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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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appointments why today. his meeting with new york times is making headlines tonight. what trump had to say after blasting the newspaper previously. >> as donald trump canceled then rescheduled the meeting. he likes to call the failing new york times. the reporters -- the president- elect reversed himself on two major campaign issues. a crowd cheered and jeered the president-elect as he left meetings with reporters and editors. according to tweets from times staffers, mr. trump spent four minutes telling the journalists how badly he treated them. telling the paper that campaign promises to the contrary, prosecuting hillary clinton isn't something me feels strongly about. the president-elect also admitted he believes there is some connectivity between human
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mr. trump said his son-in-law would not likely take a formal position in the white house. he could be tapped to help with the mideast peace process. the president-elect held meetings a the trump tower. including with all three of his four campaign managers. he's announce nod appointments but used his twitter feed to drop hints he's considering nominating former primary opponent dr. ben carson for the job of secretary of housing and president obama has been in contact with his successor. >> president obama has committed to a smooth transition. as a result they've spoken at least once. >> trump now heads to florida for the thanksgiving holiday where his work will continue. >> in his meeting mr. trump acknowledged that the conflicts of interest between his businesses and the presidency are unprecedented. he said he's in the process of handing off control of his companies to his children but he pointed out, which is technically legally correct
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those conflicts. reporting live, wusa9. >> president-elect trump also told the new york times that he disavows and condemns the alt- right group. that group, you might recall, was caught celebrating trump's election and giving nazi salutes during his meetings in washington. he defended his senior counselor pick steve bannon saying if he thought he was racir hiring him. despite meeting on saturday, former dc schools chancellor tweeted out today she's not sikhing a position as education secretary in the administration. a long time democrat, married to former sacramento mayor and nba player and fellow democrat kevin johnson. federal judge will no longer be allowed to preside over citizenship swearing in ceremonies. the magistrate landed in hot
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group of new citizens in texas they should leave the country if they didn't like president- elect trump. district judges who oversee have barred him from handling future citizenship proceedings. police in chattanooga have charged a school bus driver with five counts of vehicular homicide. an arrest affidavit says johnthony walker was driving well above the speed limit on a curvy road when that bus flipped and wrapped around were killed. >> right before the bus flipped he was speeding around a curb. asked them are y'all ready to die. >> several other parents said they had complained about walker's behavior but nothing was done. the n it tsb said walker received his commercial license this april. he plans to review the hiring
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answers from those two cameras aboard the bus. court records show the man arrested for the ambush of a san antonio police detective got married while on the run. a copy of a marriage certificate obtained by the associated press shows that otis mckane married a woman yesterday morning. he was arrested later in the day. he shot and killed detective benjamin marconi. custody fight. a decorated charles county sheriffs deputy faces federal child porn charges. according to court records, 37- year-old deputy alexander sullivan had more than 200 explicit photos and videos depicting phone child pornography victims on his phone. the deputy was released without bail and to monitored home detention. he's been suspended pending the
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against him. police want you to take a good look at this man. they just released this sketch of a man two girls say lured them into his car and showed them porn on his phone. that was two sundays ago. police say the suspect was in his 30s, possibly middle eastern with a short beard. anybody with information is asked to contact fairfax county police. a man with a knife threatening people in northwest dc. surveillance cameras captured these pictures yesterday inside pavilion. the man chases after a shopping center employee even though two security guards are there if you can identify him, contact dc police. dc mayor has reached all the way to the west coast to find a new schools chancellor. she's nominated antoine wilson.
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every student with an education that provides them with success after graduation. he's expected to start on february 1st. two years since his death and marion berry is getting an impressive headstone on his grave site. it's actually a memorial. his widow says the memorial is made possible donations. she called it a fitting tribute to berry. >> cemetery said there's 15 to 20 people who visit him on a weekly basis. now they can come, we have a place where they can sit, they can contemplate. they can have -- people do little memorials. she has a big following. so yes, it is a place that i want everybody to be comfortable going and then when
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essence of him. >> the memorial will be unveiled tomorrow morning during a ceremony at congressional cemetery grave site. a host of city leaders will be there along with contemporaries. berry died from cardiac arrest november 23, 2014. he was 78. president barack obama presented the medal of freedom to 21 famous americans today. >> it is our nation's civilian honor. >> this is a particularly impressive class. >> president obama honored 21 people with the medal of freedom, including scientists, artists and architects. >> extraordinary americans who have lifted our spirits, strengthened our union, pushed us towards progress.
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jordan -- the architect known for designing the vietnam veterans memorial. >> i think we've helped contribute in some way to building our -- this america we live in but also howdy how diverse we are. >> this is president obama's last medal of freedom ceremony. he's begin out the award 114 times. more than any other president in u.s. history. >> it's a very big deal. as i said, very, very >> actor robert de niro has been critical of donald trump but now wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> i say give him a chance. give the situation a chance. he's in the office of the presidency. it's a different ball game now. >> in a first, all of the resip yets participated in the mannequin challenge at a reception before the event. cbs news, the white house.
