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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news out of prince george's county where police have charged a man with making a threat of mass violence against high point high school in beltsville, he is a graduate of high point, 20-year-old alejandro, he used his twitter account to threaten to bring guns and explosives to the school this afternoon. detectives had determined he had no access to guns or explosives. protesters back in the streets tonight and outside of the white house, but they are not angry about president elect donald trump. >> their message is for president obama, who has just 9 weeks left in office. wusa e 9'sllison barber is at the white house with more. >> reporter: i am here because i have continually asked president obama to protect our children. i told him that if he didn't show up on the standing reservation to protect us and tell morton county to back down, i was going to show up.
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say the election of donald trump creates a greater urgency. >> i don't think that he even realizes that there are native americans that exist that aren't what he watched on tv. >> most of the pipeline is built except for a part in north dakota. member of the standing rock sioux tribe are fighting the construction because they say it would cut through sacred land and contaminate their drinking water. supporters say it will bring economic benef u.s. dependence on foreign oil. here at the white house tonight, all you could hear were the voices of those opposed, including former presidential candidate, bernie sanders. >> we are demanding the sovereign rights of native american people be honored and respected. >> reporter: all of the people came to the white house to make it clear to the world and president obama that they believe now is the time to stop the pipeline. >> i am demanding he do it.
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the project is at a stand still. yesterday the army corps said they needed more time to study the impacts of the plan. as protesters marched in cities across the country today, the company building the pipe line asked a federal judge to override the army corps and let them move ahead with construction. reporting at the white house, i am ellison barber, wusa 9. >> thank you. tonight president elect donald trump's team continues to work on staffing the governm as the man breaks with presidential tradition again, disappearing from trump tower. >> wusa 9's garrett explains. >> do you know where your president elect is? for a time no one but his family and secret service only did after he told staff to go home and trump slipped off to dinner. reporters crowd source the location based on the single
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journalists rushed to the 21 club in manhattan, there he was dining with his family after his staff told reporters to go home an hourl earlier. -- hour earlier, the latest break from presidential norm s. inside trump tower today the transition teams followed a more familiar pattern, the vice president elect signed papers to formally take over the process of staffing up a government. with some 7,000 jobs to fill eventually, the trump team has annod both advisors to the president elect. >> i will making it a lot different. >> reporter: transition team members and allies stream through the tower's lobby throughout the day, including alabama senator, jeff session and former rival, ted cruz, who didn't answer questions about why he came to trump tower, or if he was interested in joining the administration. >> reporter: president elect trump scrambled to fill positions may be chaotic and we
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members of his administration until the 22 of november in 2008. live, garrett haake, wusa 9. >> stronger together. >> local high school students ditching class to hit the streets in protest of president elect trump. yesterday the kids were from montgomery county. today, from dc. about 2,000 students rallying at the trump international hotel temporarily shutting down from there they fanned out to the supreme court. the lincoln memorial, and the white house. >> we won't let him divide us, not because of racism, we won't hate against republicans. the whole point is not judging. we love and will spread the love. >> not sanctioned by schools, several school administrators did stay with the students to keep a watch on things. a spokesperson for dc public
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reiv the mayor of clay, west virginia resigned over her post, or her response to a post on facebook about michelle obama. beverly wailing offered an apology also. the director of a non-profit organization, pamela ramsey taylor, likened the first lady to "an ape in heel s." she wrote it would be refreshing dignified first lady in the white house." wailing responded "just made my day, pam." a missing student from university of maryland college park, 21-year-old kaitlyn george hopping on board a greyhound bus friday in baltimore. the bus was scheduled to make stops in dc, richmond, hampton, and norfolk, last reported
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suspect foul play but are investigating. a community coming together to support a maryland family torn apart after a violent traffic accident. >> wusa 9's john henry joins us, dozens attended the vigil, they are all praying for the harley family. >> they lost 3 young children during a car accident in south carolina last night, all on their way to the wedding. the kids attended arcol the fact they will never walk through the doors again. >> ? this little light of mine ? >> reporter: another somber night at arcola elementary as the crowd worked to lift up a family dealing with unspeakable loss. >> we ask that you never forget them. >> reporter: 5-year-oldlia, 6-year-old nicholas, and 7-year-old devon, jr. lost their lives after a tractor trailer struck the family car from
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lonnie tran, died too. the cousins still can't believe what happened. >> we will always say they were the greatest kids ever. they were so innocent and always happy. >> reporter: arcola elementary made sure to come together to show the family it was not alone. this was the second night in a row that it decided to hold a vigil to support them. >> this is a reminder that we are here together. >> my heart is broken for the whole they appreciated. >> they are supporting a lot and they are helping us and they are also understanding. >> reporter: now they just pray that the kids' mother, nancy, will pull through as she continues to fight for her life in the hospital. >> my cousin, please, we want her back home already so we can just laugh and talk all night like we always did. >> reporter: we were told the mother is expected to have
