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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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captioning funded by cbs it is wednesday, december 7th, 2016. news. president donald trump reveals a plan. searching for answers as investigators try to figure out what sparked this deadly warehouse fire in oakland. more victims are identified. >> volunteer you better than me? >> let's go. let's go. >> and tempers fly during white nationalists at texas a&m.
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57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. tomorrow, president-elect donald trump plans to visit with some of the recent people who were attacked at ohio university. yesterday, in north carolina, the second stop on his thank you too tour, mr. trump also focused on nationec strengthen the country's military and he officially named his choice for defense secretary. roxana saberi has more. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump continued his thank you tour in fayetteville, north carolina, tuesday, vowing to fight terrorism. >> it's unseen, in many cases, but we are going to defeat that force. >> reporter: and make america safe again. >>e don't want countries taking advantage of us any more. we don't want to be what we have been over the last long period
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seen as a veiled jab at the policies of president obama. speaking a military crowd in florida yesterday, the president took aim at his successor without naming him. >> people in nations do not make good decisions when they are driven by fear. >> mad dog mattis. >> reporter: to accomplish his national security goals, mr. trump formally tapped retired man general james mattis as his defense secretary, even though he would need a congressional waiver to accept the post. >> he'll get that he's going to get that. oh, if he didn't get that waiver, there would be a lot of angry people. >> reporter: unlike mattis, trump's pick for national security adviser retired lieutenant general michael flynn would not require senate confirmation. yesterday, the president-elect fired his son for using twitter to spread a fake news story about hillary clinton. the so-called pizza-gate theory
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weekend. >> mr. trump will continue his thank you tour in iowa and michigan. mr. trump's demand that the government cancel an order for new presidential planes is not sitting well with boeing employees. mr. trump says the price tag is, quote, ridiculous. he tweeted, boeing is building a brand-new 747 air force one, cancel order! john gillham has worked at boeing for 30 years. >> the way he is talking about bringing back jobs, now he is taking them away. that's being a little two-faced. >> mr. trump's tweet came just 22 minutes after the "chicago tribune" posted an article highlighting the differences between mr. trump's position on trade with china and that of boeing's ceo. there is still no clear
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that killed 36 people, but investigators are looking at whether a refrigerator or another appliance may have been involved. they do not believe the fire was deliberately set, though. a local state of emergency has been declared so the city can collect state and federal funds to cover the cost of the fire. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: crews have now searched most of the warehouse that was the site of a deadly fire on photographer. workers knock down unstable material on top of the roof line. to assure victims' families that area has been thoroughly combed over. >> we have not run people through there and run cadaver dogs through there and other search dogs. >> reporter: eric was spotted at the site apologizing for the tragedy. officials say they don't expect to find more victims in the rubble. a criminal investigation is
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records show numerous complaints and violations, including illegal interior building structure and a ton of garbage piling up. a make-shift memorial nearby continues to grow. this is your first time seeing it since the fire? >> yeah. this is the first time coming back to, like, this little area. it's just really upsetting for a lot of us. like, it's really just upsetting. >> reporter: now the grieving community is trying to come to terms with the loss. danielle nottingham, cbs news, oakland, california. well, this morning, a dangerous winter storm is lingering over the northern plains. blizzard conditions in some areas are likely to persist through the day, including subzero windchills. in fargo, north dakota, a no travel advisory is in effect. strong winds with, low visibility, blowing and drifting snow shut down parts of at least two interstates. last night, protesters demonstrated against an appearance of a white
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hundreds called for unity and diversity. they protested before and as spencer was speaking. some 400 people filled the student center ballroom to each cheer or jeer spencer. the school says it did not schedule the speech. campus space available to the public was reserved. a southwest airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing after the crew reported a cabin pressure problem. southwest flight 214 was en route from atlanta to houston st to jackson, mississippi. the jet landed safely and no one was injured. a louisiana sheriff is defending the investigation into the shooting death of former nfl player joe mcknight. mcknight was killed last thursday during a dispute with ronald gasser. gasser admitted shooting mcknight but was released by authorities. gasser was arrested late monday and charged with manslaughter. sheriff norman said they waited to arrest gasser because they
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>> for those who have criticized the men and women of this organization in the strategy, decisions that we made relative to that, tough. i don't care. >> norman says race apparently did not play a role in the shooting. in new orleans, the widow of another nfl player will smith testified in the trial of a man accused of killing her husband. smith was killed last april in a shooting s altercation. cardell hayes is charged with second-degree murder. raquel smith confronted hayes and disputed the claim that her husband rah the aggressor. the trial starts today. a request for a delay from dylann roof's lawyers was denied. they said prospect jurors could
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slagr's case. he all nine church massacre victims were black reason an army official says today at least 97 people were killed by a powerful earthquake that hid indonesia early this morning. the 6.5 magnitude state was centered on the tip of than island banda coming up on the "morning news." a mannequin challenge takes a very serious turn. a video posted on social media that shows people with guns catches the attention of police. and the vice president appears on i the late show" with some advice. >> this terrible feeling you're having right now, it's not permanent. it will be over in four years. maybe eight! but you know? eyes open? good. because it's here.
