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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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the warm weather is great but it's the showers and thunderstorms moving through that have triggered another yellow weather alert. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist amazon ray -- allyson rae is tracking the storms and how soon before they move on and the temperatures
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for long. when you get to near 70 degrees, it's the last day in november? not going to stick around. now it's still raining for hagerstown just north of frederick and also along that 81 corridor and we knew that was going to happen. your temperatures are a lot cooler. that's in just a moment. but dry for now. in the district after having a very wet commute. here we have those steady showers continuing from hagerstown down through winchester and parts of west virginia. that will continue while the rest of us are waiting for more showers to formulator on what's going on with the temperatures and how is this going to play a role in the thunderstorm forecast today? lock fredericksburg is 70- degrees and southerly winds are helping that and only into the 50s what a wide range of temperatures where the rain can clouds continue into the 50s. it's these areas that didn't get as much rain this morning they're near 70. now at this time of year you don't get lot of severe weather. our chance for severe weather is not great. and in fact it's not even that overwhelming. but it's possible because we have just little bit of a
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the storms approach at the right time because it's coming between 3:00 and 4:00 we could have some thunderstorms form. we have two more rounds of showers and thunderstorms to go through. the futurecast is coming up in just a bit. always get the sheehy storm tracker 9 and the latest -- doppler radar and the latest forecast on the wusa9 app. we have breaking news from prince george's county where councilman mel franklin now faces dui charges. franklin was involved in an accident last week on route 4 near dower house road. according vehicle. the two people inside that vehicle suffered minor injuries. franklin was apparently unhurt. prince george's county bureau chief scott broom is looking this story. look for his updates throughout the day on the wusa9 digital and social media platforms. we are also following breaking news from hyattsville. where prince george's county police are investigating a homicide on crittenton street
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dead from an apparent trauma. so far police haven't released the victim's identity. they are actively looking for a suspect and a motive. a -- leaving his business to fully focus and rather a north carolina police officer will not face charges for the shooting death of a black man in charlotte. prosecutors just announced that officer brentley vinson who is also black acted properly during the dead with 43 keith scott in september. the shooting triggered two nights of rioting and nearly a week of street demonstrations. video from the encounter shows police calling on scott to drop his gun then four shots are heard. a gun an ankle holster and marijuana were all recovered at the scene. leaving his business to foully focus on the country. president-elect donald trump is planning a major announcement next month on how he plans to hand off his trump business to his children.
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in cabinet picks, vice president-elect mike pence is scheduled to meet today with former secretary of state condoleeza rice. marlie hall is outside trump tower where the meeting is set to happen. >> reporter: steve mnuchin is president-elect donald trump's pick for treasury secretary. he spoke to reporters at trump tower this morning. >> our number one priority is going to be the economy, get back to 3%, 4% growth, we believe that's very sustainable. >> reporter: he is a former ma the finance director for mr. trump's presidential campaign. the trump transition team also announced billionaire wilbur ross will be nominated for commerce secretary. he will hold a news conference on december 15th to discuss plans to leave his business empire while in office. in a series of tweets this morning, mr. trump said -- i feel it is visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my
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business holdings to his children or put them in a blind trust. officials tell cbs news the plan doesn't include a release of his full tax returns. mr. trump had dinner last night with mitt romney, and future white house steve of chaff even -- chief of staff reince priebus. romney said they had a wonderful evening. >> these discussions have been enlightening and interesting and engages i've had with him. >> reporter: sources tell cbs romney retired general david petraeus and rudy giuliani for secretary of state. marle hall, cbs news -- marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> starting tomorrow night in cincinnati, ohio, the president- elect will take a victory lap through the swing states that put him in the white house. the president-elect is calling it a victory for indianapolis workers. carrier corporation reached an agreement with him to keep close to 1,000 jobs in the city scramming a plan to --
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indianapolis operations to mexico. the move would have saved the company $65 million a year in labor costs. employees are elated. >> we pray for things to happen like this. and when it does, um, god just shows his true possibilities. >> while the majority of jobs will be spared, several hundred workers will still face layoffs. mr. trump and vice president in indianapolis on thursday with carrier executives for the formal announcement. now many are taking to social media to praise the president-elect. one tweets tears of joy for the thousand americans who will have jobs in indiana. great news, trump is fighting for us. right turn only writes -- he has saved more manufacturing jobs in two weeks than barack obama has in? eight years. no no new normal, yes to make
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and finally, polly tricks 2 said this. get used to it. trump is buying his headlines. master marketer does whatever it takes. carrier uses the taxpayers and trump doesn't pay tax. we'd love if hear what you think. -- to hear from you think. log on to any of the wusa9 social media pages and join the conversation. just moments ago, house democrats re-elected congresswoman nancy pelosi to lead them. she congressman tim bryant who just std arteidhi b for the post following the election. pelosi is a baltimore native who represents california and has led the party since 2002. next thursday will be a big day at prince george's county. that's when mgm national harbor casino and resort will have its grand opening. a lot of people are excited about this. but some neighbors have concerns. as wusa9's hilary lane tells us
