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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hello and welcome to wusa 9 at noon. well, the jolly old elf from the north pole would probably love today's cold, windy weather but the same arctic blast could lead to problems this
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your first alert forecast. >> and that is the story as we look towards the weekend. we can hand it will cold but when you factor in precipitation coming in the area, that could mean a wintry mess to kick-off your weekend. and at the moment, that sunshine is very deceptive outside because it is cold and windy as well. temperatures right now running in the teens in hagerstown to low 20s from frederick to gaithersburg. and mid-20s, just 26 degrees in d.c. colder air continues to work its way in with the arctic blast from the northwest. right now 13 in pittsburgh. and it's 12 in cleveland. now with the gusty winds, there's the potential for a few sporadic power outages because it's windy and it's creating the dangerous feels like temperatures. right now, feels like 11 in d.c. 5 is the feels-like temperature in gaithersburg. and it feels like zero in hagerstown right now.
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stick around for the afternoon. wind advisory continues through 3:00 p.m. with the winds gusting easily 40 miles per hour. so it will stay cold today. tomorrow is not quite as windy. and looking toward the weekend, the cold sets the stage for an interesting set-up. we will talk about that coming up in a couple minutes. and out the door right now, you can get forecast of just how low the temperature is going to be the next couple days on the free wusa 9 app. >> thank you. those bone chilling temperatures are a mere inconvenience for layered up die hard star wars fans. newest movie comes out tonight. and mikea turner caught up with a few guys who have been camping out in northwest waiting for the doors the to open. >> reporter: hey, i'm sitting under a large tarp. they have been camping out for the last couple nights so they can be the first inside and to see
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it was a cold long night for the friends sharing this tight space filled with sleeping bags and card board boxes outside the theatre in northwest. >> the wind has been crazy. >> reporter: how are you feeling right now? >> doing all right as long as i don't get out of the sleeping bag. >> it's a lot cold they are time. >> reporter: and it's for the new rogue one star wars movie tonight. they purchased their tickets online weeks ago but they are braving the cold so they could be the first inside and. >> we knew it was going to be this cold. i am wearing six of everything right now. >> reporter: he has been out here since tuesday morning. last year, he was out here for a week before the doors opened  for the last star wars movie. camping out has been a tradition for the friends since the '90s and they say every moment, whether it's hot, cold or wet is worth it. >> i love star wars but i love coming out here and being stupid with my friends. >> reporter:
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comfortable. now this is a tradition. they say they'll keep it alive. they'll be back out here next year for the next star wars movie. mikea turner, wusa 9. >> kind of nuts. guthe ys started pack up things since the movie starts tonight at 7:00. we have breaking news now from this morning's metro board meet. the agency fired six employee -- meeting. the agency fired six employees involved in the train derailment in falls church. >> reporter: well, four the track inspectors and two supervisors but really that is just the absolute start of the blood letting here. all told, nearly half of the track inspection department, 28 people in all, have either been fired or are in the process of being fired or are facing discipline. now this all grows out of the train derail. near east falls
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that injured -- derailment in july that injured people. so far, they have found, quote, a disturbing level of indifference to public safety, a lack of accountable and mis -- lack of accountability, and misconduct. reaction is mixed. the leader says she was caught by surprise by the firings and will probably fight them. >> they had a week's worth of training to go out and inspect switches. so that's what they have. and if you gaithersburg me a week's worth of training 27 years ago, what did you give me a year ago? or the year before that? >> it's an outrage. i'm as outraged as anybody and paul is taking the necessary actions to discipline people, fire people and set up a new shop. >> reporter: now metro suspec
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actions or inactions may have been criminal. no arrests so far. but prosecutors have taken this matter under advisement according to metro. live at metro headquarters, wusa 9. >> all right. thank you. at this hour, we are working to find out the identity of a man found gunned down in a prince george's county driveway. a police officer discovered the body at a home in temple hills. investigators say the -- say the killer shot the victim several times. the jury could get the case of the confessed south carolina church shooter today. the 22-year-old is accused of killing nine black parishioners attending bible study last year. prosecutors wrapped up their case wednesday. the defense rested without calling a single witness after the judge ruled they d
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present evidence about roof's mental health. they have new and unsettling i information about i script flight 804. investigators say they -- about egypt flight 804. investigators say they found strayses of explosives, however, -- they found explosion -- they found traces of explosives, however no terrorist group has taken responsibility. another crash killed 226 people. they still don't know how it happened but yahoo says they believe hackers stole data from more than 1 billion user accounts in august of 2013. the company is notifying account holders and add vising users to change -- advising users to change their passwords. it may include security questions and answers. >> being able to access that information is probably what is most crit
