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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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day after police say a woman was grabbed while walking in the 1600 block of monroe street. the suspect forced her into a white work fan, o twpeople waiting inside the van and police say they assaulted the victim and stole several of her personal items. after the suspects got what they wanted, police say they through the victim out of the van. she ended up here in the vicinity of the park a mile and a half from where she was abducted. >> i wonder if it has anything to do with the holidays and people wanting money and wallets and that sort of thing. it's horrible regardless of the time of year. >> reporter: police say the victim will be okay but residents are concerned for their safety. >> there's been lately some robberies going on. just in the mount pleasant area. usually i don't go out at night by myself when it's too late. >> try to be vigilant and luckily we have a great
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people have been sharing advice and getting involved. trying to stay alert. >> reporter: crime solvers is offering a $1000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest or indictment in this case. live tonight in dcm stephanie gailhard, wusa9. a suspect in custody of one person rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries after a stabbing that happen at the metro dunn loring station. it happened outside the entrance to the station at 7:30 this morning. video footage help police make a quick arrest in less than three hours. they are still working to confirm his name. metro riders say they are surprised with the crime scene during the morning commute. >> it strange to have this happen. >>
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released the names of the suspect or victim and it's unclear what triggered the violence. fire ripped through a building known as the stable to the anacostia community and leaders tweeted about the devastation at the yacht club. it started at 3:00 this morning and firefighters stayed for hours to determine how it started. a man with the watershed society told us that the water street building is a piece of dc history. >> it's heartbreaking. i've been coming here since i was a little boy. since i was 16, 17, 18 years old. i'm 70 years old now and to see this happen like this, my heart is with the people who own the place. some good times there.>> this was a tough fire to fight by the spokes been for the fire department said no one was hurt . electoral college voters from across the country fulfil
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in richmond as electors cast ballots in all 13 collectors and virginia voted for hillary clinton and tim kaine. in annapolis maryland all 10 electors cast their ballots port clinton and tim kaine as well and nationwide mr. trump won 306 electoral votes and only needed 272 clinch the presidency. the anti-trump movement didn't get the 37 defectors needed to block the president-elect from winning the white house. it's been around for more than 200 years but up until now you paid attention to voting day at the electoral college. >> bruce leshan and has an has been on facebook live in says a lot of us have questions.>> reporter: this was the last hope for critics who wanted to stop trump. they needed scores of electors to defect but there is no sign of that. ronnie rodriguez asks do you think any electors will change their minds from what was expected? so far just one republican elector has publicly announced he will vote for
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and christopher from texas will need at least 36 other gop electors to defect to deny donald trump victory. >> so a whole bunch of faithless electors would have to select someone else. >> reporter: he said he's been getting death threats. >> i think it's the first time in america's history we have someone who's clearly unfit for office.>> reporter: a asks to the electors have an entire day to vote like regular elections or are they required to do it at a certain time? the electors meet usually for less than an hour in their state capitals. the sessions started at 10:00 a.m. and the last one should finish around 7 pm eastern. bob mitchell and kimberly both at questions about why we even have an electoral college. the founders saw it as a compromise between those who wanted the people to pick the president directly and those who wanted congress
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alexander hamilton saw the electoral college as a failsafe to prevent foreign powers from undue influence on the election. mariella asks how can they fix this and it's not clear everyone thinks it needs fixing. it would require a constitutional amendment and that would necessitate a two thirds vote in congress and approval from two thirds of the states. the country is so divided that that is likely impossible. >> that's probably true, bruce. even if donald trump failed to muster 270 votes the house of representatives would pick the next president with each state getting just one vote and under those rules trump would likely win by a wider margin. president-elect donald trump is in florida where he is expected to celebrate christmas with his family. today he nominated bits of viola as secretary of of the
