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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. president-elect donald trump is back in new york city meeting with more potential members of
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from 2012 mitt romney. >> reporter: former massachusetts senator scott bound was -- brown was among the latest to seek a job with president-elect in trump tower today. texas governor rib perry also expected to meet with mr. trump. over the weekend he hosted other high profile republicans at his golf course in new jersey. among them new jersey nominee mitt romney also considered for secretary of state. >> there is a great deal of mutual respect and i had a productive conversation. >> reporter: among top conneredders for other cabinet posts, billionaire investor wilbur ross for secretary of commerce and steve menuchen for secretary of the treasury. it's believed the highly publicized meetings prove the
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some critics say transare a prancey isn't the problem with -- transparency is not the problem. >> looking at the current array of choices it's a very monocrowatic group. >> reporter: kelly ab conway, spokeswoman says the administration will have people of all backgrounds, including women. >> the trumtr expected to release video later today outlining the president- elect's priorities for first 100 days in office. the broadway actor who delivered a strong message to mike pence says there's nothing to apologize for. the "hamilton" star defending his remarks about equality following friday night's performance. >> the resonant nature of the show throughout the world,
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when there are important issues i think facing us as a community. we wanted to stand up and spread a message of love and unity considering the emotional outpour since the election. >> but president-elect donald trump took to twitter and demanded an apology. the vice president-elect says he was not offended and enjoyed the play. >> we would love to hear what you have to say. join the conversation. president obama is back at
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chief. this comes after his informal meeting with russian leader vladimir putin at the apex summit in lima, peru. president obama said he didn't discuss russia's alleged meddling in the recent election. we're told the summit ended with a joint pledge from asia pacific leaders to work toward a sweeping new free trade agreement that would include the united states. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack at a crowded mosque in afghan's children are among the estimated 27 people killed. the bomber blew himself up in the middle of a prayer service. it's the latest in a series of bombings targeting the country's shiite minority. the taliban quickly condemned today's bombing saying it had nothing to do with it. into at least four police officers were shot in the wave of unrelated attacks around the country targeting law enforcement. most of the suspects were killed or are in custody. a massive manhunt is underway
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gunman that ambushed and killed a detective with 20 years on the force. the suspect shot and killed detective benjamin marconi in front of police headquarters. >> the fact that he did what he did to a police officer, police officer sitting in his car, tells me he's the ultimate coward. >> authorities say the suspects wanted in the attacks in missouri were shot and killed by police. suspect barricaded himself in his home and was later taken into custody. several people suffered serious injuries after a crash in potomac this morning. investigators say saevennier transport bus and landscaping truck collided during the morning rush hour along gainsborough road near smoke tree road. so far no one has been charged. two fishermen dead, another missing after their boat sank in the potomac river.
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of bretton bay in st. mary's county. fortunately one fisherman was rescued and taken to the hospital. an early morning house fire in prince george's county leaves a family without a place to call home. it happened on largo road just north of brock drive upper marlboro. >> reporter: the family that lives in the house say they all made it out safely after a fire with the holidays a few days away. michael cryer says he and his family were sound asleep when he heard his home fire alarm go off. to check on the noise, startled by what he found. >> whatever it was, it was outside. i tried to open the door, that brought the fire in. >> reporter: mark brady with the prince george's county fire department tells us that the
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discarded fireplace ashes. he says the wind may have caused them to reignite and spread quickly. he, his wife, daughter and dog made it out safely with a handful of items. >> i can't find clothes. oh, gosh, it's crazy. >> reporter: his wife was still shaken hours after the fire. they plan on getting their affairs straightened out with their insurance company. he says they just put a new roof on the house last year but says the focus now is trying to figure out what his family is going weeks after. in upper marlboro, larry miller, wusa9. >> he said he and his family had just moved into the neighborhood two years ago. rubes are working to restore power to about 60 customers in kensington. officials say high winds knocked down several utility poles leaving an apartment building in the dark overnight. no one was hurt when the tree fell. there's good news as we
