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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. there has a new choice to head d.c. schools, mayor bowser introduced antoine wilson a short while ago. he was the superintendent of the school system in oakland, california. during a meeting with reporter, he outlined some of his priorities. >> i see my work so much as
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that each child get what is they deserve and -- gets what they deserve and that's an education that prepares them for success after graduation. >> the d.c. council still must confirm the nomination to make it official. he is expected to start february 1st. chattanooga is in mourning. federal investigators arrived today at the scene of the school bus crash that killed five children. as mark strawsman police a-- mark strawsman reports. >> reporter: a tow truck hauled away the wreckage of the bus that carried 35 woodmore elementary school children. it had flipped over on its side and wrapped around a tree killing one boy and four girls. >> three that were in the fourth grade and one that is in kindergarten. and one that is in the first grade. >> reporter: a mother who lost one of her three children on the bus told cbs news that the driver asked the students if they were ready to die.
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>> my daughter says right before the bus flipped, that he was speeding around the curve. >> reporter: police arrested the bus driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker and charged him with five counts of vehicular homicide. >> just last week he told the kids to shut the f. up. he got a hangover. >> reporter: for hours emergency crews work today remove kids from the -- worked to remove kids from the mangled debris. >> the most unnatural thing in the world is for a parent to there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father. and so today, city is praying for these families. >> reporter: the bus had a camera on board which investigators obviously will take a look at. mark strassman, cbs news, chattanooga, tennessee. >> an arrest affidavit says walker was driving well above the posted 30-mile an hour speed limit on the narrow winding road. meanwhile, the baltimore city school system has
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linked to a crash earlier this month. six people were killed in that crash. and an investigation shortly after the accident revealed the bus driver was no longer authorized to drive the vehicle because of a medical paperwork issue. another transportation provider is taking over the contract. maryland state police have a suspect in custody after a chase that started in virginia. authorities caught up with the suspect in capitol heights around 10:00 this morning. and we're still out what triggered the chase and the man's identity. you can get the latest information by down lloyding our wusa9 -- downloading our wusa9 app. president-elect donald trump is holding more meetings in new york as he works to fill positions in his upcoming administration. as kenneth craig reports, while trump's transition team works to fill the cabinet there's some news about whether he plans to prosecute hillary clinton for her alleged e-mail
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elevators at trump tower the morning as president-elect donald trump holds another day of meetings about staffing his administration. while no announcements have been made this week, senior trump adviser kellyanne conway told msnbc that mr. trump does not wish to pursue charge against hillary clinton. for her courthouse of a private e-mail server while stake of state. >> there's -- secretary of state. >> there's a tradition in american politics after you win the election you sort of put if that's the decision he reached, that perfectly consistent with sort of a historical pattern. >> reporter: last night the team released video outlining plans for the first 100 days in office. priorities include a withdrawal from the tank pacific partnership and cutting regulations and fine tuning the nation's visa program. >> investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american workers. >> reporter: but there was no
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repealing obamacare. two key campaign promises. before heading to his florida estate for the thanksgiving holiday, mr. trump is also meeting with the "new york times." this morning, the president- elect tweeted that he canceled the meeting because the times changed the conditions. something the paper denied. a times spokeswoman says he'll meet with the publisher and editorial staff. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> president-elect trump hasn't held a formal news conference since he was elected. but did recess meeting with top tv news executives and anchors yesterday. including cbs' charlie rose and gayle king and norah o'donnell. the restaurant in chevy chase has formally apologized for hosting an event by the white nationalist organization. it was last-minute and it was placed underneath a different name. but it's a picture posted by former reality star tila
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of their minds. it was taken at the dinner sponsored by the national policy institute, a white nationalist organization. the restaurant is vowing to donate the profits from that night, $10,000. to the antidefamation league. a federal judge in san antonio find himself at the center of the uproar after telling newly sworn u.s. citizens that if they couldn't accept donald trump as their president, they need to leave the country. >> if the you are a citizen of -- if you are a cize united states, he is your president. and he will be your president. and if you do not like that, you need to go to another country. >> u.s. magistrate judge john promona made the statement after swearing in 500 new u.s. citizens. he later said he meant his words to be unifying and respectful of the president's office. not political and he added that he did not vote for trump as president.
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about this story on our wusa9 facebook page. reva posted donald trump will be my president. i'm not going anywhere, i plan on being a thorn of dissent and obstruction. and nita wrote. wow, just go huh? you wish? not going to happen. we don't like trump. don't mind saying it. and we ain't going nowhere. finally, john writes, he's right you know. log on to our wusa9 facebook fan page so you can join the conversation. the number of homeless people in the district is growing. as evan koslof reports rising rent prices are part of the probable. >> reporter: -- problem. >> the report was formally release last week and there's good news and bad news. the good news is that the homeless population is actually down nationwide. the bad news is that it's a completely different story here in it will district. >> reporter: here in the -- here in the district. it's breakfast time here at thrive d.c.. and a large group of homeless
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that includes elijah alfred alexander jr. who's been on the street for more than four decades. he had a wife and house and job before he left it behind to go on a spiritual journey. he now calls himself the wanderer. >> you become like the wind. people hear what you have to say and don't know where you came from and where you went. >> reporter: his story is certainly unique but the circumstance being homeless is not. according to data by the department of housing and urban development, there are about 1,000 more homeless people than last year. that's an increase of more than 14%. despite the fact that homelessness is down by 3% nationwide. >> it is no surprise. >> reporter: alicia horton the executive director at thrive d.c. says the rising cost of housing is the main reason d.c. has had such an increase. >> it's just a very expensive city to live in. much like new york. san francisco. we you know we know these foe nomina and these urban environments.
