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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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tonight at 11:00t unthinkable. a man sets a woman on fire, and now police need your help finding him. a heated show down at a protest on pennsylvania avenue leaves a camera man bloodied. we'll show you what started it all. and some orphans get the best gift yep, new parents. i'm debra alfarone, thank you for joining us. tonight we begin with an alleged arsonist on loose. the man accused of setting the woman on fire in the home they lived in, and now the woman is battling life threatening injuries. matt is live at the charred home in fairfax county. >> reporter: while police
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not sure what the relationship was, but they know it was a domestic dispute, an argument that caused this. >> you hear the sirens,s and then you realize they're outside the door. >> reporter: first responders got a call for a fire and disorderly man around 1:40 saturday morning. when they arrived, firefighterred put out the fire and found a 64-year-old woman badly burned. she was taken by helicopter to suffering from life threatening injuries. >> they must have had three companies of fire quite out here -- equipment out here plus a half dozen police officers. >> reporter: louis edward reeder is accused of setting the victim on fire. at last check he hasn't been caught. police don't believe he's a direct threat to the community. >> it's a quiet neighborhood, so something like that happening is shocking. >> reporter: that closing shot
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what's behind me now is what remains. my photographer is going to train the lens above the door frame where you'll notice the char and soot. as we work our way back to the home you'll see the boards covering up where the flames burst through early this morning, and around the side the additional paneling and more damage and more debris. now, this gives you an idea of what went on here last night. detectives have teamed up with fire investigators, and ey how this man allegedly set the woman on fire. we'll stay on top of it for you. wusa9. thank you so much, matt. tonight a woman is suffering injuries that could be life threatening after being struck by a falling branch. fire and rescue crews say the high winds are to blame. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon on tuckerman live in
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and his transition team. he held multiple meetings at his golf club in new jersey including michelle reeve who worked in dc. the meet was just one of several highly anticipated meet and greets. >> reporter: prent critic and former gop nominee mitt romney as his golf club in new jersey. >> reporter: was it a protective meeting? >> reporter: after the meeting, romney, who once called trump a con monday and a -- a con man and a phony said the two had a far reaching conference about america's global interests. >> very thorough and in depth discussion in the time we had,
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speak with the president-elect. >> reporter: mr. trump also held said downs with a -- sit downs with a retired general james mattis. friday he topped alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general and mike pompoie to head the cia. tomorrow the president-elect holds meetings with former new christie who was demoted from transition team head. meanwhile, president obama completing his final world tour in peru this weekend. he's been urging world leaders cotonight their work to advance a 12 nation trade agreement called the transpacific partnership. obama has failed to get
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donald trump opposes the pact. police had to get involved today at a protest downtown. about 300 people gathered on pennsylvania avenue to protest what they call a fascist group. things got physical. wusa9's evgeny kuznetsov saw it all. >> reporter: here on pennsylvania avenue you'll see hundreds of people, many of them carrying signs, chanting against nti, the national policy instit l to the klan. a large and vocal group marcusing down pen -- marching down pennsylvania avenue. >> white nationalism is ugly. >> reporter: the protesters claim that npi is antisemitic and racist, the group is in town for a yearly conference, met with protests every year. >> i'm a person of jewish faith
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city or my country. >> reporter: it became violent when two representatives came out from npi,s and things escalated when this happened. someone spray painted the woman's hair, and minutes later the fight broke out. >> back up! >> reporter: the photographer who you can see bloodied in the blue shirt was brought away from the crowd by police. they're calling you what's the response to that? >> well i think they're the racists because they bloodied my camera man, stole his phone, told me [ bleep] you. >> reporter: after protesting at the reagan building they marched tetrarch international hotel where it took a political tone. >> no fascist usa! >> reporter: this man lost six singers in a fight against the
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the klan years ago. >> no one needs violence. we're preaching the same thing we're marching against. >> reporter: evgeny kuznetsov, wusa9. >> npi says they're here to protect the heritage of european desen dents. and thousands remained gwen ifill who died monday after the 61-year-old was once a print reporter for the new york times and also the washington post. she worked for nbc news and co- anchored news hour for pbs. several people spoke including former attorney general eric holder, and her pbs co-anchor. >> my heart is broken. she was too young and left too
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for her to walk through my office door right next to hers, smile first, hey, and sometimes i have gossip. >> the rail blazing black female -- trail blazing black female journalist took leave from pbs earlier this year and didn't disclose her medical condition publicly. >. if you spent the day outside you may have noticed the winds picking up in the afternoon. this is from one of our producers, david story took cathedral in northwest dc. the fall leaves sirring with the winds. yeah -- swirling with the winds. yeah, howard bernstein is outside, and the winds could continue through tomorrow? >> yes, maybe monday night. we have a wind advisory until monday night. i wish i had long johns on. it's nippy with the winds gusty and temperatures significantly colder. we dropped from 72 degrees for
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we're at 40 in a lot of spots, and that's the temperature. wind chills in the low 30s, even 20s. tracking a lot of snow up to our north and west, and this is going to be major snow across new york state. western maryland, western pennsylvania, west virginia also in the high country we have winter weather advisories. some of the ridge stops monday morning could have eight inches of snow. around here we just watch the winds, and they're not dying strong gusts 40 even 50 miles per hour possible during the day on sunday, and things relax a little sunday night. here's the wind chill temperatures. tomorrow morning, mid-20s to low 30s. by lunchtime in the 30s. afternoon, 5:00, back in the 20s with the wind chills, so if you're tailgating wind chills tomorrow night mostly in the 20s. i'm about to come inside and talk about the seven-day forecast. looking ahead to thanksgiving and some travel issues we may have to deal with.
