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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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cable can't offer that. only fios can. we begin with breaking news of a deadly police involved shooting in prince george's county. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. officers shot and killed an armed suspect near billings avenue in brad bury heights, scott broom has more on what led up to the droppation. scott? >> re
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scott? >> reporter: one 19-year-old suspect who's dead here and another one in custody. chief hank from the prince george's county police department is briefing us right now. let me take to you him briefly, here's what he's got the say. >> began -- to say. >> began cpr providing life- saving intervention measures while calling for advanced life support from our fire ems. that driver is then transported to the hospital where unfortunately, they succumbed to those injuries. the second individual in that car the passenger is under arrest. is at our criminal investigations division. and being questioned. as of now we have recovered two weapons. and pictures of those weapons are available to the public and to you through our social media. the handgun was found on the floor board beneath the driver consistent with the account that we were provided with and a long weapon was initially found and removed by our officers so that it would
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and placed on the ground and again you have pictures of those weapons. >> reporter: okay, that's just a portion of the briefing that's ongoing now with the police chief here in capitol heights, this incident happened at 8:00 this morning. the chief described to us a call for a suspicious vehicle on the street. two officers responded and they found two people sleeping in the car and when they attempted to wake them up, the driver popped up with a weapon in his hand. there was an exchange of gunfire that driver a 19-year- old from capitol heights was killed and as you just heard the chief say, another suspect was taken into custody. in fact two guns were recovered here by police. they've posted those shots on twitter and also retweeted them on our social media. it's a developing story as you can see occurring live right now. so we're going to get back to the press conference and brief you with more information on the broadcast and also on our social media sites. reporting live in capitol heights, scott broom, wusa9. >> all right thank you scott. right now here's a live look
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reagan washington national airport where many are already waiting in line while heading home for the holidays. that's because the next couple of days are some of the biggest travel days of the year. wusa9's evan koslof checked in on our airports and train stations and he has this report. >> reporter: well, you can probably tell by looking at the people that are around me a lot of americans are traveling for the holiday season. and that includes by the roads, the rails, and the air. the rush begins. dca, large but manageable crowds are leaving town. tom jenkins seems pretty excited to tell us where he's going. >> key west, florida. >> reporter: a much-needed get away with his wife. so far he says it's not bad. >> got in. stood in line for 30 seconds. they helped us right away. >> reporter: meanwhile one floor down the security line shows a heavy line but nothing crazy. mom allyson denton was relieved. >> it's below chaos and that's a good thing. >> reporter: but i wouldn't breathe easy just yet. the crowds are expected to pick
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million americans arefullying this holiday -- are flying this holiday season. >> expecting the best because you know, expectations are everything. >> reporter: meanwhile, crowds are starting to grow here at union station as well. adam freedman got here early with his family to beat the rush. >> especially with little kids. get in early and hopefully avoid a lot of trouble. >> reporter: the one mode of transportation, driving. that's actually what most americans doing and a aa expects some 93 million americans to hit the roads. reporting here at union station, evan koslof, wusa9. >> there's a big reason more people are driving this holiday season. that's because gas prices are looking really good. aaa estimates that u.s. drivers have saved more than $27 billion at the pump this year compared to last year. so will the weather cooperate with your holiday travel plans? meteorologist allyson rae joins us with the first alert forecast. what do you say to that allyson? >> you know what? gas prices are looking great and so-so the weather. especially is a the -- is
