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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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rescue, meticulous work by firefighters, they are using air bags, boards, track hose, neighbors have been watching really worried. >> we are standing on ground that's pretty soft. this is a dam wall we are standing on. the ground under here is firm. it's squishy. i can imagine why this might have happened. >> reporter: firefighters say that man has been talking to them and he hasn't lost consciousness. they have been able to speak with him for a while. they have been feeding him warm air lots of folks still standing by here. help from howard county just came in. many people waiting. as soon as this man is pulled out of that trench to take him to a nearby hospital, there's a medevac standing by. live in greenbelt, pete muntean, wusa9. >> let's hope it happens pretty soon, pete, thank you. violence breaks out during the third straight day of protests against president elect donald trump in our area. >> witnesses tell us several students beat up a 15-year-old
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montgomery county. police tell us there has been an arrest. wusa9's stephanie ramirez is live outside of richard montgomery high school. stephanie. >> reporter: adam, there was significant police presence here today but this still happened during richard montgomery's walkout anti- trump protests. i saw the student, he had a couple of scrapes on his knee. he also told police he banged his head. he did get up and walk afterwards but still went to the ithospal to get checked out. it's not clear who instigated the fight but there was an apparent back 103 adults say multiple students punched and kicked this 15-year-old who supported a red make america great again hat. they are all from the same school, richard montgomery high school. students there organized an anti-trump walkout in rockville wednesday. >> all four of them jumped on top of him and that's when i ran over to try to stand over him. >> reporter: veronica vacca was there in support of her daughter taking part in the protest, knowing that more protests may continue in the coming days. >> the only message that i can
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concerned member of the community is don't go low. there's no reason to hurt someone else because of their view. >> reporter: online came even more criticism to the walkouts and today's assault. they can't even vote. they should be in school, said a comment during our live facebook stream of the protest. another wrote after the fight, who is responsible for that, school or parents? >> i was completely, completely disturbed by that. i think that the -- it should love and not hate. >> reporter: several students were also upset the fight and not their message would be shared. the high schoolers say they are pushing to make a difference, maybe not in the presidential race, but in others. >> especially in the local government, the people take a stand and know and be able to take over local. >> we can't vote. this is the only voice we have. >> no trump hate. >> reporter: the school's principal sent out a letter saying they will not tolerate the violence a lot of parents
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along this route saying they have never seen their kids so politically active. they support a peaceful protest. in montgomery county, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> stephanie, thanks. now to put these student protests into perspective, there are seven montgomery county schools that we know of that have had students walk out of class. those include blake high school, richard montgomery, quints orchard and spring brooke. rt protested today. in silver spring hundreds of those students stopped traffic as they made their way miles away to martin luther king park. they say their protests won't change the results of the presidential election but they wanted their voices heard. >> we really wanted to march in the rally to be pro love and antihate instead of a focus on the president elect. >> it hurts a lot knowing that your family is in danger of getting deported by a guy who
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youngerrer than -- younger than what the voting restriction is doesn't mean we don't have a right to say what we believe. >> students who did not go to class today will not be excused unless their parents send in a note. on our wusa9 facebook page, jason writes, who paid for the signs and the markers that were used? and then michael writes, this is crazy. he won. i think they need to be suspended from school, all get fs and parents need to be fi 24 hours a day on our wusa9 facebook page. we turn now to the latest on president elect donald trump's transition to power in washington. members of his team are disputing reports about infighting and a messy move forward. in an early morning tweet trump said everything is going so smoothly and that sentiment was echoed by those in his very close circle. >> there is a solid process in place that we feel very comfortable with the names that
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>> calls to say it's not going well, everything up there -- i know the president elect himself, since i talk to him regularly, he's happy. >> the new head of that transition team, vice president elect mike pence and his wife had lunch today with the current vice president joe biden today in washington. pence is scheduled to meet with incoming senate democratic leader chuck schumer tomorrow. president obama is in germany on the next leg of his l red carpet leading to air force one as the president left greece. and just before he did, the president left some parting words for that audience in athens. >> you may have noticed the next american president and i could not be more different. [ [ applause ] >> we are -- we have very different points of view but american democracy is bigger