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with lots of traffic. >> reporter: the roads around the mgm are already pretty crowded. some locals are worried this area will be completely jam- packed once the casino opens up. >> concerned about the traffic. >> reporter: paul lives less than a mile away from mgm. he voted for the casino and resort to be built but now he's worried the traffic will be a huge headache. >> i'm worried about you know ambulances getting in and out of the harbor should there be you know, emergency that type of thing. again, just getting home when i need to get home if i'm you know outside 90,000 cars drive through the area. after mgm opens that number is expected to double to 180,000. officials say there could be backups not only on roads right around the casino, but also on major highways including the bw parkway. the beltway and wilson bridge. >> you know we all lye here. >> reporter: warren david who lives less than a mile away from the casino and resort is concerned about the traffic impact. >> of course we know that in the beginning you know the casino is opening and we expect
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hoping that they do work it -- they do work the problems out. >> reporter: officials say mgm has a traffic plan that include widening the roads and more signage in the future. >> we're hoping that the they can work it out. >> ling and we'll see what happens -- and we'll see what happens. if it doesn't happen i'm sure lot of people are going to be very upset. >> reporter: beginning tuesday county officials will be sending postcards to 30,000 people living in the area. they'll be telling them exactly what to expect and how to get traffic updates. in prince george's county, hilary lane, wusa9. >> and some local officials have come forward and admitted that there are going to be traffic issues. but they say it's a small price to pay for the thousands of jobs and millions of dollars mgm is expected to pump into the local area. a new york man is in custody after a bizarre situation at metro's wheelie reston east station in fairfax. police say the man of albany assaulted metrobus driver and bit tran sis officers who were
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assault and battery and obstruction of justice. right now, he's behind bars at the county's adult detention center. the father of one of the five people who survived the airplane crash in colombia says his son is alive thanks to quote a miracle of god. paw low fullman's son is goal coper for a -- keeper for a brazilian soccer club. they were on their way to the biggest game in history. jackson had his leg amputated because of an injury he had when the plane went down. 71 people were killed in the crash. today in cuba fidel castro's remains have begun the jury know that will end with the -- journey that will end with the public funeral on sunday. his ashes were scattered across the island nation earlier this morning and thousands of people packed into havana's revolution square last night the say good- bye the -- to say good-bye to the former leader.
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1959 until 2006. as crews battling wildfires in the south get some much- needed help from the rain, relief comes too late for four victims. but first, we'll hear from some homeless people that could be left out in the cold if d.c. council passes legislation to make it harder for them to find
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it could get harder the get into d.c. area shelters this winter. mayor bowser is pushing for legislation that would turn away some who don't have a place to stay. evan koslof reports. >> reporter: right foul i'm outside of ccnb one of the largest shelters in the area. and the mayor says that shelters like these are just packed and that's why she's supporting a new bill.
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in d.c. could be found on the streets or in shelters. that includes jeffrey nicholson who moved to the district a few months ago looking for a second chance. >> from a small town. in north carolina you know. jobs was very scarce. >> reporter: when he first got here he relied on the shelters. but now a new bill is being discussed to require two documents proving d.c. residency in order to stay at a city run shelter. nicholson thinks this is a bad idea. >> not having nowhere to stay you know. it's hard out here. it's dangerous out here on th heavily supported by the mayor muriel bowser, she's argued the shelters are overload with people and many are put in hotels which can be costly on the taxpayers. she argues that exacerbate egg it all is that many come outside of the district. in fact the department of human services says about 12% of those in shelters are from outside d.c. in a tweet she wrote quote district taxpayers shouldn't be in the position of providing services for the
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homeless advocate dwayne candler says they can still stay at privately owned shelters. still it leaves people with no place to go. >> making bills and doing all that. that ain't real. what's real is sleeping on the ground at night because you from another city. doesn't make sense. >> reporter: in the district, evan koslof, wusa9. the legislation was originally filed in september. at this point it's unclear if the bill will move forward in the d.c. council. people living in central mexico are keeping a close eye on a volcano th any moment. yesterday's eruption sent ash and water and gas over the city. a yellow phase two alert has been declared for the area. it is the second highest warning on the seven step scale. authorities are encouraging residents to take preventive measures. four people were killed in those wildfires ravaging eastern tennessee. meanwhile, crews battling the blaze are hoping to get some
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this morning after high winds slammed the -- fanned the flames of fire started monday. three people have been killed and hundreds overbuildings destroyed and again there was an update earlier now four people are known dead. video shot by a resident driving away from the fire shows homes and resort cabins engulfed in flames. as the wildfire moved throughout the forested area. more than 14,000 people have been forced to evacuate as the flames get closer. >> you can see the sky was red. and we could see probably 20 cabins on fire just from our front deck. >> yeah, it was like the picture of hell. and there was 15, 20 feet high flames on each side of us. >> parties are conducting search and rescue missions to look for residents who might be stranded. dozens of people in winston county, alabama are counting their blessings while they clean up after a tornado ripped through the community. that's because of a newly built