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travelers at three airports will get to breeze through new security lines. you may see fit you're flying to or through atlanta, chicago o'hare or newark. the lines have been bigger bins to dump in your bags, then they will be whisktd away on an automated conveyer belt to be x- rayed and scanned. the tsa says the new automated lines move travelers through 30% faster. gas prices are dropping nationwide in time for the thanksgiving travel rush the current national average at pump is $2.20 a gallon. that is a 6 cent drop over the past two weeks. some industry analysts say this might just be the beginning as prices are expected to continue to inch down later this month. you'll have a few extra dollars for black friday shopping. according to the american farm bureau federation the average
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people will be $49.87, a 40 cent drop from last year. some ingredients cos less this year including the turkey, milk and pumpin pie mix. we're likely to see showers before the workweek is over. >> it's windy out there. no showers today, still dealing with the winds. yesterday we had winds reported in martinsburg at 62 miles an hour. that is so strong. today l 35 for hagerstown. 35 miles per hour for frederick. 30 gaithersburg. 33 washington. it's a little uncomfortable out there with the cold air. you can feel it with the wind. we're doing per than 60 miles per hour but still have a wind advisory for some areas. the farther north and west you go the higher the winds are. we have that wind advisory. really the fire danger is still quite high today as well with everything so dry. 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts
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the next 48 hours. still a gusty afternoon and a breezy night and through tomorrow as well. forecast highs today, 47 degrees, that's deceiving because it doesn't feel that warm. when you factor in the winds it's going to feel into the 30s for much of the afternoon. and unless you're farther south near culpepper and fredericks. coming up, we'll talk go when the winds really relax. whab the answers coming up. also you can get the latest on our wusa9 app. imagine waking up one day and learning that you're going blind. your entire life would be turned upside down. millions of americans are faced with blind dms or foredisability most of us take for granted. at 11:00, a person who can't see but has 20/20 vision when
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>> i talked to them both. the wife was in shock. the timing is unbelievable. >> a washington state couple has a huge reason to be thankful this holiday season after a giant tree toppled on their car. it happened sunday near seattle. the tree pinned in the man behind the wheel, firefighters had to cut him out. his wife who was in the crawl out through the car's back door. authorities say high winds brought the tree down. blowing snow in parts of the northeast where they are hunkering down for theners snowstorm of the season. vermont and pennsylvania are expected to get a fair amount of snow. this is the same storm system that dumped more than a foot of snow across parts of minnesota last week. while we have not seen snow here high winds did wreak havoc
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>> ear protection. i don't have much hair anymore so it's important to cover all the parts that are vulnerable. >> it's very windy. >> well, you just got dragged by the wind. and so did we. definitely feels a bit apocalyptic up here. >> folks were bundled up as wicked winds knocked down trees, power lines and more. garbage cans in my neighborhood were blown down the street. no one put out cans last night. they would not have been there this morning. >> it was soin with all the leaves. i don't know if it's worth even trying to rake them. >> it's not. >> you don't have a pile anymore. >> the wind will do that. it's till going to be breezy tonight. also tomorrow. by wednesday we should lose that real noticeable wind. then we'll track some showers. a little something to talk about each day. best-looking days? actually i think friday might be the best-looking day. that is good news for shoppers.
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there again. we're at 44 degrees. it feels only 36. the air is so dry these winds are not letting up. that is why the fire danger is still quite high again today. we have gusts up to 33 miles per hour in some areas, other areas seeing higher gusts. higher elevations see higher gusts as well. martinsburg to 32. hagerstown 35. you still have the wind chill body feels it when you factor in the winds. current temperatures now, 39 for gaithersburg. not getting much warmer than this. when you have so much wind during the day mixing everything up hard for the temperature to really increase. 43 for manassas. despite some sunshine and fair weather clouds. 41 front royal. 41 waldorf. factor in the winds and this is what it feels like, the current feels-like temperatures, only 29 for hagerstown.
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lotion and chapstick because it's so dry and the winds make it a little worse. 44 is the feels-like. not so bad, for fredericksburg. tonight, winds howl at 4:00 p.m. the sun still out, not for long though this time of year. 22 miles per hour. then we're going to see a breezy night. temperatures falling into the 20s fast through the evening. even though the actual temperatures is in the 30s. in the evening you still have to deal with the winds, even for tomorrow, tuesday, a gorgeous day, lots of sunshine. temperatures still below average. 50 degrees for the afternoon high. notice the winds, 15 to 20 mile- per-hour gusts. instead of 30 to 40 miles per hour. it will still be a nice day but breezy at times. looking pretty nice. temperatures are getting back to average for this time of year. 47 for today. 50 tomorrow.
