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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump's transition is described as more top officials leave. but mr. trump calls the process very organized after dodging reporters to go out to dinner. plus, an undercover investigation into office depot. technicians urge customers to make expensive repairs for computer problems that don't even exist. and fox news host megyn kelly is here today in studio 57 and she will talk about being attacked online by the president-elect and accusing her boss roger ailes of sexual
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look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. everybody, welcome to the dawn of a new unifiedep rublican government. >> reports of discord among trump's transition team. >> right now, it appears that donald trump is putting loyalty to him ahead of the security of the nation. >> you want to have a diplomat in charge of diplomacy. you don't want a bomb thrower. >> i think you do whaton rald reagan you put your flag in the ground. >> president obama in greece this morning. >> dominating a lot of the haen headlines over there. >> a southwest airlines employee has been found dead. >> across the country. >> this generation will look back and say what in god's name are you doing? >> two more suspected arsonists
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>> we are coming for you. >> a high school sophomore in ut in custody as police say he stabbed five of his classmates. >> we have no idea what his motives were. >> the dayton university basketball team chartered a plane and hillary clinton's airplane showed up. >> cbs news staffers are on call 24/7 to bring you the latest news but they stepped out of character to bring you the latest news. >> just kidding. >> dr. ben carson said today he is not interested in serving in trthe ump administration. like at the debates, if his name is called, he won't answer! >> on "cbs this morning." >> does this photo of a young joe biden is blowing up the internet. he is literally the only thing uniting the country right now. have a look. that is joe biden there. i mean, i want to start my day with this cup of joe! honestly!
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look at that! he makes me proud to be an american and i'm not even american! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect donald trump's transition team is in the middle of a shake-up and sources say it is scrambling to get on track. advisers were coming and going all day yesterday at trump the transition team announced a flurry of changes. the new man in charge vice president-elect mike pence has removed all lobbyists from the team. chris christie also resigned. >> a cbs news source described it as blowing up the team. but the president-elect tweeted last night that the process of choosing his cabinet is very organized and only he knows who the finalists are. major garrett is tracking the names being considered for the
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administration. >> reporter: mike pence purged the team of being lobbyists and leaving the team short staffed but closer to mr. trump's drain the swamp campaign promise. advisers insist infighting and chaos is overblown but agreed at times this has all looked a bit amateurish. president-elect donald trump tried to sneak out of trump tower for dinner tuesday after staff told reporters he was in for the night. his meal captured by fellow diners instead of the traveling pr earlier, mr. trump and advisers met with vice president-elect mike pence six hours to get the transition back on track and discussing cabinet nominations and early legislation. >> a lot of exciting things in the first hundred days of the trump presidency. >> reporter: steve mnuchin is in the running for press secretary
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cruz and retired general keith kellogg a national security adviser during the campaign. joining the national security transition team, frank gaffney, labeled by the southern poverty law center as one of the america's most notorious islam phobes and known as common sense. >> i've been in 80 countries and 150 different foreign trips. rudy giuliani for secretary of state whose private firm reportedly held contracts with the government of qatar. he has given paid speeches to an iranian opposition group once on the list of terrorist organizations. >> you want to have a diplomat in charge of diplomacy. you don't want a bomb thrower. >> reporter: after defense hawk john bolton's name surfaced as another possible secretary of state, republican senator rand paul objected calling him unfit
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are similar and bolton has a more extensive cheerleadering background. >> it means any defection complicates the process. the president-elect received his first intelligence briefing yesterday and if he so desires he will seem the same daily classified survey of hot spots as president obama and pence receive his first briefing today before he meets for lunch with vice president joe biden. >>nk are slamming the president-elect for making steve bannon a senior white house counselor. and breitbart news where bannon was executive chairman is reportedly getting ready to sue a major media company for claiming that breitbart is a white nationalist website. julianna goldman is on capitol hill where the democrats are trying to gain their footing after last week's election. >> reporter: good morning. with the president-elect's
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calls for donald trump to reverse his decision to bring steve bannon into the west wing but with republicans controlling the white house and congress their efforts may only go so far. >> it's sad that we are having a debate about whether a white supremacist should serve as a senior counselor to the president-elect. >> reporter: for the second day on tuesday, democrats railed against donald trump's decision to have steve bannon serve as his chief strategist in the white house. >> people didn't vote for donald trump said he could white supremacist into the white house. >> the first thing he should do is rescind his appointment of steve bannon. >> reporter: bannon's breitbart once celebrated the glorious heritage of the confederate flag. while some republicans are privately saying they are uncomfortable with the bannon
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sticking by the president-elect. asked about bannon yesterday, steer the conversation away from the controversy. >> simply say that the president is going to be judged on his results. this is a person who helped him win an incredible victory and incredible campaign. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that bannon has called house republicans to try to reassure him of his role and intentions. so far at least, there is no gop revolt. and even past trump critics like republican congressman charlie dent are giving trump space t him. i'm not making these selections. it's up to the president-elect. >> reporter: another example of the republicans united front. yesterday, the house republicans unanimously renominated paul ryan to serve as house speaker despite his tense relations with trump during the campaign. democrats have delayed their leadership elections to give nancy pelosi more time to get
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house minority leader. >> unprecedented security plan for trump tower in manhattan. the building is home to president-elect donald trump and his business and features hundreds of apartments and stories. protesters have gathered outside of the manhattan's skyscraper since trump's election. demarco morgan has more. >> reporter: on the other side behind me you can see police officehe sign of this barrier. this is new york's fifth avenue. one of the busiest and most famous streets in new york city. protection could be a challenge between here and the white house. not just now but throughout his presidency. they are working to protect all 68 stores of trump tower. on the ground, barricades, police officers, and secret
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building. from above, an faa mandated no-fly zone for planes traveling under 3,000 feet is in effect. >> i think it's a unique situation. obviously, it is a building. >> reporter: ralph bashon says the glass skyscraper size and location and accessibility is creating a problem for the law enforcement officials. >> you can't shut down trump tower. you have to accommodate the around that building. >> reporter: it is on iconic fifth avenue nestled between high-end stores popular with stores and window shoppers. tiffany's flagship store located on the same block as trump tower they cancelled their holiday window spectacular due to post-election activity. it is made of retail space and offices including the trump organization headquarters.