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it was an emotional day in the district as more than two dozen children officially have new parents. it's all part of annual dc adoption day, and wusa9's evgeny kuznetsov saw it all happen. [ cheering ] >> reporter: james and trovel were looking good saturday morning, swagged out in checkered suits and bow tows, enjoying their special day, formally adopted by their new pa >> this is a big day for us isn't it? >> reporter: all part of dc's 30th annual adoption day. all in all 29 kids were welcomed home. >> i'm just trying to hold back the tears of joy. i think got has truly blessed us. >> it's changed my life forever. >> reporter: kim wheatley was
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her adopted son joshua. >> i can't imagine life without him. once he came into my life i was like what was i doing before i became an adopted mom? >> reporter: and more emotion surrounding the crawford family. destiny was adopted by her grandparents, and the grandmother was adopted as well as a child, and now she says the family is complete. >> i love her. i don't know what i'd do without her. >> reporter: in dc surrounded by happy families, evgeny kuznetsov, wusa9. >> the event was a celebration, but also a call thousand children living in foster care who need permanant homes. coming up on the news at 11:00, making sure our local military families have a happy thanksgiving. wusa9 handing out baskets filled with favorite holiday treats ? [ music ] ? it's a show about a famous duel between two leaders of our
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boycott hamilton. trump supporters asking people to boycott the record breaking broadway musical. the cast of the show had unscripted words for vice president elect mike pence when he came to visit the show last night, and now president-elect donald trump is demanding an apology. one of the lead actors had this message during the curtain call. >> we, sir are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that the new administration will not us. but we truly hope this show as inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us [ applause ] >> president-elect donald trump fired back. he tweeted our wonderful future vice president mike pence was harassed at the theater by the cast of hamilton, cameras blazing. this should not happen. and the theater must always be a safe and special place, the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, apologize.
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speech responded directly to president-elect trump saying conversation is not harassment, sir, and i appreciate mike pence for stopping to listen. the story got a strong response from viewers on our wusa9 facebook page, including mary anne black who said the behavior of the cast of hamilton and the audience members that booed mike pence was absolutely inexcusable. elizabeth said the actor had the right to say what he said, and he did it in a polite way. when human rights and liberties are at he did so eloquently. well, serving those who serve our country. military families at fort myer picked up thanksgiving meal boxes today. volunteers from wusa9 helped distribute them. mashed potatoes, corn bread, pumpkin pie and more were given out. >> it's wonderful because it's really hard being a military family and having the time to go shopping and get everything you need, so it's nice
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us. >> it came from the $140,000 raised during our uso telethon this week. and it's not too late to donate go to our app and search turkey for more information. and of course, let's talk about this. three astronauts arrive at the international space station this afternoon. the trio included nasa astronaut peggy whitson, the in space, celebrating her 64th birthday in space in february. and the take of of two powerful space satellites happened tonight in florida. it's part of a 4 billion dollars effort to revolution news forecast. it's the first of forecast high- tech satellite, and the next one will launch in early 2018.
