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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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registering 29 degrees making it a cold commute for so many people. >> bitterly cold weather. >> last year it was hot and i bought a trip to russia. it's fantastic. >> lewis said there's only one problem. >> my wife doesn't let me use it because she feels embarrassed. >> no way. what does your wife say about the hat? >> well, it's bad. you know, it's too much of a show. she doesn't allow me to go with the hat when i go out with her. >> hence he's all alone out in the cold today. >> every day and everywhere it's for me. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> music like this reminiscing of warmer climates. >> i ask myself every time, why am i not in the state of florida where i went to college. i'm not, i'm here.
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>> here in dc all bundled up. s -- i have two sweaters and two pairs of sockings. -- socks. >> this is only the begins. >> it will be fun to make snow angels but the shovelling part i can live without. >> as far as lewis is concerned concerned, keeping warm on a day like today trump fashion. >> as long as i am warm i don't mind if people laugh at me. >> reporter: all right. you can bet lewis is going to be living in that hat at least through tomorrow as topper mentioned. a wintery mix is on the way. reporting live, wusa 9. >> all right. stephanie, thank you. the district said it's ready to deal with my winter weather on the way. city workers are already started to treat
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ahead, why that is important. >> what the brine does is it prevents the snow from bonding to the road. that really helps us when it comes to the rock salt. when we apply rock salt that rock salt will essentially expedite the melting, enhance the melting process for snow or any ice that may form tonight and tomorrow morning. >> the dc department of public works said 800 people will be out there clearing snow and ice from city streets and sidewalks. >> of course you can stay on track of the weather too 24 hours a day with our wusa 9 news app. you can get up to the minute forecasts, live radar and more. it's all at your fingertips. you can almost guarantee you've never seen anything like that before. caught on camera, a 8 point buck rams down the door and then walks right into a home in maryland. >> hey. >> there's a deer
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it's -- oh, yeah, it's not like rabbit, it's just freaking out. >> just freaking out. a frederick teen home at the time shot the deer. he was afraid for his life and for his dogs, janice. >> reporter: the department of natural resources said the safer solution would have been opening a door or window to let the deer escape. tonight ryan manchester is defending his decision to grab his family's handgun. >> i felt like a person was breaking into my -- breaking through my door with a sledge hammer. >> high school senior ryan manchester was home when an 8 point buck knocked down his door. >> yes, that is why i filmed it. i knew that nobody was going to believe it when i told them a deer broke into my house and i shot it. >> manchester said h
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over his christmas tree, compelling him to call 911. >> my door was shut and it rammed through the door. >> i'm sure if i let it go it would have broke my tv, it would have bled a lot all over the place. >> wanting to protect his dog ginger, manchester came back to his living room after retrieving upstairs with the family's 9 millimeter handgun. >> it was standing right next to -- like right here, right in front of where i am. that's when i shot it. i gave me a deer in headlights look and i just aimed right in between the eyes and shot it. >> manchester said he shot the deer one more time in the chest. >> the manchester family believes the deer came into their home because of goat urine on their christmas tree, the department of natural resources said it most likely saw its reflection and got started. tonight manchester steers his deer pasta
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it was a lot of power to knock in a door like that. certainly enough to kill me. >> reporter: this happens more than you think, several times a year deer enter schools, businesses and home. janice park, wusa 9. >> that deer pasta, all right. thank you. after the incident manchester gutted the deer and is having it mounted. i guess he is getting the last laugh in this one. >> apparently. all right. a not guilty plea today from the man accused of opening fire inside a washington pizza shop. edgar welsh appeared in court and he was ordered held until his next hearing in january he said he went there to investigate a fake news report that a child sex ring was operating out of the comet ping-pong restaurant. now comet ping-pong and the businesses near by have been the target of threats since that fake news story. the people who run an
