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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  December 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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f0 right now at 7:00, federal workers can relax thanks to a last minute vote the government did not shut down overnight. it is a cold start to the weekend. it will be a cold weekend. we'll talk about if we see any warmer temperatures in our near future coming up. after a chaotic first night, traffic settled down in the new mgm casino at national harbor. good morning and welcome to wake up washington on this chilly saturday. >> thank you for waking up with us this morning. it is and has been very cold
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and yesterday very windy outside. >> it definitely was for those of us who were outside. can we expect it again for the rest of the weekend? >> it's not going to be as windy but the cold temperatures will be sticking around this weekend. but today we are going to see winds not as bad as yesterday, so in all it's a slight improvement, but an improvement at that. here's a look now, we are looking at a cloudy, rather, a mostly clear sky start to the day. in terms of temperatures, right now we are sitting in the 20s across the region, except for the city, we're at 31 degrees with calm winds outside. we do have temperatures across the region that have dipped into the 20s towards culpeper now, 20 degrees. orange is 23. it's 27 in winchester. still that light breeze creating a windchill factor, so when you walk out the door this morning in winchester and martinsburg it will feel like the upper teens. today
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going. a light breeze at times. we've still got windchills in the afternoon that will be running just below freezing. your actual temperatures climbing through the 30s to around 40. we'll take a look at upcoming chances for rain and snow showers coming up in a bit. thanks, melissa. breaking overnight, the federal government did not shut down thanks to a last-hour vote on capitol hill. the senate approved a continuing resolution shortly before the midnight deadline. the stop gap bill keeps the government running through april, three months after president-elect trump takes office. president obama has a gift for federal workers before he leaves the office. he's authorized a pay raise of 2.1% for civilian government workers, half a percent morning he proposed in august.
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don't stop people from waiting outside comet ping pong last night. organizers urged people to eat at the pizza joint last night as a show of support for the business that's been the target of fake news stories. people responded both young and old. >> out here in the cold, because we cared about comet. >> the target of a lot of hatred and i wanted to show my support. >> police say it was edgar welch of north carolina who fired a shot inside the restaurant last sunday. welch told the "new york times" he was investigating the online story the comet was the site of a child sex operation run by hillary clinton. life plus 60 years, that's the sentence a judge gave the man for murdering his estranged wife three years ago. friends and family of
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she was found dead hanging from a shower curtain inside her home. prosecutors say he killed her and tried to make it look like a suicide. his children have filed a wrongful death suit against him. his attorneys are expected to appeal. potomac man is going to prison for a crash that killed three members of a family on river road. a montgomery county judge sentenced the man to 12 years in prison. he broadsided the car of a family headed to a high school play last february. his car was going about 115 miles per hour just before the impact. the traffic nightmare around the new mgm casino has largely dissipated after backups that went for miles during thursday night's opening. night two ran more smoothly. there were plenty of cars but police made some adjustments that seemed to keep the traffic moving. >> even coming here today, i came from d.c. and there's
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police on all the exits. >> i actually thought we were going to park inside the casino, but they're directing everybody to park outside. i didn't realize they had outside parking. >> the parking lot stayed at or near capacity for most of the night, but unlike night one, that didn't have as much impact on the flow of traffic. new this morning, a race is about to get underway in part of arlington. >> this is just one of the events featured at this year's holiday market. stephanie, how is everything going this morning? >> reporter: hey. participants are starting to arrive this morning. 1200 people are going to be running this race. let's get right over to the race director, michael barters. how is this frigid weather going to affect the runners today? >> believe
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tend to like, runners like cold weather runs. you get warmed up on the course and it's an atmosphere to do something different. >> reporter: we see a lot of participants dressed up in holiday garb. >> absolutely. i saw an elf walk by and it's an opportunity to do something unique. >> reporter: what charity is the money going to? >> we support st. jude children's research hospital, it's a cause i care deeply about. >> reporter: i understand this is the fourth year the race has been held the first time in northern virginia? >> this is the first of this race in northern virginia, yes, it is. >> reporter: why northern virginia this year? >> we love this area. a lot of runners here, a lot of people interested in helping fitness. arlington is wonderful to work with, all the agencies have been amazing, which makes it great to have a race if you have agencies who want you to be here. >> reporter: why is this called the great chocolate race? >> just like it says, you get
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you run 5 miles you get a box of chocolate and hot chocolate at the end. it's a great opportunity to get into the holiday spirit, enjoy the holiday marketing at the finish and do christmas shopping while you're at it. >> reporter: great, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> reporter: as you just heard, a holiday market follows this and that goes until 3:00. there is going to be all sorts of vendors and food trucks. back to you. >> thanks, stephanie. >> it's going to be cold out there for the holiday market. i hope they sell hot chocolate or cocoa. >> they're giving people hot chocolate and goa die have a chocolate. not too bad. >> the market is one of the things you can enjoy today. we're going to tell you about other events you can enjoy this weekend in the next half hour. what a new study says about women who breast feed and their religious beliefs. here's a live look now at reagan national airport. we'll have a look at ur
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coming up in just a bit on wake up washington.
