yesterday trump made his first visit to the white house before meeting with congressional
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paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to move quickly. >> when donald trump says we are going to do tax reform it means paul ryan has been producing tax reform ideas that were never going anywhere. now he's thinking trump could sign it into law. >> hilary clinton was spotted by a supporter hiking near her home. the woman told the smiling clinton that taking her young daughter to vote for her was one of her proudest moments >> the um new trump hotel has been protest in washington. loud demonstrators voiced their anger that he's about to become the nation's 45th president. we have more. >> there's still a very strong police presence outside of the trump international hotel here a hot spot for a number of protests that have been going on for several days. a quiet morning outside of the trump hotel but more than a dozen police officers still had ordered to keep watch on the
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building. metal barricades are up. >> the iron nay is pretty funny building a wall in mexico and there's a wall in front of his hotel. i had that thought this morning. >> overnight protests happened outside of the hotel over donald trump's presidency. frustrated demonstrators held signs like love trumps hate. someone threw blue paint on the building. >> i'm all understand people being unhappy but destroying property, i don't see that being protective ad all. >> president obama took to twitter to address nationwide protest and trump said just had an open and successful presidential election. now professional protestors insited by the media are protesting, very unfair. he said they have passion for our country and we will all
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over time just in case protestors show up and things get out of hand. reporting from northwest wusa 9. >> and in an exclusive president elect trump and the future first lady melania will sit down with 60 minutes for their first post election interview. watch with the next first family this sunday right here on wusa 9. torn and ripped apart that's what happened to a black lives matter sign in silver springs. now un looking for answers. wusa 9 has the latest from the christ congressional church. >> a lot of concerned neighbors here in silver spring all about this sign right here which at one point read black lives matter. someone came here on election night and cut out the word black. if you have driven by the church in silver springs you've probably read the sign black lives matter the four the
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been ripped apart and vandalized. >> she said it was shocking. >> i drove by this church every morning and when i drove by yesterday and saw this my heart just sank. >> the incident happened on election night. somebody literally cut the work out to make it lives matter instead. >> it does upset me, yes. >> reverend matthew says he thinks this is a bigger problem in the area. >> there's been an under current of feelings in some people in silver springs for a long time and it's finally >> we will not stand for intolerance. >> and now three days after the incident the community came together friday morning. community advocate jeffrey tim says it's about building a safe place in the county. >> we want to nip this in the bud letting individuals in and around silver springs know this kind of behavior and this type of speech and actions will not be tolerated. >> at this point it's not clear
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timing is suspicious on the night of the big election. worth mentioning these repairs as well as the signs right below there were brought by community members not the church and so they are hoping that this can be a way to unify the community. reporting here in silver springs wusa 9. >> and it's recently been the site of anti trump protest but american university will see a different kind of demonstration today. members of the west bureau show up today in northwest washington. the group known for hate speech and actions is well known for opposition to homo sexuals. they'll be picketing to protest the resources to transgender students. two canadian men are now under arrest for the murder of a baltimore university student in toronto. 26-year-old julian jones was north of the border for a bachelor's party. he somehow got involved in a fight that broke out outside of
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it was totally unprovoked according to a police officer. a search is under way for a third suspect. ? [ music ] ? his family says he was writing up until his last moments. today the world is mourning the death of music legend leonard cohen. the canadian singer song writer was known for hallelujah and suzanne. he also gained attention for his 14th studio album was just released last month. ladies and gentlemen guard could he--leonard cohen was 82 years old. in what will be his final commander-in-chief ceremony president obama was at the too many of unknowns in arlington national cemetery. at the ground in virginia he thanked every patriot who proudly wore the uniform of the united states of america.
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at the world war ii memorial an estimated 500 world war ii veterans die every day. senator bob deal of kansas was among the dignity. he received a bronze star and two purple hearts for his service and still goes to the memorial every saturday to greet his fellow world war ii veterans veterans. >> so i've met thousands of world war ii vets because and we tell stories most of them are true. >> the retired senator was instrumental in getting the world war ii memorial built raising more than $100 million in private funds for design and construction. every veterans day we are honored to team up with the uso to support turkeys for troops. this is our 8th year and turkeys for troops provides
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local military families. the families have a turkey and all the trimmings but we need your final help to pay for more baskets. here in our studio we have volunteers standing by to take your pledges of support. the number to call is (202)895- 5560. that's (202)895-5560. no dollar amount is too small but a $50 donations can feed a family of six. thank our service members and ei tangible way. the number to call (202)895- 5560 to make your pledge. we like the sound of our phone ringing. coming up on wusa 9. he's accused of killing at least seven people. we'll hear from the mother of suspects karl siller todd kohlhepp. plus a soldier's life. we'll introduce you to a
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decades ago from the u.s.
