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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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accused by maryland state police for driving the influence after crashing his county-owned ford explorer suv into a mercedes sedan stopped for a red light at southbound route 4 just before midnight november 21st. >> according to reports from state police, franklin rear ended the mercedes, the couple inside sent to the hospital, both vehicles totalled. when state troopers arrived franklin was not at the immediate scene according to a statement from state police. a trooper spotted the individual about 70 yards away walking back towards the accident scene. a medic responding to the incident said he witnessed franklin walking awye a-- away from the accident. for constituents it's shocking. >> he shouldn't have left the scene knowing the consequences and he should face charges that's it. >> no special treatment. he committed a crime, he should pay for it. >> i don't think that he should lose his job for that.
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chance. >> he was arrested after a field breathalyzer measured him at.10. he was sent home that night with his wife. >> reporter: the couple who were injured in this accident were taken to a hospital. they were released by they're still under the care of a doctor. franklin through his lawyer said he's not talking to the media right now. >> scott, thank you. the prince george's county state's attorney office said offia a prosecutor and judge from outside of the community to handle this case because of franklin's deep political connections in the county. right now a martial arts teacher is in jail accused of assaulting one of his students. this happened over the summer. now police fear there may be more victims out there. wusa 9's nikki burdine is live with the latest on the investigation and what we know. nikki. >> reporter: the a lleged assault happened here on columbia pike.
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owner and he assured me that all of his students are safe but police fear there may be more victims out there. >> this is the man that police say inappropriately touched a 13-year-old girl. 27-year-old brandon miller of fairfax. he was a martial arts teacher here for the last couple of years where he came in contact with at least 100 students being before fired this summer. >> the owner. >> i found it that he texted with a teenager. that's all they said. girl was assaulted in july during a summer camp. after miller stayed in touch with the girl by sending her texts. the owner said he's disappointed in miller who started as a student here and then hired to teach. >> you do background check?s >> -- checks? >> of course. >> what kind? >> i can not talk anymore. >> he would not elaborate on the background checks for
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saying he no longer works here. >> parents plan to talk to their kids. >> my kids go here. i watch them when they do their practice. >> janell desmond's 6-year-old daughter attended one of the camps. >> i recognized his face immediately. he was one of the people there when my daughter went. he seemed nice and like he was good with the kids. >> reporter: so now police want parents to go home and have that conversation w for concern police ask that they come forward and give them a call. nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> tragic cases like this pop up. miller is still in jail being held without bond. police are looking for clues to a homicide in prince george's county. a man was found on bladenberg's with severe trauma. he was pronounced dead there . people in the neighborhood were
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>> i felt bad. i saw him lay laying in the street. i was like oh, man. all the police, i've never seen so many police before. that was the experience of my lifetime. never want to see it again. >> police is not released the name of the victim or why he was killed. wild fires have now killed seven people in gaithersburg, tennessee. flames destroyed hundreds of homes. 1400 great smokey mountains national park. 400 workers are working on putting out the flames and clearing the debris. the mayor is trying to aid his community while dealing with bad news of his own. >> i had an opportunity to drive through the town and confirm in fact that my house was gone and my business of 31 years is gone. >> heavy rains that moved through the area were expected
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rescue crews are searching for several people who are still missing. we are tracking metro and tonight a new promise from the agency. it said it can make your ride better and it's not just about safety anymore. metro just released a new plan. transportation reporter pete monteen has the new changes. >> metro just ruled out the new plan that they call back to good but it won't be easy . >> they they want the older trains off the track and to improve existing ones. >> 60% of delays are caused by rail car malfunctions. marty wants to get the riders -- metro wants to get those riders back. this is not an empty promise they said. >> i think they're going to have a much better ride. a ride that's not interrupted because
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issue. >> the focus has been safety. this does not back off that promise. around the clock transport continues. >> to pull all the improvements off metro will need more money and that will be up to its board. >> at the national press club, pete monteen, wusa 9. >> one other improvement in the back to good plan is to put cell phone service on some trains. the blue, orange and red lines will have it first and that's scheduled for next shooting death of a teenager on capitol hill remains behind bars without bond. 30-year-old saed evans making his first court appearance today. 16-year-old breanna mcmillian was visiting for the holidays when she was killed in a drive-by shooting. evans was captured on surveillance camera firing a weapon several times. a north carolina police officer will not face charges
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black man in charlotte. prosecutors say officer brently vincent who was also black acted properly during the deadly confrontation with 43-year-old keith lamont scott in september. the shooting triggered two nights of rioting and nearly a week of street demonstrations. video from that encounter shows police calling on keith lamont scott to drop his gun and then you hear four shots. his gun, an ankle holster and marijuana were recovered at the scene. investigators looking into the crash of a charter flight in columbia. the pilot radioed he was running out of fuel and needed to make an emergency landing shortly before the crash. 71 people were killed when that flight went down monday night. dozens of them were members of a brazilian soccer club. three players, two crew members and one journalist survived the crash. now to donald trump's transition to the white house.
