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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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assault weapon style rifle and a 38 caliber handgun he carried into the restaurant yesterday afternoon. court documents described how he swung the rifle in the direction of an employee coming in a back door and then fired the rifle three times, once into a wall and again into a desktop and into the floor before the standoff that resulted in him surrendering. you reported and mentioned the fake news aspect and the court documents confirm he did tell investigators that he had online that the comet ping pong restaurant was harboring child sex slaves and he wanted to see for himself if they were in there. he stated he was armed with the ar-15 rifle and handgun to help rescue them he thought. he surrendered peacefully according to court documents when he found no evidence there were any underage children or sex slaves and no surprise
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our colleagues in north carolina had dug into his background today and say he works for a small fire department in the durham north carolina area. he has been a minor actor and an extra in some minor film productions in north carolina and that's about all we know about him. he is minor criminal record featuring marijuana an accident that involved a child last year. otherwise an unremarkable person until now. he has appeared in court and held without bail. we will know more when he appears thursday. live outside dc superior court scott broom wusa9.>> outside of the restaurant frustration is the number 1 feeling amongst people who live in the area and business managers near the restaurant. >> stephanie ramirez is live on
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me are off and comment is closed today but police officers are going in and out of the businesses around here and there are a lot of managers who are grateful for this. greg manages a coffee shop in the basement of a nearby bookstore who said a few weeks ago he was concerned of protesters coming out. >> there was an internet hoax and a highly physical presence. this is pretty much the worst case scenario. >> reporter: the shooting inside comet the mom-and-pop style business managers say they were afraid of. a few doors down employees inside a different pizza restaurant said they were getting threatening phone calls and for some it seems that, it is in the midst of a lingering election firestorm. >> it's clear it was the white supremacists spreading lies about small local businesses
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>> reporter: this is a college writing teacher who knows about fake news stories and the trolls continue to go on comments facebook page and try to link hillary clinton with child sex ring. >> if you boil it down to hard facts you can find out what's true and not. >> reporter: that's why megan brought flowers. >> there's nothing here that is illegal. this is a great business run by incredible people and we to stand up and say that has to be the case and we will stand against hatred.>> reporter: they believe this is related to other acts of vandalism seen in the area after the election. swastikas drawn on buildings and cars and comment will open tomorrow. police say they were made aware of the fake stories a month ago and will continue to work with
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in northwest of the ramirez wusa9. >> it's bizarre it keeps perpetuating. on facebook several people planning to attend a friday event to show their support for comment. on our facebook page one person writes the problem comes from people taking everything they see on facebook as real. let us know what you think 24 hours a day. log on and leave your thoughts on our facebook page. breaking news out charged with the murder in the death of an unarmed black driver. the jury deliberated for nearly 22 hours before failing to reach a verdict against michael slager. cell phone video shows walter scott fleeing and it's tough video to watch. he shot him five times in the back. he was fired from the police force and charged with murder and still faces charges in federal court. the death toll stands at 36 and expected to rise after the deadly
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crews called off the search today after determining the building could collapse at any moment. officials believe the fire started at the back of the warehouse but the cause is not clear. the coroner's office working to identify the victims and family members being asked to preserve items like brushes and combs with dna to help with the process. the victims were musicians, actors, artists 32-year-old chase whitley power was bartending during the night of the tragedy and his father said raising his son stepbrother will not be easy.>> every time i see him he will pop in my mind. if feel so painful right now. in the end of the maybe it will be a blessing.>> 35-year-old travis was a member of the oakland electronic band ghost of lightning. on his facebook pages aunt wrote there are no words for this loss. dc mayor muriel bowser will
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donald trump tomorrow and bruce johnson reports the mayor requested the meeting which is scheduled for tomorrow morning at trump tower in new york city. they are expected to talk about dcs continued economic growth. you remember earlier this year when mayor bowser chose not to attend the grand opening of the trump hotels down the street from the white house on pennsylvania avenue. the ribbon-cutting was mor in the transition team. president-elect donald trump again the week by filling out another cabinet appointment. is formal rival dr. ben carson was named head of the depauw -- department of housing and urban development. he also met with former vice president al gore. >> i had a lengthy and productive session with the president-elect. it was a sincere search for areas of common ground. >> the president-elect appears to be expanding his search for
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former u.s. ambassador to china jon huntsman, democratic center joe manchin exxon mobil max heller's and. a rainy start to the day and a yellow weather alert untapped tomorrow. look who's back. first alert topper shutt in the weather center and you brought the rain with you. >> i did and the only silver lining is and then were looking at a very gray day. morning commute impact low and after the impact highly. don't think we'll see flooding. what practices after school at a high risk as well. let's talk about futurecast. in the early morning at 6:00 clouds overspread the area and notice we are dry. most of us will have a dry commute. 41 downtown. 37 leesburg. 33 and close to freezing and frederick.