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arlington bar called the clardon ball room have been targeted by people upset that the bar won't host trump supporters for a free inauguration party. organizers say that's not true. nikki burdine is live to explain. >> reporter: another local business is being targeted by cyber bullies and receiving threatening phone calls because they decided not to host an event for trump supporters. >> the popular northern virginia nightclub and private venue said yes up until this week they were in talks to host an inauguration party through citizens for trumps. the event was dubbed the deplorables. it was seen here in a tweet. the spokesperson said that's as far it went. >> when they found out that the event sold 500 tickets befor
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not to move forward because of the suspicious actions of the organizers. >> citizens for trump organizers disagree. >> a bunch of trump supporters book a local venue and then they found out they were trump supporters, they are trying to bully me. that isn't true. >> in numerous tweet s and videos they said the event was canceled because of political pressure. that sparked threats and negative reviews online and on the phone. it's also brought out supporters. for that the manager said they are extremely grateful. >> honestly they didn't have a contract signed so as long as it wasn't that they had a contract and found out who -- that it was trump supporters i don't see why they as a private business can't decide who they want to host and sign contracts with. >> private businesses can choose whatever they want to do and have their own opinions and we shouldn't have to, like -- i don't know. we shouldn't have to threaten them with anything. everyone needs to reckless endangerment -- relax and be
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>> reporter: now i spoke with a few people at the ball room and they declined to do an on camera interview because they are still getting threatening phone calls and fear for their safety. i reached out to citizens for trump and they declined for an on camera interview and said they're going to hold off until they make an announcement to where they party will be. they said we are committed to having folks of universal backgrounds there and even hillary clinton supporters are welcome. right now the police are investigating the threats but they're not credible. nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> thank you. the citizens for trump oral -- organization said ticket sales have doubled actually d -- doubled. a new location will be announced soon. a fire that forced a four of four out into the cold mp
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a 19-year-old woman is facing arson charges after flames tore through the home. the fire broke out at 1:00 a.m. there was extensive damage but everybody got out safely. officials say the freezing temperatures made it really complicated to fight that fire. >> well, we obviously use water to fight the fires. that immediately turns to ice. about 75 firefighters we rotated them sooner than we normally would but none the less no where you know got hurt. >> and we are told that family may have delayed getting help by trying to fight the fire themselves before calling the fire department which is something they do not advise. russian hacking in the u.s. election dominating president obama's final news conference of the year before the first family heads off to hawaii. mr. obama declared russia a threat to american interests. >> the relationship between us
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sadly significantly over the last several years. our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others not to do this to us because we can do stuff to you. >> the president said he first confronted russian president putin about the hacking during the g-20 summit this past september in china and promised to strike back. >> hillary clinton is pointing to russian interference for her loss to donald trump in the election. she said putin as a quote, personal beef with her as a possible reason for russia's meddling. clinton said the hacking of democratic groups are an attack on our country and part of a long drawn strategy to undermine american democracy. turning to trump tower in the latest now of the transition efforts. president obama's homeland security secretary jay johnson could be seen leaving the building today. he declined to answer any questions about this 45 minute sit down with the president. trump is heading to orlando
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tour. a maryland woman is facing several charges connected to a deadly car crash. the howard county sheriff said lindsay cantor was drunk when she intentionally ran another car off the road. ronald ball died after his car hit an embankment. they were racing before they crashed yesterday. cantor reportedly fled the accident scene but was found a short time later and is accused of dui homicide and facing other charges. a small fire at the landover station was caused by a car with a problem where its breaks and trains on the orange line were single tracking. the train with the brake problem was remove from the trail line and traffic is now back to normal. bad guys better watch out. >> super kaheen is on a mission to save santa
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only battle this brave 5-year-old is waging. his story and why dozens of people helped make his wish come true. that's 2 minutes away.
