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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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also try crystals and packs. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, december 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a criminal investigation is launched into the oakland warehouse fire that killed at least 33. tinder box that the city knew was a problem. president-elect trump launches a twitter tirade against china. the rant comes just days after he broke a nearly 40-year policy dealing with china's neighbor taiwan. plus, an all-star gathering in washington to celebrate the kennedy center honorees. james taylor tells us how "sweet it is" to earn the recognition
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we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i don't know how many more people are left in there. we have no id.ea nodea how many people were in that building that night. we are expecting the worst and hoping for the best. >> the search continues for victims of a fire that killed dozens in california. >> the time it took me to get on my coat and my shoes, the entire wall was on fire. >> i have four friends that are still unaccounted for. >> my brother is there and i want to find m.hi the u.s. engineers are refusing to let the dakota pipeline cross the missouri river. >> prime minister is resigning after voters rejected reform in austria. >> donald trump making no jeez for his telephone conversation with the leader of taiwan. >> does this signal a change in pocy or wast i just a phone call? >> it was just a phone call at this point. >> trump tweeted that he had actually won the popular vote.
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voted illegally. >> it doesn't matter. i mean, he won the election. >> the midwest saw the first meabasurnole sw of these .ason temperatures dropping as much as 40 degrees in some places. >> it's so pretty out. >> in san antonio, the nose gear collaponsed a united airlines flight. >> there could be multiple impact. >> all that. >> tiger woods is ckba. it wasn't a sterling showing but he had his moments. >> for me to get back out here and play it felt good. >> wilson withrondng a it's graham for the touchdown. >> the panthers are about done. >> and all that matters. >> the last eight year, the white house has given aus a leader who is passionate and dignif ied. >> the biggest honors was for president obama. >> sir, i don't know why you stood up. i was talking about michelle. >> on "cbs this morning." >> this week, donald trump began what he is calling a thank you tour of the country. trump is holding victory rallies in all of the places that helped get him elected like ohio,
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headquarters. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ? welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off so josh elliott is with us. a criminal investigation is under way in the deadly oakland, california, warehouse fire. the fire started on friday duri building. the building containing artists studios may have been an illegal home for dozens of people. >> at least 33 people were killed and the final toll could be much higher. official have released the names of only seven of the confirmed dead. the victims are as young as 17 years old. carter evans is at the scene in oakland where firefighters will continue to search the burned-out building today. good morning, carter. >> reporter: good morning. authorities tell me that, so
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search about 40% of this charred building. so they are all but positive the death count will rise. still, they are hoping for the best, while preparing for the worse. we now know that flames engulfed this oakland arts collective building on friday night dozens of people were trapped inside. >> we are finding people throughout the entire square footage of that structure. >> reporter: one survivor says their fire virtually useless. >> it was like putting out a bonfire. we tried but trying to get many out of the space. >> reporter: many did not make it out alive and many may still be inside the burned-out two-story building. >> we found six group together and four group together. >> reporter: what does that tell you? >> we are looking at bodies on top of each other. the presumption is from the second floor fall. >> reporter: so they couldn't
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>> it does not appear they were able to get out of the second floor. >> reporter: video posted from inside shows a port going on just before the fire broke out. the warehouse had been converted into an eclectic live/work space for artists known as the ghost ship ps this is what is left. officials say they came to inspect the property last month. >> all that i know is that we were not able to gain access to the interior of the building. >> reporter: max orr lived at the artist collective for the past two years, and h friday's event. did you ever see any inspectors visit there? >> no, no. if there were, we would have let them in. >> reporter: who do you think should be held responsibility? >> ultimate it should fall on the property owner. they are the ones who gave us a space with messed up electricity and with no sprinkler system. >> reporter: oakland mayor, libby shaft. what about the owner of this building? >> by we assume that there are going to be many, many questions.
