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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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won't be an issue. >> instead people here for the first time are focused only this. >> from what i see it looks absolutely stunning. >> people taking pictures posing in and outside of the mgm. >> there's more money to be won. >> nothing compares like this. it's like vegas is here . >> so stunning that some party-goers from last night are back again today. >> it's a gorgeous place. they put a lot of work and detail in here. >> it's lavish, it's beautiful. you have marble floors. >> even though these little ones can't go inside the casino mom and dad didn't want to pass visiting. >> we switch on and off who goes in the casino. >> we are listening to the music, watching all the people. >> many of the people walking around live in prince george's county and never imagined this would happen here. >> i've seen this whole part of the area just grow. so i had to come out to see what the mgm was going to be. >> and so far people say it's
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>> d -- imagined. >> this is probably the biggest thing to happen here. >> i'm loving it. it's absolutely gorgeous. >> reporter: so as you just heard, people obviously very excited to see the whole area and they say they were impressed by everything inside and now outside there was some build up and some traffic but, again, prince george's county police officers are here in the area. they say they will continue to monitor the traffic and continue to send out alerts so that people can know what is going on both immediately near the mgm and around the area as well. live in prince george's county, eliana diaz, wusa 9. >> thank you a lot for that. customers rallying around the comet ping-pong and other near by businesses today. this after fake news brought a gunman to this neighborhood. debra alfaron is live right now. debra, what is going on? >> reporter: at this point, bruce, there's a lot o
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lot of people earlier and then not so many during the day. if you take a look behind me it's hard to see right now but there's at least three businesses deep people lined up. i would say more than 60 people. this all started with a facebook event put together by a local guy online. more than 2,000 people are going to come here and spend their money at comet between now and the end of the weekend. >> hi, how are you? >> the comet ping-pong owner thanked people who lined up to get in. >> this business took a horrible attack for no reason at all and that's why we are here. >> it shook me so i want to come back and show my support for the folks who work here and make a statement about the power of neighborhoods. >> it's horrifying. somebody could have been kill ed. it's just sad. >> on sunday this man, edgar madison welsh drove from north carolina armed with several guns. he walked in, pointed an assault rifle at an employee and told police he was
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investigate a conspiracy theory called pizza gate that hillary clinton and friends were running a child sex ring in the basement. >> i was here with my kids last week. we left 10 minutes before all the stuff started. i wanted to come back. we had a great time. i brought the kids to understand the power of rumors and oddly enough this is it. >> mom kelly boss weighed in online. she said she brings her kids here all the time and she will continue to do so. >> this fake news stuff is horrible. it has to stop. >> reporter: the own er er as i caught up with him just a little while ago he said today during the day they got three to four times more than the business that they normally get on a friday. when i come back at 6:00 we'll tell you about the person who put together this facebook event and the kind of slack that he's getting online for it. live, debra alfaron, wusa 9. >> debra, thank you.
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ing in all of this. again, the event runs through sunday. we have a cold weekend on the way beginning with wind chills in the teens tonight. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is inside to tell us more about what is happening outside. >> i would be outside but the camera is broke. i'm not a whimp. i'm glad that debra had a hat on. you can see the blue across the east so the cold front has rolled through and everybody is from 5 to 9 to as much as 12 degrees lower than they were this same time yesterday. we have another maryland state championship tonight in annapolis. this time it's crystal taking on wise. here's the forecast, down to 31 at 7:00, it starts at 7:30. down to 30 at 9:00. so temperatures will be teetering on 29 or 30 by the time the game is over. all right. currently 36 downtown, already 0 in gaithersburg, already 32 in leesburg. these are actual temperatures. now, we'll factor in the winds. here's what we are talki
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the 20s across the board. feels like 20 in gaithersburg and 21 in hagerstown and 24 in frederick. if you're out late tonight here's the forecast. the forecast of the wind chill is going to feel like it's 25 downtown and also into fredericksburg. feels like 20 in hagerstown and like it's in the teens towards cumberland and romney. we'll come back an -- and we will talk about clouds on monday and a possible yellow weather alert on monday. former defense contractor polio castillo is going to prison for the rest of his life for killing his wife. the judge imposed the sentence today after an emotional hearing. peggy fox was there and is live from leesburg. peggy. >> reporter: well, bruce , the courtroom was packed with supporters of michelle castillo. at one point the prosecutors asked all the supporters of her to stand up. some 50 people stood including several jurors who had come back to see if the judge would impose their life sentence