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trump supporter george guido lombardi lives on the 36th floor below the president-elect and says things are calming down. the impact of the security stretched to neighboring businesses. a restaurant manager domestiniq says the security is cutting into their sales. >> nypd say this is until at least january and after that, they don't know what is happening. >> reporter: a meeting between the nypd and secret service are still ongoing but it's still unclear at this hour how long heavy security will remain outside trump tower. >> probably through his presidency. syrian president assad says president-elect trump could be a natural ally in the country's civil war. assad says he'll take a wait and see approach to the president-elect. the obama administration has been trying to oust assad while russia has backed his regime.
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yesterday hit residential neighborhoods in aleppo. dozens of civilians were reported killed or wounded in rebel-held areas. president obama this morning is still trying to calm european nerves about the presidential election and speaking in athens now in a televised speech and you're looking at live pictures of his address right now. thousands of anti-american protesters flooded the streets of athens yesterday and they clashed with riot police. margaret brennan is traveling with the president in good morning. in that speech to the greek people, president obama said america can still be counted on, despite the u.s. election and upheaval here in europe. a sightseeing trip to the acropolis gave them assurance that president obama won't abandon them. with protest in the streets mr.
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warned a dak side to the side of populace movement led by mr. trump. >> we are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is can't around an us and a them. >> reporter: fast moving economic and social changes have alienated people a has tapped into that anger. >> psychologically, people are less certain of their national identities or their place in the world. >> reporter: another controversial topic during the president's trip, donald trump's position on climate change. >> so obama is talking about all of this with the global warming and that. a lot of it is a hoax. it's a hoax.
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leaders and so too myron ebell to lead his transition team. the united states, he said, the largest economic power in the world, the second largest greenhouse gas emitter must respect the commitments it has undertaken. president obama is likely to hear similar concerns tomorrow in germany. charlie, whose chief diplomat just called donald trump a preacher of hate. just emphasizes how awkward this conversation will be for president obama as he tries to cool nerves about vladimir putin and trump's friendly outreach to russia. >> thanks, margaret brennan in athens. oklahoma's biggest airport is open this morning after a deadly shooting caused chaos. will rogers world airport was
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gunman who shot and killed a southwest airlines employee. the suspect was later found dead. don dahler is at will rogers airport in oklahoma city with details of the apparent ambush. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you can see, operations have returned to norm here today. the victim was well-known in this community. a former football player for the university of oklahoma whose son now plays in the national football league. police are now trying to figure out why the gunm police swarmed will rogers world airport tuesday afternoon, going car-to-car, searching for the gunman who shot 52 yearly southwest airlines employee michael winchester. according to cbs affiliate kw-tv the gunman is identified as lloyd bowie. he was' apparently lying in wait and shooting winchester while he was walking between a crowded terminal and the airport employee parking area. winchester was taken to a
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dead. >> certainly we are in a ground stop. we don't have a lot of information but in a ground stop. >> reporter: all airport traffic was suspended for hours and police found lloyd bowie in his pickup truck on the second floor of this parking structure. >> a suspect was located, deceased with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: the victim michael winchester was a former punter for the university of oklahoma where his son james played before joining the kansas city chiefs. the team tweeted, our love and support is with james and the entire our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you. >> we do believe this was a premeditated act against the victim. this was not random. >> reporter: hundreds of passengers were trapped here in this terminal for three hours yesterday before they got the all-clear. norah, police have not yet speculated on a possible motive. >> police in utah are trying to determine what triggered a
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high school. the 16-year-old is accused of stabbing five students in the boys locker room yesterday in orem, south of salt lake city. the sophomore who what home-schooled before this year also stabbed himself. everyone is expected to survive and the suspect's parents released a handwritten apology to the victims and said the attack was no way racially or ethnically motivated. concern about dangerous air quality from wildfires across the south and many f burning out of on control in six different states. northern georgia, two fires have charred more than 25,000 acres and air quality alert issued in atlanta for the first time in more than four years. flames burned 45,000 acres in north carolina. evacuations ordered in the western part ofthe state. more than a thousand people have been forced from their homes. the cause of a fire at an oil refinery near los angeles is under investigation this morning.