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we have -- >> president obama says his administration will do everything it can to ensure a smooth transition to the trump white house. was anybody monitoring the registered sex offender who is now charged with sexually assaulting two young girls at the sterling restaurant where he worked? the virginia bureau chief peggy fox has been asking virginia officials that question but e sh has run into a brick wall. >> reporter: we have learned from court documents that the two girls sexually assaulted were both un because luis horry was a juvenile, only 16 years old when he was convicted of his first sexual assault, he has no record and the restaurant may not have known about his past. 20-year-old luis hooray is charged with sexually assaulting two young girls sunday night at the elevation burger at one loudoun where he worked. the arrest warrant says he followed the girls into the women's bathroom where he removed the pants of the
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then touched her genitals. restaurant video footage shows him going in and coming out after two minutes. >> i don't understand how a restaurant, especially -- i have seen children here, school buses here the last time i came here. how they could even hire somebody that was a registered sex offender. i mean, sure they had to do some kind of background check. >> reporter: on the sex offender registry, horry lists elevation burger as his place of employment. he has been on probation for a 2012 sexual battery and abduction nv was a juvenile, neither virginia state police nor the department of corrections was monitoring him. a spokesperson for the department of juvenile justice says he can't confirm whether horry was ever in the system because of strict juvenile confidentiality laws. in loudoun county, peggy fox, wusa9. >> the loudoun county prosecutor handling the case declined to comment for this story because the case is pending. charges were leveled today against a police officer who
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in santa barbara minneapolis. prosecutors say there was no reason for officer jeronimo yanez to draw his weapon. he is charged with second degree maugnslahter. the death of philando castile spurred widespread protests. a search is underway in the district for a gunman who opened fire during a street side isn't that correct sale -- sneaker sale. dramatic video showing the seller displaying the shoes and then one of the suspects pulls out a n, on t place in southeast. the victim is seen pushing the suspect's away before the gunman opens fire. no injuries reported. police are looking for the gunman and two others who were with him. new developments in the case of a prince george's county couple accused of killing their baby and burying him next to parkdale high school. a judge determined there is probable cause to charge denise pelty, her husband antawn petty was indicted yesterday
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infant son to try and get him to stop crying. two university of maryland football players facing charges connected to the bb gun attacks on the college park campus. three people reported being struck by those pellets on november 6th. two 19-year-olds, daryl turner and lorenzo harrison are facing second degree assault charges, among other things. they are suspended indefinitely and the office of student conduct is investigating. a missing 21-year-old university of maryland student has caitlyn george was located at a fast food restaurant today in houston, texas. authorities say she was okay, she was by herself. she hadn't seen been -- been seen since last week when she failed to meet a friend in college park to go on a hiking trip. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. topper. another great day tomorrow, in fact more sunshine today, temperatures above average, low to mid-60s, 64 downtown, maybe 63 in gaithersburg and
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we will come back, talk about a huge warmup and the coldest air of the season. a police officer's wife shot in the head. she survived, investigators say she pulled the getrigr herself. but she is not buying it. something furby going on here -- fishy going on here. a ref vetting -- a riveting who done it coming up at 5:30. a deadly shooting at an airplane. and right after the break, how a disturbing text message from an 11-year-old girl spotlights an unbearable
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. live pictures here as the rescue efforts continue to free a construction worker who is trapped in a trench there in prince george's county in greenbelt.
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for several hours trying to get this man out of there. you can see the heavy equipment that they have employed. pete muntean reporting to us a short time ago that authorities from howard county have appeared on the scene to assist. we did not get any indication how soon the man might be able to be freed from that trench but pete did report that he appears to be okay and that authorities are on the scene there ready to treat him for any injuries and wisk him off to the hospital, possibly even medevac him if necessary. we are going to continue to follow this story cl close to getting him out, we will go back to the pictures live. spreading love at a church that saw hateful messages over the weekend. people left these signs of hope at the episcopal church of our savior in silver spring. on sunday churchgoers found that someone had written trump nation, whites only in a couple of places. a mother gets a test from her 11-year-old daughter that reads, i want -- text from her 11-year-old daughter that reads, i want to die.