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in march of 2014 michelle castillo was in the process of divorcing her husband. her friends said he had repeatedly abused her. she had taken out a protective order and changed the locks but he snuck into her home and hid and then in the middle of the night he beat, strangled and suffocated her and then hung her body in the basement shower to make it look like a suicide. the jury found him guilty and today here's what his oldest sonic and one of those jurors said. >> it's such a relief. it means a lot to me. it validates that we did arrive at the right decision and most of all i'm just happy that michelle got the justice she deserved. >> you do a bad thing, you murder someone very important to a lot of people, you go away forever if possible. and so i'm okay with the sentencing. i'm okay with that. >> reporter: the castillo's 12-year-old son, jonathan,ro
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read today. it started, dear dad, you have no idea what you don't to your children and what you did to me. you deny murdering mom and you know you did it, we know you did it, everybody knows you did it. his 13-year-old sister, torrey took the stand and talked about how much she misses her mother. for the four younger castillo children, they are in foster care with family friends of the family. bralio castillo is fight ing ing for custody for them to raise the four younger children. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> it's a heartbreaking situation even with the resolution there. peggy, thank you. turning now to the trump transition effort, the president-elect left trump tower today to return to the campaign trail. donald trump traveled to bato
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for u.s. senator candidate john kennedy. trump urged voters to select the republican who is in a run-off with foster campbell. before leaving for louisiana trump met with house speaker paul ryan. >> very exciting meeting. really enjoyed to come out and meet with the president elect. we had a great meeting to talk about our transition and we are excited to hit the ground running in 2017 to put this country back on track. >> all right. just minutes ago the trump transition team announced that former new york mayor rudy giuliani has removed his name from consideration to be the next secretary of state. donald trump is expected to announce his selection for the post next week. the national park service said it's trying to accommodate people who want to use the mall to protest donald trump's presidential election. one of those groups is gathering for justice commonly referred to as the women's march. although it has not denied its permit to use
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service said it has identified other locations where the group can stage its rally on january 21st. the presidential inaugural committee has the lincoln memorial reserved for now as well as several other prime washington locations around the time that donald trump is scheduled to take office. sentencing was handed down for the potomac, maryland man who was behind a deadly crash on river road. he was ordered to spend the next 12 years in jail for the accident that killed three members of a bethesda, maryland family. it's an accident that shook the walt-whitman high school community. the 20-year-old pled guilty to manslaughter charges earlier. police say he was driving his bmw at speeds of up to 115 miles per hour before that crash. >> the weapon of choice, this was a bullet, this was a missile going down the street on this particular evening and it's not the
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wheel of the car and did this. >> he had a long record of speeding offenses. the intersection of raven parkway and river road has been flagged by residents for safety concerns in the passenger. efforts to put a traffic light there have been unsuccessful. turning to the trial of dylan roof in charleston, south carolina, the jury saw the taped confession in which he admitted to shooting inside a historic black church. roof said he was in awe that there were no police outside the church when we came out. he said he would have killed himself if they had been there. roof's lawyers are not contesting the fact that he was the gunman. they are trying to spare him the death penalty. hundreds of workers reagan dulles workers have voted to strike. slashed tires, -- it's mostly wheelchair attendants that get $6.50 an hour. they are hoping for a
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tonight some georgetown university students are demanding they sever ties with nike. they said the company forces employees over sea to labor under harsh conditions. firefighters keeping a close eye on a large pile of trash at the dickerson plant in montgomery county. it took more than 40 firefighters to fight the flames on martinsberg road last night. that fire broke out at 7:00. unclear how it started. nobody was injured. winter storms are really hitting part of the country with heavy snow and frigid temperatures. this is a pile up in northwestern pennsylvania.
