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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now at 11:00, the sheriff in oakland, california fears dozens may be dead now after a raging fire at a rave in a warehouse party venue. >> the sheriff's office in spotsylvania county, virginia questioning the murder of a gas station clerk. >> and the young boy who grew out his hair to help a young
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of kindness. thanks for joining us. i'm debra alfarone. we start with a brutal attack inside a spotsylvania county gas station. police are calling the whole situation odd. tonight they're questioning a person of interest. this attack happened inside a sonoco station near fredericksburg, an hour and a half south of the district. the victim, a 54-year-old man. 50-year-old david junior washington is b surveillance video captures the person police say brutally attacked the clerk just after 1:30 this morning. but they can't say if it definitively is washington in the surveillance photo. so far the victim's name has not been released and no motive has been given for this attack. we're expecting the worst. those words from first responders who are on the scene of this massive warehouse fire
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dead after flames broke out there during a rave last night. right now there are only nine confirmed deaths and could a recent investigation to code violations have led to this? a former firefighter says there's one thing that's certain tonight. some of the tragedy may have been preventable. matt joins us with more. >> the venue lacked exits and it was full of combustible items along with other hazards. as for the bodie and need to be cut to the wreckage. it will take time due to the severity of the damage. >> reporter: flames ripped through the converted warehouse and performance space in oakland friday night. with as many as 100 people inside for a rave. bob was there when he got separated from his friend as they tried to escape. he suffered minor burns to his arms and hands. >> there's been flames shooting
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>> reporter: fire officials believe many of the victims are under 30. nine are confirmed dead. officials said dozens more could be. family and friends gathered at the staging area. >> i want to go over there. if my brother is there, i want to find him. >> the former firefighter and wusa 9 reporter thinks some of the tragedy was preventable. based on photos taken from inside the warehouse sometime >> what do you see there that concerns you? >> enormous clutter, heavy fire load. there's a lot to burn there. >> reporter: he also noted there were no visible exit signs and no ceilings to slow down the growth of the fire. according to officials there did not appear to be a sprinkler system and the only way out was a make shift stairwell made out of pallets. >> if the fire goes up the stairwell, it's going to funnel to where everybody is on the second floor.
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bodies were found there. >> we don't know how the fire began but police do not think it was started intentionally. the city started investigating whether people were living in the warehouse illegally about three weeks ago but had not confirmed it yet. >> thank you so much, matt. two police officers and one firefighter were injured while putting out a massive fire in cambridge, massachusetts. fortunately they're all expected to be okay. the fire that started in the building, witnesses say is under no buildings. no word yet on what caused the fire. here in alexandria, virginia an 82-year-old person died today in a house fire. firefighters arrived at the home on logan court to find heavy smoke and flames. they found a man inside the home and they started cpr. he later died. we're told an electrical issue caused that fire. it was one year ago today that a drunk driver struck
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noah leotta, killing him. trees were dyed in the neighborhood to honor him. he was working a special dui assignment on rockville pike when 47-year-old relusco slammed in to him. he pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter and received the maximum sentence of 10 years. noah's law is named for the officer. it requires a person convicted of certain alcohol-related offenses to participate in the president-elect donald trump's conversation with taiwan's president on friday is still causing controversy this weekend. trump is the first president or president-elect to speak with the taiwanese leader since diplomatic relationships with the country were cut in 1979. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump's 10-minute conversation with taiwan's president friday led china to lodge a diplomatic protest with the u.s. diplomatic ties with
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after the u.s. formally recognized beijing as china's sole government but taiwan and the u.s. still maintain unofficial relations. mr. trump tweeted the president of taiwan called me today to wish me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you. and interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory call. some experts say the u.s. needs to rethink i taiwan. >> our policy right now is not sustainable. what we're doing is undermining a friend of free society to help an author therrien state that attacks our values. taiwan is strategically important. >> reporter: trump's former campaign manager kelly ann conway declined to answer questions about the phone call. >> the president-elect spent most of his day at trump tower. he still needs to pick half his cabinet including his nominee for secretary of state.
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court case for statewide recount of pennsylvania's presidential election ballot. green party presidential candidate jill stein has spearhead adrecount effort in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. president-elect donald trump narrowly won over hillary clinton in those states. we're switching gears now and it is going to be a chilly and dry finish to the weekend. howard bernstein says there's some chances for showers next week. >> yeah, in fact they could be here by watching a weak system. you think it's cold now, by friday, saturday, it's going to be the coldest year of the season. a lot of clouds coming across us tonight. that's going to tend to keep a little bit of a lid on temperatures falling too far. we still have a little bit of a breeze. winds have been up for days. 42 in town. 20s in the mountains. lots of 30s locally. it's been all over the place
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clinton. centerville, 39. manassas the cold spot at 37. but a little bit of a wind chill as well. what you need to know for sunday. well, it's going to be mostly cloudy and cold. even cloudier than today. then i think it's going to keep temps in the 40s for the most part. lighter wins thankfully, finally. and it does look like we'll have showers tomorrow night in to early monday morning. we'll see the 7-day forecast in a few. it's my favorite story of the day. a touching story abo boy giving back. we introduced you to 10-year-old thomas moore back in september and his story went viral. he grew his hair out to try to donate it to a cancer patient. but there's a twist. today he got the hug of a lifetime. wusa 9 has the story. >> reporter: this is a special moment. a moment of love and compassion. but to really understand the scope of this, we need to take it back.