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delia goncalves is live at the gladys noon elementary with the story you will only see her on wusa9. this was a tough story to read about today. >> reporter: it was. to talk to this young girl and see the tears streaming down her mother's face, you can feel their pain. you can imagine this mom reached out to us because she was so scared for her daughter's safety. she says she barely slept last night. she reached out to us because she says the prpa the school ignored her repeated complaints. >> i fear for my kids' safety. >> reporter: neal medina kept jonah lee home from school today because of a disturbing set of text messages she received from the 11-year-old yesterday, i can't take it anymore, the school is slowly killing me. i want to die. >> that's what i was feeling. it made me feel that way. >> you don't want to die, do you? >> no. >> i'm not going to send my
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feel anyone has her back. >> reporter: jonah lee said the bullying started 2 1/2 years ago at her new school, but it's gotten worse. >> we had a no bullying sign and we all wrote our names on it and somebody scratched out my name and put mean things under it and one of them was -- >> reporter: brave and bright, the 11-year-old is an honor roll student who has maintained jonah lee says she is not alone. >> how does it make you feel when you see that? >> sad because i see other people getting bullied and even being bullied myself. i know what it feels like. >> i want the school to know that when i am not there, you are responsible for my child, for my child's safety and well- being. you are supposed to protect them. that's what i want. i want that when my child tells
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away, don't ignore her and don't think the problem is going away. that's what i want. >> reporter: now, even though mrs. medina feels like no one at the school has her daughter's back. she certainly does. when i was there she talked to her daughter and said what do i tell you when these girls pick on you? and her daughter says i'm beautiful just the way i am. she tries to encourage her daughter and empower her daughter as well. after i called the school department, mrs. medina received a phone call as well. she is not completely satisfied. issue but there is some relief for her daughter. a school mediation session will take place with everyone involved. we are live in cheverly, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> no child should have to endure that, delia, thank you. prince george's county schools do have a no bullying policy. a school spokesperson says a counselor will also meet with jonah lee on a regular basis until further notice. former district of columbia
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city's ethics board. she allegedly solicited a sig figure contribution from a company that was doing business with the school system. that investigation was launched in may, four months before henderson stepped down. she says she didn't realize her action were prohibited under city ethics rules. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> in that 3-degree guarantee can we get three more degrees? >> well, yes, be careful what you wish for. it's going to be pretty >> okay. >> but again, it's november, it can't stay warm forever and it's going to feel like winter by the weekend. if you're planning to go to the game at fedex on sunday night, just dress for the 20s. first things first, though. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee because that's much more uplifting. temperature today, we thought we would be around 65. i think we are going to be okay. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00 if we are wrong. give money to autism speaks. that's the charity you folks
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december. live look outside, our live michael & son weather cam, still 59, dew points upper 40s, winds northwest at seven so this indicates not going to be a cold night. i think mainly we will hold in the 40s tonight, maybe a couple of upper 30s in some of the burbs but mainly 40s. so clearing and just chilly tonight, bus stop temperatures 42 to 53, so a little chilly for the early ones. and then just a terrific thursday with much more sunshine than we had today. friday still best in show, temps around 70 then much colder saturday afternoon, temps will take a tumble, so if you have kids, example, for example, in a tournament on saturday in soccer, going to be like two seasons, in the morning, really warm, in the afternoon, really cold. just get ready. in fact, won't last forever. we know that. 64 tomorrow, 70, though, on friday, 65 on saturday, but deceiving because that's going to be a morning high and then upper 40s sunday, upper 40s on