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thanks for coming back here. we're taking a look outside. looks like it's a nice start to the day. the national harbor wheel there. it's also going to be chilly today, melissa. >> it will be cold heading out to the national harbor, getting last-minute christmas shopping in. or maybe your plans were to go to the casino, standing in line waiting to get in, it will be pretty cold out there. but it's december, so it's a cold snap and there are men more cold -- plenty more cold snaps ahead in
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here's a look, you'll notice the pretty pink colors showing up, it's a clear start to the day. with that, it is cold. in the city we're at 31. but that's right on the water. once you get off that we have temperatures that have dropped down more than 10 degrees colder than that. starting out at 20 in culpeper. 28 frederick. winchester 27. winds today not going to be as gusty as yesterday, but just enough where we're talking about windchill factors. winchester now feels like 17 when you factor in the light winds. a lot of cold arctic air invading the country. you can see all the cold temperatures back to our west and north. we're going to see this cold snap lasting today, and there are more renewed pushes of cold air in our future you'll see in the seven-day forecast. today it is going to be cold outside. it's going to be sunny. the winds today not as gusty as yesterday, but still at times there will be a breeze out there. 1:00p.m. around 37 degrees, with
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sunny sky. winds coming out of the west- northwest around 11 miles per hour at 4:00 p.m., 37. temperatures today like yesterday will be struggling to reach near 40 degrees. army and navy game, dress in layers. kickoff temperature, 3:00 p.m. around 39 degrees. then temperatures throughout the game fall as the sun is setting down into the low to mid-30s. mostly sunny, the winds not as bad as yesterday, but dress in layers. if you don't want to sit outside, that game will be aired here on wusa9. feels like temperatures today still going to be below freezing in a lot of spots. it's going to feel like about 30 degrees here in d.c. feels like 25 frederick to gaithersburg and windchills this evening will stay below freezing. will be a cold start to your weekend. and tomorrow we are going to have more clouds around. we might have a couple of flurries around early tomorrow
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a yellow weather alert, showers around early in the day, and then we get to next wednesday, we could be talking about a rain/snow mix. we'll check another check of your forecast coming up in a bit. thanks, melissa. definitely winter. if that forecast has you looking for things to do inside, we'll run down the new movies you can catch this weekend, that's coming up. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays.