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bit of magenta here and there and there will be sleet mixed and just like last night north and west in town. by 10:00 rain makes it to the metro area just after the rush. after that it gets heavy so grab of winter coat an umbrella because temperatures will struggle to get out of the upper 30s north and west and only in the low to mid 40s downtown. after this we track the coldest air of the season. we are getting a sneak peek at one of prince from opening and we got a tour of the grand atrium and dozens of restaurants and all kinds of tastes from china to some local flavors from home. >> our entire culinary staff is cooks and sous chefs from prince george's county, from dc
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if you are not integrating yourself in the local community you are missing out on a huge opportunity to learn and grow. >> the casino offers 3300 slot machines, 124 gaming tables including poker, roulette, craps and blackjack. mgm national harbor open source and that at 11:00. five people out of their homes after an early morning fire in northwest washington that started at one house before spreading to another on iowa avenue. no one was injured but the people next door lost many of their belongings and tell us they are thankful n was hurt. >> thankful to the lord that everyone in my house made it out okay including the animals we have. thank god that we came out with our lives. everything else can be rebuilt. >> the red cross is helping neighbors find temporary housing while their homes are prepared. the suspect in the brutal murder of a gas station clerk and spotsylvania county in court today. >> is accused of beating him to death with a piece of wood.
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>> reporter: the brutality of this murder is simply shocking. we know the suspect had a piece of wood in his hand when he walked in the store and spoke to the clerk for several minutes before using the piece of wood to kill him. people brought flowers to remember the man who was a manager at the sunoco gas station on jefferson davis highway. >> he was a friendly guy. >> it's very sad someone would do that to was a 54-year-old family man who has worked at convenience stores in the areas for 20 years. until one of his customers allegedly ended his life. david washington is accused of killing him by beating him with a two foot by two foot piece of wood. >> i've been in this business 40 years and it's one of the most brutally violent attacks i've seen. >> reporter: it happened that
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store, spoke with the clerk for a few minutes and viciously attacked him and kept attacking him. >> reporter: washington is charged with first-degree murder, robbery and grand larceny. we know the suspect destroyed the cash register and the store has been closed all day while the owner tries to get things back to normal. and spotsylvania peggy fox, wusa9. >> robbery is the motive but continuing to gather information in the attack. tracking metro tonight and if you ride the train between potomac avenue and stadium armory stations you can now get internet and make calls on your phone. transit agency announces the first segment of the internal cell service today.
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verizon customers have access now. metro will announce the next phase of the wireless project in 2017. getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a new president means thousands of new jobs and coming up how people are lining up to get a gig with the trump administration. bei bei is back. after the break the public lining up at the national zoo to get their first look at the
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thousands of native americans and environmentalists celebrated the decision to reject part of the controversial dakota access pipeline project. the army corps of engineers turned down a request that would have routed the pipeline north of the standing rock reservation.>> we're all from a here.
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are welcome here. >> the fight might not be over. balk priced -- voiced support for the pipeline and could reverse the decision when he takes office next year and protesters vowed to remain. he's back and on the mend. >> the baby panda bei bei recovering from a emergency surgery in making his first post op appearance to an or this was no minor procedure. >> this was the major surgery and 10 days later he is eating well and playing and sleeping a lot. he has panda keepers very grateful. he made his first public appearance doing what he loves most, eating. >> on thanksgiving we notice something wasn't quite right with him. >> he gave panda keepers a
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blockage of bamboo leaves in his intestines the size of a lemon. you can see the line on his stomach where he had life- saving surgery the very next day. >> it's a unique thing to see and we were plan on seeing him at all. on the website and said he wasn't able to be viewed. >> he still not 100% but panda keepers say he's eating well. advaita biscuits apples and sweet potatoes and staying off the bamboo. after taking pain and nausea medication he's only on antibiotan >> as with any toddler they don't want to take medicine and some taste bad. what works with him as we use gel caps and put the medicine in a gel cap and wrap it in a little bit of cooked sweet potato and he swallows it right down. >> he will continue to recover by taking lots of naps. >> is adorable. how can you not love and want to help conserve such a beautiful creature? >> and delighting zoo goers in
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>> panda keepers say he is interacting a lot with his mom which is a good sign he's on the mend. >> sleeping and playing, sign me up. national zoo said his blockage is very rare and heard of it only happening a few other times. >> well no snow so far this season but check this out, copper is back today and can't stand himself. he wants to be at this observaton of snow over the weekend. the elevation is 13,000 feet so snow isn't that uncommon but most people don't typically associate hawaii with snow. when you say it's snowing in hawaii, you can see a snowcapped mountain. i haven't been to hawaii but that's what i've been told. we actually have a pretty good soaking rain heading our way.