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its toll on the poor. >> i'm a single mother. >> reporter: a toll felt by michelle hidier, she suffers from schizophrenia and has been battling homelessness for almost a decade. >> it's tough to make nit d.c.. d.c -- it in d.c.. d.c. is kind of for the high priced high roller people. >> reporter: there's something else pretty interesting is that she said this city can actually be sort of a magnet for mental illness because of the political process. she says perhaps delusionally to speak with political leaders about their thoughts. reporting here in dupont circle. evan koslof, wusa9. >> and the numbers in the report are based on a count done every january? communities across the country. -- in communities across- country. today and tomorrow could be the best days to hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday. that's because showers could move in on turkey day. here's allyson. >> yeah you know, all things considered we're looking at a pretty good forecast but yeah we're going to run into a
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thanksgiving day. get the traveling done today and tomorrow and things are looking pretty good. it sure is nice looking out there it's beautiful and sunshine there's a little cold absolutely. 47 degrees and that dew point. that air is dry. so hair staticky a little chap on the skin and on the lips, the winds are just going to add to that. another breezy day. 20-mile-per-hour gusts and yesterday we were up to 30 horse. sunday up to 60. we're moving the winds down a little bit and finally tonight the wi we have to get through this afternoon of another breezydy. 43 right now for gaithersburg and 47 for washington and we're going to increase the temperature another couple of degrees either side 50 degrees. for this afternoon for your daytime highs look at these gusts about 20, 25 across the board. tonight, as those winds relax, clear skies, we know we have that dry air in place. our temperatures really going to plummet. we'll be into the 30s by midnight and here we go. first thing tomorrow morning? maybe you're taking the day
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cold. grab the jack etc. but not breezy. just the b crisp and -- be crisp and cold. 22 for manassas and 27 for fredericksburg. we are tracking some showers i'll have that coming up. but you can always get the latest forecast on the wusa9 app. every nine seconds, a woman becomes the victim of domestic violence. it's time to talk about the signs and it's time to save lives. tonight at 11:00 we'll have al wusa9 -- a wusa9 special report on breaking the silence of
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it's the season of giving and there's no better gift than the gift of life. and today's health alert, how a self-described ordinary woman made an extraordinary decision that saved the life of a total stranger. maurice lucas had been wait firefighter this morning for
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the meet and thank the stranger who gave him the gift of life. jane bishop. >> all i could do was just hold her and hug her and kiss her. >> jane didn't know the person or anything about their health history who needed her kidney. >> what i care about is that the kidney is working and it is i understand. >> for that maurice is grateful. the 65-year-old retired metrobus driver had been struggling for three years with failing skid knees in very -- kidneys and in very bad shape. >> the couldn't see how i was still alive. >> he was on dialysis for a short while and later he was evaluated and added to george washington university's kidney transplant list. within five months, while getting dialysis, he found out he was the recipient of a donor organ. >> to find out that there was a lady that said this was the season and she wanted to donate a kidney. and to find out that her and i
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>> jane understands better than most how precious life is. she's an 11 year breast cancer survivor. because of that, choosing to be a living donor was easy. >> i am so grateful to be this healthy. it's completely out of a sense of gratitude and being blessed. >> reporter: maurice believes his kidney transplant match was a blessing because he and jane are from different ethnic groups. >> you don't need the perfect match. you really just need a of transplant surgery at the gw transplant institute. >> the washington, d.c. area has the worst problem in the country. we don't have enough people that donate. the great thing is you have these al truistic people, these nondirected -- altruistic people that want to save strangers' lives. without them more people would die. >> jane's kidney must be like a 30-year-old or something. i feel so spry and everything now. >> as of now, about 101,000
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transplant. if you want to be a living donor, we have a link to the national kidney registry on our wusa9 mobile app. virginia governor terry mcauliffe declared a public health crisis over skyrocketing opioid addiction overdoses. he talked about a report that shows three virginians die a day due to overdoses. it allows all virginians ago consistency a drug -- access to a drug that can se called naloxone. in maryland there was a task force created last year to deal who the problem in the free state. stress and exhaustion, that's reportedly why rapper kanye west was taken by ambulance to ucla medical center monday. the gossip website "tmz" reported west was undergoing psychiatric tests and being examined for severe exhaustion. the 21 remaining days of his tour have been canceled. kim kardashian his wife
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her husband's side. his strange behavior and one of the largest trending topics this afternoon. country dad tweets salute kanye west, battled with that my whole life. mr. love had to say. i hope kanye west and anyone else who's in a similar situation will get the necessary help. and finally, atlanta greek picnic posts pray for kanye. we need signs of depression and cries for help. we hope he gets the help and peace he needs. we'd love to hear what you think. log on to any of our social media pages and join the conversation. i asked you about any allergens out there because my eyes won't stop watering but you said there's nothing out there. >> the tree pollen and mold spores are coming in at low. but they're not high but maybe a little bit hire than we're used to this time of year, sometimes when those leaves