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f0 good morning. in today's health alert, 100 eyes on health is happening tomorrow, sponsored by the 100 black men of prince george's county, it addresses health issues and provides resources and answers to the public. it is free this sunday in clinton, maryland, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. does religion play a role in breast feeding? despite all the evidence breast milk protects babies from conditions in later life, a just released study finds women in developed countries with a strong catholic heritage are less likely to breast feed, even though the pope supports mothers breast feeding in public. the study doesn't prove
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breast feeding, only warrants further research. lend your hands and time to all shades of pink at its annual volunteer gift wrapping service at the mall at prince george's. the breast cancer support group helps women and men diagnosed with breast cancer face the emotional, physical and financial stresses they'll encounter. the schedule for the next two weekends and christmas eve is from 10:00 to 7:00 p.m. for a link to the week day schedule and more information on other alerts, go to our wusa9 mobile app. i'm andrea roane, wusa9. some of the best va hospitals are in the northeast, while some of the weakest are in the south. that's according to ratings assigned by the department of veterans affairs itself. the agency has refused to make the ratings public, but our sister publication "usa today" obtained the documents that show some of the highest rated hospitals are in massachusetts, new york, south dakota and minnesota, with low rated facilities in texas and in tennessee.
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yesterday was chilly and windy, but what can we expect today? let's head over to melissa. what can youtell us? >> the cold not really going anywhere for the weekend. the winds will be backing down a bit from yesterday. it's not going to be quite as blustery, but at times still breezy this afternoon. we're starting off cold on your saturday morning. look at these temperatures. chevy chase 27. fairfax 27. alexanderria 25. prince george's county starting out at 26 degrees. factoring in the winds it feels like it is cooler than that. the winds not affecting us yesterday, but it is still just enough to where we're talking about the windchill factors today. it will stay around the freezing mark. here's your temperature trend. notice we get a warmup as we head the middle of the next five days. showers around monday morning. temperatures do get into the 50s monday afternoon,
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they come crashing down as we have another plunge of arctic air coming this direction. we'll talk more about how cold the temperature is going to go coming up in a bit. if you want to stay warm, you could head to the movies. new at the movies, could the new film about camelot beganner a new oscar for natalie portman. >> portman plays the first lady in the days immediately following her husband's assassination. jamie yuccas has a preview. >> reporter: in the dark days after president kennedy's assassination, the first lady showed both dignity and back bone. natalie portman takes on the role in the new film jackie. >> scary, because people, when people are so familiar with someone, then you really feel like you are almost setting yourself up for failure. >> reporter: the movie focuses on the immediate aftermath of
7:20 am
complex portrait of the first lady. still soaked in her husband's blood, she knows it's up to her to define his legacy. >> we will have a procession and i will walk to the cathedral behind his casket. >> reporter: she's well aware she's writing a page to the history book. >> i think she understood history so well and understood people need symbols and ritual and people need this sort of cultural identity. >> why are you doing this, mrs. kennedy? >> i'm just doing my job. >> reporter: as first lady, she was already admired for her style and sophistication. the film tells us mrs. kennedy also had serious grit. >> she was such a smart woman that we've underestimated for so long, great to be able to give her due. >> reporter: jackie protects both her husband's image and the image of a modern day camelot. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. to
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thriller called miss sloan. jessica chastain stars as a lobbyist concerned with getting the win. she often pushes the boundaries, she finally does find a line she won't cross when a gun group asks her to help turn women against the universal background check bill. instead, she changes firms and uses all the tricks she knows to try to get the bill passed. and finally there is the inappropriate holiday film titled office christmas party. jennifer aniston, jason bateman star. the workers start to believe their company may be on its last leg. critics say the cast members are at their best cutting loose and sometimes the plot actually gets in the way. all right. there are new local champions this morning. >> after the break
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to catch up on the latest round of high school state football championships. plus, a midshipman in annapolis talk a little trash ahead of today's army/navy game. welcome to tackle your tailgate forecast. huge army/navy game. the good news in baltimore, it will be cold. starts out mostly sunny. it's a 3:00 game. then very cold. no windchills to speak of. so dress for the 30s and remember, it's a 3:00 game, so by the end of the game temps could dip into the upper 20s briefly.
