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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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the number one ingredient. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, december 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? an arctic blast slammed part of the country's mid section with snow and dangerous cold. millions of americans face south. breaking news. a powerful earthquake rocks indoa nesikilling dozens. we are going to reach survivors in trapped buildings. >> 75 years after the pearl harbor attack we are in hawaii where survivors are sharing their stories of survival. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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high today in cheyenne, 7. it could always be worse. >> winter weather sweeps across the u.s. >> i'm taking out my fuzzy socks because of the blasting frigid air is making its way across the u.s. >> it grabs this cold air and slings it down into the united states. >> there is no determination of origin or cause. >> investigators still searching for ansswer in theor hcrifi fire in oakland. >> it's just horror andag >> are you better than me? >> white supremacist speakst a a texas university. >> spencer is the godfather of the alt-right. the president made his last major national security speech. >> we are a nation, at its best, defined by hope and not fear and that makes us any stronger than any act of terror. >> donald trump on theo- scalled thank you tour and brought his pick for secretary of defense. >> mad dog plays no games, right?
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widespread and death toll surely to rise. >> frantic rescue efforts are under way. >> police car chase in california. >> boom that is a that is a dangerous situation >> all that. >> air force none. the president-elect says cancel the order for a new presidential pla plane. >> the plane wouldn't be done in 2022. why do plans. >> donald trump is goingo tbe 74. i'm going to be 77. i'm in better shape, i mean >> and all that matters. >> on "cbs this morning." >> in order nordstrom is selling a rock in a ledger pouch for 85 bucks. >> if i sell ledger pouch for $85, it better look like this!
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$85, it better look like this! you hear, that santa? welcome to "cbs this morning." the first arctic blast of the season is sweeping across much of the country. parts of the upper midwest are under a blizzard warning. heavy snowfall overnight maid driving dangerous in colorado. >> sections of north dakota and minnesota have more than a foot of the snow on the ground. temperatures are plunging across the grate plains and even in conditions will settle over much of the country through the week as cold air moves from west-to-east. omar villafranca is in bismarck, north dakota, where government forecasters are warning about drowse windchill. >> reporter: good morning. people in bismarck are waking up to single digits and what you see here is snow drifts. there is more snow in the forecast but even worse, there is more wind on the way. wind gusts up to 60 miles an
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and with temperatures actually still dropping, people here are bracing for the worse. blinding snow blanketed boulder, colorado, overnight, clogging roads and causing crashes and forcing emergency crews to help out. north dakota is no stranger to harsh winter weather. although it's technical still fall. nearly all of i-94 stretching across the state is closed, leaving the normally busy high in minot, the international airport grounded all flights tuesday. whiteout conditions in nearby grand forks made driving nearly impossible. this stop sign marked the only spot of color in the sea of white. in the east, in douglas county, minnesota, heavy winds whipped snow across the roads. bismarck, the capital of north dakota was buried in nearly a
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temperatures to try and clear their doorways and conditions made walking a tedious task and driving even harder. how is the visibility? >> visibility in certain areas down to zero. in this area because we have structures and trees it's not so bad but when you get out in the open it's really roofed. >> reporter: reduced. >> reporter: you couldn't see the car in front you? >> there are times like that, snow drifts in this part of north dakota and seen a lot of snowplow truckdrivers and they are staying busy. so far, there are more than 450 miles of interstate still shut down because of this weather. >> be careful there, omar. we saw you almost take a little spill. >> stay warm, too! >> yes. charlie says stay warm. thank you. >> will do. chief forecaster lonnie
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winter blast. >> it's nice when the weatherman is inside and omar is out there. it's tough to stay warm in a situation like this. let me show you what the situation is all about. a triangular swath of pink on this map. that is the cold air and show you how it's progressing across the country. this is really our first, you know, cold outbreak of the season. it's got an arctic element to it. it will move and march across the country. later today, it's into the midwest. by the time you get to your day on thursday, it will m way into the ohio valley, from the ohio valley, it then moves into the northeast. that looks like friday. it may be a little slow maybe late friday going into saturday but move across a good portion of the country. take a look at the current temperature readings. it's 14 below zero in bismarck and 9 below in cheyenne and 7 below in sioux falls and warm up in the sunshine, at 7. that is the high in bismarck
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go along with the cold air? snow as it pushes off to the east but i think the bigger story in terms of where the big snowfall totals will be the western half of the country. keep an eye on the purple color and wasatch and pacific northwest and cascades. could see half a foot of snow to two feet of snow. that is a quick look at this. the cold air is going nowhere for a good portion of the country the way i see it. >> thanks, ie after a powerful earthquake in northern indonesia overnight. the quake destroyed hundreds of buildings and an area sgested devastated by another area 12 years ago. adriana diaz is in beijing. >> reporter: the earthquake
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sparking a frantic rescue effort. crews dug through the destruction using hands and heavy equipment in search of survivors. out of the rubble, they removed bodies covered in blankets. the sdicket when the earthquake struck after 5:00 a.m. local many were preparing for morning prayers and in moments, at least a dozen mosques were flattened. hundreds are injured. overcrowding local hospitals and more are feared trapped. traumatized by the earthquake and tsunami from 2004 that struck this region, killing more than 100,000 people in one province alone. no tsunami warning was issued in today's quake but there have been aftershocks. and thousands more rescuers were deployed to the area to help. norah? >> adriana diaz, thank you. a federal official says a faulty appliance may have sparked the deadly oakland, california, warehouse fire.