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challenge video almost didn't make it to the ceremony. she was stuck outside the white house because she forgot her i.d. awarded 21 21 medals. >> did you see how karim abdul j bar had to dip down. >> if he had 22 -- one short. dc business owner accuses online bullies of setting out to destroy him with fake highway after a chain reaction crash. we'll talk about low temperatures tonight. another very cold night in the 20s in the burbs. 34 downtown. 28 in leesburg. 24 in manassas. 26 in gaithersburg. 27 in bwi. we'll talk about travel weather
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iraqi forces backed by a u.s.-led coalition killed isis fighters and have captured more than 100 since the fighting began last month. militants using civilians as human shields have greatly slowed their progress. it's estimated more than 62,000 refugees have fled mosul so far. a new report suggests that isis militants may resort to chemical weapons to maintain
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a study shows militants moved their chemical weapons plant to mosul. republican congressional leaders sent a letter to president barack obama asking him not to take any additional action that reinforces the iran nuclear deal. they're instead urging the president to sign a extending sanctions against iran. the white house says president obama would not sign any legislation that would undermine the ability to implement the iran nuclear deal. gop leaders say it should be up to president-elect donald trump to set u.s. policy. investigators in china say icy and foggy conditions triggered this chain reaction crash that killed at least 17 people. as many as 40 others were hurt in the crash. crews are working around the
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collision. officials say it could take another day or two before that highway reopens. coming up, local politician adopted as a young child says thanks by giving back to those who need it most. by the time it takes me to finish these next two sentences a woman will be attacked by someone who claims to love her. it's time to talk about the signs and it's time to save lives tonight at afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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a dc pizza shop is trying to figure out how to fight back after a slanderous attack by gullible believers and fake news are going to ping-pong -- pizzagate. the hackers are peddling stories that the popular restaurant is a headquarters of a ring of child sex traffickers. >> it's a great place. they're good corporate
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>> no. no. >> these people are destroying their lives. it's insane. >> how can people believe this stuff? >> lots of neighbors are supporting the restaurant, of course. that's good news. they'll hold an eat in at comet pick pong. the owner, manager and workers have been harassed. count our give things. for one local state senator, he knows how lucky he is. >> making sure to give back. nikki burdine reports. >> reporter: giving thanks when we gather around the table and count our blessings. for state senator hughes he knows how blessed he is. >> they gave me a sense of
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>> 40 years ago he was lost, kicked out of school with nowhere to go. >> with many of my friends who i was back then, many are dead, many ended up in jail. i really would have been easy with influence to go down that path. >> his life could have take an different turn. his soon to be mother and father stepped in. >> he went from having no one sisters. he knows a thing or two about family. >> it's important to feel like family is not love, family is -- >> he is joined by his mother. they share their hearts with those who need it most. >> you reach out and do the same. you kind of look for persons who may be going through that. you give them a hug. you let them know, we're connected in this world.
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they hand out 100 turkeys and meals. the food pantry provides meals for the community year round. isn't just thankful during the holidays or national adoption month. his gratitude is eternal. >> good stuff. >> that's the lead up to thanksgiving. for some folks who are going to hit the roads, what are they disturb. >> it's not bad. we can't have a completely clear country. early in the morning on wednesday. not the monster we had over the weekend. rain in chicago. rain in st. louis. memphis, louisville. lunchtime, we're fine in the east all day. maine to miami. more showers pushing through indiana and approaching places like cleveland and detroit.
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showers in detroit and also much of indiana. you see snow mixing in. this is not a snow event for the northern lakes. there will be a decent amount of snow for minnesota. snow in the rockies. north of denver, that's good. rain in the pacific nest. they're used to that. all in all, that's good. we went 49 for a high today. average is 55. we will see ho at 11:00. if i'm wrong, autism speaks gets more money. it's down to 47 right now. dew points in the teens. dry air mass. tonight the winds will subside. we're back in the 20s in the burbs. bus stop temperatures. 24 to 42. a few clouds tomorrow late in the afternoon. showers on thanksgiving. not a washout. family football games will be okay. a few showers lead up to a nice weekend.
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by early in the morning, looking at 27, gaithersburg. 28 in fredericksburg. by 9:00, back in the 30s. headed for the low 50s. sunshine to start in the 30s. back to 50. 1:00. after 1:00, clouds come in quickly. a few showers on friday. not a huge deal. mid50s. nice on saturday for the terps. back to the mid50s on monday. significant rain and shower event next tuesday. >> short rest. are we going to be ready? >> a lot of momentum coming out of sunday night. the burgundian gold feeling good. impressive sunday night coming up. talked once again about being
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kirk cousins is playing under the franchise g close to $20 million. with every win he continues to prove his worth and halt zeros to that future deal he's going to get. we saw him after the game proclaiming to gm how do you like me now. he liked him well then. cousins threw for 375 yards sunday against green bay. setting a team record with his 17th career 300-yard passing game. in high school cousins played his senior year without a scholarship offer.
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year. then there was the nfl draft and his role in dc. >> i came here as a backup on a rookie contract. i department know that was going to happen. had to prove myself. here we are again. this isn't the first time i've been through this. you stay the course. handle the situation in front of you. >> sunday's game was quite the tug of war tweep the redskins and packers offense. while the airing it out. the washington defense didn't d their job to keep the packers at bay. josh norman made the key play this week. while norman is a menace on the defense. he explained in his latest. >> offense played a check of a game.
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if i have to be another person i'd come back a big guy. i love the offensive linemen. my big buddy. i want to be a hulk when i grow up. >> washington capitals had a special guest at practice. cal ripken jr. on hand to watch practice. he spoke with the team, answered questions. they reached out to cal because he wants his team to learn from some of the best in the ga baseball. >> josh norman most penalized player. >> with that piking the ball. >> coach loves him. >> he doesn't care. >> great stuff. >> i'll take that peanut strip any day. >> that's wusa9 at 6:00. cbs is next. >> bruce has more to say if you tune in at 7:00 he'll give it to you then.
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