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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 24, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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?? ?? ?? kanye's breakdown. w bombshells tonight. will kim keep standing by her man? >> plus brad pitt's thanksgiving plans with angie? what "e.t." just learned. >> then michael jackson's son all grown up. my interview with prince michael today sharing private memories of his father. >> he was a good cook.
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>> it was called daddy bread. plus, we're on the set of the "beaches" remake. >> i don't think she's that forthcoming with compliments. >> we're with laurie after her big win giving us more reasons to love the dancing champ. >> where is the mirror ball going to go? >> some place probably in the middle of my house as long as my mom's okay with it. >> now for november 23, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" >> no charges will be filed against brad pitt. the fbi investigation over child abuse allegations. >> where does that leave the fractured jolie-pitt family? we have the details on their holiday plans. >> how are you feeling at this moment? >> that's brad on the red carpet last night in madrid just hours before the news broke. a big smile on his faae, blowing kisses to female fans and taking selfies. the star today definitely has reason to celebrate. have he and angelina called a temporary two-day truce?
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claims angelina called up brad after the kids assed them to be nice to each other for the holidays. it was allegedly 10-year-old shiloh who wrote her parents an e-mail begging them to spend thanksgiving together. but a source tells us these rumors are, quote, completely false. angelina never called. that's a, quote, total lie. >> they're two people on a mission. they fall in love, and is that love real? >> brad's press duties for "allied" are officially done. the love and war drama is out today so he could technically be back in los angeles to be with the kids. but what is brad's next move? >> the first thing on brad pitt's agenda must be getting o rid of the monitored visits. you don't want to establish a precedent where the jolie camp can use the monitored visits as a way to supervise him and control him. >> and 65 days after angelina filed for divorce, is this finally the end of the
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>> this has just begun. the average person who files a no-fault divorce in los angeles county takes about eight months just to get the paperwork back from the courts. when we're talking about six children, millions and millions of dollars and the two most famous people in the world, this will take years. >> get ready to talk about it in 2017. brad and angelina was the biggest celebrity split of the year, but will it be the last? there's talk that kanye's erratic behavior and total marriage with kim to the breaking point. we have been working our sources to get to the truth. >> a source close to the couple tells "e.t." that any reports of a split between them are categorically false. in fact, kim rushed out of new york on monday to be here by kanye's side and really has leaned on her husband incredibly since that terrifying robbery in paris. kim feels more connected to her husband than ever, and of course, the other big question
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fine. he just needed some rest. >> have you spoken to kanye? >> this morning kim's sister kourtney ignored the kanye question. >> how's kanye doing in the hospital? >> right now, as far as we know, kanye remains hospitalized at ucla medical center. a source claims to "e.t." that kanye had a mental breakdown. in large part, we are told due to his busy work schedule. west canceled his reinmaing concert dates wednesday after flurry of instagram postings and a series of unusual concert rants. >> even at the risk of my own life. i know you've got killers. just call me. talk to me like a man. >> that kanye is a vastly different man than the up and coming artist we met in 2004. this was kanye's first "e.t.? interview. he was just 27 years old.
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definitely come true. >> meanwhile, kim isn't the only one in kanye's corner. his friend john legend told me west will get through this. >> i think he's been through a lot with what happened to kim and if he needs rest, i think his fans will be patient and give him some rest and he'll come back stronger hopefully. >> john actually credits kanye for discovering him. now i have to give cameron some credit. >> let me just milk this moment. >> you could not wait to text me "dancing with the stars" because i lost our bet. >> that's right! >> i just knew that team stop and go would take home the mirror ball trophy. >> i get it right every once in a while. that's what i'm saying. laurie and val were my pick from the very beginning and it was not a no-brainer. i have to admit, it really was a fight to the finish. >> the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are laurie and val! ?? ?? >> i'd like to present you with
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congratulations! it's yours! >> i'm just so excited that i was able tt have this opportunity, nd even beyond the show because i feel like i really sprouted as a person. >> the 16-year-old gymnast had some stiff competition for the coveted mirror ball. for the first time ever it came down to three athletes in the finale. retired nfl star calvin johnson junior took third place and indy car driver james hinchcliffe came in a close second. >> coming into the competition and if you'd said you'll finish runner-up to laurie hernandez i you have our facts one. i'm more sad about it being over than i am about being second, to be honest. i don't get to go in and dance with him tomorrow and that's what sucks the most. >> the mirror ball trophy, here with val to bring home the gold. >> it feels the same. >> where is the mirror ball going to go in conjunction with everything else you've got? >> some place probably in the
