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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  December 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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right now at 7:00, we're in a yellow weather alert because many of you are seeing like this, wintery precipitation at this hour, and in the last couple of hours, reports of weather-related spin offs have sky rockets. allyson. >> it's a mess out there. we have reports of fleet, freezing rain and ice accumulation on surfaces so we have a lot to track this morning. your time is 7:00 on the dot. welcome to wake up washington. i'm larry miller >> and i'm allyson rain. >> we have spin offs and we're going to talk about that in a second, but the weather is a
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core britt. >> the precipitation will be winding down. so yeah, it is ugly out there. we have icy conditions, and you know, a lot of folks are saying, stay off the roads. police in fairfax county are saying don't head out there. we're getting a lot of ice out here and it has been going on for a long time. if you have plans, you can delay it two or three hours. most of this will be cleared out and temperatures will warm significantly and we're going to see everything turn to rain and we'll dry out. notice all this pink. yeah, that's fleet and freezing rain. i just stepped out on the -- it was slick out there too. but we're getting reports of that glaze starting to form, so the rain is falling which is entering a little warm air and it's freezing on the surfaces that have been below freezing for two days. it has been cold. we know that. we have this moisture moving ths purple area is a little mix.
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trying to warm. we have temperatures into the 20s headed to the 30s and even the 50s this afternoon. it's a huge temperature sweep because of southerly winds. look off to the west, do you see these showers out here? yeah. those are because it's warming.e warm air is headed our way, and we're going to see things change over. take a look at this picture i got on my twitter. if you have a picture. this is from craig baker in northern maryland. it's bad in a lot of areas, but they're getting a lot of ice. notice the ice sickles hanging off his car. it's falling and it's hard to open the car door if it's frozen. we have a winter weather advisory for areas off to the side, and roads are slick. we know that. stay at home. our camera look going. as far as our the rain on -- winds out of the southwest at 15 mile-per-hour winds. those are going to get our temperatures up i
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temperature to warm. in the meantime, the freezing rain will continue. 28 for frederick. 30 for fauqieer . we're headed to the 50s. as wed head toward 8:00 in the morning, the precipitation is taking off to the north and east and we're seeing dryer conditions. winds stay out of the south. later this afternoon, it's good. a lot of people are trying to get to work or head to the the arlington tong national cemetery because of the reef laying. they're not going to go anywhere until every reef is on every one of those sites so you don't have to leave right now, and the trucks will be ready with the reefs to go and you can apart of that. >> we'll keep a close eye on that. the time is 7:03 with this yellow weather alert, getting around is going to be
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temperatures to warmup. >> we sent our crews into virginia and maryland to check the conditions so let's see how wusa gayle hard is doing who is driving around maryland. an accident they blocked near ray, right. >>reporter: allyson, it's treacherous out here. we rolled up on an accident here in new care teen. this is 495 southbound connecting to 50 eastbound and you can see an accident here. firefighters tell me that a driver slid on a solid sheet of ice here and crashed. we've been in the sheet storm tracker for two hours this morning. we've seen a few accidents and we've seen the snow plow out. bottom line, the freezing rain is coming down. i was driving to work this morning and i
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montgomery county. my car and windshield was covered with a coating of ice. i did see a few snow plows out on the roads, and the roads were treated yesterday. i noticed that, but bottom line, it's best to stay home this morning and postpone any plans you had until this afternoon. and allyson as you mentioned, all of this is expected to melt, but right now, it's extremely treacherous out on our roads. so stay home. cancel or postpone plans and st. in new carrollton, i'm stephanie, wushgs sa 9. >> stay safe. we have a shot of a major delay from a crash in -- this is the beltway near route 50. from your camera, that's -- vdot tweeted out, there have been more than 25 cars and trucks involved in an accident. all lanes of the inter loop are closed. we're sending a live crew to the scene a
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bring new information as we get t. it's not just civilian drivers getting involved -- there's an accident on 450 west of route 3 involving a fire truck and now a broken power pole. the chief says no one was hurt. this morning's cold air and the rain is putting a damper on an exsighting excellent that takes place. >> we're talking about -- good morning, evan, how is it out there? >>reporter: well, good morning, guys. in a word, it's pretty wet outside here, and as you said, that may put a damper on this big event because we're expecting thousands of people to come to this. this is the reef across america. they have 245,000 reefs to put on the graves of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. they had 75,000 volunteers come by and the question is