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two more cabinet picks. 79-year-old billionaire wilbur ross will lead as secretary of commerce and steve manuchen will be treasury secretary. he's expected to play a major role in crafting trump's tax reform plan. >> i know what it takes to make sure that we can make loans to small and mid market companies and that's going to be our big focus. >> the president-elect tweeting that he plans to step away from all of his businesses to focus on rng a watchdog group said merely owning the trump organization presents a conflict of interest. donald trump and mike pence have struck a deal with carrier to prevent 1,000 u.s. jobs from moving to mexico. the president-elect and the vice president elect are expected to travel to indiana tomorrow for a formal announcement. the indianapolis star said carrier is receiving unspecified incentives from the state.
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promise to bring back factor jobs and revitalize the american economy. testy moments during an anti-trump rally at american university. a supporter of the president-elect traded some profanity and other words. students called for the resignation of board of trustee member gary cohn. cohn is the ceo of goldman sach's who has been tied to trump. three accused killers behind a ben's chilly bowl cook. >> why shaquille oneal was on capitol hill. >> we are tracking some rain. the yellow weather alert. >> the hunt for a woman who killed a man right in front of a
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police are searching for a female suspect connected to a fatal shooting in prince william county. this happened last night in front of a food lion grocery store in manassas. peggy fox is live from woodbridge with the latest on this. peggy. >> reporter: at 7 :30 last night there was a huge fight of a grocery store that stemmed from a custody dispute. a woman involved in the fight but not part of the custody issue pulled out a gun and fired. >> i'm really in shock that i -- it's just such a quiet place and i've never seen anything like that going on here. >> some shoppers felt a little strange coming to the food lion store where a man was shot to death in the parking lot last night. >> it was a little odd being in there today but i shop here all the time, i'm not going to stop.
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around in this world so what can i say? >> yeah. >> lock them up . >> the gunfire actually happened in the parking lot. when the victim was struck he stumbled towards the entrance way where he collapsed. >> the victim is 24-year-old cordery douglas jackson. this picture is a mug shot taken in 2013 when he was wanted for the attempted armed robbery and assault of a pizza delivery man. police say the person who killed him roberta brandon of woodbridge. >> relatives of roberta brandon live here. they told me they didn't know where she was but implied that the shooting was domestic related and said there's a lot more to it than what police put out. >> police say they have many witnesses, customers and employees at the store. they say before the shooting there was a fight about a custody issue involving other people who were there. >> there were multiple parties on the scene that were kind of
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other parties getting involved. >> police say the shooting had nothing to do with the grocery store. >> reporter: now, the victim jackson was fighting with another man and with roberta brandon according to police when she pulled out a gun and killed him. she's not the first woman charged or suspected of murder in prince william county but she's the first one this year however frp -- however. >> th prince william county's 22nd homicide this year. december 8th is a big day. mgm in prince george's county will finally open. a lot of people are excited but neighbors are worried it will be a constant traffic jam. the number of vehicles that drive in the area the expected to double. >> i'm worried about, you know, ambulances getting in and out of the harbor should there be, you know, an emergency, that type of thing.