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today across our region a super hero was making his rounds ever >> it's part of an ailing 5-year-old dreams coming through. evan is here in the studio with more. >> his name is kaheen but today his name was super kaheen. the young man is battling cancer so the make a wish foundation stepped in to give him a day he'll never forget. >> in a green
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costume super saheen was there to save the day. rumor has it jolly saint nick is in trouble, stuck on the ferris while and only he can save the day. >> it's a powerful moment for any 5-year-old but especially for kaheen who is battling cancer. this was set up by the make a wish foundation. it was emotional. >> you can see it in his eyes how much it really -- really appreciates it and how much joy and how much laugher it puts in his life. >> cheering him on were dozens of firefighters, police officers and other first responders all there to make his day even more special. >> i didn't have to ask our firefighters to come and do this, they jumped at the opportunity to be able to be involved in a make a wish. >> from heroes to super heroes, the super team said they are pretty impressed. >> it was definitely pride. in a world where there's too many bad guys
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good guy rise up. >> he didn't stop there. after leaving santa he jump ed aboard a dc fire boat bringing him straight to the district. at the capital he heard a message from the speaker, paul ryan and enjoyed some pizza. his mom said it was overwhelming. >> his face. i can't explain his face . he's just so happy and it makes me happy. >> as for kaheen, he's all smiles. >> it's good. >> a good day full of smiles for one super hero in the making. >> such a great kid and if there's one take away from this story it's that there are hundreds of kids like him. if you want to help go to the make a wish foundation and today a donor is making all donations. >> he has gotten quite a bit of attention today on social media as well. here was vice president joe biden tweeting good luck
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super kaheen, we are all rooting for you here at the white house. paul ryan said super kaheen is on his way. >> we hope he is going to be healed and better soon. brutal cold weather stretches from the midwest to the northeast. storms that created white out conditions are blamed for this massive pile up in western pennsylvania. up to 59 vehicles involved. >> wow. >> yeah, this was a big where you know. time lapse video shows a wall of lake effect snow burying oswego, new york. >> i don't feel like doing anything right now. i just want to go back to bed. >> facts -- it's freezing out here. >> i feel like it's going to blow me away. >> parts of up state new york are bracing for more snow over night. this is the part of the year where our social media gets lit up with questions all directed towards the chief. >> yes. so does our wusa 9 facebook page. you can facebook me and i'll ar
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tina in clarksville wants to know how bad it's going to be tonight. tina, your friday night plans are safe. >> date night is good. get home by what time ? >> midnight or 1:00 a.m.. don't be uberring it home at 4:00 a.m. >> your problems won't be the weather. >> let's start with the 3 degree guarantee. i'm worried about this. i thought that we would see some sunshine. we are 25 of the last 26 days. we'll let you not my -- you know how we did at 11:00. it's 27 right now. the dew point is 3 . that's pretty low. the dew points yesterday were 7 below zero. the humidity is only 37 %. we have a lot of stuff going on above us before it hits the ground. that's why we are safe until well after midnight. okay. the headlines, yellow weather a wirt and a
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and tomorrow morning critical time, midnight to 9:00 a.m. if you're
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29 to the north, 34 downtown. we are going to lose the cold air dc south. by 10:00 everything is pretty much kicked to just plain old rain. a cold rain, yes, except maybe into howard county, maybe around -- actually clarksville. we are waiting for the temperatures to clock to rain. we take you all the way into sunday now at 9:30 at 9:30 in the morning 62 downtown with rain and showers on our doorstep. good news, it's going to be warm on sunday, bad news it's going to be a wet day. okay. so here's the day planner. 30 to start, 32 at 7:00 but then 35 at 9:00 and 38
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we are 44 by 1:00 p.m. sunday warm with rain, 61 with temperatures crashing in the afternoon sunny and cold for the game at fed-ex, only 41 for a high. plan on temperatures in the upper 20s to mid 30s for the game. the mid 40s on tuesday issue not bad. 50 on wednesday, that's golfable. thursday is golfable, 50 and maybe a couple of showers. cold air next friday with highs back intohe t 30s. lawsuits against generic drug companies and one of the hottest holiday gifts that's pretty hard to find. we will talk more in my consumer alert. >> stranded in the snow in blizzard conditions on a mountain top. how two hikers survived that ordeal.
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potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto®. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. an amazing story of survival from go young hikers stranded on a snowy mountain top for 48 hours. >> madison and her boyfriend struggled amid blizzard conditions while rescue teams were looking for them. the college students made a pack early on that neither one of them would die because they couldn't leave the other one alone.