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to pull out every record that we have concerning this building. that is being done right now. >> reporter: well, we reached out to the building's owner and we have not heard back yet. the city confirms this warehouse behind me was never, never permitted as a residence. and, now, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms are assisting with this investigation. norah? >> carter, thank you. oakland fire battalion chief the scene. good morning, chief. >> good morning. >> reporter: chief, let me ask you, first, how is your community dealing with this massive loss of life? >> the community is reeling. it's been a really long on weekend. a lot of raw emotion. everybody is still scrambling for information. there seems to be, you know, less than a few degrees of
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400,000, everybody appears to know somebody that knows somebody. it feels very small town. >> reporter: you were inside the warehouse. can you describe the scene? >> i guess, yesterday, when i went into the building before we had started the recovery, it is a large warehouse space and if you can imagine a roof, a second floor, and a mezzanine all collapsing into with a huge amount of fire load and massive amount of stuff just on top of everything. small mounds and large mounds and, ncases, reaching almost to the rooftop and other areas. you could see, you know, pathways through. >> i missed all that, chief. can you tell us about the status of the recovery effort and the
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sure that we are not missing anything, so it is an arduous low process. once we remove debris and determine there is no body, we are able to move forward. the minute we find a body, all operations stop until that body has been extra indicated and given the green light to continue with our recovery operation. >> do you expect to find mor >> absolutely. >> do you have any idea how many people were inside the building? >> no. we are getting conflicting reports. we know there was an original rspv list for approximately 200. we have a report that is unconfirmed of just shy of a hundred people in the building and, at this point, we still have members of our community that are unaccounted for and
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center still loofg fking for lo ones. >> the best to all of you there. thank you. >> thank you. we are learning more about the victims. the seven people named so far by oakland officials range from 22 to 35 years old. mireya villarreal spoke with the father of one victim and she's at a memorial that is close to where the fire broke out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the last 48 hours, as rise, memorials like this one continue to grow. strangers, family and friends have left behind candles, flowers, and notes of love and support. sorting through the rubble, firefighters removed debris to look for victims. nearby, family and friends searched for answers. >> he would stay with his girlfriend. >> reporter: karen west has known micah says entire life and said the 28-year-old was performing that night.
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through any social media or phone calls. >> i don't know how many more people are left in there. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff sergeant ray kelly says a large portion of the building still needs to be searched. >> we have no idea how many people were in that building that night and we don't know how many got out of the that building. >> reporter: family members have been asked to preserve items like brushes and combs to help identify the dead through dna. >> this tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency. one of our deputies that we work with lost >> reporter: the victims are musicians, artists, and students. 32-year-old donna kellogg was a barista and studying for a degree in culinary arts in oakland according to "the san francisco chronicle." ? >> reporter: 35-year-old travis huff was a member of the oakland electronic band ghost of lightning. on facebook, his aunt wrote, there are no words for this
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>> reporter: randy whittenhoward needed to speak about his son chase. the 32 was bartending the night of the fire and his death was confirmed sunday night. randy says raising chase's stepbrother won't be easy. >> every time i see lee, chase is going to for the purpose right into my mind. it feels so painful right now. in the end, maybe it will be a blessing. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's deputy is now working to talk to the families here and delivering them the heartbreaking news. the coroner's office is also working to identify the 33 bodies that have been pulled from the rubble so far. it will take a lot of time to not only identify those body, but then release their names. josh? >> thank you. in our next half hour, david begnaud explores just how the fire in the warehouse spread so quickly. and you'll hear from someone who escaped the flames.
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the company building the dakota access pipeline is striking back after the army corps of engineers rejected part of the pipeline route. energy transfer partners released a statement calling the decision politically motivated and said the obama administration abandoned the rule of law in favor of curing favor with a extreme constituency. omar villafranca has the necks steps for the pipeline supporters and the opponents. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today. thousands of native americans and environmentalists camped up behind us and we are looking forward to a brutal north dakota winter. some of the protests turned violent but on sunday when people found out the construction had been halted, they celebrated. thousands danced, hugged and played instruments. >> hey! >> reporter: following sunday afternoon's decision.
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we still have to remain peaceful. that's what helped us win. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers is denying an easement allowing the four-state dakota access pipeline to cross under a portion of the missouri river, approximately a mile upstream from the reservation. the river is standing rock sioux's source for drinking water. in a statement, the army corps said they are now considering a different pipeline crossing further north. for months, t protesters camped out near the site with no plans to leave, despite freezing temperatures. and clashes with law enforcement that led to more than 500 arrests. energy transfer partners, the company building the pipeline, released a statement late sunday calling the decision purely politically. they said they have done nothing but play by the rules and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting.
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way. >> the people, they came and they saved our home. >> reporter: for tribal member jumping buffalo, the ruling is an emotional victory. >> this is my land. everyone's land. we are all from here. if doesn't matter what part of the country or the world you're from, you're welcome here. >> reporter: this fight may not be over. president-elect donald trump has voiced support for the his administration could overturn the corps's decision when he takes office. we reached out to mr. trump's transition team, but have not heard back. josh? >> omar, thank you. president-elect trump is shaking up u.s. foreign policy more than a month before he takes office. his phone call with taiwan's president touched off something of a weekend diplomatic fire storm with china and broke decades of presidential protocol.
