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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 27, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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of last week? that's what we think, yeah. i was at a wedding in curacao last week. left monday, landed at jfk middle of the day friday. i'm telling the truth! i was at the ceremony! you can ask the bridesmaids i hit on. it's as we suspected. brendan farley's three-quarter alibi is 100% percent true. he was harassing bridesmaids in curacao. so, it wasn't him. who else wanted joaquin pereya dead because he made ive breakthrough in the field of cultured meat? well, i'm already going through the company reports for next century meats. i think you're bored with recovery because you're not saying what's on your mind. what's on my mind is that i'm bored. and that's exactly what you need to be talking about. that, and everything else you said yesterday. including the bit about being the smartest person in the room? see, recovery only works if you say what you're thinking. those people in the room, whatever their i.q. is,
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i mean, will it be awkward? probably, but when's that ever stopped you? it's a better way to re-engage. i worked with a lot of clients before, and... every time sometimes tries to go it alone, it always ends badly. s... ? ? ? ? holmes: watson, you may want to compose yourself before coming downstairs. a salon of sorts is in progress. (man chuckles) it's so new! aye, so true, so true. now, we eat, uh, eggs, yes? these are cells taken from an animal. the chicken is presumably still alive. (laughter)
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man: oh, good morning. now, if we could only find those chickens. (laughter) (laughter echoes) (humming) watson: why is there some sort of world peace convocation going on upstairs? those are leading scholars of their respective faiths. we've had a very productive morning. we reached conclusions on some knotty issues. and now it's time to eat. jews and muslims are united by more than conflict, watson. both groups have labored under dietary restrictions including very strict guidelines over the slaughter and consumption of meat. why would someone doctor research to prevent a lucrative breakthrough from being labeled as such? only, i now believe, if it was more profitable to have another label. are you familiar with the word pareve? uh, it's a kosher thing, right? mm. the laws of kashrut state that permissible foods are divided into groups-- dairy, meat. but there's a third classification.
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okay, so pareve is like... neutral? exactly, it's the switzerland of food. now, if shmeat is ruled to be actual meat, that obviously opens up the carnivore market, but it also subjects it to the gordian knot of halal and kosher certification. if it is a mere meat substitute, then it sits, forlorn, in the vegan aisle. but if shmeat can thread the needle, if it can be actual lab-grown meat, but not be classified as such... utral to the kosher and halal rules about meat. imagine, watson. observant jews finally being allowed a cheeseburger. religious muslims indulging in pulled-pork cubanos. there is what? over a billion muslims in the world. it's a huge untapped market. probably way more profitable for them to not label shmeat as meat. hence the doctored research. so, if joaquin pereya wasn't on board for faking the data, that would mean that whoever's in charge of that place
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and that would be... werner platz, ceo of next century meats. can we prove he was involved? we can if his coconspirator will talk to us. mr. farley, thank you so much for coming on short notice. i thought i already answered your questions. well, we had one set of questions for you when we thought that you killed joaquin pereya. we no longer think that. oh, okay. good. we now think that you were part of a conspiracy to kill him. after you. bell: this is the intersection of 65th street and metropolitan avenue. street racers use this stretch of metropolitan. a concerned citizen tried to catch some of their license plates on camera. she overheard a patrolman asking for security camera footage, volunteered to share this. am i supposed to be looking at something? bell: that's your boss, werner platz. so? mr. farley, that intersection
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this footage was gathered the same night someone broke into the store and ground joaquin pereya into so much mince. we can place your boss right by the scene, on the night it happened. i've also had an informal peek at your banking records. "informal peek"? what does that mean? it means i have friends who are digitally nimble. don't look at him. he had nothing to do with it. we'll get an authorized look soon enough. they'll show a judge what we already know. someone recently paid your mortgage in full. by a third party. we're already trying to link that to your boss. what does that have to do with joaquin? bell: werner platz wanted mr. pereya to alter his... shmeat so the fda would classify it as a meat substitute. then he could sell it to the kosher and halal markets. watson: but pereya was a true believer. he cared more about disrupting the meat industry than he did about the profits. he wouldn't make the change. so, platz killed pereya and found himself a cringing mediocrity
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was you, mr. farley. bell: testify against werner platz. i already offered you one chance to get in front of this. you won't get another. and if i say no, what happens? you take that video to a judge. all that shows is werner driving down the street. why'd he pay my mortgage? 'cause i'm a great employee and i just got a promotion. you guys have nothing on me and i'm pretty sure you've got nothing on werner et me to turn on him. it was a nice try, guys, but i'm going to leave my lawyer's number. don't call me again. so, brendan farley and werner platz killed a man and ground him into sausage... and not only do they get to walk free... they'll both be rich the moment the shmeat hits the market.