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moldty. >> they are piling up. >> they're blowing around because no one can rake them and keep them in the same pile. if you do start to rake the leaves letter on today you can keep them in the pile until the leaf collector gets stream off the street. still breezy today for sure. winds are gusting up to about 20, 25 miles per hour. but hey, we're seeing improvements, we're not at 60 and by tonight they'll finally start to subside a little bit. your michael & son weather camera is looking pretty good. it is chil but it's gorgeous. nice blue skies out there. 47 degrees and that dew point yeah we have very dry air. so we are going to have temperatures head below average today. usually this time of year, we're nice into the mid 50s. but we are into the 40s. kind of getting you in the thanksgiving day spirit. got to get that oven ready to go. 45 for gaithersburg and 50 for manassas and 51 for fredericksburg. now for tomorrow, this is your planner for wednesday. maybe you're taking the day off or maybe getting everything ready last-minute errands you are not going to have to deal
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for sure. the winds, much more comfortable here about 5, 10 miles per hour. temperatures very similar to today. we have a southerly wind though. we will have those temperatures either side of 50 degrees. so as we head through the evening hours you are going to notice that cloud cover start to increase again. all right let's talk about the travel weather. we do have some snow through minnesota and parts of wisconsin. and some thunderstorms the all the way down through arkansas and down through dallas. through wednesday that snow will continue but we're drying out through much of the here are those showers that are arriving through our area come thursday or thursday morning excuse me, you don't run into snow until you are north of pennsylvania. upstate new york, vermont and new hampshire. it's not even that much snow. especially from what they are used to. we are going to see a good looking weather through much of the country. even farther back off to the west, seattle they are seeing a little bit of rain and snow through the higher elevations. so how much snow are we talking about? well, a couple of inches through minneapolis and that
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inches though. little bit more further north in the state and also through upstate new york and vermont and new hampshire just anchor so. here's the forecast for thanksgiving for us. this is 11:30 in the morning, just some showers out there. they don't last long. in fact, by the afternoon, dinner time, we're looking dry. cloudy skies will stick around for those family backyard football games. and friday shoppers will be dry and chilly. but the clouds will stick around. 49 today. 53 for tomorrow. 54 for thursday. for thanksgiving, not a bad day at all. just w friday, chance of showers late in the evening. i think we'll be pretty dry. it will be rather breezy. saturday and sunday the temperatures into the 50s.
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we have an update on the story of thomas moore and his gift of hair. the prince george's county fifth grader learned about a lit it will girl with cancer who lost -- little girl with cancer who lost her hair. he spent two years growing out his own to donate to her. sadly she died before she could receive his gift. but thomas' hair won't go to waste. salon owner good win cut thomas' hair a few months ago three wigs for other people in need. >> i'm happy to be able to show people something that can be done, something amazing, that can be done with african- american hair. >> i feel happy and i feel like i am very nice and generous. >> you are. next month we'll find out who gets the wigs at an event at the women's club of bethesda.
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5:00, fairfax county police search for a man who showed pornography to two young girls on the street. plus, should school buses be equipped with seat belt in the wake of yesterday's deadly crash? and we'll have new details on what you can expect from the next phase of metro's safe track plan. okay, your seven day forecast always on our wusa9 app. 49 today and might even get a little bit warmer than that if those winds relax at all. that will allow that sunshine to really do its job. and for thanksgiving, looking
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i love my turkey there. kind of -- shaking his tail feathers. >> happy because he's not going on the table. that's it for -- to be on the table. that's it for wusa9 news. we'll be back at 5:00. until then have a fantastic afternoon. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838
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>> jill: oh, there you are! happy thanksgiving, darling. >> billy: it doesn't smell like thanksgiving. >> jill: well, of course it does. fall is in the air. can't you smell the scent of pine? smell of turkey. you said hurry because the food is almost done. >> jill: well, surely, god, you didn't expect that i would be cooking? >> billy: no, no, i know better than that, but i expected catered turkey at least. you lied to me? >> jill: no, no, no. you assumed. the food is getting ready down at crimson lights, where you and i will be feeding the homeless. >> billy: [ chuckles ] okay. all right. what's going on? >> jill: what do you mean, what's going on? >> billy: well, i'm not buying this sudden humanitarian impulse from you. >> jill: billy, i thought it would be nice if you and i gave back to the community, okay, something altruistic.


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