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are concerned there's going to be a lower showing because of the icy roads and wet rain. i'm told by transportation officials that these icy vents create a headache than snow drivers. i spoke to the reef organizer about his expectation. >> it's a great time of year. we have folks come around the country and to place the reefs and be able to say thanks. each reef is a gift of appreciation. >> and unfortunately mother nature isn't cooperating today. what are you expecting weather wise. >> especially this morning, we hope people are safe getting into the cemetery. we have rain and sleet that's going to make it slick. 72 years ago, they were starting the battle of the bolts and the weather was worse than what we're dealing with, so this is the least we can do. >> all right. there's a
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point there. i did speak with the department of transportation, they say they've been working on these roads all week to put the grind down back on tuesday. they've been doing it all week. they mobilized 1100 trucks across northern virginia. their message is give them space as the spokesperson said. have an extra cup of coffee and wait until 9:00 a.m. to leave. evans codway. back to you in the studio. >> he talks -- they're taking those preventive measures, but it's messy up there. temperatures are going to go up and down. all of the above. use our wusa9 app. we're going to get you up [indiscernible]. and we're lucky this brush of precipitation -- coming up, getting your car prepared for th n
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venture out in a winter storm. i'm keeping my eye on live doppler. we're going to track this system and see what it warms up and when the rain arrives and
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this is a yellow alert day. here's wusa9 first alert weather. all right. >> it's a little messy out there. >> we were mentioning before, we're glad this is on a saturday, but this may not matter because we're seeing these accidents on the road, and we're trying to warn people. if you're heading out, give yourself extra -- two hours is going to make all the difference. 9:00, 10:00, things will warmup and the roads will look better. >> it's bad. >> the good news is that we
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preventive work happening, so we've seen the trucks out there and see the crews working to prepare the streets, but it looks like there's a major issue. we have problems out along the beltway and route 20. we're hearing of another or accident, so it's a mess. as you heard allyson say, if you can stay home, brave it out, that's your best out. >> guess what, they're going to be there. they're not going to leave until the work is done. let's get to the details when it gets worse and better. this is the worse time. we're going to see this continue for about two more hours as far as the precipitation is concerned. two things are going to happen between about 8:00 and 9:00 and then even more so before the 10:00 hour, one, temperatures are going to get above freezing with the help of a southerly wind. two, the precipitation is going to leave. it will help when we warm, but then we don't have to dea
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stuff. we need to warmup and get all that ice to clear anyway. the problem is it's been so cold for the past two days that everything is frozen. so if you're just sticking around, hanging out, having a cup of coffee, want to go out and walk the dog, the sidewalks are going to be slick. we saw a lot of treated roads, but maybe your sidewalks aren't treated or your driveway. keep that in mind as you head out and try to enjoy your saturday morning. we're looking at the pink color hanging over 66 all the way you will through frederick. we're getting reports on prince george county that the roads are getting icy. there's a little sleet mixed in there, but the worst case is sleet rain. there's accumulating up to a tenth of an inch. you don't need that much to have your car slide. we're going to deal with that until mid morning. look back off to the west. we can see showers
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be showers. even through west virginia temperatures are warming. winds out of the south. that's moving on in today and that's going to get our temperatures up pretty fast. this is our forecast for ice potential. notice after fredrick and hagerstown where i had that picture from fred baker, it's bad. they'll be a nice layer of ice on your windshield. maybe not as much as you head through the district and further south, but they'll be that little sheen on the roads and some of the sidewalks too. here we are in our winter weather advisories. they expanded the freezing rain advisory further south to include fredericksburg and pepper town. there's a listing off to the north and east. here's the camera. it's glooming out there. we
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yellow weather alert. the second half of your day is looking niece. if you have -- i can't believe it's the last week end before christmas. the second half of the day and tonight, mild. even a little bit of sunshine. so it's really a weather roller coaster. 28 degrees. notice the winds, south southwest at 10 miles-per-hour. we don't have to wait for the winds. take a look. 28 for culpepper. 32 for the ray. when you step back into west virginia you see it's 37. in parts of west virginia are into the 40s. it's going to be a couple of hours. 27 for hagerstown. here's our high temperatures. these are daytime high temperatures before the sunsets, we're going to reach to the mid to upper 40s if not 50s. by midnight, i think we're going to be in the 50s. it's going to