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of the harbor. >> and officials warn there could be back ups not only on the roads right around the casino but also on the major highways including the bw parkway, the beltway and the wilson bridge. at least three people are dead after a suspected tornado tore through a mobile home park in northern alabama. it was part of a line of severe thunderstorms that ripped through the southeast over night. the video shows homes levelled and debris scattered everywhere. the national confirmed tornados hit mississippi. >> that same six are impacting us here. we are not getting tornados but we are getting rain. >> right. that part of the atmosphere down in the south had more energy, more low level moisture so the conditions were right for tornados here. we don't have the same conditions even though it's the same storm system. certainly some rain and some of those showers on the very heavy side this evening north and west of us. not into dc yet but, you know, i think another
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before this thing clears out. so if you are headed out tonight yellow weather alert still up. it is going to be wet and at times coming down heavily like right now north and west of town. here in washington fairfax is pretty quiet. montgomery county we've seen some showers lift into howard county but loudin county along and west of route 15 getting hit very hard. this stuff in reports reports reunion here earlier. poolsville and dicker son, urbana. it is raining really hard in leesburg right now. the heavy rain s at 2 to 3 inches per hour. this is all tracking towards frederick county, eastern washington county. to warrenton you're getting hit hard. 3.4 inches her hour is
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i wouldn't be surprise ed d with ponding on the roadway. if you're going to be out definitely going to take some extra time. we have the showers and storms tonight. however after midnight we will clear out. the front is going to push through. that's going to bring us so much nicer weather for thursday in the sense of the sun will be back. it's going to be cooler too. we won't be in the low 70s like some spots today. we will only be in the 50s in the afternoon. dress for 40s with the wind chill and mainly dry and chilly right through the coming weekend. right now in town, 64 degrees. dew poi that is going to drop like a rock tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow's dew points in the 30s. that's how much drier it's going to be. what a difference. this is a really tough day for meteorologists because we have temperatures near 70 right now south of town, same viewing area, same forecasting area the low 50s in martinsburg, winchester. that's a nasty cold rain that's falling there. in the south we have tornado and severe
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in georgia, western florida and southeast alabama. this whole area has yet to sweep through. it's going to take a few hours. areas north and west getting the bulk of the rain. i wouldn't be surprised if someone gets an inch or two out of it. at dulles .60 of an inch so far. that doubled the rain for the entire month it's been so dry. at 11:30, scattered showers into western maryland. at 2:00 a.m. just everything east of the pulling away and the drier cooler air move in for the reminder er of the week. a few more hours of wet weather. lows in the morning in the 40s and 50s. we could have a few embedded thunderstorms. south of tomorrow it's going to be warmer. 40s and 50s in the morning. we'll have gusts 20 to 25. dress for 30s in the morning and then 40s with the wind chills in the afternoon as temperatures will recover into the 50s. a high at midnight around 60, 61, 62.