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identified. investigators released the names last night of nine more people who died. the victims range from 17 to 35 years old. fire chief says the search of the fire-gutted building is nearly complete. david begnaud is in oakland with how years of complaints about the building apparently went unanswered. david, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: we will get our next update the next two hours. the mayor of oakland libby schaaf said i don't want to talk about what went wrong but find the victims. the mayor pivoted last night and answered questions about possible failures in the warehouse here in oakland. her office all night have been releasing public documents online, in fact. fire officials have now begun tearing down the unstable walls of the so-called ghost ship warehouse as their search for victims ends and they try to uncover how the fire began.
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this fire. >> reporter: according to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, no indication the fire was deliberately set but they are looking whether a refrigerator or another faulty appliance may have caused the fire. >> they are looking at all potential source of ignition, any kind of electrical appliance or lamps or electrical cords. >> reporter: oakland's mayor says there were complaints about the building and transparency even release of city documents. one says a inspector came two weeks before the fire but couldn't get inside. video obtained by cbs news officers inside the structure purportedly more than two months ago. do you believe there was a systemic failure across the board? >> i'm not prepared to draw conclusions from the history but i will remind you that the responsibilities and duties of
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in zoning laws. >> we need to make sure that justice is served. >> reporter: the alameda district attorney's office has launched an investigation. you walked through the building. what was your initial assessment? >> it was horrifying and heartbreaking. you just felt the sense of loss of life. >> reporter: recovery workers told sergeant j.d. nelson it was heart breaking for them as well. >> there was a man and a woman and they were in the prone position, and the man was in such a way that it looked l way. >> reporter: this morning, the mayor is preparing to update the media at around 6:00 a.m. local time. when you talk to people in the area, gayle, the first thing they tell you we are angry, angry people had to live inside of a warehouse like this. this was permitted for commercial use and nobody should have been living there but people who live there said the prices are too speveexpensive a
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president-elect donald trump is getting ready to make two more significant appointments. cbs news confirms this morning that iowa governor terry branstad will be named the next ambassador to china and kelly is the homeland security secretary. major garrett joins us with the latest. >> reporter: general kelly and mr. trump have met several ti acceptance occurred while he was traveling in europe we are told by several sources. that to be announced formally by the transition sometime soon and that would be the third general in the top echelon of the emerging trump administration indicating his preference for military experience, expertise, and accountability. thank you stop number two for president-elect donald trump was in north carolina, where he spoke of maintaining military
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anniversary of pearl harbor. >> we seek peace through strength. >> reporter: mr. trump brought to the stage his choice for secretary of defense, retired marine corps general nams mjame mattis. >> i look forward to be a civilian leader as long as congress gives me the waiver. >> reporter: he retired in 2013 so congress must wave the law of preventing a person to be appointed as secretary of defense within seven years after relief. >> oh, if he didn't get that waiver, there would with be a lot of angry people. >> reporter: earlier, mr. trump appeared in the trump tower lobby with japanese billionaire and soft bank ceo sung who pledged to eventually invest $50 billion in u.s. start-ups and creating 50,000 jobs over many years.
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boeing for a multibillion dollar project to build new air force one jets. >> we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. >> reporter: the air force contracted with boeing last year to begin designing replacement aircraft set for delivery in 2024. >> it's time to bring air force one into the 21st century. >> reporter: mark rosenker saw upgrade to the fleets after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. though, personal 757 jet, that craft cannot refuel in mid air, deflect missiles, or serve as a flying oval office. >> to set the 757 for that capability would be extremely difficult and expensive. >> the flap with boeing start with a tweet yesterday morning and came 22 minutes after the "chicago tribune" posted an article highlighting differences between mr. trump and boeing's ceo when it comes to the subject of trade with china.
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upgraded aircraft fleet for air force one is unclear. boeing released a statement yesterday saying the company is currently contracted for $170 million to develop a new fleet and looks forward to working with the air force to deliver, quote, the best planes for the best value for the american taxpayer. charlie? >> thanks, major. president obama says reversing course in the fight against terror could put national security in jeopardy. the president defended his counterterrorism yesterday at macdill air force base in florida. that was his last major national security speech as commander in chief. >> that hit us, rather offer false promises that we can eliminate terrorism by dropping more bombs or defending more troops or fencing ourselves off from the rest of the world. we have to take a long view of the terrorist threat and we have to pursue a smart strategy that can be sustained.
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suspects should face justice instead of torture. he pointed out that he will be the first president to serve two full terms during war time. a speech at texas a&m by the leader of a white nationalist organization brought out hundreds of protesters last night.pthe students held signs chanted as they gathered outside the campus building where richard spencer was speaking. spencer gained attention during the presidential campaign. this shows him celebrating the election results and declaring hail trump. >> reporter: good morning. administrators at texas a&m say they did not invite richard spencer, that he was invited by a private citizen who rented a public room. the university told cbs news the booking shocked them, but texas a&m maintains it was their obligation as educators to honor the first amendment. state police in riot gear pushed back against protesters at texas
7:17 am
nationalist agenda and richard spencer. >> this country does belong to white people. >> reporter: spencer's key note and question and answer question were interrupted several times. >> he then answered. >> reporter: when this woman asked for further explanation of the so-called alt-right group's objectives then overpowered her and toot microphone away. the southern poverty law center calls spencer, quote, a >> hail trump! hail our people and hail victory. >> reporter: last month, spencer delivered a speech blocks from the white house when elicited nation nazi salutes. >> we denounce all of the hatred and force the rejection of inclusion and isolation.