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is a former infantry officer who made millions in the finance world. he's the owner of the florida panthers hockey team. trump must still fill two cabinet positions. a cold night out for football fans and the redskins take on carolina at fedex field and topper shutt with us on the weather terrace with details on how cold it will feel.>> it could be worse. we have no wind, no wind chill to talk about but cold enough anyway. gametime temperature probably 32 and upper 20s before you leave. definitely 20s before you get home. clear skies and winds 5 to 10. right now temperatures 28 in gaithersburg. 34 downtown. 33 it landover. let's focus on 34 in dc and factor in the wind and feels like 28. a tiny bit of a wind chill and by the time the game start winds are negligible. think about layers and by 10:00
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the burbs. 28 and 27 and 24 manassas and by midnight still not home yet and 24 gaithersburg, 26 in 19 and 25 fairfax. we jump ahead to the morning temperatures upper teens the low 20s in the burbs. we will come back and talk about a change in the weather pattern and talk travel day friday before christmas. in prince george's county a man found dead this morning with obvious burns on his body. we report the park road neighborhood park recreation center in capitol heights, maryland is stunned by at all. a person in the neighborhood was walking by the recreation center before 10 am this morning when they noticed the body and called 911. prince george's county homicide detectives responded to the call in taped off the area. police spent several hours collecting evidence from behind the rec center where the burned
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detectives searched trash cans and pulled out some items. they also brought in a police dog which oftentimes the dogs are trained to help in arson cases and detectives walked away from the scene with these paint cans. we're not sure what is inside of them but the cans can oftentimes be used to collect accelerant that might otherwise evaporate. detectives tell us the body was on the ground near tire tracks and police brought in this crew from south river restoration to help clean up the crime scene.>> sentencing day for an aspiring christian rapper who intentionally ran down another man. today in montgomery county he was sentenced to what works out to be 18 years in prison. the victim in this case william mcdaniel in clarksburg
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and the two men got in an argument over cds and the argument ended with him hitting mcdaniel with his car and driving away. we know the names of two of the people who died in that 67 vehicle pileup that happened on i-95 in baltim ore. they are alfredo a 38-year-old man from mount rainier and a 54- year-old from edgewood. during the pileup a tanker truck went off a bridge during the wintry weather saturday morning and the driver of the truck died in the crash. that person has not yet been identified. same-day passes were snatched up in a few minutes this morning at the national museum of african history and culture. >> last week the museum announced it was changing its same-day policy to avoiding people having to line up in the cold to get into the museum. it's offering a limited number of walk-up visitor tickets after 1:00 monday
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depending on the crowd. just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. questions and criticism tonight over the deputy who shot and killed a man outside a fairfax hospital. frigid temperatures cause more trouble as the u.s. deals with the latest blast of arctic weather. live at fedex field with fans who were cold but pumped up for tonight's big game. can the
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you know the cold weather isn't stopping redskins fans on monday night football. pictures here from sky 9 at the field. >> it will be hot in there. we he
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burgundy and gold faithful who can't wait for tonight's game. >> reporter: they got here early and fans have been starting to trickle into the game over the last few hours. the lots aren't quite full yet but give it time. they will be here in no time and we have caught up with some redskins fans and some tailgating side-by-side with panthers fans leave it or not. the burgundy and gold outnumber the carolina blue and black that we have seen out here. we found some fans that got out here as early as 3:30. five hours before the game. couldn't wait to get here and can't wait for the game to start and pumped for the nationally televised monday night football game. >> looking to attack our enemy. too close for comfort.>> it might not be good.>> does this thing work>> how do you feel about
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>> domination. >> reporter: as you can see some carolina fans trickling into the game. over the last decade the redskins haven't had much success on prime time tv as the entire nation watches that fans are optimistic and note that this is a critical game and they are pumped to be here for it. live at fedex field i'm mola lenghi, wusa9. >> that guy will drink 30 beers and won't know what game is that. >> watch to make sure he doesn't get behind the wheel. >> thank you and we will check in later on throughout the evening. not officially winter yet, officially we say and are ready the season proving to be cold and deadly. the arctic blast drift -- gripping the country blamed for a dozen death and three of those killed terror