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we'll canvass the neighborhood near the meat shop again tomorrow. perhaps we missed someone who saw werner platz carrying a body down the stairs. the patrolman went door to door twice. it's my party. i'll clean up. you should rest. you seem a little tense. i'm frustrated. uh, we found the people who broke into the leviathan. we arrested half of le milieu to get your brother off the hook. we brought down moriarty. i mean, these guys are not criminal geniuses. they're just a couple of idiots who killed for money. granted, it's not the perfect crime,
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well, that sounds like giving up. i mean, i know no one's quitting. i-i just hate that these guys are getting away with it. we might not be able to prove our case in court... but that doesn't mean we can't punish them. what, are you gonna whip them with a cherry danish? no, i'm going to use this. we need to reconvene the council of rabbis and imams. do you seriously think this is gonna work? earthly idea. morning. we'd like to see the coconspirators in the murder of joaquin pereya. our lawyers are on their way here. i'm gonna do everything i can to sue you two for harassment. gentlemen, we have unearthed no new evidence against you. despite our best efforts, we are unable to prove that the two of you murdered joaquin pereya. then what are you doing here? we can make a compelling circumstantial argument that you are guilty and we did last night...
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and the i.c.h., their equivalent in the muslim faith. are you familiar with those bodies? they're the ones who will be deciding whether or not your shmeat can be sold to the halal and kosher communities. they asked us to pass on a message. murder is not kosher. oh? and what is that supposed to mean? we demonstrated to the satisfaction of various religious worthies that your shmeat became eligible to be pareve by virtue of foul play. the imams and the rabbis have got no intention of rewarding murder. they're never gonna bless you with the labels ey're going to use their influence to see to it that other certifying bodies follow their lead. you can still sell it in the vegan aisle, but good luck staying in business. so, this is some kind of retribution. you are going to rob the world of our product because you can't prove your insane theories. maybe your shmeat will go to market. maybe it won't. the rabbis and imams have agreed to change their minds on one condition: someone has to be convicted of joaquin pereya's murder.
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but we don't need you to. our appeal is to mr. farley. he committed the actual murder. ground a corpse into sausage meat. all you did was fake some data. watson: when we explained that to our captain, he called the d.a. they're willing to be flexible. in exchange for your testimony, they will arrange a plea that sees you serve no jail time. holmes: he'll be convicted of joaquin pereya's murder. the shmeat will be, uh, deemed kosher and halal and you can participate in the profits while he rots in jail. for all you know, they're bluffing. or you can remain united in relative penury. i mean, you know, he's really good to his partners. he skinned the last one and, uh... ground him into sausage. it's your choice, mr. farley. newswoman: details of a shocking crime continue to emerge as ceo, werner platz, is arrested for the murder of joaquin pereya, the chief scientist at his company. so, one coconspirator
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xchange for which the other is imprisoned for murder. satisfactory outcome? i'll take it. it's a random universe. ...of the actual murder... where are you going? a meeting. will you be following me to confirm? do i need to? ? life is like a storm ? ? when we find out, it's gone... ? if no one else wants to share, we'll wrap up for tonight. okay, then. yes. it's nice to see you again. please. thanks. uh... (clears throat) hello, my name is sherlock and i'm an addict. all: hello, sherlock. i'm also... ...i'm the cleverest person in the room.
