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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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538 electoral college members are meeting in all 50 state capitols and the district today to cast their votes for president of the united states with donald trump the expected victor. you're looking live at richmond virginia where voting is expected to happen any minute. good afternoon. th
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today. i'm andrea roan. michelle reports, demonstrators opposed to the president elect are urging the electors to decide according to the popular vote. >> voters in the electoral college are casting their ballots for president. >> all 11 votes have been cast for donald j. trump. >> he won 306 electoral college votes on election day. it takes 270 to win. >> the campaign is over. this man is the president. >> voters have been inundated with pleas to not vote for mr. trump. >> republican members of the electoral college, this message is for you. >> an outside group, unite for america paid for this ad featuring celebrities asking electors to vote their conscience. >> it's about democrats that can't accept the outcome of the election. it's about de legitimizing the american system. it's not going
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>> requiring electoral college voters to vote the way their states voted. electoral voters in other states are free to change their minds. the texas elector is the only member to say he won't vote for mr. trump. >> i think this is the first time in america's history where we have someone who's clearly unfit for office. >> president elect donald trump spoke out against those pushing electors to change their minds. he tweeted if my many supporters acted and threatened people, they would be scorned and called terrible names. they're expected to elect mr. trump president. michelle for cbs news, the white house. >> and chris, the texas elector who refuses to vote for donald trump says he'll cast his ballot for ohio governor john kasich. the electoral college is trending big time on social media today. he's not my president tweets we will witness one of the lowest points in american history with the election of
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#electoralcollege. #lockhimup. if russians are responsible for hillary's defeat. thank god the russian's saved the u.s.a. jury voting on behalf of the people's official choice, your conscience and opinions are irrelevant. we'd love to hear what you think. join any of our wusa 9 social media pages and join the conversation. as the electoral college drama plays out, president elect trump started his christmas vacation at his florida resort. he's expected to hold a fraction of the meetings he did in new york as he continues to fill his cabinet and other key staff positions. he finished his thank you tour over the weekend and did not mention the russian hacking issue. but its advisor, kelly anne conway -- on the sunday talk s.
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electors trying to use the russian hacking issue to change the election results. it's really unfortunate. i think that actually undermines our democracy more than any other conversation we're having right now. >> at least four senators are calling for a bipart isanpanel to investigate the hack. over the weekend, the president elect blasted china on social media about the under water drone it seized last week a chinese navy ship took the unmanned drone 50 miles off the coast of the philippines but has now agreed to return it. the u.s. navy says the drone was collecting information on water temperature and sound speed. this information could be used to hunt chinese submarines. civilian evacuations continue for neighborhoods under fire in the syrian city of aleppo. some of the wounded have been brought over the border into turkey. however, tens of thousands more people are still trapped behind battle lines. the u.n. security council plans to vote today on their resolution to
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u.n. monitors to syrian eastern aleppo. it's a critical move to prevent atrocities by syrian forces and militias who captured the rebel stronghold. flames ripped through a building. the devastating fire at the district yacht club drew tweets from the city's leaders. stephanie ramirez reports from boat house row in southeast this morning. >> reporter: the fire department stopped the fire from going to the marine. but the district building is pretty much a total loss. a piece of history now gone. >> it's heart breaking you know. i've been coming here since i was a little boy. i'm 70 years old now. to see this happen like this. my heart is with the people that own the place. because it's good times there
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holiday party that just took place here. for years members would throw hearty events for the community's children. they tweeted their condolences this morning. calling this a dc institution. firefighters got the call after 3:10 this morning and said it was incredibly hard to fight down the flames. >> things are beginning to open up for us out here. what can i say you know, our prayers are with them. >> reporter: thankfully, no one was injured here this morning. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> stephanie showed us there appear to be multiple buildings involved. dc fire says the area destroyed includes a main kitchen area, a lounge, and what's known as the cottage. it took minutes for officials to run out of same- day passes at the national museum of african american history and culture. so perhaps you'll have better luto
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it was changing its same-day policy to avoid people having to line up in cold to get in. the museum is also offering a limited number of walk of up visitors. and walk of up visitors are welcome after 1:00 p.m. on monday through friday depending on the crowd. any minute dc mayor muriel bowser is expected to announce her pick for the health and human services department. the former deputy mayor of the agency brenda donald will go back to serving as children and family services director full time after working both poe siggs for some time now. a suspect is in custody and one person was rushed to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries after a stabbing at a metro station. police rushed to the station during this morning's commute. hillary spoke with riders this morning. and some say they're concerned for their safety. >> reporter: the stabbing happened right here outside of the metro station. and a few hours later, police blpe is still up.
