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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it's a story that could change the way so many of you travel. we learned the largest taxi company in montgomery county declared bankruptcy. the light blue cabs filed for chapter 11 protection yesterday. they said companies like uber and lyft get an unfair advantage. they told garrett haake how the company will fight back. garrett is live from the company headquarters i
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of the first things to change in the reorganization is the light blue paint. they plan to repaint all 450 of their cabs black, and they will replace the meters inside with less intrusive tablets, and they will try to become more like the competitors that nearly killed them off. >> reporter: for 52 years barwood cabs have cruised montgomery county, and despite yesterday's bankruptcy filing, the current ceo, the son of the company's founder said they will continue. >> employees, drivers, and customers, it means nothing because the business is going on, and you're here tonight, still open, 24/7. >> reporter: lee barnes says it allows him the flexibility to reorganize the company to compete with competitors like uber and lyft. there's already an app, and making over the fleet comes next. >> customers like a car that is more
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with lettering and advertising. >> reporter: the bankruptcy filing says the biggest obstacle are regulations that apply only to taxis. barwood follows the rule book its competitors don't have to. does anything in that book apply to your competitors? >> no, they can operate without impunity. >> reporter: tomorrow the maryland service commission could change that in part to decide if they will require fingerprint background checks for uribeer and lyft. uber said it would force them to stop operating in maryland all together. >> the fingerprints are something that is very secure and affordable. we have to pay for our driver's fingerprints and pay $35 a year for the driver's fingerprints. we can afford to do it, why can't uber? that's what i don't get. >> reporter: and uber argued their system for background checks is faster and less expensive than the
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just as well, if not better, and if the company follows through on the threat to leave maryland, a spokesperson says they would not necessarily do it right away, but the decision would be welcomed here at barwood. garrett haake, wusa 9. all right, we are looking a at quiet travel day tomorrow, especially across the eastern sea board. if you're going to go across the area well will be okay. light snow across the hudson river valley. not a huge deal. north of new york and boston. we will go into lunchtime, and again, snow north of boston, north of the turnpike anyway, and nice. dc, all the way down to the i- 95 corridor, and the only trouble spot is the southwest, the four corners area, the rain, snow, and we could get into denver by tomorrow afternoon, and not a huge storm, and that's the only possible sticking point in terms of flight, and for the most part, it's a nice forecast for most of the country, just before christmas, and by
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colorado, and quiet in the east. look what happens. friday morning, breaking apart, and light snow peeling off into the plain states, and it will not become a block buster, good news. wakeup weather for the first full day of winter, not bad. upper 20s to mid-30s to start. it will be breezy, and the noon, breezy and cool, temperatures 36 to 51, and we will come back with a yellow weather alert in the future. we will tell you what day it is and why. the civilian manager of the anne arundel county police department drug lab has been charged with multiple counts of possession of a controlled substance. police found the substances in the car last night investigating a minor traffic accident. in montgomery county, a push to find the missing hogel children who vanished 2 years ago. a facebook page dedicated to the cause posted new photos showing what they would look like today, and jacob would w
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be 6. they were last seen with their mother, catherine in 2014. she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and found not competent to stand trial. in prince george's county, the driver of a dump truck is blaming a hit-and-run driver for causing him to careen out of control. he damaged four vehicles, slammed into a home, and slightly injured two kids this morning in oxen hill. at last check, no charges have been filed, but police are investigating. a rape suspect in washington state is facing more legal trouble now, and former freelance journalist matt hickey is accused of raping three women in seattle, and now the state attorney general's office has sued him, alleging he used social media to advertise himself as a talent scout for the adult entertain. industry in order to trick women to pose nude and have sex with him. tonight there's a
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reward for information about this man, anis amri. he is considered the suspect in the attack in berlin that killed 14 people. the convicted tunisian man evaded deportation by germany. officials already deemed him a possible jihadi threat. donald trump is calling it an attack on humanity. he has been focusing on national security at his florida estate, and michelle has more from the white house. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump was joined by his national security adviser, general michael flynn for a briefing about the terror attacks overseas. [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: mr. trump has attributed the attacks to radical islamists and said he is right to consider a ban on muslims entering the country.