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has in next three days, blustery on friday and 51. saturday chilly and 50. baby's got a home game. i think they playing in the acc championship. sunday maybe a flurry north. in the 40s come tuesday. shaquille oneal was in town today. officers were invited to hear him talk about the challenges they face when they encounter drunk drivers. the basketball legend is with an advocacy group that promotes straight ahead, the woman of a kidnapped woman fights back against climbs she was not kidnapped. >> much needed baby supplies and more in 2 consumer alerts -- in the consumer alerts. >> hiring is up according to adp. the private sector added 216,000 jobs in november. we will learn a lot more about the
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...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. detectives and the husband of a mother who disappeared while jogging last month are
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media claims that she wasn't actually abducted. detectives are analyzing the clothes that sherry papini was wearing when she was found last week. they are different than the clothes she was wearing when she was reported missing. investigators are hoping dna evidence can lead them to her abductors. >> there's all sorts of forensic aspects that have to be investigated, including the restraints and things like that. >> her husband said she covered in bruises, branded and weighed only 87 pounds. deputies are looking for two latino women that are armed and dangerous. all right. let's talk about the consumer news now. this is a need that cannot go unnoticed. nearly one in three american families can't afford diapers. they spend twice as much as people who come from higher incomes. this past spring the white house launched a community diaper program that connects private companies and
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the program expects to provide 10 million diapers this year alone. good news if you're in the market to sell your house. kay shiler said u.s. home prices at a record high. the average home price was .1% higher than the peak set back in july of 2006. home prices have jumped 5%. the company k little blue box is not doing so well after the election. tiffany's located next to trump tower reports the sales are down. the protests, the blocked streets, the sidewalks, the extra security making it very hard for shoppers to get inside. tiffany's ceo said the flag ship location brings in about 10% of the company's total sales. well, coming up, three deputies say they did nothing wrong in connection with the death of a man with down syndrome. >> why the fda hopes a
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our veterans. >> right after the break justice catching up with three suspects wanted for killing a cook 9 years ago. >> then we are tracking rain moving through parts of our area. howard will jump in and let us know if there's anything severe. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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we are dry in dc at the moment but north and west of town it's coming down in buckets right now. you can see these very heavy rains falling from just west of cull pepper through warrenton and up into loudin county, from maryland to frederick and western mom around shady grove right through germantown and up into clarksberg approach ing. it's coming down heavily. some of the rainfall rates are 2 inches per hour. it could be blinding rain. there has some ponding water here. loudin county is doing to get hit hard.
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winds. thermont seeing some heavy year rainful we will -- hefrier heavier rain. back in a fewwith the few with the rest of the 7-day forecast. >> thank you, howard. sheriff's deputies say did they did nothing wrong after a man with down syndrome died in their custody. they used force to remove ethan sailor from a theater. when they removed him he died. debra alfron has been covering this story from the beginning and brings us ethan's mom's reaction to this latest development. >> it was 2013 when ethan sailor and his aid came to this movie theater to see a film. she came outside to get the car, he went back inside to see it a second time. that's when i know both sides disagree on what happened next. >> they still believe that he would be alive if it weren't for the actions of the three
5:30 pm
>> patty sailors said the holidays are the toughest to get through. three deputies carried her 26-year-old son ethan out of this movie theater in 2013 for not having a $12 ticket. he -- he had down syndrome. he resisted winded up on the floor and he died after a collapsed larynx. >> i would have paid for a ticket or he would have elected to go home. >> at the time the grand jury found no criminal wrong doing. patty filed a civil lawsuit in 2013. the three deputies are asking for it to be thrown out. they are arguing the arrest was lawful and reasonable and they couldn't have expected the force they used would have led to sailor's death. >> there were many options at the time. they choose an option
5:31 pm