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wednesday looks pretty good. wednesday mid-50s. thanksgiving? if you're traveling, you have a dodge a few raindrops especially in the morning hours. doesn't look like too much we can't deal with to get on the roads by thursday evening. by friday looking good. near 60 degrees. another chance of a shower on saturday. right now we want to share an incredibly powerful story with you. it's something you don't know about one of our team members. 's moment, in that instant i became much orlando than 11. >> reporter: like many little sisters, alan brian of becoming like her big sister who just 17. >> she was the smartest, she had it all, could sing. in the choir. loved golf. >> reporter: her love of golf turned into a summer job on a golf course. june 13, 2000, like any other day. a thunderstorm passing through
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forced everyone indoors. so christina waited until the rain stopped to finish her end of the day task picking up metal golf stands. >> she went back outside after the storm just passed through. was bending over to pick up one of them when a bolt of lightning came back from the storm and hit her. the bolt so powerful it made a 3-foot deep hole next to where she was. and it stopped her heart. >> reporter: christina the oxygen supply to her brain stopped for 10 minutes before paramedics even got to her. ellen was with her mom when she got the call. >> i remember the day so vividly. 11 years old and i said can people die from this? i didn't know, what does a lightning strike do to someone? i think that's why faith has always been so important to me throughout my life. at that moment you just -- put it in god's hands and you --
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the next two years in a hospital. she survived but suffered severe brain injuries. the past 16 years have been a test of setbacks, triumph and victory. >> she has limited mobility now. she's never been able to talk since. or make a full sentence. she can smile and laugh now, she nods her head yes and no. did you know that tim mcgraw song "just to see radio at that time. my mom and i still sing it this day because it was like the first time we saw her smile again. maybe a year later. we just love to see her smile. we'll do anything to see it because we didn't see it so long. she's touched more lives living a life she has than i will ever touch. you look at her and she smiles at you and so happy about life. you just say ok.
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>> we thank you for sharing that story. ellen often goes to schools to talk about lightning safety. has worked with noaa for years as a member of their lightning
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>> he probably stole his mother's engagement ring. >> that's right. tommy took his mom's engagement ring to give to his elementary school girlfriend. no word if millie accepted or if tommy was punished for stealing the ring. we'll let you know when we find out. what is the deal with kanye west? some are co tirades on stage and that he cancelled his remaining tour dates. the rapper ditched a scheduled concert in los angeles last night just hours after going on a rant about president-elect donald trump, jay-z and beyonce all while cutting short a show in sacramento. >> do not talk about -- let me explain something! i was hurt be -- beyonce, i was hurt! >> the crowd booed west and demanded a refunded. he made headlines last week
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didn't vote but if he had, he would have voted for donald trump. one final look at the
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tonight at 5:00 -- we hear from the parents of dnc staffer seth rich. his murder is still unsolved after he was shot and killed earlier this year. plus, the latest on donald trump's transition to president. that is tonight at 5:00 with leslie foster and adam longo. look at your 7-day forecast. of course it includes the dancing turkey. it's cold and windy today
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still a little breezy. thanksgiving not too bad. we have to dodge a few showers though. >> he's flying the coop because he knows he won't be on anybody's table. that is it for wusa9 news.
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>> mariah: what was that? >> sharon: mariah, you don't understand. >> mariah: i'm pretty sure i do. you just unloaded on dylan for taking faith to nick's. and i'm trying to figure out when you decided that your husband, faith's stepfather, was the enemy. >> sharon: faith belongs here gets to stay, nor is it dylan's. that's up to me, and it's up to nicholas. >> mariah: dylan was just trying to give faith what she asked for, which i feel the need to point out at this particular moment he was able to do because he was here -- with you. he hasn't run off and bailed like most people would after what you did. >> sharon: well, i'm sure he had the best of intentions, but he still had no right. >> mariah: he always has the


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