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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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victims exposing themselves and performing sexual acts. a few moments ago here in court a federal judge agreed to release deputy sullivan into monitored home detention. he lives with his wife in king george, virginia in a house down there. a number of stringent conditions. no guns in the household. no access of any kind to computers or the internet. no contact with anyone under the age of 18. sullivan living with his wife in year-old son, according to information read in court. sullivan suspended from his job while the court system works its process and until the court system is finished with him he's facing up to 20 years as you all just reported in prison. so a charles county deputy allegedly snared by a constant 24/7 surveillance system that the federal government is
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to this deputy's phone. reporting live in greenbelt, maryland. scott broom, wusa9. >> the charles county sheriffs department were involved in the arrest. officials are not talking about it today. chattanooga, tennessee continuing to mourn the death of five children tragically killed in a violent bus crash that happened yesterday afternoon. now we know the identity of the man behind the wheel. as our john henr some of the kids accused him of making disturbing threats before the crash. >> reporter: that's right. some parents say the kids had been hearing troubling things from the driver going back to last week. the driver's since been identified as johnthony walker. police have charged him with five counts of vehicular
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the possibility this school bus crash was intentional. >> my daughter said right before the bus flipped that he was speeding around a curb. >> the allegations come after the arrest of this man, the school bus' driver, johnthony walker. he was driving well above the 30 mile-per-hour speed limit when the crash occurred. one mother even told cbs news her other daughter had heard lk >> asked them are y'all ready to die. just last week he told the kids to shut the f up. he got a hangover. >> reporter: the crash ultimately claimed the lives of one boy and four girls. three of whom were in the fourth grade. the other two in kindergarten and first grade. a makeshift memorial stands in their honor filled with teddy bears. >> i put that there because i just -- i feel for that family.
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together to pray for all affects. >> we want to make sure that the schools have whatever they need. now the ntsb just wrapped up a press conference in chattanooga. the chairman said the school bus driver only received his commercial license in april of this year. he also added that he plans to look at the bus company's hiring practices. guys. >> yeah, still a lot we have to find out here. thank you. on the way at 5:30, we'll be asking the question should seat belts be required we're talking to local schools and parents and we're going to hear what they think about it. police were called in to investigate a possible drug overdose at a local high school. sky 9 was over the scene today above bethesda chevy chase high school in maryland. police got a call that five students took prescription pills that weren't prescribed to them. school's principal says that does appear to be the case. fire rescue crew rushed the students to the hospital.
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activity purple line in maryland. late today a federal judge ordered the federal transit administration to reconsider how metro's recent problems will impact the purple line. it's been more than two and a half years since the fta first approved the project. the purple line is scheduled to connect bethesda and new carrollton. there is a new choice to head the dc public school sy. antoine wilson. the 44-year-old was a school superintendent in oakland. in his first year there the graduation rate increased by almost 4%. wilson outlined some goals this morning. >> i see my work so much as being a part of a facilitation process. focused on ensuring that each child gets what they deserve. an education that prepares them for success after graduation.
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he's expected to begin on february 1st. turning to the trump transition team. after first saying his meeting with the new york times was off the president-elect did in fact travel across midtown manhattan to meet with executives at the paper. happened this afternoon. trump was greeted with cheers and boos. according to live tweets from time staffers. the white house is confirming that president obama has been >> president obama has committed to a smooth transition. as a result they've spoken at least once. >> president-elect trump is headed to florida next for the thanksgiving holiday. tracking metro now. tonight a new alert for riders on the orange and the silver lines. the agency says the next major
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worst. those riders have experienced so far. safe track surge number 11 means using just one track between east and west falls church stations for three weeks. it starts monday. trains will slow to rolling out every 20 minutes along a three mile stretch of track. riders across the entire orange and silver lines will feel the slow down. >> we really need everybody to take a look at this and look at alternate ways to get to wherever they have to go in the >> and metro also announced it is bush pushing back its schedule safety shutdown. metro says it's because of the weather and the inauguration. a new schedule will come out some time in the next few weeks. a homeless man is being interviewed about a brush fire. firefighters were called in from fairfax county to help contain that fire. it appears to have broken out
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dry weather combined with the brisk winds and fallen lives mined to make for conditions. maggiano's is back open for business. they got a phone call this afternoon warning employees that they needed to evacuate the building. dc police searched the property, found no threat and cleared the scene. now this comes just days after hosted a white nationalist dinner. a string of official pit bull attacks has neighbors on edge and the city looking for a dog owner. live at 16th and e streets in southeast where this is a problem that goes back years. >> that's right. we just talked to a couple of neighbors here in hill east who believe they know this dog owner in question. say it's really a troubling situation because he grew up in this neighborhood and they know
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others obviously do not know that the dog is dangerous. here's what we're hearing is happening. this gentleman is riding a bike in the neighborhood. not holding on to the dog on its leash. hi does yell out to people that the dog is dangerous. after the attack we're told they take off. >> right now it's peoples dogs getting attacked, it's awful. it could be a kid. >> the pit bull in came tearing across the street and i was able to yank up my dog before he got to him. it was clear, you know, he was in attack mode. >> the owner apologized and moved on. since then city leaders say a dozen dogs and sometimes their owners have been attacked.
