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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 21, 2016 3:05am-4:00am EST

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star says i do. we're with the duggar daughter kissing her groom for the first time ever. >> first kiss was amazing. and that's ahead. but first this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which child star hosted "saturday night live" as a teenager? "saturday night live" as a teenager? is itagine a world where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. from the first moment you met it was love at first touch
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i love these fellas. the guys are all over 40 now. a few years ago they all went back on the road with the backstreet boys. now, they're going to top that. our senior news editor was with the fellas and a few other special guests for one big announcement. >> we're bringing the happy back. we're bringing joy, love, and hainess back to the world. ? step by step ? >> coming soon, the total package tour. >> announced estuday, the new kids will join boys to men and paula abdul on a 40-plus city tour next year. >> what are you most looking forward to? >> i love all of these guys. in many ways, we kind of all grew up together. >> time does fly. we were with paula when her first album went number one. >> i'm in shock. >> donnie was just 19 when the boys were touring.
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"entertainment tonight." >> average age of boys to men in our first meeting was 22. now they're the best selling r and b group of all time. >> everybody is going to cross pollinate. >> pollinate? >> you know. >> pollinate. >> what do you think is going to be the craziest thing to happen on this tour? >> which one of us wins the fight to be m.c. scat cat? we're all fighting to get in the costum since he's not here today. >> john knight is our resident rock starec b aauses we're working our butts off, he's in africa on a 21 day vacation. >> knight, who just got engaged to his long time boyfriend, posted this message to fans. >> i'm still on my vacation, but my heart is back in new york with everybody on this amazing day. ? you've got the right stuff, baby ? >> it's going to be a sweet tour. i just feel so grateful every dave that i wake up that i'm
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and more importantly do it with people that i love. >> can you see the excitement on my face? >> i can. i can tell when she's excited. and she's excited. >> paula, good for you for trying to keep this whole thing a secret. here's what she told us back in september. >> there was talk about you joining the new kids. are you able to say anything in. >> not yet. >> if you are a fan of the musical hair spray, you know that hair spray live is headed to nbc in december. three of the women who have played the turnblad came right here to the set to celebrate. >> it was one of those days i was almost speechless. it was so cool. i cannot wait to meet these ladies, including and especially the newest miss turnblad. ? >> the role of tracy turnblad in nbc's hair spry live will be performed by maddie baillio. >> the 20-year-old newcomer was one of over 1,000 young women to
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i had to call my mom because she's my number one supporter. i called my mom, and i said mom, i got it. ? >> marissa belted it out in the original broadway cast, and ricky lake was still a college student when she played tracy in the 1988 movie. >> you almost didn't go to the audition. >> it's true. i drove five hours. i got a speeding ticket on the way. you don't think of girl getting the guy. it really did open every door for me. it gave me this crazy career i've had over almost 30 years. ? >> you won the tony for this role. >> in my speech, i was like for a chubby, you know, like short chubby girl to be in a broadway show and win a tony for it, basically what she said, it's not given us to every day.
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>> harvey firestein is recreating his role of tracy's mom edna along with ariana grande, jennifer hudson, and kristen chen oh with. >> are you freaked out a little bit about this cast? >> yes. ariana grande is playing my best friend, and kristen chen oh weth, one of my biggest idols is in the show too. it's crazy. ? >> the cast naile mannequin challenge, and maddie says she's had to train to keep her stamina up for those dance numbers. >> i'm running on the treadmill and singing every day. keep a milk shake in one hand. ? you can't stop the beat ? i just want to jump in with them and start dancing. i cannot wait for this soundtrack to come out. now, here's one more thing that i found out. the ladies hinted to me that
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appearance in hair spray live. you got to look for that on december 7th on nbc. now to another huge tv extravaganza. the big duggar wedding. the gang celebrated another one of their 19 children tying the knot. wait until you see the bride's gown. >> we're married finally. >> super excited. can't believe this day is finally here. >> ready? ready? >> jinger said i do soccer player jeremy. walking down the aisle on the arm of her dad, white roses along the way. >> this is definitely the day that i've been looking forward to and waited for my whole life. >> in just a few hours, i will see jinger in her dress finally. i haven't seen it yet. >> we love all the personal touches in the couple's theme wedding right down to jinger's
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jeremy's dad officiated. and jinger had her big sister as her matron honor, jessa is expecting baby number two, but says ben and jinger can take their time when it comes to having kids. >> they're just getting married. we're going to give them time. no pressure. >> at the reception, guest celebrated with cupcakes and a vanilla cake covered in berries and grapes. it was all part of a special episode of counting on. planning it was a t affair. >> they got here, went straight to work, and so we're just so grateful. >> things went off without a hitch, and in keeping with the devout christian family's skrikt rules of court hp, the first time jeremy and jinger locked lips was when they were pronounced husband and wife in front of their nearly 1,000 guests. so how was it? >> first kiss was amazing. right on. >> i tell you what, love is good, right? love is love.