you know, believe that i will go to my grave demanding justice for my son. >> patty sailor has been instur mental in gets a commission put together for the inclusion of people with disabilities here in maryland. she doesn't want any other mother to have to go through what she went through. debra alfron, wusa 9. >> patty sailor's attorney said he three men police say killed a beloved cook from ben's chilly bowl is now behind bars 9 years later. >> it took a cell phone picture and a jailhouse informant to close this cold case. delia gonclaves is live outside of the metro station to put the puzzle pieces together for us. deal -- deal delia. >> reporter: timothy spice r worked his final shift the more
5:32 pm
his shift and then that night he drove here to the metro station to meet up with a girl never knowing it was all a set up. police say the suspect arranged the meeting in order to carjack him. >> nine long years family and friends thought the murder of 25-year-old timothy spicer was destined for the cold case files. their investigation began after the in 2007. >> the suspects crew up in dairy farms. they were just teenagers at the time and plotted to carjack his chevy caprice with chrome rims. >> he loved that what i called a jacked up car. it had big deals. >> the driver started to fighting with mo over the gun. co told mo to hit him up, hit
5:33 pm
>> that didn't happen and we miss him. >> virginia ali hung up this picture and notes on the restaurant's wall, a letter written by spicer's mother, thanks ali for loving and believing in her son who started at ben's. they hope it brings closure to his mom and his 14-year-old son. >> his mom comes here on his birthday and sit picture on the wall. >> reporter: now police were onto these young men since 2007 they were only 16 years old at the time but never had any evidence to link them to the murder until 2014 when somehow investigators were led to search the victim's cell phone. on the cell phone they found a picture of him wearing sunglasses, the same sunglasses one of the suspects was wearing the night
5:34 pm
then in 2015 that jailhouse informant broke this cold case wide open. live, delia gonclaves, wusa 9. >> glad they were able to crack this case. delia, thank you. all three suspects are being held without bond on felony murder charges and will return to court in two weeks. we have new surveillance video of a suspect wanted in a vicious beating. this video shows the bad guy using victim's carding at a wallgreens in chinatown. on november 7th four people attacked and robbed that victim leaving him unconscious. some good news finally. this to a story we aired yesterday. after nearly a month missing bailey, that missing 4-year-old yorkie was returned to his owner in temple hills. the family filed theft charges believing another neighbor stole both of her dogs. one of them had been returned a week after
5:35 pm
the owner said a man returned the dog last night saying a woman had given him bailey. he apparently planned on taking bailey to the pound but then saw our report. the states attorney's office will determine if theft charges should still stand. house democrats reelected nancy pelosi as their leader. she held off a challenge from tim ryan. his victory came showing in the elections earlier this month. the remains of fidel castro are on a farewell tour in cuba. they waved flags and chanted fidel. it embarked on a 500
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the victory route in 1959 he took. ectacy would help post trau post-traumatic stress disorder. there's concerns that using that illegal party drug could lead to broader recreational use like prescription opiates. died. >> he said there was initial resistance to his new creation but the big mac went national after it went so well in his 47 restaurants. trending now, watching netflix movies and shows without an internet connection. >> and how about this, yeah,
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clicks, alt right. >> a program called the alt right demonizer. the designer said he hopes this change protect human rights. all right. here's some good news for your sweet tooth but it is bad news for your waistline. >> already we are anticipating december not being able to fit into our clothes by the time january comes around. next year you can suck down all the tasty frostys in wendy's for next to nothing. you have to buy a $2 key tag and then every time you roll up into wendy's they're going to give you unlumented frostys every time you buy something. i have three kids. that's great news. guess what is for de dessert kids? frosty's, every night of the year. >> forever frosty's. >> l 5 per
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and start using them on new year's day. make sure you set aside some money to buy some new pants because you're not going to fit in them anymore. just in time for the holidays, add this to the mix, a hot glue gun for cheese. >> it's cheesy but when we hear the name i don't know. it's called a fondudler. why does it have why can't it just be a cheese gun? oh, fondo. to, it's a play on that. whatever you guys. now know that sounds crazy. you can stuff the barrel with string, block or sheet cheese and it warms up on the inside and you squirt it on the crackers or vegetables or whatever. >> sucking back cheese and frosty's. the new year is going to be something. cheers to the new year. let's get it on.