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>> i have no issue with pit bulls. i think it's how you treat the animal. >> sounds like we have a guy who doesn't know his dog well enough and can't control his dog. he should probably get some help with that and quit endangering other dogs in the neighborhood. >> dog walkers are on edge. >> i'm a little concerned that i may turn a corner and they might be there. >> and is i leaders on alert. >> i have a real problem. >> charles allen calling out animal control for letting this problem get out of hand. >> it's frustrating that one a bite doesn't seem to be carrying over to the second report. >> animal control would not comment on this on going investigation. if animal control officers witness an attack in progress they will immediately take the dog and sometimes put that dog down. if they don't see an attack they just compile their evidence, compile reports and then refer to the health department. the health department would deem the dog dangerous and may
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neighborhood. >> thanks. now in most cases animal control will require the dog be muzzled, leashed and forced to attend behavioral classes as a fix. if the owner does not cooperate a warrant will be issued and the dog could euthanized. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. >> we'll talk about travel weather. the only real problems, rain and showers in chicago and st. louis. a little bit of snow in minneapolis. ths afternoon. very nice in the east. the good news, the snow out west will be north of denver. a little bit of rain in seattle and portland. they're used to that. wel take you through the holiday weekend. we'll also talk about this, topper. fairfax police are on the hunt for this creep after he showed pornographic images to two young girls. kanye west is now in the hospital after several days of erratic behavior. we have new details in a live report with entertainment tonight. a local pizza shop targeted
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believed this sensational headline. every 9 seconds a woman becomes a victim of domestic violence. it is time to talk about the signs and it's time to save lives. tonight at 11:00, we'll have a
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fake news can have real victims. a popular northwest dc neighborhood pizza joint is fighting back after it suspects a massive coordinated online attack that is suggesting the restaurant is involved in the worst kind of experience. >> the owner is not sure how to convince people it's all a lie. >> this may be veteran more deliberate than the fake news that hit the presidential
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thousands of online bullies have set out to destroy him. maybe simply because he and a friend supported the clinton campaign. >> it is a story so clearly absurd. >> helps them take the kids and transport people back and forth so they can do these rituals. >> it is hard to imagine anyone would believe it. ye on the patio of a popular dc restaurant claiming they were looking for the tunnels where hillary clinton and her campaign manager were trafficking in children. >> they are putting a lot of curses and spells over the city, dc. i felt like they are kidnapping the children that are missing, they never were missing because these know where they are. >> it is all a lie. the owner says the restaurant
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>> this is a really nice, friendly place. >> this is actually a term used by pedophiles to describe pedophilia or child porn. >> it is hard to know what the people spinning the tale are thinking but the experience theory continues to spread. with thousands of youtube, facebook and twitter posts. under the hashtag pizza gate. you got lawyer up, dc pedophiles. party's over. >> these people are destroying their lives. it's insane. >> now they've contacted the fbi and dc police. he asked to remove the posts, yet there are hundreds of new ones today. >> that is truly bizarre. the conspirators have harassed
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and vulgar messages his wife asked him to quit his job. the online bullies have gone after other business as well. >> whoa. an early taste of winter has people digging out in the northeast. heavy snow buried parts of upstate new york overnight. cell phone video shows a bus full of high school students tipping over. it had swerved to avoid stalled cars the driver and 10 students suffered minor injuries. winter doesn't officially start until december 21st. >> up state new york, this is not unusual. their first lake effect snow event. >> i happen to know somebody driving up to syracuse to see grandma and grandpa.