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11 days after a deadly fire tore through the great smokey mountains the country's most visited national park reopened today and so did gaithersburg at the foot of the mountains. 14 people died in the wild fires. more than 2400 buildings were destroyed or damaged. two teens have been arrested for starting the fire. back to back storms are slamming much of the country with heavy wind and snow and freezing rain. >> that's right. intense lake effect snow drop ped more than a foot of the white powder on western new york states. the blast of winter weather is triggering a major pile up there, in pennsylvania and the midwest. >> the latest from outside of buffalo, new york. >> dangerous and deadly storms blasted the east coast and midwest on thursday. crews fought against fast falling snow bu i
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dangerous conditions. >> a vehicle accident i-90 westbound 10 to 15 vehicles involved. >> in erie, pennsylvania part of 90 looks more like an abandoned junk yard. >> one vehicle through the median head-on into a semi. >> heavy snowfall led to 15 people being hurt in vehicle crashes. >> near the pennsylvania border a 75 car pile up shut down the interstate. it remained closed for hours in both directions. >> the tires have fallen out of the trailer. >> this man was stranded for nearly an hour. >> pretty aggravated about it. i'm trying to get home . it's cold in this weather. >> in michigan a jackknifed semitruck blocked the highway. >> it's getting to that temperature and it's starting to ice over compounded with the quick
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and i think it was all contributing factors. >> the problem now for roads like this one next to me is that they're starting to ice over causing cars to skid. while this storm is supposed to end soon, people are bracing for another one that is supposed to come early next week. cbs news, new york. >> the back to back snowstorms there. yikes. >> there's a little one coming for them, maybe 1 to 4 inches but that will freshen things up a little bit. >> how about your freshen up that forecast and make it better for folks going to the army and navy game. >> we have some good news. it's not guilty great news not great -- it's not great news but at least there's no wind chills tomorrow. if you can't get to baltimore to watch the game you can watch it on channel 9. here's the forecast, temperatures start out in the 30s. it will be mostly sunny to start during the game and winds north, northwest at 10. winds are in check for
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3 degree guarantee, we went for 41. i think we are okay. i think we have a 19-day streak on the line. a live look outside, it's 36. dew points in the mid teens. pretty cold air mass. winds are still gust ing ing to 21. it's still going to be breezy over night and that will drive the wind chills into the teens and then the winds relax tomorrow. this is current. 36 downtown, 30 gaithersburg, 3 2 in hagerstown, 35 in cullpepper. we factor in the winds and it feels like the 20s. if you're going to go out tonight dress for the 20s. annapolis feels like it's 31. that's where the state championship is between clint orchard and wise at 7:30. teens and 20s for wind chills. the army and navy game, 39 to 33 with light winds. cold again on sunday with more clouds. we lowered the temperatures on sunday because of the clouds. then showers possible on monday. could be a yellow weather alert. it could effect the morning
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back into the 50s on monday for us. that storm is going to hit the great lakes and will go north of us and bring up warmer air. by 7:00 tomorrow, these are actual temperatures, 30 downtown, 24 manassas, 25 in fairfax. by 10:00 we are still in the low to mid 30s but clear. by 2:00 we are still generally in the 30s. i think most the suburbs will hold in the 30s tomorrow. we are going to try to creep up to 40 downtown. at 5:30, 24 hours from now, 36 in fredericksburg and 31 in gaithersburg. already in the 20s in cumberland and also into romney. now, by sunday morning we will take this all the way into sunday morning, clouds roll in pretty quickly. could be a couple of snow showers in cumberland out to the west of oakland. by the way, they are firing up the guns. they have made snow for the last two days at the ski resort in deep creek. so that will keep temperatures down on sunday with the clouds. we are going to stay dry in the metro area. this is now a forecast of the wind chill. so at 10:00 tonight it's going to
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feel like it's 21 in gaithersburg and frederick. by morning it's going to feel like it's 19 in gaithersburg and it's going to feel like it's 24 downtown. but, again, the winds will relax tomorrow morning. we start out at 29 downtown, 36 by 11:00 and 38 full sun by 1:00 p.m. so chilly to cold on sunday, 41, a lot of clouds. milder on monday, possibly a yellow alert day, 55. the next 7 days. tuesday very nice day kind of sandwiched in between more showers, 50. colder on thursday with flurries or snow showers and then another shot of cold arctic air, probably coldest than this and next friday we may not make it above freezing. >> got it. president obama has a gift for federal workers before he leaves office. he authorized a pay raise today of 2.1%. that's an increase above the
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he proposed in august. south korea's top court had 6 months to decide the fate of the country's first female president. >> thousands of protesters gathered outside parliament calls on law enforcements to impeach president hye. they got their wish. she was suspended immediately. prosecutors say she acted as a criminal accomplice to a friend who used the relationship for personal gain. a new report out tonight accuses the russian government of participating in a massive sports doping conspiracy. investigators say more than 1,000 athletes cheated during the 2014 olympics in russia. the world antidoping agency found the 2012 games in london also corrupted. we are getting our first look at the first family's 8th and final holiday card. >> it features the president and first lady obama and the first daughters, malia and sasha. it was taken last march
5:21 pm
trudeau. those white house christmas cards have been a tradition since calvin cooliage in 1927. >> look how the girls have grown. >> the girls on slocia media are saying how do i get my card. i don't know what to tell you. straight ahead, a partnership between uber and metro. >> hundreds of workers out of work after a local business closed its doors. >> watching movies on your computer while they're still in the theater? i'll tell you about this coming up in tonight's consumer alert.
