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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello and welcome to the news at noon. well, there's no doubt about it, winter has arrived. across the region, we woke up to temperatures below freezing.
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we could have had this, snow measuring in feet in western new york. >> oh, yeah, this is in new york. there are areas like in western new york, buffalo out there, 19.5 inches of lake-effect snow. >> all of that and the schools open on time we understand. >> yeah, they know what they're doing. as opposed to us. it is a very cold weekend ahead. this lake-effect snow, first t lakes are warm because it was a warm fall. so when you get the cold over the open, warm lakes, heavy snow. coming toward the catskills here and pennsylvania and northern ohio. if you have travels over the next couple day, you could run into that. bigger picture, snows, even in west virginia. a lot of clouds into the mountains out west but we are dealing with sunshine. so with the sun at least temperatures are responding nicely. still quite breezy.
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hagerstown. -- 30 miles per hour in hagerstown. and washington gusting to 25 miles per hour. right now, 39 degrees in town. freezing for win chester and front royal. 37 in -- for winchester and front royal. when the wind is not blowing, it's not so bad but the wind is blowing. barely above 30 here in the district for wind chills. and for the afternoon, temperatures approaching we won't get too much warmer than now. tonight, down in the 3s with 20s overnight -- the 30s with 20s overnight. details for you this a few minutes. and of course, you can get the forecast and watch our newscast on the wusa 9 app. so take us with you if you can't join us here. >> thank you. at this hour, a man is learning his fate for his involvement in a car crash that
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the family was killed in the accident in february. their daughter survived. police say the man was driving as fast as 115 miles per hour before he hit their car near pile road. he pleaded guilty to charges in the crash back in august. he faces up to 30 years in prison. a suspect accused of bridging a loaded rifle into the comet ping-pong pizza restaurant in upper northwest his publishing defender asked the judge for more time to investigate the charges against her client and the judge agreed. he thought he was coming to rescue abused children kept underneath the restaurant, a belief based on a false news story spread on social media. but tonight the focus will be on the restaurant. there's a social media movement called stand with comet that kicks off this afternoon. we are there live this afternoon with more on that
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what's this all about? >> reporter: well, hey, there. yeah, good afternoon. there are a lot of ways to show support. one is by what is left behind, cards and letters and flowers. but perhaps what's more showing is just showing up. we have video of people going in when they opened the doors. we counted about 50. and people are still coming in. and now all to get a slice and show support. >> we live right down the street. so we were sh horrified. we could hear everything going on. >> reporter: michael is talking about that scary situation on sunday when this man entered comet ping-pong with a gun. he was there to investigate a theory that hillary clinton was running a child sex ring inside and. >> we have been here to eat the week before. you know, come set a solid community institution. they do fund raising for the schools. it's terrible. >> reporter: and now community members are taking action. all it takes to help is a
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folks to shop local this weekend at comet and other businesses impacted by the threat. #standwithcomet has been spreading online. >> i don't think we should be afraid. >> reporter: as for this neighbor, she says there could be worse ways to give back. >> it's hard drinking coffee and eating pizza. i think we can do it as a neighborhood. >> the family will be having pizza this week? >> i'm >> reporter: the neighborhood with soon-to-be full stomachs and full hearts. all right. as you can see, people are still in good spirits. and it is more than just comet ping-pong who suffered from the fake news stories. organizers are saying, don't just come here, go to all the businesses along connecticut avenue. in northwest, wusa 9. >> thank you, evan. and if you are wondering why comet established a gofundme page, they're trying to pay for
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trying to pay their servers and staff for the time they couldn't work during the police investigation. also making news in the district this afternoon, a big step for tech giant apple. the company's plan to build a flagship retail store here is moving forward. the convention and sport authority signed off on the plan to let apple build that store inside and the library. the plan has to be approved by review. -- historic preservation review. it was the district's first public library. some contract workers have voted to walk off the job, striking for higher wages. employed by the corporation. they say they earn as little as $6.15 an hour. and they want the number raised to $15 an hour. the workers plan to attend the airport authority's next board meeting to make their case.