5:25 pm
during their ordeal they began hallucinating until they heard this. >> what is that? do you hear that? that's a helicopter. i heard that. we both just started to scream saying i can remember but saying that we are going to make it out of here. >> blake is still hospitalized and could lose some toes to frostbite. madison is still struggling to walk and her teeth might be fractured from days of violently chattering them in the cold conditions. in tonight's consumer alert 20 states are suing six generic drug makers over pricing of they claim they inflated those prices to reduce competition for an antibiotic and oral diabetes medication. they identify heritage as the principal architect of the conspiracy. the department of education is starting aner
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student loan counseling to help students make more informed decisions. 51 colleges and universities across the country will participate. 60% of college students take out loans to finance their education. and a throw back may be among the most wanted gifts this holiday season. nintendo sold nearly 200,000 of the retro console games. the nes classic edition in the u.s. and thousands more over seas. it's also reportedly tough to find now because the demand is so high. what is old is new again. >> hopefully we don't have to pull out the games and blow in them again. new information about a robbery in a busy virginia mall. >> a warning about carbon monoxide in this cold weather from someone who knows danes all too well.
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let's talk about why we issued the yellow weather alert for tonight and tomorrow morning. well, slick roads, that's going to be a high impact, no doubt about that. sidewalks, the se
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so ice on trees moderate. i mean, there will be some but because it's going to be a light event we are looking at a low impact for power outages. good news, bad news. bad news, ice is coming tonight and good news, it's not going to be a full ice storm. everybody is under some kind of advisory or another. winter weather advisory around the metro area, a freezing rain advisory down to the south that includes la platta to saint mary's county even into the northern neck. it will turn over quickly. we'll come back and we'll give you the time frame when everything kicks to plain old fashioned rain tomorrow and look ahead for the rest of the weekend for another front coming our way sound. >> thank you, top. on days like this not everyone gets to warm up indoors. >> we are talking about construction workers like tom long. >> stay prove moving. -- stay moving. if youee
5:31 pm
>> long has been in construction for 7 years and said you kind of get used to the weather elements like these guys working on a project along georgia avenue in montgomery county. they are all layered up and they have other items to keep them warm close by. a lot of us will be turning up the heat inside of our homes to stay warm. >> of course before you do we have a warning that could just save your life. delia gonclaves is live in petworth with one man's message. delia, what is he saying? >> reporter: he has a stern warning for everyone and he's needing to folks out there. you see, firefighters rushed out of this fire house here on georgia avenue on sunday heading to the home of charles matthews. you see, he was just moments away from danger. his home was filling up with quickly with carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas that can kill you. >> if you don't have co detectors in your house please get them. it can be a difference between life and death. >> a message from a man who was
5:32 pm
share it. >> if this would have happened earlier, like that night before, i hate to think of what might have happened. >> i started to feel faint and told my wife i wasn't going to go church. she in turn told me to just lay down and the next thing i know she's laying down beside me. >> his stepdaughter started to google their symptom. >> she passed out and my wife in turn called the fire department. they got here in no time. god bless them. they got us out of here. >> firefighters test ed ed levels for the potentially deadly gas and got a high reading from the front porch. now matthews is getting a new furnace installed, one designed to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. >> they have a safety device built in so it will shut down the furnace if it starts to come up. >> still he now has three co detectors, one on each floor. he uses a space heater to keep warm and keeping it far away from flammables, taking no chanc
5:33 pm
>> you were just going to go to church . >> i thank god for having his hand on us without a doubt. >> reporter: charles matthews and his family certainly a lot to celebrate this holiday season. mr. matthews and firefighters as well recommend that you get your furnace serviced annually, especially before you're going to crank up that heat during this cold spell and they also want you to install carbon monoxide detectors, change the batteries every year right around the same time of daylight savings time. we are live in petworth, delia gonclaves, wusa 9. >> all right, delia, thank you. symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be flu-like an include nausea and confusion. if you experience any of these you need to get some fresh air and call 911 right away. the wusa 9 app is a fantastic tool to stay on top of the weather, interactive maps, radar and more all at your fingertips. the r