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a violent weekend in the district, the mayor asking for your help to fine the suspects accused of -- find the suspects accused of killing a 16-year- old girl. >> plus buckle up for metro's next big fix. we'll tell you what you need to know if you plan on taking the orange or silver lines from northern virginia. ? let this be the moment now ? ?. >> people of diverse faiths and backgrounds sang on the steps of the lincoln memorial unit under a common cause. but we begin tonight with a violent thanksgiving holiday weekend and the search for killers. d.c. police say three people were shot dead in separate shootings in the district and tonight our john henry spoke to the uncle of the youngest victim, 16-year-old brianna mc nunn. >> both the mayor and the interim police chief peter newsom talked about the
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the day after thanksgiving. her uncle said they are still struggling with their loss. mayor muriel bowser had a simple request from the public at the sunday evening press conference, help the city get several killers off its streets. >> it's so important we hear from you. >> reporter: her plea for witnesses of violent crime to come forward follows a rash of deadly shootings in the district. sunday around 1 p.m. a man was killed in the 600 block of l street southeast of then three hours later another man was shot block of howard road in the same part of the city and then there was the shooting death of 16-year-old breanna mcmullin. >> we lost one of our young kids unnecessarily. >> reporter: she died just after thanksgiving day during a shooting in the 1200 block of i street southeast. she'd come back to town from her boarding school in iowa. her uncle told us over the phone all she wanted to do was visit with her family for the holiday. >> she was a young lady that
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>> reporter: police believe breanna was not the intended target in that shooting either, but they say at least one person had fired multiple times in the area where she was shot even while a large crowd was present. in the meantime breanna's uncle wants her killer to do the right thing and turn themselves in. >> just the wild west out there. you just go out there and you shoot up anything without caring about who is around or what's around. >> in this case police say they've made significant progress but still don't cause to make an arrest. >> that was john henry reporting. in the last hour we learned the name of the man shot and killed on l street this afternoon. police say he was 27-year-old anthony young of southeast d.c. police on the hunt for the suspect who robbed a prince george's county barbershop and shot at an officer yesterday. an employee of that barbershop tells our stephanie ramirez one of the suspects told him you know what time it is right
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>> reporter: sometimes there's kids inside waiting for their parents. that's why this patron voice discussed -- >> find some way else to do. this that's why they call this joe's old-fashioned barbershop. >> reporter: three suspects robbed joe's old-fashioned barber? on martin luther king highway at gunpoint after 5:00 saturday evening. >> i was surprised when you mentioned it. >> reporter: jeffrey stevenson lives nearby and he and others think this is a first for the business. >> police do a patrolling on mlk and that's right on the corner. >> reporter: the barbers involved asked not to be identified but one spoke off camera. he said when the robbery happened, two men walked into the shop, one with a duffel bag, the other with a handgun. this is one of the three guns recovered on c street later that night. officers quickly located the suspects van and chased three men inside into the district. when the van stopped, officers say the driver got out and
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suspect, a third man getting away but not before turning around to fire one shot at the officer chasing him on foot. thankfully he missed. >> it's holiday season and things happen. people have to be more aware where they're at, what they're doing. >> reporter: the barber i spoke to expressed his gratitude toward police thankful no 1 got hurt. employees say no customers were inside at the time. >> i've been coming here for years and these guys in the world and i hate for anything like that to have happened and i'm sure hopefully it will never happen again. >> reporter: in seat pleasant stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> we're still waiting for prince george's county police to clarify exactly who shot that driver. seat pleasant's police chief tells the washington post his officers never fired their weapons. prince george's county police need your help finding a missing 12-year-old girl. a leah williams was last seen on rock quarry terrace wearing
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pink boots. police want you to call if you have any information where she might be. a woman and 5-year-old girl were apparently burned by hot soup at a restaurant in fairfax, virginia, earlier today. that child was flown to the burn center. the woman was taken to the hospital, too. the fairfax city fire tells us that soup was accidentally spilled on them. the customer at hotspot resident told us they saw it happen, but officials wouldn't confirm exactly which restaurant near the washington monument this afternoon protesting the dakota access pipeline. [ indians chanting ] >> pipeline is being built near the standing rock sioux reservation in north dakota. protesters there believe the pipeline could contaminate the reservation's water source. here in d.c. protesters stood in solidarity. we spoke with adana eagle shield.