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weather. especially for our region. doing a little bit of driving not a lot of problems headed your way until saturday. yeah we do have a yellow weather alert on saturday. but it's not all day. so we'll go through that futurecast hour by hour you can i kind of see and -- kind of see when the rain arrives and how to map out your saturday. in the meantime, it's pretty nice out there. having front coming on through but this is not doing much to our area as far as the weather is concerned. no rain with this system at least for us. well the moisture is well to the north through new york and parts of pennsylvania. 50 degrees the first full day of winter it's a mild one. and the winds are going to pick up a little bit. we will have a breezy afternoon. 10 to even 20-mile-per-hour winds and but really it's comfortable out there. take a look at the current temperatures. 52 for frederick and 52 for martinsburg. 58 degrees in culpeper, near 60 degrees for fredericksburg. now we are going to cool off, we do have a cooler air mass kind of sliding on through region. for tomorrow. but it's not arctic air. so we're just taking little bit of a dip as we round out the rest
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and nothing too bone chilling cold by any means. so we're going to map out your holiday forecast on saturday with that rain we've been talking about. you can always get tour latest forecast on our wusa9 app. medics rushed three people to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. we're told one of the victims is in critical condition. d.c. fire and ems rushed to the home on 20th street northeast near core knee street this morning. authorities are working to determine the source of the carbon monoxide. a gas leak at a southeast daycare forced dozens of children and teachers out into the cold. this was the scene this morning at the sunshine early learning center. officials contained the leak and no one was hurt. today a judge sentenced the man to 30 years in prison for murdering an american woman. 35-year-old ashley olsen of florida was advance ld with a -- strangled with a fractured skull in her apartment this
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prosecutors presented dna evidence linking him to the murder scene. they met at a florence, italy nightclub and he admits fighting with her but maintains his innocence in her murder. the massive manhunt across europe for the man police have connected to the berlin terror attack continues. as the christmas market where 12 people died and dozens more were injured reopened last night. as roxana saberi reports -- >> reporter: the christmas market in berlin was back in business thursday, but the mood was somber. as many came to pay their respects to the 12 people killed. big concrete blocks were placed at the market's entrance for extra security. german authorities conducted raids overnight as they searched for the suspect. 24-year-old anis amri at his family's home in tunisia, his brother urged him to turn himself in. [ speaking foreign language ] flush. >> he doesn't represent us or our family he said. >> reporter: video
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facebook page attributed to amri is one of the few moving images of the suspect. german officials said he entered the country seeking asylum but was rejected. he was supposed to be deported in june but it never happened. he was already known to authorities as a possible terror threat and had been under surveillance until three months before the attack. he was put on a u.s. no-fly list three months ago. his fingerprints were found in the cab of the truck. one received 25 stitches after the truck came crashing into the crowd. he and hid wife were in -- his wife were in berlin. he says he couldn't see anything because of the blood coming from his forehead. two americans were among the 48 injured. roxana saberi for cbs news, new york. >> one american remains in the hospital. the other has been released. president-elect donald trump is weighing in on american foreign policy before he takes office. mr. trump issued a statement this morning calling on the obama
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u. n. resolution halting israeli settlements in the occupied west bank. the united nations is set to vote on it later today. mr. trim also named conway as counselor to the president -- council already councillor to the president. she'll help message administration's legislative priorities and actions. and exactly 28 days until the president-elect takes office, in the director of d.c. homeland security says law enforcement will be ready for inauguration day come january 20th. christopher says the agency is ready to handle the anticipated 800,000 to 900,000 visitors and anti-trump protestors. >> we're not going to call them protestors. they're coming here to express their first amendment rights, italia fair amount of folks to do that. some may be just for other causes. so we're preparing for that. we're looking at it and we know that it's
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that's coming. and we'll be ready. >> he says no agencies have forwarded notice of any credible -- notice of any credible threats against the district surrounding inauguration day but he added there are bringing in -- they are bringing in more than 3,000 law enforcement officers from across the country to supplement local agencies. well, it's apparently not too early to start thinking about the 2020 presidential campaign. and there's already a democratic front runner. in a "usa today" poll, most democratic voters didn't pick an actual person but simply wrote someone new as their preferred candidate. they feel the modecratic party needs new life after hillary clinton's defeat last month. out of the real people on the list, vice president joe biden got the most support for a 2020 bid. is it a celebration of southern heritage or a form of intimidation? why school officials are banalling the confederate -- banning the confederate flag on a couple pus. and north carolina