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some workers were treated for injuries at the scene. a refinery has safety issues before. an explosion in february 2015 injured two people. it kept the facility closed for more than a year. investigators blame that accident, in part, on a failure to follow safety procedures. protests against a controversial oil pipeline project has spread now all across the country. >> stop the pipeline! >> hundreds of peoplech the white house yesterday demandsing president obama shut down the dakota access pipeline before he leaves office. the underground pipeline would carry oil across four states and protests were held from california to vermont. opponents claim the pipeline could pollute important water supplies and 300 demonstrators blocked a railroad in north dakota. ten people were arrested and army corps of engineers called for the review of the pipeline project this week and mean more
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introduces legislation to scrap the electoral college after president-elect's trump victory. that story is ahead. first, it's time to check your local weather. >> announcer: this nas weather repo.
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wed weathert .com . megyn kelly says donald trump offered her gifts and then threaten her. >> the tv news anchor is her hello, megyn kelly. ahead, revelations in her new book about how she says the president-elect tried to shape the news coverage. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this
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? the lincoln tunnel memo this week shows five months after the vote, there's still no plan for how britain will lead the european union after brexit. what this means is not having a plan for brexit is like dumping your girlfriend and then she pays the rent and you don't have a place to stay. >> that's one analogy. thank you, james cordon. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? in this half hour, coming up, tv host megyn kelly is in our toyota green room with her -- hello, megyn kelly! with her new revealing new memoir. we will find out why she compares treatment to donald trump to bullying that she endured in seventh grade.
7:31 am
americans have smartphones that secretly send their data to china. security experts found a chinese company software preinstalled on some android phones and it reveals the user's location and the code is in more than 700 million devices worldwide. wow. experts say the snooping could be for the government or markete marketeers. the denver post approves some businesses to use marijuana in bars and restaurants. the first measure of its type in businesses must first get a permit. smoking pot only allowed outdoors. edibles will be permitted indoors. critics say the law will encourage the public use of marijuana, which is banned by state law. "usa today" reports on twitter suspended a number of accounts associated with the alt-right movement and on the same day that twitter would crack down on hate speech. social media came under fire for letting alt-right operate
7:32 am
they say that causes white supremacy. megyn kelly is opening up about her scary year with trump. in her new book she describes personal attacks. on twitter trump called her the following. others, too. she writes his attacks and those of his followers made her, quote, fearful at times for my safety and that of my family. >> megyn kelly alleged sexual advances from her boss roger ailes who stepped down in july amid a wide harassment scandal. welcome. >> great to be here. thank you for having me. >> we reached out to the trump campaign for a response and didn't get anything. you have a lot of information here about donald trump. and you compare his behavior to bullying the same kind that you endured when you were in the seventh grade. >> that is the thing. the book includes chapters on my experience with donald trump and
7:33 am
started there. but in essence at its core it's really an uplifting message getting to where you want to be and how to improve your life and i think it's something that is more inspirational than it is, you know, gossipy, if you will. as far as the trump situation, yes, i thought it was important to document as a historical record what it was like to be on receiving end of that behavior. and the reason, among others, is what donald trump did to me has real implications. i mean, i have a powerful microphone and a powerful platform at fox news and i had a company that had my back. however, not every journalist has that and not every journalist is quite as established as i am at this point in my career. in a president trump came after them like a candidate trump came after me, i think it would be
7:34 am
will be a road map for reporters. >> we saw the tweets that were nasty and negative toward you but i wonder if people realize what you went through. you had to take an armed guard to disney world and your daughter was asking what bimbo means. what did it to you and your family personally? >> well, it wasn't a delightful year. many people thought it was because they saw me on the cover of some magazines and yeah. >> advanced your career? >> it certainly increased my name recognition in some quarters but i can admit to you i was doing just fine before donald trump but that is fine, you know? yes, it was full of darkness in many ways, gayle, and it was a personal struggle and because of the bullying i had endured for a entire year in the seventh grade which i go through in the books and a lot of parents and kids can relate to that, and other adversity i had had in my life i was able to deal with it.
7:35 am
the book, which is adversity is an opportunity. and you take a look at people who you admire, who have accomplished amazing things, oprah, right? president obama and president george w. bush. she seem to be operating on the a higher plane at times and have a knowledge many others don't have. how do they get it? they had big challenges. they had bigger issues and they exposed themselves to greater things. welcome adversity to get to that level and higher level. >> how will you have a relationship with him now he is president-elect? are you worried about that? >> i think we are in a better place. i actually feel good about where i am now with president-elect trump. after that meeting at trump tower. >> he hugged you. >> that meant to me i'm sorry, but let's move on. this is a picture from his office. i was glad that he was able to let it go.