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from the newsroom, john henry, wusa 9. dc council has given final approval to a so-called death with dignity bill. that would let terminally ill patients get lethal drugs froms so they can end their own-- from doctors so they can end their own lives. bowser said she would not veto the bill but she might not sign it either. if she does nothing, the bill will become an act, then goes before congress and if con become law. in montgomery county, the board of education says school will start next year on tuesday, september 5th, the day after labor day. for years, school started the week before labor day. but earlier this year maryland governor larry hogan issued an order that requires schools to start after labor day. here is your wake-up weather tomorrow. actually, pretty nice for november. some 30s and 40s at 6:00 at the
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9:00 and 56-60 by noon. we will come back and tell you when all the temperatures come crashing down. please don't hit me. i am already broke up. >> it sucks. >> she risks her life just to get to the bus stop. wait until you see what people in wheelchairs deal with in dc every day. parents everywhere are freaking called hatchimals, local toy stores have a message for stressed out moms, saying chill, we got options. the capital dome hasn't
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if you thought navigating traffic iround dc in a car or a bike was challenging, consider what life is like when you need a wheelchair. >> andrea roane continuing her no barriers project, exposing obstacles for people with disabilities and trying to get them fixed. great work so far. >> thank you, we a everyone in our viewing area to simply take a look around the neighborhood for barriers that makes life difficult for a person with a disability. for wheelchair users, getting to public transportation can be a challenge. >> please don't hit me. i am already broke up. >> reporter: just to get to her bus stop, joyce forest risks her life. >> it sucks. >> reporter: she is forced to
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or curb ramp to help her get to the other side. >> you see how they speed up and down. >> reporter: her southeast washington street is like an obstacle course. >> see the whole in the middle of the street? people don't care about people with disability, it chaz to change. -- has to change. >> reporter: she is dependent on the deesany of stranger-- decency of s too well. >> every day is a struggle. >> reporter: he and his service dog, feign, face similar obstacle to get to public transportation. each day matt has a choice, ride his wheelchair in a busy street or attempt to maneuver around the set of utility poles, placed right in the middle of the sidewalk. >> how does it make you feel that you are in a wheelchair? >> it makes me feel like less of
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ground is dry enough for matt to take a calculated risk and roll his wheelchair over the dirt and grass. even if he makes it past the utility pole, another obstacle, a badly broken sidewalk. and then there is the challenging placement of the crosswalk button, another barrier before matt's work day has even begun. after we matt's barrier, the department of public works are looking into how resolve the situation and the city of falls church promises to repair the sidewalk panel. d-dot will fill the pot holes and assess whether a crosswalk was a possibility. it was terrifying to witness boethd of the wheelchair users in the street with cars zipping past them. >> kind of eye opening when you
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deal with every day. do you get the sense that these localities just don't realize how important it is to make sure that the utility pipes and things are where they need to be, and the crosswalks are movable for people who need them? >> reporter: i think matt trot, the gentleman said it best, he said it is simple thoughtlessness, but not intentional. he said people aren't being rude, not jerks, it is simple thoughtlessness. when you take a look aroundou neighborhoods, you start seeing these every-day obstacle that people living with a disability face, and there is so much we can all do. coming up this winter, we will dig people out and want volunteers to help us. but those curb cuts, they get clogged. it is just-- we could go on and on. we are doing it this week. >> they might not be rude but lets hope they are responsive. >> reporter: absolutely. we have got an great response so
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the basic barriers. >> got you. thank you. tomorrow at 11:00 we will show a cool interactive way you can help no matter where in the world you live. we have a follow up to #nobarriers report we brought you last night on a blind woman denied 11 uber rides in 3 weeks, drivers refuse to take her because she travels with a guide dog. after andrea's report, we have been i uber, lyft, and private limousine companies, they all say they are happy to drive kristen and her guide dog anywhere they need to go. all right, if you haven't heard about hatchimals yet, you will. >> the hottest toy of the holiday season, flying off the shelves faster than you can say poke'mon. advice for stressed out parents. >> starting to happen now.
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another holiday shopping season, and toys are already flying off the shelves. >> for us, poke'mon is hot. >> lego always has been very popular. >> lego just continues to be one of our hottest things ever. >> there is also goldy blocks, another construction toy. >> star cube. >> reporter: perhaps the hottest and strangest toy of the season is a hatchimal. >> like a furby-type product, egg, it will hatch and then you have a character to take care of and nurture at home and teach it to do different things. >> reporter: a little weird but big box stores can't keep them on the shelves. smaller stores like dc child play and kinder house toys can't get them on shelves. >> we called the manufacturer and it wouldn't be available until february. >> we have receive adlimited
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would go through. >> reporter: could be by manufacturer design, if demand stays high, so does the buzz. they retail $50 but are selling online for nearly $1 ,000 or, this e bay seller pricing $20,000. you can be the owner of 14 eggs. steve errhine suggests waiting until february, insist tg might not be a bad idea for the child. >> it makes you appreciate it more and value it more and want it or whether it is hype at the moment. >> reporter: that makes you appreciate what you get, even if it is a weird dragon egg baby in need of your child's nurturing. on second thought, maybe just stick with the legos. at the toy store, mola lenghi, wusa 9. >> come on. >> the kids, you will value it more if i don't give it to you for christmas, that line won't work at all. kids, we will do it february 25. >> won't work.
