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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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impressed. this was actually exactly what they build it as. monumental they say. you go in and it's jaw- dropping. they call this not just a casino but an experience. and a good experience means getting in your car and not getting stuck in nightmare traffic. a big take away is plan ahead.>> this wow. >> reporter: the wow-factor starts with a massive art display in the conservatory featuring 70,000 fresh flowers. >> the location on the banks of the potomac, we think this is an a+ location.>> reporter: hour guided tour brought us down to where the magic happens and the experience begins with restaurants that take you on a trip overseas. >> i beaten in beijing and shanghai and if you eat and ginger there's no difference. >> reporter: to the company's
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featuring a taste of home. >> if you don't integrate yourself into the local community miss out on a huge opportunity to learn and grow. >> reporter: there are culinary nods to the dmv and hires as well. crews are hard at work getting ready for thursday night's opening and streets in the shopping district were off- limits from cameras but the casinos weren't. 3300 slot machines and 124 table games including 10 craps, 12 roulette and 50 blackjack tables. >> it's not just a casino but it's much more. we have an amazing creator.>> reporter: a 3000 -- seat theater and the hard part is getting here. >> plan ahead. >> reporter: and at traffic command center on-site will help ease congestion. >> they will be able to deploy
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>> reporter: they have a plan to help ease the congestion. a live look at the massive parking garage here on property. 5000 spots in the parking garage and we did a facebook live stream a short time ago and a lot of you on social media asked about parking. we looked into it and there's good news. right now parking inside the live at national harbor, delia goncalves wusa9. >> the mgm national harbor opens this thursday night at 11:00. rates for rooms start at $300 a night. searches resume for victims in the warehouse fire in oakland, california. recovery efforts have been suspended overnight over
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crews have recovered 36 bodies in the search is expected to produce more victims. they died when fire broke out during a second floor party friday night. the warehouse have become a hub for various artists and neighbors say the structure was filled with the types of material that would burn immediately. >> it was always overloading. you turn on a heater and your electricity would go off. >> investigation into possible code violations last month but had not been able to get inside the building. investigators have not determined the exact cause of the fire. muriel bowser will travel to new york city to meet with president-elect donald trump. today trump announced a former rival as the newest cabinet member and spent the day holding meetings at trump tower as he prepares to move to the white house. kenneth craig reports. >> reporter: former vice president al gore visited trump tower to discuss climate change with the baca trump.
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lengthy a very productive's session with the president- elect. it was a sincere search for areas of common ground.>> reporter: other notable visitors were peter teal, debra wong yang the u.s. attorney for central california and former florida congressman allen west. >> we talked about national security issues and how i can continue to serve >> reporter: monday morning he tweeted he picked ben carson to be the new secretary for housing and urban development. >> we're excited to have dr. carson as our intended nominee for housing and urban development. >> reporter: the president- elect is expanding his search for secretary of state a new names include chinese ambassador john huntsman, democratic senator joe manchin and exxon mobil rex tillotson.
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>> rex tillotson is expected to interview for the secretary of state position with president- elect donald trump tomorrow. new york city's mayor wants the government to help out with expenses related to security for the president-elect. mayor de blasio asking obama for $35 million and that money will fund and nypd detail to guard trump tower between now and january 20. the mayor says he is called treasury secretary nominee steven mnuchin to work out the details. republican party in michigan repealing the judges order the forces an immediate recount of ballots in that state. the recount in progress in wisconsin and jill stein initiated both and trying to get another one in pennsylvania. all states with certified election results by december 13 before the electronic -- electoral college needs to both and not to reflect the results of the state.
