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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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c1 right now police in tacoma park are trying to figure out who shot a man and dropped him in this neighborhood. officers are on scene, just a little while ago, we saw them take away two bags of evidence, and police say they got the call around 9:30, and when they arrived on hill top road, they found a 22-year-old shot in the chest. they said someone who lives the house nearby the screams for help. the police are adamant the shooting didn't happened here. the man was shot somewhere else and dropped off on this road. police are working to figure out where the shooting occurred, who did it, and why. what we do know, the victim still alive, and police say he was rushed to the hospital. when he left the scene, he was conscious and breathing. reporting live in tacoma park, ellison barber, wusa 9.
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of virginia right now. state police have issued an amber alert. annabella dorthia richardson. she was likely abducted by dillon james richardson. the relationship is not clear. it happened in south central virginia, and police believe they may be in a if you see them, call 911 pleadly. renewed hope for a missing universal of maryland student. friends learned 21-year-old caitlyn george may have been spotted in baltimore. now to john henry with more. >> reporter: i spoke to one of caitlyn george's good friends, and he said they are hopeful the news means she will return soon. >> reporter: it's been a tough
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maryland, and students like john bolster just want to know what happened to their friend, fellow student, caitlyn george. >> every day i call her, maybe four or five times, and it always goes straight to voice mail. it's really hard. >> reporter: they have known each other since freshman year, and they once lived on the same floor. >> she's one of my best friend dorm on tuesday. at the time she seemed fine, but that's not to say everything has been normal this comesser. he said -- semester. he said she was missing a lot of classes. >> she said she was dealing with something, but not something i should worry about. >> reporter: he was encouraged by the recent news that police have spotted her multiple times in baltimore. >> it was huge. >> reporter: according to the university of maryland police department, she has been seen
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out of taxis and buses, and surveillance video caught her voluntarily stepping into an suv near a marie that the sightings add -- marina. the sighting add to the question of her disappearance. >> so many people want to know where she is. >> reporter: when she was last seen, she was with a backpack. police do not suspect foul play. the sheriff's office is a looking for a 21-year-old who went missing a week ago. henderson was last seen leaving her home last tuesday night. it's believed she was picked up by someone but they don't know who it was or where they were going. if you can help, contact the frederick county sheriff's
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they certainly have a voice, and today, they let us hear it 500 student montgomery county hit the streets to protest president-elect donald trump. tempers flared, and they marched for 6-miles to get out the message, and they took over some roads, and they went down university boulevard to the plaza, and then avenue to downtown silver springs. >> donald trump does not represent us as a people. he does not represent our views. >> he represents bigotry in america. >> if he can't respect my mother or sister, i can't respect him. >> police were there the whole way making sure it was safe for everyone, and other than the traffic tieups, no problems were reported. along the protest march, we spotted many office workers
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been so encouraging. a spokesperson for the school system says students who ditched class for today's protest will not face disciplinary action, but they have to get a parent to sign an excuse note. we asked parents if they would support their kids if they walked out of school for a peaceful protest, and your response on facebook, 43% of you said you would support forh you would not. log on and let us know what you think. >> you will not negotiate trade agreements. >> protests against the president-elect continuing across the country. tonight, outside of the trump international hotel in northwest dc. a small but passionate crowd with flashing lights, and a projector, and they put occupant the message, right on the building. president-elect trump is at
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build his administration. a source says former new york mayor rudy giuliani is the favorite for secretary of state and steve bannen has been named steve strategist and -- chief strategist and counselor. today president obama told the e part of his mission is to convey the message of solidarity from president-elect donald trump. >> one of the messages i can deliver is his commitment to nato and the transatlantic alliance. that's one of the most significant positions i can serve at this point. >> the president encouraged americans to give president- elect donald trump time to get adjusted to the responsibilities of the presidency. >> there's concern over immigration policies over a
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against the backdrop, and the dc mayor has issued a statement reaffirming the district's status of the so-called sanctuary city saying the district respects all residents no matter their immigration status, and she said the city is safer and stronger when no one is afraid to call on its government for help and police can focus on protecting and serving. the fbi released new information about some of the hate that the immigrants or >> right to wusa 9's mola lenghi. >> reporter: hate crimes are up, and the numbers were tallied for last week's elections, and it sparked hundreds of incidents across the country, including right here at home. >> reporter: since election day, 200 incidents of harassment and intimidation have been tallied across the country. according to the statistics released today, the number of
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last year, led mostly bit '6had 67% surge in crimes in muslims -- led mostly by the 67% surge in muslim crimes. someone wrote kill, kill, kill last week in a middle school and a swastica on boys' battochio room. this week in silver springs one sign was sliced in several places and the words trump nation, whites only were written on the back. >> for some it's racist to us. >> reporter: bishop maryanne buddy blames the presidential campaign rhetoric for the hostilities. >> it has give an lot of license to the people with similar anger. i don't think it's all white
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elements of our society are there. >> reporter: even the political parties have been targeted. last month a political office was fire bombed. president-elect donald trump urged calm. >> i am so saddened to hear that, and i say stop that! if it helps! i will say this, and i will say it right to the cameras, stop it! >> it's great and it's being reported, but he has to further, people don't forget what was said over months and months and months with one conciliatory word. >> we should note the increase in hate crime numbers could be due in part to increased reporting by victims and tracking by law enforcement agencies. topper? rain showers now in the metro area, and it's been south of us. it has finally overspread the metro area.