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he questioned china about currency devaluation and trade deals with the u.s. and military expansion into the south china sea. major garrett looks at the mixed signals from the president-elect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. back story here. the u.s. government has for almost four decades followed a so-called one china policy. that means recognizing taiwan through defense contracts and informal contacts. but not as a separate government with its own diplomatic standing. well, when mr. trump accepted a call from some thought this might have been an inadvertent mistake but we learned the trump transition team spent some time arranging this call in hopes it would signal its willingness to challenge china diplomatically and economically and in the south china sea. >> was this a two-minute congratulatory call. >> reporter: on "face the nation" on sunday, incoming chief of staff reince priebus tried to downplay the president-elect's decision to take the call from taiwan's president. something no elected american
7:16 am
diplomatic relations were severed in favor of stronger relations with mainland china. >> this is not a massive deviation of our policy. but president trump has made it clear he is going to work with china, prc, to make sure that we have a better deal, that we have better trade agreements. >> reporter: the united states still maintains defense contracts with taiwan and late friday, trump tweeted this. interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment, but i should not at call? mr. trump's decision to speak to taiwan cast new light on his search for a secretary of state. and while mitt romney and rudy giuliani and senator bob corker and former cia director david petraeus continue to be the top contenders, others have emerged, including former ambassador to china jon huntsman and joe manchin and rex tillerson. early sunday, trump turned his
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the deal announced with carrier to save some 800 jobs from going to mexico. again via twitter. the president-elect issued a warning to companies thinking of taking their business elsewhere. any business that leaves our country for another country fires its employees, builds a new factory or plant in the other country and then thinks it will sell its product back into the u.s., he wrote, is wrong. the saga over secretary of state is likely to continue for days, as no consensus has emerged within mr. trump's inner circ this morning that former neurosurgeon and former rival to trump ben carson is named as secretary of housing and development. italy prime minister renzi says he resigning after the crushing defeat of a referendum. the headline in one italian. the vote against political reform may be the sign of rising anti-establishment sentiment in europe.
7:18 am
rome. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was a stunning loss for matteo renzi in the later of a string of populist upsets. the prime minister said the people are spoken and would turn in his resignation to the italy's president today. italian prime minister renzi wanted voters to choose c to decrease bureaucracy. his case wasn't convincing enough. i have lost, ed, and i say it outloud, although a with constitutional referendum early on which charlie rose asked him about on "60 minutes." >> it's become a vote about you and that is not good. >> yes. this was my mistake in the first days of campaign. i understand the mistake. >> reporter: the opposition celebrated the news. one of the loudest no voices was
7:19 am
fire stars. this in italy has continued the mood we have seen here and elsewhere in europe? >> yes. >> reporter: we asked this professor about this shock to the system. >> in general, uncertainty is something that the market doesn't like and here, there are a lot of degree of uncertainty. >> reporter: this crisis comes at a time of high unemployment and significant debt issues in italy. ac anti-establishment parties are watching this vote with elections coming up in france and down the road in germany. >> huge implications. seth doane in rome, thank you. aleppo, syria, faces a fight to the bitter end. that is ahead. first, it's time to check
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movie stars and music greats
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a cold blast takes aim at most of the country. ahead, see where snow is already
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will go. >> tomorrow morning, megan
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here is the reason, actually, that donald tweets so much. does he it to distract the media from his business conflicts and all of the very scary people in his cabinet. >> oh, that does make sense. >> very clever, sir. >> actually, that's not why i do what i do. i do it because my brain is dead. the president-elect trump. the target this time was his love for twitter and retweeting. well, it all got metta when mr. trump fired back with a tweet. while the show was still live. that's right. he called "snl" unwatchable and said alec baldwin's impersonation of him can't get any worse, sad. alec baldwin said release your tax returns and i'll stop. the third time the president-elect has hit back at
7:31 am
>> what do you think? >> i don't know. a lot of tweeting back and forth. sometimes it's just good to have a conversation? >> just watch the program and just enjoy it or not. >> or not watch it. >> but the very definition of metta to be sure. charlie, you were on the way back from italy. >> i missed all this. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, building inspectors knew the shous that burned in dangerous place. how the flames spread through the building so quickly even though firefighters responded in just minutes. >> plus the dangerous escape from syria's war zone. we are inside aleppo with civilians fleeing the fighting between rebels and regime forces. how the families and children displaced by the war is coping.