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in this tanker crash in baltimore saturday. today icy condition caused the spirit airlines jet to slide off the tarmac at niagara international airport.>> it got pushed back two hours and then four hours and now it's canceled . >> 11,000 flights delayed over the weekend and another 4000 ended up being canceled. >> it was a real mess and you told us and warned everybody about it. >> you just should not drive on ice. i don't know why people try. it was icy up and down the eastern seaboard, baltimore all the way to philadelphia. >> we looked at a navigation app and we can see red from here all the way up the eastern seaboard. amazing. good stuff if you don't like snow and cold which is most of us. >> most normal people.>> it makes sense that winter officially arrives wednesday at 5:40 4 am. you think of december more as winter. 3 degree guarantee and i think we are in pretty
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67 yesterday and did miss yesterday and back on the horse today. 38 we are forecasting and should be all right. because we missed yesterday, the good news, dc safe gets $100. every time we miss dc safe is the charity for the month of december. they really help abused women and that's a good thing. they have a safe house that they are in danger of losing so even if we are wrong send the money. live look outside at the weather cam down to 34 dew points in the teens not like last thursday when it was below zero but upper teens pretty dry air mass a few clouds coming through. most part clear tonight and cold for the game. to stop temperatures 18 to 34 and not much wind. cold start with chilly finish
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tomorrow and winter arrives wednesday and highs near 50 or upper 40s in the burbs and your 50 downtown. winter comes in quietly across most of the country. by 10:00 tonight temps in the 20s. 24 manasses. 28 fredericksburg. 30 downtown. by morning clear and temperatures a sprinkling of upper teens 18 damascus, 19 frederick, 28 downtown. 20 manasses. doesn't get warm too fast and lots of sunshine but by 9:00 still 24 fredericksburg. 24 cumberland with full sunshine. by lunchtime winds not a factor but 39 not a great temperature this time of year. 39 manasses. 40 culpeper. we should make it on the north side of 40 for the downtime area. verbs holding upper 30s and 40. i evening tomorrow cold but not falling as quickly. 31 gaithersburg. 32 this time tomorrow in 19. 35 fredericksburg. 8:30 sprinkling of 20s but no teens tomorrow night like tonight. clear and cold, 18 to 28
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winds 5 to 10. tomorrow sunny and cold 18 to 40 and best news light wind and even better than that by afternoon winds goal southerly and that helps a little bit. chilly tomorrow 40 to 45 and average high down to 46. average high in january 41 so closer to a january day but sunny and chilly. sunny across the board. oakland 39. lots of snow over the weekend. 39 cumberland. 40 hagerstown. winchester 42. downtown 42, 43. quiet on the bay and only 41 with light wind. on the day planner sunshine across the board. 28 to start and 35 by 11:00. doesn't skyrocket and 39 by 1:00. milder on wednesday near 50. afternoon clouds 30 --
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afternoon clouds thursday. this is depressing for me but good and quiet travel weather on friday, sunshine 48. nice on saturday and last- minute shopping 54. showers on sunday and high 55. golf anyone next monday? 64. a manhunt and a $20,000 reward for the person who killed a 3-year-old boy in what's believed to be a road rage incident. the child was in a car with his grandmother and it happened in little rock arkansas. the gunman may have been upset that the grandmother was driving too slow. >> late today the united nations approved a plan to send monitors to keep an eye on the refugee of evacuations in aleppo. they are being sent to prevent mass atrocities from being committed by syrian government forces. thousands of syrians have fled aleppo because of the violence. 2016 word of the year is (
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inaudible ). >> the presidential election is the number 1 reason behind the use of the word. internet users how did google the days after the election wondering what's the real means. here it is. the definition is marked by the intense irrational reality or dream. straightahead is a dream come true for a dc teacher honored for her work with students. time running out to register for obamacare and a company blames its decline in profits on millenials who don't know how to wash their clothes. stick around for the
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strand restoring ading a father's faith.... stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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and tonight's consumer alert the deadline to sign up for insurance on is midnight pacific time which is 3:00 a.m. for all of us. the deadline was extended by a few days because of high demand. the obama administration hopes to sign up 13.8 million people for 2017. president-elect donald trump has vowed to repeal and replace that 2010 healthcare