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nothing crazy heavy, and we will zoom in a bit, and the heaviest activity has been by and large along i-81. it's weakening to winchester, but rain up to frederick, and they will continue overnight, and again, nothing heavy. wakeup weather like this leftover showers at 6:00, and chilly in the 30s and 40s, and then color at 9:00, and decreeing clouds by noon. temperatures 55 to 59. we are tracking another cold front on wednesday, and tracking the crazy temperatures on the 746 day. two prince george's county a judge has denied bond for a district heights man. he is 25-year-old christian dillard. he assaulted a woman he informs a relationship with and then stabbed his children, ages 2 and 3, before trying to kill himself on saturday night.
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a 20-year-old man with a history of sex crimes has been arrested in loudon county on charges of sexually assaulting two girls last night at the restaurant where he worked. luis orr is accused of following the girls into the bathroom at the loudon shopping mall, and he's being held without bond. a driver has been indicted on the charge of involuntary manslaughter n connection to the death of a 5-montd >> investigators say john miller iv hit the child and his mother in the crosswalk last august in landsdown. further proceedings are set for tomorrow. tonight the tributes are pouring in for trail blazer and respected journalist gwen iffle. she died today at the age of 61. she was the moderator of washington week and the
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before that, she worked for nbc now, the new york times, and the washington post, and pbs praise -- praises her and considers her a mentor to jung journalist -- to young journalists. >> calling her crazy, a dc uber driver refuses to give this blind woman a ride and drove away. that's not the worst thing she has to if you need a smile tonight this just might do it meet 29- year-old who gets excited about the trash and the man who takes
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we begin with shocking behavior by an uber driver in dc. the whole thing caught on camera. >> he refuses to transport a
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here is the week long #nobarriersproject. >> we are highlights obstacles for people with disabilities and trying to get them fixed. you're about to witness someone clearly breaking the civil rights law that is designed to prevent discrimination. >> get off my door! get off my door! >> you can't do that! >> i'm not retarded! >> reporter: this uber driver called kristin feshler offensive names didn't want to transport the blind lawyer's guide dog named zoey. >> i'm allergic to dogs. >> you're pulling away on my foot. >> reporter: in the last 3 weeks they have been denied uber rides in the dc area 10 times. >> you are the craziest lady i have ever seen in my life. >> obviously you have a remarkable feeling of hurt that
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pulls the strings up to your heart. >> reporter: the denied uber ride is just one of many barriers kristin and zoey must overcome every day. we followed them making their way along the busy dc streets and into metro. >> none of the metro access cards that you are required to have as a disabled person work with the entry and exit points. >> reporter: so kristin and zoey have to stand and wait outside of the kiosk for someone to give them access to once to get through and ended up going back through and going back to my destination. >> reporter: we were stunned what happened next on a short escalator step from the platform. >> sorry. >> i need you to not knock her over. >> i'm just trying to get around. >> excuse me, were you pushing past a guide dog? >> i was trying to walk around her. she's not blind, right? >> she's blind! that's why we are doing the
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realize that. why would you think she's not blind, the dog has a harness. >> because! sorry! >> people have the wrong perception of what a blind person is. they don't think we should be out in the world working and looking like excited people. >> reporter: we waited on the platform for the next train, but there were no automobile announcements, and once we got on board, all four handicap seats were taken, and no one kristin who was able to sit down after the first stop. uber has suspended the driver's privileges as they investigate kristin's complaint against him and the company does acknowledge that refusing to transport a service dog is both a clear violation of the law and uber policy, and as for the driver's claim he's allergic to dogs, that still does not exempt him from accepting the service dog. >> just one small snapshot of
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many different challenges existing within the short window. >> we were floored as to how much happened, and can you imagine navigating dc as a blind person? >> yeah! >> it's different everywhere you go, one metro station, and things are one way and things are another way. >> all this week we will show you the number one obstacle is thoughtlessness on behalf of able-bodied people. we could all do more. >> that is like what we saw from the young to. we will see you tomorrow night. uber says they technically don't hire or fire drivers as they are all independent contractors. they provide them with information and resources on accommodating riders with disabilities. we have that on our website, and tomorrow night at 11, andrea will feature two local wheelchair users, and you will be stunned to see what they face in their daily routines. okay, so, you have joined