7:18 am
kind of alt-right hero. at a competing stadium event dubbed aggies united. >> we can understand the difference between hate and love. >> reporter: university leaders called spencer's appearance reprehensible. >> we did not invite him here. we did not want him here and we made our voices known as well. >> reporter: campus police said two people were arrested last night. they were on campus for the event and are not students at the university. charlie? >> anna, thanks. breaking news pakistan where an official says an airliner crashed this morning. the plane belonging to pakistan international airline apparently went down shortly after it took off from the city of kittral and 40 people on board and no information on casualties. >> thank you, charlie. passengers on a southwest flight to houston had a scare last night. oxygen masks deployed before the boeing 737 made an emergency landing in jackson, mississippi.
7:19 am
one passenger said his wife's nose started bleeding and she still couldn't hear well after they landed. passengers were delayed for a few hours before taking off for houston. a louisiana sheriff defends his investigation of the death of former nfl player joe mcknight. ahead, why he says it took so long to charge the man who admitted pulling announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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the sun of donald trump's choice for national security adviser promoted fake news stories. >> ahead, how that son is off the transition team after a made-up story led to a shooting at a washington pizzeria. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this
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? survivors of one of the worst surprising attacks on america return one last time. ahead how the crew members who lived through pearl harbor are being honored 75 years later.
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? the supreme court has ruled that samsung did not violate aema apple's patent on smartphone partiularly. did not. the justice said it's clear that samsung came up with a phone bursting into flames all by themselves. pure >> no fun if it happens to you. >> that's right. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up in this half hour, fallout from the so-called pizza gate controversy hits donald trump's transition team. the son of mr. trump's choice for national security adviser has resigned. his connection to a fake news story that led to a shooting. responding to the backlash over the charges in joe mcknight's death. a louisiana sheriff defends the investigation into the killing of the former nfl player.
7:31 am
played out on. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" quotes a union leader who said donald trump lied about the number of jobs he saved at carrier. last week, the president-elect told workers at the indianapolis factory that he had stopped 1,100 jobs from going to mexico. carrier told the union the actual number of union jobs saved is 730. trump's staff was asked to comment but did not respond. britain's "guardian" airline involved in a crash is in custody and could face manslaughter charges. investigators think the plane ran out of fuel before it crashed last week in colombia killing 71. many of the victims belonged to a brazilian soccer team. a bolivian air traffic controller fled to brazil. officials in bolivia are demanding her return. the "new york post" says that actress sofia vergara is
7:32 am
a right to live lawsuit was filed against vergara. her representative could not be reached for comment about this. the lawyer for the man charged with killing a former nfl player wants the suspect's bond reduced. ronald gasser was charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of joe mcnight. he was initially released after the shooting, causing outrage in the community. the sheriff lashed out at peoplh messages to officials who he says were only trying to do their job. jericka duncan is outside on the sheriff's office in harvey, louisiana. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the sheriff says he and his deputies conducted over 160 interviews and reenacted that crime scene multiple times and he said it was that that helped the official determine what they believe were the moments leading up to the death of joe mcknight last thursday.
7:33 am
the men and women of this organization in the strategy, decisions, that we made relative to that -- tough! >> reporter: a defensive sheriff newell norman lashed out to critics of his office for waiting four days to arrest ronald gasser, the man who authorities say admitted to pulling the trigger in the death of joe mcknight. gasser was questioned, then released last week. a move that activists. on tuesday the sheriff read some of the messages directed to city officials who supported his strategy. >> it's not fair for him to be called you punk [ bleep ] uncle tom [ bleep ] we saw you sell out to them you rat [ bleep ] punk. >> reporter: can you explain why you felt the need to read some of those foul comments? >> we are castigating people that are trying to do the right thing?
7:34 am
>> reporter: but does it change anything, you reading those comments, especially -- >> yeah. i hope it gets everybody to realize how crazy we are getting! >> reporter: investigators now believe the incident began on or near new orleans crescent city connection where both individuals were driving erratically. at some point mcnight possibly cut gasser off and the two men became involved in verbal altercations and zipping around vehicles before coming to a stop at a red light in the terry town. >> mr. mcnight exits his car and goes to mr. gasser's car. there continues to be a verbal altercation. mr. gasser pulls his weapon and fires three shots. >> reporter: cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman says if the case is decided by a jury, gasser would want jurors to believe he acted in self-defense. >> there are many people who might say, hey, wait a minute.
7:35 am
threat of death or serious bodily harm. >> reporter: the sheriff says mcknight did have a gun in the car but there is no evidence that he actually threatened gasser with it. now here in louisiana, the use of deadly force is justifiable if someone unlawfully tries to enter a vehicle. as for gasser, if convicted of manslaughter, he is facing up to 40 years in prison. >> thank you, jericka duncan. you were asking a question a lot of people werenk a member of donald trump's transition team is out this morning after he spread fake news on twitter. national security adviser designee michael flynn and his son have shared funny news articles online. the son resigned yesterday after a same story he promoted inspired a man to fire a rifle inside a washington restaurant where customers were eating. trip reid is here with more.