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not bad. in fact, 55 downtown, 48 in gaithersburg and 50 still in fredericksburg, that's pretty nice. by morning, okay, 40 gaithersburg, 43 in rockville, 44 in bow oh and 42 -- bowie and 42 in fairfax. by mid-morning already upper 40s, low 50s. this is a break again. november has been kind so far. by 1:00, 60 now downtown, 60 in fredericksburg and even again hagerstown 58 and cumberland 59. beautiful thursday with temps above average. by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, 24 hours from now, still mid-50s downtown, low 50s in the burbs under clear skies and not that cold tomorrow night. a little bit colder, we will see 30s returning tomorrow night in the burbs. but for tonight we won't. clearing and just chilly, low temps in the 40s and winds northwest at about 10. so the day planner goes like this, 47 at 5:00 and at 7:00 a.m. and then, boom, we are back in
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at 11:00 and look at this, we are 60 by 1:00. that's above average already. now, friday warmer, gorgeous, 70. saturday falling afternoon and evening temps, so 65 and then falling, got a couple of showers, although the front may go through us dry but we are not going to skip the cold air. here we go. sunday 47, i think the game will be dry but just kind of windy with falling temps but really, really cold at fedex. wind chills will be in the 20s, temps will be 40s hold on monday and then go back in the 50s on tuesday and then some rain possible on wednesday and milder and you know what? we actually need some rain. >> thanks, topper. oklahoma city's airport is back open today after a deadly shooting yesterday. the victim a 52-year-old southwest airlines employee. investigators say the shooter was waiting for michael winchester as he was walking between a terminal and a parking area. police found the suspect, lloyd
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detectives believe he is a former southwest employee and may have been seeking some sort of retaliation. winchester had a son who plays for the kansas city chiefs. something old, something new among the leadership in the u.s. senate. >> republicans reelected kentucky mitch mcconnell to be the majority leader. senate democrats elected chuck schumer to be the minority leader. the new york democrat will replace nevada's harry reid when the new congress is sworn in next year. hillary clinton and be tonight. clinton will be hosting an event at the children's defense fund for them at the museum. and sanders will be speaking at the gw listener auditorium, speaking on the fight for a more equitable country while promoting his new book. straight ahead, the dangerous toys you might want to avoid this holiday season. plus how you can catch last minute deals on cheap flights and new calls for donald trump's name to be removed from residential buildings.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country?
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that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. twitter has suspended the accounts of several prominent members of the so-called alt right movement. this move comes one day after the site announced it would be
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in tonight's consumer alert, three luxly residential buildings in new york city are removing the big gold trump name. about 600 residents in an online petition said they were embarrassed to live in buildings associated with the president elect. the management company said the purpose of that change is to have the buildings assume a neutral identity that appeals to all current and future residents. snapchat's parent company snap filed for its ipo and it could go public as early as snap could be valued at more than $25 billion. that would make it the biggest ? u.s. tech ipo since facebook. and there are still a few hours to catch some pretty sweet deals on flights out of town but you got to go fast. jetblue is offering dozens of flights for under $100.01 way. if you fly out of reagan national, you can pick up some cheap flights to florida, boston, even the bahamas. deals end tonight at midnight. if you get that deal, would you
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because every time i try, i never make it. >> nassau sounds like a hot place to spend thanksgiving. if you're starting to buy holiday gifts for your kids, there is ah new list of unsafe -- a new list of unsafe toys you should probably avoid. >> among the list of 10 toys are these body bumpers. they offered no protection for kids' heads or legs. there's also this nerf gun. it has warnings for eye injuries and images show kids faces and eyes but the mask is not included. they have to purchase that separately. >> and then there's this, it's the slime ball slingshot with the name like that, how could you? well, it can sling slime over 30 feet, which could also shoot somebody's eye out. we got the full list of unsafe toys on our wusa9 news app. get the wife of a police officer -- did the wife of a
5:27 pm
have done it this way down but yet the bullet goes through the ceiling and out the wall. it couldn't have happened like that. >> bizarre text messages, conflicting storylines and a back on the force. we got you.