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travel considerations provided by --
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meg ryan is 55. allison janney is 57. and larry king is 83. now, take a final look at your choices. which child star hosted "saturday night live" as a teenager? well, that is jodie foster, who is 54 this weekend. jodie hosted snl when she was just 14 in 1976, making her the youngest host until drew barrymore did it in 1982. she was 7. monday, what's really going on between her and that sexy backup dabser. and only we're with oprah. >> it's going to be spectacular. >> that's monday. we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, "e.t.".com. >> check out the video for dnce for their new song body moves. the. >> song is off the self-titled debut album. the gang it ready to go on a north american tour starting january 17th in san diego.
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>> enjoy this video and the rest of your weekend everybody. bye-bye.
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scientists belter understand the two faults as their potential for damage makes emergency preparation like this even more essential. mireya villarreal, cbs news, california. still ahead, faith and flying. they go hand in hand at most
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give the gift of long lasting smoothness. amop?. love every step. faith and flying go hand in hand. boarding a plane you are putting faith in the pilot and crew. but majerle hall found that religious acts of faith are becoming more common at america's air ports where chapels help travelers stay grounded before they fly. >> reporter: he is flying to morocco for business. his nearly 12 hourrn at islamic center at john f. kennedy international airport. by doing this i am fulfilling my duties. >> reporter: this small mosque filled with travelers and airport employees. imam says attendance is growing. >> for muslims it is very important to have a space, so they can go inside. not disturb anybody. >> reporter: more than half air ports have dedicated space for
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most are interfaith. here at jfk, four chapels, one for each major religion. the islamic center, a synagogue and catholic and protestant church side by side in terminal 4. our lady of the skies. >> there is a full-fledged con congregation? >> jfk its a city that employs about 36,000 employees that's bigger than many parishes. >> the father spends most of his time reaching out to passengers on the go. he calls it sweeping the terminal. >> i'm looking for any sign of distress. >> most of the time people want directions. others need more. >> people are very stressed when they enter the airport. and we find that the chapel is a place where they can find some peace. >> reporter: for many travelers it's time well spent.
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we close in the black hills of south dakota where it was round up time for a herd of buffalo. some of which were auctioned off this weekend. chip reid saddled up for this report. >> reporter: the earth rumbles as 1,100 buffalo stampede across
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about 60 volunteer cowboys and girls ride herd. including -- >> 81-year-ld bob lindt. >> didn't care who. two people. >> ain't in there and charging you ain't riding. >> reporter: this spur jingling, chaps wearing buckaroo participated in the nation's biggest buffalo roundup of its kind for the past 45 years. what's the best part of the roundup, bob? >> to me, it's the run is the, you know when we are actually pushing the buffalo and they're running just as hard as they can run. we are running. an adrenaline kicking son of a gun. tell you that for a fact. >> a lot of fun, yes. but a buffalo can weigh 2,000
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and some of them have an attitude. just ask first timer, chris. >> i had a bull come at me on my horse. we had to boogie out of there pretty quick. made for a memorable event. >> reporter: more than 30 million buffalo once roomed the u.s. in the 1800s they were slaughtered by pioneers all most to extinction. today one of the largest herds, calls custer state park home. >> there is a purpose to the roundup? >> for the health of the herd? >> health of the herd. to hold the herd in manageable number so they don't overgraze the land. >> ready. >> after the roundup they're vaccinated, calves are branded for landis it never gets old. >> when you quit during your thing that you look to do, you are going to die. >> spread out across here. >> reporter: for this cowboy, living a good long life means making your home where the buffalo roam. chip reid, cbs news, in the black hills of south dakota. that's the overnight news for this monday. for some, the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
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>> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." welcome to the "overnight news," i'm elaine quijano. it is thanksgiving week, the busiest travel week of the year. if you are not hosting the holiday feast you may want to make your travel plans now. triple a says more than 48 million americans will be moving by planes, trains, and automobiles between now and next weekend. that is about a million more travelers than last year. jamie yuccas has more on the thanksgiving getaway. >> pack your patience if your holiday travel brings you through chicago. travel site, predicts o'hare airport will be the busiest airport this
3:31 am
and tomorrow, about 500 workers including aircraft cabin cleaners, and janitors could walk off the job. workers voted to take action over wages and working conditions there last week. almost 4 million people will travel wednesday through sunday. jim and his son are already on their way. >> what do you anticipate moving forward. a lot lighter than i expected. come tuesday wednesday, it is going to be massive. >> nearly 90% of thanksgiving travelers will drive to gram mas this year. drivers will see savings at the pumps with gas prices expected to be the second cheapest since 2008. when the national average was just a dollar 85. today it is $2.14 per gallon. google checked travel times and found today was the best day to hit the road. if you want to avoid gridlock coming home, the search engine says leave on black friday at