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tracking metro for now, a new report said metro is entering into the first partnership with uber. amum radio said the partnership will allow the ride sharing service to use the rides in taxi zones at more than 40 metro stations. washington's transit authorities said two-third of trips begin or end at the metro stations. in tonight's consumer alert, about 950 people in our area are going to be out of a job at the end of the weekend. the kane company will end most of the operations as of
5:25 pm
the furniture mover has locations across the region. speaking with the washington post, the owner said he made a couple of mistakes and the bank lost patience with them. another step forward in the push for self-driving cars. michigan just passed new laws allows the vehicles on public roads with no drivers or steering wheels. the bills also allow auto makers and tech companies to run self-driving taxis. now, state officials say there are enough safeguards in place to keep people safe. apple wants to show movies on itunes while they're still in the theater. apple is in talks with universal pictures, warner brothers and 21st century fox. the goal is to make those movies available on itunes just two weeks after they are released in theaters. normally there's a 90-day window. all right. it's not just lip service, we really do want to hear what you have to say. we
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>> from people making impacts to issues effecting you and your neighborhood, send an e-mail to all right. how did you feel about the person sitting next to you on a plane and them talking on their phone? >> i don't know. >> plus, will men give up their seats for women on subways? of course. >> sentencing day for the man stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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make a gift today at he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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so you think the person next to you is a loud cell phone talker? imagine sitting next to them for several hours straight during a phone call. >> clearly delia meant for me to read that part of the story. that could happen on airlines if regulators got their way. delia gonclaves has more on that. >> reporter: the travelers had a lot to say. this is very controversial. u.s. aviation regulators said it might not be a bad idea since cell phone calls on trains, buses and subways already are common place and wifi service on most airlines greatly improved. >> the captains announcement and the click of that over head bin, familiar sounds of air travel but your neighbor's cell phone conversations could be too. >> i think it would be pretty disturbing. >> the proposal is likely years away from being reality but it's a hard sell. >>
5:30 pm
reagan national airport mixed. >> i do find it somewhat annoying, especially if i'm trying to do some work because that's what i often try to do on planes. >> i like having cell phones on planes. i like having mine available for all the reasons that i have a cell phone. >> telephone conversations amount to deceptive practice without proper notice so regulators say it would be up to the airlines to decide and they have to inform passengers in advance if their flight allows calls. >> i'm a working fliers so it would be great. >> i don't want to hear everybody's conversations. that would intrude on quiet time. >> right now the airlines are not on board but could change their mind if public opinion in favor of airplane calls takes off. >> i think it's annoying. i mean, the first thing i think is everybody should be quiet on a plane but that's just me. >> reporter: that is not only just her, a lot of folks actually feel the same way. thatas
5:31 pm
from, she works for an airline. the association of flight attendants calls this proposal reckless and said they're worried in an emergency folks would get on their phones instead of listening to the flight attendant's safety instructions. delia gonclaves, wusa 9. >> another interesting point there. thank you. they brought up the possibility 2 years ago but they will not make a final decision until regulators review what you have to say. on our wusa 9 facebook page we asked you, would you be annoyed if the person sitting next to you talked the entire time? sandra said, yes, i'm annoyed by a person trying to talk to me the whole time. andrea said texting is fine but no voice. amtrak has quiet zones for that region. you can text your comments 24 hours a day on our wusa 9 facebook page. ap
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spend the rest of his life behind bars. today a judge sentenced nathaniel heart to life in prison bus -- plus another 120 years. it happened at tacoma park in 2010. he followed the victim into the bathroom and climbed under the stall and raped the woman at gunpoint. a jury found heart guilty after just 20 minutes of deliberations. a wild scene in maryland after police say a woman used her daughter and a niece to steal items from a babies r us and let cops on a chase. the wheel man was eric pressberry and tierra reed used her two young family members in that crime. they were running from the store in pasadena when officers arrived and as those alleged crooks were making their get away they hit an officer in the leg. from there the chase was on down ritchie highway and then police say they threw all the stolen stuff they
