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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i'm tired of hearings and excuses. >> can these people be held accountable? >> lawmakers latched onto new findings by the national transportation safety board. in july a silver line train derailed outside of east falls church. in just released interviews employees practically admitted to not checking the distance between faulty rails. >> metro track inspectors were not conducting inspections. >> congressmen say it's a miracle that no one was hurt. metro's general m >> they hired two independent ecprosutors. that investigation is still open. i do not want to comment any further on that. >> the largest union of metro employees puts the blame on metro. it tells congress that workers are pressured to do too much. >> is there anybody that falsified records that should have been fired? >> is there anyone who falsified records that should have been fired? yes, there has been. >> in this latest case investigators found three years
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change, not even by a 16th of an inch. metro said it's leapt into action doing new inspections of similar tracks. they said they could do better conveying that to congress. >> we have to turn but that's what we have done and that's what we are doing. >> reporter: remember, this is a big deal to congress. about a third of federal workers commute by metro and it's also a big deal to metro. nearly half of federal government, $417 million worth. >> it's a big deal. congress is demanding more fedel oversight. some even suggest shifting the burden to the federal railroad administration. right now the federal transit association overseeing metro and some in congress think it's too small for that task. the federal rail administration is recommending sleep apnea screening and
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investigation into the deadly train crash in hoboken, new jersey after it was revealed the operator had sleep apnea. they want inward cameras in the cabs. one woman was killed when that train slammed into the station in september. president-elect donald trump spent the interviewing people. john bolen is the latest contending for secretary of state. he's completing with rudy giuliani, david petraeus and mitt romney. the president-elect said he will officially announce his pick for secretary of state on monday. he announced he choose james mattis to be his secretary of defense. a court in wisconsin turned
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supporters to immediately stop a presidential recount going on in that state. the court said a lawsuit against the recount can proceed. now, the suit contends the recount is unconstitutional and might not be finished by the december 13th federal deadline to certify the vote. michigan's attorney general filed suit today to stop the recount in that state. the green party candidate, jill stein, requested both recounts and a third in pennsylvania. a new jersey to -- judge denied a request into chris christie for the bridge gate. they said he contributed to the huge traffic jams. three of the governor's aids were convicted in that scandal. an administrators at ohio state university is being criticized for urging compassion for the somali-born student who injured 11 people in a car and knife attack before he was shot
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the assistant director urged them to stop sharing pictures of the attacker's dead body and for celebrating his death. thousands of people in gaithersburg, tennessee were allowed back in to see what is left of their homes. the wild fire killed 13 people and injured 80 others. it burned down ashley rad and her boyfriend lost their home. they didn't realize the neighborhood was on fire until they looked out the window. >> we saw an ember hit the tree. as soon as the tree caught on fire we ran out the front door with our cats. >> the couple had to climb into a neighbor's car to escape the flames spread inging -- flames
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gun that someone used to break into his house and killed him. >> debra alfrone has the story. >> this start ed ed around 6:00 p.m. on thursday night when a woman came to this house, knocked on this door claiming she was having car trouble. the homeowner sent her away. she came back a half hour later with an accomplice with a gun. >> i just heard like seven, eight or nine gunshots. >> when amber eely and delante jones c jones hit the homeowner in the head with his gun. the two fought and the homeowner used jones's gun on him. >> the cops were here. they were trying to get the guy -- they were doing cpr on him. they were trying to get him to hang with me, hang with me. >> surveillance video shows two more suspects left in a dark green honda. the people who live here say this never
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and everybody knows everybody. everybody takes care of everybody. it's just a nice neighborhood. >> officers from the cullpepper county sheriff's office were out here collecting evidence today. if you have any information that might help them they ask that you give them a call. in cullpepper debra alfrone, wusa 9. >> we have ways to contact the sheriff's office on our wusa 9 app. authorities are searching for three police impersonators who assaulted and robbed a pregnant woman in maryland. she was driving from her home to norfolk, virginia. she was pulled over by what she thought was a police car on snow hill on maryland's eastern shore. those men got away with the women's purse, her jewelry and at least one of them had a gun. good news and bad news tonight for the washington monument. for folks hoping to get a tour there that is. the good news is that billionaire david rubenstein agreed to
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the elevator that keeps breaking down. the bad news, the park service expects that work to take 2 and a half years. the bottom line and this comes straight from the park service, they don't expect to reopen the monument until cherry blossom season in 2019 at least. coming up, a man rescued from the oven vent of a pizzaria facing some burglary charges. >> up next a downtown building collapses trapping two people beneath the rubble. >> yeah, we got some chilly breezes tonight. ok dry weekend but i'm already tracking our next chance for rain and i'm watching some arctic air that will be here for the weekend.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad.