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here's a look at your future cast. 7:00 in morning, wore dealing with slick spots and it's not just northern maryland, it's dc and the beltway and prince george county. as we head through 8:00 in the morning, the roads will be slick because we're looking at temperatures at the freezing mark, if not just below, but the moisture is starting to take off. that's step one as we clean things up. by 8:30, a few showers hanging around. a little freezing rain. now by 12:30, temperatures have just sky rocketed. we're at 40 degrees. that's going to be better. that salt will do a better job at this point. we're looking at spotty showers through 12:30. through the afternoon, we will see some showers here or there. but most of it is going to be rain. it's not going to be that much. northern maryland, panhandle and also maybe howard county. by 9:30 tonight, winds are still out of the south.
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and we're going to see a chance of rain tomorrow. we reach 60 degrees. we'll have showers roll through. i don't think the cold air scratches up to us to see rain and sleet. it's a rain event tomorrow. behind the rain, this is 7:30 at night, expect the rain in the middle of the day. everything clears out and temperatures plunge. monday morning, not the same. so we're going to be tracking another big cool down. not as much as we were on friday. 49 degrees today. mid 50s overnight. 60 degrees tomorrow morning. ag down into the 30s if not the 20s. tomorrow, kind of cold. if you're -- 39 degrees is your high. most of the game will be in the 30s, and by tuesday, back into the 40s. larry. >> thank you, allyson. we're keeping a close eye on the beltw
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accident. major delays from a crash on falls church. this is near route 50. this picture is of the delays on gal owe's road. that's going to be south of where that accident is taking place. we're looking at the map of where this issue is happening along the beltway. and we're estimating that you're looking at about a 3, possibly 4 mile back up associated with this crash. so again, another warning. you need to stay off the roads to allow these crews to clean up these roads and make them safe. if you can stay home for the next couple of hours, we suggest that you
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temperatures have turned bitterly cold this week. we're also seeing our first bit of precipitation. before we get into the heart of winter storm season, this is a good time to get your car ready by the cold. replace all the fluids, coolant, wiper fluid and check your tire pressure to make sure your tires aren't warning down and check your car battery. its capacity is going to be reduced in this cold weather. and make an emergency kit. that kit should include kitty litter in case you get stuck, an ice scraper and boots in case you have to walk a long distance. on the roads, make sure you're leaving extra space for stopping and remember your bridges and overpasses are
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will freeze. keep your wusa9 app on hand to know when the roads are going to be bad and what areas to avoid. that advice coming in hand today because it's a mess on the roads and the sidewalk. i slipped three or four times trying to make my way in to work. >> be careful out there. you tripped in the studio too. we're looking at the situation. the freezing rain is coming down and it's causing slick conditions. we saw the roads treated. anything untreated there's going to be a layer of ice. a little glaze so the rainfalls and it has been so cold that the ground is well below freezing and it's going to freeze on contact. that is freezing rain. the difference is sleet with refreeze, but maybe not freeze on contact, but we're seeing everything freeze across the region. it's pretty slick out there. we do have this sticking around
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or 9:00 in the morning. here's an overview of what to expect. we'll see temperatures warm and showers then we dry out and tomorrow we see more showers and rain after reaching near 60 degrees. so there's a warmup coming. the next two to three hours is going to be rough. we'll keep you up-to-date. we'll be back -- larry we're going to be back in a few minutes and go through the day hour-by-hour. >> before that, we're keeping a close eye on the roads from our awesome storm tracker 9. we'll let you know of existing problems coming up. good morning, i'm meteorologist topper chef. welcome to tackle your tailgate forecast. we're going to look ahead to monday's game. it's going to be cold and clear skys and no windshields. temperatures 32 to 38. we need
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welcome back. your time 7:25. if you have been driving around town for the past couple of days, you've seen it. grind -- >> right, ahead the dc's public works, tell us why this is an important first step? >> what the grind does is it prevents the snow from bonding to the road. and so that really helps us when it comes to the rock salt and when we apply rock salt, the rock salt will expedite the melting, enhance the melting process for snow or ice that may form. >> now, the public work's director also says that he has 800 employee dedicated to help clearing eye ice on dc streets and sidewalks. because of the weather we have traffic issues and we'll update you.