7:36 am
michael flynn had an advisory role with his father, helping the transition team's national security staff. he even had an official e-mail address. not any more. >> michael flynn jr. is no long associated with general flynn's efforts or with the transition team. >> reporter: on tuesday, trump transition leader and vice president-elect mike pence tried to deflect questions about a security clearance for flynn's son. >> in talking with general flynn today, he made me aware that his son was scheduling. >> reporter: and that you put in for security clearance? >> whatever the appropriate paper work was to assist him. >> reporter: the younger flynn seen here last month at trump tower with his father has repeatedly tweeted fake news stories. in march he tweeted a story allegedly that senator marco rubio was a drug user but the tweets that got flynn in trouble was his promotion of the pizza
7:37 am
hillary clinton was involved in a child sex trafficking ring and headquartered here in a washington, d.c. pizzeria. on sunday, 28-year-old edgar welsh entered the pizzeria and fired shots from a semiautomatic rifle. he told police he drove from north carolina to rescue child victims but surrendered when he realized there were none. flynn's father, retired lieutenant general michael flynn, trump's choice for national security adviser, has also used twitter to promote fake stores. days before the e sex crimes against children. adam shift, the shop democrat on the howls intelligence committee released this statement writing that trump's people has been willing to peddle complete fabrications for little regard for their dangerous consequences. >> we reached out to the trump campaign and general flynn for comment but we did not get a response. and cbs news has learned that general flynn, who will be national security adviser in the
7:38 am
with susan rice, president obama's national security adviser today, at the white house. >> very interesting. chip, thank you so much. some of the last survivors of pearl harbor are back there this morning. ahead, they share stories about the attack that brought the u.s. into world war ii and why it's still important for all of us to remember. we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. you're going to gets news of the day and extended intervi podcast originals and find them on itunes and apple's podcast app. we will be right back. ? if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> that is president franklin roosevelt's famous address
7:43 am
on japan following the attack on pearl harbor. today marks the 75th anniversary of japan's surprise assault that draw america into world war ii. survivors will attend commemorative memories to honor those who died. john blackstone is in hawaii where survives and family ne members are looking back. >> reporter: this memorial that sits over the "uss arizona is the backdrop for the main but for the survivors returning here after 75 years, there are other less famous places in pearl harbor that hold great significance and terrible memories. ? ? >> reporter: a few hundred yards from the arizona, a small group gathered at sunset to remember the men who served on the "uss utah." the rusting wreckage of the "utah" remains in the exact spot
7:44 am
down hit by two japanese torpedos. 58 died but more than 200 crew members survived and here is one of only six remaining. how did you make it off the ship? >> i swam. see. i was sleeping down on the side here and the torpedo. >> reporter: you were asleep when the posterior tee dough hit? >> yes. i was on watch and i stayed up all night. >> reporter: the ceremony honors not just those killed on the oil utah" but many of the survivors who, in death, chose to be with their ship mates. their ashes placed in the wreckage. tonya wardock's grandfather died three years ago. look out there and your grandfather's ashes are out there. what is that like? >> it's surreal and we promised we would take him home. that is his home and where he wanted to be. >> reporter: the veterans returning for this 75 anniversary are now mostly in their 90s.
7:45 am
>> welcome these gentlemen back. >> reporter: benny had returned with several generations of their families determined to share their story. >> i saw the "oklahoma" going lower. he took about 160 men with her that day. >> reporter: the organization wish of a lifetime helped 93-year-old mel heckman come back with four generations of his family. his grandson robert. >> being here and sharing spot with him, it's a blessing and it's a once in a lifetime blessing. >> reporter: for those serving today, the aging veterans serve as an inspiration. >> when i walk up to them in my uniform as a three-star general, they immediately try to stand up or salute me. and i have to tell them, please, i'm honoring you. the honor is mine! >> reporter: japanese prime
7:46 am
harbor late in december to meet president obama here but a spokesman for the prime minister made it clear he is paying respect for the dead and not apologize what happened here 75 years ago. gayle? >> thank you very much, john. it's such a touching ceremony. i know six are living and to hear so many of them want to go back there when it's time to be buried. >> oh, yeah. i wish i was there and i think it's a nice thing that so many organizations have helped these veterans and their families coming for what some are calling thas incredibly. >> they can care it with their families is incredible. vice president joe biden said he'll be more popular if he doesn't run for president.
7:47 am
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you're on capitol hill and you were asked by a reporter, are you going to run for office again? and you had, and i quote, sir, yeah, i am. i'm going to run in 2020. reporter -- for what? for president. so what the hell, man. >> i know, i did that for one reason so i could announce now again. >> that was vice president joe biden who talked with stephen colbert about the next election. biden said last night he has no plans to run for president but he said never say never. i said he did not regret staying out of the race for the white house this year. he said he made the best decision for his family. >> i also said never say never. >> never say never. >> the big news, of course, is that the congress has passed the
7:52 am
millions of dollars for the moon shot initiative and named it after beau biden and a real tribute and i know the vice president feels really good about and the nih is happy about and moves this all forward. new research today that is raising serious safety questions about teething products. ahead, what can parents do to ease a baby's pain while avoiding bpa and other harmful chemicals that are hurt your child? you are watching "cbs this morning." we thank you. we will be right back. energetic. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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? it is wednesday, december 7th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? there is more real news ahead, including the best places to work. first on "cbs this morning," the ceo of glass door has a new lisa workers. here is the question. is your company on the list? first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> people here are waking up to single digits wand yhatou see here, snow drifts and there is more snow in the forecast. >> this isll reay our first, you know, cold outbreak of the season. it's got an arctic element to it. >> 6.5 earthquake rdocke the island of sumatra, flattening buildings and sparking a frantic rescue effort. >> t lasnight the mayor started
8:01 am
possible inspection fails urs het re a otheakland warehouse. >> a plane crashed in pakistan. >> a trump tweet came 22 minutes after the "chicago tribune" posted an article highlighting differences between mr. trump and boeing's ceo when it comes to the subject of trade with china. >> the younger michael flynn had an advisory role with the transition's team security staff.
