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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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suspects wanted in the shooting of two men in northeast dc. this was the scene in north capital avenue northeast, just a short time ago, and one of the victim was not conscious when police officers arrived. police say they are looking for five or six suspects, and no word yet on the identities of the men who were shot. >> new tonight, fairfax county police reported the arrest of a
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his girlfriend on fire. 56-year-old lewis edward reader. thanks to a tip, he was taken into custody in richmond. last month he set on fire his livein girlfriend, 64-year-old delores williams. she died yesterday from her injuries. tonight we now know that metro was aware of the problem that caused this summer's train derailment for years before the accident. deteriorating railroad ties, near the ea on inspection reports in 2013. garrett haake is live to tell us about a newly released report about the accident, and garrett it will get a lot of attention tomorrow. >> reporter: yes. metro's gm and the head of the ntsb will be on capitol hill for a hearing about metro's safety. this shows they missed a hazard under its nose due in part to its own culture.
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line train derailed in july, investigators quickly focused on the deteriorating railroad ties as a likely culprit. they didn't have to look far for clues. 15 deteriorating rail ties appeared on inspection reports as far back as 2013. the track section was never closed or restricted inspectors said in interviews in part because supervisors discourage the calling for any repair work that some inspectors feared retaliation for raising red flags. the g.m. addressed that today. >> if i get anything from an employee that raises issues like that, i make sure that's addressed immediately. >> reporter: investigators all but accused track inspectors of falsifying the ors by copying old ones rather than conducting new measurements in one case. the investigators noted over a 3-year period the inspector's
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how did your measurements stay the same if your ties are worse and worse the investigators asks? in another interview they ask if they were told to copy off the report or if the inspectors do that on their own. both was the response. the union said unless it changes, metro will not to meet its challenges. the cost of the derailment is over $150,000, not small change for the cash-strapped metro agency. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> neighbors turned out in a show of force against recent violence. >> they are taking action after several driveby shootings and a murder on thanksgiving, and mol a says they are fighting back
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? [music] ? >> reporter: -- when people stand together to take back their community. >> we need to show the bad guys we are not afraid. >> we have a responsibility to protect our kids and family members. >> reporter: this candle light walk comes after recent crimes including shootings and a murder on thanksgiving night when 44-year-old tomas vazquez was shot twice in the stomach. these three men >> i feel responsible for the community. >> reporter: meg carroll gets emotional because she has invested her life in the neighborhood. >> i was an officer here for 21 years, and i know what the community was like, and it was common place to have shootings, and it was common place to have an open air drug market. >> reporter: but in the last 5 years georgetown south has seen a transformation a drop in crime and fear until vazquez's murder. >> my father-in-law was a hard working person, and he never
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>> it broke my heart to see his wife, because all she said was we never expected this. >> reporter: he lived in the neighborhood for 17 years, raising his family here, convincing his son and daughter- in-law to buy a home here. >> he encouraged me to keep my hopes up to fight for the community, and he never wanted to get out of here, and today, honoring my father-in-law, i'm going through a lot of pain in my family, but mo could be my neighbors or my sister or my cousin. >> reporter: and because the next victim could be anyone, if will take everyone. >> together i believe we can make a difference. we have to love each other no matter what color or race you are. in god, we are all family. ? sleep in heavenly peace ? >> reporter: in manassas, mola
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he kicked off the victory tour for parts of the nation it came on the same day he toured a heating and air-conditioning manufacturer in indiana where he negotiated a deal to save hundreds of jobs for going to mexico. kenneth craig reports. >> reporter: during the first stop on his victory tour, president-elect donald trump announced a key cabinet pick. >> mad dog! [ cheers ] as defense. >> reporter: the retired marine general. james is known for his batter field experience in iraq and afghanistan. >> they say he's the closest thing to general george patton we have, and it's about time. >> reporter: the president- elect was back in ohio, and this time not asking supporters to vote for him, but thanking them for their vote. john milo said he is happy so far. >> he's picking more business people where business people should be.