7:32 am
snow fell yesterday in chicago and the storm brushed iowa and wisconsin. the icy blast will start today in the northwest. temperatures could fall 20 degrees below normal in most of the lower 48 states. >> knoxville's new sentinel says the death toll from the gatlinburg wildfires climbed to at least 14. 1700 structures were damaged or destroyed last week. 134 people were injured. the fires are less than half contained. the times in new orleans stand your ground law after a former nfl player was shot to death. a vigil was held saturday for joe mcknight who was black. a white man admits killing him thursday during a traffic incident near new orleans. ronald gasser was released after questioning and faces no charges. "the washington post" reports a strange explanation from a man accused of firing an assault rifle in a d.c. restaurant. edgar welch of north carolina told police he was investigating
7:33 am
during the presidential race. the storm claimed hillary clinton and her campaign chief ran a child sex ring from the restaurant. welch is charged with assault and police say no injuries were reported. "the new york times" has prime minister abe will be the first sitting japanese leader to visit pearl harbor. the prime minister will join president obama at the hawaii naval base after christmas. they will remember the victims of japan's attack on the base 75 years ago. mr. obama is the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima. the oakland warehouse where a fire killed at least 33 people had been the subject of complaints for at least 12 years. building inspectors opened a new investigation just last month. david begnaud is at a fire station in oakland to show us the conditions that fueled a deadly inferno. david, good morning. >> reporter: josh, good morning. the building, the back corner of it is right over my shoulder. there was so much wood in that building, according to the people who were in there, it was
7:34 am
got here quickly. in fact, show you less than a block away that is the oakland fire department station number 13. these guys responded within three minutes! that is how quickly, how instantly the fire overwhelmed everyone inside. these photos show what the warehouse looked on the inside before it was destroyed. wood was everywhere. the walls, the ceiling, the furniture. and artifacts. >> that place, for how beautiful and lovingly cure rated it was, marshal's nightmare. >> reporter: chris was in the bathroom when someone yelled fire. >> i'm lucky to be alive. the speed with which it occurred, just really extraordinary. >> reporter: the warehouse was known as the ghost ship. it was two stories tall with no sprinklers or smoke alarms. visitors on tell cbs news the upper floor contained a stage and event space. there were two sets of rickety stairs that let to the bottom level which apparently was used
7:35 am
there that looked like they were being lived in. >> reporter: in november, the city received two complaints from neighbors about hazardous trash and renovations at the building. when inspectors showed up they found piles of garbage but couldn't tell if people were living there because they claim they were unable to get inside. ? >> reporter: derrick ion and his wife micah led the ghost chip collective artist. in a since deleted facebook post he wrote, everythin hard for is gone. blessed that my children and micah at a hotel safe and sound. >> things that i witness in that space caused me to -- of grave concern. >> reporter: one time family friend danielle budro attended parties at the ghost ship and raised red flags about the conditions there. what did you witness there? >> cat feces everywhere. just deplorable conditions and trash up to your waist.
7:36 am
have had a seem of producers looking for the person who owns building build this building. i knocked on her door but nobody answered. her daughter told the "los angeles times" they didn't know people lived in the building and thought it was used by artist as a work space. the criminal chief prosecutor here is currently looking at who could be charged criminally. >> david, thanks. the united states and russia begin talks this week on the fighting in aleppo, syria. russian's foreign mini forces from the city. russian-backed air strikes in southwestern syria over the weekend killed more than 70 people. debora patta is in aleppo where government troops moved further overnight into rebel-held neighborhoods. >> reporter: good morning. fight to take back aleppo is intensifying. a syrian army general tells us it is a fight to the bitter and enif opposition fighters refuse
7:37 am
to take on foot to cross over into government-held aleppo. they were fleeing the barrage of art tillery and air strikes hitting their neighborhoods. smoke billows in the distance. another one has been hit. omar fled down that same road with her five grandchildren. their father was killed two months ago by a bomb. we were terrified, she told us. we just wanted the stop. they now share a room. it's safe for now. but her grandchildren constantly ask where their father is. so many children in this camp have horror stories to tell. aide workers drive to make life more baeshl for them by encouraging them to yell songs at the top of their voices to relieve the stress. but erasing the memories of four years of suffering is not going
7:38 am
this woman should know. she is 100 years old and deaf. poor syria, poor syria, she cries, my heart is broken for syria. she never imagined her final years would be spent like this. with the syrian and russian forces bombing day and night, we can expect many more civilians like the ones we have spoken to to attempt the dangerous crossing from the rebel-held government-controlled side. debora patta for "cbs this morning," aleppo. here is the situation. it's changing pretty quickly in aleppo. >> how many times can you say tragedy? >> the heartbreak, it never stops. >> a point where one of them said to the rebels, leave or face inevitable death now. >> right. one of today's biggest band covers, an all-time hit.
7:39 am
>> that is kings of leon taking part in an all-star gathering to celebrate the eagles and others at the kennedy center honors. ahead, you're going to see some of the best moments from last night. and we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews, and podcast originals. find them all on itunes and apple's podcast app. we will be right back. d lighten up while you still can don't even try to understand ? ? just find a place to make your stand and take it easy ? whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off. but pantene is making my hair practically unbreakable. the pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer.
