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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> the coldest air since last february moving in. that doesn't sound impressive. the coldest december air since 2010. 47 tomorrow for a high. that's ok. then, we are looking at 31 on thursday. probably a midnight high plan for temps to be in the 20s on thursday. 29 on friday. then, saturday, a little bit milder. temperatures go back to 41. our average high is 47. tomorrow will be spot on average with a lot of sunshine. enjoy tomorrow because after that, it does downhill really, really fast. 6:00 a.m. on thursday we're going to jump ahead to 6:00
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wind chill of five in hague ertztown. -- hagerstown. highs in the 20s, but dress for the single digits and teens and try to hammer it home for the kids. 15 wind chill at 1:00. it gets colder through the day. 4 degrees in hagerstown also by 1:00. by evening, it's single digits pretty much across the board. so, good news for tomorrow. wake up weather not bad. just chilly across the board. 30s to start. 34-42 at 9:00 and 42-46 by noon. we'll come back and talk about not one, but two chances of seeing snow with this arctic air. >> thanks, top. we have sad news tonight about the beloved father on the hip sitcom "growing pains." actor alan thicke has died at the age of 69. a publicist for his son, singer robin thicke, sayses he diedz of a -- says he died of a heart attack in los angeles. alan thicke played dr. jasonreceiver in "growing pains" and appeared recently in "how i
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netflix series "fuller house." we'll share some thoughts later. let's take a live look at a big crash that has shutdown i-95 in both directions near the icc in beltsvillement you can see what's -- beltsvillement you can-- beltsville. you can see what's happening on the right side of your screen. this crash involved a tractor trailer and other vehicles. medics have rushed a child and adult to the hospital and they both have life-threatening injuries. we'll be watching this. and in baltimore, authorities say a police officer at coppin state university has shot and killed a man. police say the uniformed officer was patrolling in an unmarked car when he saw that man shooting at a car. the officer then shot and killed the gunman. we don't know his name and the officer was not hurt. >> to a police chase across the potomac river that ended with a car crash and authorities say it all happened after a woman dede
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officer's cruiser. john henry joins us in the newsroom. john, police say this woman led them on this chase for more than 10 miles? >> yeah, that's right, from the heart of dc to the heart of alexandria. one officer told me the driver hit close to 10 other cars along the way. you are looking at a banged up dc housing authority pliptd cruiser-- police department cruiser. a 26-year-old woman they say managed to steal while she was in handcuffs. here is where authorities say it all started the garfield terrace apartment on 11th street northwest not farther from howard. the housing authority told us an officer took the woman into custody for unlawful entry around 5:30. she had previously been told she was not welcome at the apartment complex. police say while the woman was in the officer's cruiser, the officer stepped away from the car to get something. that was when things took a turn. housing authority police say
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the woman somehow managed to get to the front of the cruiser and get her handcuffed hands behind the wheel. after that, they say she then drove the car through the 3rd street tunnel and along 395 in virginia hitting close to 10 cars along the way. police would eventually catch their suspect here on the king street on ramp in alexandria. virginia state police say a dc police cruiser that was following the woman managed to pin her car against a wall. after that, they were able to take her into custody without incident. >> a virginia state police officer tells us the suspect is in stafford, virginia. she's in the hospital with nonlive threatening injuries -- nonlife-threatening injuries. charges against her are pending. >> quite an episode. thank you. it was a case that shook a montgomery county neighborhood. a beloved couple murdered by someone they knew. the motive is still unclear, but the killer's fate
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ellison barber is live with more. >> he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole not once, but twice. once for each victim. >> i don't know that for givenness is -- forgiveness is something i need to worry about. he is never going to walk out again. that's best i can do for mom and dad. >> on mother's day 2015, katie walked into her parent's house and -- parents' house and found her mom, jody, and her dad, dick. >> i don't know what happened. >> police say he broke into their home through a window. they still don't know why he did it, but he knew the house because he grew up in the one next door. >> i can't go back there. i can't go back -- >> according to the autopsy report, he stabbed dick 42 times and nearly decapitated jody. >> did you