5:33 pm
the window. the chase came to an end after cops deployed their stop sticks punturing the tires on the get away car. tonight the world continues the tribute to a real american hero. john glenn passed away yesterday at the age of 95. this what the museum in northwest dc, really downtown, looked like this morning. headline after headline memorializing the beloved space traveler. she was the last -- he was the last of the original mercury astronauts. he will be buried in arlington national cemetery. new reports said that president-elect trump will continue to be the executive producer oh of the celebrity apprentice. variety which broke the story said it's not clear whether trump will get paid for his work. as president he would not be subjected to rules of outside income to government employees. experts say instead of reducing conflicts of interest he's
5:34 pm
new questions for campus police after she shot a student with a knife. cell phone video captured the incident at a school in reno earlier this week. the superintendent stands by the officer's decision. the student's lawyer said the 14-year-old was trying to keep people away and not trying to hurt anyone. for some parents and students the police response is as concerning as the boy's actions. >> it's pretty traumatizing. i never seen anything like that before, pulling out knives and a cop shooting a child. >> others are wondering why they didn't use mace or pepper spray. the school would not comment on the policy. hunter students surveyed 5,000 subway riders over the course of a month. >> common courtesy may be alive and well. >> people carry kdsthin on to tu
5:35 pm
it >>pends on who you ask. chivalry is dead. >> do men give up their seats for women without being asked? >> sometimes hot women. >> hunteder college student s observed 5,000 subway riders at 21 stations over the course of a month and found chivalry may not be dead after all. >> when the car gets more crowded the percent of men who sit is much, muchless than the percent of women that sit. gls -- >> do you give up your seat for women? >> i do. not all the time. elderly and handicapped for sure. >> the study found a mere 3% of riders reading newspapers on board a train and 33% on their cell phones. >> if you're on the phone and i'm trying to get on the train and you're in front of me and slowing me down from getting on the train that's a problem. >> another problem. >> sweating so much . >> guys will open up their legs and
5:36 pm
>> man spreading is using one's body to take up space for two people. men are not the only one guilty. >> women have their legged crossed and you can't walk by or stand in front of them. >> on some trains on some days chivalry appears to be in a coma. >> so here's the conversation i would be having with me son, should he give up his seat to all females or older females? >> all of them. you did the right thing and taught him elevator with. kanye west sports a new look in his first public appearance since his stay in the hospital. >> why actor judge reinhold through a fit at the airport and was arrested. >> 23 in rockville, even 22 in manassas. we will come back and we will talk about when this arctic air leaved
5:37 pm
colder shot of arctic air arrives.
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let's get to what is trending
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actor judge rein hold is facing charges tonight after he refused to submit to a second tsa screenings in dallas. >> that land him in the backseat of a cop car. he's known for fast times at ridgemont high and beverly hills cop. kanye west made his first public appearance since being hospitalized. >> we have a shot of him at the los angeles museum supporting bronze hair yesterday. fans snapped pictures and posted them on instagram. west was hospitalize -- he was released last week after being treated from exhaustion. tonight 73-year-old mic jagger, 73, is a daddy for the eight time. he's 73. 29-year-old melanie hambrick gah yesterday at a new york hospital with her 73-year-old rolling stone by her
5:41 pm
side. mom and baby are doing well. jagger's other children range in age from 40s to teens. >> let's be clear on that, the new baby is younger than the great grandchildren. >> yeah. >> got it. happy birthday to kirk douglas who turns 101 years old today. yahoo news calls him one of the last great actors of the 1950s still alive today. he may be best known for the 1960s film spartica. he got nominations for best actor three times but won an award in 1996. starbucks is hoping to cash in on the pokemon go craze. you thought it had gone away. it's back. the new frap is frozen raspberry and blackberry all mixed together and only available for a limited time at starbucks stores listed as pokeman stops. big night in annapolis as
5:42 pm
maryland 4a championship. we have a preview coming up in sports. >> plus you need more than a resume to get a job with this ugly christmas sweater com