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? >> washington showed love last night for the music of james taylor at the 39th annual kennedy center honors. stars gathered to celebrate the lifetime achievements and culture contributions of some of america's greatest performing
7:44 am
house at the kennedy center. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. just a few moments ago in this room we were surrounded by musical legends and actors and not one, but two u.s. presidents, they were here to celebrate the legacies of five artist had a profound impact. not on the song book but on ? take it easy ? >> reporter: one of today's biggest rock bands kings of leon played tribute to the most successful american band of all time. the eagles. ? welcome to the hotel california ? >> reporter: they were honored without cofounder glenn frey who died earlier this year. ? i got a peaceful easy feeling ?
7:45 am
al pacino's signature. >> you broke my heart. >> reporter: actor and friend kevin spacey led a master class in how to do an al pacino expression. >> go on, everybody, try it. patch yourself down. >> reporter: for the third straight year, the late show's stephen colbert hosted. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, distinguished honorees, politicians, endangered swamp dwellers. >> reporter: his nod to centers in office brought the crowd out of their seats. >> the last eight years, the white house has given aus leader who is passionate, intelligent, and dignified. >> reporter: colbert also had high praise for singer and civil rights activist maba staples. >> for wher music she serves god
7:46 am
goddess of soul. >> reporter: it led to the classic "respect yourself," and "i'll take you there." ? i know it's late ain't nobody crying ? >> reporter: dominating the radio that same decade was james taylor, the five-time grammy winner inspired younger generations. ? i've seen fire and i've seen rain ? >> reporter: including sheryl crow. ? i've >> reporter: the evening ended with an all-star tribute to the eagles classic "life in the fast lane." ? ? life in the fast lane make you lose your mind life in the fast lane ? >> reporter: one of the most moving moments of the evening came when famed pianist bronzeman and famed violinist
7:47 am
argerich who became known in her native argentina at the age of 8. an unbelievable moment. >> wow, alex, thank you! our next hour, kennedy center honoree james taylor talks about getting this reward for his long career. can you see the full ceremony at the kennedy center honors on tuesday, december 27th at 9:00 p.m., 8:00 central here on cbs.e sha that is why she is not here this morning. >> an airliner picks up a passenger at mid flight. ahead, the plane that landed early after a mile high
7:48 am
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southwest airlines youngest-ever passenger. the baby was born during a flight from philadelphia to orlando yesterday. medical personnel happened to be on board. they helped with the successful delivery. >> i'm glad it all went well. ahead, our series "a more perfect union" how two churches and one neighborhood are trying to heal a division. if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, you may be sooo constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you. tried many things? still struggling to find relief? you may have opioid-induced constipation, oic. it's different and may need a different approach.
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? it is monday, december 5th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? more real news ahead, including donald trump's phone call with taiwan's president and how it is changing america's relations with political scientists ian bremmer is with us. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> they havey onl abeenble to sech about 40% of this charred building so they are all but positive the death toll are lies. >> at the oakland fire department they responded within three minutes. >> strangers, family and friends have left behind candles and flowers and notes of love and support. >> some of the protests here
8:01 am
>> brady, end zone. hogan! what a catch! >> tom brady has now become the nfl's all-time winningest quarterback with 201 career wins! >> that is special. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by pepsi. >> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell and josh elliott of our streaming network cbsn.
8:02 am
more bodies this morning in a burned-out oakland, california, warehouse. a criminal investigation is under way into what caused the devastating fire during a friday night dance party. at least 33 people were killed. most victims are believed to be in their 20s and 30s. we know the names of only seven of them. police say the youngest victim was 17. >> the building nicknamed ghost chip was last permitted for use as a warehouse but had been converted into a living space the landlord's daughter reportedly says they didn't know people were living there. the warehouse had few exits and was filled with wood. there was no sprinkler system. we spoke to one of the organizers of friday's event who describes how quickly the flames grew. >> once i could see the flames from the front door, i mean, that is kind of when i knew that it was -- it was -- you know, i had an idea of how severe, but when the fire department came back out without anybody, that
8:03 am
>> officials say only about 40% of the warehouse has been searched. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. meanwhile, president-elect trump is blasting china after his phone call with the president of taiwan caused a weekend uproar. mr. trump went on twitter last night attacking china over the value of its currency, taxing u.s. buildup in the south china sea. friday's phone call was the first between taiwan's president and any american leader since 1979. china said this morning the one china policy, recognizing chinese softvereignty over the taiwan. >> ian bremmer is the founding
8:04 am
company. welcome. >> thank you. >> it is reported that they thought long and hard about doing this. so it was intentional? is that your reading of it? >> my reading is there are few people in the transition team around trump that have been talking to the taiwanese for sometime and love the idea of reaching out. i don't believe that trump had the sense personally by having a phone call as president-elect with the taiwanese president that he was setting policy. >> somebody said that to him? >> it depends on what they were trying to hern coherent the team is on policy. >> the question is what is the impact of it? >> i think the impact is significant. to the extent there is any real red line for them with the united states, it's taiwan and the new nationalist government in taiwan. so this is going to start the u.s./china relationship off in a
8:05 am
the fact trump followed it up with tweets and talks about currency manipulation and south china on sea military expansion are red rags for a u.s./china relationship. i don't have a problem with a tough line against china if it's well-thought through but i was in asia, as you know. when you go talk to the singapore prime minister or other allies in the region, they see the transpacific partnership has failed but don't see trump at all as someone who is a strong and consistent ally for them. so the united states could be picking a fight with china. our allies haven't been brought into this one bit. >> whether it was out of ignorance or some plan to send a message to china, what is the downside diplomatically? what could be the repercussions? >> there is one thing in foreign policy that you need to get right as the president today. it's the u.s./china relationship.