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you were asked by a reporter, are you going to run for office again and you had, and i quote, sir, yeah, i am. i'm going to run in 2020. reporter, for what? for president. so what the hell, man. >> i know. i did that for one reason, so i could announce now i'm not running to be popular >> joe biden clears up the talk about his presidential plans -- well, kind of. the vice president told stephen colbert there is no telling what might happen four years from now. keeping us on edge. a mannequin challenge goes terribly wrong. and new developments in a plane crash variation. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the bbc reports that the head of a bolivian charter airline that was involved in a crash last week is under arrest. a prosecutor said the case could
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out of fuel before crashing into colombia killing 71, including most of a brazilian soccer team. the cincinnatiy inquirer saying some supporters were considering john kasich as a to donald trump. says a mannequin challenge video led to two and drugs in north alabama. the video posted to facebook last month shows several people posed with guns. well, it prompted sheriff's deputies to search a huntsville home. the "orlando sentinel" reports that seaworld entertainment is laying off about 3% of its workers. 320 jobs will be cut at its headquarters and all 12 parks nationwide. seaworld is coping with slumping attendance and revenues. "the new york times" reports
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? ? you're a mean one mr. grinch ? ? you really are a heel ? >> combine creativity with about a thousand colorful post-its and you get a huge portrait of the grinch. a kentucky made the mural in his town's library! i wonder if that is like a little tip he is going to ruin their holiday with a lot of homework or something? the grinch. on the cbs "moneywatch." a battery problem for the iphone 6 widens and a telecom giant makes a big investment in america. hena daniels is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> good morning. here on wrooet wall street the do you jones posted another record high.
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the dow rose 35 points, the s&p 500 gained 7 and nasdaq finished the day 24 points higher. >> a japanese company is creating 50 thousand new jobs. he made a pledge after a meeting with mr. trump. president-elect trump said this wouldn't have happened if he had not been elected. soft back owns the u.s. mobile carrier sprint. mr. trump plans to meet with week. most silicon valley leaders did not support trump because of his stance on free trade and immigration. the group will include theo thiel. it's not clear what the agenda of the round table will be. the problems with batteries in apple's iphone 6s are apparently bigger than first thought. apple says the issue may extend beyond phones manufactured in september or october of 2015.
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quote, ambient air for longer than it should have been. apple says it will replace affected batteries for free. they are ready to assemble chain ikea is offering extended parental leave. they will offer 4,000 employees in the u.s. of four months of paid parental leave. it appears to mothers and fathers. it pays to be the the chicago cubs handed out 26.7 million dollars in playoff shares! 66 full shares were handed out to players, coaches, and anyone the team decides deserves one. each full share was worth $368,000. anne-marie? >> i love sharing the joy a little bit, right? >> that's right. that is absolutely right.
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avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. 75 years ago today, america into world war ii. franklin roosevelt called it the day that will live in infamy. the memory of the sailors who died that day lives on at an arizona campus. barry petersen reports. >> i have watched the ship blow up hundreds of times on television. and every single time i've watched that explosion, i felt a
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>> reporter: bill wescot was named after a an uncle he never knew what on the "uss arizona." three years ago he started work on an idea for this. a thin red outline across the bustling campus of university of arizona. it is something new to remember, something old. the exact measurement of the doomed battleship's main deck. >> the fourth bomb came down >> reporter: david carter, who restores historic buildings, studied the ship's blueprints and discovered a perfect fit, like it was meant to be. >> in the initial outline of the ship 597 feet long and 5/8th of an inch to spare. >> reporter: 5/8th of an inch? >> yes. >> reporter: wow. in the middle the structure of a ship's bridge with a medallion for each man who died.