8:02 am
chosen two more top officials for his team. cbs news confirms governor terry branstad will be named the next ambassador to china and marine corps general john kelly nominated to be secretary of homeland security. at last night's thank you rally in north carolina, mr. trump formally announced retired marine general james mattis as his choice for secretary of defense. earlier, mr. trump and the ceo of soft japanese company will invest 50 billion dollars in the united states. now, they claim the investment will create 50,000 jobs. there is no time line for when that investment will start. also, no word on how long it will take to create those jobs. the money will come from the vision fund that was created to invest billions globally in technology. saudi arabia is the lead investment partner in the fund. >> a house committee has agreed to spend $7 million to help new york city pail for the
8:03 am
the $35 million the city asked for. the new york mayor bill deblasio tweeted. d.c. must step up to pay us back what we are owed. syrian government troops are pushing deeper into the parts of aleppo and reports this morning from inside syria indicates some rel truce. the battle has left hundreds of aleppo residents dead. tens of thousands of families have fled. debora patta found one family who never left and never gave up hope. >> reporter: it's now been five years since the war divided aleppo. splitting the rebel-held east from the government-controlled west. and ranging families apart in
8:04 am
himself. this is the first time he's seen his mother in five years! my soul, she sobs, you are everything to me, my son! another son joins in. they remained in rebel-held eastern aleppo and three sons and their families lived in the government-controlled west. her sons joined the syrian army. their uniform marking them as visiting their mother in rebel-held territory became impossible. dockman knew that the bombs unleashed by the opposition of the army he serves rained down on the home of his mother. all the time, i was helpless, he told us. i was constantly thinking i would lose her. in the five long years, much has changed. the neighborhood they grew up in
8:05 am
brief moment, the horrors of war are put aside and she gets to know the grandchildren she has never met. finally, it's time to go home together. for "cbs this morning: saturday," debora patta, aleppo. >> horrors just begin to describe this insanity. >> it shows you really how all pain is the same. people want the best for their families and have a good life. you look at the pictures and it's very heart breaking >> indeed. we are following this morning a dangerous winter storm that is battering parts of the country's midsection with blizzard conditions. blinding snow blanketed boulder, colorado, overnight. the conditions triggered crashes and emergency responses. nearly all of a major interstate stretching across north dakota is closed. people braved single digit temperatures to dig out their drivewayses and cold air will move from west to east throughout the week. >> the chief executive of job
8:06 am
door says choosing where to work is one of life's most important decisions. choose carefully. this morning, the site announced its 2017 employees choice awards for the best plays to work and it's based on more than 2 million company reviews. employees do this reading and they rate things like benefit, pay, and work/life balance. fifth place is worldwide technology. an innovative tech company and google fourth and third is boston consulting group a global management firm. the world's largest social network. the best place to work, drum roll, please, is consulting firm bane and company. robert hohman is the ceo and he joins us at the table. great news for bain. on the list the past nine years. so has apple and google. those three companies are the only three that have made the list every nine years. but why is bain number one?
8:07 am
list all nine years but won three times. no other company has done it. >> most people don't know what bain is, i think. >> i know. they are a management consulting firm. so they hire supersmart people to help other companies solve their hardest problems is what they do and what employees will tell you when you read up on glass door about what it's like to work there is they love that aspect of it. they get to come together as a really smart team with other smart people, parachute in on a really hard problem that a company is facing and then move on to the next very much a place where you work hard, you are rewarded. >> is bain that mitt romney is associated with? >> bain capital is associated with bain but this is the consulting arm. >> facebook, number two. what did they say about that company? >> what people love about facebook is how incredibly mission-driven it is opinion besides that, only a couple of companies on the planet where if
8:08 am
billions of people, you're talking google, you're talking facebook. only a couple of like that. they talk about that. in many ways, that is an engineer's version of fame is working at facebook. >> where is apple in all of that? >>. >> apple fits that bill but struggled the last couple of years but fallen through the ranks over the year and i think apple continues to struggle to find its footing but still a great place to work. >> any industrial companies o >> yeah. clorox makes the list. nstle purina pet care makes the list. one of my favorites is in-n-out burger. >> the only fast food chain on the list. >> what makes a company attractive to work for? other than being proud of the product? >> yeah. so one of the unique things we can do -- so stepping back. a bit of context. glass door is one of the largest job sites where people can come to find a job. what is unique people tell us
8:09 am
what parts they wish they could change. which means we do get to look at the common themes that run through that. what makes a company great is amazing communication. everyone understanding what the mountain is we are trying to climb so they can get in line behind it. there is a really clear goal. frequently, iconic leader. a very strong person driving the troops in the front whether that is mark zuckerberg or larry know? their stories come out. >> what i would think would be highest on the list is the people you get to work with. >> it is. >> they are giving, they are smart, they are sharing and collaborative and supportive. >> do you think about your own experience? >> actually, i was. >> yeah. >> smart people is near the top of the list. pay and benefits also is up there. >> everybody always says pay and benefits and quality of life. i love google. this is as good as it gets.