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good news? >> for the most part, yes, good news for the 3-degree, and i mean for november, i can't remember a nicer november. november parallels march. it can be mean or ugly in november. so far so good. 3-degree guarantee. not quite the bull's-eye. i think howie changed his mind or it would have been a bull's- eye. 57 and it was 56. we were 1 off. 61 tomorrow. a little bold with the but i think we will make 61 downtown. a live look outside at the weather cam, and we are down to 51, a little bit of light rain and showers, winds northwest at 7. nothing crazy heavy tonight. we need a soaking november rain, and you don't see it for awhile. these are showers move together north, and they are essentially almost done in southern maryland and fredericksburg. temperatures in the 40s, and everything is push together
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of weston and to the south of pennsylvania -- patomic. not a huge deal. morning clouds and afternoon sun tomorrow. we will salvage a nice afternoon, and nice the rest of the week. crazy nice, really, and the next cold shot is understood. i was just peeking at new information, and it will be darn cold on sunday at the fedex. 6:00in the morning, future cast trying to hang on to showers, and i think it's overdone. i agree with the clouds, temperatures 46 downtown, and 40 in gaithersburg, and by 9:00, we are in the 40s with clouds, and by 1:00, a little bit of sunshine, especially north and west of town. then, temperature in the upper 50s for frederick. 47 at 7:00, up to 56 with sunshine returning on the day planner, and then pleasant on wednesday. we have a shower, don't plan around that.
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64, and check this out it gets better, and friday, near 70. saturday, low 70s for the bison, and then it's cold again. we will be lucky to make it to 50 on monday with a sprinkle. >> nice while it lasted. >> thanks. >> sure! now the redskins are coming up strong after the bye. >> coming up strong and they have the packers coming up. an interesting week for them. the burgundy and gold can jo coming up.
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>> the two friends formed the bond last july when the family move into the neighborhood. this halloween he dressed up as his buddy james. his parents gave him the matching reflecting vest and the recycling bin. sunday at fedex hill, some of the upand coming play makers had their moment in second year linebacker who had two sack in the one-handed interception, and there were guys like it yon -- like tyon who had to be the next man up, filling in for trent williams. coach gruden says this just proves the quality of the depth of the team. >> we miss those players without a doubt, but the guys who played, i'm happy for them, crowd of the way they competed. wasn't too big for them.
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their job. i would not say we were pressured, but we knew we had to step it up another notch and make the plays. >> reporter: and all right, there's a big clash taking place tomorrow night at the verizon center. they host the her pins for the second straight year that the teams are meeting as part of the renewed rivalry. last year the terps were highly ranked, and the hoyas not at all. it didn't matter, it was still an awesome game and awesome atmosphere, with the terps squeg victory. it's a new year with bragging rights on the line. >> this isn't, quite honestly, it's not just another game, and our guys know and understand that, and then we have to go, and we can't get our emotions get too carries away. you should be doing something else. >> i think our players and their players both know what it means to the fans around here. obviously it's a big game, and so, you know, our guys get it, and they are all big.
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local, it means lot. >> and we will be live there tomorrow night. and rookie trey turner got called up mid-season and made an immediate impact for the washington nationals, and that's why he was a finalist for the rookie of the year. if he had played all season, he would have been the shoein to win, but turner finished in second place behind corey sieger. the rookie who was a thorn in the side to the season. he finished with a .308 batting average, and also a candidate for mvp alongside daniel murphy, and that's going to be announced on thursday, and manager of the year is tomorrow, and of course dusty baker is up for that, and then you have the cy young, and that's matt scherzer up for
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: president-elect donald trump, thank you for sitting down with me. >> thank you. >> stephen: really nice place you got here. it looks like caligula's man-cave. >> stephen: now, with your victory, i'm sure you've been getting a lot of congratulatory phone calls. have you talked to putin? >> he actually called last night. >> stephen: i also understand he sent you a large wooden horse as a victory gift, correct? >> it is so big, it is so-- it's so enormous, it's so amazing. >> stephen: have you looked inside it to see if there's anything before you open the gates and bring it into america? >> no.


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