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and it would be right, 100 percent correct. what is happening is disgraceful. >> reporter: the president- elect held a meeting with the ce, of boeing, one of the largest defense contractor in the world. >> trying to get the costs down, costs, primarily on the f35. >> reporter: they also talked about in the new air force one, which boeing has the contract to build. earlier this month the president-elect donald trump tweeted the costs were out of control and said the order should be canceled. >> we work on air force one because it's important to our country, and we are going to make sure he gets the best capability and it's done affordably. >> reporter: also done wednesday, he named karl icon as the special adviser to the president on regulatory reform. cbs news, the white house. donald trump took to twitter to complain about news coverage of the fact that hillary clinton won the popular vote, and he tweeted it was
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college than the popular vote, and if he had focused on winning it, he would have done so, and the director of dc homeland security says law enforcement will be ready for inauguration day on january 20th. christopher delgard said they expect 800,000 to 900,000 people. they are gearing up for large antitrump protests. he spoke to us tonight on off script with bruce johnson. >> we will not stop the protesters who come to express their 1st amendment rights. i think we will see a fair amount of folks doing that some may be for and some against the president, and others for other causes. we know it's the reality that is coming, and we will be ready. >> he said no agencies have forwarded any notice of a credible threat for inauguration day. they are bringing in 3,000 officers for across the country to supplement the local
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agencies. metro started to sell a commemorative smart trip card for the inauguration it's good for unlimited trips on inauguration day. this holiday season most 10- year-olds are asking their parents for toys, but one asked for money for her bus driver who is fighting ovarian cancer. ebb eastbound with her story. hi, ellison. >> reporter: olivia wheatrun started to raise money last week. she raised her goal and a whole lot more. >> thank you! you guys are amazing. >> these little girls with such big hearts, and i just tear up when i think about it, and there's just something happening in today's world. >> reporter: this is laura martin, and to olivia, she's miss laura the world's greatest bus driver. >> merry christmas! >> i really love her a lot! >> oh how the reindeer loved him!
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jobs and she's battling ovarian cancer. >> kids on the bus noticed i was losing my hair, and i started to wear a cap. ♪ as they shouted out with glee ♪ >> i was very scared, and i was very nervous. >> reporter: the students didn't just notice. they did something about it. olivia and her dad started a gofundme, hoping to raise $2,000, and her friends joined in, and they did a lot more than that. >> miss laura, thank you so much for driving the bus even when you're feeling bad. >> thank you, whitney! >> reporter: together they raised $4,570. >> merry christmas miss laura! >> reporter: and they reminded everyone that the -- what the holidays are truly about. >> you mean so much to me. i could never stop thinking about how amazing and beautiful you are. never give up, olivia.