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outside tyson's corner center has police putting out a warning. be aware of your surroundings and get off your cell phone walking alone to your car. a 58-year-old woman was robbed in front of the macy's store last sunday. it happened in the afternoon at 12:15. police say a man came up behind her as she was getting go her car, demanded her purse and jewelry. she handed it over and he got away. >> it was a sunday. there were people arnold. -- around. still this robber caught her off guard and caught her alone. >> alone can be a relative term. it can be nobody within 10 to 20 feet. she didn't alert anybody else. she didn't stream for help which may or may not be the right thing to do depending on the circumstances. >> now that woman never got a look at the man and didn't know whether or not he had a gun. he told police she feared for her
5:35 pm
life. virginia's governor is looking at colleges and universities to make up the $1 billion shortfall. he's posing a 5% cut in the funding. this would not effect elementary, middle schools and high schools. he wants to tax out of state students and spend $31 million in new funds to improve mental health care and substance abuse treatment. federal regulators are extending the midnight deadline to sign up for obama care. people have four extra days until december 19th to apply for the government's healthcare plan. officials say they pushed back the enrollment deadline because of the command. a washington police officer is fighting for her life. it happened when a officer responded to a call about a shooting and a gunman opened fire inside of the house. a long stand off followed by the
5:36 pm
this morning. the 61-year-old officer is in stable condition after undergoing surgery for a head wound. a water band has been lifted for some parts of corpus christi, it's but people are being warned not to use their tap water for any reason. between 3 and 24 gallons of an industrial chemical seeped into the water distribution system. this marks the fourth water advisory in corpus christi over the past 2 years. so far there's no reported illnesses or word that anyone has ingested that tainted water. chaos and confusion in syria where the evacuation of aleppo appears to be on hold again. convoys moving people has ended and this comes report that malitia killed some civilians trying to flee. groups helps to coordinate
5:37 pm
there's a large number of people still waiting to get out. a rally in support of the citizens of aleppo is scheduled for this evening at the white house. activists said they will gather at 1600 pennsylvania avenue at 6:00 for a vigil and a flash mob. the demonstrators say protests all over washington will follow. your stories and your ideas are vital to our newscast. we want to hear about the people making a difference in our neighborhoods. >> yeah, plus the issues that are impacting your life. just send us an e-mail to let us know what is on your mind. straight ahead, a disgusting act of revenge against crooks stealing packages from porches. >> and as 2016 comes to a close we want to know the number one thing that you're telling us that you're happy to be leaving behind. share it with us and we'll share ours with you.
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what should be left behind in 2016? it's one of the most popular posts on our wusa 9 facebook page. >> what are you happy to leave behind? a lot of you have turned this thread on our facebook posted into a political debate. um
5:41 pm
work be sure of one thing, people are ready to move past the election. two of the best non-political comments came from our producer's wife and mother. man buns should be left behind in 2016. this picture comes from >> you know, there are man tails, like a ponytail. you know that picture when you had lots of hair? >> it should be left behind. >> what are you leaving behind in 2016? >> i have three kids so my sanity. diapers for my middle child. >> that's good stuff. >> four pairs of running shoes. i did the math and i ran more than 600 miles this year. >> you are a rock star. >> whatever you leave ing behind? >> i don't know. but you left some stuff behind for me so that's good. i'm going to move on to the next story. >> you have to play. >> it's a skate
5:42 pm
star wars plans look flocking to theaters tonight for the premier of rogue one. the movie tells us what happened before the very first star wars film when a small band of rebels sold the plans to the death star. fans in line to get a sneak peak said it is worth the wait. here's another example of people taking revenge on front porch package thieves. >> you're going to like this one. yesterday we told you about a gun who put gunpowder in a box. in san antonio one woman took matters into her own hands. crooks swiping a handful of boxes in the neighborhood said i'm going to play your game. rosa said she put dog poop in a box and left it on the porch. guess what? somebody snatched that up in an hour. the next day she set another trap with some trash on the box and caught the suspect red handed. >> she gets points for creativity. >> yeah. >> the poop box grabber wasn't caught but
5:43 pm
put him on tv, shame him. if you have videos of perps on your front porch we want to see them. the nba continues to honor broadcaster craig sager today. coming up in sports, wizards players give their thoughts on the legendary broadcaster. >> a warship leaves virginia for a six-month journey.
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he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the
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many of us are heading home for the holidays, soldiers are leaving for the other side of the world. >> the uss cole went off yesterday. >> may the force be with the uss cole as sailors hugged loved ones stars wars in the background adding some light to a tough day. >> we are going to do something that's important for our navy, important for our nation. at the same time we are saying good-bye to our families. >> saying those good-byes during the holidays are not easy said david row. he said the ship tries to make this time of the year special.