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standing rock and she came to d.c. to provide a first person perspective on the situation. >> there's a lot of propaganda out there around standing rock and the violence and fear mongering about what's going on on standing rock and i wanted to come here to show them it's our own people standing up and our own people are not wanting this pipeline. our own people want better for our communities. we want our kids to be outspoken to, stand up for themselves, to stand up for what's right. we talk about that all the as parents. we want our kids to grow up to be protectors of all people who can't do it themselves. >> organizers say they were also protesting the recent violence between police and protesters at standing rock. the dave matthews band played a concert tonight benefiting standing rock. there's a clip from their show at constitutional hall in northwest. all proceeds go towards the fight against the dakota access
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how do you try and unite people? hundreds use music to try and do just that on the steps of the lincoln memorial today. ] singing ] >> reporter: they're singing for hope. >> we are here because we recognize the deal divide in our country and the craving for unity. >> reporter: rachel rhodes is a cantor at the and helped organize this concert. >> people come to us both in hebrew and arabic. we will join together in our communities. >> reporter: the people singing are from congregations all across maryland, virginia and d.c. they come from more than 20 faith organizations and choirs. >> i'm here because i want to
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>> reporter: from those too young to vote to those who could be their grandfathers and mothers, their voices came together as one. >> our message is one of hope, hope that all of our voices and values will be heard and respected. >> i think that we just can't give up, that we can really work together to create this change that so many of us believe in as americans. >> and both cantors say they were inspired to create this concert after witnessing what they say were the ever increasing incidents of hate and division in our country following the recent election. switching gears right now you got your rain gear ready? howard bernstein says some much needed showers will be here by midweek. when, howard? >> looks like by tuesday
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some rain, so yellow alerts out tuesday and wednesday. thankfully the winds are light, but temperatures are down in the 20s in dulles and germantown, 40 at reagan national, everybody else in the 30s. if there's not a widespread frost, it's going to be cold nonetheless. winds pick up tomorrow in advance of a storm system that is approaching. we're seeing the high clouds move in. so probably won't see temperatures drop off all that much, more the rain is back toward st. louis and chicago about to move in day to get close to us like tuesday morning. that high pressure now and we're looking pretty good. here's futurecast. it's underplaying the high clouds, but the thicker clouds definitely start to move in during the afternoon. don't expect a lot of sunshine tomorrow. if we see it, it will be in the morning. tomorrow night, though, cloudy, showers toward dawn, tuesday, a yellow alert with showers on and off much of the day. we get a break tuesday night and by wednesday a second low
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so much warmer temperatures. tomorrow mid-50s, but we may make a run towards 70 on wednesday. >> thanks so much, howard. preparations underway in cuba to pay homage to revolutionary leader fidel castro who died friday. thousands of cubans are expected to start attending public ceremonies in havana's revolution plaza tomorrow. meanwhile many cuban americans are wondering how castro's death will impact the future of the communist nation of some kind of a dissolution so that we can start visiting. we are extremely curious. we love the culture and we fell in love with people without even going there through our parents' story. >> for burial castro's ashes will be taken cross-country on the route the rebels took in 1959. tomorrow donald trump will get back to work filling the
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his former spokeswoman made it clear who she does not want nominated as secretary of state and president-elect trump weighed in on the recount effort of wisconsin. donald trump took to twitter sunday morning to criticize the recount effort launched by the green party that now has support of hillary clinton's campaign. hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. the president-ec clinton's own words to touch during the campaign about accepting the results of the election. >> the idea that we are going to drag this out now where the president-elect has been magnanimous to the clintons and the obama is incredible. >> reporter: bernie sanders defended the recount effort underway in wisconsin. >> probably almost every election there's a recount. no one expects there to be profound change, but there's nothing wrong with going through the process. >> reporter: president-elect trump will resume interviewing
12:02 am
monday. he still need to fill several cabinet positions including secretary of state. trump's former campaign manager made it clear sunday she doesn't think the nominee should be mitt romney. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of donald trump now our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state. >> reporter: new york state rudy guiliani has been named a potential candidate. also tennessee senator bob corker and former u.n. ambassador john bolton. president-elect trump spent to president obama about 45 minutes on saturday. bei bei got to see his mom for the first time since surgery. he was able to nurse 20 minutes
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doctors removed a ball of bamboo blocking the giant panda's intestines on friday. still ahead what you need to know if you plan on taking the orange and silver lines from virginia. it's the next phase of the metro project and it may slow you down tomorrow. >> and from teacher to mom, from student to son, how a mother finds her adopted child
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tracking metro tonight, train riders play have a longer trip to work this week. phase 11 begins on the orange there will be continuous single tracking between east and west falls church stations. metro says all of the orange and silver lines will feel the impact. let's take a live look now at reagan national airport tonight, not too much going on there, but guess what? that was not the case earlier. let's look at the scene a


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