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>> today. >> that was video from yesterday. let's talk about travel weather. it's quiet. we have one more storm in the midwest. this is not the monster we had over the weekend. there'll be a little snow in minneapolis. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. rain, showers. rumble of thunder. cold rain in chicago. not a huge deal. showers about to move detroit. quiet. there's really no delays at all in the east. little bit of snow. it's north and west of denver. we stay dry through about midnight. we're in good shape. okay.
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about that it. winds were still out of the northwest. not as strong today. let you know how he did tonight at 11:00. live look outside. look at the dew points. 16. dry air. humidity only 28%. we'll have another cold night. back in the 20s again. bus stop temperatures, 24 to 42. that's 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. afternoon clouds tomorrow. but fine. a few showers on thanksgiving. your turkey bowls, turkey drops will be fine. a few showers friday. not a huge deal. nice weekend. dry on saturday and sunday. 10:00, already 32. cold walk with the dog after
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25 in cumberland. 29 in bwi. cold morning. by 9:00, not a cloud here. sunny. still cold. upper 30s downtown now. about 34, 35. by lunchtime we're right around 50. maybe 50 in fredericksburg. 48 in gaithersburg and frederick. clouds come in. temperature the right around 50. by 8:00 we're back in the upper 30s to still cold. low 24 to 34. winds light. on the day planner. 30s to start. 45 by 11:00. we should be 50 by 1:00 p.m. thanksgiving. a few showers. 54. football games will be fine. you can shop with a few showers. saturday and sunday. pleasant. get ready for the terps game. mid50s by monday. perhaps a more significant rain
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>> thanks,top. amazon's best black friday deals and how going system making your shopping experience easier. i'll tell you about it in tonight's consumer alert. we'll catch up with newt gingrich at reagan national airport. he's answering questions about the trump transition and social
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let's talk about kanye west. he's in the hospital being treated reportedly for exhaustion. the latest in a string of incidents for the rapper. >> entertainment tonight's nancy o'dell joins us live with more on what's going on sounds like it could be serious, nancy. >> yeah, we have team coverage on this story. we're going to begin with michelle turner on the scene at the hospital. >> the question today, what caused kanye's break down. source tells e.t. there were several factors. a combination of issues could inning stress, anxiety and paranoia. quote, he just broke. before he was admitted to ucla medical center he was at the
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friend. he was asked about the incident last night. >> is kanye west okay. >> you can reach his publicist. >> west remains hospitalized and is reportedly under a psychiatric evaluation. meanwhile there have been signs of trouble over the last few days that this just wasn't kanye being kanye. he performed only a few songs then even mentioning jay z and beyonce. >> beyonce, i was hurt. >> who cares! >> -- [ unintelligible ] >> on sunday the 20th khany did something bizarre on social media. he flooded his instagram
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photos of clothing. yesterday morning he canceled the remaining 22 stops on his tour. >> last night kim kardashian was expected to make her first appearance in new york since her robbery. she was in the city for only a few hours. we did speak to her mom. we'll show you what she said about kanye's health continue. >> lookifo thanks so much. we'll see you at 7:30. in tonight's consumer alert. black friday is right around the corner. we've found deals on amazon so you don't have to compete with the crowds. these deals will be available starting on thanksgiving. a 55-inch lg 4k smart tv for $398. for $139.99 you can pick up the new amazon echo. for $33.33, because, you know,
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you could pick up the fire tablet. we have another 32 sweet deals. if has rolled out a new tool similar to waze. but it's for people walking. this life crowd feature can tell you when a store is at its busiest. straight ahead, will donald trump really try hillary clinton? plus should school buses be equipped with seat belts in the wake of yesterday's deadly crash? right after the break, fairfax county police hunt for the man who exposed young girls
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country?
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that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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police are on the lookout for a man they say >> this is just a released sketch of the man. the girls say he showed them the important from his car window. pete tells us more. >> this neighborhood is called pinewood gardens. a lot of young families and kids. they are stunned by this attempted child luring but now they have new hope there'll be justice. >> carl brake has lived here 15 years.