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what we do, able to see much more quickly, get the scans quickly, better resolution, able to do lightning mapping, and have sensors. this is a game changer as far as satellite observations of the weather, so we're very excited about it. it's been in the works for years. >> really? >> they've been working on it, the design phase, 10, 1520 years back on this. >> -- 15, 20 years back on this. >> you must be excited. >> big day for meteog >> congratulations. and we have so much to talk about because the weather was weird. i mean, amazing, and not so much. >> actually i have video out of laplaida. a double rainbow. full arc rainbow after the front and rain that went through. it's up here, and you can see just on the left side here, see right here. little tough to see but there
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so two reflections, not just one on the rain drops. that's how you get that. cool looking. 3 degree guarantee time. this is a tough one today. boy, you're timing the front, know it's going to be warm. forecast high was 68, we hit 72, so we give another hundred dollars to fight awe tim. we do that -- autism, and we do that, and into december we change the charities, and we give you a chance to vote on the charit it was the mid-70s, and gusts to 70 just west in nelson county, west virginia 58, leesburg 53, and national 41 miles per hour wind gusts. gusts over 30 right now in martinsburg, they've calmed
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wind advisory still up through tomorrow night, ending at midnight monday morning. the temperatures down in the mid-30s in the valley. low 40s now, but with the wind it feels like the lower 30s here. feels like it's in the single digits and teens in the mountains where the snow is flying. big storm in the east, and big storm in the west, and this storm in the west causes some travel problems tuesday into wednesday. i think we're okay on corridor with thursday being the chance of rain around here. did you notice the snow across northeast pennsylvania and new york state and western pennsylvania, that continues overnight in the form of snow showers and into western maryland as well into sunday morning, sunday midday. big snows, maybe two feet north of syracuse, and we deal with the breezy conditions again into monday. think that comes down some, but
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relax. overnight tonight 28 to 36. sunny and cold in the afternoon tomorrow, wind chills in the 30s. if you're going to fedex tomorrow night, dress like it's in green bay for the game, wind chills in the 20s. temperatures slowly moderating tuesday. thursday a few showers, mainly morning through midday ending in the afternoon, and not too bad friday and saturday. >> that's all i got for you. >> a lot going >> college football, we had maryland, another chance to punch their ticket to a bowl
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now wusa9 game on sports. >. third straight top 25 opponent for the maryland football team as they visited the nebraska cornhuskers in lincoln. coach and the terps trying to pull off another upset, but not
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huskers rolling up 28-0, and the home fans loving every minute of this. terps loved this, one bright spot. at the time freshman quarterback, watch the catch and run from dc moore. 92 yards to the house, but maryland loses 28-7. five and six record on the year, and another game next week against rutgers. have to win to be bowl el yards to score, and the deficit only 10. now down 31-24 in the 4th quarter. watch the catch from hodges, into the end zone, that tied it up. hokies beat the fighting irish. and navy seven and two into
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ecu up 7-0, but that was all pretty much for them. navy fights back. sean white, little hop, skip and into the end zone, navy winning 66-31 to improve to eight and two on the season. high school football, dematha and st. john. trailing 14-13 at the half. st. son's quarterback eyes the -- john's quarterback eye it is prize. it's 19-14 after pay failed two- point conversion, st. johns. the stags though get within two, picked up english, it's a
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34-29. their fourth straight conference title. >> the theme for this game coming in in the pre-game speech was never stop swinging, and that's what we did tonight. >> we knew it was going to be very difficult to win a championship, let alone four in a row, so credit to st. johns theyay pled a fantastic game, but this one was definitely the sweetest. >> wizards, john wall and bradley beal came half. second half miami starting to pull away, but beal hits the three, cut it is lead to 97-90. the heat up eight under a minute to go. wall, another three, but not enough. 114-111, the wizards now three and nine. are you ready for sunday night football? the redskins and packers tomorrow night. redskins favored by a slight field goal, so expect a tight
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chance to exact revenge for the playoff loss last season to the packers, but for kirk it's all part of the process >> it's not like i've, um, played 10 seasons, you know. i'm still very new relative to many other quarterbacks in this league. people want things to happen so fast and see he either is or isn't, and that's not how life works. it's a process and journey, and as long as i'm continuing to get better that's really what i wa better a year from now than right now. >> the weather tomorrow, it's going to be a doozy. >> the kicking ask game and passing -- game and passing game could be impacted. when we return a quick look at the forecast, the high wind gusts into tomorrow night, grab your jacket. no matter how the markets change...
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all right, tell us what we immediate. how many jackets? >> it all depends on you. it's going to be cold. 20s in the wind chills in the morning. highs in the 40s tomorrow evening, and 20s back in the wind chill tomorrow night for the game. not as cold by tuesday, wednesday not too bad, and by thursday we have rain and showers morning through midday. >> all right, used that word fl >> deal with it [ laughter ] >> i love this guy.
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here we are. >> bootleg, and he will walk in for a touchdown. 123. after two big divisional victories the ravens sit atop the afc north. hello and welcome to ravens report, i am kristen berset. as we talk about this week showdown against the 8-1 and dallas cowboys. led by ricky jack prescott and


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