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her head found in a georgia home. who pulled the trigger. >> we are about to let you see the actual images. some of the images might be disturbing. >> i believe i heard a shot. i can't get an answer to the door. >> police department. >> body cams are rolling as griffin police officers draw their weapons to sweep an apartment looking for a shooter with two young children inside. [ by inside a body behind the door. it's the young mother, jessica bountien bleeding from a head wound. police find a gun underneath her body. it's one of theirs. a police issued 40 caliber glock, a sign to the victim's husband, officer matthew boynton.
5:31 pm
she didn't. >> reporter: officer boynton breaks down as they load her into an ambulance. >> jump in front of the gun to try to get it from her, man. >> she is still breathing, god good pulse, blood pressure, even fighting with ems, dave. >> reporter: that's right, she survived. >> they were calling me the miracle child. >> why? >> because when i went through not a lot of people survive through it. >> reporter: jessica boynton was in a medically induced coma for three weeks with a she would make a full recovery but with no memory of the shooting. >> what are they telling you happened to you? >> they are saying it was self- inflicted. >> reporter: that it was an attempted suicide? >> yes. >> reporter: do you believe that? >> no, i do not. >> reporter: your head was found on a pillow. there's a huge blood stain on that pillow. so that's where you ended up while you were clinging to life. >> perfectly laying on a pillow. >> reporter: but the gbi found no blood spatter at all on the closet wall and there wasn't just one but hole. there were -- bullet hole,
5:32 pm
baby's bedroom. >> if this were an attempted suicide, would you expect to find two shots? >> no. they are saying i had to have done it like this, down. but yet the bullet goes through the ceiling, in the roof and out the wall? our closet was not the matrix, it couldn't have happened like that. >> i believe i heard a shot. i heard someone in my residence. i just came upstairs the -- up the stairs. >> reporter: the officer radioed in the shooting around 1:00 a.m. but multiple neighbors told the gbi they heard hours earlier. >> about 10:45 i thought i heard a gunshot. >> asked what was that? >> it sounded like a gunshot. >> just one shot? >> that's all we heard. other people said they heard some later in the night. >> reporter: they say they heard a gunshot two hours before the officer called for shots fired. the only individual reporting shots fired at 1:00 a.m. is the husband, officer
5:33 pm
i heard someone up my residence. >> reporter: no one else called this in, right? >> right. >> reporter: no one else heard two gunshots at 1:00 a.m.? >> not to my knowledge. >> reporter: there's a notation in the dispatch records to call sheriff bean before calling the gbi. why would that sheriff be involved? >> sheriff bean is matthew boy ton's grand -- boynton's grandfather. >> reporter: the officer wouldn't talk with us but he did talk with 911 and the >> you were in this. can you please dispatch a unit out to my location. i'll be back there in about two minutes. she is having suicidal thoughts. >> any weapons in the house? >> yes. >> records show a lengthy text message was sent from jessica's phone to her husband's phone saying in part i can't do this anymore. this is not the first time i've had suicide thoughts. i love you and the boys. >> how do you think a text message from your phone, essentially a suicide note was
5:34 pm
phone. >> reporter: there were many other text messages on officer boynton's phone, according to the gbi case file. at least 68 texts were exchanged between the husband and a female spalding county dispatcher that night. >> who is this person he was texting? >> his girlfriend. >> his mistress? >> yes, his mistress. >> getting a divorce. i was. she did confirm that the second baby is not mine. >> things weren't working out with your wife, did you have a girlfriend or anything or -- >> i had a friend girl or is a girl. >> reporter: more than a minute after receiving the suicide text from his wife's phone, officer boynton texted his girlfriend an unrelated message, ha ha, i'm sorry, i didn't think about that, lol. he sent the mistress a text message within seconds of the shots fired radio call. long story. i will tell you later. >> i can't get an answer to the door. >> stay outside. i'll be there in about two. >> the clothes you have on were the clothes you were wearing
5:35 pm
clothes that night but walmart cameras recorded him wearing a gray sweatshirt at 10:45 p.m. and police body cameras showed him wearing a red hoodie a little more than two hours later. >> i didn't try to wash my hands, nothing, because i know we aren't allowed to be involved. >> you got word from a gbi early on that he was likely to be cleared? >> yes. >> reporter: with the suicide text message and jessica's dna found on her hud' griffin police chief returned the officer back to full duty months before the gbi investigation was closed. boynton was backed on armed patrol six weeks before the gbi ever talked with the veteran atlanta trauma surgeon who treated jessica's wound. dr. vernon henderson hed the description of a -- said the description of a self-inflicted gunshot wound didn't fit noting her pristine and unmarked hands and calling it a very unusual direction in which to point the gun at one's self with the intention of committing