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wise the newest state championships thursday and friday night. but
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the trophies were handed out in annapolis, where navy has played since the late 1800's. >> it's such a rich tradition with navy football. this is a memorial stadium here. the memorial is up on the upper concourse. to bring our students here, to bring our schools and communities here, it fits what we're about in high school athletics and i think it's tremendous, the testament to the people at navy to allow us to host this event. >> the 1 a and 2 a state championship games will be played here later today. for wusa9 sports -- speaking of football, tens of thousands of people will see it in person
7:26 am
will watch it on tv. because the army/navy game is not just another college football game. >> it's in baltimore, but ahead of all the pageantry, the midshipman like to poke a little fun at their rivals in those other uniforms. f0 >> classic. this year's video on youtube is called things that are harder than beating army. the navy does have serious bragging rights in this series. they have won the last 14 games arone this this century. president obama has ordered a review of cyber attacks leading up to the election.
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temperatures this weekend running very cold. we'll talk about a bigger cold snap on the way for next weekend coming up in a bit on wake up washington. can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it.
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welcome back to wake up washington. you are looking live now at the potomac. it looks pretty but it sure is cold to start off
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the whole week looks -- weekend looks pretty chilly out there. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm ileana diaz. melissa, what can we expect? yesterday was chilly and windy. what can we expect today? >> the winds really got you yesterday afternoon. they put the temperatures of what it feels like below freezing territory, even though we made it into the low 40s yesterday. >> it was beautiful for those of us who had to spend a couple of hours in the cold. >> with cropped pants on i hear? >> yes, that was my fault. >> you need to check the forecast before you head out the door this morning to make sure you know to dress in lots of layers. today it's not going to be as windy as yesterday. we're going to call it a light breeze today. but it will be enough out there just to make it feel that much colder outside by a couple of degrees. now we've got the temperature at 31. winds are calm. yesterday morning you woke up and you could hear the winds pounding on the window
7:31 am
20s showing up with the lighter winds. the temperatures this morning are a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. 27 now in -- 27 in clinton. and we've got cold temperatures stretching for much of the country. this is a plunge of arctic air and this is not the only cold morning that we're going to see in the upcoming week. we have more cold temperatures heading this way by late in the work week. we're starting off in the 20s to around the low 30s this morning. lunchtime with a mostly sunny sky, running around the mid- 30s. still going to have a light breeze out of the west- northwest, so it will feel at lunchtime like it's around the freezing mark. late in the afternoon highs in the upper 30s to low 40s. we have rain and snow chances in our future, as well as much colder temperatures. we'll talk about that coming up in a bit. ileana. thanks, melissa. did the election of donald trump come
7:32 am
interference from russia? >> reporter: u.s. officials believe russia tried to influence the election to help gop nominee donald trump win the oval office. on friday the white house revealed president obama ordered a review of election season cyber attacks that raised concerns moscow was meddling in the election. the kremlin has rejected the accusations. the trump camp released a statement saying u.s. intelligence agencies are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass drunks. trump continues to focus on shaping his cabinet. he confirmed rudy giuliani removed his name for consideration from any administration post
7:33 am
meeting november 29th. >> the whole thing was becoming confusing and my desire to be in cabinet was great, but it wasn't that great. >> reporter: in a statement mr. trump said, rudy would have been a good member -- friday night trump continued his victory tour of the states that helped him get to the oval office. he rallied supporters in grand rapids michigan. >> i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the greatest cabinets ever assembled. >> reporter: his pick for education secretary, a billionaire republican donor and former chair of the michigan republican party. an announcement on secretary of state is expected next week. secretary of the interior, a transition force tells cbs news
7:34 am