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else over the top probably. >> i guess so. >> that time of year, crazy. but it feels more like october than november and 3-degree guarantee, i was worried for good reason. 61 was our forecast. it went 66 today. which actually makes me feel a little better, i probably would have gone to 62, i wouldn't have gone to 63. we were 5 off today. wrong, that means $100 speaks. not a bad thing. down to 52 now, dew point upper 30s, humidity, not crazy high at 61%, winds westerly at 7. really, not that cold tonight, bus stop temperatures only 36 to 54. now this time of year it is average to be around freezing in the burbs, so no one below freezing tonight. little break there. a wonderful wednesday, a terrific thursday, and friday will be best in show with temperatures 70 or even a little
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cold front will drop temperatures saturday afternoon, still unsure as to when the timing will be. we are few days out, talking difference of 3 hours can make all the difference in terms of temp. the temperature, high temperature will be saturday morning and temperatures will fall in the afternoon. all right. 6:00 a.m. in the morning, 35 manassas, 44 downtown, and by 9:00 we are already back, knocking on the door, 50. 51 downtown. 50 la not bad. by lunchtime, great around 60. 56 hagerstown and cumberland. mild for the mountains and the coast. few clouds through the afternoon and evening. by 6:00, temperatures still in the upper 50s. and actually about 56 in sterling, leesburg. day planner goes like this, 40s to start. these are downtown temps but
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thursday, beautiful, 64. friday, gorgeous, 71 for a high friday. can't last forever, okay, temperatures tumble saturday. not before highs in the 60s. sunday, boom, upper 40s. monday, boom, upper 40s. back in the 50s tuesday. so maybe some showers for the bison and maybe a flurry for the gold . fers >> don't want to hear that. >> not a lot of drama but a ton of drama at the verizon center. you hear throughout the news room? >> tranquilizer. >> i know. >> whether a fan or not, great
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. what a game tonight at the verizon center, hoard to believe this is the-- hard to believe this is the second and final game of the rivalry series, for now, hopefully. we will see. this maryland georgetown game was tied 11 times, had 12 lead changes and maryland stunning
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the georgetown tried to pull in the second half. up by 7. it came down to the final moments, 54 seconds left, kevin herder, triple, pulls the terps within 4 and 18 seconds to go, prior slips, terps press forces the turnover. over and over again, a 1 -point game with the driving lay up after anoer turnover, free throws, terps up 1, mosley gets rejected. maryland storms back to stun georgetown 76-75. check out mark. gary williams esc. big win for the terps. >> we beat a great team tonight. i was worried sick. we went twice on sunday, we went 2 and a half hours yesterday. we had a walk-through last night. a walk-through this morning.
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>> we just kept fighting, like coach said, we play with a group of freshman that have never been in that environment and for them to go out and play the way they did and step up, you know, when we need them to. it was very special. >> we have to grow, we have to get better, we have to learn from our mistakes. i mean, just too many mental errors at the end. we put the imn a position to win that game. >> tough night for the georgetown. caps looking for bounce back against columbus, caps on the board first in the 2nd. blue jackets forced overtime and they needed just 37 seconds to seal the deal. mackenson with the dagger. caps drop this one 2-1 the final. the washington nationalvise been divisional champ-- nationals have been divisional champs 3 times in 5 years. davey johnson took national manager of the year. in 2014, matt williams did the
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finalist. honor went to first time manager, dave roberts of the dodgers whose team battled injuries to win nl west. 6th rookie manager to win. other including matt williams and dusty baker with san francisco in 1993 and then tarry fran cona walter in the american league. the votes are taken before the playoffs, if they hadn't, maybe
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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the white house with no previous political office holding experience. it is ready for the inaugeration of another man with the same distinction, president elect trump. >> looks great. >> say 1000 gallons, covering 400,000 square feet. that salot. >>-- is a lot. >> you think? >> i did that math. kidneys are firing. the 7 day, looking great, wednesday, thursday, saturday night. >> this is wusa 9 where kidneys power mathematics. that is it for us tonight. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options.
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call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. captioning sponsored by cbs >> announcer: given the changing political climate, cbs has deciding to relaunch "odd couple" again. on november 13, donald trump named r.n. c of staff. on that same day, he also asked the head of brietbart, steve bannon, to be his chief strategist. together, they will be "equal partners." he's a by-the-book republican insider. he's an alt-right conspiracy theorist. can these two men run the white house without driving each other


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