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me ntioned this earlier that most of us will have a dry morning commute. let's talk about the 3 degree guarantee. high in the mid to upper 50s today and a high of 56 and i think that will pan out very nicely. i'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00 live look outside and 51 right now. dew points mid 30s and winds out of north northwest at nine miles an hour. i december stanwood not a bad evening. yellow weather aler but dry and really close. maybe out toward i-81 and culpepper west might have light rain before the big kids get on the bus. you will certainly have problems picking them up. morning commute driving wet from noon on and pleasant wednesday and more arctic air, probably coldest air of the season on thursday and could
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i'm looking forward to that. 10:00 to night clouds rolling in. upper 30s north and west and mid 40s downtown. not terribly close tonight and cloudscape temps up. by 6:00 in the 30s but not too many green blobs so a dry early commute. 41 downtown. 33 manasses. 35 gaithersburg. 37 in bowie. by 9:00 rain develops southwest to northeast and culpepper will probably have b 9:00 . 43 downtown. in the 30s and a bit of magenta with sleep mixed in. not a driving issue but don't freak out if you see sleep in frederick. reports last night of sleep north and west. by 1:00 rain and cold march like rain with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. by 6:00 everyone has rain and 995, 270, 56 all will have a
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tomorrow. temperatures 40 gaithersburg. 38 fredericksburg. in addition to the umbrella, a winter coat a good idea. i 8:00 heaviest rain moves out and left over showers by manasses. then we begin to see clearing skies. tonight increasing clouds and cold 34 to 40 and by tomorrow morning yellow weather alert light rain develops mixed with sleep north and west. not a driving problem. by afternoon a bit of cold rain and a miserable day. 39 to 44 and winds east northeast at 10. we don't like to waste nor'easter's this time of year. low 40s on the day planner to start and temps don't move much. only 44 with rain and heavy at times by 1:00. wednesday pretty nice. pleasant 53 and tracking arctic air thursday and 45.
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saturday. sunday clouds rolled back in and could have light mix by sunday evening and back to the low 50s next monday. still ahead he wasn't the one being honored but president obama brought in the loudest applause at the kennedy center last night. an important chicken recall to tell you about an grocery shopping without waiting in the checkout line. we will talk about it in
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the redskins bounce back from sunday's loss when they travel to philadelphia next week. washington heat in the and desert and the back-and- forth game a pretty good game and severally changes. we will have more coming up in sports. in tonight's consumer alert nearly 2,000,000 pounds of ready to eat chicken pulled off the shelves because it might be a bit tank. some of the products may be undercooked and the recall chicken was produced between august 20 and november 30 of this year and have the
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g. jetblue getting in the holiday spirit and kickoff 12 days of deals. today's deal is a one-way flight in the u.s. for $20. each daily offer will be valid for just that they from 1:00 until 11:50 9 pm or until it sold out two minutes later. so set your alarm every day for next friday. maybe they don't sell out into minutes but they do sell out fast. the future of grocery shopping a reality in seattle. amazon today opents what does that mean? you go into a store and grab what you want and go with no waiting in line. shoppers just scan their amazon app when they enter the store and use the sensors on the food items to charge them to the app this is in beta testing now and will officially open in 2017. that's interesting. a room full of a-list entertainers it was president obama who drew the most
5:26 pm
honors. the sellout audience cheered for 45 seconds after the introduction from stephen colbert. al pacino, james taylor and aretha franklin among those in a tent -- in attendance and the final alabama family honors as the first family. a 12-year-old girl's mission to bring christmas cheer to people living on the street. and workers get sneaky as they try to get holiday shopping done while they are on the clock. after the break thousands of jobs now available working for president-elect donald trump. we look at people and talk to them trying to get a new gig with the new administration up
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er. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. good trump transition need your help. in fact they put out a big help- wanted ad. >> maybe the biggest ad in the last eight years. we just got our hands on it. >> it's called the plum book and it's full of plum jobs from the head of the space program
5:30 pm
of america's history abroad. if you haven't heard of it i have in either. and all about 9000 jobs that president-elect donald trump can appoint. the plum book is going on the shelves but it's not flying off them. >> 226 pages. >> reporter: the retired army officers one of the few buying a hard copy that's on sale at the government printing office service. >> reporter: many won't be able to. >> drain the swamp!>> reporter: the trump transition team said it's not just a slogan. there will be a hiring freeze on federal workers and many open political appointments might not be filled. >> i assume some of those positions will go away but that's fine. frankly that's needed. >> reporter: workers say the plum book was a runaway bestseller when president obama took office. they had to print extra copies.>> not yet but much more