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twister. they were packed in there pretty tight. the shelter is meant to hold only 40 people, but more than 70 managed to cram in. >> low. >> and that same storm brought this bolt of lightning too close for comfort for a television net crew in northern mississippi, flying branches and hail pull imed the thrive -- pummeled the live truck. power companies are working to restore power to thousands left in sealing in order to bring you the stories of the bad weather you have to be out in the bad weather and those are the consequences for news crews out there. >> it's that time of year for the southern gulf states. their prime time and november they can get pretty ugly storms as well as into the springtime. as well. now for us, we don't typically see lot of severe weather at
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today. so we're going to talk about that possibility of some storms later on today. right now, some steady rain for some areas and still just kind of dry and cloudy for some other areas. our michael & son weather camera just looking at cloudy and a lot of fog this morning still trying to get out the way but it's going to stick around for areas off to the knot. 64 degrees -- north. 64-degrees the winds are playing a big role in the forecast today. not too breezy but winds out of the south adding in humidity and also adding in the temperatures that are soaring our fog finally trying to lift a little bit and our visibility has improved for hagerstown and frederick about 2, 3-mile visibility. so that's a little bit better, temperatures telling a big story today. we're at 70 for fredericksburg and where it hasn't been raining as much as it has been in areas in cumberland and hagueers town. normally into the -- hagerstown. normally into the low 50s. though the instability here and the atmosphere to get some storms later on this afternoon is a lot lower here than it is farther to the south.
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climb. we're headed to about 70 and areas in yellow, where we are into the upper 60s to near 70 degrees, we could have some thunderstorms absolutely. not all of them are going to be strong and most of them probably won't. but for this time of year we're looking at that slim possibility of some of these storms become on the stronger side. and i'm really watching it because this system in itself has a history especially on the southern tier of the storm but back to the north and west, they are just looking at good showers for hagerstown and up through parts of them here we need this rain. we will take it. already an inch for the areas. we're dry here but we've already seen the rain come on through. cause such a he has for the morning commute. -- mess for the morning commute. another round of showers in time for the evening commute. he's the system in alabama and georgia seeing the brunt of the storm right now. take a look at the futurecast. the storms redevelop pushing this wayling and 4:00 now the sunsets very early. we only have been an hour or -- have about an hour or so from r
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pretty intense. temperatures into the 70s and the humidity is pretty high and little bit of wind shear that could get going. by 8:30 tonight another round of showers will still have rain in the forecast until about midnight. this is 11:30 we'll have pockets of heavy rain and we'll take all the rain we can get. we need every single drop. and it gets out of here into the overnight hours. skies will clear. been done with the rain for thursday and friday and saturday. temperatures will continue to tumble and it will be a chilly one but more back to typical temperatures. 70 degrees today. 58 for tomorrow. storms later on tonight and howard will be here and so will melissa. upper 40s for saturday.
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guysings your lady would be hard press today say no if you popped the question with a ring like this. an oregon based company just unveiled the world's largest lab grown diamond. the carat man made diamond. it's chemically identical to a diamond formed in the earth, it's just formed in a lab. >> these are diamonds identical it's kind of like getting ice from the freezer versus from a glazier, these are the same. >> the lab grown diamonds are not only is first quarter hundred% real -- 100% real, also about 40% less expensive than the earth mined kind.
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just a mere $52,000. the subacts that started a viral challenge a few years ago is now part of history. the smithsonian's national museum of american history opened a new exhibit on the history of philanthropy yesterday and since the als ice bucket challenge became a fundraising phenomenon, that first bucket is a showcase item. since 2014, the ice bucket challenge has raised more than $50 million for als research.
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okay, seven day forecast we still are tracking some showers right now for areas off to the west. and some storms later on tonight will keep you up-to- date. then the rain is over ask we
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temperatures for this time of year by friday through sunday. >> i'm glad about that still not frigid. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. until then have a great afternoon. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: email: ] fios is not cable. we're wired differently. email: ] me for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it! coming. i can't believe he is doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, held by gary watson... fly, gary, fly. ... his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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>> victoria: i can't believe this. >> billy: i know this is difficult to hear, vick. >> victoria: is it really so hard for you to be happy for me, billy? is it so hard to accept the fact that i've moved on? >> billy: travis slept with another woman. >> victoria: don't say that! >> billy: it's true. >> victoria: travis would never do something like that. >> billy: you felt it. when he was on his knee proposing to you in the park, you knew that there was something wrong. i could see it. the doubt in your eyes -- i could see it. >> victoria: what do you >> billy: i was in the park that day. i couldn't hear what was happening, but i knew. i could see the hesitation in your body. you didn't trust it. you didn't trust him. and you were right not to. >> michael: objection, your honor! >> leslie: on what grounds?! >> michael: the whole purpose of this hearing is the question of joint visitation of the minor child, and you ask for a restraining order! >> leslie: mr. baldwin's clients have demonstrated beyond any


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