8:06 am
if we are not working with them and the allies don't think they are consistent they will tilt towards china. the world we have evolved the past decade is the one where american corporations feel they can do business in all of these country answer gets harder. china is the leading trade partner for every country in asia, not the united states any more. the negotiating environment is getting harder. >> another way to send a message to china is the u.s. relationship with japan. >> sure. >> what do we see there with the trump administration? >> i think with ge and giving him a golf club, very different from merkel saying we want to make sure the values are good, the strongest u.s. ally in the world under a trump administration may well be shinzo in japan. that will not get you what it used to. >> you also tweeted this. silver lining from trump/taiwan call and resulting furor.
8:07 am
experienced secretary of state. what to make in this case? >> the fact giuliani is clearly who trump wanted in the early days but recognize he doesn't have the capacity to do the job, they have expanded the list and looking for other people and not the way trump wants to run his red rose rally. the new people he is talking to are pretty competent and coherent. you're talking about jon huntsman and david petraeus. whatever you think about them, these are people with real life experience and therapy tre outside of the u.s. >> let me come back to your point, though. my impression is before this incident that our allies in the pacific wanted us to stand up to china because they feared the encroachment of china. >> that's true. and one of the ways they want us to stand up to china wasn't just militarily. it was the most important multilateral trade deal that the united states tried to set up for decades. the transpacific partnership which trump has reiterated he is out day one. wants nothing to do with it.
8:08 am
asia, including mr. abe, but big political capital on the line to get tpp done. in the case of abe, he doesn't have any internal opposition either within his party or outside. he can come to the u.s. and talk to trump and doesn't even mention it's not a problem for him. but for every other ally, like in south korea where they are about to get than impeached president, it's a real problem. >> not because of trade? >> not because of trade but the point it's much harder for them say, oh, it's no big deal that trump isn't goior really big strategic deal that was going to allow us to be more in align with the united states. >> thanks. >> ian bremmer, appreciate you being here. two churches with a complicated past are trying to build a racial divide. >> one daughter said follow and one daughter said why? i think that was my first consciousness of a first grader. >> their members are using words and actions to understand their
8:09 am
union" is just ahead. first, it's time to check announcer: this portion of "cbs
8:10 am
james taylor said he was just waiting to be named the kennedy center honoree. >> i often did wonder if they would ever tap me for it. >> you're like, hello, hello! i've seen fire and rain. >> remember me? "you got a friend"? >> ahead, what this year's honor means to him after a career that began with something he considers a bunch of good luck. it's a great interview. you're watching "cbs this morning
8:11 am
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we focus on two southern churches this morning in our ongoing series "a more perfect union." our goal is to highlight some of the things americans still have in common. two neighbor be baptist congregations with a conflicting history are looking forward to join a new relationship. james brown spoke with people there. >> reporter: good morning. most americans do feel the country has grown more divided
8:15 am
presidential election certainly didn't help. in georgia there are two pastors in the city of macon who are trying to heal the racial divide by bringing their churches together. >> put your hands together! >> reporter: it's sunday more than in macon, georgia, and first bapive church is itist ca joyful noise and around the corner the first baptist church is starting their worship. like many churches in america, the difference between the two is pretty much black and white. what dr. martin luther king said the worship hour is the worship hour. is that still the case? >> i think so. i also think that we wouldn't worry so much about that one hour a week of being divided if we weren't so divided the other hours of the week. >> reporter: pastor scott dickerson and james goulsby met
8:16 am
know each other because they not only share name but a past church. what is the name of your church? >> first baptist church of christ. >> reporter: started when? >> 1826. >> reporter: what is the name of your church? >> first baptist church, 1826. >> reporter: 1826? >> yes. >> reporter: there can only be one church. >> we came out of that church. >> reporter: in 1826 there w 1845 the church records show the slaves outnumbered their owners 2-1. so a separate church for the blacks was formed. >> that's first baptist church. >> the one i pastor. >> reporter: and yours? >> first baptist church of christ is where i pastor. >> you have been around the corner from each other for how long? >> since 1887.
