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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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our yellow alert continues. a winter storm watch is posted for late tomorrow night into saturday morning posted in frederick county north and to the west, hagerstown, hardy county, west virginia all the way back to cumberland. it's not for now. the arctic air is on the way out, moisture on the way in. it is more for some sleet and freezing rain. right now the roads are very, very slick especially from frederick westward late tomorrow night. you have date night tomorrow night, that's
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you will be fine. here's what we know. we're talking light prince and it's not an ice storm -- light precipitation and it's not an ice storm scenario. i think it kicks to all rain in the beltway by 8 a.m. saturday and all rain in hagerstown by 10 a.m. and no refreezing saturday night. temps actually hold in the 40s. 5:00 a mix frederick to hagerstown in the morning and 6:30 saturday a mix down to the beltway. we'll come back and show you a different model that's a little more bullish on this system. in weather this cold it's tempting to park the car almost legally and run a quick errand, but there are changes to towing regulations in our area that you should know about. mola lenghi is on that story tonight live from arlington. >> reporter: towing can be a pretty grisly business as you know, unpopular, contentious, never seems to be any winners, but in arlington county there are some new measures
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protecting drivers from predatory towing, but business owners we spoke with say it might hurt their bottom line. in the dense urban landscape of many arlington county neighborhoods parking is a luxury, one that can be hard to find for drivers and costly for the businesses who offer it. >> we have the highest rent in the neighborhood because of the parking space. >> reporter: those spaces are limited, roughly 60 spots for this small strip of eight businesses, all of which are restaurants on wilson boulevard. it's the sort of lot where you might get towed. >> we've had many, many xqmany times of day where customers from other locations park here because we're one of the last shopping centers here in arlington with its own parking lot. >> reporter: but towing may have gotten more complicated in arlington county where towers are now required to call businesses and get realtime authorization before each individual tow. before if tow companies had a contract with the business, they essentially had carte blanche in the lots. >> i think i like the way they had it set up before.
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want to be called every 10, 15 minutes someone has to tow a car. >> reporter: not surprisingly drivers seem to like the extra protection. >> especially when you don't really know what the rules are when you park. you don't necessarily see the times posted. so it's better there's an extra layer. >> i've seen and heard horror stories before. it definitely can be predatory. >> there has to be a posted sign, so i don't think it's predatory, but i do think people get taken advantage of. >> reporter: some see towing as a necessary evil. >> i don't like the idea of towing, but at the same time we as a business have to protect our rights. >> reporter: you're losing a lot. and a lost parking space means a lost potential customer and lost potential dollars. the owner of one tow company insists arlington doesn't have a towing problem, rather a parking problem. also included in the new towing requirements businesses will have to
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that explains parking rules in their lots and tow truck drivers must take pictures of all four corners of the vehicle as evidence of the condition of the vehicle before it was towed. tonight u.s. intelligence officials are telling cbs news that russian president vladimir putin was directly involved in hacking around the time of the presidential election. they believe that he wanted to damage hillary clinton's campai and bring chaos and doubt to the election process no matter who the republican nominee was. today those charges spilled over into a feud between the president-elect and the current administration. donald trump tweeted if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillary lost? here's what obama press secretary josh earnest had to say about that. >> the president has gone to great lengths to protect the intelligence community from even the appear
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used as a political weapon. >> the president-elect did not address hacking during his latest stop on his thank you tour a short time ago in hershey, pennsylvania. the women's march on washington is a go. d.c. police issued the group a permit to march the day after the inauguration. it took a minute because the city had to wait for the presidential inaugural committee to make decisions on where other events that weekend will happen. the march will kick off in front of the capitol at third and independence southwest and then they will finish on the south end of the ellipse not far from the white house. organizers have not announced the exact route yet. they say they're expecting about 200,000 people to attend. also making news in the district tonight, every uniform patrol officer on d.c. streets now wears a body camera. mayor muriel bowser and interim police chief peter newsom rolled out the last of the cameras today. it's a $5.1 million program, but debates remain over when officers should be