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>> i really want miss laura to live. she's a beautiful and wonderful lady. >> reporter: part of the deal if they reached their goal, olivia's dad would dye his hair pink, and you can see here he did it. he is driving them, and they are driving her to tears. thanks. a doll designed to listen to your child's every secret, wait until you hear what is being done with the information. ♪ tiny hands, they're so cute and small ♪ >> and ringing in the holiday season with a few laughs and some interesting
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the so-called bathroom bill is still the law of the land in north carolina. state lawmakers meeting in special session today to consider repealing it, but the senate voted down the repeal, and the house adjourned without a vote at all. they may try again next month. the bathroil
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many government protections for the lbgt community and calls for transgender people to use restrooms that correspondent to their birth certificate. backlash has cost the state millions of dollars in tourism business. the federal trade commission is confirming there's an investigation into a high-tech doll that interacts with kids like a real person it's called kayla and it connected through an app to access the internet. some consumer groups said they are collecting and using children's voices without consent, and here's clara gartland. >> if the dolls are marketed to be a child's best friend f they are eavesdropping and, you know, spying on every secret they tell them -- >> the privacy group says a company collects the voices to use as part of the voice analysis technology, and the company sells th
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military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies in a statement to cbs they said they do not share the voice data collected from or on behalf of our customers with any of our other customers. local christmas carolers singing with untraditional lyrics. one part holiday cheer, one part humor, and one part politics. >> no matter how they try, they cannot build a wall. >> reporter: dc is the town about politics, why not sing about it? ♪ it is clear that all they need is recounting ♪ >> reporter: this a cappella trio that is sometimes a quartet and sometimes more, just depending how many friend
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war on christmas carolers. >> we take traditional christmas songs and rewrite them. >> to protest trump and his upcoming presidency. >> ever their set list includes a dozen reworked and regifted christmas carols. ♪ no matter how they try they cannot build a wall ♪ >> reporter: there's hear we come a picketing ♪ >> the constituents leave opposition weak ♪ >> it's not okay, we stand together ♪ >> reporter: what fresh hell is this? ♪ trump, trump cannot -- >> songs of good cheer for the trash fire year. >> reporter: if you allow them to, their songs can make you
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smile. they have musical talent. ♪ leave america where trump was named the grand -- >> reporter: as well as a sense of humor ♪ how, how can people think that we are -- >> reporter: and obviously a political deal. >> reporter: but they are hoping to create something beyond a catchy jingle. >> using humor to push up, using humor to make people smile and think. >> reporter: perhaps their reimagined carols can do what music and the holidays are meant to do. >> bring people together to laugh and have a great time. ♪ tiny hands, tiny hands they are so cute and small, but no matter how hard they try, they cannot build a wall ♪ >> that's brilliant. they are fantastic. i don't think they will get an invitation to perform at the inauguration. if only we could change the ri
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and 60s with sun. >> it would be 20s with snow. >> how festive that would be. >> it's not headed our way. the 3-degree guarantee. we were wrong yesterday, got back on the horse today. thought a bull's-eye. going 49 for the high, and it was 48. cold front coming through tomorrow morning, and we are going to go with 54 for the high at national. 54. live look outside, and there's the mgm, and 36 right now, and dew point is upper 20s, and notice the wind out of the south at 6. the front to the west, and we are going to go through with the batch of clouds, no showers, and we will clear the area tomorrow morning, and bus stop temperatures, 28 to 44. there were teens again this morning, and after early morning clouds, a nice thursday, and travel weather quiet, except for the southwest, and that will go for thursday and friday, and rain and showers, christmas eve, and ywa, yellow where alert r
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christmas eve. you will be juggling presents and an umbrella, too. this 52 on christmas day, and 59, yeah, 59 next monday, and okay, here's the futurecast, 6:00 a.m. a few lingering clouds early on, especially east of i-95 over prince george's county, and temperature in the 30s, reasonable. 37 downtown, and most folks east of town, above freezing. 31 in frederick, and 34 in bowie. 36 in haggerstown, and 34 up in cumberland. you folks north and west, in the 40s tomorrow, and dc south, temperatures low to mid-50s. 55 for fredericksburg by lunchtime and the only caveat, the winds will feel cooler than it actually is. 5:30, 6:00 p.m. on thursday in the evening, 40s still south and west, and some upper 30s creeping in as you go up i-270, and tomorrow