5:36 pm
family. a judge giving officer boynton temporary custody because of the shooting. >> getting to see them every day and watching them grow more and more into the little boys and men that they are going to be some day. >> and you don't get to see that? >> no. they are my everything. i wouldn't trade them for anything, no matter the situation. i wouldn't trade those two boys for anything. >> now, georgia bureau of investigation himself wrote a letter completing clearing officer matthew boynton. by stating in writing that jessica's gunshot wound was self-inflected, many questions about the case are left unanswered because neither the bureau nor the husband would comment. trending now, what happened at the verizon center last night and it is going viral on social media. turns out there was an off screen romance brewing between
5:37 pm
get all that straight coming up. >> yeah. and this woman is trying to set a new world record with her holy cow fingernails. >> claws. we will talk about low temps tonight. even at night we are getting a break in terms of temps. only 47 downtown, low 40s in the burbs, maybe 43 in bethesda, 41 in gaithersburg and up toward frederick and maybe 41 toward springfield, maybe a 39 in manassas but
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all right. let's talk about trending moments. a rather viral mo f night's maryland-georgetown basketball game that had nothing to do with the terps' last minute comeback or adam cowling's hair. >> this is great. it wasn't the kiss cam they had going on but the titanic cam at the verizon center. it's going viral on social media tonight. hoyas fans reenacting the famous scene with celine dion's my heart will go on. everybody appeared to get a kick out of it except at the
5:41 pm
fans emotions sank like the titanic as the team gave it away. >> you worked hard on that, didn't you? that was good. >> thank you. an unusual call for prince william county police yesterday. >> oh. >> two officers apprehended and emu on on the lam. the bird apparently escaped the farm. police captured it without incident and made sure it's returned home. >> the emu was like, don't tase i need to see how it took off. did it give like the bird finger? what did it do. >> a bird finger? apparently the force was just too strong to resist. >> so actress carrie fisher revealing after all these years that she had an intense affair with harrison ford during the filming of "star wars" back in 1976. that's 40 years, folks and we are just now finding out about it. the parenthesis -- princess
5:42 pm
new memoir, she was 19 years old at the time, alas, ford was married and was 33 years old. >> ooh. >> probably why it took 40 years for us to hear about it. like, i don't think we want to go there. >> yikes. here's one that had us during the break going, huh? a retired salon worker is attempting to nail it -- >> you might wonder, though, how she could do anyone's nails when her own fingernails are at least 26 inches the houston woman last cut them when bill clinton was in the white house. she is closing in on the world record. she has already been on tour with ripley's believe it or not and featured in magazine articles. she has got her eye on a reality tv show up next. oh, wait, there are others. she is not the only one. >> she should open like a back scratching salon. >> did you see that? >> there were other friends that had the -- >> like a whole crew. >> like a whole octopus thing
5:43 pm
crazy. all right. i don't want to see that anymore. take it down. so today is national fast food day, even though our girl there probably can't have any. >> no, because she can't pick up anything. >> we are not quite sure who sponsored this holiday but, you know, most chains are celebrating this. cannot get past the nails. >> let's forget it ever happened. and then to sports where if you had nails like that, man, you could run for a touchdown every time. >> you can just grab it a mile away. >> rematch here. the skins, the packers. >> it's on. >> we are going to figure this one out on the way in sports. and right after the break, it doesn't take much to obstruct parking spaces meant for people who have handicaps. we are going take you to the story behind what this viewer
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5:45 pm
5:46 pm
all this week our #no barriers project has been exposing obstacles to people with disabilities they face every day. >> adriana diazandrea mccarren
5:47 pm
parking spaces. >> reporter: why are these handicap parking spaces so important? a viewer by the name of tracey garner shot us a cell phone video. it shows what can happen when somebody parks too close to her wheelchair accessible van. >> do you see these white hash marks? they are kind of faded but they are still very present. when a person parks over line, that's the space i need to get into my car. i got this big tire here, won't let me get in. i tried. i just got to get my front wheels up on here. well, that's not enough room for my front wheels and my big fat feet to get on my own ramp so i can drive away.