8:10 am
company. we know him. we have fun. 34 costco people matter here. i love the simplicity of that that people matter here. >> yeah. the alignment of a mission-driven culture where people feel like what they are doing. you're not making me trade off my work and my philanthropy but you're aligning it for me and my work is changing the world and i feel the company values us and gives back. >> and listens to us. >> yes. >> go back to in-n-ou because the only fast food chain that made the list. >> it's a hard job. >> they have good burgers. >> they have amazing burgers. anybody who has walked in an in-n-out you know a special vibe there and people seem to be enjoying their work. they talk about great training programs. the ability to move and grow. >> can you make the argument there is a direct one-to-one correlation between where people want to work and value and
8:11 am
>> are you family with charlie rose? >> i am familiar with charlie rose. >> go ahead. sorry. >> it is a good question, charlie. very well done. so there has long been known that there is a correlation between employee satisfaction and stock performance. what has not been known is whether it's causality. meaning they are related but do happy employees actually create economic value? the last three or four years the universities that they do. >> yeah. i believe that. >> i called the southwest effect. >> i believe in that. >> if you travel the southwest you know what i'm talking about. >> i get it. >> it's different and creates value. you have a better experience. >> thank you, robert hohman. i wonder what they say about you at your company? we like you! we like you, robert hohman. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming. we appreciate it. >> thank you. are potentially harmful chemicals leaking out of your baby's teething ring?
8:12 am
that. first, it's time to check your local weather. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by hepc.
8:13 am
helen mirren channels death for her latest role. ahead, she is here in studio 57 to paw aboabout the new movie t director compares to "it's a wonderful life." you're watching "cbs this morning." if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source
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so i can love my hair longer.
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8:17 am
in our morning rounds." the safety risk in products to the pain. researchers tested 59 plastic baby teether and found all of them are potentially harmful substances and all had bpa even the ones labeled bpa free or nontoxic. our dr. tara narula is here. i was stunned to hear about this story because bpa has been banned but probably not the teethers?
8:18 am
is surprisingly little research done on this. researchers took 59 different teethers in this study 2 different brands and they found that there was essentially a range of 26 different types of chemistry of concern, that leaked out of these teethers. including bpa which, as you mentioned, even all though labeled bpa free and nontoxic but had low levels of chemicals but still concern that babies are absorbing these. >> you've got a baby in the house. what did you t heard this? >> i was not happy because i have about four different types of teethers in my freezer which i will now be getting rid of. >> what do people do? they don't name brands. >> no, they don't. the experts we spoke to suggested just avoid these terges teethers and use homopathic and home-grown remedies like a frozen wash clock, a frozen carrot. there are teethers made of wood or organic confront can be used
8:19 am
bpa, what does bpa do if it gets into chala child's concern. >> >> they mimic or disrupt the natural occurring hormones in the body like estrogen, and thyroid hormones. the concern they can cause neurological development and reproductive effects in growing infants. >> is it only in growing infants and not in adolescents or adults? >> i don't think we know the answer to that we. as far as what we do, the say bpa in our current supply that we get from our food packaging is safe. but we really don't have a lot of great research. we don't have a lot of studies, especially on infants and adolescents. i think that the jury is still out on this. >> i like the frozen eggo suggestion. let go of my eggo. a carrot, you're not concerned about them biting and choking on
8:20 am
>> if it's grfrozen and hard yo do have to be concerned about choking risk. >> some have plastic housings or casings and to leech out or the chemicals could migrate out from that. >> how do you know something is bpa free that you're putting in your baby's mouth? >> i don't think that you do. because some of these were labeled b, pa free. even the sippy cups are labeled bpa-free, we might investigating that also. >> which is why you're throwinging yours out? >> i'm throwing out the teethers. i need the bottles and cups. a disabled veteran gets a four-legged assistant on the job. love this story. that is coming up. we will be right back. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by cosenty xmplts. see me. .
8:21 am
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8:25 am
>> so cute walking. i love the back shot of them.
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if squirrels had a most wanted list, this little guy would be on it. here it is. girl 0 or boy we are not sure stealing a christmas light and 150 that he swiped in 24 hours! seattle neighbors call it the ball bandit. the squirrel bulbs for food. i think it's a boy. it's not girls. we don't want bulbs but it's funny and a clever squirrel. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? in this half hour, donald trump's tweets and big companies react. we will ask the "wall street journal" financial editor about the fallout. >> helen mirren in the role of "death" she is here in studio 57
8:31 am
movie is profound and how she managed to find humor in a subject that should be deadly serious. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. a business insider says chris christie broke a record. he has the lowest approval ratings for any state governor in more than 20 years. quinnipiac poll shows 77% of new jersey voters disprove of the job christie is doing. most say he is dishons. his reputation was tarni so-called bridgegate scandal. >> bob dole, the former senator and presidential candidate is a lobbyist at a law firm. according to disclosure documents, dole coordinated meetings between mr. trump's advisers and official in taiwan. the firm received 140,000 dollars for the work. says beauty products marketed to black women are more likely to contain harmful chemicals.
8:32 am
general public are in the low hazard category. but only 25% of products for black women get that rating. some of the ingredients have been linked to reproductive damage and cancer. an industry group says the research is flawed. that doesn't make me feel so good. president-elect trump said this morning he and boeing will work out a dispute over the price of a new air force one. mr. trump tweeted yesterday costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. he said the order should be force one are more than 25 years old. the air force called on boeing last year to begin designing replacement aircraft to be delivered in eight years. >> boeing responded to mr. trump in a statement that it is currently under contract for 170 million dollars to determine a plan for the planes. boeing's stock price fell when the markets opened, then bounced back. a financial editor of welcome welcome is with us.