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the he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad.
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that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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alive look at the city on this saturday morning. it's rough out there. it's fog in the camera and the roads are icy. you want to watch us for the next half hour. good morning, thanks for joining us on wake up washington. i'm larry miller. >>
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it's ugly out there. we've been warning you about this for a couple of days, and the ice is really proven to be a huge problem out there. and not just for northern maryland but for dc. it's spottier there. but if you can stay at home and enjoy the coffee. >> we've been talking about a few accidents. we had accidents in northern virginia and maryland, so we're going to talk about those in a bit. there's a little bright side. it's warmer outside. >> it's going to improve through the day. this is the critical time. this is it. this is the worse it's going tot as we head through the afternoon, we're talking a complete turnaround. first alert live doppler, that pink color is very concerning. we have do have ice developing on untreated surfaces. your car is going to have a layer of ice on it especially parts of northern maryland where they've been seeing this occur longer than in virginia. so it is here and it's going to stick around for
7:31 am
future cast coming up in a little bit, but there's a little bit of dryer weather further to the west. two things will happen within the next two hours. we're going to see the precipitation liftoff to the north. so we'll dry out and the temperatures are going to warm. before 1:00 noon, we're going to northbound the -- before 12:00 noon, we're going to be in the 40s. we have warm air rushing in. when you have the warm air rushing in over the cold air, that's why we're getting this mess. that's why we're getting the ice developing. 70, 270, we've had reports of slick spots. that's my coworker stephanie coldhart. down 66 and 95, down through fredericksburg and parts of pennsylvania, we're seeing icy conditions. from martinburg through wind chester, we're seeing the sleet and freezing rain. if you have pictures, send them my way. i want to see them. look towds
7:32 am
green? yeah, we have rain headed our way. temperatures will warm. new precipitation will change over terrain in the next two hours. it's going to be uncomfortable and dangerous on the there. we have ice potential growing. we have about -- we already have reports of a tenth of an inch of ice. that much. it will cause problems on the roads. we don't need that much 100 of inch -- the advisories goes through midday. if you can relax your plans until midday, take it easy. stay off the roads. we have been telling you about s for a couple of days. if you can stay off until noon, that's better. the later the better. the sidewalks are going to be sl . we'll see everything change over to rain especially northern
7:33 am
maryland where the temperatures will stick to precipitation. it's going to be warm tonight rg . we're into the 50s. temperatures are going to soar ahead of our next system. tomorrow is just rain. we're not going to deal with frf . temperatures are having a hard time getting out of the 20s and the southerly winds are doing their job, but we need to get into the mid 30s to see improvements. 32 for the ray. 28 for wind chester. 38 for martinsburg. if you back off west virginia, carlton is 52 degrees. that's a nose of warm air headed our way. we're going to be into the upper 40s by the time the sunsets. it keeps going. before midnight, we'll be in the mid 50s. we're not done with this yet. we're tracking. use our app on o
7:34 am
you can see the precipitation leaving the region. we're going to track more rain later on tomorrow. we have the potential -- we were watching the potential for a little bit of snow mixed in there. it doesn't look like that's going to be the case, but we're going to keep you up-to-date. >> speaking of the app, we sent out a push alert 30-seconds ago to warning those to stay off the roads because they're bad right now and they're going to be bad the next hour or so. >> we have storm tracker -- that's where we find stephanie gaylehart and she's with a massive back up. what's going on? >>reporter: yeah, it's really dangerous out here, guys. the freezing rain has just picked up and it's getting windier. i wanted to show you this ice covering this barrier. you can see how slick it is. this same ice is the ice that's covering our roads right now making it very treacherous. i want you to take a look here, you can
7:35 am