7:36 am
there was -- because we had always had a good relationship just to say not explicitly but the suggestion was let's move on from this. stop it. i don't belong on the playing field with you. i belong over here on the sidelines. and to his credit, he was able to move on even though he had held on to his anger for nine months. he did prove that he is able to do that and ever since, he and i have had a fine relationship. we are not tight friend, but he has treated me respectfully and he withstood my times without complaint and that is fine. >> you detail the harassment you received from roger ailes, your boss, the chairman of fox. that started in 2006? >> it started in august of 2005. >> did it continue after that? or was it just that short period of time? >> so after i brought the matter to a supervisor and was told this is a good man, he's
7:37 am
character and the suggestion was just avoid him. which i hadn't realized was an option. i mean, this is the chairman of the company who was calling me up to meet with him in new york. i was in the d.c. bureau. so i did that. i avoided him. and he left me alone after that, norah. it was -- that summer or that spring into summer, i developed a very bad stalking problem and on that matter, he was very supportive of me and had my back and that is detailed. >> you do write in the book had you said something or done somethin saved other women from experiencing that same harassment. >> let me make this clear. what i did when it happened to me was i contacted a lawyer just in case he retaliated against me with not doing anything with him. it's all well-documented contemporaneously. i reached out to other women whether it was a serial issue or just with me and i found it was no serial issue at the time. then i did bring it to a supervisor. as a lawyer, i can tell you when
7:38 am
an obligation to bring it to the company and deal with it. and the company could be exposed as a legal matter if that doesn't happen. >> this was the bureau chief in washington? >> i have not identified that person because i'm not looking to get this person in trouble. i believe at the time they tried to advise me to the best of his abilities and i think this person understood it's power. roger was like a king at fox news and nobody you take on lightly. i had been at the company 12 months i was a lawyend how to handle it but most pem who this happens to have no clue what to do and they are just scared. like me they want it to stop. i didn't want to put my career on the line. >> you had been there 12 months? >> you write in the book you used your power when it hit. i was wondering what your relationshipas your fellow colleagues. bill o'reilly rah here yesterday and this is what he had to same
7:39 am
here. i'm not that interested in this. >> sexual harass? you're not interested in sexual harassment? >> i'm not interested basically litigating something that is finished that makes my network look bad, okay? i'm not interested in making my network look bad at all, that doesn't interest me one bit. >> is that what she is doing? >> then last night, he seemed to say if a woman -- if you have a problem, go to human resources or leave the company. >> well, i'll say this. i am very proud of the fact that i discussed this with rupert murdoch before i wrote this chapter in my book and we were all on the same page this was an important chapter to include and i'm proud of them that they feel as i do, which is sunlight is the best disinfectant. >> you don't believe you're making the company look bad as
7:40 am
the company look bad. this doesn't just happen at fox news. we got rid of ours, but there are men, trust me, out there right now who are doing this to other women and other women who are watching this right now who are scared and don't know what to do because they know very well like i did in the moment if you speak up the reality you can talk loftly everything about taking a stance but the reality you're labeled a troublemaker norah. hopefully less than when it happened to me but they don't know what to do. i don't have after the answers but i'm trying to do shed a light on this and put other companies on notice that we are watching you. i would say to other women if it's happening i would seek out in particular a woman of power in our company who i felt could advise me well or go to at-bat for me. >> you plan to leave fox when, megyn? >> stop, gayle! >> we are really glad to have
7:41 am
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hillary clinton now leads a president-elect by a million people in the popular vote but that won't change the outcome of the election in the crucial electoral college where mr. trump has a big advantage. retiring introduced a long shot bill to abolish the electoral college. tony dokoupil has more. >> not my president. >> reporter: donald trump is not the president she voted for. >> he has to go! >> reporter: but none of us actually voted for president last week. technical, we voted for members of the electoral college who cast the official votes on december 19th.
7:46 am
ohio is looking forward to a vote for trump but he says hundreds of people have asked him to reconsider. >> they are wasting their time and they are only making me stronger in my resolve to go and cast my electoral vote with the voters of ohio. >> reporter: ohio was one of 29 states with rules preventing electors switching votes but nothing in the federal law or the constitution to stop them from going rogue. at least three democratic electors are trying to persuade them to dump donald trump. >> they are have been doing it since the 1900. >> reporter: they say the founding fathers had their reasons. >> they are doubtful about the popular lex election and election by congress and electoral college has emerged as the best alternative. >> reporter: on "60 minutes"
7:47 am
with simple votes. you get a hundred million votes and somebody else gets 90 million votes, and you win. a reason for doing this because it brings all of the states into play. >> reporter: in a year that up-ended the old was in washington, the electoral college may have been upended for now. >> that debate will continue. >> sounds like it's not so easy to make that change. pizza chain is flying toward the future where a drone
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7:52 am
customer. video shows the drone hovering over a home and the pizzas lowered toward the ground and more drone deliveries are planned this week in new zealand. we played that video but i want to see what the pizza looked like after flying through the air and crashing on the ground! >> they are eating it. >> the cheese was on the top of the board. office depot worker claims workers are pushing services to customers that they don't need. that is coming up on "cbs this people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment.
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? it is wednesday, november 16th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? there is more real news, including jeff flake, he criticized donald trump during the campaign but how does he feel now about the president-elect? we will ask him about that. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the trump transition is revamping a lot. advisers insist infighting and chaos are overblown. >> democrats are escalating their ca fllsor dd onaltrump to reverse his decision to bring steve bannon into the west wing. president obama said america n still be counted on, despite the u.s. election and upheaval
8:01 am
normal here today. police are now trying to figure out why the gunman opened fire. >> i am very proud of the fact that i discussed this with rupert murdoch before i wrote this chapter in my book. they feel as i do, sunlights i the best kiss disinfectan. >> all right, megyn. and you plan to leave fox when? >> oh, stop! gayle! >> heaarry caray hollow cow! the p hat and baseball from the world champion cubs. >> if the president-elect decides to split his time between the white house and the penthouse, protection could be a challenge. not just now, but throughout his presidency. >> does president-elect notnd the number one job requirements? right there in the constitution. must be willing to relocate.