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them. voters in virginia and north carolina accuse republicans of creating districts with more black voters and necessary to make neighboring districts more white. the states claimed they were trying to preserve majority but district. the supreme court previously ruled that this can be taken into consideration when drawing new districts but it cannot be the primary factor. a decision is expected this spring. north carolina governor pat mccrory concedes he lost his reelection bid. that clears the way for roy cooper to be declared the winner. the race of an too close to call until now and they have been recounted the last four weeks. his defeat marks the first time that a sitting north carolina governor has lost a reelection bid. and south carolina prosecutors seek a retrial the case of a former north
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a jury was not able to reach a verdict so this afternoon the judge declared a mistrial. michael slager accused of shooting walter scott five times in the back following a traffic stop last year. a bystander recorded the shooting on a cell phone. the man convicted of murder after his toddler son died in a hot suv will spend the rest of his life in prison. a judge in georgia had the down the sentence this afternoon. they convince jurors at trial that harris killed his son family life. defense attorneys argued it was an accident. dylann roof's defense attorneys back on the case. last week he won the right to represent himself but then he backed reston for a lawyer to represent him during the guilty phase of the trial which starts wednesday. he will represent himself during the penalty phase. if found guilty he is charged with shooting and killing
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we just learned a pennsylvania judge has ruled that damaging testimony bill cosby gave in his accusers lawsuit can be used. in a 2006 deposition cozby acknowledged he had given young women drugs and alcohol before what he called consensual sexual encounters and the deposition is fair game in his upcoming criminal trial. coming up city of new york apologizes tmu an alleged hate crime. the federal government stops the construction of the dakota access pipeline but for how long? >> yellow weather alert tomorrow and here is futurecast at 7:30. still drive a chilean week will come back and let you know when
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the federal looking for another location for the dakota access pipeline across the missouri river after decision yesterday to halt the pipeline from being built upstream from a native american reservation in north dakota. environmentalists and members of the standing sault tribe are celebrating the decision saying the pipeline would have contaminated the tribes drinking water. the company behind the pipeline said the ruling is political.
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decision. the united states and russia begin talks this week to end the fighting in aleppo, syria. the foreign minister said he expects to reach a deal with rebel forces to withdraw from the city. overnight syrian government troops backed by russia move further into the rebel held neighborhoods in aleppo. russian backed airstrike in syria killed more than 70 people. the new york man accused of threatening an off-duty muslim police officer went before a judge today. christopher nelson was arranged on felony hate crime charges. investigators say the officer confronted nelson when she witnessed him yelling and pushing her 16-year-old son saturday night. authorities say that's when nelson threatened to slipped the officer's throat and told her to go back to her country.>> i was sick to my stomach when i heard that one of our officers was subjected to threats and taunting simply because of her faith.
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it's unacceptable in the city and unacceptable in this nation.>> city officials hailed the officer a hero in 2014 when she ran into a burning building to save an elderly man and a baby. she decided to join the force shortly after the september 11 terror attacks. coming up next the community rallies around the restaurant where a man investigating a fake new story
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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more fallout from fake news today. the judge ordered the man accused of firing an assault rifle inside dcs comet ping pong restaurant held without bail. 28-year-old edgar welch told investigators he went to the restaurant to rescued child sex slaves that he believed were being held there with the knowledge of hillary clinton and associates. this is based on fake news stories, stories that are not
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he told investigators he surrendered peacefully once he found no evidence of kids held hostage. but up and down connecticut avenue from comet ping pong there is frustration tonight. >> stephanie ramirez spoke to several business managers there who are grateful for the added police presence.>> reporter: police officers have been walkup okay. comet ping pong is expected to open tomorrow. the owner of a nearby pizza shop just doors down said they been getting threats circling around these online conspiracy theories. the owner said it started out three weeks ago with the malicious post on their google page and they have been getting nothing but a flood of threatening calls ever since. >> it's really upsetting.