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other other over the outcome of the -- over the outcome of the controversial bathroom bill. we'll be right back, thank you for watching wusa9
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a special session of the north carolina legislature has adjourned for the year without voting on a repole or amendment to the state's controversial hb 2 bill. that's the law which now requires transgender people to use public bathrooms basted on gender at birth. brook silva-braga has reaction from both sides of the issue. >> reporter: demonstrators, protesting house bill 2 packed the north carolina state house but a deal to repeal the law fell apart wednesday night. democrats and republicans quickly blamed each other. >> today, the legislature had a chance to do the right thing for north carolina. and they failed. >> reporter: the bill forces transgender people to
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their birth certificate. and limits lgbt protections. it's become a lightning rod. major continue certificates and sporting -- concerts and sporting events were canceled in protest and some companies left the state. >> enough damage has been done. >> reporter: hb2 was passed in march by republicans after the democratic charlotte city council expanded lgbt rights in the city. yesterday's two step deal called for the city council to repeal their measure which they did then state lawmakers were supposed to follow suit by rolling back hb2. but their repeal bill included a provision stopping charlotte or any city from expanding lgbt righs. >> to work over the next six months towards a long-range solution. >> reporter: democrats said that didn't count as a true repeal and the special session ended in deadlock. brook silva-braga for cbs news. >> republicans accused roy cooper, the incoming democratic
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governor, of keeping hb2 alive to use as a political issue. he vow today keep working to repeal the law. he takes office next month and of course this issue is a huge topic on social media this afternoon. franklin tweets -- north carolina legislators have stood strong and resolute for hb 2 to uphold safety and privacy. one writes it's a sick joke that the gop claims to be protecting women then when they elected donald trump president, hashtag #hb2. and finally ray tweeted -- hb2 has me thinking were all these republicans scared to use the bathroom before the bill was introduced? what a strange life. repeal hb2. we'd love to hear what you think. log on to any of the wusa9 mold pages and -- social media pages and join the conversation. some arizona parents are outraged over their school's decision to ban the confederate flag from being flown or displayed on campus. the county high school fi
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policy was adopted after a recent increase in the number of students displaying the flag in an intimidating or aggressive fashion. officials sent a letter home to parents after many expressed concerns. >> we as a result saw an increase in the number of students, parents, and staff coming forward feeling intimidated, feeling concerned for their safety. >> school is trying to take away my freedom of speech. what my roots, what i believe in. they're trying to take that away from me. >> the group of flag supporters say they intend to address the issue again next month during the school board meeting. another body has been found at the site of that deadly explosion at a fireworks market near mexico city. that brings the total to at least 33 dead. scores are still missing. and right now family members continue searching for their loved ones amid the destruction. caught on camera, a man suffered minor burns to his leg when his electronic cigarette exploded in his pocket. it
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california yesterday and you can see a fellow bus rider's disbelief over what they witnessed. nobody else was hurt. all right, the big get away and it's not even the busiest day for travel but how are people doing around the country and in our area? >> things look pretty quiet for the most part. when people are trying to head home maybe on monday is that we're going to be tracking maybe a bigger system that'sgoing to be moving through not our area but the part of middle of the country. in the meantime things are looking really good, we have some showers to get through on saturday but they're just showers okay. 50 degrees winds are still light right now but i think we'll see some breezy conditions for this afternoon. we're at 54 for the afternoon. notice it is a lot colder the highs today into the 30s for pittsburgh and up through detroit and 40s for parts of west virginia and it's not an arctic air mass so we will see a little bit of a dip for toow