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today expected to be the busiest mailing day of the year for letters, cards and packages. that's according to the u.s. postal service who says it's the busiest online day and overall postal service anticipates 750 million packages will be delivered this holiday season and that's up 12% from last year. blame it on millenials. downy sales down 26% from 2017 to 2015. an executive from downey's parent company procter & gamble says millenials don't know what fabric softener is. downey is hoping to change that with a new ad campaign aimed at showing them how to do their laundry and telling them why they should use fabric softener. >> everyone wants to be told what to do on a television commercial. >> you don't want static cling coming from your clothing.>> that's the college kids. a dc public-school teacher who goes beyond the call of duty was honored today. >> elizabeth is ad
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she was surprised with teacher of the year. an award for her dedication to her students and many of them said she makes learning fun.>> she's a great teacher because when we are good she lets us have free time. she gives us a snack and then community service so we can earn community service points and stuff like that. >> aside from the recognition she gets a check for $7500. >> if we know her like we know most teachers she's probably putting a good amount of that back in her classroom. good for her and the kids. >> your story ideas are an important part of our newscast and we want to know about fascinating people inou
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neighborhood could be the next viral story on social media so send us your ideas and the address is news tips at marijuana use on the rise with expectant mothers. the dangers of smoking pot while pregnant. souvenir swap out. dc gift sellers hope they can make sales great again with new merchandise featuring the president-elect. the fairfax deputy shoots and kills a man with mental illness who was swinging outside a hospital. find out what is
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strong criticism against a fairfax hospital the shooting death in a man released from the emergency room. >> he was shot by a deputy in august and the attorney released his report finding the deputy acted in self-defense but as the bureau chief peggy fox tells us mental health advocates blame the hospital.>> reporter: the commonwealth attorneys report said there were signs that he was probably suffering a mental health cris. he spoke no english but used the word loco and pointed to his head and even though it would have taken a minute to drive him from fairfax hospital to the crisis center, he was instead released and was soon after severely injured a security guard and shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. >> there were lots of red flags here. >> reporter: pete saw siri
5:30 pm
of his own son and that of the 29-year-old who was shot to death by a fairfax county sheriff's deputy on the campus of the fairfax hospital. >> my son has bipolar disorder and at that same hospital was asked can you explain what crying over spilt milk meant? he can do that. he can tell you the date, time and the president but thought god was sending him on a secret mission and he was psychotic. >> reporter: a police officer scott gomez needed help and called medics who transported him to the hospital. doctors asked a lot of questions and released him. and security guard walked into the bus stop but he wasn't okay and wound up grabbing a signpost whole and striking the security guard with it. when he charged the deputy he was shot and killed. >> he knew where he was and why he was there and his behavior was normal. he was kept for several hours and releas.
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happened in the hospital. >> reporter: the attorneys report says they didn't examine what happened at the hospital. >> if he was mentally ill, he has rights too and hospitals can't hold them and nor can the police unless they present themselves to be in imminent danger to themselves or others. on this case on the record it didn't appear to the hospital personnel that he presented such a danger. >> i reached out to the hospital and asked if he was seen by a psychiatrist and the spokesperson said they can't release any information about patients even if they are dead.>> reporter: falls church peggy fox wusa9. >> rate moral says his job is to determine if there's criminality in the shooting which is a narrow focus which for a civil court to determine whether or not the hospital acted appropriately but only if a lawsuit is filed. sky 9 on the scene in upper marlboro after a vehicle crashed on largo road in front of riverdale baptist church. crews had to pull a person from the car and
5:32 pm
life-threatening injuries. a dump truck fire slow things down in eastern avenue in prince george's county just over the dc line at 12:20 this afternoon. you see the black smoke coming out of the truck. fire crews from the district and prince george's county teamed up to put out the flames and no wonder. mayor muriel bowser selected a new deputy mayor for health and human services. she is currently the executive director of a child advocacy organization and brenda has been heading up the health and human services and now the director of the child and family services agency. and while washington gets ready for the inauguration there's another transition of power happening before january 20. it's the shift in political souvenirs and delia goncalves here to tell us about the rise of the trump tokens. >> reporter: they are selling fast but the shelves in one store never go empty. they are