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>> reporter: supporters here at the rally in cincinnati said they are pleased mr. trump is making good on one campaign promise, keeping jobs in the united states. >> reporter: some of the jobs at carrier company will still move to mexico. >> he stood up for us from the get go. no one else would. >> reporter: mike pence explained to scott pelley why mr. trump ul workers. >> the change in their business policies was set into motion many months before he secured the nomination. >> reporter: indiana is offering carrier $7 million in tax incentives, and mr. trump promise the lower corporate taxes and fewer regulations. kenneth craig, cincinnati. >> now back to the department of defense issue, for the senate to confirm the post, congress has to first pass
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that prohibits retired military officers for becoming defense secretary within 7 years of leaving active duty. he retired in 2013. the obama administration has announced support for requiring women to register for the military draft. the white house says because barriers to military service is being removed t makes sense for women to register just like men, but a spokesperson says the obama administration remains committed to >> we are a lot colder than we were at this time last night. temperatures down 10 to 20 degrees. we are sitting in the 40s, and we do have a little bit of a windchill. the winds are not as strong as they were. locally, down to 48 at national. 38 in manassas. the winds are calm, and clinton 45, and on the bay, north bay is sitting at 40. what you need to know for friday, like today, it will be chilly, dry, and breezy again, and in the morning, windchills
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then in the afternoon, even though it will be sunny, gusts of 25, and we will have windchills in the 40s. the weekend coming up in a few. thank you, howard. emergency officials found another body in the ashes of the wild fires in east tennessee. that brings the death total to 11. a 24-year-old man is accused of deliberately setting a fire in mid-november, one of several people charged in setting the tennessee. in prince george's county a grand jury indicted police officer juan hernandez on charges of misconduct in office and second-degree assault. hernandez is accused of using his patrol car to knock down an unarmed man. he was responding to a call about a man with a gun. he's been on suspension for the incident since june.
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old jacob christopher fairfax from leonardtown. he was last seen yesterday at home. he is with another 14-year-old, haleigh ann wok. she's currently reported missing through the prince george's county sheriff's office. the school district in akamak county, virginia, is considering whether novels are not appropriate for school use. a parent said it's not appropriate because they contain racial slurs. a committee including the principal and a librarian will examine the issue. you may not know his name, but his story inspired millions. how the man made history in the war on a devastating disease. could magic mushrooms deal with pain and anxiety?
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today we are reflect on the extraordinary progress we have won. we give thank the heroes on the front line, and we get back out there. tomorrow we can do this. long after i leave this office, you will have a partner in me. >> delivering his final world aids day message, president obama making a promise to keep up the fight. >> one of those heroes lost his battle many years ago, and people from around the area and to pay tribute. ellison barber takes us to congressional cemetery in southeast dc. >> reporter: this is the congressional cemetery. as you walk you will pass 67,000 graves and you will quickly notice there's one that is rarely without flowers or some sort of momento. leonard matovich died in 1989. his grave has flowers, stones,
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are not all like this. he's special. >> i had to come forward and say no more america. >> since their inception, the military forces have had an absolute ban on homosexuals, and now a decorated vietnam veteran is challenging that. >> i knew it was big, and it was important. >> reporter: michael bedwell was one of his closest friends. >> although in stopping the law, he raised people's consciousness in a way that it had never been done before, and as many years as it took more to actual eliminate the ban, he got that started. >> reporter: the air force discharged him in 1975, and he became a symbol for gay america. >> he had fought for his country, nearly died for his country, and yet they were denying him his equal rights.
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friend to bedwell. >> we have roommates in two different cities, and that was until his death in 1988. >> reporter: when he was diagnosed with aids, he told the world. >> this is not the parade i want to lead, but i have it, and i don't know how long i have to live. >> reporter: bedwell stayed by his side. >> by the time he did pass, he had lost a great deal of weight. >> reporter: there's a big ceremony beside his grave. today on world aids day, there's no fanfare. perhaps that's fitting. he died from complications of aids, but he's not remembered because of how he died. he's remembered for how he lived. >> we need to never forget. we need to know our heroes. >> reporter: on capitol hill, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> and while fewer people are dieing from hiv and aids, the
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there's still gaps in prevention, testing and treatment, and they hope to close them by 2030. one way they want to do that is by making self-testing kids widely available. doctors report some impressive results in using a drug to treat cancer. it's the active ingredient in certain mushrooms. doctors at nyu and john hopkins followed 80 patients for 6 months, and the drug produced rapid and lasting reduction of depression and anxiety in 60% to 80% of the patients. >> the idea was that drugs, which were known to introduce mystical stages of confidence, would help the people. >> the drug remains banned except for research, but the fda may soon approve a larger study.
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of modern medicine. she died from cancer more than 50 years ago, but while she was being treated at john hopkins hospital, some cells were taken from her, and although they were taken and used without her consent, they have led to numerous break throughs in fighting cancer and polio. >> when the story was first told, it amazed people all over the world. and to amazingly beautiful portrait that really spells out her significance and to be able to have it permanently in city hall. >> her cells are continuing to live on and help with countless discoveries in 2011 morgan state university awarded lax posthumously awarded her with
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switched on during this evening. it's the first lighting upgrade at niagara falls in more than 20 years. it will provide twice the lighting levels and more robust color options, and it's nice to take a stroll there at night. it's a cool place. >> have you been there before? >> long time ago. >> you have to go. if you haven't, it's one of the cool things, and you're just in awe of what is happening, and nature, and just the power of the water. >> but about now, the air. >> it is occasionally cold in winter. we have a chill in the air right now, and december is here. we should be on the chilly side of life. the 3-degree guarantee time. we poked up to 63, and oh, that was a close one. but we made it. 20 of the last 22. forecasting the 3-degree guarantee. temperature of 52 for friday.