8:17 am
meetings, interacted one with another? >> maybe once or twice. >> reporter: after the tragic murders at a charleston church last year, the two pastors got their two krurchs together for a series of meetings to talk about
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country?
8:28 am
that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. agine a world where the holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness.
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8:32 am
8:33 am
depression? >> yes. >> exhilarated, you write about that? >> exactly. i'm a moody guy, charlie. roller coaster. >> i've only seen one mood
8:34 am
>>! >> i'm so impressed you keep a diary. i wonder how you find time because i know how busy you are. it's a streaming consciousness so it is a fun read. >> it is. it's a page turner and well written, i think. it's very funny. i stopped writing the diary after -- at the end of this book. i found it kind of emotionally and existentially exhausting reporting on the details of my life for publication three years straight. maybe i'll do it again. ou >> no. i mean, i got -- i have to stand by everything i put in there. >> but, you know, your life and your job. you're surrounded by really interesting, creative fun people. you talk about loneliness and finding a new love in this book. >> i do. i absolutely do. there were moments where, you know, you come home and the noise stops and the lights are off and you're like, wow, is this all there is? i talk about that in the book. >> there was a tough moment,
8:35 am
with you. >> yes. >> made its way to his father before he had really had a chance to talk about his sexuality. you said that when you found out, it made you cry? >> yeah. it made me upset. i was seeing someone and someone from the press found out, which i don't think is very newsworthy. and they called his father and they found the phone number and it just became this kind of thing. i just thought, wow, i never realized that that could be a reus me. charlie would understand that. >> there one person you know but i don't know it all and i would love to know. >> the pope! >> no, i know that. it's done. cher. >> cher? oh, my god! cher and i have a great texting relationship that is a through line through the book. oh, my chair just went crazy!
8:36 am
battle and i texted her and i was doing a cher song and she gave me advice. i started radio channel on sirius radio andy and i went on this crusade to get cher to do a radio show, including going to her house to convince her. i sat down and she had, do you want me to say no now or do you want to pinch me first? like, let me pinch you first. i know that terrible. >> i felt so bad. >> it's really early. >> it's with you a sore throat. >> yeah. >> what sitting in the anchor chair when you were here? >> oh, gosh. when i was an intern at "cbs this morning" back in 1989, once i went -- i wanted to be on tv. i wanted -- >> there you are! >> there i am. look at that old computer on the seventh floor! i wanted to tell my mom, i wanted her to see me on tv so i go back in the studio 47 i
8:37 am
i sat in a chair with a newspaper to read and i got kicked out by bill owens from "60 minutes." >> what are you doing there? >> right. >> when is it going to be live with kelly and andy? >> i don't think it's going to happen because it's live with andy at 11:00 every night on bravo. >> how long is your contract up? >> how long is my contract up? you have to call -- i'm tied up. >> would you love to do >> i love anything with kelly. she makes everyone better. and so but i like doing my own show. it couldn't be a greater incarnation of me, this show. >> and the best shows are better. >> the best shows are things that are an incarnation of the person who is hosting them. >> i totally agree. i love it. it is an exact expression of me every night at 11:00 on bravo.
8:38 am
>> we miss you. >> superficial and more adventures from the andy cohen diary is on sale now. james taylor has sold more than 100 million records.