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turn them on and whether the public has a right to see those recordings. d.c. and its police department are facing a $50 million lawsuit filed by the family of terrance sterling. he was the man shot by a d.c. police officer september 11th after his motorcycle hit the door of a police cruiser as an officer was getting out. the lawsuit claims sterling was shot twice in his neck and his back and even though according to his family's lawyers he was unarmed and posed no threat. prosecutors are reviewing the case and deciding if the officers should face charges. the former prince george's county executive caught by fbi agents telling his wife to hide bribe money in her bra is beginning his transition out of federal prison. jack johnson has now or is now in a halfway facility in the balti according to records from the federal bureau of prisons. johnson pleaded guilty to evidence and witness tampering
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and extortion. his wife also served prison time and she's been released. the 67-year-old's sentence expires june 10th next year. a grand jury indicted a former metro transit police officer on charges that he was providing support to isis. prosecutors say 37-year-old nicholas young bought gift cards for isis fighters and attempted to mislead fbi agents about an individual's plan to travel to syria. if convicted, young faces up to 60 years in prison. > she was the mother of six beaten to death in a garage. eight young men went to jail found guilty of first degree murder. this is the story of katherine fuller. the crime happened in october of 1984 and tonight it's back in the headlines. the supreme court has agreed to hear the appeal of the men convicted who still claim they're innocent. this happened at h and eighth streets northeast, an area back then that was virtually desolate, but now it's one of
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the city's biggest nightlife district. garrett haake is there with our story. >> reporter: that murder 32 years ago made this intersection synonymous with gang violence in the district as police rounded up members of what they call the eighth and h street crew and charged them in that murder. they convicted eight, but now the surviving men have appealed all the way to the supreme court. each defendant is charged with felony murder, armed robbery and kidnapping. the sexual assault and murder of a 48-year-old mother of six captivated washington for weeks on end in 1984 as the district followed every twist and turn in the trial on television. >> katherine fuller's badly beaten body was discovered in a vacant garage where they had been killed in what police say of the most brutal murder to occur in washington. >> reporter: police arrested members of a loose knit gang called the eighth and h crew and charged 10 teens and 20 something's with fuller's murder. os
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sentenced to lengthy prison terms, but two years later after two men recanted their testimony the innocence project started digging into the case and found the government withheld evidence they should have shared with the defense, the most a damning evidence, the identity of another man seen running from the murder scene, another possible suspect. >> in discovery we found out that he was somebody who had committed robberies in the alleys in the area either on his own or with one other person and today he is serving life without parole for another murder and sodomy of a small woman in an alley in northeast about 3 blocks from where the murder of katherine fuller took place. >> reporter: the supreme court will now decide if that prosecutorial error and others should be cause to throw out the men's conviction. chris turner, the only convicted man who completed his sentence, has always maintained innocence.
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>> reporter: no word yet when the supreme court will hear or decide this case. whenever they do, it's already too late for steven webb, one of the men convicted of the murder. he died in prison a few years ago. the other six are still incarcerated. live in northeast garrett haake, wusa9. >> it's an interesting legal twist. thank you. one more legal note for you tonight. dylann roof said he will represent himself in the penalty phase of his trial next month. the self-described white supremacist faces the death penalty for killing nine black worshipers in a charleston church last year. he was convicted this afternoon. we're tracking big changes tonight at metro. first schedules. starting july next year expect shorter hours, monday through thursday the system closes at 11:30, 1 a.m. on friday and saturday and 11 p.m. on sunday. metro's board approved the change to give workers more time for track maintenance. also
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nearly half its track inspectors have been disciplined or fired. the reason according to metro's general manager is simple. >> a disturbing level of indifference, lack of accountability and flagrant misconduct. >> six people were fired there. could be more to come. the decision came after the july 29th derailment near east falls church. there was evidence those track inspectors were falsifying their reports and the supervises retaliated against employees sis supervisors retaliated against employees who challenged the -- supervisors retaliated against employees who challenged the system. 85% of viewers are somewhat confident they can spot fabricated news. 64% agree fake news causes confusion about basic facts of current issues and events. what about sharing it online? 23% admitted they