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it's baseless allegations. >> a couple weeks back there were two people who stood outside and protested. that was totally peaceful i suppose but still it was an internet hoax that now had a physical presence. this is pretty much the worst case scenario. >> reporter: many people in the area believe it's related to a lot of the post-election vandalism that we see like swastikas drawn on cars and buildings. police are working with business owners to make sure evne wusa9. tonight we're told online supporters are planning to patronize the business during a special event this week to show they stand by comet ping pong. he's accused of beating a gas station clerk to death with a piece of wood. david washington appeared in court on murder charges today. police say he killed a manager
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spotsylvania county. police say robbery was the motive and friends say the manager wasn't -- worked at convenience stores in the area for 20 years. a former high school math teacher is charged with having sex with a student and an affair that included snapchat. a 16-year-old boy that he gave 23-year-old alayna ferguson his snapchat username on his algebra test in texas. he said she replied and two days later they had sex on a park bench. court documents charge that the teacher gave the boy alcohol and they had sex in her apartment. he's back in on the men. the national zoo they be pandora bei bei made his first appearance today since having life-saving surgery. he is recovering from surgery to remove bamboo leaves that became blocked in his intestines. it could have been fatal. 10 days after surgery the public that its first look at
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the one of a onyx. >> as with any toddler they don't want to take meds because they taste bad. what we found works with them is we use gel caps. we put the medicine in a gel cap and wrap it in a little bit of cooked sweet potato and he swallows it right down. >> zookeepers say his recovery is going great and his appetite is good. they are watching him and he's on the mend. >> i cannot get enough of seeing bei bei. is so cute. he's the cutest. >> welcome back and you brt a cold rain, a cold march rain tomorrow in addition to an umbrella maybe a winter coat. put the lining in your raincoat. let's start with the 3 degree guarantee. feeling good and 76 for a high which is well above high. average high is 50. we will talk about how we did
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still 51 now outside and dew points above freezing and i point that out because we a precipitation coming in and with dew points above freezing in good shape. not that we couldn't cfus sleet pellets well north and west of town. yellow weather alert for rain and bus stop temperatures 34 to 40 immediately dry. culpeper west could see light rain develop. the morning commute mainly dry except south and west. pleasant on wednesday and tracking arctic air thursday. coldest air in the mid-atlantic. 10:00 to night clouds on the increase in temperatures not that cold. mid 40s downtown in mid-30s in the burbs. by morning 6:00 cloudy and dry. look what happens by 9:00 a little bit of rain as close as leesburg manassas and temperatures in the upper 30s. in the afternoon 1:00 rain across the board. 38 hagerstown.
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by 6:00's everybody's trying to get home and doesn't matter where you try and doesn't matter which way you go south north, east or west this logo with rain across the metro area. tapers off at 9:00 a 10:00 tomorrow night. day planner low 40s to start and doesn't do much. only 44 by 1:00 with light rain. wednesday will be pretty nice and low 50s and then arctic air comes in thursday and rainer snow shower only 45. s low 40s saturday. a little system coming in sunday evening but not a huge deal. than back in the low 50s and sunshine monday.>> they had all that time to prepare but not ready to start the game.>> they weren't ready for the start of the game and the cardinals wanted it more. their backs are against the wall. they seem to have all but abandoned the run game the last
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> a little off balance this week against arizona and trying to get rob kelly back on track after a tough game against dallas but not many opportunities to do so especially when you play from behind. prior to thanksgiving kelly had
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game. against arizona he put up 63 yards and still took over for jones and coach jay gruden says it will remain that way and the coach will give them more opportunities. >> i think as the carrier we get the carries where we want to there's an opportunity for him to get some touches and if we're talking about 14 carries the last two weeks there's no reason to sell them out because it's not tired. if is getting more down chances to stop them out to make sure he's fresh but i think for the most part we will stick with him. >> and they cut defensive back phillipson the start of the season is the starting nickel backs but a couple games later benched and the team didn't make a corresponding move because most likely and we expect tackle trent williams is to back this week from
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the anchorman and no secret the yankees like to pay up the wazzu for players. possible we could see bryce harper wearing pinstripes in a couple of years. the yankees or whatever team might have to shell up big bucks because harper who is in talks with the nationals about a contract extension is asking for a maximum deal of 10 years worth over $400 million. the national czars taken back by that and willing to walk away from their all-star 2018. they put it all in him but some say he wanted almost half $1 billion.>> aiming high. very high. >> the yankees will pay him.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the death toll rises as the search goes into another night for the victims of the oakland fire. >> by the time i grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran back, the entire back was engulfed in flames. >> pelley: also tonight, fake news nearly leads to a tragedy. >> this comes with consequences. >> pelley: a hold-out juror leads the a mistrial in the murder of a black man shot in the back by a south carolina cop. and the deadly shooting at a charleston church opens the door to healing for two long-separated congregations. >> you guys have been just around the corneror fmac eh


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