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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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controlled congress is back at work for the first time since the election of donald trump and as lawmakers prepare for the new administration the new trump team is being assembled inside trump tower in new york. filling out the roster thus far has not gone smoothly. >> right now the entire trump white house consists of four men. donald trump, his running mate, his chief of staff and his chief counse than that to get anything done. right now on the hill congress is anxiously waiting. convening for the first time today under the now restored capitol dome, congressional republicans were champing at the bit to begin work on their agenda. >> we're confident about moving forward, we're confident about the transition and we're very, very excited about getting to work for the american people. >> paul ryan receiving the unanimous backing of his colleagues to stay on as
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administration. >> i talk with donald trump virtually every single day. i spoke with mike pence this morning. we're going to make sure this is a successful administration. >> mr. vice president. >> mike, mike. >> 230 miles north and a few floors up in trump tower that administration still assembling itself. alabama senator jeff sessions thought to be on the short list for secretary of defense had little to say this morning. but possible treasury secretary banker and movie producer was more chatty. >> we're working on the economic plan of transition. making sure we get the biggest tax bill passed. biggest tax changes since reagan. a lot of exciting things. >> among the rumored finalists for secretary of state, former un ambassador john bolton and former mayor rudy giuliani.
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>> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> now there would be obstacles to getting either of those men confirmed. bolton's hawkish background had fellow republican senator rand paul calling him totally unfit to be secretary of state. just this afternoon. reporting live. >> over on the other side, on whether to reelect nancy pelosi as minority leader. senate republicans and democrats plan to meet separately tomorrow to pick their leadership teams. mitch mcconnell is keeping his job. harry reid is going to retire after some 30 years in the senate. he's expected to be replaced by new york senator chuck schumer. most dc council members believe the district should
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stand for the inaugural parade than it spent for president obama four years ago. back then the district spent nearly $350,000 on a heated, enclosed reviewing stand in front of the district building. he'll suggest to the mayor that the stand for mr. trump be less extravagant. it might be worth mentioning that democrats outnumber republicans 10 to 1 in the district. another anti-trump protest by high school students and this one in dc with more than the streets of the nation's capitol. delia goncalves was with them much of the way. she's live on pennsylvania avenue where the march began with a rally at trump international hotel. >> reporter: guess what, the sun is down but the protests are continuing. we've mentioned that the georgetown students along with other protesters are rallying against the dakota pipeline project. they're making their way down
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the wilson building here. earlier today though, this is the exact street where the high school students were demonstrating, most of them were teenagers but there were some adults in the crowd. we caught up with one school administrator who was here to support his students. >> dc public schools said this is not a school-sponsored event. what's your perspective? >> i cannot actually speak for e.l. haynes. what i can say is when we look them historicically and go back to the civil rights, a lot of them were kids; right? they left school. they had a voice of their own. so we're supporting our students here today. >> ben pruitt escorted 200 middle and high schoolers to protest the president-elect. how do you keep track of 200 kids in a sea of thousands? you bring a team of administrators with you. >> we have an eye on most of our students and we have a
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and we also have their names and we have a list, we'll check in within so we have some things in place logistically but also our fingers crossed as well. >> the crowds were massive, running up capital hill to the supreme court and beyond. while most cannot vote, they still want their voices heard. >> we want to use this as a teachable opportunity to let them speak their voices. they're listening to the news. they have their own feelings. a lot of >> one last live look here. passing 14th street. the group of protesters marching their way, it appears to the white house. it has been a day of rallies and protests here. all of them have been peaceful. let's go back to the high
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likely get an unexcused absence for missing school. the spokesperson does say we respect and defend a student's right to peacefully protest. >> thank you. students protested out at high point high school. after about an hour the students returned to class. watched the protests develop live on our facebook page. >> it sparked an emotional discussion as well with thousands of comments. when i was protesting nixon and civil rights in 1968 in the same spot they thought we were just ignorant kids too these kids are too young to know the true meaning of a good president. give the man a chance. i think all these kids should be arrested.