mcmore washington is mr. trump's top pick. there have been plenty of demonstrations outside donald trump's new d.c. hotel. the one happening later this morning will be a little bit different. organizers plan to kick off the children's rally the kindness at 10:00. the coalition says this is their call to the president- elect to disbar the hateful rhetoric used during the campaign. right now maryland state troops are starting to put out signs along i-470 eastbound in frederick, that's because they're going to be reconstructing a deadly crash from earlier this week. one person died when a tractor- trailer collided with several other vehicles. this happened wednesday morning on the exit ramp onto i-270 southbound. police hope to reopen all lanes by 10:30 this morning. also this morning, it appears an electrical malfunction caused an overnight town house fire
7:35 am
gaithersburg. montgomery county firefighters arrived to the home to find smoke coming out. they were able to quickly put out the flames on the second floor and attic. all four living there escaped safely. parents in d.c. may be resting up for monday when the annual common lottery and applications for schools begin. parents can learn more about the school choices later this morning at ed fest 2016. it kicks off at 11:00 at the d.c. armory. families can meet representatives from more than 200 public and charter schools. last year's crowd was close to 5,000 people. ed fest wraps up at 3:00 this afternoon. new this morning, some runners have just left the starting line in an annual race. >> that's right. it's called the great chocolate race. it's part of the two-day holiday market. wh
7:36 am
today? >> reporter: there's going to be a holiday market following this race. 1200 participants just took off running down that way. this is a five-mile race. i want to get over to casey lumata. thanks for joining me this morning. you're with the ross land improvement district. how will the weather affect runners? >> i think it will make it harder to breathe. i'm from wisconsin so i think i'll be fine. i think keeping your breath is the key. and heat warmers in your hand. >> reporter: that's a great idea. why are you guys hosting this race in northern virginia this year? >> so we encouraged them to come out in conjunction with the holiday market to promote the market and support their cause. we're excited to have them here and everybody to join us. >> reporter: why is this
7:37 am
such a unique name. >> yeah. we're going to get lots of chocolate afterwards. hot chocolate, godiva chocolates and at the market we'll have a bunch of food trucks, crafts and everything. should be a good time. >> reporter: two hours till santa arrives i understand? >> yes. and santa will be on the premises and ready to take pictures with kids and pets and they're free pictures, so come out, it will be a good time. >> reporter: anything else you want to tell people about the event this morning and later this afternoon? >> so we're going to have a kids choir coming out. they're going to sing carols. we'll have gingerbread decorating. we'll have a workshop twice today. and vendors are out. they start selling at 8:00 a.m., so they're ready to go and we'll have lots of breakfast, hot wine, hot cider, hot chocolate, everything you can need on a chilly day. >> reporter: we don't want to hold you up. we know you're running. >> i am running. >> reporter: all the best. ay
7:38 am
race goes to benefit st. jude's. the event today lasts until 3:00. back to you. >> thanks, stephanie. it sounds like a fun event with lots of chocolate just about everywhere. >> i'm hearing hot chocolate, hot wine, hot cider. there's a theme there. >> yeah, i heard the hot wine, interesting. anything to warm you up. there's a lot of other events happening across the region today. >> one of them is the annual boat lights parade in annapolis at the yacht club. it was canceled last year after a christmas tree fire did $9 million worth of damage to the building and arena. organizers are hoping people will return this year to cheer on the boats. it starts at 6:00. the annual christmas parade will benefit farmers feed the hungry. this parade in the western howard county town started in 2011 and features more than 150 horses, plus ns
7:39 am
decorated tractors. it starts at 3:30 p.m. and is followed by a christmas village celebration. >> pretty cool. it may still be more than two months until spring training, but the nats winter fest is today at the washington convention center. many players and coaches will be on hand to sign autographs and play games with the fans. it runs both today and tomorrow from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. you can buy tickets from the nationals' web site. they're less expensive than if you buy them at the door. we're getting our first look at the first family's 8th and final holiday card. >> the card features president and mrs. obama along with daughters malia and sasha. it was taken last march at the state dinner for canadian prime minister. the cards have been a tradition since calvin coolidge sent the first e.
7:40 am
metro will be giving riders a holiday gift later this month. we'll have details coming up. plus, we'll take a closer look at how to navigate around all the new casino traffic at national harbor. a live look now, we have a sunny but cold start to the weekend. we're going to check out upcoming snow shower chances coming up in a bit on wake up washington.