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prince george's county. the new mgm casino and resort at national harbor held the grand opening last night. crowds packed in for the party which started around 11:00 p.m. and as hilary lane shows us, the party didn't go exactly as planned. >> reporter: it's the calm after the storm. take a look. the mgm this morning looks practically empty. it was a very different scene just a few hours ago. >> despite all of the hype, was a long night. >> i was really, really excited until we got here for the traffic. >> reporter: the big mgm grand open, not the a some people hoped for. there were traffic jams all around the area. the bridge was a parking lot for hours. police shut down the outer loops at exits 2b and 3b to
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the resort reached maximum capacity just minutes after it opened. so thousands of people couldn't get in. >> it was really, really cold. really cold out here. >> reporter: she also had to wait online for almost two hours. >> imagine waiting in this kind of temperature. okay. i have on a hoodie and a windbreaker. >> reporter: and after playing for a few hour, they got hungry. marcus is the only restaurant open 24 hours. >> when we got there, they told us that the kitchen was wait three hours. it's 4:00 in the morning, how are we going to wait hours? >> reporter: there was nothing left to do but play the hand they were dealt. >> now i'm going to mcdonald's. >> reporter: those we spoke to say they are impressed and they want to come back but they want to wait a few months once the crowds have died down. hilary lane, wusa 9. >> and i had the chance to see
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i attended an earlier vip reception but it was around 10:30 when the official wraps were taken off. and as you saw, organizers planned for 30,000 people to attend and they ended up with more 60,000. and it meant longer traffic jams and lines at the doors. took us an hour to get from the 2a exit to the front door. delay if you can. now to the latest on the trump transition. the president-elect's thank you tour continues today in louisiana and michigan. donald trump is using the rallies on the road to drop hints about future and his world view. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump continued his thank you tour thursday night in iowa. the state whose governor has been selected by mr. trump to be the next u.s. ambassador to china. >> the nation of china is responsible for almost half of
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rules. and they know it's time they're going to start. >> reporter: the president- elect hinted at more cabinet picks. >> i think you will be liking some of the things we will be putting forward in the not too distant future. >> reporter: earlier in the day, hi team announced the fast food ceo as head of the labor department, a move that raised eyebrows because he opposes large minimum wage increases. today he will and grand rapids, michigan. hena daniel, cbs news. >> donald trump also stands to be the nation's first president with also the executive producer of a reality tv show. when celebrity apprentice returns to the air, he will still get royalty payments. he has a big stake in the show and helped develop the concept. here's a live look at capitol hill where senators are
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holidays. the house passed a bill funding the government through april before leaving but senate democrats are threating to stop it. the senate has to pass the bill by midnight tonight or else the government will have to temporarily shut down. still to. co, what should you know about -- still to come, what should you know about evacuating an airplane in an emergency? we have answers just ahead. and fasten your seat lt day forecast. it's all ahead as the news at
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welcome back. after a few weeks out of the public eye, hillary clinton returned to washington, d.c. last night. she attended a ceremony honoring retiring minority
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speech at the capitol i hoped to be giving after the election. but after a few weeks of taking selfies in the woods, i thought it would be a good idea to come out. >> secretary clinton called on congress to take action to combat the spread of fake news on social media. this was her second high profile speech since conceding the election to donald trump. flying the still the safest way to travel. airline crews train every year but what should passengers know about getting out in an emergency? peter greenburg takes a look. >> heavy stopping on the runway. >> reporter: seconds before take-off, flight 383 came to an abrupt stop, the right engine engulfed in flames. >> everyone on the right side jumped up and on to us. because as soon as the
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fire. >> reporter: she was one of 18 passengers involved in a lawsuit against american airlines and the plane's maker, boeing and general electric. among the allegations is that american airlines failed to instruct passengers on proper and safe evacuation procedures. but on this cellphone video, the plane's overhead bins are seen in the overhead position, an indication that some passengers took their bags with them when they left the plane. flight crews have to demonstrate they are evacuate a fully loaded pl the exits blocked in less than 90 second bus question remain, who is training the passengers? in this cabin simulator, flight attendants are trained how to evacuate a fully loaded plane. >> leave everything. >> reporter: a safety instructor. >> our biggest challenge is people want to take their luggage. why would you take a selfie or a bag or anything like that. >> reporter: but we live had a