parade of snow plows this morning. they're out here working laying down salt. and i want you guys to also take a look at this accident. we rolled up on it about a half hour or 45 minutes ago, and here's what happened. firefighters tell me that a driver slid on ice and crashed and several cars are involved in this accident. this is in new carrollton. this is 50 eastbound right now. and you know, we've been tracking this freezing rain for you in the storm tracker much of the morning. we've seen several accidents in our area. and again, we've seen snow plows out here working laying down salt, trying to make the roads safe, but right now, the roads are not safe. i was driving into work this morning through montgomery county and i slid twice. my car and windshield covered with a coating of ice, and bottom line, as you mentioned, it's best to stay home this morning. you know, it's just too dangerous out here
7:36 am
now, the temperatures are going to warmup as you said, allyson. so all of this ice is going to melt eventually, but that's not going to happen until later this afternoon. so right now, it's best to postpone or cancel your morning plans until all of this is out of here. stay home, stay safe. live this morning in new carlton, i'm stephanie galehart. >> you stay safe as well because we know it's dangerous where you are. we appreciate you. the winter weather doesn't r parts of the country. >> it's worse elsewhere. it has been snowing overnight in wisconsin where there's a cold blast of cold air. it's arriving in milwaukee. you know these people in milwaukee, that's nothing for them. that didn't stop the locals for enjoying a -- >> they're stronger than a lot of us. >> maybe. one area that got the
7:37 am
there was a mess for nighttime -- so many vehicles slid off the roads. if the cold temperatures bothered you, don't have plans to go to south dakota soon. the high temperature today will not get above the zero degree mark. that doesn't affect our wind. there's a lot of snow on the ground there as well. kind of an early start to winter across the nation and right here. so we have a lot to track weekend. and within the next few hours, make sure you have our wusa9 app on hand. we'll have updated forecast anytime you want. your time right now, 7:37. 13 soldiers were killed and 48 injured when a car bomb hit a bus transporting off duty military members. the blast hit a bus as it -- this comes one week after a similar a
7:38 am
outside of a stadium. this team bull. the recent attacks have people on edge and concerned about their safety. now to the latest on the trump transition, today in alabama, the president-elect will make his final stop before the holiday. trump spoke to flndreds of supporters in orida. one of the states which proved crucial to his victory and he called the country patriot. the white house -- >> over a third of republican voters approve of vladimir putin. ronald reagan would rollover in his grave. >> the president mostly spoke about russian hacking vowing they'll be a response. intelligence officials believes there were fake sponsored hacking with the goal of influencing the o
7:39 am
election. your time is 7:38. saying goodbye to a great american hero. mournings line up to file passed glenn's casket. his casket will be taken to ohio state university for a memorial service where vice-president biden is expected to speak. he was the first to orbit the earth. he died last week at the age of 95 and will be bury at arlington national cemetery. the pope turned 80 today. he blew out a candle. he didn't want to grab a bite of his cake. he says it's bad luck in his country to anticipate country. he's making the birthday his -- he's celebrating his birthday, rather, with cardinals at night. >> i'll eat it. that's a lot of work. okay. coming up, we can catch up with a young patient. >> as
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from his favorite football team. that's after the break. plus, you know i have you covered with the freezing rain and sleet. it's a m
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i would love when they play the music. a cold trip to north dakota played for football plans at home. >> james madison pulled the huge upset over north dakota state last night in fargo. north dakota state had won the fc national championship every year since 2010. the dukes move onto the finals with a chance to claim that for themselves. now, here's greg holson. >>reporter: the start of holiday break hasn't meant a race to get home. but anxious
7:43 am
the court. the classic basketball tournament is enjoyed by athletes playing in it. >> the history is pretty cool. it's historic and it would be great to get a win. >> those who watched him participate in it for decades. >> i've been around since '86, to probably 30 years. always had a good reputation. >> we were a boys school and once we -- we're 6 teams. >> we always try and play in the tournament, but because of our exam schedules, there's times when we can't play in the bowls classic. for us to play in the local tournament is much more beneficial to our children. the coaching is great. >> those watching are sitting down -- some of these kids will be hitting the courts for day two. then tomorrow, it's all about securing bragging rht