8:39 am
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seen lonely times when i could not find a friend ? but i always thought i'd see you again ? >> wow! look who that is is! that is gayle who joined president obama in a sing-along at last night's kennedy center honors in washington. this year's honorees were celebrated for their contributions to american culture and we will feature all we begin today with five time grammy winner james taylor. he has sold more than 100 million records in his career. but his first number one album came just last year. ? no one can tell me that i'm doing wrong ? >> reporter: away from the bright lights and crowded arenas, james taylor spends most
8:43 am
berkshires. do you stay up here in the winter with all of the snow? >> yeah. we have been up here for the past dozen years. maybe 13, 14 years. >> reporter: most of the songs for his latest album, before this world, recorded in this home studio. ? >> reporter: this was your first collection, 13 years. >> yeah. it has been a long time. >> reporter: the always there. taylor only needed the time to reach it. >> takes a couple of days of empty time before ideas start to show up. >> reporter: what is empty time? >> there used to be this thing called boredom and it doesn't exist any more but it turns out a lot of things got done when you were bored. growing up in north carolina, you know, we had a lot of empty
8:44 am
>> you see yourself as one thing or toanother and pretend you're songwriter and then you are. >> reporter: take me back to james taylor. >> i had been in new york with this band in new york named the flying machine, for lack of a better name. it turned out there was another flying machine that was doing better than we were, so, you know, this flying machine crashed and burned. i went back down to i had a heroin habit. i weighed about, you know, 89 pounds and looked like a deck chair in a high wind. my dad came in. he heard my voice on the phone and he said, you stay there, james. i'm going to come get you. he and my brother hugh drove up the coast and moved all of my meager belongings back down to north carolina. i sat around there for about six months. and talked my folks into buying me a ticket to go to london and
8:45 am
there. >> you were the first artist, right, to sign with the beatles label? >> uh-huh. it was -- it was an amazing stroke of good luck. and it got that first album, you know, for all of its rough edges and faults, it got that first album recorded. it got me noticed a little bit. ? something in the way she moved ? >> the early reviews, described as you were the first superstar of the '70s. it was called the first breath of fresh air. >> reporter: sweet baby james delivered his first top ten hit. ? i've seen fire
8:46 am
i've seen sunny days that i thought would never end ? >> reporter: the next year, he landed on on the cover of "time" magazine as the face of new rock. >> that really was -- got people's attention, particularly my family and my friends, and my, you know, the culture at large. "time" magazine was still a really big deal and yeah, that was -- that was a big ? good night moonlight ladies ? >> reporter: one of the writers described your look as a cowboy of jesus. when you look at those pictures. >> at least people are more creative than i know. >> reporter: and you're a songwriter. >> yeah. >> reporter: how does that description strike you? you're in a bar and you see all of the pictures, you know? >> yeah. i don't know. i thought i was trying to look
8:47 am
? and you need some love and care ? >> reporter: nearly all of taylor's songs are personal and heartfelt reflections. ? nothing was going right ? >> reporter: but his first and only single to top billboard's top 100 was written hi by his friend carole king. we talked about "you got a friend." she said he showed me the confidence. he completely mentored me as a performer. really beautiful tribute. >> that's a lovely thing to say. yeah. carole was a huge talent. she is genuine. she genuine. >> reporter: you've sold a hundred million records. >> that's -- i've heard that figure bounced about. that's hard to believe. it's a lot of records. >> reporter: yeah. and lots of grammys.
8:48 am
we love you. and we want you to know in all of us, you've got a friend. >> reporter: what does it mean to you? >> i've been part of this event so many times in the past. i often did wonder whether or not that they would ever tap me for it. >> reporter: you're like, hello, james taylor here. hello! >> i thought, suddenly -- >> reporter: i've seen fire and rain! >> that's right. remember me? you got a friend? yeah. and thank you baby ? >> reporter: of course, i'm honored. i'm very glad, as it turns out, that i get to do it in the company of my favorite president barack obama. people, in general, when they hear about the kennedy center honors, that really seems to get people's attention. so it gives me -- i think it has given me a certain amount of -- ? how sweet it is
8:49 am
>> oh, wow! >> i know you've known him for a while. he is just a gem. such a pleasure to talk with. >> i love the family. i love him. i worked for his father briefly one summer. they are a wonderful family. >> his father was the dean of university of north carolina. >> they had a house at martha's vineyard which was a big deal. >> used to be something called boredom. >> you can hear an extended conversation and my conversation with james taylor on the "cbs this morning" podcast on itunes and watch the 29th edition of the kennedy honors on tuesday,
8:50 am
8:51 am
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we were on the red carpet last night for kennedy center honors and we'll give you scoop on the grand event. >> frankie j. grande a here with the perfect bling for the holiday party. >> it's monday, december 5 and
8:59 am
over the weekend and right here with us. in mourning i'm chris leary. >> and i'm markette sheppard and we are host on "great day washington". how was your weekend back >> it's funny, i thought it was good. my nose hurts and i don't remember being in a scuffle. if anyone there scuffled with me last night i apologize. >> i was having brunch with a friend and my son and her little 3-year-old son is the same age and these boys much fun. they were screaming and racing trucks. we asked for a table in the corner but then we couldn't be inconspicuous. the waitress came over and said excuse me, are you markette from "great day washington"? >> and then she punched you in the nose. >> i said i'm sorry. are we disturbing people? she said the lady over there wants to meet you. her name was donna. she said oh my god. donna, thanks for coming by.
9:00 am
friends son were having a ball at the expense of the other diners so thanks for being patient.>> the rest of you, you can complain about her and her kids. what did you do last night? >> something the rest of you don't care about. so we will transition to the biggest holiday event of the year in washington, d.c., kennedy center studded crowd including the president and first lady and this is the last kennedy center honors event. they were there to celebrate this year's five honorees and they include al pacino, what's your favorite al pacino movie? >> the scent of a woman. i love that film. >> i love the godfather and michael corleone he there will never be another.


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