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military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. the crash that killed a brazilian soccer team has been suspended. the pilot reported running out of gas shortly before the plane crashed into the columbia mountain side killing 71 people on monday. columbia's president is calling for charges against everyone involved.
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kerry said he exchanged idea with russian foreign ministers on how to stop the fighting in aleppo, syria. they held talks in rome. more discussions are set for next week. today secretary kerry went and visited pope francis. nelson mandela's dream to sponsor a children's hospital came true. a children's hospital opened today. it was funned by donations from the bill and melinda gates foundation and the kellogg foundation. started with pepperoni dreams and ended with handcuffs. a guy who firefighters rescued from a pizza shop vent in new york is now facing charges. >> someone reported a man smz yell ing yelling for help and they found richard grant stuck in the vent that led to the shop.
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burglary. coming up, dozens of young dc football players are headed south after reaching their fundraising goal. >> first, police officers stop shaving as a way to pay tribute to their fellow officer killed
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today marks one year since the san bernardino terror attack that left 14 people dead and 22 otrs through the city of san bernardino in memory of the victims. it's just one of the many services to honor those killed. despite a deadlock the jury said it's prepared to resume deliberations monday in the case of a former south carolina charleston police officer charged with killing an unarmed black man. the jury announced it was stuck, 11 voting for conviction and one hold out.
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willing to keep at it the judge said it would be improper to declare a mistrial at this point. michael slager is accused of shooting walter scott in the back following a traffic stop in april of last year. a bystander reported the shooting on his cell phone that shows slager firing as scott ran away. police in san antonio are growing out their beards in honor of their fallen colleague. >> he was one of dozens of shave november to raise money for cancer awareness. well, now officers have declared it no shave december to help detective marconi's legacy live on. >> it looked pretty cool on him. this is just our way of paying tribute to our fallen brother. any money that we raise this month will go to ben's family. >> a lot of guys that at first didn't participate in it decided to participate as well because
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for going to him. >> police raised $30,000 for cancer awareness and now they hope to raise more for the detective's family. three police officers went above and beyond the call of duty and gave back to the family that had been recently burglarized. two weeks ago people broke into the romero's galveston, texas home many valuables including the children's xbox. the officers put their money together and bought them a brand new xbox. >> it's unfortunate when she's working for her kids. >> she felt it. you could see it in her eyes. >> we are people and we have hearts. >> the picture with the officer with the family holding the xbox has reached 17,000 people on facebook. so in less than an hour
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lifetime. >> the beacon house football league raised enough money and that's a lot of money, to send all their teams to the championships in orlando, florida. our bruce johnson joins us now live from northeast washington where the players are starting to gather. hey, bruce. >> reporter: leslie and adam, we are as excited as all the parents and coaches and the players too. i have with me here house, donald robinson. we have gotten the money, over $70,000. >> yeah. >> reporter: okay. so all of the kids will be going. >> all of them will be going and all the coaches and people that we need to have there will be going . >> reporter: we are talking about three bus loads. >> yeah. we are taking over 105 people. >> reporter: what time do you leave? >> around 7:30 or 8:00. >> reporter: we will be
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7:00. you worked for to dc government as a schoolteacher, the juvenile jail and you left that to start beacon house. you tell me that you're saving lives here. what are you talking about? >> we are saving lives. when i first got in this was one of the biggest drunk cultures in the country. kids were dropping out of school on the elementary level, junior high and high school level. they were not thinking about finishing high school. i sta community ministry and i started to feed the kids in the evening after school. >> reporter: you told me that was the main attraction, they came here and they were hungry. >> i was trying to teach a study hall but they came to eat, not to get an education. when they started to do better in school they came for both the food and the education. >> reporter: i'm telling you guys what happens here with the mentoring, with the love, with the caring that you see going on with the kids is just
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>> yeah. we started out i was here a year and a half before i started the football program. i had a young man who went to mckinney high school, morgan state university and lives down the street and he decided he wanted to do a football program. yeah, man, come on. we found the money and bought the uniforms and everything. >> reporter: there's one lady who graduated from the beacon house program and second her entire check, over $2,000. >> yeah. she sentt get to florida, to orlando. we thank you for your contributions. more coming up in off script at 7:00. >> i can't wait to see it. i love the sign that's over bruce's shoulder that said together we got it. >> we'll hear a lot more from bruce at 7:00. >> thank you for making that possible. >> yeah. they'll have some florida weather we are not going to have florida weather here. >> 70s and 80s down in florida the last couple of days. >> dreamy.