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it's a pretty surprising site for some metro riders. >> it's strange to have this happen. >> morning commuters catching the train caught a glimpse of this as they walked in and out of the metro station. police arrested a man they say stabbed a man right here around 7:30 this morning. police say the victim is expected to be okay. he's being treated at the hospital for nonlife- threatening injuries. >> it must have been nerve racking. >> reporter: ralph, who rides the metro everyday, says he'll still continue to take the train. >> i still feel pretty safe. i mean when you think about the volume of commuters coming through here. you know, these incidents are pretty rare. >> does it make you scared in. >> of course. >> why? >> because it's terrifying. >> he also takes metro everyday says hearing about the incident makes her nervous. metro service was not interrupted because of
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schedule. in fairfax county, hillary lane, wusa 9. video footage helped them make the arrest in less than three hours. they had a picture of the suspect. and they were able to determine he's headed on an orange line train toward new carrollton. police have not released the names of the suspect or the victim. and it's unclear what triggered the violence. we're off to a sunny but cold start to the week. alison ray joins us with your first alert forecast. >> after this weekend, i think anything could head our way. it was such a wild weekend. we had almost 70-degree temperatures. and here we are into the 30s once again. it's going to be a gorgeous day. but high pressure is here. now things are finally going to calm down a little bit. we have a couple days to take a breath and just enjoy some good old december weather. 37 degrees right now. the winds are out of the north/northwest. they're going to stay that way, hi
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so a little bit below average today. but this is one of those days that it's comfortably cold. because the winds are going to stay pretty low. 24 hour temperature change. we're almost 30 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. but today is the coldest day of the week. temperatures are headed to above average conditions before you know it. so if you're a cold weather fan, enjoy today. 30 right now for hagers town. 36 for fredericksburg. the cold weather is great when it's nice and sunny out there as well. highs today are going to be in the mid to upper 30s. usually we're into the low 40s. we're talking 50s. some showers. and a look at your christmas forecast. it's on the seven-day forecast. it's also on our wusa 9 app. stick around. i'll go through your future cast hour by hour and detail out the next chance for showers. a quick reminder of a much anticipated conversation, this evening you can watch a one on e
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michelle obama speaking to oprah winfrey. tune in to see it on cbs at 8:00 tonight right here on wusa 9. right now, you can give hope to this child and others just like him. send local kids in need a toy from their holiday wish list in less than a minute. just grab your phone and go to right now. it's the easiest toy drive ever.
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i'm trying to hold back tears. i don't even know the baby. but our hearts are heavy. >> pleas for a gunman to come forward after a three-year-old died during a road rage incident. police in arkansas say the child was shot and killed while on a shopping trip with his grandmother on saturday. a driver allegedly got out of his car and opened fire on the woman's car because he thought she wasn't moving fast enough. the boy was struck at least once during the commotion. the grandmother wasn't hit. a 20,000-dollar
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offered for information leading to the arrest of a shooter. thoroughbred horses were killed when a fire swept through their stables near lexington kentucky over night. authorities saved about seven of the horses. right now they're trying to determine what sparked the blaze. however investigators suspect a bolt of lightning might have triggered the fire. what was supposed to be a celebration turns into tragedy. a large tree fell on a wedding party killing one person and injuring five others in california. one of the injured, a four- year-old boy is now in critical condition, fighting for his life. >> i went to see, there was a lady with this little baby. and i didn't know what to do. but she was screaming so i hold the baby. he had a very big bump. he was red. they were bleeding. there was blood all over. >> investigators are on the scene. they believe the tree may have
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drought that hit the region. china issues the highest alert for pollution for the third day in two dozen stays. the smog is so thick it's causing delays at airports around the country. hospitals are seeing a spike in people coming in with breathing problems. nearly a thousand factories have shut down and will remain closed until the air quality improves. millions are stuck in icy deep freezes with sub zero windchills from coast to coast. as jamie reports, the arctic blast is responsible for about a dozen fatalities this weekend. the arctic weather paralyzed travel around the country. icy conditions caused a spirit airlines plane to slide off the taxi way at niagara international airport near buffalo on sunday. a united jet skidded off 8nthe runway at chicago's o'hare iniornatnal airport. >> a stranded driver shot th