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>> i stabbed -- [ indiscernible ] >> he admitted to it. [ indiscernible ] >> this is audio from one of his interviews with detectives. >> he said take them away. slashed them with the knife several times. >> police arrested him in alaska on a cruise with his parents carrying money covered in blood. the family watched as the judge sentenced a killer they knew, a small piece of closure for a family suffering unimaginable pain. >> a weight has been lifted. we have a long way to go. we have two incredible people we miss every day. >> my parents were not what happened to them. my parents were fabulous people, unbelievable parents. >> at least this monster that created this tragedy will never see the light of day. >> the one thing the family does not have is a concrete motive. he knew his victims most of his life. they tell us in
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he and his brother stole their car and set their house on fire. it was reportedly dealt with outside the court, but police did say a tip related to that incident initially led them to their suspect. in court today, he said he had "no animosity towards his neighbors and " and that he was sorry. >> such a hearlt breaking case. -- heartbreaking case. >> the chairman of the prince george's county liquor bored has resigned days after his arrest on dui charges. maryland governor larry hogan appointed him to the job last year and it was hogan who asked for caldwell to step down. prince george's county police arrested caldwell following a car accident last week outside the new mgm new harbor casino. tonight the police chief toldwusa 9 the pry profile nature of his -- profile nature of his arrest might cause drivers to th
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>> since it's high profile, might lead more teem to be more thought -- people to be thoughtful about their state of sobriety. the northern nat thing is nobody was -- fortunate thing is nobody was hurt. >> caldwell says he was not impaired behind the wheel. as for failing a field sobriety test, he says his age made himunsteady on his feet. >> donald trump is defending his choice for secretary of state. he announced he would nominate rex tillerson to the post this morning. democrats and some republicans have raised questions about tillerson's ties to russia and its president. garrett joins us live. the president-elect is addressing this issue head on. >> he is trying to get in front of it because several republicans and a host of democrats have said they have concerns about tillerson's past business dealings with vladimir putin. tonight, mr. trump tried to cast those dealings as an asset for his would-be top diplomat. >> surrounded by
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trees in wisconsin tonight, donald trump thanked the badger state for the gift of its 10 electoral votes and appeared full of cheer over his rapidly forming cabinet. >> i think it will be one of the great cabinets ever, ever. >> he announced his intention to nominate exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson this morning. >> he will be an advocate for america's interests around the world. >> mr. trump cast tillerson's extensive business dealings as uniquely qualifying for the job. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with and some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex because i like what this is all about. >> in the wake of renewed hacking allegation against russia, tillerson's views will come under scrutiny when he goes before the senate next month. trump rolled out three big endorsements of
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former secretary of state condoleezza rice. at the rally tonight, the president-elect eluded to the meetings he held today with bold-faced names not connected to government. perhaps hoping to broaden his support with inauguration day a little more than a month away. >> jim brown, bill gates, anna wintour, kanye, that's right. i like kanye. ray lewis. we've had so many people that come up and want to be a part of what we're doing. >> one man who will be a part of what trump is doing tonight, cbs news reports trump will tap former texas governor rick perry for energy secretary. that formal announcement could come as soon as tomorrow. you'll remember the energy department was the one perry emfamously -- infamously forgot in his presidential ambitions in 2012. wusa 9
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>> that's the way it goes all the time. >> what this woman says is shaking up her home every day at the same time. some good news tonight about the national museum of african- american history and culture getting in just got easier.