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lesses these young people will learn. they were part of history, not just reading about it. action beats words any day. >> this afternoon's protests were streamed live on our app. you can download it for free on your apple or android device. riot police in in greece clashed with protesters protesting barack obama's visit to that country. officers used tear gas and stun grenades. a sentiment among greek leftists who still resent u.s.'s support. president obama is trying to reassure u.s. allies about his successor on his likely final overseas trip as president. speaking today the president said he does not buy the notion that gop trump's victory was a rejection of his world views. >> sometimes people just feel
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something to see if we can shake things up. and that i suspect was a significant phenomenon. >> there is concern in europe, the iran nuclear deal and the international climate change deal could be in jeopardy. a deadly shooting that shut down will rogers airport in oklahoma city. a gunman killed a southwest airlines employee. 52-year-old michael winchester. police do not believe the but they're working to secure the facility and they're searching for a possible second victim. right now no flights are arriving or leaving. people at the airport have been told to continue to shelter in place. police have yet to charge a 16-year-old student they say attacked five boys in the locker room of a utah high school. investigators say the suspect then stabbed himself. the victims are all expected to survive this morning's attack. authorities still trying to determine a motive. the montgomery county board
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start next year on tuesday, september 5th. for years the school started the week before labor day. but this year the governor issued an order that mandates schools start after labor day. montgomery county believes it likely will not be eligible to file for a waiver. the board did not vote on how the change will impact holidays as well as winter and spring break. coming up, the controversial return of the cosby show reruns to television. iraqi soldiers drive isis militants out of mosul. they're confronted by the city's starving residents. a little colder tonight. temps are still above average. low temp, 45.nametown. some 30s. 36 in sterling. 39 in fairfax. we'll come back though. we'll talk about even warmer air heading our way. an arctic blast over the
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the millions caught in the middle of the fighting in mosul poured into the streets demanding food. troops reportedly shared when they had but they didn't have enough food to feed everyone. u.s.-led coalition planes are providing air support. officials have driven the militants out of most of eastern mosul. a federal judge in minnesota sentenced two more
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was a terrorist before being sentenced to 10 years in prison. earlier in the day another 11- year-old was sentenced to 15 years in prison. both of them among 9 coconspirators being sentenced for recruiting and inspiring each other to join islamic militants. bob mcdonnell has a new job. starting in january he'll teach government and policy at regent university. last june the u.s. supreme court overturned his corruption conviction. then federal prosecutors eventually decided to drop the case. today he says his painful journey through the justice system refocused his attention from politics to people. reruns of the cosby show are returning to television. even as the comedian faces trial for sexual assault. bounce tv plans to air reruns of the 1980s sitcom starting
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allegations against cosby seriously but viewers know the difference between cosby the man and cliff huxtable the tv character. we should point out we air bounce tv on our digital channel. the disturbing trend that has metro bus drivers concerned about their safety. police investigate why a retired police officer shot and killed his own son. just to get to her bus stop joyce risks her life. she's forced to ride in th no flashing lights. and she isn't the only person in a wheelchair facing personal peril. who is responsible for this? tonight an iteam investigation.
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we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, a retired dc police officer shoots and kills his own son. it happened late last night on woodbridge street in northeast washington. police are telling wusa9 the son carl holloway was arrested just last month for attacking and threatening his father james. they don't know what led to the shooting. neighbors are heart broken.
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i just -- devastated. i know the family is very devastated. >> whole block was swarming with police officers. we figured something happened. we wasn't sure what. >> court records show the son had court orders to stay away from his father and was supposed to be in court today for a hearing. tracking metro's big crime problem. sunday a rider burned a driver with hot soup and employees are angry about it. >> there have been dozens of driver transportation reporter is digging into the numbers. >> that assault started out on the city's east end. metro tells me this is the 62nd assault on a bus driver this year. the number is actually down from last year but riders and drivers tell me one is too man. dolores hubbard has been watching it get worse. >> they go through the same problems every day. people don't want to pay.