8:02 am
donald trump's presidential inauguration is 65 days away. his transition team is described as stalled and scrambling. in a tweet last night, mr. trump called the process, quote, very organized. >> vice president-elect mike pence who is in charge of the transition has ordered all lobbyists to leave. trump told lesley stahl on "60 minutes" that lobbyists are necessary. >> they leave government and become a the whole place is one big lobbyist. >> you're basically saying you have to rely on them, even though you want to get rid of them? >> i'm saying they know the system right now but we are going to phase that out. you have to phase it out. >> the president-elect son-in-law jared kushner is said to be behind many of the changes in the transition team. according to "the new york times" the firing of mike rogers
8:03 am
kushner. the u.n. secretary-general and said trump must honor the 2015 agreement that aimed to shift the world from fossil fuels to cleaner energy. the president-elect has called climate change a hoax. this is what he said back in may. >> we are going to cancel the paris climate agreement and stop -- unbelievable. united states tax dollars to u.n. global warming programs. >> the president-elect has not talked about climate change since the election. senator bernie sanders told us on monday that mr. trump's views are a concern. >> what this guy is talking about, in terms of climate change, should frighten not only the people in this country, but around the world, because if the president of the united states does not believe that climate change is real, if he is not going to be aggressive in
8:04 am
to the entire world. >> the president-elect chose myron ebell a leading climate change skeptic to lead his epa transition team. >> during the campaign, arizona senator jeff flake was one of donald trump's loudest republican critics. >> we cannot, for the future of the party, be associated with this kind of message and with this kind of tone and you can't do as a candidate and some of the things he's done, i think, are beyond the pale. to put your own judgment, his judgment above that of the intelligence communities is frightening, frankly. he can't win and, frankly, he shouldn't win an election if he continues to use this kind of language and espouse these kind of positions. >> senator flake is with us from capitol hill. senator, good morning. >> thanks for having me on.
8:05 am
frightening beyond the comments made beyond the pale, now he is the leader of your party. what do you think is the biggest challenge going forward? >> well, the only consolation of being wrong, i wasn't the only one being wrong for his ability to be elected. no, a lot of big challenges going ahead and he is putting together his team. it's never easy to do, particularly when you're coming in not having been in government. so let's give him some space to do that. >> do you have some concerns as the reporting d trump transition team is in disarray, that they are slowly moving forward, that there are officials at the defense department and state department who said they have not yet been contacted by the trump transition team? >> well, i'm not sure at what point they have traditionally been contacted, but i think we have got to give him some space here to put the team together. like i said, it's a tough thing under any circumstances, but
8:06 am
think it's definitely difficult. i'm certainly willing to give them some space to do something. >> i assume that includes steve bannon, his chief strategic adviser in the white house? >> you know, i don't know him at all. i had not heard his name until a few months ago when he joined the campaign. i haven't studied to see what remarks were actually his. >> let me change the question then. i hear you and we all hear you. what is your test and when will you say i'm satisfied or this goes beyond where i'm comfortable? >> well, like i said let's give them some space. i'm of the mind to always give the president a lot of deference when he is putting together his team. and so i think that we need to wait and see. i haven't read exactly what he said. just have seen some things attributed to the publication that he used to run. any way. i'd want to see more before rendering a judgment there.
8:07 am
he stands for, what it's been reported he stands for, does that concern you? everyone keeps thinking, i don't know anything about him, i don't know him or i haven't met him. when you hear what he allegedly stands for, does that concern you? >> well, when you see things that are printed in breitbart, some of the headlines and what not, of course, that is concerning. how much he can be blamed for that, that is another question. so let's give sometime and some space here and see where it goes. >> let's talk about the suggestion of rudy giuli secretary of state. rand paul did an interview last night and he said you want a diplomat, not a bomb thrower in that position. what do you think about the suggestion of rudy giuliani being secretary of state? >> there are some other names floated as well. bob corker and others. i don't want to make a comment that would influence trump administration one way or another. so i'll coop my comments to myself there. but, obviously, we want somebody who can be effective there.
8:08 am
chairman of the foreign relations committee here. >> you're on the foreign relations committee. would it raise concern for you if trump nominate somebody to be secretary of state and has business ties and received money from qatar and iranian parties and russia and venezuela? does that complicate things? >> i've seen that being reported, but i would want to look at and see what is actually real and what is not. it wasn't just a speech given or something else? that. >> senator, what is the most positive thing for you in the election of donald trump? >> well, the ability to go and repeal obamacare and replace it with something better. that's a big thing. to actually go to all of the regulations hampering small and big businesses and hampering the economy. to have more conservative appointments to the supreme court. these are all very positive
8:09 am
effective administration. as mentioned, i did not support the candidacy of donald trump but going forward, we have no choice but to look for the good and assume the best and move ahead. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, we will talk about -- wait, before you go, you are opposing a proposal that would soften restrictions on earmarks. so when the funding for certain projects are included in can you tell us why that is so important to you? >> one of the reasons that republicans were driven out of the majority in 2006 was rampant earmarking that was both wasteful and corruptive. that is one reason that we got out of the majority. i would hate to bring earmarks back now. and when we are talking about draining the swamp, the last thing we ought to do is go back
8:10 am
extremely e ruppive. >> one of the earmarks say it could get the congress working again. >> most of them say it greases the skids but it has legislation that doesn't pass. it greases the skids but we are $20 trillion in debt and running 500 billion dollar definite every year. the notion to bring these projects back that more wasteful spending is absurd so i hope we consider it closely before doing it. >> senator flake, thank you for your time. >> you bet. thank you. are office depot customers buying services they do not need? ahead, an undercover
8:11 am
a 14-year-old reporter is
8:12 am
>> hang up on me. of course not. i want to accomplish something. >> you're determined? >> right. >> how he is finding success in that mission. that is ahead in our new series about being people together. you're watching "cbs this morning." (pop) campbell's tomato soup and grilled cheese. (more popping) go together like being late and being grounded. made for real, real life.? whoa. what's going on here? oh hey allison. i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. val from voya? yeah, val from voya. quick question, what are voya retirement squirrels doing in my house? we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future.