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aircraft. >> breathe normally. >> reporter: flight attendants say the problem lies with the safety video. as detailed and entertaining as it might be, passengers don't listen or worse yet, they ignore the video altogether. >> before the flight, only 12 of the passengers had read the safety briefing card and only about 24 paid attention to the administration. >> reporter: captain chesley "sully" sullenberger iii says it may not be until people die that the traveling public finally pays attention. >> leave everything. >> american airlines responded to the lawsuit with a statement to cbs news, it says, we're proud of our pilot, flight attend did he wants and team members who responded quickly to take care of customers under
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>> and people who took the bags, they were there. >> they got the plane and recovered the bags. >> exactly. >> so we have airlines grounded because of weather. yeah, a lot of the country seeing cold weather. we saw the snow earlier in new york. around here though, certainly not seeing chill which will be with us for the rest of the day and somewhat on saturday. not as bad tomorrow. but the winds won't be as strong. temperatures make the low 40s this afternoon. almost there now. and then we will be in the 30s tonight and this evening. and then 20s overnight. right now, 39 is as warp as we've been all day. and only feels like 31. got winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. and this time of year, hopefully got the humidifier
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static from the blankets and the carpet. mid-30s to low 30s in the valley. nobody is at 40. even on the bay, 39. and then the mountain, in the teens. snow guns are blowing and they're trying to get open here in the ski areas. wind chills, 20s to low 30s. yeah, other side. if you have never driven into western maryland, once you get west and cross the ridge, it's like going into a nationally, talking about severe cold in bismarck at 4 below. minneapolis, 17. in fact, the chill today extends to the deep south with atlanta in the 40s. northern alabama, tennessee, arkansas, northern mississippi, in the 30s today. that's a cold day for them. and with the cold air, yeah, there's snow around. there's one storm that's coming onshore now. and when you see the flow coming in off the pacific, a lot of times that will dislodge
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and it's going the dislodge it briefly when we get into early next week. and we talked about this at the top of the broadcast, all the cold air over the warm lake, boom, lake-effect snow machine in full force from tid midwest to the -- from the midwest to the northeast. and the lake snow will continue in some of these spots through the evening hours. tonight, notice the lake snows behind the cold icon in new saturday afternoon, the winds start to relax. so looks less windy tomorrow. and tomorrow night, winds will be fairly light. and depending on how quickly the clouds get in will determine how cold it gets. and some areas in northern west virginia, west off 81, might see light snow or snow shower activity sunday morning through midday before that looks like it will lift in toward pennsylvania. we will stay mostly cloudy on
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and by monday morning, the milder air moves in. and we have rain that we're looking at on monday. going to be surprised for a yellow weather alert day. but that should get temperatures back to low to possibly mid-50s. at least for the next few day, cold weather. the average high is 49. not record breaking but 41 today. 40 tomorrow with sunshine. and 42 with the clouds and chilly on sunday. and monday, warms up to 54. next week, rain and snow shower wednesday with a temperatures in the 20s by thursday. honors for a hero. we take you to downtown washington, d.c. for a look at unique tributes to american
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this afternoon, the nation continues to honor astronaut john glenn who died yesterday afternoon. we stopped by the museum on pennsylvania avenue for a look at today's front pages from across the country and many filled with tributes for him. glenn was the first american to orbit the earth in 1962. he then spent 24 years as a mo state of ohio. he returned to space at age 77 onboard the space shuttle "discovery." world war ii and korean war fighter pilot, marine colonel, senator, married 73 years. rest in peace. >> i think too often people set their lives by the calendar.
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else. don't sit on the couch some place. that's my attitude. >> that was from glenn's news conference after completing that mission on the shuttle "discovery." he took his own advice staying active and exposing the decision to scrap the nasa shuttle program. as the nation pauses to honor a true hero, we do the
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from now until the end of the year,
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you have met john glenn. >> yeah, about a decade ago on space day. we didn't know he was there. they invited us in and said the senator is here. would you like to talk to him? yeah, sure. he was wonderful, gracious,
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80s promoting space exploration. a thrill. >> thank you. bundle up. >> that's it for wusa 9 at noon. we will be back at 5:00.
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>> sharon: mornings are so quiet now. i heard you up last night. >> dylan: sorry. didn't mean to wake you up. >> sharon: no, you didn't. i was already awake. i couldn't sleep hearing the judge's voice in my head, "no visitation rights." >> dylan: we knew it was a long shot. at least we tried. you know, at least we have all these mees he's with us. nobody can take that away. [ floor creaks ] [ sighs ] >> mariah: hey. i heard about the judge's ruling. i-i wanted to talk to you last night -- >> sharon: oh, did you? or were you trying to avoid us because of dylan's gc buzz interview? i didn't want to believe that you would let them do that to us. >> mariah: i-i wouldn't. look, i never thought -- >> dylan: you convinced me that hilary wanted to tell the story the right way. >> sharon: nothing even close to


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