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9:30, 10:00, back until the 30s, not crazy cold. winds are from the northwest, and they will settle down, and they will not be as strong 10 to 20 miles an hour. 30s to start, above freezing, and 40 with sunshine at 9:00, and 53, yeah, 53. 50 for the high, not as warm as tomorrow, without the winds it will feel nicer. 49, and rain and showers for christmas eve day, and now the next 7 days, kids getting presents and bicycles and stuff on sunday, and you can send them outside, reclaiming your sanity it will be okay. sunshine and low 50s, and that's just for you. >> that's music to my ears. >> adam is all over that. near 60s on monday. showers tuesday morning, and only 48. not bad with sunshine next wednesday. >> that will work out spectacularly. >> i thought you may like that. >> for those of you who don't have the kids or don't want to play outside with them, you can always head out to
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have got football going on, and it's a busy, crazy weekend and the capitals right now, they are red hot, reigniting their rivalry with philly and the caps are not the only team in the
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last april, the washington capitals ended the philadelphia flyers season, knocking them out of the first round of the playoffs in 6 games. tonight they face-off for the first time since then, a game that reminded us how enrtaining the rivalry can be. ovechkin and the caps at home in red. it looked like the home uniforms would be good luck. lars eller puts out the rebound. philly rallied. off the turnover, and claude capitalizes with the goal. this game would go to the shootout, and last chance for the caps, needing to score, and they lose in the shootout. beal and the wizard the
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it was a bad 1st quarter for the wiz, and jimmy butler with the layup, washington trailing by 11 after 1, and they tie into the 4th quarter, and washington put it away in the transition, and that's to the layup, and john wall led with 23. then beal hits the jumper, and he had 21 on the night. the wizards win 107-97, and they got 6 wins in the last 8 games. college hoops, american visiting villanova, and it went how you thought it did. jones buries the triple, and he led america by 12 points, and it was all wildcats in the 2nd, and describing josh, and villanova wins 90-48. after monday night's loss, many thought the burgundy and gold had no shot at the postseason, and while it may have felt that way, it's not true. the redskins are in the hunt, and they need teams
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out a bit. the burgundy and gold have a short turn around preparing to face the chicago bears on christmas eve, but jay gruden feels it may be beneficial to his team. >> we are not in the playoffs, and we are up to one game at a time. we have to focus on chicago. i think a lot of times as men and coaches, we try to, what is the best way to put behind you, a playing performance? playing quickly to get back out on the field, and hopefully that will be a remedy for us come already. >> and he must have a short memory. finally not just another fight. i'm ready again! marcus and sean. the announcers said panteen pro- v commercial. you have to look good. >> other guy thought he didn't look good, and that's why he left his helmet
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a dog rescued in cambodia is now in northern virginia being fitted with new prosthetic legs. an animal rights crusader was undercover when he saw a man beat the dog and chop off her front paws. he is documenting the horrors of the asian dog meat industry in hopes of bringing a stop to it. >> it's not only eating the dogs that is hard to stomach, but the belief if they abuse or are cruel to the animal first it makes the meat test better. >> he took the dog to a vet in california. he is now healthy, and a company called bionic pets in sterling, virginia, is fitting the legs, and they
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what have you got? >> yeah, great toss. >> take over. >> sunshine tomorrow. first full day of winter. 54, feeling breezy and cooler than 54. christmas eve day, showers and rain, and nice on sunday, christmas, and look at that, monday, we will be tickling 60. >> are you shedding any tears there's no snow in the works? >> a little. >> you can still go golf. >> that's true, and that's not a bad thing. >> you will be fine, and you will be fine as well. colbert is up next. we will see you back here tomorrow.
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>> stephen: ♪ now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, ♪ now, now, now, now christmas now. oh, hi! i'm just roasting some marshmallows over the fire. takes a lot longer than you think. tonight, i'm pleased to present some great moments from over the last year here on "the late show." see if you can spot the moment in the calendar where i say "screw it! i will eat anything in front of my face hole!" these are some of my favorite interviews, folks. we've got robert deniro, amy schumer, john krasinski, and millie bobby brown from "stranger things." in millie's honor, i've even got special christmas lights on display. >> ho ho ho. >> stephen: oh, no! santa's trapped in the upside down! my presents! santa, you gotta get out of there before december 25th!


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