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some former passengers are suing american airlines for what happened during an emergency at chicago's o'hare airport. before take off the right engine caught fire. 18 people filed a lawsuit saying american failed to instruct them on the proper and safe ways to evacuate. cell phone video shows some of the planes over head bins were open that indicates that some passengers took their carry on baggage. they said that's one of their biggest challenge. >> why in the world would you stop and take a selfie or a bag? >> some passengers on board the miracle on the hudson flight took their luggage when they evacuated. those bags are now at the bottom of the river. the people who followed the instructions were reunited with their luggage. the holidays are a time when businesses need extrel
5:46 pm
sweater empire hired dozens of employees this year they decided to take a different approach. bradley blackburn explains. >> by now you have heard of ugly christmas sweaters. they are loud, jingling, blinging. this is the guy who sells them. >> jeremy turner created the ugly christmas sweater shop in dallas a few years ago. >> i love christmas. >> selling and rint -- renting vintage gear during the holidays. >> now they have more than 10,000 ugly sweaters. most of them one of a kind. this year he opened new shops in frisco and here in fort worth and quickly needed a lot more help. >> so we need to look for other people who are hyper, just crazy about christmas. >> they asked people to send in videos saying why they want the job and one other thing. >> all you had to do was dance. >> they got dozens of videos from students looking for part-time work. >> i'm a senior in high school. >> to a 69
5:47 pm
teacher. >> you got the gist. >> who definitely got the job. >> when he stop ped laughing he said you're hired. >> ugly sweaters are a perfectly fit for diane. >> you can't get worse than this. >> the job is not about the money. when she left the class room something was missing. >> i don't have kids to make my christmasy. i'm not going to into work every day. >> look how cute. >> now she help s customers fit into sweaters and hopes to keep doing it every year. >> i'll be selling people sweaters on a walker. >> there's beauty in finding a new purpose. >> smile on your face and the song in your heart. >> nothing ugly about that. >> have fun. keeping with the holiday spirit, rozland, virginia is the place to be for a lot of people looking to celebrate this season. the holiday market festival has venders, live music and food. tonight there's a
5:48 pm
11:00. tomorrow morning kicks off with a 5k called the great chocolate race. the market is open tomorrow from 8:00 until 3:00. >> i want wasn't of those ugly sweaters but it's got to be pumped out and have lights. >> it needs batteries. >> if i'm going ugly i need the whole kit. >> do you have one >> -- do you have one? >> i have a lot of ugly sweaters. i have a full drawer of them. no lights or anything like that. they fired up the guns over the last three days. this is pretty cool video. it's only in the 20s there right now for highs and they have a little bit of snow down. isn't that cool? i actually tweeted this back out this afternoon. that's cool to me. you know what i say about garrett county? 166 miles from her, same growing season as fairbanks, alaska. you're welcome. a live look outside, it's our live michael and son weather cam. it's another world. it's across the divide.
5:49 pm
the mid teens. winds are still gusting to 21. we had a wind today in the 30 to 35 miles per hour. they will be breezy tonight. currently 30 in gaithersburg, 34 in cull pepper. factor in the winds and it feels like 26 now, 24 from frederick and 21 in hagerstown. clear and cold tonight, wind chills in the teens and 20s. army and navy game in the 30s. light winds tomorrow. no wind chills. cold again on sunday with more clouds and then showers on monday, maybe looking at a possible yellow weather alert. some of the showers could effect the morning commute, possibly both commutes. tonight -- or tomorrow morning rather, 6:30, 7:00 we are at 30 downtown. these are straight temperatures. 20s else you. 25 as far south as fredericksburg. by 10:00 we are still below freezing. maybe 33 in andrews but 31 in gaithersburg, 32 i
5:50 pm
spring, fairfax. by 2:00 nobody is at 40 yet and certainly folks west and north of town, rockville north and fairfax west will stay in the 30s tomorrow. very close to 40, 41 downtown tomorrow. by 5:30 back in the 30s. of course we are still in the 20s towards cumberland and romney only about 29. we get into sunday and here comes the clouds. we will keep temperatures down a little bit on sunday afternoon. a couple of of snow showers possible towards romney and the divide. we will stay dry in the metro area on sunday. our showers come in on monday. this is a future cast of wind chills. it's a snapshot in time. at 10:00 going for a wind chill of 26 downtown but the low 20s in the suburbs. by the morning, the mid 20s in fredericksburg and 19 or 18 in gaithersburg and martinsberg. the winds will relax by lunchtime tomorrow. tonight clear skies and breezy and cold. lows in the 20s. wind chills 16 to 26. winds northwest at
5:51 pm