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to pay the fare. she swore at the driver, vowing to spit on him. when she got off at union station she poured hot soup on the driver. he received first-degree burns. >> that's ridiculous. >> metro's largest union of employees just released a statement that says the agency must do much more to protect its front line employees. >> i give the drivers a lot of respect. they dealing with the public. >> attacks agitate metro general na hall he said they keep him up at night. >> we have employees that every day get abused, to be frank. assaulted. particularly in our bus system. so i'm worried about them. >> drivers yields are in newer metro buses. riders say now it's time for metro to do more. >> it's a big deal. you don't know if you're going to make it off that bus safe or not. >> it says that bus on sunday did have one of the driver
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protect the driver. it says it has big gaps and now it's time for a redesign. >> awful. so far nobody has been arrested in sunday's assault. anyone with information is asked to contact metro transit police. dry weather, drought conditions, not a good combo. it's fueling an outbreak of wildfires across the southeast. affecting 8 states. flames have charred through 100,000 acres. some people suspect some of these fires were set on purpose. patients with breathing problems from georgia to north carolina have been told to stay indoors. any relief coming that way? some rain maybe? >> not really. we're dry too. just not quite as dry. we're six inches behind for the last three months. but no, nothing heading our way. nice november weather. this has been a nice november. let's start with the 3 degrees guarantee. concerned about today. 61 for a high.
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we're looking -- any time we see temps in the 60s that's going to be above average. we're 84 of the last 91 days. live look outside. it's 58 right now. comfortable. relative humidity. 42%. that's low. winds light out of the west at 7. so nice but a little bit colder tonight. although no one goes below freezing. bus stop temperatures, 36 to 54. that's nice really. wonderful wednesday. a terrific thursday. and friday will be the be show. temperatures 70 or above on friday. now it cannot last forever and it won't. mid60s wednesday, thursday. 71 on friday. 61 saturday. then boom, here comes the coldest air of the season. 49 on sunday. mountain snow showers. maybe a flurry as close on sunday. falling temps saturday afternoon. so 10:00 tonight, we have some 40s. 43 as far south as fredericksburg. 50 downtown. by morning, looking at
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above freezing. cumberland is only 37. 40 in hagerstown. by lunchtime, beautiful. around 60 with sunshine. that's a pretty nice november day. so 50 by 9:00. 57 by 11:00 on the day planner and 61 pure sun at 1:00. we're in great shape thursday. 64. 71 on friday. three really nice days for november. saturday our transition da colder on sunday for the game at fedex sunday night. dress for the 30s. we're back in the 50s on tuesday. big rivalry game. >> oh, just a small little rivalry. you know, maryland. georgetown. verizon center. >> two biggest basketball programs in the area. what does it look like? >> nothing big, guys. nothing going on here. nothing exciting going on here. it's round two.
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this is about the time that we had hoped to go back to sports anchor kristen berset but of course the national anthem is being sung and out of deference we don't dip in when that is occurring. but we can pontificate for a while. general johnson over here has thoughts about the game.
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one of the rare times they're favored in tonight's game. don't know much about the team. melo is the only guy that would cause you to fear. he tried to go to the pros. national anthem is over and we'll go to the real authority kristen berset. >> just like that, k.b. just like that. >> just like that. bruce johnson makes magic happen. they just did the national anthem which means this game is about to tip off in oh four the second straight year. if you recall last year the terps came back to win by four. you know the terps looking for two in a row. the hoyas looking if for revenge. this is only the second game of the season for both of these teams but it's the most intense you can imagine all season. >> the two programs have a lot of history. you look at last year, going to add this year. going to make more recent
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game. i think it's good for both sides. bring a lot of energy. bring a lot of passion to the game. >> our guys get it. they're all big. every game counts as one. this for just being local means a lot. >> basketball here tonight that means the caps are on the road. they take on columbus. interestingly they are -- despite getting embarrassed against carolina. actually played well in that game no support. they could make it up to him tonight. the baseball awards are awaiting to hear if if dusty baker will be named national league manager of the year. you can tell behind me it's almost game time. georgetown, maryland. back to you. >> exciting to see how this
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: transition trouble. prthe esident-elect and a team divided trying to put together an administration. another top adviser is out. who will be secretary of state? >> john would be a very good >> maybe me, i don't know. >>le pely: also tonight, the battle in the south against wildfires fed by anutum leaves. >> you fear that you're going to lose everything you have. >> pelley: the u.s. military puts its faith in a mustard seed to fuel this aircraft. and will the world hold still fo the latest online fad?


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