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if you are hitting the rails remember the tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving and the sunday are the busiest days to travel. nearly 750,000 people will take amtrak to and from their destination. after long lines and major complaints, the tsa says it added staff. the agency says it is now ready for the additional 55,000 passengers a day over the thanksgiving holiday. but elaine, they still recommend arng domestic flight. >> good advice. jamie, thank you. now let's get the holiday traveler forecast from pamela garden at wbz in boston. >> as we get close to thanksgiving, couple systems that could bring cooler temperatures compared to next week. for monday. wind and snow in the northeast. out of the four corners, area of low pressure will bring rain and mix, perhaps snow in northern plain states. high pressure and control to the southeast and west. until the system moves in from the pacific northwest affecting friends in seattle, oregon and california. perhaps some snow in the
3:33 am
then, area of low pressure tracks into new england states for thursday. bringing some, light flurries, but not as potent as, we once thought. high pressure and control to the south and west. looking okay for thanksgiving. all around. no major issues. temperatures will be quite chilly especially for the northern half of the u.s. black friday looking ahead to the shopping season, kicking off chicago. wintry mix. 41 degrees with sun in dallas. high of 66. elaine. >> pamela, thank you. president elect trump and transition team had a busy sunday. meeting with candidate who could fill top jobs in the trump administration. meetings took place an hour from new york city at trump national golf club in bedminister, new jersey. craig boswell has the the latest. >> reporter: rudy giuliani arrived at donald trump's golf club as a leading contender for secretary of state. >> and other things. >> reporter: saturday, mitt romney met with the president
3:34 am
governor romney is under active and serious consideration to serve as secretary of state of the united states. >> reporter: trump is interviewing a parade of potential picks for key posts in his new administration. new jersey governor chris christie, who was recently demoted from the transition team is also on the list of interviewees today. >> very talented man. great guy. trump named alabama senator, jeff sessions as his nominee for attorney general, but there are questions abut his past record. >> i wouldn't want to support him unless i was convinced we would have a strong civil rights division in the justice department. >> during a break from the transition process this weekend, pence was greeted with boos and some cheers at a performance of "hamilton" as well as direct
3:35 am
>> we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> that set off a tweet storm from donald trump. the cast and producers of hamilton which i hear is highly overrated should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. on face the nation, pence saw no reason for any apologies. >> i wasn't offended by what was said. i will leave to others whether it was the appropriate ven to to say it. >> high profile interviews include robert johnson, founder of bet and congresswoman, and kathy mcmorris rodgers. elaine, the trump transition team says meetings will continue into tuesday wit >> craig boswell in washington. thank you. at the vatican, pope francis celebrated end of the holy year of mercy. part of the weekend festivities, elevating 17 bishops from around the world to cardinals. the list includes three americans. seth doane has the story from st. peter's basilica. cardinals are informal advisers to the pope their most important role its to elect the next pontiff. elevating cardinals to their
3:36 am
within the catholic church and comes with all the pageantry you might imagine. st. peter's basilica provided a magnificent backdrop as the so-called princes of the church were crowned with their signature cardinal colored skullcaps. among them, those three americans, including indianapolis archbishop joseph tobin, just appointed to newark new jersey. he clashed with indiana governor, vice president elect, mike pence over helping refugees and migrants resettle in the u.s. another now cardinal is chicago archbishop, blaze supich who tweeted a picture of his gift to the pope, a cubs' hat following the world series win. the third, former bishop of dallas, kevin farrell, learned
3:37 am
the pope live on tv. >> i did not honestly think that there would be more than one american on the list. >> reporter: then the pope named you. >> about five names later, he named me. and i was just -- did i hear that correct? >> reporter: you were surprised? >> very surprised. i was shocked. >> reporter: farrell arrived in rome to take on a new job running the vatican department at family life. how significant is it to have three americans be made cardinal? >> well it is significant in the sense that it shows the holy father's love for the people of the united states. >> this is one place. >> reporter: greg burke is director of the holy sea press office. we asked if it was a political statement to choose the cardinals? >> what you can see is the new american cardinals are concerned about the samer use the pope is concerned with. one of them is immigration. >> reporter: this morning the pope spoke of polarization and exclusion in today's world and
3:38 am
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thanksgiving is just three days away. a good bet your holiday feast does not include either moss or ants. well one restaurant that many consider the best in the world, does have both on the menu. we paid a visit to copenhagen, denmark. >> reporter: flowers. moss. ants. not exactly what you might expect to find on your plate. unless of course, you're at noma. this restaurant in copenhagen not only has two stars but was named best restaurant in the world in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014. >> never did i expect or dream up that it became what it is today.