5:33 pm
they are stocking up leading to the inauguration. if politics is on your holiday shopping list you can get it here at inauguration headquarters period there's tons of stuff year. >> reporter: from traditional ornaments of the founding fathers to a trump
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you have to be cautious of who you're buying it from. if a price seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. >> the street value of the seized cargo container of fake uggs likely in the millions. >> the money from counterfeiting goes where? >> to criminal organizations and some of the proceeds have been linked back to the funding of terrorism. >> reporter: the profits have been traced back to several terror groups, including al- qaeda. customs agents have seized a billion dollars in goods, and that's just
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new jersey area. this christmas is going to be three times as special for a michigan husband and wife. >> john and julia recently gave birth -- she did -- to identical triplets. they have been trying to have a baby for a while. after a miscarriage and losing her father, she learned that miracles can happen. >> i got pregnant right after losing my father so that was a very emotional time for me. and i thought a lot about how i wish he could have met my sons obviously. but to have three beautiful, healthy gifts, that's a blessing we didn't even know to pray for. >> ivan, william, and harrison were born minutes apart. the couple hopes to bring the babies home in the next fe
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>> i can remember how tired you are with the first one. going from zero to three, hope they have help. looking at dew points in the teens and pretty dry air mass. 52% and nothing like last thursday and friday. clear and cold tonight. for the game we're looking at 20s for the game. bus stop temperatures, 18 to 34 so no wind chills to worry about. and we'll have a chilly finish after the cold start. and winter officially arrives on wednesday at 5:44 and highs near 50. winter is going to be hard to find through the next 5 to 10 days. we generally head to high
5:50 pm
clouds, and 24 in gaithersburg. by this time tomorrow night we get back in the 30s. tomorrow night will not be as cold as tonight. >> 20s to start. 35 by 11:00 and thursday a few clouds, and highs again near 50. next seven days. mid-50s on saturday. and christmas day showers and 55 and look at this. 64 next monday. now wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> it's
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great. a big event tonight. the redskins in the final prime time game of the season. it's a big one. >> we say that constantly. >> they're taking on the panthers. we have more on what to expect. >> reporter: we say that every week. with three games left, there isn't much room for mistakes for the burgundy and gold team. to say it's a big game is a bit of an understatement. they need the win against the panthers to stay well within the wildcard race in the nfc. >> panthers looking to play spoiler. that's not the only thing on their minds, this team is wanting to avenge what happened last year in charlotte. those on this team clearly remember that the panthers handed the redskins the
5:52 pm
lopsided loss of the season. 44-16 in week 11. this team is prepared to keep it anything like it from happening again today. >> hopefully, we don't turn it over five times. growth would be to protect the football going forward. any game, anything can happen. you'd like to think a more mature team. >> reporter: we know what's going on with the redskins but what about the panthers. frank hanrahan takes a closer look at carolina. >> underachieving record and they are capable of playing spoiler. they went to the super bowl and we know they are good. this year, not so much. 1-5 record away fr
5:53 pm
they have cam newton. and he's not been superman. 50 touchdowns and nine interceptions and the panthers are coming off an impressive victory against san diego last week. they've won the last four games. the redskins turned the ball over five times. they cannot do that tonight if they want to defend home field and keep the strong playoff hopes alive. back to k.b. frank, thanks so much. carolina would love to play spoiler. they need a lot of stuff to happen for them to make the post season. the red sox got hot down the stretch and did what they needed to do. we'll talk more at 6:00. kristen berset. coming up on wusa 9 news, a decades long journey comes to a close with the arlington
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who went down in iraq. after dating for four decades, a texas couple decides to tie the knot. the long love story is still ahead. and is cbs evening news with scott pelley is coming up at 6:30. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. at 6:30. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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good dan godwin meow don't forget lifo before shooting andrei karlov in the back. he shouted his allegiance to mohamed and pledged to carry out jihad. russia is a close ally and the airstrike help sherry and forces retake aleppo. the ambassador was giving a speech at the art gallery when he was gunned down. he was said to


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