5:30 pm
boys. a townhouse community he's always thought is safe. >> am i concerned for the youth in our neighborhood? absolutely. >> this new police sketch is going around here. police want this man for what they say happened two sundays ago. two girls say they were on their scooters here on walker place. they say a man called them over to his car. the girls say through the window he showed them porn on his phone. >> this should not happen. >> neighbors have not stopped street. >> i'm a grandparent. you don't want this sort of thing happening to your child or grandchild. that's got to be traumatic to the girls. >> the girls were 8 and 11. now neighbors know who to look for. >> it's awful. it's really awful. i hope they catch this guy quick. >> i think everyone always wants justice to be done. but i think there's also a component of mercy. yeah, let's find him. let's find out what the story is. let's get him the right kind of
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mid30s with a short beard. possibly of middle eastern descent. anyone with information is asked to contact fairfax county police. in falls church, pete muntean. >> you can call 866-411-tips or text that tip by texting the word tip 187 to the word crimes. a north carolina man is facing a slew of charges after leading police on a police arrested 25-year-old christopher prescott on the outer loop of the beltway near clinton. virginia state police broke off their chase at the wilson bridge. state helicopters were able to keep prescott in sight. he's charged with speeding and reckless driving. the deadly crash in tennessee is reknewing the debate about seat belts on school buses. pgh five kids died on monday when the bus flipped and wrapped around a tree.
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school buses are rare. would adding seat belts make the ride safer? peggy fox is in laudoun county. >> no county or city we know of in the dc area mandates seat belts on school buses. but moving in that direction eight years ago all these ho be equipped with seat belts. that's what the school board voted for programsly in 2008. and some new buses arrived with these three-point seat belts. victoria who now goes to uva remembers those seat belts. >> i remember seeing them on the bus. >> but not using them. >> never. nobody did. >> nobody used them. >> no. >> maybe that's why they don't have them any more. >> could be. >> the seat belt mandate went
5:33 pm
school board. since this board hasn't discussed the issue he did not feel comfortable talking about it. >> safety of our children. riding to school every day. >> but many parents who instill the habit in their kids would like to see them strap in on school buses too. >> i would love to see seat belts on school buses. anything that makes our kids safer as they're traveling on these roads. >> the national highway traffic safety administration estimates four children die every year in large school bus crashes and seat belts would reduce those experts say three-point seat belts are very effective in rollover crashes where passengers might be ejected. still there is no federal mandate and only six states require seat belts on school buses. >> would i rather them have seat belts? of course. but can we afford it? that would my question. >> retro fitting one school bus would cost at least $7000. >> i figure if cars have seat belts and kids have car seats when they're younger should
5:34 pm
wear yours. >> yeah. now that i'm getting older i look back probably better safety regulations if you think about it. >> that college student changing her mind. now the director of communications for the public schools says there are still those school buses in circulation that came equipped with seat belts but he did not have a number. he says the change in that mandate has more to do with the seat belts on school buses than it had to do with the cost. peggy fox, wusa9. >> it's one thing to get the belts in the buses. another to get the kids to wear them. thank you. the head of the national highway traffic safety administration is encouraging school bus manufacturers to start adding seat belts right as they come off the assembly line. now on our wusa9 facebook page we asked whether you think students should be wearing seat belts on school buses.
5:35 pm
quote, absolutely. most kids are standing up in the back of the bus and that's dangerous. could also cut down on bullying. who is going to unbuckle all those seat belts in an emergency? good point. head over to the facebook page if you want to join in on the conversation. more now on the transition to donald trump in the white house. we caught up with former house speaker and the president-elect at reagan national airport. actually, we didn't ca what we choledocha is we caught up with newt at the reagan national airport. he spoke about the transition and the president-elect's use of social media. take a listen. >> so far they're doing very well. a lot of work to do. as david axelrod pointed out, they're really on schedule. certainly doing as well as obama did. i think social media allows you to reach out to people. i think he has something like
5:36 pm
and that's part of how he got elected. >> now newt gingrich goes on to say that the president-elect's reliance on social media over traditional media seems appropriate. two weeks after election day and hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote continues to grow. her tally of 1.7 million votes continues to increase. due in large part to absentee and provisional ballots being counted in california. are still up for grabs. even if they were to go hillary's way, it would not be enough to change the outcome of the election. president-elect donald trump apparently will not move to prosecute hillary clinton. that is a significant break from a major campaign pledge to quote, lock her up. spokesperson for the president- elect revealed trump's change of heart this morning. during the second debate, trump promised to prosecute clinton for her use of the private e-
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department. a suspect in the fatal shooting of a san antonio police detective is apologizing. police arrested otis tyrone mckane yesterday. the 31-year-old suspect blamed the shooting on his anger over a child custody dispute. detective benjamin marconi was shot and killed as he sat in his squad car. it was one of four separate attacks on police across the country on sunday. lifted after an earthquake struck northern japan. the quake caused residents to flee to higher ground and it triggered concerns about damage at the fukushima nuclear power plant. the quake struck in the same region devastated by a tsunami in 2011. nearly 18,000 people were killed. the operator of the plant reported nothing wrong. trending now. why some chipotle customers
5:38 pm
treat. how'd they do that? >> i don't know. look at this. oh. a star studded mannequin imagine unfolding right there at the white house. low temperatures tonight. another very cold night. winds diminish. generally clear skies. in the 20s in the suburbs. 24 manassas. 26 in gaithersburg for a low. 27 in silver spring.