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>> the syrian government calls the liberation of aleppo a victory, but they say a massacre is unfolding a world away. this time at least 82 people were killed. the u.n. says the forces carried out revng attacks
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being -- revenge attacks and executions including women and children. it's being called the greatesthumanitarian disaster since world war ii. >> it's called a complete meltdown of humanity. it seems to be getting even worse. syrian americans here at home say the horrors are being ignored. >> there are reports of mass executions of mass raips. we're hear -- rapes. we're hearing of torture. >> imagine living through it. the uption is accuse -- u.n. is a coid are the gored -- accusing of government of slaughtering civilians. here there are no winners. >> does influence us to go on with life. they want us dead. [ indiscernible ] >> assuming the end is near, many surviving civilians are taking to social media to sa
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i don't know. thank you very much. >> we are here. it's close to a general side in the city of aleppo. this might be my last video. >> these syrians are just like you and i. they want to live in their country. they want freedom. >> she is a syrian american activist who says the international community inaction in syria has contributed to more than a quarter of a million lives lost since 2011. >> this is going to go down in history as to one of the major atrocities as we are just standing by watching. >> she said she'd like to see a cease-fire and safe passage provided for the 60,000 civilians left in aleppo with few options. >> they are faced with death through hunger or barrel bombs or air strikes. they are asked to surrenderment when they -- surrender. when
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missing. >> when they could choose, freedom. >> we want freedom. we didn't want anything else. >> wusa 9. >> loud noises and strong vibrations, that's what some neighbors are complaining about this week along the green line. they say all of this started this past summer as they want to know why. wusa 9 evan went to the area and brings us this story. >> i had it mounted in a glass frame. >> we're at the home of louse smith giving us a tour of her home showing us a graveyard of damaged paymentings and -- paintings and photos through rumblings she thinks from the metro. >> that's the way it goes all the time. >> apparently, she isn't alone. last night about 25 neighbors came to voice their concern to metro saying they heard similar
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sounds. we tried to track the noise. we placed a camera to the ground and at 6:30, we heard it. obviously, it's pretty faint and the rumbling was subtle, but it was there. oddly, it was happening almost on the half hour. we reached out to metro. they tell us at this point they don't know the cause, but they are looking into it. councilman brandon todd says priority number one is making sure it's not damaging any homes. >> you should feel safe in your home whether it's public safety or whether or not when trains are driving under and there are vibration, you want to insure the integrity of your home remains intact. >> as for smith, she wants one thing. >> i would like for the noise to stop. >> on-line tonight, people are sharing condolences and memories about alan thicke who passed away today at the age of 69. cameron candace burre who just appeared in "fuller
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beyond words. so glad i had the pleasure to work with you again recently." he was always so kind to me. on the wusa 9 facebook page, laura in reston wrote "i am shocked. i just saw him on "fuller house." he sealed so active and a -- seemed to sactive and a real go -- active and a real go getter. from vicky, totally unexpected and too young. we expect you to leave your favorite alan thicke memories on our facebook page. i grew up watching -- >> "growing pains" was hilarious. >> you saw alan thicke in so many things now commercials and ads. >> he was young. >> he was young. >> 69 is too young. >> yeah, think about his family tonight. >> please. it's time for the three-degree guarantee. >> how do you? >> i thought we might have a bull's eye. i was thinking we might. we did ok. we did all right. raised the high to
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we're 23 of 24. i'm going 47 tomorrow for a high. tomorrow will be a very nice day ahead of the arctic air. so, enjoy our wednesday. right now, live look outside. it's 42. dew point low 30s. this is nothing right now in terms of cold air. winds paltry south-southeast at three. when the winds kick up tomorrow night, we won't be scoffing. 30 miles per hour late tomorrow night and on thursday. harping on this. look at the dew point 32. we'll see dew points in the single digits to below zero with this cold air. bus stop temperatures not so bad either. 30-42. you'll need a hat and scarf and gloves for thursday morning. seasonable tomorrow. arctic air at night. wind chills you want to dress for. cover your hands, face, exposed skin. wintry mix possible friday night and i am getting more confident about snowshowers tomorrow night with the