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steppingstone into other sites. so even if that person doesn't keep their financial information or medical information online, by having the credentials and logging in, it's easy to spoof that person. >> the company says this is a different breach from the one disclosed in september that affected 500 million accounts. cbs news has learned the orders to hack democratic computers to interfere with the u.s. election came from the highest levels of the kremlin. but president-elect donald trump dismisses these claims. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence sources say when russian hackers broke into democratic email systems in july 2015, they did so under orders from the kremlin. the sources tell cbs news the attack could not have happened without russian president vladimir putin's blessing saying the orders would have had to come from the highest level. russia denies the claims
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trump. this morning he tweeted, if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillary lost? the white house did name russia before the election in october but months later. the obama administration says it waited in order to keep political pressure off the intelligence community. >> that was an effort to ensure that the information avoided on the appearance of being politically motivated. >> reporter: more than a month after the election, americans remain deeply divided about president-elect donald trump. a new poll shows 36% of those surveyed believe mr. trump will do a poor job as president. 34% expect him to be very good or good. 23% say he will be average. >> the polling does not suggest that americans are yet ready to put the 2016 campaign behind them. >> reporter: for better or for worse, a majority of american, 62% expect mr. trump will
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real change to washington, d.c. that number is even higher among republicans. cbs news, new york. >> president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour tonight with a stop in pennsylvania. haiti is still reeling from the damage caused by hurricane matthew two months ago. see what a group of local doctors and missionaries are doing now to help. but first, a ceasefire may have fallen apart but that's not keeping thousands caught up in the violence in syria from rushing to get out of town.
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thousands of desperate people are rushing to escape syria. one man was shot while traveling in a convoy of ambulances. with the backing of russia and iran, syrian troops have taken all but a tiny pocket of territory from the rebels. this is a different mission to save and restore lives and it's happening as we speak. right now, a small team of doctors and missionaries from a local church in prince george's county is on the ground in haiti to deliver donations and provide free medical treatment. the country was devastated in early october after hurricane matthew hit. mikea turner spoke with the volunteers before they deployed this week to provide relief. >> reporter: when we caught up with the team who travels with him to haiti, they were bagging up donated items for people
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need them. stuffing boxes with clothing, toiletries and games were shipped off weeks ago. they took 25 boxes with them. eight suitcases filled with medication were sent off too to help efforts in the wake of hurricane matthew. charles is a volunteer. >> you see people in need and you know you can help them. >> reporter: when the hurricane barreled through the country, it took more than 1,000 lives. hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless. their lives and livelihoods changed dramatically. >> there's a dire need for assistance and that's why we're going down. >> reporter: some areas never fully recovered from the earthquake that struck in 2010. while the team is there, they'll deliver the donations to orphanages and people throughout main and rural areas. the doctor will be treating patients for free clinics. his goal is to treat 1,000 people by the end of the week, most who have affected by ol
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effective. you can treat wit a single dose medication which we're prepared to do. >> reporter: a mission that will save lives and spread hope throughout the struggling communities. wusa 9. >> and while in haiti, the team purchases bottled water to help the local economy. a number of organizations provided the donations. well it seems like the heart breaking stories happen too frequently but thankfully there's usually a positive ending. you may have seen this post on facebook. this is the 6-year-old. she has a disorder that causes hair loss. her mom posted the picture on facebook saying, 17 kids were invited to the party at a skating rink in texas and none of them came. her mother says she asked her, what happened? but she was at a loss for words. now everyone wants to show their support for her including a man named charlie. he doesn't know her or her mom but he is planning a new party
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>> as a parent, to know what her parents were feeling when you can't replace your child's smile because nobody showed up. and she's just looking around. sitting there for hours. as a parent, that's hard. and i wanted to help to put a smile on her face. i would hope that her mom and her are just in awe at the whole deal and realize that the community does care. she does have friends. no matter her immune disorder. we all love her. we don't have to know her for her to know she has friends. and a kid's birthday party is special. that's the one day a year they look forward to. >> he has set up an event for her surprise community birthday bash on sunday. more than 500 people say they plan to show up and bring gifts. and the17 kidswho didn't show are still invited.