3:41 am
>> reporter: 3-year-old chef redzeppi opened noma in 2003. limiting himself to ingredients found in the nordic region. back then it was a tall order. >> if you were not cooking french or italian. forget it. everything else was stupid. >> reporter: noma, nordic and mo, danish word for food looked for culinary inspiration from the land itself. foragers like michael larson collect ingredients every day. rain or shine. >> so the berry here itself will, you can use it to make jam. that's so many thing you can do with this one. >> what's wrong with grabbing a bunch and sticking it in the freezer, drying it. >> yeah, i think that might be the difference between fine
3:42 am
this is fine dining. we need to have the best every day. need to be fresh. back in the kitsch than get to work. >> this is sliced rhubarb. >> beautiful. >> cooked with sea wood and sorrel leaves. >> reporter: perhaps what is most impressive about the kitchen, just how fresh everything is. >> wild blue lobster. >> he is alive. >> he is alive. >> how much does it cost to eat at noma? >> i meal with drinks at noma, if you were to envision that everybody down the food chain had a pay that would enable them to have a nice home, a car, any meal would be very expensive or more expensive. >> reporter: but the elegance and prestige of noma is a world away from rural macedonia. >> there is no refrigerators. you go out and peck something -- pick something, from the ground, tree, kill an animal if
3:43 am
and -- >> redzeppi emigrated to denmark at 12, dropped out of school at 15. began working as a restaurant apprentice a year later. during a much different culinary scene. >> food in the 80s were like microwave food. seriy amazing at all. look ready made meals most of the time. >> noma changed all that. turning copenhagen into a foodie destination and redzeppi into culinary royalty. for noma a game changer and copenhagen as a city, game changer for the northic region. >> reporter: but noma's story doesn't end there. in a few months the restaurant will move to a new part of town. >> we. space to build a small urban
3:44 am
your parsely a minute before you need it. >> reporter: until then, redzeppi will open a pop-up restaurant in mexico, using ingredients unique to the region. a full plate by any means. then again, filling plates is exactly what this man does best. >> you know, i understand this thing that it is just food. food is so much more than that as well. to some, when they -- get a fine meal it is like a real transcendent moment. to others it is a vessel to enjoy the conversation better. i'm perfectly fine everything. as long as they enjoy their time with us. >> reporter: one of the most famous chefs on television, anthony bourdain has a new cookbook out. he sat down with anthony mason at one of his favorite restaurants. >> mm. magic. >> reporter: after a laf on the road, traveling to parts unknown, eating with no reservations, anthony bourdain is very particular when he gets back home. you don't like being fussed over at restaurants? >> no, i don't want to be comped. i don't want extra courses.
3:45 am
>> reporter: we met at pastrami queen on new york's lexington avenue. this is your place when you come home? >> this is my go to. what i crave. no matter how well i have been eating or where that might be. the first thing i want and need. >> reporter: in his travels, bourdain has eaten everything from rotten shark to sheep >> is there anything you won't eat? >> eaten a lot of bad, putrefied food. it's when no one cared at all. that's sole destroying. make a take it too seriously. i will really, a really carelessly made burger by a cynical large company, the contempt implicit in that transaction. can, can really send me into a
3:46 am
last for days. >> reporter: actually little seems to slow him down. >> so how many pots do you have on the stove? >> i don't know. a lot. i mean, but all of them are fun pots. >> reporter: they include producing, writing and starring in his cnn series "parts unknown." his web series, "raw craft." authoring a new cookbook. and a speaking tour. how much are you on the road? >> 250 days a year. it's been like this for the better part of 15 years. >> reporter: and you are okay with that? >> i'm -- i have been sentenced to the best job in the world. >> reporter: it started in 1999 when the then struggling chef wrote an article for the new yorker titled don't eat before reading this. which mushroomed into a book deal. >> overnight. >> reporter: kitchen confidential, adventures in the culinary underbelly published in 2000, turned the restaurant world inside out and bourdain's life upside down.