7:44 am
as championships are crowned. in maryland, craig olson, wusa9 sports. how is everything going? >> are you having fun? >> [indiscernible]. such a cute kid. that's raven's coach john harbaugh calling our harvey's favorite players to meet the baltimore boy. after losing both of his hands to an infection at 2 years old, he underwent hand transplant surgery last month and spent months training his brain to communicate with his brand new hand. zion got to join in the practice. he told a player to quote destroy the eagles in tomorrow's game. wise advice from from a young man. >> that's a cool story. he got to meet his idol and favorite players. >> it puts a smile on your face because you're going to need it.
7:45 am
we saw in video. >> we're going to see freezing rain and it's going to be problematic on the roads and a lot of ice is developing, a lot of sidewalks, untreated surfaces and your car is going to have a sheet of ice over it. dc over to 66 and even a couple of spots in virginia, but northern maryland, it's not looking good. so let's get to the details. first alert live doppler, here it is. you see that pink color, that is not good. we do not -- i know, pink might be your favorite color for some people, but pink is not good when it comes to our radar in the winter months. it means freezing rain. we have shriekness in there, but sleekness. you know how cold it has been. we've been in the teens all day yesterday. we were in the 20s and we didn't get above freezing. your car is cold if it's outside from the rainfalls or if it's sleet falls, it's going to freeze a
7:46 am
we're going to deal with this for another hour. look to the west, there's signs of better weather to come. and i'll tell you what, each hour we go through today gets better and better. if you're trying to head out and get those sales, they'll be there this afternoon. southwest of dc, that's going to move in while the temperatures warm, the precipitation leaves as well. we could see showers. we're seeing showers mix on in e 40s and 50s through west virginia. we're going to be in the 40s and 50s. we have to get through the next few hours. look how it's raining off to west virginia. usually it's snowing in west virginia. we know that warm air is moving in. we have to wait a little bit. if you can give yourself a couple of extra hours i would do that because we've seen a lot of accidents out there. taking a look at reagan. it's gloomy and foggy. it is going to stay that way until about late morning. now, we do have reports out at reagan of a mixed precipitation. we
7:47 am
this morning, but i've been saying all week, people are asking how much snow am i going to see? this isn't a big event. the ice is the bigger issue and it's more dangerous than snow. 29 degrees out there. look at the winds. we like the winds. they're out of the is the west. -- they're out of the southwest. we've seen the temperatures increase. the south westerly winds are our friends today and the next few hours. they'll continue because it's up into the 50s before midnight. if you have a holiday party, it's going to be different and more comfortable. no problem on roads later on today by any means. right now, warming up a degree or so. i've seen this. 28 for hagerstown. they were 27 earlier. 28 for frederick. we're seeing the freezing rain down 95 as well. if you look back off through west virginia, charleston at 52 degrees. that's 7:47 in the morning a
7:48 am
warmer this afternoon. imagine the temperatures. we have reached a record low on friday morning, it got down to 9 degrees. we're going to keep increasing the degrees. we'll keep you up-to-date. 45 before the sunsets in frederick. we are going to see some showers. then we dry out overnight tonight and then tomorrow, rain. we were watching that cold rain to change that into snow. that that's not the case unless you're in west virginia. by 9:00, we're seeing the change over to rain. at the same time, that rain is getting out of here. by 12:00, anything that's leftover by that noon hour, we're just dealing with showers. notice the temperature in dc by 12:00. 40 degrees. that's a huge difference and wey things out. we might see sunshine this afternoon before
7:49 am
the sunsets. tomorrow, this is 12:00 on your sunday. the rain showers will stick around until dinner time. 60 degrees tomorrow before the rain arrives. monday, we're into the 30s. it's chilly if you're headed to the skins game. larry over to you. >> not the way you want to start the weekend. after the break, we'll give you an update on traffic conditions around town and see if we're seeing any improvements.