5:31 pm
that is the trend these days. >> reporter: web traffic is expected to go up but rod says this is the only way to get an edge. >> that's a lot of positions and most of them most people are not aware of including myself. >> reporter: the plum book is thicker than ever in government has grown. there are 2000 more jobs since the end of the bush administration and the i hard copy cost $41 but is free online. pete muntean, wusa9. well the recount of ballots cast in the presidential election got underway in michigan. a federal judge ordered the process begin by noon and to make sure it gets done by the december 13 deadline. jill stein called for the recount and it is not expected to change the outcome of the election. today is the last day
5:32 pm
inaugural parade. this is video from president obama celebration in 2013. hands, civic organizations and others can apply online and we have a link on our news at. a manassas man behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. the victim told police she knows the assailant and in november he approached the girl in her backyard and refused to leave. the girl said he ow her. police arrested him friday after the team told the family member. if you live in montgomery county now is your chance to weigh in on a proposed bill that would drop the speed limit on certain county roads. you are invited to voice your opinion at a public hearing tonight that starts at 7:00 at the might summary county council office building in rockville and a meeting on wednesday. a seattle girl and her family want to help the city's
5:33 pm
giving up bags stuffed with supplies and blessings.>> reporter: among the throngs of downtown shoppers lugging christmas loot there was 6-year- old daphne kalso hauling her own bag of cheer. she and her family are not taking the stuff home. their goal is to give it away. >> there are socks. there is cough drops. there are flashlights umbrellas. >> reporter: the blessing bags were her idea and she saw people sleeping outside not far from her north seattle home and thought they could use applies to make a chilly night a bit more tolerable. >> merry christmas and i hope this stuff is usable. >> reporter: and a personal note to warm the soul. >> it's a little band-aid to bring some comfort. >> reporter: she and her family carry the bags wherever they go this time of year and are ready to hand one out to people like
5:34 pm
>> there are people who actually care and looking out for us and thinking of us when we feel like we don't have anyone. >> reporter: if you are struggling what to give this christmas take it from daphne that a meaningful gift is simple and sincere. >> she is raising money so she can distribute to hundred of the bags this december. we love this next photo of a giant stuffed there strapped to the roof of a small car. >> this trip in virginia. someone was shopping big-time. we asked for your help and captioning photos honored wusa9 facebook page and kendra got the number 1, that said i sent you to costco for the large white hairs not large white there. and tracy wrote traffic stinks, barely making it home. keep those comments coming. see if you cannot do the number
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sources late the sources of the upcoming oscar awards. and the latest in the twitter battle between donald trump and his impersonator on saturday night live. and what jeff foxworthy did for a woman that has are all smiles. a cold day tomorrow and temperature struggled to get out of the 30s north and west. only 39 a high tomorrow in
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?? ?? ?? ??
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there's foreign-policy, cabinet appointments and economics. here's what's 20 between donald trump and alec baldwin. >> it comes after baldwin skewered donald trump on twitter over the weekend. >> idot retweeted. >> by who? >> whoops i did it again.>> baldwin was making front of the president-elect twitter habits and 45 minutes after the show ended trump tweeted just tried
5:39 pm
unwatchable, totally biased and baldwin impersonation can't get worse. sad. baldwin responded release her tax returns and i will stop. >> political influence. late- night talk show host jimmy kimmel will host the oscars in february. according to the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences sources. according to yahoo news the academy did not immediately respond to requests for hosting awards for jimmy kimmel. >> sources will say shut up. >> he made a statement with the line you might be a red. jeff foxworthy is being praised for his kindness. the comedian bought groceries for woman in front of him at a georgia grocery store. so her groceries weren't bringing up properly and her kids were getting antsy and a
5:40 pm
is she? she gasped when she saw it was jeff foxworthy. he paid for the groceries and snapped a picture with her and there it is. >> you might be a red if you hook up with the person in front of you in line. cam newton says he stands by his coaches decision not to start him during sunday night's game. >> to do hear why? coach rivera benched the quarterback because he didn't wear a e tion the team flight to seattle. at 7 1/2 hours. is replacement through an interception on the first play of the game. wear a tie next time, cam. it was downhill from there as the seahawks won 40-7.>> they took a shellacking. and unexpected detour for passengers on the southwest like. >> it had nothing to do with the plane. a baby was born medflight. listen carefully.