3:47 am
everything? >> everything. i mean i was, i was 44 years old. uninsured. hideously and hopelessly in debt. behind on my taxes. behind on my ren. >> reporter: the book would sell more than a million copies and launch a new career for the culinary bad boy. >> i think when you travel as much as i have, you -- you -- i don't want to say i am more humble. but i think you become a wear of how other people live. how hard their lives are. how big the world is. >> reporter: now this wouldn't be the dish if we didn't have a drink. >> this is some very good 30-year-old whiskey. >> reporter: there is a bad joke in here some where. at bemelman's bar in the carlisle hotel, we sampled some
3:48 am
>> this is very smooth. >> better be. >> reporter: bourdain partnered with the distillery on raw craft to profile great artisans. he had a lot of unlikely encounters in his travels. this season on "parts unknown" bourdain met up with president obama in a hanoi restaurant. not ideal from secret service view. a room this size. i think one exit. second floor of a not particularly clean noodle shop. nice seeing the president of the united states drinking beer out of a bottle. >> was there -- is there any body you would look to have a meal with. >> keith richards. >> trying for years. eat bangers and mash. cooked steak and kidney pie with keith richards. talk about british naval history
3:49 am
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(achoo!) did you know you can pick up cold & flu viruses from things in your home for up to 48 hours? it's like having a sick family member that you didn't even know was there. and we all know what happens when one family member gets sick. but lysol spray and lysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs including 8 common cold & flu viruses to help protect your home. this cold and flu season help keep your home happy and healthy can the hug of a child mend a broken heart? steve hartman found out on the road. >> reporter: not long ago in a cemetery outside augusta, georgia, a loving couple was buried. the wife, buried below this
3:52 am
in a mound of grief. >> took me totally by surprise. 82-year-old dan peterson says after mary died he fell into a deep depression. spent days just staring out at the squirrels. what were you living for? >> i was trying to figure that out. frankly. >> reporter: you had no purpose. >> no. >> were you just waiting to die? >> yeah. >> reporter: for six months it was just that bad. then one day you go to grocery >> reporter: it all changed inside this publix. dan was nearing the end of the canned vegetable aisle. he hates grocery shopping. and by all accounts the expression on his face confirmed his aggravation. but that's when this unapproachable man, was approached. by a 4-year-old girl named norah wood. in the security footage you can
3:53 am
>> she said, old person, it's my birthday today. >> old person. >> old person. >> hi, old person. >> she says this to the cranky old man. >> yeah. >> reporter: then had the audacity to demand a hug. >> i said a hug, i said absolutely. norah got her hug. asked her mom to take a picture of her with her new friend. >> she zeroed in on him like a she didn't want anything from him. she just wanted to make him feel loved and give him a hug. and his little lip quivered. he teared up. it was just sweet. >> i said you don't know this is the first time for quite a while that i have been this happy. >> reporter: that all happened a couple months ago. and his grin has only gotten wider since.
3:54 am
a week. >> how is my sweetie, huh. every time the grocery store all over again. >> i knew i was going to got a hug. >> it's unbelievable. totally unbelievable. >> it's a bridge. >> okay. >> dan does have grand kids of his own. but they're all grown and gone. and norah does have grandparents. but her mom says this a completely different kind of bond. that almost defies explanation. >> she fell aseep holding a picture of them. and what? ha-ha. >> to dan it is equally miraculous. but far less mysterious. he believes norah is quite literally an angel. >> okay. >> she opened me to a love that i didn't know existed. >> reporter: when your wife died, you felt look you didn't have any purpose anymore. do you feel look you have a purpose now? >> of course. norah.
3:55 am
i know i made room in my heart for a lot more.
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captioning funded by cbs i it's monday, november 21st, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." the next the trump transition team may be looking to rudy giuliani or mitt romney to fill the spot. >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious. >> that is the speech that got the president-elect fired up. the cast of "hamilton" was addressing vice president-elect mike pence who was in the audience and had he a very


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