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let's get to what's trending tonight. don't move. this is likely the most star studded mannequin challenge out there. it happened at the white house today as prest most famous stars. giving them the medal of freedom. you can watch the video on our app. how could a burrito filled with assuage and beans and rice
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calories? >> because it's only this big. that's not what happened here. >> chipotle customers were stoked -- like minded people were flocking to the store. stuffing their faces with this chorizo burrito because it was advertised as having just 300- calories. one diner said man, i feel really full after eating that only 300-calories. he and others claim false advertising. listen to the explanation. they said that only the chorizo inside is 300-calories. oh. when added up on the nutritional calculator, guess what, those fatty delicious burritos, more than 1000-
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football and one of this town's favorite matchups awaits. more coming up in sports. right after the break, frustration and reunions. we'll take you to reagan national airport up next. as we head into the break, the dow finished above 19,000 for the first time in its
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you remember the heavy winds that brought down trees and wires sunday, yesterday. >> those winds are impacting flights today as the thanksgiving travel ge z some of yesterday's winds spilled over into today. apparently how this woman i ran into ended up waiting here three hours for her mother to arrive. in addition to that and in addition to any lingering -- aaa says this thanksgiving we're supposed to see more thanksgiving travelers than we've seen in about a decade. get ready. >> i haven't seen my son in almost a year. >> the hugs make you forget about it for a minute.
5:47 pm
frustration. >> forever to touch the ground. >> she's been traveling since around 2:00 in the morning. when i rap into her daughter at reagan national, her mother's direct flight from mississippi had been canceled. her new flight arrived late so she missed a connection. coleman waited through every update. poor mom. >> and poor me too. >> after touring the airport. >> i'm going to clean out my purse. >> thanksgiving travel kicks through sunday. aaa says driving is more popular than flying. gas prices are expected to be the second cheapest in nearly a decade. overall aaa estimates 48.7 million americans will travel. that's 1 million more traveling this year compared to last thanksgiving. it's all worth the wait. >> she's 83 years old. we have a limited number of
5:48 pm
together. it does help when people are nice. >> you have to stay calm. >> finally. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> i thought i had a straight flight. and all of us -- [ -- -- the faa says for now flight delays are around 15 minutes in our area. in the new york city area that's about a 45 minute or more delay. which of course impacts everything. a time honored tradition of giving back continued in northeast dc today. >> volunteers with the poor
5:49 pm
give away more than 6000 turkeys. food banks, churches and charities will distribute those birds to people who need them the most. we talk with the man heading up the operation. >> we got about 40 volunteers and, you know, from all walks of life. they help us every year. just want to give them a huge round of applause for their help today. >> this afternoon donated -- people livi lydia's house helps to educate neighbors on housing finances and foreclosure prevention. >> the capitol christmas tree is making its way through the country. 80 feet tall. it made a quick stop in st. louis. there's at least one more stop in kentucky. the lighting is scheduled for december 6th.
5:50 pm
bucket of water soon. live michael and son weather cam. winds are dying down. southwest at 15. what should jump out is the dew point. we're looking at temps going down into the 20s in the suburbs once again. 24 to 42. not much wind tomorrow. a cold start. afternoon clouds on wednesday. a few showers on thanksgiving. family football games will be okay. a few a nice weekend. dry weekend. 10:00 tonight, already in the 20s. clear skies. we get into the early morning hours. lots of 20s. 26 in frederick. 29 in rockville. by 9:00 we're in the 30s. by lunchtime, upper 40s.