15. so day planner goes like this, 29 at 7:00, these are downtown temperatures. 30s, 30s and 38 with sunshine by 1:00. now, on sunday a lot of clouds. we will stay chilly at 41. monday showers and 55, possibly a yellow weather alert day. nice on tuesday and 50. snow showers possible on thursday. friday we will be lucky to crack the freezing mark with full sunshine. now wusa 9's game on sports with frank hanerhan brought to you byics -- by xfinity. >> another big high school championship game tonight in annapolis. the 4 a title game. now quincy orchard has the hardware. that's a trophy from the 1991 championship. a send off from the montgomerun
5:52 pm
a rematch of the 2012 state title game won by wise. the game tonight at 7:30. orchard is looking for their first title since 2007. >> this is just the icing on the cake when they come out of the doors to see how the community is here to support them from the beginning all the way to the end. >> it was really electric and it's really good to stand behind the football team and hopefully we can bring it home for them tonight too. >> for us it's a business trip and enjoy it until we get up there and once we get up there it's time to get ready to play. >> something that they're really going to take with them for the rest of their lives. so are you go army beat knave -- navy or go navy and beat army? navy looking for the 15th straight win over army. army has a fighting chance this season. they are going to a bowl game for the first time in a while and trying to finally take out
5:53 pm
navy. the mids have shown that when people doubt them that's how they like it. >> it's a hard fought game on both sides. total respect for the army. they have done a good job this season and it's really a hard fought game. >> this is a big game for us. everything likes to talk about how we have a rivalry. the navy has done a good job this year. they have beat a lot of great teams. >> of course we have that game at you at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. >> we'll see what happens. >> all right. >> thank you. coming up at 6:00 , well, just no let up from comet ping-pong conspiracy theorists. the community comes out in support of them. >> a secret santa settled up the unpaid accounts of students at local elementary schools. >> at 6:30 on the cbs evening news, a teenager who makes
5:54 pm
war ii veteran every day.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a secret santa paid off debts at a elementary school. >> happy holidays reads the sign out of h.w. good elementary in the ox school district. that's a fitting name for this school for something wonderful. >> there are very good people in the world. >> dr. amy larson is the principal. she over seas more than 300 students and lunch is a big deal. >> for some kids the only two meals they get a day are at school. >> several kids add over due balances on their lunch accounts. >> i know they just don't want to pay their account balance, they just financially cannot afford to do that right now. >> enter a secret santa. >> showed up here yesterday with a check and paid off all the account balances and also asked me if there was a student who had a very large
5:58 pm
he offered to pay for that child's lunch for the rest of the month as well. now we -- >> now we don't know who it is just that a long time ago he had a child who attended school here. >> he wanted to be able to give back to the district. it's just an amazing feeling to know that somebody would want to help as many students as they have. >> the the participants of the kids -- the parents of the did will know the account is squared away but they won't know who did it. >> the principal knows who it is but has been sworn to secrecy. lines form outside the door at the comet ping-pong as people support them against conspiracy therapist. >> a stay away warning for any guests who don't have a hotel or
5:59 pm
>> online robots that seem to snap up tickets a crack down on them. the man who created today's stand with comet facebook event that drew hundreds to spend their money at comet ping-pong said now conspiracy theorists are targeting him. stephanie ramirez is live. >> reporter: leslie, the line is actually getting a lot smaller now. a lot of people are inside. this event was basically put together to draw people to comet and near by businesses. on the facebook page for today's event and on twitter the conspiracy they are they are -- conspiracy terrorists are still alive. >> just disgusting things have been said about me and the folks running these businesses. >> as more and more people lined up
6:00 pm
the conspiracy terrorists have lined up online too. >> i'm been accused of being hired to whitewash this disgusting pizza gate fake news rumor. >> a fake news rumor that brought 28-year-old edgar madison welsh from here on north carolina on sunday. he brought a gun inside comet ping-pong and said he was there to investigate a conspiracy theory that hillary clinton and friends were running a child sex trafficking ring in the restaurant's basement. >> the moral of the story is the fake news things some people think it's funny they're creating these stories online. it's not funny. it's serious. it can have very, very serious consequences. >> the interim chief of police dc came to support comet. >> it's horrifying. somebody could have been kill ed. it's just ridiculous. >> no one was hurt on sunday. callers have been phone ing ing comet and near by businesses threatening them. >> we


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