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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tracking metro this morning, the rail service is not going to hamper your new year's eve plans. they announced special late night rail service to ring in 2017. trains will run until 3:00 a.m. sunday, new year's day, and will start rolling again at 7:00 a.m. track work will be suspended from december 20th through the end of januar
7:43 am
inauguration. metro can offer extra service for inaugural events. ellen brian has advice for those of you going to the new casino this weekend. >> we know it's going to be busy out there for mgm national harbor opening weekend. this is an area where we see a lot of traffic. the outlet mall is here, national harbor which has a lot of christmas events itself. the areas to watch out for, the beltway will be crowded through austin hills. 295 and also 210 will be some of the hardest hit areas. if you are going to drive, coming from d.c. take 395 southbound to get to mgm. take that to 295 southbound and get off at exit 1 b. 495 eastbound is how you'll get there from virginia. exits 2 a, 2 b, national harbor boulevard. if you are driving, parking will be below mgm. four entrances. also a valet stop. this is a continuous loop. you'll never hit a stop light or
7:44 am
moving. but, think outside of the box. maybe don't drive this weekend. maybe take metro. on the rails you can get as close to king street. coming from maryland take nh 1, come from virginia take nh 2. it's not just going to be this opening weekend. this will be going on for several weeks until people figure out how to get to mgm and how traffic is going to flow around this area. you can always sign up for the alerts. we have a link how to sign up on our facebook page and also on our app. we are taking a look outside there at the power cam. look-- tower cam. look at that memorial. >> blue skies behind it, but you can see the temperature. >> i know. that's what scares me the most. >> it's going to be cold. we have
7:45 am
here for a day now. this is not the only cold morning we're going to see this week. there's a colder run of cold temperatures heading this way. >> i'm not prepared. >> i hope you bring out your parkas and scarves and hats and gloves. wind not as bad as yesterday. today it's still going to be cold and at times it will be breezy as well. in d.c. our temperature is running in the low 30s. as you step outside into some of the suburbs this morning, we've got temperatures down in the low 20s. look at culpeper now, 20 degrees. it's 27 in winchester. factor in the winds and a lot of spots it will feel a couple of degrees cooler than it actual is. the winds today, nothing compared to yesterday. 13 below in winnipeg. 1below in minneapolis. whopping 4 degrees. cold air is here and we'll have more renewed
7:46 am
air coming in later this week. for today, not as windy as yesterday. but into the afternoon there will be a light breeze. it will feel a couple of degrees cooler than the actual temperature outside. 1:00p.m. with a sunny sky around 37 degrees. 4:00p.m., 37 degrees. still sunny and still feeling very cold outside. for those of you heading off to the stadium, dress in layers. kickoff at 39 degrees. throughout the game the temperatures continue to fall, and especially sunset this evening, as we get past then we're going to see temperatures quickly plummeting to around the freezing mark. mostly sunny. going to be cold. and a light breeze. feels like temperatures today not going to be as cold as yesterday, but still really cold outside. it will feel like it's in the mid-20s to around the low 30s for your saturday afternoon. talk about the rest of your weekend, we're going to see more clouds around for tomorrow, but it stays cold. we're tracking a weather disturbanc
7:47 am
and early tomorrow morning it may be close enough to where we see snow shower action in parts of west virginia and western panhandle of maryland. in d.c. should stay dry. monday we have another chance, this one looks like it will be a warmer setup, so it's mainly shower action around here monday morning commute. for that reason we have a yellow weather alert for monday morning, and into monday afternoon i am expecting things to dry out. here's a look at the next three days, it's going to be cold thought the weekend -- throughout the weekend. monday the 50s, then temperatures dropping down the end of the week, 32 the high for thursday. ileana. thanks, melissa. in today's consumer alert, the season for giving and going into debt is here. if you don't want to start a new year paying for the holidays, lesli foster has a way to make some
7:48 am
family budget. >> it requires a little work, a little patience and some restraint. here are some strategies that might hurt. it's suggested you use a jar system, put away spare change now to use for gifts later. a holiday outfit swap to give clothes a second life. brown bag it to save up more, and consider gifts that are hand made, because who doesn't love a great meal or favorite treat around the holidays? lesli foster, wusa9. contract workers at dulles and reagan airports plan to walk off their jobs later this month. they voted this week to authorize the walkout, but they did not set a specific date or duration. the 400 workers include wheelchair attendants and baggage handlers who work for a company that contracts directly with the airlines. they are demanding better working conditions and wages of $15 an hour. you may