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the coldest air coming next weekend. late this. coming week here. look at the capitol building over at national harbor. all lit up. looking good. boy, a nice night to be out there if you're bundled up. we are already down to 46. now with the wind gusting to 22 our wind chills are down in the 30s. it's chilly out there. barometer is falling and the air is dry. the dew point is only 29. looking at the temperatures in the mountains, really good in the 20s. we are at 46. winchester continues to be the coldest spot at 37. it still at the pax river naval air station. we are watching the clouds to our north and west. in the mountains look at this, the lake effect snow machine and rain machine, well, it's not cold enough. you can see the lake effect rain showers but the snow showers where it is cold enough and that cold northwestern wind is going to continue. it looks like a little lighter tonight but will continue during the day on saturday. we will have some wider winds into saturday night and sunday. sunday will will feature more clouds.
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monday it's coming from louisiana into arkansas, mississippi. that is what i'm expecting to be here on tuesday. so tuesday it's going to be rather wet around here. tonight the 30s, clear to partly cloudy, cold, wind chills in the 20s. tomorrow morning in the 30 s and 40s. the sun should be out but it will be bro send it -- breezy again. in the 40s to low 50s tomorrow, that's it. sunny skies but it is going to be breezy once again. keep temperatures in the 40s. monday maybe a shower. that's a real iffy maybe. 50. tuesday looks wet. just a raw ugly day, temperatures in the 40s. milder on wednesday. here comes the cold by friday. only around 40 with some flurries and maybe some snow showers. >> okay. >> all right. so listen you head out to the desert you need to have all your -- >> all your stuff ready. >> it's a big game but that's not going to be the case unfortunately for the redskins. one of their best offensive
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we'll tell you who. there he is.
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high school football big one tomorrow. south lake in the state's 6a semifinals facing west field, the defending state champions. we spotlight south lake.
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them to win a state title that. play an up tempo offense. a tall task for west field at their place tomorrow. >> west field was the state champion last year and beat us in the second round of the playoffs that's understandable. this year making it this far is unbelievable. >> you can feel the energy here with even the people that don't play football, just as fans. >> i think once you believe in yourself and you believe you can go out individual battles then you play even that much harder because you're not concerned about the what ifs. you know what can happen if you do your best and that's what we try and focus on. >> just the fact that it's a winner go home game makes it that much more special. one of the better stories in college football this season just up the road in annapolis where 9-2 navy plays in their first ever conference title game against temple tomorrow. did you know that in november the
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points a game? they do what navy does, attacking the ground game. a big advantage, they play at their home turf tomorrow. >> playing at home has always been great for us. our fans, the support, the brigade, you know, we have a winning streak at home. we were hoping to play home and it's worked out. we are excited. redskins are going to go without jordan reed, the big tight end against arizona. reed one of the best play makers on the team out with shoulder. redskins will miss reed but thaw have some depth at that possession. they have to step up without him this weekend. >> they need every resource they can get. >> it's always something. something is always coming up . that's it for us tonight at 6:00. the cbs evening news is next. >> bruce will be here at 7:00 with off script. i'll see
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.>> pelley: the foreign policy upside down. in a break with long-standing u.s. diplomacy, the president-elect talks to the president of taiwan, a move sure to anger china. also tonight, the trump and clinton camps reopen their where white supremacists had a platform? are you going to look me in the face and tell me that. >> kelly, you did. >> really? >> pelley: the school tragedy that might have been. and steve hartman, a chance encounter with a cop changes a young man's life forever. >> and i noticed that it was a police car, and i was like, oh, okay i'm not going to move. i don't want him to think i have


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