5:41 pm
the flight was on its way from orlando to philadelphia and diverted to charleston so the baby could be taken to a hospital. you hear stories like this once or twice a year and don't doctors say after seven months you shouldn't fly? >> we don't know how far along she was. we know how far along she was because she was pretty far along. just be safe. >> mom and baby are fine. they are doing well today. redskins coach jay gruden pretty heated after last heard the whole thing. we will hear from him in sports. after the break a local
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from now until the end of the year,
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...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. japanese prime minister shinzo abe will join president obama at pearl harbor this month. >> he will be the first japanese leader to go to the site of the attack that thrust the united states into world war ii. that happen before obama became the first u.s. president to visit here shamble -- hiroshima last may.
5:45 pm
according to the spca dogs are raised solely to be slaughtered for meat. >> humane society international is leading the crusade to shut down the farm and stephanie gailhard explains of virginia volunteer is an important part of the mission.>> reporter: abby went to some of those meat farms and what she saw inspired her to rescue a 1-year-old dog.>> and south korea dogs are eaten. it is part of there is a belief that if the dog dies in a state of fear it enhances the power of the meat. >> reporter: abby saw firsthand the horrors of the south korean dog farms. >> it's loud and chaotic. it smells awful. the stench of ammonia is overpowering. >> reporter: 2 million dogs are slaughtered each year and south
5:46 pm
if she had not rescued rue when she did he would have been killed two months later. >> there is belief that the dogs help protect the person who eats them from the heat in the summer. it increases virility and traditionally on the hottest days of the summer dogmeat is a popular dish.>> reporter: these eyes inspired her to act.>> he just looked at me and i could see hi felt a connection.>> reporter: that connection continues here today at the animal welfare league of alexandria. and emergency placement center for humane society international. >> things like going for walks and seeing different types of people was all new for him. he has had to adjust to that. >> reporter: his come a long
5:47 pm
heart. >> if you think about this dog being seen as meat versus clearly what i felt in my heart and saw was a companion. >> as you can see rue is ready for a new home with a loving family and is up for adoption at the animal welfare league of alexandria. the dog farm he was rescued from is in the process of being shut down. stephanie gailhard wusa9. the holiday shopping season in full swing and this year an increasing number of you are buying them at work. according to a new career builder survey more than half of working americans are picking out gets on company time. corey sanchez uses his phone when he's on the job. >> i will rush in the bathroom and shop. put it in the cart! and once it's in the cart it's
5:48 pm
>> 43% of shoppers say they log on for an hour to shop and bosses know what you are doing. 11% of employees say they are firing people for shopping on the internet while at work and 54% said their organization blocks employees from accessing certain websites.>> here's a treat for you. it features more than 10,000 crystals and more than 43 wings and a $3 million brought. tonight you can h angels walked the runway for the annual victoria's secret fashion show. lady gaga is one of the musician set to perform and you can catch it all. >> and so is bruno mars. on the weekend.>> you can catch it tonight on wusa9 at 10:00. believe it or not some of our best stories come from viewers like you. we want to hear what's on your
5:49 pm
your communities and extraordinary people making a difference. send an email to news tips that wusa we can't wait to hear from you. always watching always tracking wusa9's first cooler weather mac. live look outside and whether cam shows 51 and pretty nice. humidity not so bad. dew points in the mid-30s. dew point above freezing so everyone stays above freezing tonight and winds out of the north, northwest at nine. yellow weather alert tomorrow for rain and sleet north and west at the onset. not a driving issue. bus stop temps 34 to 40 and mainly dry morning commute. exception west of town and culpepper west and along i-81. wet from noon on and some rain could be heavy at times.
5:50 pm
probably the coldest day of the season thursday. rainfall heaviest will happen at 11:00 tomorrow through about 5 pm tuesday. great for the evening commute. generally a dry morning commute and from lunchtime on you need your umbrella and a winter coat is a good idea because temps are going to go watch tomorrow. by 6:00 tomorrow morning we are cloudy but still dry. 35 in gaithersburg. 39 39 fairfax. by 9:00 we have rain all the way to winchester and as far to the east as leesburg manassas. temps upper 30s and notice the magenta with a little bit of sleet possible and no one below freezing so no driving problem. look at the yellow roll through this area and a good band of rain late morning and early afternoon and temps mid- forties.