5:47 pm
hats. >> families also plan around the holidays. >> we celebrated a lot early at home and i'm going home to charlotte so both of our families will be together. >> there's around 300 sailors on the ship, some leaving for the first time. >> i'm a little nervous. it's my first demroilt but ployment but i'm -- deployment but i'm read. >> a lot of that's in the middle east. >> we can do everything from strike, warfare. >> the cole has a storied past. in october of 20 #0 00 suicide bombers rammed into it killing 17 sailors and wounding dozens of others. those killed still being honored today. the ship's motto is determination. >> the officers from great posts are determined warriors so we don't let anything stop us. >> the uss cole was commissioned in june of
5:48 pm
this is a yellow weather alert day. >> it's a yellow weather alert day but before that on our wusa 9 facebook page we asked, how are you staying warm in today's cold weather. well, here's lea from virginia with a colorful scarf and an interesting look on her face. here's emily all bundled up. get out there in the cold and take some shots and maybe we'll put them on tv. >> very smart. >> don't stay out there for long. >> today was not that bad compared to yesterday. i mean, the wind chills were anywhere from 4 below to 15 yesterday and now it's just the temperature is the temperature. it's 27, it's cold but it's not 27 and then you factor in the wind and it's like 15. it's cold but it's bearable. let's start with a live look outside from our live michael and son weather cam. the temperatures are not going to go down much. it's 9 at dulles for a new record low. sitting on 27. dew points only 3 degrees. the humidity at 36%.
5:49 pm
remember the dew points yesterday below zero. that's still a pretty low dew point though and that's one thing that's going to keep anything from hitting the ground for a while. it's going to take a while for the atmosphere to become saturated. a yellow weather alert and a winter weather advisory over night, tomorrow morning. the critical time midnight to 9:00 a.m. this is mainly about freezing rain. above temperatures -- i mean, above freezing inside the beltway by 9:00. so i think if you have to get out tomorrow at least wait until 9:00 or 10:00. now a little later north or west of town, 11:00 a.m. above freezing in leesburg, hagerstown and frederick. so we have no shortage of advisories across the metro area. these are winter weather advisories around the metro area, south into southern maryland and south of cull pepper those are freezing rain advisories and the roadways are going to become slick late tonight and in the predawn hours tomorrow morning. that's going to be a given just about everywhere. it doesn't take a lot to fall. it's going to be a light event but everything that falls is going to freeze. that's a problem. so yellow weather alert,
5:50 pm
on slick roads, also on slick walks. ice on trees not so much. moderate. it's a light event and a low risk for power outages because it's a light event thankfully. okay. at 10:00 tonight it's going to be snowing above us, not hitting the ground though. the temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. by 6:00 a.m., booming we have all the freezing rain. temperatures still below freezing everywhere. maybe it's above freezing -- i think this is a little high. i think it will be 32 at national. 31 la platta and 31 manassas. freezing rainfall falling liquid and freezing on contact. at 7:30, still some freezing rain north of town. 29 in fredericksburg, 28 in gaithersburg and 31 in leesburg. by 10:00 everything pretty much gone. notice just plain old rain in prince george's county down into southern maryland. perhaps a little sliver of eastern montgomery county and howard county could see a little bit of left over freezing rain but even that is going to get scoured out. breaks in the clouds tomorrow and sunshine thatl
5:51 pm
to sunday. by sunday another front approaches. look at these temperatures, 62 at 9:30 in the morning. it's going to be an early morning high on sunday and then temperatures will begin to crash in the afternoon. so day planner, 32 at 7:00 but 35 at 9:00. your downtown temperatures, 38 at 11:00 and 44 at 1:00. really after noon or 1:00 most of the rain is pretty much over with. so sunday another system comes back with more rain. look at that, 61, temperatures fall, sets the stage for a cold monday but a dry game at fed-ex. temperatures in the upper 20s and mid 30s for game time. then tuesday we are okay. sunshine, 45. nice on wednesday, 50. 50 on thursday. a couple of showers. another front comes through that's pretty cold and temperatures in the upper 30s next friday. now wusa 9's game on sports with frank hamerhan brought to you by xfinity. >>
5:52 pm