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the same arctic blast causing inconveniences here is bringing harsh conditions to new york. some decided to ditch cars and hop on snow mobiles to get around. >> the bus -- oh, oh, look out! look out! that bus did not have no [ bleep ] chainsen it! >> so lucky no one was hurt. -- no chains on it -- no [ bleep ] chains on it! >> so lucky no one was hurt. some kids were stranded in the cold for up to 90 minutes. >> my gosh. terrifying to watch that. your jaw just drops. >> yeah, i remember watching a car go into my car like that. just crunch, oh, nothing u
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fun. and although i don't think we will see snow like that, the cold temperatures we're seeing right now is actually -- they're going to set the stage for what could be a little winter weather into the start of the weekend. >> is it going to be as blustery? >> no. today is the worst of the winds but a lot of people early saturday morning, it doesn't look like an ideal set-up for us. we could be dealing with sleet or freezing rain. >> oh, no. >> but not going to stick around for long. i see warmer temperatures for the afternoon on saturday. right now, let's talk about the cold. it's brutal outside in terms of what it feels like. for the outdoor activities you may have had planned for some strange reason on a thursday even, i mean, dress in layer, hats, scarves, gloves. the temperatures, the time it takes your body to cool down with the winds is significantly shorter. so just keep that in mind. it's dangerous to send on
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outside like this. in d.c., feels like 11 degrees because the winds continue to gust on the order of 30 to 45 miles per hour. that's why the feels-like temperatures are down just below zero. in fact, at zero in hagerstown. feels like 5 right now in frederick. and feels like 15 in culpeper. don't expect the feels-like temperature to get better the rest of the afternoon. the winds stay gusty. temperatures will not rise. and they're going to stay steady and slowly fall late in the afternoon. 5:00 p.m., people heading home from work, kids getting off the bus this afternoon. and it's going to feel cold outside. 3 is what it will feel like at 5:00 p.m. in gaithersburg. and into the overnight, we don't see a change. the winds will let off past midnight tonight. so tomorrow morning, it's not as windy but it's colder outside. so that makes the feels-like temperature down in the single digits
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so blustery and cold. 5:00 p.m. today, feeling like 9 degrees. 18degrees is the temperature tomorrow morning. but it will feel like 7 degrees. that's in the city. and the suburbs, colder than that. and we have single digits, rather sub zero wind chills in the mountains where the wind chill advisory runs until 56k. tomorrow morning -- until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that's where the wind chills will be between 10 and 20 below. forecast highs, not rising. in the 20s. for tomorrow, it stays just as cold as it is this afternoon. but it's not quite as win windy. we will be -- as windy. we will be in the 20s to around the low 30s tomorrow afternoon. the cold temperatures going to set the stage for an interesting start to the weekend. as we go into your saturday morning between 3:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., the possibility of a wintry mix across the area where you see the pink color showing up, this will start with sleet, free
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looking more likely for the possibility of early saturday morning and then past 9:00 a.m., temperatures will be rising. so the time frame for frozen precipitation, the early morning through about 9:00 a.m. on saturday. and from there towards noon, temperatures warming up above freezing. things change to rain. we will see showers for saturday. and then rolling into sunday, we are going to start out with temperatures that are above freezing and in terms of sunday late in the day, temperatures will be falling again. so we might end up with frozen precipitation. for this afternoon, mostly to partly sunny, blustery and cold. the next couple days, 30 for friday afternoon. saturday we start out with the wintry mix. and in the seven day outlook, notice the mix changes to rain on saturday and it's cold again for monday.
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all right, bundle up, going to the ay
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windy as well. >> crackling fire and hot chocolate. that's it for wusa 9 news. we will be back at 5:00. we will see you tomorrow.
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>> billy: pardon me. >> jack: can i help you? >> billy: yeah, you can tell me what you're doing with this -- an eviction notice. really, jack? >> jack: i gave you a lease. i'm terminating it. >> billy: no, you're breaking it. >> jack: happens all the time. >> billy: not like this, it doesn't, jack. it's days before christmas, and you want us out by the end of the year? >> jack: i need the space to expand production. strictly business. >> billy: oh, don't give me that. >> jack: if that's all you're here for... >> billy: no, jack, if you're gonna pretend this has anything to do with business, it doesn't. this is about keeping your little brother in the corner. well, guess what? this time, i'm not letting you get away with it. >> cane: you can't be serious. >> victoria: how much more serious can it get, cane? >> cane: oh, no, no! jack's the one who signed the lease. he can't just rip it up on a whim! >> victoria: it's nowh


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