8:33 am
>> the president-elect. >> he is not even in office yet and do doing his thing. it depends how you view it as politics. you could say he is setting the stage for a president who is going to say i don't want to pay certain prices. but then again, you get to the constitutional issue of whether that is appropriate or not. >> for the president-elect? >> yes. >> but my question even the larger question i meant when he is president, don't we want the president doing other things and let other people negotiate the price of a plane? i assume it plays well with in the country because it looks spending, it looks like somebody is worried about jobs and all of those things. >> i got to share my gut reaction which was $4 billion that is a lot for one plane even if it is a great plane. >> the fact first. it is not $4 billion. let's be clear. >> it is not $4 billion. it's a service contract over many years and specifications created by the government itself. i think as a matter of rhetoric and communication you have to -- whether you agree with trump's politics or not he is doing a pretty good job of setting the
8:34 am
and renegotiate with china and do everything i can to fight for jobs and a lot of issues the way he is doing it but he is setting the communication pretty clear. >> one issue might be tweeting as much as he does? >> why hasn't donald trump had a press conference? that has not happened. he is keeping control of the message and that is, again, it's -- >> what impact is it having on the stock market? >> hey, stock market never been better. >> i know. >> right? >> dow -- >> what is the cause sayinaigs ? and regulation is being taken off the books, and, you know, buy stocks, sell bonds. the bond market -- >> the reserve -- >> right. if you believe growth is coming and that is another big question, then buy stocks. >> do you think this is the way to run a railroad through tweeting as opposed to having a press conference? what is your gut reaction to that? >> i'll give you my gut reaction. >> yeah. >> what is it? >> that we created a country of rule of law and not a rule of men.
8:35 am
emotionally with what trump is saying, via tweets or whatever he is doing. >> a lot of people apparently do. >> there should be a path by which not one person controls what happened in the country whether it relates to one company or any one issue and why we have a congress and why we have -- >> let's talk about your -- let's talk about reporting. >> sure. >> i'm pretty sure i read it this morning in your paep. i read five papers. it said in your paper that corporate america, though, is reacting to this pretty negatively what they did with boeing. why? >> i think that is the saying. if you're in the cross-hairs of the president and he can tweet and bring popular opinion against us, that is a dangerous place to be. the facts of the matter might be entirely different than what he is saying. and there should be methods and a process. it's not -- it's not -- easy or efficient but it is the way the u.s. is supposed to work which is that there is a rule of law. >> is the deal with carrier a shakedown? >> your paper called it so. >> editorial board. we try to stay --
8:36 am
editorial board's view was that there is no particular reason why any person or government should be telling business people what to do and those who have their money on the line and jobs on the line are the best allocators of capital. >> what about the president-elect's idea that if a company closes factories, therefore, causing job loss, moves overseas and makes products overseas, if they bring those products back in, they will be imposed a huge tax. >> i proposed a 35%ar that. it becomes a question of free markets or not. declaration of independence, one of its grievances against king george was the right for free trade. >> what that is using the tax code as either punishment or in other cases as an incentive. >> i try to stay out of politic but what i would say, if congress -- >> too late, dennis. >> we are all being sucked in. if congress wants to enact that tariff law, then congress should have the right to do. one person who tweets that does
8:37 am
>> what about the announcement by the chinese company softbank. 50 billion dollar investment in u.s. tech companies and saying 50,000 jobs. >> again, here details are kind of important. they already said they were going to spend this money largely in venture capital investing and keep in mind this is the hundred billion dollars is from the saudis. and what did donald trump say? >> invested in his fund. >> investing in his fund. i think donald trump has been masterful at st question of jobs and that is very important to americans. the question each individual has to make the choice. do i feel right about the way he is doing? >> once again, he is the center of the conversation. does he ever have time to sleep is what i wonder. >> i guesses perhaps on his luxury air force one newly redesigned. >> thank you, dennis. >> thank you. helen mirren plays an unusual role in her new movie. listen to this cast. it's all-star.
8:38 am
keira knightley and ed norton. that is star power and helen mirr mirren, the queen. she will tell us what attracted
8:39 am
stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
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8:41 am
people want glamour and
8:42 am
i'm not very good at that. i never have been. i prefer to keep my feelings to myself. foolishly, i believe that is what the people wanted from their queen. not to make a fuss, nor wear one's heart on one's sleeve. duty first. self, second. that's how i was brought up. >> helen mirren won an oscar for playing "the queen." straight in your presence, madam. >> no. >> no slouching here. her acting career began on the british stage when she played "cleopatra." and "age of consent." and starred in "madness of king george." and "calendar girls" "red" and many rgeothers. she scored a tony in broadway's
8:43 am
>> her newest movie is "collateral beauty" and features her in the role of death. her character helps a grieving father played by will smith to cope with a devastating loss. >> they grieved. darks. they grieve and they fully understand death. you called me a paper tiger in the letter you wrote me. you had i was pathetic. you don't remember? you went on about middle management, making a deal, paper tiger? oh, it wasn't that long ago! >> where did you get that? who are you? >> who did you write the letter to? >> i wrote the letter to death.