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students of today, like elizabeth quinlan, can meet the young men of that terrible day. >> it's very humanizing, so you start realizing that there is actual names and faces that go to these different incidents. >> reporter: the last medallion was for william wescot signed by bill. >> now and remember. >> reporter: the memory of every lost sailor now passed to a new generation. you see your uncle's name, what is in your mind? >> i think a the ship and the scale of the loss. >> reporter: and the death of an honor to a fallen uncle now paid in full. barry petersen, cbs news, tucson, arizona. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," oscar winning actress helen mirren. i'm anne-marie green.
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it's the date that will live in infamy. pearl harbor went under attack
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footage of beyonce before her rise to stardom. and some are willing to pay up to $4 million just to get their hands on it. and the time of year for giving. and you can make a huge difference in a little child's life. good morning. 4:26. a check of the weather with melissa nord. good morning. >> good morning. and happy thursday. rather, tuesday, wednesday. it's wednesday, right? wednesday to the you at home. we had a lot in the way of rain this morning. but in its wake, we have areas of fog this morning so just keep that in mind. going to be some spots where visibility could be below about two miles. right now, temperatures in the 40s in d.c. breezy with winds out of the northwest around 12 miles per hour. and temperatures not quite too cold. it's 41 in leesburg. 39 in frederick. and 39 degrees out in
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clouds and we will break out into a mostly sunny to partly sunny sky later today. the rest of the work week, it's turning really cold. we will talk about that coming up. definitely hump day. wednesday for us. i wish it was thursday though. we do have one area, outer loop of the beltway by georgia avenue, connecticut avenue, there was a crash involving a car that hit the jersey wall. so maybe some delays. it might in silver spring. no delays on the outer loop of the beltway as of now. we do have reports of a tree that's down on rock creek parkway. the northbound lanes impacted by massachusetts avenue. these delays are because of long-term construction. in the newsroom, right now, california is under a local state of emergency in the city of oakland after the ghostship
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that were killed. now a federal investigation says that a possible refrigerator is the source of the deadly fire. police in colorado are investigating the death of a former heisman winner as a suicide. the 42-year-old was found dead last night in a park. no foul play is suspected. and authorities believe that he left a note suggesting that he took his own life. he was heisman trophy and a first round nfl draft pick back in 1995. protesters of the access pipeline are being asked to leave because of dangerous weather. the tribe is asking everyone to leave. work on the pipeline has been halted which was a big win for protesters but they are still protesting because they say
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what's going on. the news at 4:30 starts right now. happy wednesday. you are half way. there and after a cold and wet tuesday, today is shaping up to be fairly nice. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> the sunshine is not going to be around too long. i'm mike hydeck. let's check out the wednesday weather. looks like we're going to see sunshine, right, melissa? >> we are today. by friday, temperatures in the afternoon will feel like they're below freezing. yeah, going to be turning really cold outside. with that being said, increasing sunshine this afternoon. the showers from yesterday have moved off the east coast. right now in d.c., we are looking at a mostly cloudy sky, 43. winds out of the north, northwest around 12 miles per hour. and still, upper 30s and lower 40s thanks to the extra cloud
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bottom out last night. for the rest of the morning, clouds will be decreasing. so by about 10:00 a.m., looking at a mostly sunny sky. the afternoon overall more sunshine than clouds. and temperatures in the low and mid-50s. we will talk about when the colder air arrives and when we could see snow showers. we are sending a crew down to see what is going on with the tree blocking part of rock creek parkway, the northbound lanes by massachusetts avenue in northwest. so the delays here on rock creek parkway are because of long-term construction. but we will see when crews think it will be picked up. we have one accident, a car hit a jersey wall, outer loop of the beltway by connecticut avenue and georgia avenue in silver spring. however, the outer loop still moving okay. the crash is on the side. so no major delays. 270 starting up in frederick,


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