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upper 40s for manassas. and winds got calm here, temperatures dropping quicker. where the winds are up, air mixes more, and still chilly. 41 in winchester, and 20s and 40s in the mountains, and no problems on the weather camera. in town, 48, and winds are calm. the temperature is going to be dropping off. the river is still in the upper 40s, and in town, we will stay close to 40, and we will be in the low to mid-30s for many of the suburbs tomorrow and weather headlines, our winter started today. not the astronomical winter. it's a few weeks away. the nighttime low in the 30s for the most part. could see a shower by monday. tuesday will be a wet day, and we don't go that far with the yellow weather alerts, but i'm sure tuesday will be one. temperatures tomorrow, 30s for madison and chicago, and only low 40s in pittsburgh, and low
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air starting to filter in, and we can make snow at the ski areas, and that's good, especially at night. the cold pattern, the cooler pattern is going to be lingering here, and here we are friday afternoon, and sunny, breezy, cold, and we will take you to saturday, no big changes there, and we will watch showers for the deep south, lower mississippi valley, and high pressure will block it initially, and some of the clouds here by sunday afternoon, and some of the moisture will sneak in later monday, and again tuesday, that's the next best chance for forecast tonight, in the 30s. some windchill in the 20s, and west, northwest, winds 5 to 10, and some areas will be calm. tomorrow morning, breezy and cold, and 30s and 40s, and windchills may be in the 20s early, and then in the afternoon, breezy and 48 to 54, and dress like it's in the 40s. some gusts to 25. that's what the windchills will be in. saturday, breezy and chilly. 49, and a few more clouds sunday afternoon, and for the
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the ravens' game with the dolphins on sunday, it should be fine. that's the cold rain on tuesday, and maybe showers later on wednesday, ahead of the next front, and thursday, i say blustery, but it could be raining too, if the storm system slows down. >> you have to get used to that. >> it's december. >> all right, let's talk about the nats, they are trying to make it to the world series, or at least the championship series. could the national league all star be joining the nats to fill which speedy outsider do they have their eye on?
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so the caps are at home tonight, facing the last place islanders, and they are a team coming off the big win against the penguins, big night for 2014 first round draft pick, jacob verano. washington holding on through two scoreless periods, and it all falls apart in the 3rd. new york with the broken play, breakaway, prince into the net,
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scramble and then the goal, and brock nelson wins the battle. the scoring would not end there for the visitors. shamira scored putting the caps in a deeper hold. washington going on to lose their 7th of the season. dmitri assuming responsibility for the breakdown on defense. baseball is quiet, but not on the trade front. washington post reporting the nationals may be interested in tr it would allow for trey turner to move back to his original position of shortstop from the outside. the discussions will likely continue at the baseball winter meetings next week. a big trip across the country for the burgundy and gold, and wehave a couple of guys to tell us about the showdown that awaits. >> we are getting set the redskins in arizona on the road, and 4:25, and they were one win away from the super
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what happened? they are only 4-6-1. >> that's what is good for us. carolina, and i had arizona last year, they didn't even show up. guess what? they have not showed up since. it's a game we can win, and it's at their place, and they probably are under fire. everyone is hot and pressured, and the redskins, we will see how mature they are if they can take care of business. we have the players to do it, and arizona, we thought had the players to do it, and either way, they are redskins, you guys, your playoffs have begun, and they have begun, you are not getting to the playoffs, you are in the playoffs, and it starts on sunday. >> defense has got to play better, and they allowed 31 points against dallas, and kurt cousins your guy for november. can he lead them against arizona? we shall find out sunday, 4:25 kick out west.
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>> good game. tonight fifth ranked maryland women basketball on
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so outside of the white house, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> yeah, tonight, president obama lit the national >> three, two, one! [ cheers ] >> merry christmas, everybody. >> eva longoria joined the first family and she was the emcee for the night that included kelly clarkson and garth brooks among others, and president obama reminded the crowd to be on their beth behavior this holiday season.
11:31 pm
hungry and the downtrodden, and of course to love one another, even our enemies and to treat one another the way we would want to be treated ourselves. >> and this marks the final time that mr. obama and his family will carry out this holiday tradition. >> it certainly felt like that. >> yeah. >> it felt like christmas. >> a little chill in the air. windchills tomorrow morning in the 20s and 30s. dress for the 40s. highs in the 50s, and next
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: what? cbs wants me to promote what? a victoria's secret fashion show? look, with all that's going on in the nation right now, i just don't know if i have the time. i don't know if it's appropriate. look, you don't have to tell me, victoria's secret makes a i'm wearing a spangly thong right now. ( laughter ) look, i don't want to fight. i'll get back to you. what do i do? i've never been so torn! stephen! hello? >> stephen: adrienne, are you here to help me with my dilemma? >> yes, promote my show. >> stephen: i just don't know.


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