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into dc area shelters this winter if a bill is approved. the mayor is purring for legislation that require people to show two documents that prove they live in dc in order to use the city's homeless services. this is all in an effort to keep those services for the people who live here. now, bowser said this is in response to over crowding at shelters. advocates said it will leave people vulnerable. >> we need to change the situation. that is not real. what is real is sleep ing on the ground because you're from another city. downtown make sense. >> bowser is urging the council to pass the bill before the end of the year. it's not clear if the dc council is going to vote on the bill. an unusual call for help in saint mary's county, maryland. >> the sheriff's department
5:47 pm
store. yeah, it's the black friday beaver checking out the holiday deals inside of an artificial christmas tree. you know, it was just doing some browsing. animal control responding. they safely captured the beaver after he made a little bit of a mess and released it to a while life rehabilitator. >> did he leave some things behind? >> hopefully they are able to bring him this first batch of rain is going to stay north and west of dc. this is moving that way. i'm thinking at 8:30, 9:00 (83) 090-0930 it will be 8:30, 9:00, 9:30 -- 8:30, 9:00 or 9:30 it will be here. dc south and east we are not done yet or out of it. the heavy rain in spots is generally staying north of us. a couple of sprinkles trying to get going towards fort washington. when you see the oranges and the reds
5:48 pm
an hour rainfall rates. heavy rain on i-70 and howard county up into frederick. you are hitting some heavy stuff especially north of the icc and the 370 up into frederick. very heavy rain and slow frederick into myersville. we are e looking at the heavy rain in western fairfax. this goes into hey market not quite manassas but, boy, it's close. going out 66 west of manassas there at 234 you are really going to run into some of that heavy stuff. this goes down to almost to warrenton. with that in mind, even though that's slipping past us again more is coming. right now in town, 64. the dew points about 6 0 in late
5:49 pm
joint base andrews got to 70 earlier. they're still at 68. pax river 68. but where it's raining we are down in the low to mid 50s in many spots, closer to 60 when you get to gaithersburg and leesburg is 59. all of this on the north end of a very strong storm system that's been pounding areas deep in the south. we are seeing this and it's moving towards us. it's going to be a few more hours after midnight that we will clear out. we will be in much better shape by tomorrow. 40s and0s could get a couple of rumbles of thunder tonight but locally heavy downpours. tomorrow morning the 40s and 50s, breezy and chilly. dress for the 30s and 40s with the wind chill. we will be in the 50s in the afternoon. our high will be at midnight probably 60 or 61. look at -- looking at the next three days, 51 on friday, blustery and chilly on saturday. navy is home. they have the aac championship action going on there. ravens home sunday and
5:50 pm
get this, when one montgomery county lieutenant first joined the department the cost of a new car was just under $2,000. >> now after 61 years the lt is retired today as the longest serving law enforcement member in all of maryland. stephanie ramirez reports from his good-bye ceremony. >> his family tells us at 6 years old thomas said he wanted to b grew up. after open heart surgery his wife told us the lieutenant's dedication never faltered. >> it was 6 years ago when he underwent 4 hours of surgery and just opened his eyes. peggy jaycock said her husband asked about work. >> it's all about his job and i love that. >> at 84 years old lieutenant thomas jaycock handed in his gun and badge after six decades with the montgomery county police department. his thoughts looking back. >> well, i liked the job.
5:51 pm
going out and doing something else so here i am. >> he started in 1955 as a patrol officer in what was then a small town named bethesda. some other wow, he started when disney land opened, before playdo and before fidel castro came to power. the joke was he couldn't retire until after castro was gone. department. >> donald brooks has been retired for 25 years now. he's a former police chief who holds the second largest time with the department. >> jaycock said i bailed out early. >> his colleagues said he's respectful and demands respect. the lieutenant said his own piece of advice to rookies. >> if they like the job learn how to do it and watch what you're doing out there. >> now, this isn't a complete good-bye to the lieutenant. on
5:52 pm
county police department. at police headquarters, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> now wusa 9's game on sports with frank hammerhand brought to you by xfinity. >> it's no secret the nfl is very strict with its dress code. players get fined all the time for not following the rules when it comes to t-shirts, pants and footwear on the field. in today's inside the red this week is different you will see a variety of cleats for an important reason. >> what players wear on their feet could make or break a performance. one thing is clear for week 13, the cleats will have an impact far beyond the field. >> every week nfl players wear the same uniform mandated by the league. a change comes with a fine.