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>> it's about the friendship. i get a chance to call laurie hernandez a friend of mine for a long time. >> and you'll be on the tour together. >> and it's not over. you still get to dance! >> the show made me realize how much i love dancing and i'm glad to do more of it. >> laurie, you get to keep dancing and we get to keep watching it because laurie and val will kick off the dancing tour december 16th in reno, nevada. mariah carey is headed to hawaii and she's perfog couple of concerts and she went on the record for the first time about her split from her billionaire ex-fiance. >> first of all, how y areou? mentally, are you happy and how are you? >> i think i'm doing well. everything happens for a represent. things are the way they are.a. s. on. things are the way they are. >> draped in diamonds, missing was mariah's most expensive accessory, the 35-carat engagement ring she got from james packer. strange because she wears it everywhere including on her
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>> you were engaged and trying on wedding dresses in the docuseries and now you're not together anymore, and -- >> now it's a whole freakin' thing. >> now it's a whole freakin' thing. >> james is featured in the tease for the series even though a source close to the couple told e.t. he wanted to be edited out. >> is the wedding going to be in the docuseries? >> he's in it. >> allegedll. >> allegedly, he didn't want to be in it. >> it's kind of difficult to talk about at this moment. about this part of her docuseries. the over the top flirting with her rumored backup dancer. >> i don't know what's going on in my life unless something is in the magazine. are you the same way? >> i try to avoid. >> i don't know what's going on. >> i'd rather let it go. >> right. >> another star who has moved on in a new way, michael strahan, and he's been at gma for a few months and i was a correspondent
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as much as i loved that gig, there is one thing i definitely don't miss. ?? >> what time are you guys getting up in the morning? >> my alarm is set for 3:15, 3:30, i'm meditating for a half an hour. >> i'm meditating. itts called sleep. >> what time is your absolute, must be in bed time? >> my eyes are closed at 8:50. >> ally told me 5:30. >> who is the quickest to get ready in the morning? >> i think i take four minutes to get ready. >> i woke up like this! >> okay, beyonce. >> being onnthe set you can tell this crew really gets along. >> whault wod you say is the main thing michael brings to the show. >> unpredictability, and i mean that in the best way. he brings so much and you never know what it is that he's goinn to bring to the table. i love that. i love that. that's what life is all about.
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get with michael strahan. >> teamwork is the biggest thing and it prepares you for all of this, and i think from the leadership role of it and robin has been a leader which has allowed me to be a part of this team and it's comfortable, and -- >> we got it! we'll get to it. >> five, four -- good job! >> we welcome you back to gma. and i would like to say happy belated birthday to strahan. >> yes! 45 on monday, what's up, man? happy birthday. which jonas brother is in trouble with the law. we will tell you about the drug bust. >> then -- four of the biggest stars on the planet and one movie set that's out of this world and only "e.t." can take you behind the sexy scenes of passengers with jennifer lawrence. and chris pratt. >> something is wrong. >> try to open it. ?? and --&-
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classic. >> oh, gosh, guys. i can't mess this one up. closed captioning provided by -- it's judgment day. back seat chefs peer inside your oven. but you've cleaned all baked-on business from meals past with easy-off, so the only thing they see is
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"e.t." was at the annual angel ball for a chance to research as an emotional kris jenner honored her late husband robert kardashian. jenner honored her late husband robert kardashian. >> w
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well, the jonas brothers keep on making news three years after they broke up, but here's one headline none of them wanted to make. kicking off tonight's "know and tell" the bonus jonas. >> frankie jonas was cited for marijuana possession by nashville police yesterday. >> the last time i saw the brothers together was over christmas. frankie is the youngest brother of kevin, joe and nick. we talked to nick late last year he revealed the now 16-year-old had already graduated from high school and was focused on college. >> he's a genius, and very handsome. you know, he's interested in being behind the scenes, i he's directing and producing and taki dng areiffent approach than we did. next, sofia vergara and joe manganiello celebrate their first anniversary of posting throwback photos of their beach nuptials. it must have been cheat day. check out their adorable
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>> and finally -- >> veronica, have you heard -- >> they're back. shannon doherty revealed on instagram that she's joining the heathers reboot on tvland. not only are we excited of the 1988 cult classic, we are thrilled to see shannon back at work since she was first diagnosed with breast cancer last year. >> breast cancer, in a strange way has done a blazing things for me. it'slo almewed to be more me and much more in touch with who i am and much more vulnerable and the person i always was and i was hidden behind a lot of other stuff. >> still ahead tonight. two big on-set exclusive. ?? ? >> only we are behind the scenes of the "beaches" remake. what does bette midler think of the new cast? >> she can be tough. i'll never reaaly walk in her foot steps. >> on the set of j. law and chris prrtt's new movie showing
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>> this is the kind of movie that will blow you away. >> michael jackson's prince on his struggles to make it in hollywood. >> everybody thought i'm going to do music and i'll be a dancer.