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false story. 14% say they knew it was fake at the time. social media giant facebook taking steps to fight the problem today, it's partnering with fact checkers to sort the real from the fake and facebook is making it easier for users to flag fake news when they see it. now if it doesn't pass the fact check, the story will still be online, but it will be flagged as disputed. more numbers for you, this time about women and computing jobs. according to the nonprofit girls who code, in 1984 37% of all computer science graduates were women and now that number is just 18%. a big star of the big bang theory is working to change that and she's surprising some students in our area along the way. cold weather isn't enough? oh, no. not for topper. we know that. let's just add in the region's first round of wintery mix to the calendar. that's ahead in his first
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forecast. >> and after cold weather the story behind this christmas party is sure to
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a long time fan favorite has left us. nba sideline reporter craig sager died today after a battle with cancer. his leukemia was no longer in remission. >> the #sagerstrong. kobe said so grateful for the time you schrader with all of us. rest in peace, my friend. >> sports illustrated writer andrew sharp tweeted everyone who remembers craig sager will break into a giant smile when they think of him. that's a u8pretty fantastic legacy. craig sager was 65. you saw it here at 8:00 as amy celebrated her birthday on the big bang theory. >> the actress who plays the neuroscientist is actually a neuroscientist herself. our allison barber talked to her tonight about spreading her love of science. >> reporter:
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middle schoolers in this room. they go to different schools. >> i go to school at holt. >> i go to kilmer. >> reporter: but they all spent 10 weeks learning to cold. >> coding is basically to input what you put on the computer. it's like a format. >> reporter: and created all kinds of apps. >> the point is to try to make a world with a defender on the top. >> every time you click it adds a certain amount of calories. >> reporter: they're part of a program sponsored by capital one called c1 coders. the idea is to teach kids to code because one day they'll need it no matter what their job is, but this night is also about encouraging them to care about science, technology, engineering and math. it seems appropriate they brought in one of tv's nerdiest, maya bialis. between
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bang theory bialek earned a phd in neuroscience and learned how to code. >> it's very tedious, but it's also an amazing skill. so to me to see one colder's program is a -- coder's program is a way to celebrate and talk about a way of putting on a positive face on the s.t.e.m. field in general. >> reporter: women make up over half the workforce in the united states, but only 26% have jobs dealing with math or computers. >> the notion of those careers are often not really given as an option when they're young. the younger we can start introducing positive faces and yes, female faces as well as male faces to kids, i think the better off we'll be in sort of leveling out that discrepancy. >> reporter: whether she knew it or not, that's what a lot of these students saw when she walked on stage. >> she is a role model to all girls and all girls who want to code. >> reporter: now
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extra gadgets to help them learn. -- gadget to help them learn. >> she is a great role model with a phd to boot. those laptops were gifts to the students, not the school. they're going to get to take them home. they were paid for by capital one. >> they look exciting, yeah. >> howie does some coding. it is tedious, but it is some cool stuff. >> it's a great skill. i wish you could code us some warmer weather because after even just a day we're about fed up. >> 58 on sunday. >> i'll take it. >> now let's talk about the tag board. i got some questions on facebook and i'll answer these for you as they come. in of course, you can always ask me a question. >> this is the one question everybody wants to know. how bad is it going to be? >> tomorrow is going to be fine, cold. no wind chills, no sleet, no snow. you can do anything you want tomorrow till midnight saturday. so there. good question, linda. it will be
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about this. we had to go for a high of 38. the high was 40 at midnight. we're going for a high of 30 tomorrow. that sounds cold, but without the wind chills it will be much more pleasant tomorrow than it was today. 19 now. look at the dew point, minus 6. so outdoor humidity 33%, but your indoor humidity because you're working off a temperature closer to 70, so it's 70 minus 6. that means your indoor relative humidity is about 4 to 5%. that's pretty low. okay. bus stop temperatures also low 8, yeah, 8 to 22. i didn't forget a one there. the good news, no wind chills. afternoon clouds tomorrow, perhaps a few evening flurries. don't freak out, you're fine until midnight. yellow alert, though, tomorrow night late and also through saturday morning. critical hours essentially 11 p.m. tomorrow until 8 a.m.