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>> you have an opportunity to showcase those cleats and bring awareness to whatever it is that you're doing, which is a great thing. >> davis will honor his foundation for the arts during his my cause, my campaign. >> kirk cousins will wear from for the justice commission that protecting people from trafficking, slavery and stwault. -- sexual assault. >> they are creating justice in a legal system for places that don't have one. it's powfu the people they rescued. >> garcon will help balls for his helping hand foundation. >> we are going to help out from building basketball courts in a church to playgrounds and help rebuilding schools in haiti. we are not dedicated to one area or one location. we just help out anywhere that we feel that we can provide a need. >> i'm wearing some cleats that's going to represent all the hbcu's around the country. i want to rock those and do a little bit of something
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>> the nfl said so far about 500 players will wear the customized cleats. in ash burn, diane roberts, wusa 9 sports. >> greet stuff from -- great stuff from the redskins. >> they care about what is happening off the field. coming up at 6:00, the university of maryland takes steps to head off a more violent attack than the one this week. >> up next, a young boy bakes
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a st. louis area family adopted a 5-year-old boy from china 2 years now. now he's put his mind to work on how adopt a new brother. his story. >> we need this too. >> this lesson is being played out across thousands of homes this holiday season. >> there you go. just pack it down as tight as you can. >> a mom teach to bake cookies. >> brown sugar, milk and vanilla. >> these cookies are not your typical christmas treats. they have extra love baked into every bite. >> i'm trying to do something to get my brother. >> so there's a little boy in china who is almost 5 so he'll be the same age as nick was when he came home. >> two years ago they traveled to china adopt isaac.
5:58 pm
a special needs child with spine that bifida. >> he wanted to try to enter to wise the prize money for a baking show on tv to win the prize money to adopt his brother. >> it's on his heart and it toughed me. i said let's make cookies and see if you can sell cookies and he thought that was a great idea. >> of course any successful businessman knows that you need to advertise. >> he and ie doing. we posted it to our neighborhood facebook site. >> and the community where the schaefer's live responded. boy, did they ever. >> i made a double batch thinking i'll freeze some cookies. we got -- >> nine batches later we are still kind of going. >> we haven't filled all the orders yet. we are still working on it. >> learning how to bake cookie s is not the only thing being taught in the kitchen. >> adoption brings families and
5:59 pm
that few other things do. it's a neat way that draws people together and it's a really cool thing to be a part of. we are really excited to go get our new family member, to meet him and to introduce him to everybody that helped him come home through buying some of isaac's cookies. >> those cookies look great. the schaefer's hope to travel to china the spring to get his little brother. isaac plans to continue to sell as many cookies as he can t right now at 6:00, the new tool that will help reduce police response time in a shooter starts to attack on the university of maryland. >> also coming up, prosecutors reach a decision on whether to charge a charlotte police officer involved in a deadly shooting that sparked days of protests. >> and president-elect donald trump makes a major announcement about his business holdings as he introduces two more members of his cabinet. good evening. i'm leslie foster. >> i'm bruce johnson.
6:00 pm
storms moving into the dc area. howard berstein is tracking the rain on live first alert doppler. >> nothing heavy but some downpours and gusty winds and even a rumble of thunder. all of that has been generally west towards washington. the stuff towards roanoke we have to watch this evening. look at all the orange and reds north and west of us. these are torrential downpours. rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches an hour. you can see it across montgomery, fred i can and into howard counties. the heaviest stuff is off to the south. you can sigh everybody getting hit hard. a lot of rain up in frederick county as well. here's the heaviest stuff into tyson's corner and clay from fairfax just tweeted me a big gust of wind. we could have 30 to 40 miles for hour gusts toward tyson's corner.


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