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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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some wondered why he has the president's ear. president obama declined to criticize the pick. >> the people have spoken. donald trump will be the next president. the 45th president of the united states. and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. >> on sunday the president elect also named rnc chairman reince priebus as his chief of staff, comforting the establishment republicans. >> i think great team. >> interviews over the weekend including on 60 minutes mr. trump seemed to show flexibility on some of his core issues. he suggested he would keep popular parts of obama and waivered on the border wall. >> would you accept a fence? >> some areas you would but some areas a wall is more property. -- appreciate. >> president obama said he thought that mr. trump would
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that way. that can serve him well. >> reporter: president obama said he expects mr. trump to put in a good faith everett to deliver results for the american people. if he does not, the president said the next national elections are 2 years away. reporting live, jarrett haake, wusa 9. >> president elect trump spoke by phone today with russian president vladimir putin. the he said they towards constructive talks and will talk by phone until they can arrange an in person meeting. most are not of voting age but that didn't stop hundreds of high schoolers from protesting the president elect. students from montgomery blair and four other schools marched for several miles to get their message out. delia gonclaves is live with reaction to this peaceful protest. deal -- delia.
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students were allowed to rally and protest in the stadium and thaley wked off campus to downtown and we followed them. >> [sirens] >> [chanting] >> what do you make of all of this? >> well, the protest i think the great. >> hundreds of students from five area high schools including montgomery blair, einstein and north wood took over several silver springs street. they ed downtown silver springs stalling traffic. >> i don't have anything against it. i'm not with it or against it. i respect what they're doing. >> stirring reaction from all sides. >> i think that we should give him a chance. you know, he's in there. >> there's people talking about give trump a chance and all that sort of stuff but from my perspective his unjust campaign was his chance. >> okay. so we walked a long way but we met some really
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hand. i think their futures are not giving them a proper civic education. this is the outcome. >> everything in know my generation we have a voice and all the social media so we should use it to express our opinions in our peaceful and non-violent way. >> reporter: and there were no problems. the students were escorted by police. we are hearing from the school's spokesperson and heard that the disciplinary action that is if they get a parent to sign an excuse note. we are live in silver spring this evening, delia gonclaves, wusa 9. >> they are going to have a lot of note to keep track of. this afternoon's protest created a huge buzz on social media. during the height of it 14,000 people were watching it live. videos were shared more than 16,000 times and nearly
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protest. more than 45,5000 people commented. here's just a few. misty underwood said just an excuse not to be in class, you can't vote yet, go back inside and do your work. paul wrote, if we support free speech now is the time to put our money where our mouths are. they will miss class but the lesson of feeling the ownership of the country is a lesson unto itself. and proud of these kids for taking a stand. sending love and thanks. more than 2,000 democrat demonstrators occupied the capitol office of chuck schumer. they said hillary clinton's defeat was because of her
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donors and said that's because of the mold. they urged them to do things to block donald trump. activists plan to hold more than 200 demonstrations coast to coast. rally locations will include federal buildings, banks that financed the pipeline and the office of the u.s. army core of engineers. they said it threatens the culture site and the drinking water. a georgia man was found guilty of murdering his 2-year-old son by leaving him in a hot suv. cooper harris died in june of 2014. the prosecutors say the father, justin harris, was looking for a way to escape family responsibilities and cheat on his wife. harris will be sentenced next month. he faces up to life in prison. a 20-year-old man with a
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lewis orey is accused of following following to girls into the women's restroom and holding them against their will and sexual assaulted them at the new louden one mall. he was an employee of the restaurant. now in 2012 when he was 16 he was convicted of two counts of abduction and sexual battery. he and his workplace are listed on virginia's sex offender registry. new rules are now in effect to make it walking to hear hybrid and electric cars going slowly. they are required to make some noise. federal safety regulators say that noise could prevent 2400 pedestrian injuries. evening showers are impacting the commute home in parts of our area. >> meteorologist topper shutt is tracking the wet weather on live doppler radar.
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the last six weeks or so. we had showers that altered down to the west towards 95. if you are heading north on 270 or east in annapolis you will be okay. the showers have now kept over 66 up into winchester. the air has been so dry it's eating up the rain that's why it's been raining much of the day in cullpepper. it will eventually move into lur will come back and talk about the rest of the week, warmer our own the way and then the coldest air of the season arrives. still tonight remembering gywnn eiffel. >> up next, the fight to retake mosul from isis driving tens of
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civilians in mosul are running their l a militants there. they cleared two neighborhoods. suicide bombers have been attacking troops there. there's reports that terrorists have been using civilians as human shields. nearly 50,000 people have fled mosul. most are living in camps on the out skirts of town. two u.s. soldiers have died after an explosive device detonated in afghanistan. 14 others with your wounded inside the airfield on saturday. the
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20-year-old private first class tyler belts of illinois and 30-year-old sergeant john w perry of stock ton, california. the taliban said it was behind the attack. new zealand has scrambled their navy there to rescue tourists stranded by a deadly earthquake. at least two people were killed when the 7.8 magnitude quake struck that triggered a tsunami forcing people to live near the coast to move inland. emergency work residents living along the clarance river avenue that quick trigger adam breach. three cows along with other livestock were stranded on islands of grass as the ground ripped apart around them. julian assange was questioned about a rape accusation. a swedish produceers arrived today where he had been living.