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again we have that winter storm watch to the north and west late tomorrow. now futurecast going to go through this just temperatures for the most part, so 6:00 13, 13 in gaithersburg, 19 downtown. by 9:00 21 downtown, 19 in bowie and by 1:00 it's still in the 20s everywhere i mean essentially, 28 in la plata. clouds move through time to time, only 24 in hagerstown and by 6 p.m. tomorrow a lot of clouds but you can still drive around, linda, go to dinner, take a movie, do your date night as long as you're home around midnight. 9:30 clouds thicken and temps hold steady tomorrow. they won't fall much. this is one model we showed you earlier. so it's got a little mix in by about 6 a.m. from essentially the beltway through the spur northward up 270. already it's turned to rain near leesburg with temperatures at 31. i don't think it's quite bullish enough, if
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everywhere and up north where temperatures are below freezing there's no precipitation at all. this is a different model early in the morning on saturday, 2:30 a.m. a little sleet. what this model does is it takes the sleet and freezing rain further south and takes it over a wider area. i think this is more realistic. it's still a mild event. this is just a little more bullish. by 6 a.m. we have some sleet and freezing rain from prince george's county across 95 back to the mountains and we still have it around the beltway by 7:30. this holds onto the cold air until 10:00 up into hagerstown and frederick and i think that's probably more accurate. here we go, teens to start, 29 to finish at 1:00 with high clouds, but mix goes to rain. the warm air wins on saturday, 50, rain and showers sunday, 58, temps crash again sunday afternoon. set the stage for a chilly game on fedex, figure temps in the 30s but
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week we're back in the upper 50s. >> we're all over the place. oh, how the might why have fallen, carolina panthers were in the super bowl last year. now they're just a pesky impediment to the redskins playoff hopes, quarterback josh norman talking
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington redskins continuing their playoff push monday night when they host the struggling carolina panthers. last season the panthers went 15-1 in the regular season. they played in super bowl l, but in the offseason one of carolina's big playmakers josh norman came to washington as a free agent signing a five year $75 million contract. for norman monday will be the first time he faces his former team and he knows this isn't just another game. >> i think coming monday night those emotions, i think they'll probably come out and show themselves. i don't know what it will be because like i said, it's my first time being in something
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here is making guys on this team better. >> i mentioned the panthers are struggling. while they aren't mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, it would pretty much take a miracle for them to make it back to the playoffs. our frank hanrahan and redskins hall of famer darrell green taking a deeper look. >> redskins trying to keep their playoff hopes alive against carolina monday night and carolina has that superman in cam newton even though the panthers are pretty much out of the playoff hunt, a very dangerous team. >> yeah. greg olsen to go with that superman. they have some incredible players particularly on offense. here's the deal and they know it, too. they have been in my opinion the biggest bust this year. they only won five games and they were in the super bowl last year. there's no way to twist it. now you got the coach and player arguing. >> about the tie. >> come on
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after you play us, you all got to get it figured out. >> they had a big victory last week. carolina beat san diego, so they're on the road trying to play the role of spoiler. we'll see how it shakes down monday night at fedex field, finally back. finally they did it against green bay on primetime, so things are looking up for the redskins. >> home field advantage. >> send it back to you. in life craig sager was one of the most visible figures in the nba, really visible. how could you miss him in those suits? and now his spirit lives on in death. fans and players in milwaukee wearing the sager strong tribute shirts to the man who lost his battle to cancer earlier today. taking part in the an family to family give event with the mystics -- gift event that is, players and coaches br
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this party is an annual tradition in northwest, the staff playing host to more than 100 neighborhood kids providing food, drink, christmas karaoke and the chance to talk with santa. >> 20th anniversary of the event. every one of those kids went home with a gift from the company
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