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ns and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love.
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8:16 am
? office depot is under fire this morning for services that a former employee believes take advantage of unsuspecting customers. an undercover investigation by cbs affiliate kiro appeared to capture the company's technicians diagng exist. hate when has happens. reporter jesse james broke the story and in the kiro newsroom. >> reporter: good morning. office depot says it helps about 6,000 customers each and every week using the office depot pc health check. the company says that it does not condone any of the alleged conduct we uncovers but our employees showed how we sell the
8:17 am
office depot technicians repeatedly told us our computers were infected. >> malware symptoms? there. >> reporter: and they could fix them for a hefty fee. >> looks like $180 right now. >> so this is what i need to get rid of that malware? >> reporter: the only problem? all of the pcs were brand new. and fresh out of the box. the computer security firm io active also gave them a clean bill of malware on these computers when we operated them. >> look at this one. >> reporter: we even purchased one of the new computers. >> there you go, guys. >> reporter: at office depot, but when we brought it to technicians at a different store. >> malware symptoms were found in the machine. >> i hate the program. i hate it. >> reporter: office depot employee shane barnett says his bosses ignored his repeated warnings and were more concerned about sales than quotas. >> i refused to do it.
8:18 am
i said i'm not going to make things up so you can hit your numbers. i'm not going to do it. >> where do we take a computer to be looking add? >> reporter: we brought six computers to be looked at at office depots in washington and oregon. at two stores, employees said the computers only needed anti-virus software. >> everything looks good. >> reporter: one even told us to ignore the test results. >> it's going to recommend a pc tune-ubu >> reporter: the other stores store employees said they detected issues. >> usually it's something like a cool bar hidden away in internet explorer because it was installed with an update of some sort, all the way up to full-blown viruses trying to steal your credit card information so they can ruin your credit.
8:19 am
plains about pop-ups and slow speeds and virus warnings or frequent crashes, office depot's computer scans will automatically come up with problems to explain it. >> they actually did what they said they did and actually cared about their customers, they would have never started this program because this is completely taken advantage of people that are unaware, you know, that they are being taken advantage of. >> reporter: shane barnett says he has lost hours since complained about this for two years. two years. now office depot declined an on-camera interview but said we fully intend to review the assertions and take appropriate action. >> that is eye opening. >> jesse, why did you even look into it? >> shane came to us. shane said, hey, we have got a problem. he called us. since we have run this story, we have had former managers,
8:20 am
telling us this is happening. >> thank you, jesse. the jewelry worn by eivanka trump worn during the "60 minutes" interview is. a bracelet that mixes business and politics. you're watching "cbs this morning." see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur...
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8:24 am
raising questions about business and politics. it promoted the bracelet she wore on sunday's "60 minutes." her company sent an e-mail to fashion writers the day after it aired. it highlighted the bracelet and mentioned itsance on "60 minutes." the gold diamond bracelet sells for more than $10,000. they said the e-mail was sent by a well-intentioned marketing employee who was following customary protocol and still making adjustments post-election. ivanka trump did not respond to reporters last night and asking if she knew her company sent the e-mail. the bracelet was on "60 minutes" and you don't have to buy it if you don't want to and she is saying i wore this bracelet. i don't get it. >> now we are giving it more attention. >> if you don't want it, couldn't buy it! >> i agree. >> what am i missing? >> one of the 1980s no
8:25 am
guitarist johnny marr is still
8:26 am
8:27 am
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or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
8:30 am
? pretty fall colors. don't you like that, guys? so pretty. fall is here. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up in this half hour, we will meet the teenager who is after charlie's job. norah's job. he wants to sit at the table. this 14-year-old is using journalism to build trust in his community. how politicians and police are now helping him succeed. plus, fans remember guitarist johnny marr with the '80s rock group the smiths. you're hearing their iconic song "there is a light that never goes out." ahead inside the band's breakup and how it came close to a reunion.
8:31 am
the globe. "the new york times" reports that apps are blamed for the soaring death rate in traffic accidents. highway fatalities the first half of this year rose more than 10%. the increase in last year's rate was the biggest in half century. safety experts say pokemon go and snapchat are among the apps making distract driving worse. new york post says donald trump's name will be removed from the names of il now signs will list their addresses instead. about 600 residents petitioned for this change. mr. trump is the former owner. "the san francisco chronicle" has another trump related story. a bird that some says looks like the president-elect. it has become an internet sensation in china. the chinese golden pheasant has a bright yellow mane of feathers brushed backwards.