8:44 am
we welcome helen mirren to studio 57. hello, death! >> yes, hello. nice to see you! >> you look so good! >> explain this role to us. >> oh, well, this is a very difficult film to explain. and actually, i have to say that is what drew me to the script in the first place. reading it, i thought i have never read anything like this before. this is kind of extraordinary. and it's going to be very difficult to get it ri disaster, fall under the rocks and crash and burn or it will be kind of wonderful and very special. and i'm hoping that it went the very special route. but any way. we play -- it's about finding -- finding your way back to life in the darkest of moments, and i thought it's very interesting watching that piece about aleppo and the family in aleppo. >> yes. >> and finding that light in the midst of incredible darkness, the love of a family.
8:45 am
phrase "collateral beauty" kind of means. it's very deep. but -- and it's serious. and i get to play the very comedic role of death. >> that struck me too. i'm going to fall on the side of it's kind of wonderful. i agree, helen. i had never seen anything like it. you see at the end of the movie, tears just streaming down your face because of the beauty of what you've just seen on the screen. but you somehow have managed to which also sprefurprised me in middle of all of this. >> i thought that was important. not that makeup funny but i think it came out on funny in the end. but alive as possible. i said what do you mean you want me to play death? you want me to play love or power or something else? >> will smith has lost his 6-year-old daughter. we should give some context to this. >> and the way he deals with
8:46 am
>> about time and death. >> which apparently is quite a common thing when people are confronting such unbelievable, deep, deep challenges. and there is a feeling of why, why this is happening to me, what is life all about if it has to incorporate such incredible pain? and, apparently, people do sometimes write letters. >> somebody once said how do i know what i think until i see wh >> yes, absolutely. >> some comparison are being made between this and "it's a wonderful life." >> that is the most wonderful comparison to have. certainly i think there is a feeling that we want people -- it's very much a film for the christmas period. it's about family. as much as anything. it's about love. as much as anything. and it's all shot in new york last christmas. we shot it last winter.
8:47 am
hopefully a christmas movie. >> i can't get over your cast. kate winslet said this about you. you can talk to helen about anything, from boobs to boys and work what we are going to drink for cocktail hour. she is everyone's friend and out of control sexy and beautiful and we all wanted to make out with her. >> oh! pnaughty girl! >> but it is true. true in the sense that you have looked ahead some 20 years ago to what a g l you would be sort of the life you've lived. >> oh, absolutely. and my husband and i -- >> taylor branch? >> yes. was saying exactly that. my god, we are so unbelievably fortunate and we are and no two ways about that. so, you know -- but, you know, there is always challenges in life. and as you get older, you know,
8:48 am
probably simply because you've lived on this planet for a longer time. >> you're in the calendar of sexy women. i know you don't want to use the word sexy but, damn it, you are. >> well, i want to find another word, you know? somehow it incorporates that in a sexual way. p>> what is that word, helen? >> i don't know. i'm thinking for it. >> damn fine! >> damn fine, you are! beautifu "collateral beauty" opens in theaters next friday. please run and don't walk to watch this movie and take your children too. do you like this song that is heard tonight? a theme for your movie, that song. >> yes. >> front man ryan teter talks about the moment he first saw "collateral beauty" which features his song. did you write this song for the movie or did you write this for the album? >> no, i wrote this for the am
8:49 am
movie two weeks before the album came out or the week of and was crying. as i said earlier, i'm not a crier. >> through the movie? >> yes. i told the tv guys we have to get this. it sounds like i wrote this song for the film. >> so true, too. god, he is great too! you don't want to miss our story on monday right here on "cbs this morning." >> do you remember the first time you put your feet in snow? up next, a polar bear's first encounter with the white stuff. >> what is her na >> this polar bears i actually named norah! you're watching "cbs this
8:50 am
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. even a polar bear can go a little crazy. seeing snow for the first time. you can see the 1-year-old, her name is, what is her name, norah? >> norah! >> racing around her enclosure in the portland, oregon, zoo.
8:53 am
after moving from the columbia
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it is wealth wednesday, how you can expose hidden fees in your retirement savings so they don't eat at your future. a world war ii veteran came to town anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. wednesday, december 7, this is show. hello, everyone, welcome, i am chris leary. >> i am markette sheppard, we are the hosts of great day washington. >> we are, interesting. >> truly an honor to be here, a couple of days ago i was on
8:59 am
got the flu shot. claimed he couldn't walk. and that i needed to carry him two blocks to had car. >> hysterical. >> threis 36.-- he is 36.8 pounds, folks. >> a big boy. >> i refused, he laid down in the middle of the sidewalk on k street, mommy, don't do this. >> wow. >> of course, someone comes up to me, this is when you recogn m not right now. got a situation. >> that little kid is making you a star. good for him. funny. >> my gosh, i try to be a good mom, person on the street i don't know who recognized me. >> next time i need attention i am laying down. >> otherwise i am carrying 36 pounds of cargo. december 7, 1941, a day president roosevelt said will
9:00 am
75th anniversary of the japanese attack on the navy base in pearl harbor, hawaii. >> last night dozens braved the wet weather at the world war ii memorial in dc and held a vejal, where every victim's name was read aloud. we caught up with one who remembers the tragic day in history. ? >> i think america, mostly, seems to i am very surprised on this 75th anniversary, all over the country there seems to be more thinking about it. >> greg oreo, united states navy. >> the chief yelled out if anyone has ever prayed, now is the time. i knew what he meant. so i prayed. i said lord, i am about to come to meet you. please forgive me for my sins.


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