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of hair. on this day in early september, he cut it all off. in an interview with wusa 9 two weeks later he explains why he did it. >> i just want kyssi to be happy. >> reporter: he's talking about kyssi andrews, a young girl battling cancer. he let his hair grow, then gave it away to this girl he didn't know. moore found out kyssi andrews passed away before the hair ever he spoke with kyssi's mother on the phone. >> she said if i could see you right now, she'd give me a big hug. >> reporter: that brings us to the first time thomas met kyssi's mom and she thanked for all he did. >> just to be able to meet him, to see his little face, to touch his hair, to know exactly what it feels like was one of the greatest joys. >> reporter: at the ceremony thomas was honored for all of his kindness and while the hair hasn't found a permanent home just yet, a possible patient is
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a small segment of the hair was also turned in to a doll for kyssi's family. renise cut the hair and said thomas is an inspiration. >> the story is so much deeper than hair, but also what thomas did is going to be able to help people. it's going to spread. >> reporter: as for thomas, he says he didn't do it for all the attention, but for one reason. >> i think every girl deserves to have long and beautiful hair. >> reporter: a 10-year-old boy with a big head of hair b >> the event was also the kick-off for a new charity called the rare harvest. started by the person who cut thomas's hair, the goal of the organization, to provide hair of african american heritage to those in need, something the founder says right now is not easily available. it was an early holiday surprise for kids in prince williams county. they got to shop with a cop. but as we're going to tell you
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more than buying toys. >> and everyone's favorite rez rez -- resident of the national
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here's a look at what's in the news right now. in cuba fidel castro's ashes have ended a four-day journey across the country to the eastern city of santiago. huge crowds gathered along the procession route shouting castro's name. today his brother president raul castro will hold a televised service. millions of people rallied in seoul, south carolina. they're demanding the outing of the woman extorting mother in favor of large companies and manipulate state affairs. this demonstration came hours after lawmakers formally launched an attempt to impeach
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good news on bae bae's road to recovery. zookeepers say the giant panda has gained four pounds since surgery to remove bamboo that was blocking his intestines. he'd stopped eating. he got lethargic. now keepers are saying he's running around with his mom and feeling much better. a volunteer spent this saturday helping a local veteran's family get in the holiday spirit. the charity called decorate a home in falls church. they put up the christmas tree, strung the lights, and spruced up the grounds to get the house holiday-ready. founder jeff jones started the charity seven years ago to combine his landscaping skills with his family's veterans affiliation. >> we do anywhere from three to 10 houses. this year we have six. it depends on how close they are and the amount of decorations
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and friends. really special for the kids. we're really happy about it. >> the charity says it tries to reuse the decorations but also receives about $3,000 worth of new decorations every year in the home depot foundation. police officers gave children in need the christmas they deserve today but the officers say the kids were the ones who gave them a gift. helicopter, santa claus. he flew in from the north pole this season. children were anxiously waiting. once inside the store the kids tell santa what they want for christmas. >> you want pokemon 2? i'll tell my elf to put it down on the list. >> reporter: all of these children come from families who
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santa? >> so great. >> reporter: the fraternal order of police, battlefield launch 43, sponsors santa cops. >> one of the most rewarding things is when you're walking around with these children and seeing some of the items they're picking out. yeah, they're picking out toys and bicycles but they're also picking out clothes. you'll see some of them getting winter coats because it might be the only opportunity for them to do so. >> i brothers and then a nerf gun. >> i got a [ inaudible ] >> i thought we were in trouble but we're actually shopping. it's pretty cool. >> reporter: at the restaurant the kids and police officers piled their plates high. in the next room, the volunteers wrap all of those presents. the kids will open them
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>> happy holidays! >> each child had $175 to spend and some officers generously chipped in their own money when some of the kids ended up going a little bit over budget. that's a sweet story. >> yeah. >> holiday shopping makes me feel like where's the snow? is it going to get cold? everyone is talking about snow in hawaii? >> yeah, this got a little play on social media today. people are headlines. it snows in hawaii. they've got mountains that are 13,000 feet and higher. it can snow in july there. very tall mountain on the big island. some winter storm warnings but this is not a rare unusual event. >> let's talk about here, shall we? not going to feel like hawaii. >> not for a long time. month of december is in. temperatures have fallen. we've got the coldest year of
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degrees. we did okay. we did okay. we did get in to the 50s. got up to 51. just one off. that's pretty good. 21 of the last 23. temps down in to the mid 30s. shenandoah county. we're sitting at 32 here. cambridge at 44. in the 20s in the mountains. the breeze continues to stay up. e the 20s and 30s. lots going on in the middle of the country. parts of the southeastern nebraska. there's an upper level storm continuing to pump this moisture off the pacific. galveston, texas, several and a half inches of rain today. that's their wettest winter day on record for galveston. rain moving in to alabama and georgia. they need this rain. lots of drought conditions down there. this is moving more east and toward us.