7:49 am
unless you're a parent who desperately needs to buy a hatchimole. they'll go on sale sunday morning. they cost $60 each with a limit of two per person. target recommends you call your local store ahead of time and expect lines to start forming hours before the stores open at 8:00 a.m. wow, just wow. >> yeah. it's an idea that became a hit in europe. >> now the museum of broken relationships has a second home in the u.s. we'll take a tour coming up. december is here, and temperatures have dropped across the country. that means it's time to put on your car's winter tires. if you don't have winter tires, perhaps you should consider it. a few things make it a winter tire. one is, very deep wide tread bl
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typically a more squared off shoulder which helps bite into snow as you're cornering. different rubber compound is the reason they're not just for snow and ice. on dry pavement where all season tires start to become a little less effective, the winter tires xcel. there are down sides. they give you more grip at lower temperatures typically starting at 40 to 50 degrees and below, but they have less grip above that level. that means come spring time, you have to switch to all season or summer tires. there's the cost of the second set of tires. you have to typically pay to have them switched twice a year, and then there's the issue of storing the offseason set. four tires take up a good amount of room. winter tires are arguably most appropriate for high performance cars. these cars
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summer tires. they give you better grip when it's warm, but hazardous when it's cold. if you want the absolute best performance at all temperatures, winter tires and summer tires are the way to go.
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let's check back in with stephanie in rosalyn. >> reporter: the great chocolate race is underway now. 1200 people are participating in the5k here in northern virginia. all the money raised will benefit st. jude's children's research hospital. following the 5k at gateway park, everyone is going to gather for a holiday market. santa will be there at 9:00 a.m. there's going to be music, food trucks, as well as boutique vendors. the event lasts until 3 :00 today. back to you. thank you. you've probably heard of the heartbreak hotel, right? >> uh-huh. >> how about the heartbreak museum? you won't fine expensive paintings or sculptures. it's a collection of 115 unwanted items from jilted lovers from all around the world. >> the original museum opened in
7:55 am
europe. now the u.s. has one of its own. danielle nottingham takes a look. >> reporter: ordinary items take on a new meaning in this one of a kind museum. >> no matter race, creed, status, no one is spared a broken relationship. >> reporter: from stolen street signs, lingerie and breast implants. >> this is one you couldn't have predicted, belly button lint. >> reporter: from half empty cologne bottles and melted cell phones -- >> i love this one. >> reporter: -- to the bottle of wine two lovers never shared because each never left their significant other. >> when you're alone and you feel no one has felt these depths of misery as i have now, it's not true. >> reporter: this is a biner from a caretaker
7:56 am
after nursing her boyfriend back to health. visitors say the museum is actually not as sad as they thought. >> something so strange as salad bowl spinner, you know, or something as touching as a wedding dress, that's very powerful. >> reporter: there's even a confessional where visitors can pour out their hearts on paper or keep it simple. >> nine years wasted. >> reporter: whether you're letting go of love, hate or obsession, this museum proves breaking up is hard to do. danielle nottingham, los angeles. >> i'm intrigued. lint, wedding dress, wine that was never open because they never left their spouses. definitely interesting stuff there. >> yeah. >> the museum accepts donations and there is also a traveling exhibit that crosses the globe. >> definitely would be
7:57 am
>> i will say it's probably very, very interesting. >> there's a museum for everything now. let's get a quick check of that weather. it's going to be cold today. very cold, but not as windy as yesterday was. tomorrow we'll see clouds around. there will be chance west of the city of seeing a couple of flurries around early in the morning. showers around monday morning. then we will see a big cold blast coming in the end of this week, where highs won't get above freezing wednesday. >> definitely winter. thanks for joining us. cbs saturday morning is next. >> don't forget to download our free wusa9 app. we have our forecast on there, the latest news and traffic. we're back tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. have a great day. end captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:
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