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your time right now, 7:57. the yellow weather alert day has caused issues around town. now to a serious accident. this picture tweeted out from fairfax county police is a picture of fire engine 421. it was reporting to a crash on i-66. but it crashed on route eastbound between --
7:54 am
no one was injured, but at least checked, route 50 eastbound remains closed. >>reporter: it's dangerous out here on the roads this morning. the freezing rain still coming down. you can see ice covering this barrier here. and guys, that very same ice is also covering our roads this morning making it very treacherous. we've been in the storm tracker for more than two hours this morning tracking this freezing rain for you, and the conditions out here are just ugly. bottom line, if you have any plans for this morning, it's best to postpone them until later this afternoon when when, as allyson mentioned, when the temperatures rise and all this ice is going to melt. evan. >>reporter: well, hey there. gs , you're getting a live look right now at 495 where you can see the police lights blink a
7:55 am
work loads for quite a while going northbound, although it looks like they open up one lane at this point. there's not a lot of details about all this, but as you can see, there's quite a lot of cars that are involved with this. it's still an ongoing situation, but you can see by taking a look out at the roads and how serious this situation is, we are told that virginia has some 1100 trucks out there putting salt and sand, but still dangerous. very click. just another reason why you want to be careful. stay inside if you can until the icy rain does pass. back to you guys. >> evans, thanks a lot. we want to give you a travel alert. this tweeted from dallas airport. all dallas runways are closed due to icy conditions. no flights are going out. >> i had a facebook message from someone. max sent me a note and said he was going to dallas from
7:56 am
66 -- he took a different road each way and he said they were both terrible. >> it hooks like folks have been talking -- it looks like folks have been talking about this on twitter and facebook. this is from chance. he says anyone, do not dry. roads are completely covered in ice and that can make turn -- i couldn't make turns without doing 180. >> this is from chris duncan. 28 degrees and ice is on everything. i had another person on my facebook say can i go to the gym before 9:00. i said do a workout at home. >> we have -- i got in my car this morning knowing ball is life, but i knew that ball isn't life right now. it's ice. and you can see the sheet of ice over his windshield. that's what i went through when i came to work at 2:00 this morning. >> he's another one. virginia is a different ball game when it comes to black ice. snow is somewhat enjoyable if you're prepared for it and you'reaf
7:57 am
it's never enjoyable. it's dangerous out there. let's look at first alert live doppler. you can always use our app to track this, it's going to go away before the noon hour. temperatures will be 40 degrees by 12:00. and then we're going to be in the 50s this afternoon. here's a quick look at your 7-day. you can get this on the app as well. tomorrow, we're going to deal with the rain showers. but that's not going to be a pretty day at all. stay safe, guys. i mean, accidents are piling up, and we want you to be safe and enjoy the morning. >> that alert with dallas, you want to stay away from there because they're not going to operate flights because of the icy conditions. no flights from dallas right now. cbs saturday
7:58 am
7:59 am
he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is december 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." the president says the kremlin ordered the election hacks and he saw it coming. hear what mr. obama told putin in person. plus, chaos returns to aleppo. the humanitarian crisis gets worse, even amidst a new cease-fire deal. >> winter weather puts the last weekend of autumn on ice. and delivering the goods this holiday season. we will see how the big delivery companies are handling the holiday


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