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face that rape charge. assange denies the accusation but he's refusing to go back to sweden for fear he would be extradited to the u.s. a trail blazer in the journalism world loses her battle with cancer. we play tribute to gwynn eiffel. with diseightyability -- disabilities
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. new at 6:00, a protest focused on saving some children's lives. the prince george's schools have been putting children in danger two have diabetes. >> two children part of the protest have not been to school
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parents pulled them out of school, afraid for their lives. >> we need your help. >> it got to a point where i knew prince william county was going to kill my kid. >> laila's 10-year-old daughter diana has type i diabetes. her mom pulled her out of school weeks ago. >> all these plans are in place so the school knows exactly what they need to do. they are just not following it. >> diana's friend, evan who also been pulled out of school by his mom. >> do you miss school? >> yeah. >> miss your friends ? >> yeah. >> want to go back? >> yeah. >> while i'm save ing -- saving his life i'm being threaten today go to jail. >> his mom faileded to complaints. >> he was hospitalized.
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wouldn't put it on. one time his sugar was so low he was unresponsive on the school bus. >> she didn't stop to call 911 she drove him home. >> a group that supports mothers of diabetes children flew from california to join this protest. >> people don't understand this disease, the seriousness of it. takes your kids lives. >> rebecca said while many schools do a great job too many do not. at the department of education, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> a prince william county spokesperson said they can't comment on individual cases but said they follow all of virginia's requirements and adhere to doctors orders. in the interest of full transparency, one of the children in our story is the son of a wusa 9 employee. a military judge at
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bergdahl. bergdahl is facing life in prison for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. his trial was scheduled for next february but now it was pushed back to may to give the defense more time. he walked out of his post in afghanistan in 2009. highly respe 61. she was the moderator of pun broadcasting washington week and coanchor of pbs news hour. she wored for the washington post and new york times. they said she was a person of fairness, integrity and a mentor to young journalists across the country. idpresent obama paid tribute during today's news conference. >> whether she report from a
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field, whether she sat at the debate moderators table or the anchors desk she not only informed today's citizens but also inspired tomorrow's journalists. she was an especially powerful role model for young women and girls who admired her integrity, tenacity and intellect. >> people who enjoyed her were quick to share condolences on twitter. congressman john lewis said we mourn the loss of a beloved journalist nancy pelosi wrote saddened by the passing of gwwnn eiffel, a try trail blazer. from the son of the late journalist tim wesard. i believe that right now my father and gwnn are grilling james madison for the need of the electoral college in 2016. she was a force in the town. she inspired so many of
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she gave the best lug hugs. moven -- moving on we'll talk about the rain showers tonight. nothing crazy heavy. we are 6 inches be hind for the year. enough for a yellow weather alert, especially south and west of town. 3 degree guarantee, i think that we'll be okay today because the clouds came in. we kept temperatures down a little bit. we went for a high in the upper 50s. we went to 57. we last 90. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. a live look outside, the live michael and son weather cam. the dew points wither -- were in the 30s. this afternoon they were at dulles up to 66% for the humidity. here's the radar over the last hour south and west of town along 66 and 81 corridor, the heaviest activity west of warrenton and
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because it's moving into drier air. it's not just a straight equation of stuff moving. it's not that easy. the heaviest activity around sperryville and front royal. everybody will see a shower but not much in terms of putting a dent in the deficit. a yellow weather alert for showers. there's some leaves to think about. the bus stop temperatures, 38 to 52 in the morning. just some clouds. i think it will be dry. a pretty good day actually. the rest of the week is nice and warmer too. i mean, it starts to get up to near 70 by friday. at 10:00 tonight showers, light rain, fredericksburg up 95 to baltimore and gaithersburg. by the morning most of the activity moves out. 30s to the south and west and around 40 downtown and north maybe a left over shower for gaithersburg or frederick.
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clouds, sunshine by 1:00, 56. next three days, pleasant on wednesday, maybe a stray shower and 63. really nice on thursday. almost 65. friday almost 70. great on saturday, the low 70s. bison in town. and then bundle up at fed-ex, that's the coldest air of the season, it will be blustery sunday night at fed-ex. >> topper is going to whoop it off while the men hoop it up. >> i know that you're exciteded about tomorrow night. >> i am. >> it's going to be a good one.
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the burgundy and gold have gotten really good at one thing this season, keeping fans and their coaches on the edges of their seats. as the vikings were driving late i quarter yesterday many of us watching thought where have we seen this before. but thanks to second year linebacker preston smith and his sack on sam bradford the game ended flavor by for the redskins. they are 5-2-1 and feel comfortable when the games come down to the wire.
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the league every week comes down to the last 2 minutes. we are prepared for it. we are not new to this. we are familiar with the situation. now two basketball team s have to get used to playing each other, maryland and georgetown tomorrow night at the verizon center. this is the second straight year of this renewed rivalry. the terps beat the hoyas last year in a 75-71 thriller. tomorrow sets f the players understand that this isn't just a regular regular season time. >> we need to compete. we want to win the game. we understand the rivalry and the intensity behind the game and i think it's good for both sides to bring a lot of energy and a lot of passion to the game. >> it's just a lot of excitement. georgetown is a really good team and we are playing at the verizon center so we have to figure it's very exciting. >> all the excitement mellow
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>> it's really hard. >> oh, yeah. >> the terps liking to make up some ground after maryland dropped them out of the top 25 for the first time in 2 years. they dropped in 21st to 24th in the coaches poll. the u.s. men's terps soccer team having a great season. big10 streak going for the first ncaa title since 2008. >> do we have enough terps sports news in here? >> i saw the terps women's basketball team and volley game team dismantle their opponents.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the remaking of a president. this was then. >> we're going to get a special prosecutor. >> pelley: and this is now. >> a special prosecutor? >> i don't want toe hurt them. i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. >> pelley: also tonight, as anti-trump protests continue, advice for the president-elect. >> it's really important to try to send some signals of unity. >> pelley: and we'll remember a champion for women, minorities, and excellence in broadcast journalism. gwen ifill. >> how as vice president would you work to shrink the polarization which has sprung up in washington which you both


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