5:48 pm
something we can all do, avoid parking too close to those handy cap spaces. coming up tonight at 11:00 we will show you a cool new interactive tool developed inside a computer lab at the university of maryland to help people with disabilities. especially mobile issues. if you have access to a computer, you can help. reporting live from bethesda, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> makes us think deeper about what we do every day and if you know about an obstacle or a barrier faced by someone living with a disability, take a photo of it or do what the woman that andrea previewed in this piece did, shoot a short video and e-mail it to us at nobarriers national public radio announced a plea placement today for diane read. joshua johnson will be hosting a new show called 1a when it debuts january 2nd.
5:49 pm
presidential election, she has been on the air at npr since 1979, 200 stations around the nation carry the show that npr distributes. we may have missed out on being "people" magazine's sex yesterday man alive but a young joe biden is taking the internet by storm. >> pretty sure it wasn't even close. one of the most popular photos making the rounds showing a 26- year-old biden standing outside among palm trees and a red another one here showing him at a birthday party with a cake right there in front of him. the 73-year-old vice president known for his sense of humor as well as his bromance with president obama. and if you haven't seen the memes that are out there between the two of them talking about pranking the incoming trump administration, they are pretty funny. live look outside, this is our live michael & son weather cam. great night. still 59 downtown. clouds are moving out, winds northwest at 7. so clearing and
5:50 pm
hold in the 40s. bus stop temps 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., low 40s to low 50s. a terrific thursday with more sunshine and then friday best in show, temps around 70. it will turn colder in the afternoon on saturday so if you're out all day and leave the house at 8:00, 9:00, you think, wow, in the 60s. it won't stay in the 60s. time to get home at dinnertime, it will be in the 40s so keep that in mind. here are the temperatures, 64 tomorrow, 70 on friday, back to 65 on sunday but remember that's a morning reading and then check that tonight 10:00 still 55 downtown, 40s in the suburbs. by early morning, generally in the 40s, i mean we could sneak a 39 maybe in manassas but 47 downtown and 40 in gaithersburg. by mid-morning we are 50 in bowie, 49 in fairfax so still very nice and full sun. by 1:00 around 60, you could take lunch outside again, even 60 in frederick and even 59 up
5:51 pm
by evening tomorrow night low to mid-50s with clear skies, 55 in la plata -- 51 in la plata, 51 in fredericksburg and then tomorrow night colder, temperatures will go into the 30s in the suburbs and 40s downtown. but not tonight. tonight just clearing and just chilly. low temps in the 40s and winds out of the northwest at about 10. on the day planner then 40s to start, clear skies, 51 by 9:00, already 57 by 11:00. already 61:00. that's a pretty good day. friday better, i me the front does not have a lot of moisture with it. we will say 65 with temps falling throughout the day. next seven days only in the upper 40s on sunday, going to the game again sunday night, can't emphasize this enough, dress for the 20s. temps in the 30s. upper 40s monday, back in the 50s tuesday, a little milder wednesday, chance for some rain
5:52 pm
with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. >> after a rough start to the season, all we heard about was that the redskins are wasting their money on kirk cousins, said he wasn't the quarterback of the future. now apparently it would be silly for the redskins not to keep him around. it's going back and forth. whatever your view of cousins is as qb, he is playing better. a good would ready to describe cousins is solid. he isn't flashy but getting the job done well despite key pieces. cousins says he's feeling much more comfortable and confident under center but is constantly looking for the opportunity to get better. >> it's not like i've played 10 seasons, you know, i'm still very new, relative to many other quarterbacks in this league. >> people want things to happen so fast and say he either is or isn't. that's not how life works. it's a process, it's a journey and as long as i'm continuing to get better, that's really what i want to do and, you know, i think i'll be better a
5:53 pm