passing yesterday. the coaches and players for the washington wizards reflected on craig sager as the wizards prepare for detroit later on tonight at verizon center. the wizards were chatting about craig sager, a legendary broadcaster, one of the best to ever do it after shoot around this morning. >> he's a true legend in our game. he's missed a lot. to so many people it's changed the game for us and just what he did, you know, his character and the type of guy he was was a reflection of how i think everybody should live. >> craig was a legendary icon in the league. i mean, i've been in this league 10 years and i've seen him since day one. i mean, he had incredible impact on people. he was incredible. incredible personality. >> alt . three games left for the redskins and so much to play for,ig
5:53 pm
pretty good shot of getting back to the playoffs. it starts with carolina monday night at home at fed-ex field. the panthers and cam newton blew out this game a year ago putting up 44 points. that was in carolina. this season obviously a different panthers team struggling at 5-8. >> last year we -- they were hot. i mean, red hot. cam was putting up number s that not many quarterbacks have in the history of the nfl. that's hard to keep up when they have injuries like they've had. he has all the skills. we are doing our best against them to contain them. >> yes, it is. the redskins are a touch down favorite on monday night. that's all they need. >> thank youing -- thank you, frank. coming up at 6:00, president obama all but puts the finger at russian president vladimir putin for orchestrating the hacking of
5:54 pm
impacting the outcome of the u.s. election. >> up next a virginia boy's elf on the shelf helps cops track down his mom's stolen purse. >> and then at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley the reason behind the rise
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a mother in virginia lost her purse last week and her son's elf on the shelf
5:57 pm
missing at same time. prince george's county detectives found the elf on the shelf and told the family he's been working for them, out there doing police work. wusa's 9 eliana diaz with the story. >> meet freddie. don't let these eyes fool you, this elf gets into serious trouble and likes to leave a miss behind for jiovinni who wakes up the same way. >> i go looking. >> not last week his mom said her purse was lost and oddly fluff freddie went missing at the same time. >> maybe the elf with the police helping to find my purse and i left it at that. >> his mom told us that he got an e-mail from the north pole saying his little elf is doing detective work. >> it's awesome. >> it's a big job for a little elf but it's all part of the magic of christmas and to keep the holiday spirit going the prince george's county police sergeant started to send photos to prove this elf is busy
5:58 pm
work and not lost inside his mom's purse of course. >> i thought an e-mail from mission control was enough but they took it to another level. >> sergeant jonathan started to send moe photos. you see freddie here with his detective badge now hanging out in the office and this one his favorite. >> he's in the car. >> turns out prince william county police found his mom's purse and everything inside it giving this 8-year-old boy a new dream for the future. >> what do you mean to be when you grow up? >> a police officer. >> why? >> because of what freddie did. >> what did he do? >> he helped the police find my mom's purse. >> how does that make you feel? >> inspired. >> he said that it's his favorite holiday season yet and said he's excited to see what other stunts freddie will pull off. i'm eliana diaz, wusa 9. >> you don't message -- mess with that north poleti
5:59 pm
own twitter handle and hashtag. how russian hacking effected the results of the presidential election that dominating president obama's final news conference of the year. >> first lady michelle obama talks about race in america with oprah. >> a maryland teenager takes lethal action when a deer breaks in. good evening. i'm leslie foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. sleet and freeze ing ing rain expected to start falling over night. >> will it be out of here in time for your saturday morning plans. >> topper shutt is tracking the storm out on the weather terrace. >> reporter: i would say a couple of cups of coffee tomorrow and delay your plans until late morning or early afternoon. it's worthy of a yellow weather alert. it's going to be a glaze everywhere tomorrow, that includes sidewalks.
6:00 pm
trees a little glaze. because it's going to be a light event we are not expecting power outages. a low impact for that. it's going to be very slick between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow everywhere across the metro area. in fact, we have advisories everywhere, we are looking at winter weather advisories, dc, prince george's county north, even down into southern maryland and the northern neck we have freezing rain advisories. so no one is going to escape at least a little bit of ice. again, this is not a snowstorm. it's an ice event. stay off the roads if you can until noon tomorrow. critical hours midnight to 9:00 a.m. all rain inside the beltway until 9:00 a.m. and no freezing tomorrow night. temperatures will rise into the 50s. roads and sidewalks slick early on. we'll come back and talk about another system on sunday. president obama said today that the hac


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