5:51 pm
temperatures in the upper 40s. by 8:30, it weres in the 40s. clouds keep temps up tomorrow. notice the winds all over the place. that will keep temperatures up. we've lost that strong northwest flow. clear to partly cloudy. still cold. on the day planner. these are downtown temps. 30s downtown. 45 by 11:00. mostly sunny and 50 by 1:00 still mostly sunny. a few showers on thanksgiving. 54. same on friday. a few showers. temperature about 55. next seven days looks great. 53 if you're tailgating. low 50s on sunday. nice on monday. clouds returning late. right now, perhaps more significant rain and showers on
5:52 pm
we are in the midst of dallas week. burgundy and gold prep to play the cowboys on thanksgiving. it's a quick turn around from sunday night. one coach said was unfair but just something they're going to have to deal with. preparations began during the bye week. more on this week's rivalry game. >> the burgundy and gold go from being the only game in town on sunday night to three on thanksgiving day. the nfl is dishing up a plate of rivalry football thursday. regular season meeting between these two teams. many with dramatic finishes. josh norman has a vision about being part of that football lore. >> children's children is going to talk about the game. remember such and such in '88 and now in 2016.
5:53 pm
threw up the x. >> this is the first thanksgiving meeting between the nfc east hosts since 2012. the eighth overall. >> i think it's going to be exciting times. against your arch rival the dallas cowboys. if you're going to play a thursday game, have it be on thanksgiving. >> someone who grew up watching football and watched those games on thanksgiving day from start to finish. you realize how many people are watching with their gathered together. what a great privilege and opportunity to bring joy to people and play a game that we love. >> that's the game that i know. every thanksgiving game i watched a a kid, it was dallas versus whoever. i was used to my mom screaming at the tv. now i get to play in that, it's a bit more interesting. >> it's well documented that crane's mom is a cowboys fan. he will not be speaking to his
5:54 pm
in ashburn, diane roberts. >> talk about a house divided on that. rivalries run deep there. >> makes it a little more exciting. last time they play thanksgiving in dallas, that was a great game. primetime. they got that monkey off their back. that victory. >> at least the weather will be better. >>yeah. inside. doesn't matter. but they're a good team. >> yep. coming up at 6:00, president-elect trump takes a break from to tackle his relationship with the media. up next, an online joke turns into a cross country trek for a teenager from canada. the cbs evening news with
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a 19-year-old canadian taking a walk, a long walk. he left three months ago from toronto. he's made it he's not done yet. >> how many miles have you traveled so far? >> about 1800 and then about 1200 of that has been walking. >> sky layaway roberts was sitting with he shared his story with us. since august he's mostly been on his feet.
5:58 pm
buffalo. i followed lake erie down. once i hit cleveland i went straight south. >> it started as app inside joke with online friends. >> mainly americans and so i joked around saying i'm going to come and visit all of you guys. >> just one problem. >> i don't drive at all. i don't have a driver's license even. so naturally to go visit everybody i have to >> naturally. >> kind of sound crazy. >> i agree. it is crazy. ridiculous. >> he's seen northerners, southerners, democrats, republicans and the biggest thing they had in common. >> people in general are just amazing. almost every sickle day has just been tremendous. >> he's in austin for thanksgiving. then he hits the road again. new shoes and a full belly. >> i think everybody should take a see the world trip as
5:59 pm
take a break for a few months. maybe not a year. a year is a bit long. just take a break and do some sort of -- have some experiences. >> you think they'd let me take a break for a couple months? >> you can follow him on instagram and read his posts on reddit. right now at 6:00, president-elect donald trump talks right during his off again, on again meeting with the new york times. after two years with no permanent marker, a memorial for marion berry. from hall of famers to hollywood stars. president obama awards the country's highest civilian honor to 21 americans. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. president-elect donald trump en route to florida for the
6:00 pm
appointments why today. his meeting with new york times is making headlines tonight. what trump had to say after blasting the newspaper previously. >> as donald trump canceled then rescheduled the meeting. he likes to call the failing new york times. the reporters -- the president- elect reversed himself on two major campaign issues. a crowd cheered and jeered the president-elect as he left meetings with reporters and editors. according to tweets from times staffers, mr. trump spent four minutes telling the journalists how badly he treated them. telling the paper that campaign promises to the contrary, prosecuting hillary clinton isn't something me feels strongly about. the president-elect also admitted he believes there is some connectivity between human


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