8:32 am
the "los angeles times" reports that travelers get the cheapest seats on united airlines in exchange for perks. passengers only allowed to bring on a carry-on bag that fits under the seat and not able to choose their seats in advance but they will get a snack. >> goody! peanuts and pretzels for everybody! >> "usa today" reports on a fashion exhibit focusin late princess diana. her outfits and dresses will go on display in kensington palace in february. the blue velvet gown she wore when she danced with john travolta at the white house in 1985. it is part of the 20th anniversary of diana's death. oxford's word of the year is
8:33 am
the word is not new but the editor say its use jumped 2,000 percent during the election and brexit vote. a new installment of "a perfect union." our goal is highlight how americans have more in common than recent headlines might suggest. today we introduce you to a teenager with journal journalism. demarco morgan met geoffrey rogers in upstate new york. >> reporter: oftentimes you hear of journalists and police and city officials at odds with each other. but not the case in this story. not only are city official giving this eighth grader major access but also adding a layer of protection, making a difficult job a little easier. >> i get identify school. if i have any homework, i will
8:34 am
and i go downstairs to my office and basement. i listen to the scanner and follow up on any stores stories th stories that i have. >> reporter: geoffrey rogers spends time after school here looking for answers in his hometown. when you show up to a fire, you show up to a scene, what is the first thing you do? >> actually, i stand back, because i don't want to get edyell at by officers and stuff. i ask any people around, did they see anything? what happened? car crash right here. >> reporter: the 14-year-old cub reporter who taught himself how to operate a camera and audio equipment created his own news broadcast geoffrey's show live. >> we have cars and streets and multiple accidents today. >> reporter: when did you say i want to become a reporter? >> it was like about three years ago when i seen a car crash right up there. i just seen like three news team pulled up. i started questioning questions
8:35 am
iphone and that is where i just hit off. can you explain to me what happened today? >> sure. we responded here about 2:37. >> reporter: are they ever intimidated by your hard questions? do you ask hard questions or go easy on them? >> sometimes they can't answer my questions and makes me mad but i go around and go around the question and try to be slick with it and make sure i get that question. >> reporter: you already know how to be slick like a real journalist? >> oh, yeah, i'm slick. >> he was so into, you know, covering his newsbeat he new coming on for the day. >> reporter: the police chief gave the eighth greater working media credentials. >> he has formed a bond with a number of the street officers in that neighborhood. >> reporter: in this bordering city people want to see their neighbors succeed and police are there to help. >> we are very impressived and i'm always looking for him out there. we are hoping he pursues his passion and we are going to do everything we can to help support that?
8:36 am
>> i tell him don't be out too late and make sure other reporters and cops are around to protect you. >> all of these officers are here. they got my back. officer stan cominski has my back. >> his security about the police and neighborhood he cares so much about left him open to bullying. >> other kids are like, oh, that. >> they didn't like you because you were friend of the cops? >> yeah. >> reporter: tired of the bullying from his peers, he took his concerns directly to city hall. >> about two years ago, he caught me and said, mayor, i'm getting bullying in my neighborhood and want to know what you're going to do about it. he told me he wanted me to come over to his house and wanted to interview me because he was the
8:37 am
>> i wasn't about to let them hang up on me. i wanted to accomplish something. can i ask you a question question? amazing i got so close to somebody. i felt like i just met the president. >> here have you a young kid that was standing up for himself and ed i know government is supposed to serve me and help me. >> how can we stop crying? >> reporter: by asking questions, the teen made the city's elected officials work for him. the chief says he and the mayor have a shared vision for bu community. >> we are trying to incorporate building culture into our police department that time permits for the police officers to get out of the car and interact with people on a positive level. >> reporter: two hours a night, one day at a time, geoffrey knows he knows progress can be slow and that means keeping his eyes and his cameras focused firmly on the future. >> i want to be something big. i want to be actually remembered in this world. reporting live, tso show.
8:38 am
>> yes. all righty. >> reporter: you got to love him. >> wannabe. >> he wants to buy his mom a nice house where he can set up an office in the basement and live happily ever after. i think his mom would be happy about that but living in the basement? >> she wants him to get his own place. what a great story. i love the chief saying we want to do support him. >> they definitely are looking out for him and this story was emotional for me at times because i could myself in him. i didn't have the whistles and bikes. >> he has a nice camera. >> yeah. nice camera but he proves nothing is impossible. your career starts now, not when you graduate. >> so true. so true, demarco. >> thank you. >> geoffrey rogers, i like him a lot. >> our series "more perfect union" continues tomorrow. a new dad turns the internet
8:39 am
to recover his late wife's recordings. now his infant son is able to hear his mom's lullabies. >> she is always just rubbing her belly and talking to him and telling him how much she loved him. and sang to him as well so he knows her voice. >> you're sure that j.j. knows who he is listening to when he hears her voice? >> for sure. obviously is there a way to prove that? no. but no doubt in my mind that he knows, because that was the main voice he heard, you know, for months. >> the thankful dad has a message for the strangers who helped him and we will share it tomorrow on "cbs this morning." >> so many questions. i can't wait to see the story tomorrow. he is a famous guitarist who played with sir paul mccartney and johnny marr will always be known for his five short years with the smith's. remember them? ahead, he reveals whether any chance the iconic band will
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
hi, we are turketarians. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball.