5:51 pm
slow commute home in temperatures low to mid 40s and heavy rains across most of the metro area. low 40s to start attempts don't move up much. 11:00 rain and 1:00 rain possibly heavy at time and mid- forties. wednesday a nice day in between arctic air and rain. 53 and rain or snow shower thursday and only 45. lucky to make 40 friday. low 40s saturday. 43 sunday. could see a little bit of a of rain shower or snow shower and milder monday with temperatures back in the are done. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> we went out west this weekend to face arizona and a matchup of two teams in the playoff hunt and we explain inside the red zone this was
5:52 pm
more.>> they go to johnson again and into the end zone with a touchdown. >> after the game jay gruden was heard blasting his team. he could be heard through the wall in the locker room. many of the players afterward said he was upset about the team's poor effort on the field. he said he was simply trying to get his point across. >> i wouldn't call it anger. call emergency more than anger. trying to get them going a little bit more but i don't think it was that much different than a loss. i don't think i was that angry after the game. >> he felt the same way as redskins fans did. let's check in for more inside
5:53 pm
stunk. redskins went back and forth with the cardinals who played with more guts than the redskins outlasting dc 31-23 in arizona. the loss was tough and trying to keep pace for a wild-card spot and doesn't help. quarterback kirk cousins interception doesn't help but under pressure all day long. sacked twice and lost with a fumble as well. not the finest game for the ds next sunday in a must win game. inside the red zone i'm frank hanrahan. thank you frank and a big divisional showdown. here is the game. now we will talk about baseball and the major league baseball winter meetings taking place
5:54 pm
contract talks. according to bob nightingale of usa today sports harper asking for a 10 year deal in excess of $400 million. the national zoo stunned at the high demands and willing to let the all-star walk away in 2018 so something to keep an eye on. harper's agent said negotiations haven't reached that point yet and that's the maximum deal for harper.
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?when you've got...? ?...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!?
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ah. ?nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? there is no place like home for the holidays. a few weeks ago a girl from macon, georgia broke her military dad a letter asking if he could come home for christmas. we report she got an present.>> reporter: it was your average friday night family dinner. but one person was missing from the family.>> usually for christmas our dad is here but he's not here because he's gone for a year on an airbase. >> in greenland thousands of miles away from their georgia home. >> it's been eight months since
5:58 pm
hard.>> reporter: the technical sergeant is a member of the u.s. air force and has been overseas since last april. his wife said they are secretly planning a trip home for months and when their 7-year-old daughter trinity sent her dad this letter in the mail three weeks ago it was the icing on the cake. >> i would like to spend the rest of the time with my family.>> hey there!>> daddy! you made it. >> how are you >> good! why did you come here? >> i got here today. to occur christmas wish came early and it was exactly what she ordered. >> it's okay sweet pea. it's okay, sweet pea. i'm just happy to be home and with my family. >> reporter: thank you for your surgeon sergeant and happy
5:59 pm
>> straight from greenland and he was closer to santa than anyone else. he said he will be home from now on until christmas and will spend as much time as possible with his wife and kids. at 6:00 the mother of all maryland casinos stays away from opening. we go inside the new mgm national harbor. donald trump named a cabinet member and dcs mayor prepares to meet with president- elect donald trump. and a man accused of opening fire inside a dc pizzeria at the center of a debunked child sex slave conspiracy theory appears court. thanks for joining us and i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson and we look inside the $1.4 billion mgm casino and resort of prince george's county. officials are excited about the 4000 jobs in the $50 million in tax revenue that the complex will generate. we go live from national harbor with a look inside. tell us your impression of this.>> reporter: i was
6:00 pm
impressed. this was actually exactly what they build it as. monumental they say. you go in and it's jaw- dropping. they call this not just a casino but an experience. and a good experience means getting in your car and not getting stuck in nightmare traffic. a big take away is plan ahead.>> this wow. >> reporter: the wow-factor starts with a massive art display in the conservatory featuring 70,000 fresh flowers. >> the location on the banks of the potomac, we think this is an a+ location.>> reporter: hour guided tour brought us down to where the magic happens and the experience begins with restaurants that take you on a trip overseas. >> i beaten in beijing and shanghai and if you eat and ginger there's no difference. >> reporter: to the company's


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