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but you know what? that's still above average. highs for friday, 48 degrees. friday is a great travel day around our region. no rain the deal with. the rain arrives on saturday morning. 51 tomorrow afternoon. for culpeper and 51 for fredericksburg. so let's go through the futurecast and then i'm going to show you the second system i'm watching. today we're dry clear no problems. into the overnight hours. overnight friday the clouds will move on in. first thing saturday morning so this involved anyone heading to the northwest or last-minute shoppers. 5:30 in the morning on saturday this is where we have some snow and maybe icy conditions for the interstate up in pennsylvania and also down through parts of west virginia. our region, just looking at showers. temperatures will be warm enough for just rain. not going to deal with what we had last saturday. 9:30 in the morning on saturday, yeah texas going to be rainy a -- it's going to be aging good imbit but by will -- raining a good built butly the early afternoon already getting out of the way and dry out in time
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the christmas day is looking good. okay let's show you that second system i'm watching for when everyone is traveling home on monday. this is the system that's actually going to slide into our region come saturday. you see how it comes a little bit of snow from minneapolis up through wisconsin. just about 1 to 3 inches for them. here are the showers by saturday at 9:30 in the morning. that's one. now here's storm number two. this is saturday 9:30 in the morning, some snow through thro sierra neves and then headed other to the rockies. snow -- over to the rockies, snow lovers are going to rejoice in aspen. a good bit of snow from this come saturday into sunday as well. this is saturday at 11:00 at night, higher elevations in the southwest. the desert southwest. this is going to intensify and head off to the northeast. so by christmas day, they can see blizzard conditions parts of north dakota and south dakota and parts of minnesota. so that could impact also all the way through colorado and the chicago airport by monday morning.
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but just know there could be a storm looming come sunday night and into monday for parts of the country. our region not so much. 54 degrees. that's that system will continue -- that system will continue to diminish and stray
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her name the liberty and her life -- is liberty ask her life is turning around thanks to that pet prosthetics lab. mark ching rescued the dog from asia after having her paws cut off at plant where that practice is common before the dogs are sold for meat. it's saved by the foundation animal hope for wellness. after three months of treatment and recovery, liberty is at bionic pets
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virginia where the new legs should be ready in just a few days. a group of maryland 10-year- olds is giving hope to one particular patient. their bus driver. laura martin drives olivia and her friends to school. she also works two other jobs all while fighting ovarian cancer. after the girls noticed she was losing her hair, olivia and her dad started a gofundme page. their goal was the raise $2,000. they've more than doubled that. >> merry christmas miss laura. >> these little girls with these big hearts -- i just tear up when i think about it. just doesn't happen in today's world. >> you may have noticed olivia's dad there with the pink hair. he promised to dye it if they reached their goal and of course they did. we'll have one final look at the forecast when we come back.
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so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. all right, here's our seven day which you can always get on our wusa9 app. of course. hey today is pretty great. 54 degrees this afternoon? i know, cold weather fans may not like that. but you know what it's not too warm. we're still kind of getting in the spirit. no problems. little breezy this afternoon. we'll enjoy the sunshine. tonight clear and now for tomorrow, great travel day. we're tracking those showers saturday morning through early saturday afternoon -- saturday morning through early saturday afternoon. it's not going to last all day by the any means. -- by any means. santa will be dry. i think that's the big question we have. by sunday we'll be at 50- degrees and we warm up again monday and tuesday into the mid 50s. >> this is amaze. >> last year we wered noner 60s -- we were in the upper 60s and 70s. it was muggy la
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>> not going to have that and you can still have a little fire going and wear a coat or jacket. thank you. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00. in the then have a great afternoon -- until then have great afternoon and we'll be back here tomorrow at noon.
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>> hilary: devon. >> devon: wow. wow, wow. >> hilary: i'm glad you like it. >> devon: like it? >> hilary: well, i just -- i want to make sure that everything is gonna be perfect for our first christmas eve in our brand-new place. >> devon: you keep calling it our place. it doesn't feel like home yet, hon? >> hilary: well, it's gonna take a little getting used to. the move happened so fast. >> devon: yeah, but our suite at the club always felt temporary to me. this is -- this is real, you know? it's permanent. we can start an amazing life here together. >> hilary: yeah, i hope so. >> dev:


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