8:43 am
get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians. ? fans of 1980s music will recognize the iconic sound of
8:44 am
johnny marr on guitar. marr is discussing the role of his band played in the landscape of a new auto biography. anthony mason has more. >> reporter: johnny marcr is a highly regarded good tarrist. the smith's is a band he formed when he was just 18 and set the boy free marr explains why he need to do walk away and how of his life and resume and explained it to us at a bar called the ricky in dream hotel. ? >> reporter: as a guitar aist, johnny marr has played with paul mccartney and the talking head and now head his own band but known for five short years with the smith's. ? >> reporter: the group he formed
8:45 am
with lead singer steven morrissy. what do you have in common? >> we had desperation in common. a lot of desperation. >> reporter: their success in britain, 18 chart hits, was never equal here. but many consider the smiths with marr's guitar and morrissy's brutal vocals. ? and heaven knows i'm invincible now ? >> reporter: the most invincible band of the '80s. >> many say this mess, which i understand it. i'm actually quite okay with. it was unique and it was well-played. >> reporter: why are you okay with it not many some people's cup of tea? >> then you elevate into a vanilla band. >> reporter: you don't want to
8:46 am
polarized opinion. all of your favorite bands you live a more hay, you know? >> reporter: by 1986, marr began to hate the drama in his own band. he was drinking, heavily. then came the crash. literally. >> i got out of the car and had to check that i was alive. >> reporter: did it clear your head in some way? >> it cleared my head massively. before, i was staying you will late and drinking doing drugs. it was a real wake-up call 100%. ? i know it's over ? >> reporter: a year later, he quit the smiths and the group disbanded. was that painful? >> yeah, it was really painful, super painful. >> reporter: but marr moved on, playing with the pretenders, the and in electronics. ? i love you more than you love
8:47 am
were really strong mentally and had a strong enough sense of themselves to deal with the fact that they were harboring a smith. >> reporter: right. >> which was -- >> reporter: harboring a smith? that is a great expression. >> the british music press. >> reporter: marr scored his first number one album in america in 2007 when he joined the band modest mouse but fans smiths. would fans get depressed you are offered millions of dollars to get back together and you won't take it. >> we have been offered that. >> reporter: and nearly did. marr writes in his book he reunited with morrissy in 2008 and then we were suddenly talking about the band reforming. but after a few days, there was radio silence.
8:48 am
>> yeah. to be honest, i was just enjoying having a kind of a catch up with someone nice that i had been really close with 30 years ago. >> reporter: yeah. >> a long time. >> reporter: so you don't think it's going to happen? >> no, i don't think it's going to happen. >> reporter: johnny marr may have jumped between band throughout his career, but one thing has remained constant -- his partnership with his wife angie. you've been th were? >> 15. >> reporter: how have you done that? >> it's the smartest thing. you see? you want real evidence of intelligence, very, very unusual and very fortunate. >> reporter: it says something about you too. >> yeah. i'm not always an idiot! >> reporter: he was 15 and she was 14 and she started going
8:49 am
manage the band because they kept firing managers. they stayed through it all and he is 53 now! >> it can be done! >> yes. >> a pleasure. up next the 2-year-old who
8:50 am
8:51 am
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trash day is best week for a 2-year-old in texas named lance rufus. he takes out the trash every monday so he can see his pal garbage man james jackson. the two have been friends for a year and a half. >> it's like he is eating breakfast and he stops. he says, garbage truck. we have to get out of the high chair and we run to the bag. >> the friendship inspired lance's halloween costume.
8:53 am
recycling bin and a bright vest. recycling bin and a bright vest. >> new from david baldacci pursuing a mystery that's haunted him since youth militany investigator john puller is about to cross paths with an ex-con seeking revenge welcome to no man's land
8:54 am
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the holidays don't have to ruin requester waistline though. plus, it is crunch time. time for game plan. meaghan mooney is live at lifetime athletics. it is wednesday, november 16 and this is great day washington. it is a good morning, my
8:59 am
we're your host of great day washington this great wednesday. >> yes, we are. >> a hot day. >> it is hump wednesday. we've got a lot going on. >> there is a lot going on in the dc area as we love telling you all the good parts. it is funny when they have five radio stations plugged in. >> how do you listen to five radio? it is impossible. >> then i would turn and a little tidbit and then i turn and it's hard for me. sometimes i'm in a good want to hear any mad moves. what am i listening to? i'm having something trouble listening to it. but this is the one hour that you'll need to sit back and relax. >> yes. we will start with good news to make them happy, shall we? our friends have dropped off some gold today. they've got that 24k magic tour. the world tour just announced that bruno is coming to the verizon center as tickets go on
9:00 am
next month at new mgm sold out quickly with a big surprise? no he's awesome, but it will be exciting for fans that he's coming back to the area and the verizon center as a part of their massive 85-day world tour in 2017. they're looking forward to having them here for both nights. >> i don't know if you could see that at home. >> it is an honor of bruno. >> i'm wearing 24 karat the bruno mars jacket. >> yeah, we're looking forwarded to that. it's good. >> i think it will sell out. >> everybody is going to get these tickets. now something else that might sell out is a new doll on the market. plus size super model ashley graham is getting a new barbie made in her likeness that the only thing she wanted for the new barbie was to have the doll size touched. okay? mateo agreed. and she has made waves in the


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