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welcome back to wusa 9news at noon. for the first time the mother of self confessed serial killer todd kohlhepp responsible for at least when a woman was found alive and chained in a metal container. her boyfriend was found on the property in south carolina. after he asked to speak to his mother and she says he told her everything. >> i'm sorry mom. >> did he cry? >> uh huh. >> why did he kill her boyfriend. >> because he deposit nasty and- -got nasty and smart mouthed. >> why did he chain that girl
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boyfriend. he couldn't turn her loose. she would get the police. >> he admitted to gunning down four people in a cold case known as the super bike murders. the story of the south carolina serial killer will be featured during 48 hours tomorrow night on channel 9. a first today secretary of state john kerry became the highest ranking american official to visit antarctica. he's mng climate change during the two day visit. kerri and his pilots spent much of the time in the cockpit of the cargo plane chatting with the pilots. this afternoon we are saluting veterans and if you would like to help our area military families have a more festive thanksgiving this year please call our wusa 9uso
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(202)895-5560. your donations will buy holiday food baskets and what a great way to say thank you for your service. speaking of appreciation we would like to salute one maryland veteran who can't seem to stay away from the troops. his name is john and despite his experiences in vietnam he says if he could he would wear the army uniform again and join his brothers and sisters on the battle field. >> you know i really don't talk to him about my experience as a >> what part of this great country are you from? >> i had spent over 27 years in the military myself. >> how about you. >> retired as an army sergeant major and having worked my way up through the ranks and servicing soldiers being with soldiers i just cannot stay away from them. it's just part of my life. i was chosen to go to south vietnam and fly helicopters in
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vietnam was even at. >> ominous troops establish-- >> in january of 1968 is when it started and believe me when i tell you it was probably one of the most terrifying experiences i ever had in vietnam. we flew around the clock which is unheard of. they are not made to fly like that. i came out psychologically it was--there's some things i still deal with about that so. [bring home, bring our brothers home] >> there was a period in the
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you were shunned. i experienced that coming out of vietnam so now seeing the young folks coming into the military young men and women and having faith in our country and our services is rewarding to me knowing that what i did and what happened to me during the vietnam era was not a loss. >> okay guys, so i'm going to say this again, okay--stop and see us again, okay? >> john says the uso got him and for today's soldiers sailors and air men. if you would like to say thank you donate whatever money you can afford for our turkeys for troops telethon to buy food baskets for local service members and their families. the number to call (202)895- 5560.
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but d.c. delegate eleanor holton wants to change the way the national weather service measures snow in washington d.c. instead of reagan international airport which is in another state they want it to come from the white house the u.s. naval the national ash receipt yum and snow fall from the airport in virginia do not accurately reflect what happens in d.c. so far no response yet from the national weather service. i 1987. >> we had a snow storm them. >> 11.5-inches reported at national airport. 11 at dueles. it did take us by surprise. >> we do better now. not that we don't have some of those humbling mote moments as meteorologists. >> i remember it just kept sliding with my car. >> we don't want any of that. if you want to see a bigger story i did speak to the
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you can find that story on wusa no snow today. a bit of a breeze and a cold front coming but a very mild start to autumn. let's show you our day planner for friday afternoon veterans day and we salute all of our veterans who have served so proudly. temperatures top out mid 60s much warmer than that. breezy at times gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. you go out this evening i know we still got football going on. hey it is going to there and with the wind the 50s might even feel like 40s out there. drought conditions we know they are bad in california and also really bad in atlanta towards chattanooga. pretty rough drought down there. for us dry five inches below normal since september 1 alone. now we are getting into the abnormally dry area across a good chunk of virginia west of i-95 in maryland. when you drill down in southern
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look like we are going to see much for the next week to ten days. front coming through and some of these clouds up here thick enough to produce a few sprinkles but locally we got just a mix of sun and clouds out there. a neat looking satellite imagery temperatures ranging from the mid 60s in town to the 0s and 40s in the mountains. the real cool stuff north of interstate 80 but that is on the way. breeze picking up the flag flying in town. just checking them out gusts 33 in haggers town so expect breezy to windy afternoon at this front coming through with the colder air behind it and we are going to feel it tomorrow. in fact tomorrow navy is home. terps are home. if you are going to those games bundle up because we'll be in the 30s to 40 tomorrow morning. less wind but chilly, 53 in town so some spots into the 40s but by sunday after a cold
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the lower 60s. next week monday might see a shower if we are lucky on monday afternoon. monday night 62 and not much change straight shower wednesday and by thursday
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where you can create the perfect home. from now until november 14th, you'll save an extra one-hundred to one-thousand dollars. it's our gift to you. plus, you'll enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys. life looks good. welcome back. wusa 9 and uso raising money to provide thanksgiving food baskets for active duty military in our area and if you are looking for a way to say thank you for your service please consider donating to turkey for troops. joining me now is mark the president and general manager of wusa 9 also joined by wall
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board. mark before you speak to paul i know this is a personal affiliation for you because you have a son who is active duty in the marines i believe. >> yes he is we are very proud of him. he's made a committed dedication for his life. >> thank him for his service. >> on behalf of everybody here at wusa we are happy to give this donations to the uso paul. >> we appreciate it and for the past eight years thank you wusa in supporting military men and women over the holidays. >> happy to do it and that number to call still pretty active (202)895-5560. we hear phones in the
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tonight on wusa 9news at 5 we take a look at how donald trump and his family will impact the culture here in washington. plus the latest on the transition to a trump rest frequency and tell you about a virginia facility designed to help veterans deal with life after war. take a look at our phone bank. they are busy but they still want to 5560. that's the number to call if you would like to honor a veteran today. volunteers are manning our phones taking donations for thanksgiving meals for active duty military and their families in the area. $50 will feed a family of 6 and every penny you donate stays right here in our area. the number to call is (202)895- 5560 and also make a donations
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that's it for wusa 9news at noon. thank you for joining us as we honor our service members and their families. we'll be back at 5:00.
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>> jack: come in. >> phyllis: hello. i have some talking points on the jabotgo app, features of the app, how easy it is to use, how ashley saw the potential right away, and scooped it up. now, what's exciting is that people can try out all the cosmetics on a selfie, no more ordering a color that isn't yours, see what works and doesn't work from home, office, or anywhere. >> jack: thanks. it's, uh, that's a good start. i got some ideas of my own. >> phyllis: yeah.


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