now. >> we will see how he is then sunday night when the burgundy and gold hosts the green bay packers, a rematch of last year's playoff games. a few weeks ago this looked like a scary match-up but may not be the case anymore. frank hanrahan has more on that on tonight's inside the rays. >> the redskins face the green bay packers team this sunday night that all of a sudden is not that good anymore even with quarterback aaron rodgers who is not that good anymore. green bay 4-5, they have lost gave up 47 points in a loss at tennessee. the redskins meanwhile feeling good after their victory over the vikings, let's see if they can carry it over on the big stage sunday night in landover under the li. ghts inside the red zone, i'm frank hanrahan. fans will be bundled up sunday night but we want to see your photos with your fedex field watching it indoors where it's warm. send us your redskins fan
5:54 pm
going to be cold. >> it's going to be cold. >> oh, no. >> thanks. >> we will see what happens coming up when bruce joins me at 6:00. reaction from the family of a minnesota man to the charges against the police officer who shot and killed him. but up next, marking your property, the new way police are using new technology to reunite stolen stuff with its rightful owners. and then at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, one of voices is about to receive one
5:55 pm
will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office
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5:57 pm
prince george's county is rolling out a really cool new crime fighting tool that the police ch dramatically cut burglaries and property crimes. it's an invisible ink with a unique identifier that allows the cops to figure out exactly who owns stolen phones, tvs and just about yteverhing else. bruce johnson got a -- bruce leshan got a look. >> reporter: police say the one moment when burglars are really at risk of getting caught and then convicted is the moment when they are walking out of your house with all your stuff. after that, it is usually
5:58 pm
figure out where the thieves got the valuables. >> they need to be able to prove who the owner is before they can charge somebody. >> reporter: now a break- through. >> under a black lights it glows bright yellow. >> reporter: it's called smart water csi. >> take out some of the solution, just dab it on. >> reporter: painted on your most precious belongings. >> and you can see yellow light is very bright and distinctive. >> reporter: and investigators will be able to detect it under a black light. >> send it to the lab, we will decode it and tell it who their owner is, as simple as that. >> reporter: each bottle of smart water includes a forensic signature of inorganic rare earth elements. smart water is a silent and invisible witness. >> reporter: in london and in 30 other communities across the u.s., just putting up signs about smart water has scared off thieves, cutting burglaries
5:59 pm
cases to zero. >> you really feel violated when anybody take anybody from you. >> reporter: police say that if they find your stuff at a crime scene or a pawnshop, weeks, months, even years later, the smart water will let them trace it directly back to you. in prince george's county, bruce leshan. >> crime solvers and the police foundation are covering the $50,000 cost of water to a ton of people in some of the county's hardest hit neighborhoods. right now at 6:00, prosecutors file charges in a deadly police shooting in which video of the dying victim was streamed live on facebook. president elect donald trump on twitter, dismissing claims his transition is stalled as he works to fill his cabinet positions. and for a third straight day, high school students opposed to president elect trump walk out of class but this time some of those
6:00 pm
foster. >> and i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us tonight. the family of a minnesota man killed by police say their pleas at the officer that shot him has been charged with manslaughter. philando castile was shot and killed after being pulled over in the st. paul suburb last july. castile's girlfriend live streamed the aftermath on facebook. jamie yuccas has reaction to today's decision. >> in order to achieve justice -- >> reporter: a minnesota pr black driver in july will be charged with second degree manslaughter. >> it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by officer yanez was not justified. >> reporter: officer jeronimo yanez pulled over philando castile for a broken tail light. cass steele informed yanez he had a handgun but prosecutors concluded any never tried to pull it from his pocket.


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