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crash on i-95 saturday in baltimore. two people were killed. and dozens were injured in the nearly 70 vehicle pile up. this drone video shows the intensity of the cold blast 6 turning this lighthouse off lake michigan into an ice castle. the frigid weather didn't stop football fans from their tailgating tradition. in minnesota, vikings fans have the answer to tailgating in weather well below 0. >> how do you prepare for a day like this. >> you don't really. >> bears. >> when the vikings fans were tailgating yesterday, it felt like 35 degrees below 0 with the windchill. that means frostbite can set in in less than 10 minutes. but there's a warm up on the way the next couple days. todays high will be a balmy 23 degrees. cbs news, minneapolis. i feel warm hearing that. some 11,000 ht
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4,000 were canceled because of the weather. three, two, one, go. [ cheering and applause ] brutal. >> hundreds in alaska braved the freezing weather for a dip in the water. they cut ice out of the way to let people take a dive or a cannon ball for a good cause. they raised $300,000 for special olympics alaska. >> i'm getting shivers. >> i know. for a good cause. otherwise, i don't know why you would be out in that weather. we were telling people not to go out. the weather just took a turn. they were consistently asking about the wreaths across america. they said they're not going to leave until it's done. the weather will be better in the afternoon. wait an hour. and there will be plenty
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let's talk about this week. we're headed to christmas. i can't believe it's all ready christmas. where did december go? i thought it just started. it's beautiful out there. after a wild weekend, we deserve a couple days to relax. and just kind of enjoy december weather. it's sunny out there. it's chilly. however, it's not very windy. it's going to be pretty great today. if you're heading to the skins game tonight, bundle up, but at least it's not going to be ice. it's not going to be raining out there. we're not going to have icy conditions. and it's not going to be blustery. wednesday in the north today, that's going to keep that cool air rushing in. guess what? it's not that warm across the bulk of the country. the only people that are warm, florida. of course they're in the 80s. amc, 71. even new orleans. they're reaching 46 today. dallas, 39. everybody is sharing in this cold moment across the country. high pressure is moving in for us. that means fair weather. we get te
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some fair weather clouds possibly moving in tonight. that's about it. we'll see good sunshine for tuesday and wednesday. if you're last minute shopping, you won't have to deal with any rain showers or snow showers. thursday will be the next chance for showers. it doesn't look like a great chance. like what we had on sunday, hit or miss spotty showers. here's your forecast for tonight, it's a cold one. 30 degrees. they will dip into the upper 20s by the end of the game. it's a late night. there will be lighter winds though. here is your planner.
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we have a very happy update to a story we brought you last week. a surprise birthday party for a beautiful little girl in texas. it's one she'll never forget. nearly 1,000 people sang and cheered for alexis barnes just one week after no one showed up to her sixth birthday party, mom, jessica barnes posted about the heart breaking experience on facebook. and it caught the eye of a single father who began planning this very special surprise. >> these people don't even know her. i don't know her. but they're going to leave here with a thousand new friends. >> we didn't ask for any of this. this wasn't our intention. we wanted to share that close to the holidays, birthdays are hard for kids. >> what do you think of this birthday? >> it's good. i like it so much. it's my favorite birthday. >> lots of people. >> alexis received hundreds of gifts at the party on top of the presents
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from people all over the country. her family says it's more than they know what to do with and they plan to donate many of the gifts to an orphanage. happy birthday alexis. and we'll be back with a final look at the fo
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tonight on wusa 9news at 5:00, why it took ten years for an airman to be buried today at arlington national mecetery. we're answering your questions about the electoral college and we're live at fedex field as the fans are hoping for a redskins win tonight at monday night football. >> it's going to be a cold one but a good one. 38 degrees today into the 40s tomorrow. 50s in the middle of the week. a couple showers possible thursday and also on christmas day. we're going to watch that one os
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we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great afternoon. we'll see you tomorrow. go skins.
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>> ashley: oh! hold the door, please! i don't have a free hand! oh! thank you. >> jill: of all the arrogant, pigheaded, underhanded moves, not to mention criminal -- >> jack: jill, don't be so hard on yourself. >> jill: you breaking brash & sassy's lease on what can only be considered a whim is not only unconscionable, it is illegal. >> jack: i understand your being angry. >> jill: don't you condescend to me. >> jack: i'm agreeing with you. my seemingly unwarranted attack on your company blindsided you, and it wasn't fair. >> jill: exactly. all right. since you've seemingly come to your senses and admitted you were wrong, migh


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