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of this tomorrow night. lots of clouds continue to stream across the region. mostly cloudy skies will be the rule tonight and sunday. we'll be cooler because we have less sunshine. temperatures mid to upper 40s. tomorrow night rain moves in. probably by 9:00, 10:00. that's snow up in pennsylvania. some areas in far western maryland and west virginia might see a little bit of sleet at the onset. this thing will be leaving pretty early monday. no alert unless it looks like it community. system number 2 quickly tuesday. rain developing by midday. notice in the mountains, wintery mix. could be sleet and freezing rain. afternoon commute looking ugly. look at the temperatures. minus 20s in alaska. some of this air will arrive here starting thursday.
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shower with the arctic front. 30s tonight, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. cold. 30s in to the 40s. lighter winds. even though we'll be mostly cloudy, the winds will be a lot less. as we head toward the afternoon, mid to upper 40s. cloudy and cold. thankfully light wind. on monday an early shower. mild. 54. tuesday a cold rain develops, mid 40s. wednesday will be the mild day before the 40s thursday only in the 30s for highs friday and saturday. >> get the hat, get the glove. hey, frank. >> how are you? >> i'm cold. >> not the way navy wanted to go out in their conference title game in football. looking for a major bowl for
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. navy football was looking to secure a spot in a major bowl for the first time since 1963, but they would have to beat
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but temple got off to a great start against the mids in annapolis. 20-yard pass here from quarterback phillip walker to wide receiver ventell bryant. puts the owls up 14-0. after a navy fumble, temple goes to the air again. temple just like that is up 21-0 at the start of the second. runningback. zach abbey leading navy to their only touchdown. a 1 -yard plunge. navy would fall 34-10 to temple in the championship. army-navy bowl is next in baltimore on saturday. again, final count, temple beating navy 34-10. dashing the mids' hopes. >> there wasn't a magic wand. they just hit us in the mouth.
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responded. normally we hit other people in the mouth and to temple's credit, they hit us in the mouth. it's like they hit us with an over hand right on offense and we couldn't respond. acc title game. virginia tech facing one of the top teams in the country in clemson, number 3 in the country are the tigers, gunning for the college playoff. this is why. clemson off to a fast start. scott down the left sideline. short of the goal line. that wou score, 7-0. later wide open touchdown here from the quarterback. a little pitch and catch right over the middle. the defense, 14-0. hokies would try to respond. now 21-7. clemson. jerod evans bulldozes in for a score. clemson leading virginia tech 35-28. got a close one in the 4th quarter. speaking of close, college hoops, maryland another good one
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state. oklahoma state has one last chance. they're going to push it. a little dribble drive here. a little hesitation. floater is no good. and check this out. is this before or after the buzzer? it's after the horn and maryland holds on to win 71-70. some hockey tonight down south in florida. caps trying to get out of a little funk. on the powery, scores. beats brayden holtby. backstrom, caps on the power play. backstrom would find the back of the net. we're tied up 1-1. in overtime we go to the shoot-out. tampa bay's boyle beats holtby. caps need to score to keep it alive. no mojo coming up here for marcus johannson. he's denied. tampa bay wins in the shoot-out final 2-1. caps do pick up a point.
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we wanted the two points. but i thought we did a good job in the 3rd period. we battled back. we tied the game. had more opportunity to score in the 3rd. our 3rd period was strong. it's been a while since the redskins played. back at it in arizona again tomorrow. redskins in the hunt for a wildcard. it could go a long way to cementing a spot in the playoffs. skins practiced in the dome out of redskins park. get used to the indoor facility they'll have at arizona. come forward 25 tomorrow, it's another redskins. >> we don't have a choice. we have to stay fired up. this is the time of year. you get 16 cracks at it. i think every game you have to be fired up to be a pro football player. that's what makes the good teams great and the not so good teams not good. the ability to play week in and week out. >> redskins actually an underdog in this one. in this one. >> you
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a chilly day tomorrow. we'll stay in the upper 40s. rain showers tomorrow night in to monday morning. it gets cold here. rain or snow shower thursday. then 30s for highs friday and saturday. >> well, let's take a look right now. want to leave you guys with some pictures. of course you know you can get updates any time on our wusa 9 app. i want to show you here, pictures from mcclain's annual raindology parade. peggy fox mc'edhe
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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it's a privilege to wear these colors. and we need to earn that privilege every day. >> and he's going to walk into a touchdown. >> we have the right men for the shot, let's ravens on three, one, two, three. hello everybody. thank you for joining us this week for the raven's report. i'm kristin bursett. the ravens currently sit on top the nfc with the steelers however they do hold the tie break. however these two will keep hold of each other until that


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