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ours can help. sc johnson. sfx: plastic scraping plastic sfx: utensils against a plate the dinner is even better without being interrogated about future grandchildren. when families gather things get messy. ours can help. sc johnson. oscar winner jennifer lawrence always seems to have a big movie coming out just in time for awards show season. that is how you do it, everybody. this movie is nothing like she's ever done before and we're joining j. law and chris pratt on the set of "passenger.? >> lights! action! >> it was a beautiful experience because we all were so passionate about it. >> well, there is chris and
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this is the kind of movie that will blow you away. ?? ?? >> here is the setup. a spaceship on a 120-year journey to another planet. the passengers on hibernation and jennifer and chris wake up too early, 90 years too early. >> we will arrive in approximately 90 years. >> it's all what would you do? it's a conversation starter. >> well, what would you do? stuck on a space station one mile long and five stories high with several decades on your hands? if you're chris and j. law, you fall in love. >> wow! >> you clean up pretty good yourself. >> chris pratt is the hardest working person i've ever met in my life. >> i know what you mean. >> another main character in passengers is the avalon itself designed like a luxury cruise liner. >> when i see the sets that the people on this crew have built i mean, you can't help, but be in awe. >> the observation deck and the eight sound stages in atlanta, one at 40,000 square ffet, as big as a walmart.
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waiters will eventually be replaced with computer-generated characters. >> what can i get for you? >> as for the android bartender, arthur played by michael sheen, he's half and half. >> very nice. >> rthur is like a cross between a puppy and a toaster. >> ever wonder what a pool of water is like in zero gravity? >> warning. gravity failure. >> j. law finds out. >> it becomes really clear that with the ship, and the gravity starts to go out. the robots are all failing. jim and i are in a race against the clock to figure out what's wrong with the ship and how to fix it, and not to save our life, but the lives of 5,000 people who are on the ship. >> grab it! >> i am psyched to see this one. here is a cool fact for you.
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living, breathing extras lying in this hibernation pod and some of them fell asleep during filming. come on, easy money right there. ?? ?? yeah, just watching that clip and hearing that song makes you want to the grab a box of tissues again and now we'll shed brand new tears because beaches has been remade nearly 30 years after the original. >>. ? the bette midler tweeted you. >> oh, yeah. >> and gave you her blessing for this. >> thank god. >> what did that mean to you? >> it meant the world to me. i don't think she's that forthcoming with compliments. she can be tough, and i'll take that. >> there's no pressure when the divine miss m. tells the world she can't wait to see you in the role she created. mia long takes on barbara hershey's part. >> have you heard from her yet?
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hopefully she'll call me after and say well done, and not you suck. ? yoo ever know that you're my hero ? >> the lifetime tv remake closely follows the original story of two lifelong best friends and it includes, of course, that famous soundtrack moments. >> i'm really scared. >> you're not going to give up. >> this is the first time i've ever died on film. t' thalis a sttlecary. >> after that pressure, let's just sayna >> as an animated character once said, just let it go, you know? god help me, i can never use that phrase ever in my life without someone making fun of me. >> we're not making fun of you. >> i'm making fun of myself! >> surrender. now i have to say surrender. instead of let it go. >> the fact that you can laugh at yourself, idina, makes me love you even more and you know what else i love? talking to michael jackson's son
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i did it this morning and he doesn't sit down very often for interviews and he's 19 now and he's ready to step into the spotlight. also prince shared some very special memories of his legendary father. >> we see him as larger than life. what was the most normal thing about your dad? >> him trying to cook. actually, no, he was a good cook. i can't cook. i can't cook. >> michael jackson was a good cook. >> yeah. >> what was his best dish? >> it was called daddy bread. i didn't know what it u >> prince is following in his father's footsteps as a producer. he's done music videos for artists and through his company, king son productions. ?? ?? >> everybody has always thought i'm going to do music or a dancer. i can't do either, but i do enjoy film, and i do enjoy that business a lot. >> we always knew prince would be in show business. we were with him when he acted
2:02 am
>> i leaaned a lot from this week. >> i don't think i would go down in a reality series kind of way. i enjoy keeping my life private because there's been so much of my life that i haven't been able to keep private. i like to cherish what i'm able to. >> now a student at loyola marymount university in los angeles, prince feels it's important to give back. he co-founded the organization heal los angeles which supports families in the l.a. area with the focus on ending child abuse, homelessness and hunger. >> i think if people reach out and help anybody, the world would be a better place. >> i have to ask. do you have a girlfriend? >> yes. >> we've been together since the beginning, when college started? >> is it the first love? >> no. >> i think i embarrassed him a little bit. it was kind of cute. >> so sweet. >> by the way, if you see him on campus, call him mike. that's what his friends call him. >> good to know. we will be right back. ??
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we were so honored to welcome members of the marine corps to our thanksgiving potluck. wasn't that special? >> yeah! >> it definitely was. it was for the 10th anniversary of the project hollywood cares which entertains everyone. >> you may be wondering, where the heck is kevin frazier? >> hey, kev, are you ready? >> we will be ready, me and my co-host keltie knight. are you ready? >> we are ready and surprisingly warm, everyone. >> lots of great floats and bands and performances tomorrow, and it's the thanksgiving day parade only on cbs.
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now, authorities tell us an additional security challenge this year, elaine, president-elect donald trump's residence is just one block away from the parade route. >> quijano: jericka duncan, thank you. >> cbs overnight news will be


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