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air itself. 6:00 in the morning, clear skies. 37 downtown. 37 in bowie. 33 in fairfax. not crazy cold. by mid-morning, sunshine. mid-30s to upper 30s downtown. by 1:00, we are 44 in manassas, 44 in fredericksburg. temps pretty nice. clouds begin to move in tomorrow evening. still above freezing. future cast trying to decide where these snowshowers are going to setup. right now this is 10:00, so almost 24 hours from now. snowshowers investigators burgh, lease -- gaithersburg, leesburg and temperatures around freezing. i don't think it will be a huge problem. could lay down a dusting on the grassy surfaces. wind chills, that's what you want to concentrate on. it will feel like a 16 at 6:00 on thursday morning. feel like it's 13 by noon with temperatures -- with wind chills in the single digits north and west of town. 30s to start tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 43 by 1:00. a very nice day. thursday arctic
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wind chills 5-15. temperatures falling only in the upper 0s on friday, but sun -- 20s on friday, but sunny. next seven days, the wintry mixfriday night, changes to rain on saturday. it will be slippery saturday morning early and 55 on sunday. right now dry and chilly for the game next monday night. >> dry is good though. >> i'll take dry any day. >> chilly is better than arctic too. >> i'll take that too. >> it's starting to feel like hockey weather. >> it's still going. >> you want to get in there and get more cold. talk about meaningful games early on. that wasn't happening the way they wanted. they did something about it. we show off some of the
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>> now wusa 9 gave on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> before the washington capitals started on this current win streak, they weren't doing terribly, but they weren't happy with the product they were putting on the ice. there were players' only meetings, coaches not happy with the team. they wanted to fix things before it got worse. whatever was said or done, it helped this capitals team turn a corner. tonight trying to get one of the bad games back taking on the new york islanders at
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barclays center. evgeny kuznetsov feeds it and helped break the tie. it was a big night for matt niskanen. check out that dart of a goal. it was a beauty. it proved to be the game winner. he would add one more for insurance tonight. capitals though cruising along win their fifth straight game, 4-2 over the islanders. the burgundy and gold are hoping to get some guys back healthy with the extra day of rest this week. their secondary has been struggling as it lives up to some of the expectations so far. they have to move guys around. brylin is one of those that's had to adapt, but coach jay gruden says he's pleased with what he's seen. >> i like the way he can adapt to a new position. we've asked limb to play safety -- him to play safety, flip side, corner, nickel. he's a very valuable player for this football team because of his flexibility. >> the baltimore ravens lose to new england on monday night football, but after more slip ups, the ravens cut kick returner devon heft.
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future hall of famer, but this could be the end of his career. the maryland terrapins football team may have struggled down the stretch this season losing 6-8 of their last, but they still finish 6-6 which is double their win total from last year and it was the magic number to go bowling. first year head coach dj durkin wasn't satisfied with the losses, but he's proud of his team for getting the chanceto play in a bowl game saying they deserve it especially the seniors. the terps look for their first bowl win since 2010 when they take on boston college december 26. coach durkin is doing his best to keep list guys ready. >> we experienced bowl practice. it's the fine line of practicing enough and make sure you're preparing to get ready to go in a game, but not do too much where you stay on it and get your players worn out. i think we have a good formula here and it's through my experience and our coaching staff's experience in other bowl games that we've put together a good plan. we are getting a good am o
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fresh for our guys. >> remember the ice bucket challenge? we all poured that freezing ice water over our heads. well, pete, the former boston college baseball star who started that whole movement, was honored by the ncaa today. he was given their inspiration award in his living room at his home. ice bucket challenge raised more than $220 million when it took off on social media. >> it was a brilliant strategy. >> it really was. >> talking about a. l. s. as much and it raised the profile of that. >> even if it didn't raise money, it raised the profile and got peopleto learn about it and understand it a little bit more and the money was a bonus. >> it did both.
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♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> if you are still trying to get to the national museum of african-american history and culture, this story is for you. starting monday, free me
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passes will be available on- line. also, noncommercial groups of 10 or more can request passes up to one year in advance directly on the meow see yum's -- museum's web site and it will welcome a number of walk up visitors crowds permitting. these are big changes and hopefully helps you get to a beautiful, beautiful museum. i think that's it for us. >> tomorrow is great. thursday and friday we are concerned about. there are snowshowers tomorrow. maybe dusting. we'll let you know
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